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Thursday, July 19th
Strzok is legacy from Langley?; More background information on StrzokIII and II and their ties to Iran; Water tax in NJ

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Hello how many great games welcome salutation. And aloha studio as we get underway. Our number one week yours truly the attack dog in the right. Name bombastic loud mouth outlets out. And and even before we get started today SM money penny just pointed out we can't even gotten on the very yet. And we already have a a leader in the clubhouse. As they say in golf. AM contender. Like Marlon Brent cuckoo you should go to Opel a good dude who contend. Now we have a contender for text of the day. Which reads. And I Cologne. Don't root did you catch Coke away when the caller mistakenly called named Bob who. He made the same noise and a vampire makes when you splash the holy water on. The kind of like I'm grannies cat when its tail gets rocked on my granny is rocker. And they go so long pause. There was great. Mercy. How what is right and here we go getting underway without number one here on Thursday and is always your input. Is invited to encourage and welcome all. Oh I almost neglected to mention. Before we go any further into the program. And a program. The book of corporate joke any further into a highly rated program. I let me thank you. For a great results in the latest ratings as compiled by Nielsen and company. And can't delve too much enjoy it because it is proprietary information. But suffice it to say. Numbers were great and and that's thanks Steve and we appreciate that. More than we can say just I don't wanna. Now money finish make Indiana the sign language or for patting myself on the back got up I don't seem is that I'm dislocated my shoulder. Patting myself on the back is it's not. It's not I'll stead but make the ratings it's it's you folks and now and we greatly greatly appreciate it. I here's value join me NBA part of the conversation today eight Ingles and managed hotline number 803471063. If you prefer to send me a text at school. The attacks line number 71307. My email address Bob. And 1063. WL RG dot com am for those of you may have missed it. Me key word for this hour in 80000 dollar bankroll contest. Powered by a friend that I Carolina campers. Out. I Carolina coaches yet punishing campers yet know Carolina coach just thank him on our parent. Is even in my age probably put her readers don't have one parent PA REM C. Right you can be the next winner joining Rachel Fredericks and from easily. Who won a thousand dollars on. Tuesday was that yeah Tuesday in 2000 dollar bankroll. Bob I had the pleasure of meeting this money and it today while checking out it Ingles. She is a treasure I'm all loyal listener in love your show up money penny with shell Mewelde. It when you had dealt one again at a steady string him. Of of are you money penny inquisitor it's. As a lot of listeners out working different jobs in the morning before years I am I can't deal she's moonlight and. Well when I mean you in the morning yes it's still list yeah well can't work. Cashier's Eagles on sharing out just which you know gun net and I've had three different people's commitment and like. Our money. On many as a matter of fact. You know. Like all I thought that we measurable. Well you have a distinctive voice that's what they tell me now. And easily recognized this funny thing about voices you know even when I was in television where you are more commonly recognized by your face. It seemed to me I was more often recognized by my voice that you look. Tolerant. I did my head all homeless you know like 24 inches time. And I you do a great show Bobby Mack thank you and the crew thank you texture. Now bomb all just what did you have for dinner actually I haven't had dinner well if you mean if my dinner you mean the mid day meal hasn't dinner and supper. Point and I have for. Let's keep trying to remember I'm old. Come on it was all truck after. It's. No actually I went sticky fingers and had a barbecue. Good. Pile up the coleslaw on on the barbecue and while that's. I'm Bobby and I have a sip of whatever your having for today's program. No slack saying I just I can't get any slack when ciller. That's true that's true now respects our own good. Well. So I am I get home last night to stately McLean manner. And my baby to Auburn is as hey. Did you say this story Peter struck. Grew up in Iran. Worked as Obama and break ins in voyage of the Iranian regime. And Ashley discovered this now wild surfing. And same time listening to the program so you know this happened concurrent with my being on the air so I didn't running about. Not a curious thing about this whole story hasn't missed was that big league politics. We Jose website and I had been familiar with and I thought I was screwing you must now. But this information about Peter struck me hearty. Peter we misty is that we're only when John Kerry but now it applies the struck as well along with condescending and arrogant enough. A few others and I can't journal family program. But some money. Inside the Intel community. Has been talking. Essentially. Blew the whistle. On on struck and his background. A former co worker of Peter struck. Tells big league politics about strikes extensive background. In the intelligence community. Accord including the fact that he grew up in Iran. Now I have had my suspicions. That does struck as a kind of guy who handle Langley written all over him. Many intelligence officers alike Straka are complete ghost. With questionable history and gaps in their life story. But now we have some insight. Peter struck was born in the late 1960s. He attended the American school in Iran up until 1978. When it closed down. You remember of course why closed down because that shot left and Ayatollah Khomeini came back from Paris. And Iran as we know what was gone. And the new Iran was tea theocratic state. Straka then attended the American school in Saudi Arabia. He supposedly attended a Catholic school saint John's prep in Minneapolis. That school refused to confirm or deny his attendance and then completed a bachelor's and Georgetown. And some form a graduate degree after that. The truth is an actor Peter struck the third. Inning this has happened twice before. The truth is an actor Peter struck the third turned eighteen his wife is arcane. Which is the usual story of many like him. Did you know that Peter struck the second. Structure father and Hillary Clinton have a lot in common. No I wasn't aware of that but I'm shocked and stunned no word yet. Yeah. It turns out after advocating for Khomeini in Iran. And then working in Saudi Arabia to calm the waters of an Iranian government. Appeasing them with anti semantic rhetoric structure father struck the second. Also dabbled in charity work. Structure father was involved in so called charity work in Haiti. Wait a minute. In Haiti. Wasn't agenda big charitable work in all yeah out that would have been nice slick well lady. And felonious Ron pant suit on behalf of the Clinton crime Family Foundation. Was involved in so called charity work in Haiti even also helped dismantle and reassemble. Upper Volta. Now known as Burkina fossil. The through this whole deep state. Business just keeps getting murkier and murkier and one of the things that occurs to me about and of this whole business is. Why is this former co worker obstructs. Somebody was in the intelligence community why are they now talking about struck in his background. Is it because struck has been is is the latest Andrew McCain him. You remember him from the FBI. Who is selected by the deep state to be the designated victim. And get fired from a food easier struck. After his performance on Nob Hill last week. Is he now the designated victim. And next selected don't walk the plank. This this whole business. Curiouser and curiouser said the kept sixteen after three here on the Bobby -- be right back. Welcome back great to have you along 321 here on the body Mac show so continuing with their cell background pace where learn more about. Me out of Naia condescending. Peter struck mr. smog. Mister smirk when he testified last week on the hill. Despite deep stayed efforts to score on the information the Internet is forever. And following is a very controversial happening in the early eighties. Peter struck the second struck spot they're also known as Peter struck senior. Was an employee of Catholic relief services and was interviewed by the New York Times in 1985. Over his testimony or statements regarding mishandling money intended for re Ethiopia. Any article he identifies himself as a former employee of the charity. And as says he is a retired US Army Corps of Engineers. Who served the agency in Africa and Haiti. So Peter struck a second work in Haiti with a charity sounds eerily familiar. And we all guests which charities partner to help Haiti. Looking into CRS financials they seemed overlapped and feeding into Clinton Global Initiative is balance sheets. In the early eighties upper bowl toe was in turmoil. Instead that mineral disputes within neighboring countries brought about great duress and so when 1985. The country of upper volt cease to exist. And was then renamed Ber Tino file so during struck the second term bear. Specifically in 1981 when he was advised to make government visit to upper Volta. Which places them there for a period of four years as his son struck the third wasn't the American school in Saudi Arabia. This happened after their sudden move from Tehran when Khomeini attained power over the shop Shia and a abdicated. Looks like whenever there is a regime change in modern history a struck is a lying in the shadows waiting. Passing this all this all smells like calling. We know Peter struck the third the man who sent those smiled text messages about our president. The man who is biased and one into insuring Clinton presidency was raised. In Iran and Saudi Arabia. Our source reveals how struck and his father. Both talked about Iran favorable eight and both accidentally reminisced. About the rose water smell. Of the ju JQ Bob my share Marion hill. Something had disappeared after 1987. And only those who were old enough to remember can discuss. Peter struck Persian but away and they native language of Iran Peter strikes perjury and is impeccable. Our insider tells us and Peter struck the third is the key Middle Eastern Intel operative for the Iranian airline. Maha on airs purchased a US government planes during the Obama administration. From 2011 to 2013 and when sanctions on Iran were in place. He handled the Iranian relations from start to finish. Just as his father did for Reagan and just like he's been doing for years under cloak and dagger says the insider. Peter struck senior and of course John Brennan. Were involved with Iran in fact our source tells us and struck senior. Was involved in the Iran Contra scheme that led to a six month prison term for Reagan national security advisor John Poindexter. Back to me eighties the government was just as corrupt as it is today and for some reason we keep giving weapons planes and palates of money to Iran. Even Barack Hussein Obama sent money to Iran on a plane and his last year in office one point four billion dollars worth. Just a few weeks ago Iran demanded Germany sent them 300000. Euros in cash and of course. Angola Merkel compliant what's the deal with Iran why they so important. What were struck Brennan and Obama are really doing. That's a very good question maybe president trump can get answered for all of us if they summit when Iran can happen early this fault. One thing that is constant in modern history over the last five decades went anything involving Iran there is a Peter struck involved. The BLP insider who's worked with both Brendan and struck. Tells us that struck was never FBI. He was part of the highest level of Covert operatives. So lighting in the post went in CIA or FBI. To infiltrate. Influence and observe. This is exactly what we saw with the special counsel appointment. That resulted after the failed operation Peter struck junior placed in the FBI to ensure a win for Hillary and buffer negative press. Like the Anthony Weiner laptop case which he covered up. That's the real deal. Revealing Peter strikes I do enemy would have been a problem because it's called unmasking. But since he is now in the limelight and out of the shadows it's time to lay all the cards face up on the table for all to see who Peter struck earliest. Spooks that is Intel ops. Spooks fear him but like our source they still maintain secrecy simply connecting the dots of publicly and privately available. Information. This is all very curious and as I mentioned Al what went also is curious about this whole business. Is the fact that some one. Has now come forward out of me murky shadows to serve as a source. Two make public previously unknown information about strikes background so why the revelation now. Add to embarrass struck he seems beyond embarrassment. He's gonna get fired by the FBI and apparently. So a lot. You know his real. Role as a spook. After the deep state. Operating in the murky waters there of the deep swamp. That that job goes well. So it in collegial wonder if awestruck is now at this point now being cut loose. By his some deep state control. In effect and I know you know this this hall this all sounds like you know something from some. Third grade that spy novel armed and TV show it's on late at night. But now look. Given what we've learned so far. Two and can we just. Out of hand dismiss any of this. As a conspiracy theory. Manes are all factual things that have happened. Now will say. At in all the trash lines 71 threes they're sammon Bob mini note and any new list about the incident in Scotland. With Trump's Secret Service member dying. And the hang glider in the no fly zone I know that there was somebody. Alan hang glider there but. Secret Service agent dying in the process and and you're not that we'll have to. All had a stroke. Now. I know nothing nothing new beyond what's already been reported and and less is likely to be important in the future and quite frankly. Bob it makes me have even more questions like who is. Ms. page. Now because they've chiefs struck its parent more. And a sense and reason she's probably a deep Stater is well. And now finally this just in on the tax line as well mister McLean I truly regret. Missing yesterday's segment. With mr. Schwartz. I was and a very important special projects meeting involving nine I mean enough my wife's concrete company. Now but that's nothing you would be interest and and trust me sincerely hue and all Florence, South Carolina so. Now know you know just you know the usual curiosity human nothing on toward. 229 here in the body Mac show any is ready to go in the news center I'm right back on the other side. Here on WORG. Out rat. Welcome back 337. Here on the body Max 123 before 4 o'clock amazing night the next attempt. When the attacks on your by the way if you miss it earlier parents. PA RB and C and CN operative. Not keyword or code words or in this hour. In 8000 dollar bankroll contest. Bob and a story to say about it just concluded discussion. I had in my Bank of America branch within assistant manager. Who refuse to refined. A out. Three dollar. In CF caused by a quirky and bear a 35 dollar. Not sufficient funds charge caused by a quirk in dare processing system. I need some time to compose myself sufficiently first. To be able to accurately. Recite the facts involved I just experience a worst customer service by major bank. Now BankAmerica. SA MI very long lifetime from a colonel Ted thank you colonel tenant has always money Benny and I saw were true. Bob the peace she just read about Peter struck did you write that or was it written by someone else know that was a beast. That was on the way out that my baby don't Brenda brought to my attention money penny is that even now locating and and will re posted on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 1063. WOR day. Al Bob Levy was such a great operative why were those phones not score around. And who and trumps camp broad amenable like I don't know there was anybody in Trump's camp. The individual is only identified as a former coworker. In the intelligence community. Bob the FBI and the Democrats are gonna go out whole bag of trump removal plan on struck. Yeah but yeah he he still is I'm gonna be what he is. Deep state operative. Money so struck soul man is also a dirt bag apparently apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Lot of people are not aware of that. But there is a great deal at Langley. When I called out legacies. That is to say the old man. Is in the company and so the son or daughter as a legacy. I is brought in as well because they've been a rock they've been raised around that atmosphere of the family business and is not talking about and it's. There is there's a lot. About that does Secret Service agent money penny found the of the piece on this a president trump. On Wednesday more in the law. And a US Secret Service agent who suffered a stroke. On Monday during the president's recent trip overseas. Special agent. Knoll Edward remark again. 42. Died Tuesday in Scotland surrounded by his immediate family and Secret Service colleagues. A nineteen year veteran and reservist reminder and money was or turned in the US yesterday. Our prayers are with special agent role models loved ones including his wife and two young children. The president said in a statement yesterday we grieve with them and with his Secret Service colleagues who have lost a friend and a brother. Milan yet and I are deeply grateful for his lifetime of devotion and today we pause to honor his life. And 24 years of service to our nation. I he also served five years in the Marine Corps war. First Lady taking to Twitter to express her deepest condolences. To the agent's family noting that the Secret Service work tirelessly and often behind the scenes to keep our families safe our deepest. Condolences to the spam. Ramadi and according to the statement from a White House spent five years and they Marine Corps before joining the Secret Service. Where he worked as part of the presidential protection division. The service said remind and exemplified the core values and the Secret Service justice duty courage honesty and loyalty. The trumps attended a ceremony. Four remind him yesterday at joint base Andrews and Maryland when the agent's body arrived. Vice president cancer called remark and a current courageous American and his wife Karen also paid their respects. By the way go find me account created for remark and Stanley raised more than 107000. Dollars. As of last night. Okay. It's good enough. Now also in on me on a tax line. Bobby by the sound of the new is the aptly named senator foyer. Is at and again and I thought it was gonna retire well he is but he serving out. Last year of the sentence imposed by this schools in Arizona why won't he just go away our least. And please go away quietly. I'm Bob regarding struck it isn't the apple doesn't fall far from a tree but the magnet doesn't fall from the corpse look. There's some mental imagery for a Bob as big of a jerk his junior is the person and expose Damon probably crossed paths with him somewhere in the past. And you know what they say about that dish best served cold. I do it say it's on the menu as revenge. Al Bonnie miss money penny needs a race. What you just report would meet for four hours and you probably got a point. And I colonel Chad I joined BBN TO RSE telco. Both have great service money penny. Corroborates that. No did we have this one any of this 19 major action and white horse road and blue ridge. White horse road a blue ridge five minutes ago thank you texture one of our way users out there. And I believe that dose pack catch me up there was a story. ON. The business news and Tristan about them whereas in Philly a year are somewhere. And I think was Philly I'm about to impose a a soda tax. Attacks on cola because you know aren't contained sugar. Too bad for you. And it's the stage job to make sure that yeah you know the whole story. Well how about this. Wrong when they're deadbeats that. Don't you don't they have a soda tax in California now true. I'm not sure if they finally overturn that are not paying out of raw animal had checked actually in any event. I'm from me fox TV station in New York City. Never short on ideas for things detached lawmakers in New Jersey. Are considering a tax on. Tap water. What's next an error. Yeah I'm really got to build a mistake dared saying that way inhaled and exhaled gym much last month that Rihanna surcharge on here ever use a none too much oxygen. The proposal is being floated by state senator Bob Smith Democrat Middlesex what else. Who was trying to say it's not actually attacks many you're surf trade. A battle song. As simply user fee is not attacks. It's a user fee based on volume. Senator cement sand it would add ten cents for every thousand gallons of water a home users. Forget about watering the lawn or wash in the car. Smith says it will only add only had 32 dollars a year to the average water bills now. I did start out being ten cents for every thousand gallons of water and see where it goes from there. He claims the money is needed to fix a crumbling. Water delivery infrastructure in the state what all the other taxes they've been playing in Jersey go on for. I trying to forgot to protect the homeless. The state already charges a public utility franchise tax on water system operators. I'll bump. 110 of a penny per thousand gallons of water delivered to a customer. So it we've got down we got president. For this web scholar for what it is said councilman Peter Brown Democrat of wind and it's another tax. Matt Rooney who runs the conservative news web sites save Jersey dot com. Said once again the most overtaxed people out of all fifty states in the country. Are being asked to dig a little deeper after a film Murphy just raise their taxes by nearly two billion dollars. One New Jersey columnist suggested the next proposed tax gap. Well beyond breathing air. Great minds think alike 34614. Before four here on the body Mac show while I had taken a brief pause to inhale and exhale before they can tax it. Coming along a bit later here in the Thursday afternoon edition of the above him actual five random fact I didn't realize how far behind and gotten in my five random. Act as I got a stack that's like a month's worth so will will work then and now before we're done today along with. Bony hands in the news only got some classics in there for you today as well in all me a text line 71 threes are seven. Act colonel debt a colonel Chad. And I you know I can BankAmerica try at TD bank I love my TD bank in trying on. I'm Bob what about their sugar free and diet soda actually tax those and they don't have sugar and and I use sugar. Indian generic sense because I know that they avenue sugar and natural soft drinks tourist for some time. Bobbie if they tax tap water and people stop drinking at the just raise rates shortly Ellis did. A momma momma sure nearly every sewed on the market is sweetened with corn syrup not share rewrite meant sanskrit. Bobby ought to listen they collide Lewis podcasts from last night. If you wanna hear a fantastical conspiracy theory on the death of that Secret Service agent in Scotland I mean fantastic one and not. Mom wouldn't they sewed attacks involve body shaming I well. Can't have that mom. Correct me if I'm wrong I thought that's why we were paying utility bills. At a point. Bob very few soft drinks contain sugar HF CC outright courts. Now Bob Illinois has figured out a way to punish taxpayers who move out of state. Went some sort of tax doesn't that violate the commerce clause of the constitution well if you move from Illinois SA Texas. I would tell the state of Illinois hey bill may well. Yeah a New Jersey great work go ahead and elect Newsom or Democrats out there. That's a thousand word announced. Yesterday. On the program. I got a text messenger to. About the brown tree snake eradication project one of the things that was revealed. As a watchdog. Exposes nearly fifteen billion dollars worth of pork barrel spending including. That particular project. I I hadn't seen the story about Oregon on air. Yesterday but I have had now these federal government is spending millions to save Pacific coast salmon. I'm now on a mission salmon. And it's doling out more than 600000. To kill brown tree snakes in Guam. That's probably congressman Hank Johnson. Objected to the brown trees and a recent blog just seems afraid there are gonna tip the island over wouldn't surprise me. He watchdog group citizens against against government waste yesterday released their annual congressional pig book. Al what they consider the most egregious examples of pork barrel spending in congress. According to the group earmarks and 2018 totaled nearly 151000000014. Point seven billion to be precise. An increase of 416. Point 2%. From a year before. Maybe pot bellied pig has arrived and she needs some coffee. That was signed on Twitter. 65 1000000 for the Pacific coastal salmon recovery. According to its website the fund was established by congress in 2000. To reverse these declines. Of Pacific salmon and steelhead. Supporting conservation efforts in California Oregon. Washington Idaho and Alaska or maybe the bears are just eating more problem. Everything else that's payload salmon do. Eleven million for an aquatic plant control program that since 1994. That has had 24 earmarks. Worth 58 point one million for a aquatic plant control projects. Here's one that was sent text into many yesterday 663000. For the brown tree snake eradication program. The snakes are native to northern Australia. Indonesia and many many islands and now at Mellon Asia. And of cause damage in the ecosystem of Guam. Where they were likely introduced by the US military following World War II. Ten million for high energy cost grants within the Rural Utilities Service. Two point eight million for the national capital arts and cultural affairs grant program. Which funds art and cultural institutions in Washington DC yeah I've seen a few of those. Art projects in Washington disgusting. A number of Republican lawmakers attended Wednesday's press conference including the aforementioned Jeff flake. Ten crews and Joni Ernst and Arizona Texas and Iowa. To be considered for a listing in the group's annual burn up annual book. And earmark must meet at least one criteria. Including whether it was requested by only one chamber of commerce in there was not specifically authorized. If there was not competitively awarded. It was not requested by the president if they greatly exceeds the president's budget request on the previous year responding. And I would say many of these qualified and to our 116%. Over the year before. If it was not the subject of congressional hearings or if it serves only a local or special interest. Perry go under your proud day here at your tax dollars at work. Stand by our number two of the Bobby Mack show is on the way a long way out the next key word in the thousand dollar bankroll.