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Friday, July 20th
Tony Dale

Mob mentality and rule

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For no good writing did you it is so much I get a Playboy radio with you for four whole whores. I have been waiting for this it. It is just such and such proved to get to duties and and so oral hours ahead during which we will explore. A culture gone awry had a moment of she would say it's just madness after. And now you only talk about how. And the things you want there is no particular subject matter and it's off limits today performances. At. Terrible. And he can do dad. But I go into the Ingles advantage talk climate is 803471063. And always there is the sense. Retirement planning. Text line which is 71307. All of those who work for you. So. I want to share kind of hold an interest in a little social experiment I did today. Com. I got assured I I if I found a short. On line that I just really liked him I'm wearing it right now says hello I voted for trump and I'm going to do it again in 20/20. So I had to do some show craft. And I decided I would go which had three really do this. Go over whole foods may it would mean a nice helpful for your story can. Susan and eat some lunch and and spread all mine my stack of stuff out on the the table over here and crucial program. I start UK this will be in cresting so let's find out what sort of reaction I gat. Wearing this trump supporting teacher anyplace that has a clear number of people that I would. Guess not only are trumped supporters would probably. That was the idea and after okay if you kind of response again by wearing the shirts on. I just Smith some time walking around managed to sing well. Let me tell you. That to. The pro breed them. Based on the looks like. Let's palpable. And I had no one for a bully confront. Dole had they done so I was prepared you'd be happy to know where I was going to say well thank you for your opinion in isn't nice. We live in a country where we can express our opinions without fear of harassment and Ole. Well now wait a minute man taken aback because if we get it taken consideration NT for the in the over 350. Documented cases of harassment against people who. Spoke up for crime so maybe we're not there after all. Now I will grant you and I had this conversation with my delightful beautiful per mile. Because she's in on me dot com she Swedish darling please don't and cause I'm not causing trouble and just you dot. Expressing something I feel publicly. One of the reasons I wanted to do it is is speak cause is. Com. I wanted to observe just how far we've gone here in the south and give conservative South Carolina. I mean I know what it's like and Portland or Seattle or exit San Francisco or someplace for our war in assured there aren't. Pretty certain I end up having somebody physically trying to assault me. Which would probably be big mistake on their part that Britain the didn't even hear I was I was really quite surprising so. I want to start with just some observations about where are we now. Because essentially. Paving trump has now become. A religion. For the left. It is it is no more of just an opinion. It has become. V. Cause celeb for there it is it there is a hard core group of people in this country. That literally. This is Paul who they talk about think about and if you. Get in their way he. In you can look yourself there have been. And numerous over the last time I checked 358. Documented cases of people who've been assaulted and harassed and of course Renault. Steve's cleese was shot. May have to so many examples apple is still. I was I was sitting on my deck up and try and I I live kind of up the side of Helen and it's really it's likely been in a treehouse is just delightful accident there. I'm amongst all of those big giant hard woods all around Meehan in and it's it's just hasn't. And I sit at their nine my reunion thing can talk to god sometimes or whatever and and so the other day I was sitting out on my dad and I saw this talk to flying I've seen this many times upped their you've probably witnessed the same thing. This hawks flying all of a sudden these crows come through for crows come squawk and in their chasing trying their first swooping down and and try and they finally kind of chased this walk away. They were harassing this. Well it took us out on. Wind and asserts that birds engage in an activity called mob ring. He can look this up mobbing to bird thing. And that's what it is what happens when one or more members of particular species of birds sometimes several different ones in concert. We're chase for dive bomb or shall round. Usually predator type of a bird like him raptors. And the attend a bit of these attacks. Is to encourage the enemy bird. To get the heck out of there and go away. So it occurred to me. As I was reading the news about among other things Maxine Waters. Who is encouraged crowds to harass. Like the birds do. Members of the current administration and people who support them she was out there talking about it today the bunch for people burn the American flag yesterday in the process of all of this. And demographers. They they say it's a matter of self defense they believe that they they have a righteous call to arms in this country. To harass and mobbed. People they don't agree with it. Now that that word mob. Is an important work. Because if you go back can you. Studies or history what you want to find out that one of the reasons we are and a Republican not a democracy. Is our founding fathers were very concerned about the mob it hadn't been that long since the French revolution. And. And so we know. What can happen and they they understood mob rule in there and dust and we are not a democracy don't ever let it if anybody calls this country democracy they don't know what the talking about we're not. Democracy is in the end it's the majority plus one. And that is that is a dangerous thing because it it gives the potential. For. Half of the population. To redistribute wealth by taking it away from others who have achieved more. They knew this they were landowners this was important that they find a way. To make this a representative republic which is what we are dust we have. The electoral college for presidential elections and actually you view I'm sure you've heard and the left. We should unpopular vote that matter Texans are published works here. We're we're not France we're not Spain nor Indians everywhere United States and that's the form of government we have spot here's where we are. So we have a duly elected president the left lost. And is now if he's created. What is. Shaping up to peek. A mob mob rule mania. Literally. People have lost their mind in the grounding so I want. What kind of explored just a little bit and and love to hear what you might have to say on this subject as well because it is one that bears a lot of watching. When you consider the historical potential of what can happen if the mobs gain control so I'm Tony they are sitting in for Bobby match today hope that you will. Weigh in on things yourself. Be back after this. Yeah. How would be. Happy Friday eight years. It did this song from a man down and that. I am so a couple things on the common since retirement planning text line. Are you sure wasn't foul her crows from mobbing crows or gang member and also gang up on pretty much any ramp or predator type of bird. I'm. Here's a good moratorium under. How many. Of the assaults on people about Haiti and trump happened we're quote we the people have a better chance of having concealed weapons permits probably not as many. Yet you that is for sure. And here's a good Tony please tell me why. If a company makes more money it is called prophet but if the workers start getting paid more in just called inflationary. How did business school start teaching the wrong headed philosophy Adam Smith didn't believe his duty. Straighten me out well I there's no need obviously you bar you are straight. That is exactly right I would tell you business schools today. And what what passes for economics is she lost. Shockingly. Out of touch with reality fiscal keynesian philosophy and end and what is his lead to with the Federal Reserve. In this in just incalculable debt that has been created is so far away from. Free market capitalism. Is to be almost unrecognizable. So. Here's that would Tony thank you for filling in for Bobby list oh list your common sense retirement show is because you and your coworkers I have been planning. To retire by sixty and thirty won't cook for you accomplish you from being on top of OK so let let me yup. Let me give it to another followed on this whole mob bock proceed gets under way. And and it leads to a larger conversation which is. How is it possible for minority. Small minority easy. To control. The entire. Population and it happens and has happened many times assigns the starting and actually. But. I believe and and and I'm most lead to start off with me a survey was done here a week or so backed debt. 31% of people in the Gallup poll say you did they believe that we are very near Henning a civil war that's it for almost of the entire population that they've already begin deceit. East if you will storm clouds and you can see it in the absolute. Unhinged behavior I don't know where do you usually go look it up I won't bother to play for Ebert. On on the view. Would be to fool Goldberg and enjoy a they are in the race those those those tackling hands invited. Judge Jeanine payroll on the show who is of trump supporter. OK so they were just like a mob just like those crows. They'd ask a question she'd start. Giving them logic and facts to answer and they would begin to talk over her change the subject and so on in this age has devolved it got worse and worse they got more exorcise. To the point we're finally. Whoopi asked her to leave the show. Kicked her off to showed that they invited her wrong they've completely lost. And then according to GB later in the green room what befallen during their name was dropping F bombs on earned spewing spent all of her while she was just infuriated this is. This is unhinged behavior. And so I think that we're on the cusp of something we we really never experienced as a country which is something we should be. Have dire fear of mob rule. And if you're going to have mob rule and one thing you have to have a witch hunts. Or the modern equivalent thereof. In other words you have to continually supply. Enemies. For the mob. And if you go back instead he French history remember rogue spear was one of the architects of the French revolution. He himself later a victim of mob strangely lost and there's an irony for you but here's lesson and it's one we should be paying close attention to who. For mobs. In the then. It just keeps going and come whole communities did in France and and Russia. And another country's history with. Passively surrender to mob rule in the face of all the civil unrest. And that is what can happen there's this blood lust that gets to going. End. Pretty soon and we see you see is who you we've seen this on television countless times Baltimore Chicago. The mob gets to going. And pretty soon. It just devolved into nothing nothing but chaos and end the end teeple movement. Is a mop. It is being actively encouraged. By the left. To go out and follow this animal mystique behavior of in in what in it in any normal. Time would be. Unfit. Behavior and our country country flaws. And I want Reggie not everybody dead in his bid doesn't like Donald Trump. Is a member of and people but all of the empty for us are undoubtedly Democrats and liberals. And we've seen. As I mentioned over 358. Today documented. Acts of violence. My far left Democrats. Which is a mop right. So this is being advocated. By the left Maxine Watters as I mentioned openly calling for harassment. Com who who. CNN. Ray and I don't be caught there's a hypothetical. Quote what is trump was brutally murdered. Before the inauguration segment that that happened Keith Olbermann. Openly babe from foreign intelligence agencies to overthrow the United States I mean this is this is scary stuff. End. At some point. This nation of laws we have to do. Be willing to say intellect and this is dangerous enough is enough. Here's the problem wicket. You're listening to me on a talk radio station I obviously. Mean conservative food and trump supporter and and and many of you I would say most of you more. The problem is. Dean virtually the rest of the press. Has become. Actually be megaphone through which this madness. Or what else who would call it. Is being issued. And given credence. No less. As truce which it is not. And that. Is doing. Great disservice. To the what was once United. States. Of America. If if any one group of people deserves blame for what is going on in this. Mob are perceived trend that seems to be under way more than any I blame the press and the way that they cover. We if we if great hatred you need anything may be but it did. Did trump does hiding the good thing they may have come as a result of him or any conservative actions. And high into the nefarious behavior sleep violent mob like behaviors. Of the people who are from the quote progressive I'm in a column of regressive movement or did they ever come up with a network. So. I think it did one of the greatest. Dangers we have in this country is right. Before our very highs. It is we're being beat over the head with a data. From the mainstream press. Which begs question. Where do we go from here. What might we do to change that. What will happen indeed upcoming mid term elections and even more what will happen in 20/20 ballot they're so many things that haven't happened yet. They're going to determine. But I would be interested to hear what are you would have to say about about Canada and the narrative I've got or anything else for that matter. I 'cause I'm batter at a time for the segment all we asked by the way the the word of the hour for those of you playing and went like two when the money is my right yeah old. YE LL has the word from the text and image isn't dead the text number and they take that into is. Seven. Where here. 7288 Juan. Now let us check in with the always lovely delightful lemon orange and any robards and find out what is going on in the world. Well howdy and happy Friday also if you go to call or text go to the common sense retirement planning. X line at 713 he was seven. To which we repair and now Tony how much more pressure on the left become when these new Supreme Court nominee is confirmed. And they lose the mid terms. My friend. There's flat note telling but it but if everything we're seeing now is is just a warmup. I would say buckle your seat belts could discriminate period you gain interest in. Where Tony the problem with our media and the print press. Is that they don't just report the news they interpret the news to fit their agenda instead. Of giving us the facts they tell us. How we should feel about that. Absolutely. Correct. And Tony this is Karl Childers listing queue at the nervous hospital. With that fell from Mr. T. Sure hope it's. The current players men and curb political environment. Is an American version of a party apart tied. Seemed like you can't and this is this is LT story about the kind of introduced. It seems. Like you can't speak out about trump in public kind of like you can't speak out about god in public. Crazy well god bless America and all of her people okay so. And a little story is one of the reasons I did my social experiment to they would be sure. I am wearing it which you mean if you're just joining me have this wonderful shirt I found. On the Internet that says hello and yes I voted for trump and I'll do it again 20/20 which I wore today to whole foods which. I do you can just look around the room and tail and boy the looks I got from those people around the room fair few of them were anything but pleasant. Tells us that that there is a fair bit of animus floating through the atmosphere. This year. And and so to enter this fellow's a text. So there is a a place in triumph and more highly of and I'm a tell you try on his uninteresting little community because you have the the people who were the navies that grew up here and and a larger beat uses every day. Ranger. Christian. Conservative people you also. Have a lot of people who have moved in and are continuing to move again. To that area just like they have a Nashville and Anderson in London a lot of other places from. Very liberal states and abroad within that same liberal philosophy wilders a well of votes. Shall we call her wine shop here or. In trial on. And every Friday they have a little get together there are people gather in chat and drink my mind smokes cigars and Chan have a little time what. So that was in the gym the game today Adam and a friend of mine so do my husband was in there. While in and then somebody said well I better not be any trump supporters in here. And he wore this and don't kind of intimidated and one half. And it kind of goes to exactly what you're saying. We win when you reach a point in your culture. We literally are. Afraid that you will be called to task. For stating something that you believe what literature faith in god or where your belief that trump as a piece of good and do good things. You are. EUR and treading in dangerous waters. Because dad is the antithesis. Of everything this country was designed to be. And this do visit from us. That there were discussing here. Is a dangerous thing and I'll tell you why. There. There's an interest in peace again you may not know if you're not in into kind of investing in hand economics. The name has seemed to leave it but he wrote a book some years back called Black Swan which became just a new normal as best seller. In particular to people in the world of investing and kind of stuff to do I do. Becomes just retire planning. Well anyway. And he's he's in theory increasing very intellectual guy will he be wrote a piece recently the name of which was the dictator ship of small minorities. There's actually science there is he's he was part of a group to study in August so I'm just gonna read a couple little quick quotes because it it sort of goes for point. It's suffices for. And intransigent. Minority a certain type. Of entrenched and minorities. To reach my new only small levels say three or 4% of the total population. For the entire population. To have to submit to their preferences. And consider. This manifestation. He writes of the dictatorship of minorities for example in the United Kingdom now. We're practicing Muslim population is only three or 4%. A high. Number of very nine member of the meet we find is hollow wall for them. Close to 70% of the lamb imports from new Zealander along posted 10%. Of the chain subway carry whole wall only stores meaning no pork inning despite the high cost. From the loss of business of the non par pork stores and in any goes on to basically. Make a point how. Scientifically studied you'll find it very very small. Amount of minority people are capable having an outsized. Effect upon that society and then in the long. Term have been the ability to literally take over society and I in Indy deed obviously you can look at it too. The Soviet Union held a Bolsheviks did this. Howland and that fascists did it. Through Hitler in the in the brown churches who did they were a minority of people. And were able to control a country he goes further back you'll see this is what happened in the French revolution. And also our revolution. Is it's estimated that fewer than 15%. Of the population in here in the colonies. Participated in fighting the British. But we prevailed then and it's a good thing we did. So. That is that is why we should we should have some real. Concern about what's going on and really have a conversation as a as a nation as a culture about how we deal with this. Jamal block receipt dismissed these. Incredible. Animus and violence that they are willing to use. On T for being the best example of this anybody up blood you know what you think. We're really take a break come back to him more attorney Yale sitting in for Bob McClain back after this. Howdy welcome back your blood to hear from you one lead. Ingles advantage talk line 8034%. And 1063. Or the common sense retirement planning fixed line which is. 71307. And there's a good text on the renowned. I bet on Mars for the last couple years what happened to the dims constant demand for bipartisanship. Oh well they still demand bipartisanship. But the definition probably isn't what you think it it means to to the left bipartisanship means. All of the Republicans have to go over to their side. Of the aisle and do whatever they wanted to. And that's bipartisanship and part of what's happened to all of them it is starting back a few years ago we had the Tea Party movement. Began to get involved. The average American began to away. We started to get some conservatives out there like the freedom caucus boys. And girls and and slowly but surely bipartisanship is she is kind of going by the wayside and I say hallelujah. Praise got hot this. The way he's been practices and just been anything. But it. So. We been talking. A great deal is sour about. We're where we are is a country and end at idea ironic name of the U nineteen then. States of America which is sad to say at the moment I think you after Greek. Ironic. Am unlike the Alanis Morissette song which has some number of examples in which are really an irony. This is now running did this really is and not funny. Irony either. Because here's it's it's and here's the simple truth of it. We've elected. Donald from. The left not only has never gotten over is date continued. Two big role. In anger. They've become more violent as soon as I've mentioned. This this whole mob I'll proceed in the bitter game as I've is missing to lead piece I shared a little earlier. Points out what coldly dictatorship of small groups how some of small. Minority of people can have an outsized and I now give one of them of the perfect example there was a story today I don't know that a broader end. There's a movement out there now where high. Parents. In some of these progressive communities. Are not. Naming their babies' names that have any gender connection whatsoever nor are they telling their children what they are. They're allowing your children to decide at whatever point where they're they're going to be boys or girls and and they think this is a really good thing. Psychologist in this article it was quoted. Said well that may seem like a noble thing but the fact is these days do you it's going to be very difficult for these children when they grow up. I have to go into the larger world to discover that yes indeed there really are differences between the sexes. And you don't get to decide. That you see how did we get there. How did we get to a place where we actually have conversations about LG BTQ in all of the rest of the stuff. When we know factually that we're talking about 5% or less of the entire population. Is is of those groups. But if you if you watched television viewer is this fellow called and rode in on the tech side. If you've been on Mars and then you came back and he just turned on the television set you and watched TV for 1015 years. You'll find it now and I find this because my wife and I watch Netflix a lot. That eight it is almost every program. It has something you would think that did the number of people who are gay in this country or or have some sort of gender issue or transgender or whatever. He would think that they probably based on TV characters emperor trails or 25%. 30% of the population. Which of course they're not and does this has nothing to do we'd inner new judgment one way or another it's my point is is this is how small. Groups of people began to exert outsized control. On the larger community whose belief system is quite different and that is I think what you're seeing. In what is going on because every survey I've seen on on who actually makes up the radical hard. Left. About 27%. Of the population. And bring you could say equally that the hard right that it's roughly. 3334%. Last cervix that a lot of people that are there in the middle that in of their big big maybe they're conservative on them. Certain issues more liberal or on others. And I believe. That what the left is doing is going to chase and he's chasing. That middle group. Away. From their radical beliefs and ever more toward the the broader. Beliefs. Of the people who voted for Donald Trump. They don't did everything I see in survey shows that people were believing the press less and less why because they have one drumbeat and it's all Andy trump. And people are just buying in buying it anymore. And trust in the press is far off viewership has fallen off dramatically. And readership that is the major newspapers has fallen by radio today the Drudge Report which is a I would I would call a conservative side but it's a fair site because you can breed everything did anybody writes as an aggregate Versailles it is what it is. It's a great site to read because you'll get a fairer. Balance to truly. Headlines. And you can make your own mind up Drudge now has more hits more people reading the Drudge Report ten or reading the new York times of the Washington Post. Or the network web sites. That is a positive sign because it it means that people are beginning to become their notion there's no news editors and just not accepting whole cloth. Do the Pavel that is being spewed out from the mainstream press and being called news which it isn't. Well anyway so. What we would get about time to take a break we'll come back have a lot more talk to your ballot. One of the things that I think is worth having a conversation on is. Is this whole Russian gate thing the good is constant attempt to try to add to use that as a bludgeon for trump. Where's all this going and at what point it is just doesn't just fall over. And what might trump do to change all of that. So there's all at and we'll take your phone calls stick around. Oh yes and those phone calls lest I forget our I got 803471063. There's also the comments into retirement planning takes like 7130701. Last time the word of the hour is. He's getting ready to change and we'll tell you what it is in the next hour yes. OK Steve -- at what.