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Friday, July 20th
Tony Dale

Freedom; Conservatives for Trump; Economy

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Well how many happy Friday TU I'm so glad you hear if you're driving home drive carefully Friday cash. No funds and time is it. Well I'm so we have been talking in the first hour about. Mostly about what's happening in our culture in in this writhing in wood London here which you have to say about them and take phone call shortly. Ingles has vanished talk by an 803471063. In the common sense. Retirement planning text line cinema and 307 and we're gonna start. We if I had never trooper is how are you were presented here. Who wants to talk about conservatives following trump is that correct. Yeah kind of course I expect. Of course see you sir were you when you first got married so well I'm a conservative there or I'm. I'm supporting trump and I think you mean that your social conserve by a fiscal lib world which is the opposite of me which is today. Fiscal conservative and social all our fault because. If you are fiscally conservative you wouldn't that. Albeit support or vote for free trade stance. Owner alone or wrong I don't sing or act the F up. And effort but this could be done at that time and is boring. Autonomy to start paying down some of the the odd duck but it's or at least. Not. Spending more to your then your upbringing and what is the position of late fiscal comes. Well I would I mean I would now and I would submit to you did that that is slowly but I think beginning for the first time last week we actually did see some movement toward. Paying down the dad. Our we've increased the amount of money we're taking an income in taxes while cutting tax revenue that but the results take time it's it looked. Here's an analogy if you have a ship. And the ship of state is what these years that he's been running afoul. For what 81012. Years. It's gonna take more than a term and a half. To make that change so so bad is bad is separate argument here here here is good to be your point you yes I hear this. Okay you can't be conservative in her trump supporters are different no I I I would disagree with you because what we hired the guy to do was fix a wrecked economy. Erect health care system. A wrecked. Immigration system a tax system that was unfair and in the short time that he is being in there. He is eighteen months. He's turnaround the American economy. We've got near full employment reduced welfare and food stamp wiped out ice is moved America's Israel. Embassy in our embassy to Jerusalem. Deliberate huge to regulation 22. Regulations. Currently for every well so what what my point is and I could go on and on and on he is doing what he was. Elected to do what he ran all gotten so how is bad. Ha how would how would economy Iraq. In January of 2070. That would I I heard the court to order thirteen thousand jobs produced every month over the previous eight years or. It was wrecked over the last story that you may I answer your question was wrecked when we never had more than he one point 7% GDP. For eight years. And now we're pushing 4%. The unemployment for Hispanics and blacks is the lowest it's been in decades. We've got close to full import I mean. What other metrics are you looking form for a. I mean sir I certainly things are doing great but we look at our. Look at that comparison to. Donate to six and two at 2000. To 2008. Yeah I mean it's not lacked it if you. If you have a great job and if you get a pay increase the borrowing your units you don't say that that. But didn't make any money in the previous year and it's it that doesn't make sense that argument doesn't hold water. Guzzle water we had eight years where the economy was going in retrograde. Inge in a little GS retro if you made the comparison young man you made the comparison yourself hang on hang on hang on if we could have a conversation you're gonna listen and diamond. Listen we'll take turns about it. So as I was going to answer grassland brought Iron Man you you brought up 2000 to 2000. And seven which was an anomalous period based on the tech stock and and a bunch of other things are going on during which we had a fairly decent economy. The following period when Obama was in the economy where it did go retrograde it did go look at the numbers up there there. And now USC. I was here doing radio and I remember clearly when the market went down the economy went down. Obama in defeated put in horrific policies. So I look where where organ and far field. Do you have a point oh. Do you have a point to me Q yeah I mean you've you've been all over the map here I've given you. Prime if they see evidence that things are going in the right direction. That literally are actually a sexy little. OK listen hang on. What can do a lot of things they don't impugn my numbers because you can go look them up if you if I tell you what. Okay I'm busy look up the real numbers they are they here I have the might do was show on economics are due to Orlando and. So our jobs are gained an average New Year's. Andre. Two got the experience. I view and what are you look at what the numbers okay you you obviously are not paying attention because drew numbers have been reported over the last eighteen months I'm. I'm quoting from the government statistics so go look them up yourself. And see what I find I. So don't impugn facts are facts are facts yet it's the same thing Whoopi Goldberg and in the girls were trying to do. We Jane Piero every time she bring up a fact they try to talk over her that's what that's what these people that I still don't understand. What it is. I I sort of get laughed what I don't understand these people liked this guy quote never troopers in the whole rest of the bunch of these clowns. Who. Or hate him for reasons I don't understand we can go. Are we we are producing them to continue he opened up and more were producing more oil than we ever have as of this week Texas if you were in nation would be for. The third largest oil producing nation in the world. We got out of the pairs climate accords. We eat what he did it in NATO was brilliant asking for the and to finally pony up and pay for. We're where we got trying to stop the borders thing. Cutting taxes for people people were having in 97% of another statistic of people are paying lower taxes and they were a year ago. And that's basically across the board people have Mormon which one of the reasons people are being hired. So. I don't understand you guys like can't. If people were never trump or what is it that they want what is it that they don't like things are things from going better it would it was a bear under Obama. I don't think so. When he went out Stewart I know you're still holding on a cell phone please don't go away and even hang on awhile it got me to break your I've we will come back I promise first thing I do is take your phone all right. Okay stagger out. How do you welcome and that just quick I think the it or sorry. J&J AM like what you put on your toes to jam what you do with you get some guys to get with the stars and stuff and start wailing and jam is the word. I in the numbers you're gonna call when you're tested 72881. OK so let us go to the very patient Stewart I appreciate your patience waiting on the Guitar. Hero of the year. Eight with little actually custom a lot of support to our human eye in really good on multiple levels Ronald Moore who. Pork out of Ausmus and so you. Have little problem natural byproduct of freedom. I think if you put a 100000 people out there started college. They would reject the socialist Coulter Republican chuck Scott truck that you it is a natural bar across. Oh yeah the link to this. Every source. Has pledged it is so it in and include the Democrat party who has told socialist at this point and they they they don't hide that fact. So I think you do good you have my approval. Well good I am I am out of the picture is Stuart it Eads is tragic that bad for the war and the one thing. The one thing that made. This country unique in the world. Was our free market capitalism and the whole thing based on. Each individual's. Out had before read them. For life to pursue life liberty and the pursuit of happiness didn't guarantee happiness didn't guarantee equality. You know to hear I don't lose my case a coat and few moments ago he didn't understand their elation and business hold it down. It goes at it. Can't stand her ability to do while pregnant all the third. Are they hit the based global auto business go how to go out appears as color of their regular chill he does have a lot of stamina. Actually I give your number on it and he and he would probably have to go look this absentee obviously doesn't do appreciate the Fred art so art film it mattered anyway. Itself as somewhere to the tune of it's it's over two trillion dollars a year is how much regulations have been costing businesses that's a lot of money. Coming out of people's pockets and that's exactly. Where scum you Stuart you might find this centrist think is that it also speaks to kind of the point you indeed you're bringing up. There was a study done and Duke University it was reported last week. On my troll condor real DNA in the study essentially booze was trying to find out. Are there DNA markers did people who are successful. Have. That is just part of their innate makeup well it turns out absolutely in fact they studied. Families. And siblings and and and found that people who have this particular micro con drilled DNA. Marker. Went on statistically. To become successful and you see this all the time I of course have what I do for a living I got a tough and learn a lot about people's families. And you hear these stories timing in my there's one key man he's just grade did. Would school worked hard success I get this of the Katie just I didn't seem to be able to get together okay so the reason I'm brings up. Is that we are not. We earned all born with equal opportunities but we are not all born with equal skills and talents and abilities. That's exactly right because you can see successful apparently successful here about you're exactly right about that. And and and into the larger point is what the left in what socialism wants to do. Is to make everyone equal we see it in the school systems with the with the grade inflation and now everybody get surprise and so forth. And that is the antithesis of what Adam Smith and free market capitalism in the invisible hand and all of bad. Hopes hoped to to preach and that is the underpinning of. A bar code of our entire economic culture here. Everybody gets a trophy at war ruined accused quit immediately you're exactly right. It will it will will listen thank you for bringing up an interesting topic I appreciated Stewart god bless you man we bigger and I thought a good fit parent. Yes they dares. There are so much from this information out there and I I I cannot help. But good. Try to make this point. That. Who what did what are we hire Donald Trump to do. Unlike the miss apprehension if you will of our first caller of the trump hater. Are they never trump for whatever his. His. Take on on what trump has done. The fact he is true. Made it very clear that he. Was not going to keep doing what the bushes did and what Obama did in what Clinton did and what what the our own home grown. All Garko cold big business deep state he's been building for decades. No he was going to try to do something that was best for. Our country. In its original intent. Not what's best for global trade not what's best for the chamber of commerce not what's best for the unbelievable. Huge bureaucracy know what what what would be best. For the average person make America great again right so what is the very sovereignty. Of our country. And that free market meritocracy. That we were discussing Stewart a nine moment ago that has made America is Reagan would soon be shining city on the hill. And the freedoms. Give an office. By our constitution. In this republic not democracy. But in this from this representative republic. Those freedoms allowed people to rise. To the apex of their abilities. We choose the opposite. Of communism quote Karl Marx. From two each. From each from each according to their abilities. Two each according to their needs in other words those people who are who work work hard and excel. And do well we're gonna have to take that away from them and give it to these poor folks over here who don't. And that is essentially the battle that is being fought. Is three singles they know our culture in the battle as I've mentioned earlier he's turned into a pretty. He didn't. In the lot of cases violent. Battle. And the left is getting more violent all the time and this is what happened as I mentioned earlier when you go back and study what happened in the French revolution nor for that matter what the Bolsheviks in there. In Russia. We we need to be concerned. Because as I've pointed out and end in the last hour. We have seen throughout history yelling very small minority of people is a is able to it too heavy outsize influence that. Dating is up. Ruling over the larger number of people over the majority. And this sort of causes great concern. So. I have a lot more market share with you. And another story and I I do wanna get a couple these these in these non trump stories too because there's some interest in step. But I was mentioning science there's a piece. I'll get to it after road the news I'm a star with a and essentially. It due to some new. Discoveries. It isn't now all. Appearing more and more that science may be leaning toward. Creationism. Yes science. So that that's an interest thinking to export well and plus will look. This is your show too. And you need to take advantage of choosing I mean it it's a great forum for people who want to express whatever you want expressing your welcome to do so. 803470. And 63 would be that member of the English Spanish talk climb in there are tons of text I am kinda behind her get on. Did he comment since retirement planning tech's linemen we get back on the other side but right now it being a Friday we need to find out. One in the world is going on in the news and even more what in the heck is going on traffic with any real part back after the race. Well how would be happy Friday afternoon to yet. I know this has been a fabulous week and I hope you have a fairly easily in just a heads up as a recovering meteorologist. In my life Perino says I've never recovered but I think. That we could get some heavy with whether you might have seen that there was a swarm of what twenty's and open. Tornadoes. In Iowa pretty bad stuff and that same system is is moving this way and I'm don't perceive that sort of winter but I just. If your planning for the weekend this isn't the weakened for big outdoor gathering I'm just. Watched with the bride you OK so let us go too bad English to very tall Klein and Paul who is patiently waited how are you talk. All quote Arnie I'll. Let all the sap and certainly are in demand outweighed a heavy heart. Oh wow well you know. Although it and kind intimidated they hold back the true because. It's easy Serbia. Ever lost be popular. And not saying the true well it. I don't Scott on talk about trump I'd start by saying Jesus cry and I am the way that truly don't know why all Manitoba on the our other but by the dad and excludes no race. Only Christ can each other and I understand about. I appreciate. What you can do worry. I know there's a lot of stories about handling people say that our banks. I really believe he's trying to do the best this country. And be ahead. They're still that you're not Harrell. And Leno. That I. Well believe that you are aware. Is Roman Catholic Church. And why they edit because I'm Christian. And I know the Roman Catholic Church claims to be a Christian church but that when you studied geology. You'll find out that Roman Catholic Church is an apostate Christian church and they had pot paper hundreds of years. Okay only slow at least I don't let me stop you before you get too far down this road I appreciate your of your viewpoint I'm well aware of of that alum and and I don't disagree with you did with the Catholic Church as an organization a political. An organization known list. However. I want to make clear that I don't I I don't believe it did they are because one. Identifies. As a Catholic you cannot have a personal. Relationship. With Christ and being Christians I know there are people in in in some denominations believe that. I'm not one of them and I just wanted to make it clear. Well I agree I don't hate Obama got like. And I loved Logan. Or. And I can say that there are some people would and the Roman Catholic organization. You actually seen the true word of god and ticket shape and they put their trust in Jesus Christ and not try organization. Group. But that Ian said. Trial is that big. He's not you know he went to the Christian organization here in America. But I I really believe that he is very ignorant old Roman Catholic theology. And he takes I think a lot of well a lot of trust in a row without a chair to not let that that danger are. Our country because. There roaming Catholic Church like you marry John Wallace on to on all of these. He talked more about the new world order and anybody other than any president. And basically we're spoke bondage and other little Trout with church. And until we note and I saw her. It will weed out the look out or we're not gonna keep on notice sent out like I said. I'd like to companies trying to help you ignorant Arnett issued. Okay well I appreciate your opinion pol I would have to say. He is here to represent all of us. All of us. Catholic Baptist Methodist. Evangelical and non Christian atheist whatever. And I actually think he's pretty savvy. Frankly. And I think that he's surrounded himself with a with a lot of good Christian people and I swore at every day I pray for him I think every body should in fact. And he knew this day at Franklin Graham has come out with a T sure. That's not as confrontational as when I'm wearing them I. He says pray for 45. 45 president for truck he needs some prayer he is under attack on nobody I have ever seen in my life. No precedent. As his face this kind of criticism. And I don't know honestly where he is and his walk in his eighth. But he professes to pray he professes to believe in god and and whom I to judge another man servant. He's certainly got my chances of good Christian man and a lot of other people were surrounding me is one of the things I pray for a I think you should too. Pray for godly counsel I pray everyday for guidance wisdom godly wisdom for him. That he fulfills. He's he's opportunity here to move us back toward. I'm a much more if Christian worldview that won the we have four. Form hundred years up until probably the sixties when we began to drift towards views secular humanism is now just like cancer. In our society. But anyway or should I get another call had me talk commission Vince how are you sorry dad took me to get to you. Mullah Umar cern. Well already this important single able sir are my blueprint Oakland County earlier and you're talked about the study that did did. On the united. And it came up. I I don't know the study ever read it. I just. Just from Don back prepared to go back Monday that stood out when I heard about it because week. Duke although it's a prestigious university. It's also a bastion of liberal liberalism what and my point is that. Try to be quick. Better study. Is all ladies. And although our that they need the start doing what the Nazis didn't. You know I mean they're what you said was ever popular. But on the reverse of that on the good side and you know you take that studied hard and an argument. To. To do all I believe DNA manipulation at all Leo. And he accurate simpler views and that too. Actually I would disagree I don't know the last hole whole narrative is and always has been. It isn't fair that some people are richer smarter prettier whatever we all. They're all about equalizing things everybody should be made it's not fair life isn't fair you didn't you didn't. Getting you don't deserve that. I know I think he's quite the opposite. Is the last hole things about. Don't look too big government and will make it all fair does not fear that some people are or more successful another site I get your point about the whole Marty thank. I don't I don't necessarily agree that either bit. But now I don't. And they didn't give you example quick word on Saturday. OK Al I'll figure mark one child will be bad being to settlement otherwise not. OK now I got I can settle government brought all those kids that I earmarks are not substantial because I know they're not going to be too critical because like that the united. We eat in order to do that you have to have a completely different system of government our whole system of government isn't is you're did you just know for what. Hope within a working for a bit anyway I appreciate your call I don't necessarily agree with your viewpoint that that it's an interest in months. All right Tony you filling in for Bobby Mack will be back. Cash's yes. He how do you welcome back to listen. In the next hour I'm going to be giving away a pair of tickets to the nude Dinesh D'Souza movie. Dead death of a nation. So be sticking around for the tabs. Dubbed the move I've seen them that trailers just looks tremendous. Really really good. Couple quick things and and what they want it to some phone calls but on the common sense retirement planning text line. Tony a house divided against itself cannot stand that is what towards it in the Bible if you dried true divide Jerusalem divided view. Them. Please repeat he worries J&J AM OK I'm Rick. Just needs to turn on the bears and watch the game he's he's no good with politics. During the company I work for. Doing a book during Obama's term. We can be 25% pay cut and almost went bankrupt because of the regulations. During Obama's yes. Never trump her makes Anthony look intelligent I would have to go that. A Tony. I think I can make a strong case for the impossibility of one being a social progressing well being fiscal conservative too many contradictions. And yet that's a good one. Tony they never trump are usually butter Barley up with golf talk first of K we're gonna. Apparently that Bozo didn't lose 60000 dollars a year in manufacturing and went to a fourteen hour and Howard job. I'm now I'm making many gay and make America great again here you go. Tony great job as always looked up these numbers on our jobs taxes and recovery myself limited government sources I've never found never troopers that know these things yet. Tony I see that the failures raising rates again and we all know how they kept rates low as long as Obama was in office now if they can heard from. They will I I am I said that actually I agree with you on this I think sadly. People. Mistake the stock market for the larger economy to two different things. I mean obviously they're connected but the stock the stock markets. Rise. And he just ridiculous. Values of the of these stocks completely out of all countries don't don't just human only twice in history. Have we seen the stock valuations reached this point which was 1929. Ripe for the crash in the it was 2000. And and all of this has been the result of low interest rates inquirer to be easing and all that other stuff so yes you make a really good point. Let's find out the point back to. John in Greenville would like to make on the into the vanished talk how're you John. I turning you deal. I am jail just like an interest okay Ike's course activist cannot. I was capital my like tonight chuck on Methodist Church occurs. That's what you'd like to go and I just don't understand you know I was capital probably a lot about forty some odd years or five years and now. We don't let a single religion ever never ever about a conversation I ain't never. Went back to restore Jewish sure that's an historic. Whatever it is they pay and yet every time I don't so the bet. It's like every time I go to this church we are talking about the cap which could I go to my sister log Baptist Church. And magic get it open to adapt should chip that aspect they're talking about the Catholics. And instead of Iowa are as are wand or a ridiculous you know I mean. I don't get the obsession. With Catholics. I. Idea really doubts and you know I don't I mean it's almost like hatred force so. You know god bless you guys but I mean not gone back at a Catholic Church or. Talk I believe that's all you guys talk about. I don't get. Why so I I mean I do I do understand your point it is in all. They did they want to talk about but he did say it is an area church malware problem. I'd be there with the bishop. The essential. Let's go I don't want to go over your nation well and yet be Christian and Catholic bigot I'm sorry that doesn't count so I I wanted to Christian church. I know I understand your point and an end and I. Hi I understand both points actually I understand why they say what they say and I will tell you I think. That the Catholic churches it exists as an organization. Is an apostate church I agree with that. I don't think that it I read the Bible I don't think the Pope is God's represented Arthur any of that but having said all of that. That in no way mean that I think that people who. Are Catholics cannot be a Christian and had a personal relationship with god because everything I read that Jesus said. Says this says this is about UN mediator is an about a organizations or denominations. Whatever they may be and it's it's one of the did this sad. Problems we have this is. The strife caused to. Bribe various denominations. I read just today go this is my favorite verses first pistol John John 2:27 just read this morning train doing enough. And it essentially what you say is I can't quote exactly is is dead at that. Through the holy spirit you don't need teachers. Did teacher would be in dwelling holy spirit is there to teach you. Now there's nothing wrong with good teaching and preaching and I love and and I am and I am so get out but. If you have a personal relationship with Jesus fear Christian in the holy spirit is too in dwelling and you can bet is your number one guy not. Organizations be they Catholic Baptist or Methodist or anything else. This isn't it the whole point Christ's kingdom saves about unique may be in Maine about organizations. So anyway. Desperately desperately ill post this it's does Britain's most macabre churches like go to church in south Afghanistan toward decreased as well. Rest up and it would disarm. Well listen I hate to do that I we got hit the break I I appreciate your point appreciate your call. All right Tony he'll back after the news.