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Friday, July 20th
Tony Dale

Creation and Evolution; Good ol boys in SC Gov

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Well how ready Tony dale sitting in for Bobby Mack who will leave act. On Monday. And I'm gonna start this hour before I get to this a story about this sciences' latest finding them creation. And which pretty decent. QQ did do. Due diligence here and get to raid in Spartanburg who's been kind enough to hold for quite some time in right during the news so how are you doing ray. All I'm gladly taken at least don't you just had each team. I'm. I may not be as good as I wants Wiseman I'm a good dude wants his ire was. And yet this is this guy is that like it. It took probably let's on your. This economy still not. Under Obama. I do not get a race at all is a lot. It's and around mr. trump took out this I just did a one hit race. Per mount on the truck got a once it say it can't go. By that. The thing that didn't help will cease tax breaks. That helped us a little bit and it can't put a little money in my pocket. Watch her. And as wars he did and it can only at Spartanburg. And spent eight region and take their extra close it out. Curator catches. Intra danced to actually surged and. We're right back where we started strong. Not in the becomes known about it yet elation coastal in his latest. But he seemed like he gave pretending like east to stay follower they can do it took just receive up to back. He and that's that's had intercourse separate issue as the good old boys down in Columbia and what that with the nonsense they are too. But let me embargo is that you on that went. I. I would I would so like to see some changes down there in their deer may yet be dad. But yeah state local taxes. In this is true throughout the country herb or I think are going to continue to go up in large part because. In this is more the case in in your more liberal state. Illinois for example but also South Carolina our state pension system isn't such dire. Condition. That the only way he did they're going it's only 55 to I'd I believe 55% funded it's in the boom the bottom ten in the nation south Carolina's. Retirement state retirement plan. And at some point. If they're going to be able to pay out the step they've been promising people for decades are going to pay them teachers and in the state workers. They're going to have to raise taxes on people which has been a negative effect on the economy so it's it's they're a lot of them. Potential. Future problems looming. I like the one that you mentioned but. Trump can only do we can do it the national level sent us to elects to get rid of the good old boys down in Columbia when you say. You certainly don't want my apple and how would actually almost running. I was up in no child district nights only not an eighty's and it can get at least two framework of. Our modeling annual kids. Hours in one lecture travel plans. And Lleyton inland addition food and initially visionary young girl. Mid twenty's she got three kids where. And there are running loose black. The issue that has no clue what she sat at the table you know where Arnold. And one album comes out there and hit two million almost knocked me out popped they usually running in place. I have the Taliban army escorted into the table noting to seek blow down and be happy not to get back. Should look at me black eye hand. A solitude just shout they're going you know it's not tell addresses. Did you play shot you're so. You've got two kids just go down the hallway over there and you have no clue where you're at. Good for you who I'm sure she appreciated your help bring. Well no good. No good deed goes unpunished in a separate. Let you assert yes sir but it's. Pretty much I had not heard back so that attitude and guess towards school and all around on. I knew I won't argue we are you on that when you. Well well listen my. Yeah they've got a dry out and I suing the donation adults saying about this and I don't. Fair enough to ride yeah. Hey capitalist I usually. Why you're out there yet since you bring up South Carolina. There was a news story. That ran earlier today. Here on the station. Com that really make. You may have heard that did tuition costs are going up for both in state and out of state students and both Clemson. End. At the University of South Carolina. As if a college education is already. Going up at about five times the rate of inflation over the last number of years. But did you catch this story last week this is another great example of are you could awards and work down there. OK so. The education commission asked for twenty million dollars from the state government for infrastructure repair on schools throughout. The state. In buildings and one thing they're. And they said oh no we need to borrow. That money. Instead of taking it out of the we have a surplus and have to give me I think it don't remember the exact mirror but I want to say it's like sixty million dollars or better. Com we have a surplus. So instead of taking money. From the surplus. They're going to. Put the South Carolina taxpayers at risk by borrowing more money. The team know what score would happen in the process. Somebody's gonna make a fact commission on mad deal the people who were involved in making that lonesome happy no bank or some places got an in with. Hugh leatherman. Or whomever down there and believe me this is how this works now. It was also reported this week that the south. Carolina. Education lottery. Had a record of income this year. Don't wait a minute wasn't that the whole excuse for me for going to legalizing gambling. And making Britain's state in the gambling business to begin with. Excuse me Brett there's something real wrong with that picture so. If you're planning. To go to Clemson or USC. They're gonna charge you more or your children more. Whomever is going to pay for that. On the main probably need some work done on these buildings. Where they may be. And that's true gnome. For not just for the colleges but being from all types of schools. We need twenty million dollars to kind of clean the place up. But don't let it borrow the money instead of taking from the existing. Money that we have sitting here. Student. There media and you wonder why. The gas tax. All right attorney here sitting in for Bobby met wanna come back and finally has promised. I'm going to get to this story about science leaning toward creation. Tomko who. How woody welcome back a couple of bits of business with our getaway for small people have asked that we repeat the word for the hour for the contest indeed he's under dog and underdog and you should text 72881. As the text line for the contest. And secondly. Diminished to Suze has a new movie. Called death of a nation that is coming out August 3 the I've seen the trailer he looks phenomenal. And I would like to do away a couple of tickets to view this. To the seventh. Caller. Seven caller to ticket to go see destination at 2414334. 2414334. Caller number seven. Go for it okay. I ran across the most interesting thing. And I wanted to share this with. A since we have been sort of talking around. Things. Spiritual. Eight current study published in the journal of human evolution is shaking the foundations of evolution just perception. A phase or Bertuzzi publication for this assistance over reports. Results indicate that quote nine out of ten species on earth today including human beings. Came into being somewhere between 10200000. Years ago. Try so. Human beings didn't default out of primordial soup a billion years ago which is what we've been told of the theory of evolution ad nauseam since Darwin came. But it appears that happened upon the scene. A hundred to 200000. Years ago. And just what ammo they were all these creatures humans and others just there. Not morphing slowly into something. Any the past according to PGA media searchers. Study DNA in the nucleus of cells which differs markedly from one species to the other. But the new study analyzed. DNA. And so. Either the majority of life began in 200000. Years or so go or. It reemerged after some sort of a giant population bust my cataclysmic event creation. Whatever the explanation 200000. Years is not long enough. To account for the random mutation evolution is to speculated on that occurred there attempt to play god. By substituting signs for scripture. According to the lead science scientists on this David Taylor he says quote. This conclusion is very surprising I fought against it as hard as I could. Why. Oh because the findings clearly indicate. Evolution is theory is just bad. A best guess. Perhaps they biased one put forth by those who do not want to admit they logic behind the theory. Of intelligent design. Courses Christian. I don't need theories time except things on faith and that whole. Of their conversation. So. Let me go in and I am and not to have had a chance to do much in this on again. Have been bad on the common sense retirement planning tax. Okay. Tony the reason the lottery commission made so much money is because they got greedy and percentage wise they don't pay out. As much on the scratch off tickets. Them. Tony. I don't attend a Catholic Church but I appreciate our local Catholic celebrity Tara whose life for Cochran host one of them. Who said dear bishop said a vote for abortion candidate was a sin. I'm not a Catholic better recognize the Roman church is split into factions just like to baptists and presbyterian and there's some African American cardinals and African cardinals are very conservative. Including one. Locally by the name I've got to love this guy's name Dwight long neck. Father Dwight long. Interest is a Bob Jones graduate of former Baptist preacher turned Catholic priest now at our lady of the writer's retreat from okay. So that'll be enough that the I don't get too far down the road on all of this religions. OK so I would I would rather make it for. Had. Eaten we aren't. We as I've kind of been alluding in this conversation we're having today. We're living in time we're we're a small mob of as small angry violent. Mob on the left is arresting what the last count I saw. Doctor muted the harassment attacks by acts of violence and so forth. 358. Of them against trump supporters to do here at the same stories you wait around because they're not happen. And this it's it's insanity it it's become their religion so. Here's the question for you. So you get descends from all of these. Mover. Intelligent people. Did trump and his supporters just a bunch of groups so. Everyone is Smart except Donald Trump essentially that's I mean if you listen to the news commentators. And of course that would be Hawaii. They are all millionaires and they all got elected president I mean would Anderson Cooper. How would he stand up to could have let the in beats MSNBC crowd Whoopi Goldberg. They. Are the smartest people in the world. But here. Here's the fact and and I say this is somebody that war in the news business candlelight Carol I too was a conservative or so in a room full of liberal TV. People many of them. But here's what you have to understand about Donald Trump. And what he's job description this. He is as award this CEO his job is to protect us and try to make the economy do better. That's those are his sort of his dances portfolio so that that the mainstream media. Has never. Head to negotiate eight. They've never been exposed to what the corporate world is why. Not human life not human dead. They don't know how to negotiate though they certainly complain and try to vilify trump. But here's the fact of it and here's why he got elected in my opinion. Because. It's one thing to be Smart and make good grades go to college get a journalism degree get hearted TV station or newspaper whatever. And you think. Pitcher an expert on how to run a country. But. True expertise in life. True wisdom in life is gained through experience. Which only comes to going out and having. To live life in the real world in dealing with the failures that come along market at. And along the way. You end up forced him to some street fight and sometimes the other guy who ends up winning. And you learn from the issue mature you bore hole. And you get cheated a few times you don't do this again you'll learn and that is what. Donald Trump author of art of the deal has learned think of the people this guy had to deal. Mom bought in New York. With the unions are you kidding me. So I think. Trump voters like me and you probably possibly. We'd get him. Because we are much like Kim. We're not about to snowflakes that just lived in academia. Like the professors or teaching your kids in college. We negotiated a lot of tough. Circumstances and our life we dealt with stuff we've learned. In the university of hard knocks you for a call. So. Instead of handing. Aid community activist and academic for president. That ran our economy into the ground that was a roll over patsy. To proved and which is what Obama was. We've got a guy that actually can play hard ball actually knows how to negotiate. And he's doing it and as a result we're seeing gory improvements in our country. Well what's not to like about that. Well any so I have for both Keith and re holding and you guys don't go away got to make a break for NEC was happening we will come back and we will get. Down on the phone after office. Well how RD. And sell it here here and down love to hear what's on your mind you we're going to start these. Our wish Josh there. Got a couple varied and patient callers should wait all the way through the newsroom Starwood key on a cellphone how are you doing Keith. I'm doing all right it. Semi and a good time. I've been. Driving down the road here popping in out of my vehicle up the place is a pick up on just a couple banged it up about I appreciate what he did shared. Before you want to break. But the bottom line that is Levy lived actually in got the word always got trait that you and observation. And it is prejudiced. We know. Concerning the sciences and what have you. You cannot let it get straight to look out world there's only so you can educate them about how I look at all the same edited that they did their best Waltz. At what happened. But up but previously you were talking he would get the cap back albeit. He would not understanding what big deal look at Catholic church. And I my share a little. Well known for Yuba OK so so I I'm I don't want to get off into it. Along. And it and we turn this into Canada a debate about Catholics just pelican goes I'm not gonna go there. Seeing a lot of talks on doctrine or religious okay breeds all I'd like. Well I'd like to say it is. They kind of put themselves in position to beat talked about a lot being so politically active. There's no other church or even a religion in the world that is so politically involved with all the different government of this world. They are out there. That's a good and entertainment. They entertain ambassadors from virtually every nation on the Pope has a permanent seat if he United Nations they write it's cyclical cyclical a little old world what to do I do. And I think they believe it's their right to do. So if you get it do you dat. People are gonna talk about you. That's it's an astute observation I would agree. Yeah they educate you can't you can't come out and drive all these things to say all this stuff and expect. You are not going to be a topic of conversation anywhere let alone church. Particularly the current year. Particular forgive me for a first having any let up particularly the current Pope who is eight on. Questioned global list and his head said some things in our. No way in my opinion at least one week off base of what the Bible says so. There and got that then that the plant that's a lot of ammunition on the present Pope trip could all right I'll take an allied to very good. How to day parade in Greenville our youth. Ready. How are you Euro the air thank you for your patience and waiting. They're against her they come. There's work to get back a couple of cold well we're talking about. Well the quote good ol' boy system and Columbia. I really hate that term begin with because this sounds like oh everything's not quite open up that is kind of a little. You scratch my back a scripture that that's not dictate what goes on down there is criminal. What did slow week. Or. These guys to get like an early investigate. I mean you go on that I should leatherman that would you know awarding of contracts to buy up anything. What is that it is on the wall bit. As CEO or CFO loved the sign company that the road blah. Bit advertisers. On the highways slowed. Restaurants and detonate it aboard in the shelter twelve year exclusive contract. And and precious. That's just touch and an obsession. I know. To have just breaks the surface and you know they can't be trusted. Obviously due to investigate ourselves duplicate what happened with Bobby here like a slap on the wrist and he's door black boot sole opposite on that the not mistaken. Yeah and wind in wind in when you have so little old. To get these guys like literally investigate. Well the first the first problem is in case they keep being reelected. Because the chamber of commerce. And then and this is this is the big problem with with. The money in politics in general. Dead. People likely variety who's one of them the biggest whistle blowers down there and did everything in his power. Didn't. Get reelected because he was outspent twenty to one or whatever by the chamber of commerce same thing happened in his run. For congress in this last Gorham. And sad to say. There's a lot of money to be and a lot of money to be passed on to people. End to help them to get consistently reelected so I do is corrupt politicians. Politics goes. I think South Carolina. Is ride on out there in the top ten in the nation. Are corrupt politics. Absolutely. Like a banana republic run about ten pot dictator in its its criminal and and surely there's some recourse debt and not in not your zero dollar and involved in the investigation. Not until well. I will say this of the current attorney general. In just got reelected his has done a pretty good job of at least starting down that road. But until we start electing people who are willing. To hold the good old boy saying to use that term again it. Hold it hold their feet to the fire and actually start doing some serious investigations. A sailor changes. Electric current chain this year I will be extended stated it is. It's again a it's criminal. I mean I tell you when this wee league and come home. To haunt them. As I mentioned earlier. Our pension system is in dire straits in South Carolina. Is and it's only 55%. Funded. Now. The problem is going to be dead. They did when we're going to have an increasing number of people retiring. The next twenty years expecting to get their money. And if it's not they are the import. And ended isn't going to be there is able to do with current rates of return it is going to be yourself. You we're gonna see a replay what's happening in Illinois and Kentucky now. So anyway hey I appreciate your call and and we just pray we get some some good. Polls are free to the fire you put it conservatives in their my friend. Our got to take a thank you. God bless an end to listen. I will come back on the other side takes a more your phone calls got to make a quick break Tony Taylor for Bobby Mack. Well how we. Love to hear from you on the nose damage talk line it is 803471063. And the common sense retirement planning tax fine which is cinema and 307 upon which I find. Always love these and I see them in limerick from. Our old friend Alan over barber. I was inspired by speculation that Hillary is planning to run again so here is a limerick. All Hillary's still hoping and wishing. To make good on good on her White House ambition. Like it twice spurned old spinster. He's two strikes against her. Her record. And name recognition but again brilliant Alan Greenspan is very very crude he's definitely good for you man at our right. Let's take care of folk or just a fun is over now are you jealous of. Very you know and yeah I'm real wet blanket but the previous caller wants an investigation of the good old boys. And now we're past that I don't trust you need investigators. Look at the FBI the DOJ. Don't trust those guests are elections are on. Did you news out of the bottle. People lost and it's only gonna get worse and worst. That investigators are crooked as the people they're investigate. So little in my humble opinion has done more downforce country it's downhill from here and a look at our current situation. We have Obama brick in the wall will in nearly a Hillary bracket the law really Nelly. And they pick an ultra. In our four. Talk to. The immediate uranium or a million dollars to his campaign are just doesn't mean at work Eritrea were history. An inch display a fill out. Well and I understand why he would he would feel that way I am in debate if you if we are supposedly. A nation of laws. And you see lawlessness. At the very highest levels which you have described accurately. Of course she would feel that way in their days I feel the same however I would say say this Joseph. This game is not over. And I think more and more people on a daily basis. Are getting. Fed up with it and turning more and more toward. Trump because they seem to corruption to in spite of the mainstream press. And and I think serious I'm not ready to throw in the tell myself I I'm I mean. I see some positive move it here's here's the one thing we can change this or I should say. One of the most important things. After all of the obvious. Obviously. New miss deeds dishonest. The illegality. By the Justice Department the FBI the intelligence community and so forth we've peace we all know we've seen it. The question is at what point. Is trumped them going to declassify. It. These documents did. As yet congress has been enabled to get their hands on why because they've been a bunch of wimps they get there and gallery in the rest of the draw if you don't. Correct these hearings were gonna put your feet to the fire and you better come through here now and they don't print gallery from wind down on us last week so. He has yet but I have a winner of the documents and have been doctored by Taliban or 800 years of me I can you. Yeah I don't trust Internet. Well I I I actually think that we I think because they had Dolan let him go we can find out no you can. Now we can find out what's in the documents are we get our hands on them. And we can tell they've been doctor I mean that this pretty easy the on her daddy aren't well look I mean. Are we need to at least try to. Win this through legal means first of all because if you don't then you have revolution. And civil war. And now I don't think anybody wants bad possessed not going to be any fun music. So so it's so the point is well I don't hear me out. I understand your frustration and I share it. However I I have to say that. When we. Are through with this game yet this is like a boxing match OK word like in rounds. It's a ten round match of bird round five wherever. And in one of the things I think trump is a very savvy fighter kind of reminds me Mohammed Ali member of what it we when he got. Old little older you get real Smart need need rope a dope only okay simulate they swing and in the swing and he's in the corner he's all covered up the and in one of my frame your stories SR George Foreman interviewed me you member of that big fight when he beat Foreman nobody thought anybody who's ever going to be him he was a monster. Can George Foreman said. He said I'll never forgive you see eat. He's got him on the ropes. And then punching and punching in and any EP looks at least as is that all you got George and then proceeded to hit me hard and anybody at me in my lot. End and I think they do what's different about Donald Trump and anybody have to this point is he's not a politician he's a fighter he's a street fighter. An end so I'm not ready to give up. On on our having a shot at it getting control out and getting back to go to law but anyway I do appreciate your point nonetheless. But I'm not really give up open throw in the towel just yet. Our righty then will we got hold lower their power ahead of us. What in the world do you think I would love to hear it or read it on the tech find either way. We'll be back and explore that and then some of the stuff like that we and we got after you hit Tony Taylor for Obama claimed. Back after this.