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Friday, July 20th
Immigration, voting and economy

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Well howdy. So glad you're here we've got another. Our hangout and I'd love to hear from you either. Via the models are vanish talk line 803471063. Or B common sense. Retirement planning text language is 7130. Cents before. You get either of those whose. Though. We're just throw out something for you consider it and so. Much of the narrative of depress. For the last several months has been that the Russians have metal and our. Elections that they tried to skewed the elections and an old arrested August oh. Well first of all. As rob Rosen Stein's only report pointed out when Mueller and released it Friday before. Trump met with Putin. There was no evidence. Of any effect what so ever on the outcome of any election. Period. And furthermore. It hasn't it wasn't even manipulation of the election it was in town and manipulation of the campaigning yes whatever that wasn't it was. Being the end of two both Hillary's campaign and then from campaign they're all those twelve people in the but here's a larger point. If we are seriously. Worried about. Foreign. Outside influence. On actual election process. What we really don't have to look to Russia. Because. We have. A very genuine threat in the form of mass. Illegal immigration a voter fraud right here. Are you aware this is from bride part that the number of convictions. Against voter fraud has been rising dramatically. So far just not already 940 criminal convictions. The number. And cases of voter fraud has risen. And according to the government accountability institute. There are now 8407. You are likely cases. Hump of double voting. End and a good example of how this is is being played out as is in candidacy so you have a a guy Crisco rock who's running for governor here. And he is fighting his state of Kansas tryout to enforce voting laws. That would mandate that people prove. Their citizenship. The an end he he says compare or. Russian meddling between sixteen. To kind of foreign influence in the actual election numbers. Of foreign nationals voting here in this country. That is much more real how much more consequential and it's happening all over the country. And his expert witness in the suit with BC news he's fine quarter with the news. Over this proof of citizenship laws are revealed that. 33000. Foreign nationals are on the voter rolls right now in camp at Kansas that's just Kansas. And if you look at states like California. The largest foreign born population in the country. And now we are allowing more illegal immigrants into this country. Do you every year. One and a half million immigrants coming into admitted in this country. And that is growing because in this process you've part of chain migration so. According to a recent survey reported in bright part. The United States now on track to import fifteen million foreign born voters by 2038 and the reason this matters so much and believe you me the Democrats know it. Is that they vote. Proportionately. Why anymore. For. Democrats. The Republicans. And that is why do you see this massive. Effort on the part of the Democrats. Two tries to open the borders get where device. And there are open about it now. In fact this weekend. The oh avowed socialist. It was just elected new York and Bernie Sanders and other socialists are going to Kansas. And I guarantee that will be part of their narrative so a good question here. Is what we do about the heaven and have a second question is what's being done about this entire assigning them. Seeking dad did so much in the news so. I throw that out for you give some thought to a may be some comment on and meantime we'll take a phone call Anthony you are on the air power you. Hey good afternoon Tony you know our I wanna say something. I liked you because you are. Here in the belief. Even though they may be wrong that if you believe everything that you say you're not only comes down some that they did. Some of the other real links saved them that would mean I don't write weekly. I'm at their audience so a one that could give that. Much respect to illegal arsenal. But I wanna start my idea of merit comment while buyers both from in. All period until it's eight Gelman didn't appreciate you portable. Game down yet he said once. As a democracy is perfect if the office of the president that is more and more closely in your soul of the people. Also great glorious day the plane full of the land will be their heart's desire at last in the White House and be a dorm to dorm are paralyzed moron. I think we've made their point last. That our. Most market will albacore that you're talking to. I can't control the and now you made up. Mortimer was a mistake Gordon just outright lies. US indicated they're beginning to eat there every hopelessly. There aren't they that they that you may. Actually as a as a according to the Federal Reserve in the last quarter or bad in that was reported last week in the news three point 8%. So that is. Well on so I'm sorry Aaron right now or you can dual economic Allison the government agencies okay. DP has indeed has had heard increased only two point mountaineers yet to agree to all the previously doing the trap air and incorporate state is not even. Our public display but. Well let Melanie stock owned global mobile and too because I do I laughed at you're both right and wrong. Over the entire course of his being in here. That is the average. But the average only out of this shoot excuse me. If you've been tracking it he's been increasing go to the Federal Reserve numbers he's been increasing every quarter. And this from as of last week. In the Beige Book they were projecting three point eight Federal Reserve so anyways content. I don't sit and I'm and I'm saying the average. Was seventy Muppets opens in the White House. He created YouTube was 2.2 percent in court that you be Buell farm which which sorry I'm an analysis but I thought we gonna blogger this is the second that you would probably be it economic via the jobs numbers from. Well. I'm pretty sure you're around between 2008 and 2016. The room saw for the first hour of American history. Eighty plus months of job growth as a matter of fact I would call. A couple of times. He won the election 2016 he will political problem and you'll get along with a lot W conservative. Well crop port. We're saying that the audience that the unemployment numbers not whom four point four completely that's exactly hired at the best nine million people that are unemployed or underemployed. But today. No one Obama now which is we didn't outlook and similar to 4%. I want to know when you went exactly what bill not a full moon people need jobs right and that committee moved the Wimbledon. Actually didn't it well you probably missed the news reports because they certainly didn't care so so you may not have caught last week it. Yeah well I do I get to answer your are you willing to answer for me again or quarter okay so to continue to do well or doesn't sound like it. I'm so to make the point. It is being reported widely. Throughout the press dead we have the lowest unemployment numbers in the last twenty years from black Americans Hispanic Americans. There are more jobs have been created in eighteen months didn't have been for proceeding and several years. And the number did did the difference between what the U three in the U six which is what you were talking about a little earlier. We have fewer people. Dead or not even looking for jobs. That we've had in. Imports certainly for the last eight years so they actually answered that question. Our got to take a break and be back on the other side beaten interest to hear what you have to say about the immigration question I'd just raptor. How would you welcome back Graham. Before we get to the text and arm I just want him to kind of because her hand painted and it breaks with. Couldn't finish. We sharing this with Anthony that if you're still listening might be interest in you know this from zero hand when the bitter and economics. I've sites out there. In his first eighteen months in Washington. President trump has turned around the American economy. Front near full unemployment. Reduced the welfare and food stamps lines you probably don't like to hear that. He has successfully launched massive deregulation in the economy which as I mentioned earlier is costing trillions of dollars are as up to now. Has opened it. Oil exploration in this country in Anbar as I also mentioned in a former story we now are one of the largest oil producers indie world just the state of Texas alone be the third largest in the world. About getting close to Saudi Arabia. And that is a good thing. President trump walked out of the Paris climate accord which would cost American taxpayers. A bunch of money. He has Canada and Mexico convinced that he walk out of the NAFTA meetings that they don't pony up. Is convinced the Europeans to walk out of NATO if they don't stop being lazy and parasitic and pay their fair share. Hornish slashed income taxes more people have more money which in turn means they have more money to spend which in turn. Is what stimulate an economy and always had. And even in the president John F. Kennedy. New ideas and that is why he cut taxes. And in fact. The economy began to take off as soon as he'd get this. After many to wonder if that was part of why he was stance and it just me talking about the article. So. The point here. Is that there are. So many metrics that show that things are better than they weren't her mama did it's in real. Beggars the question of why even ask. Okay so to be. Common sense retirement planning text line. We go Tony I dedicate this John Minko Anthony. Life is tough. And it's even tougher when you're stupid. Internet and Anthony is fooled. This is a constitutional republic. Also all those jobs under Obama were largely part time low paying without benefits typical Democrat DX. And it's and so it. What you can and I mean they have their talking points they have their world view I suppose he's sincere in what he believes though. He's sadly misguided in any ill informed but I blessing he believes it so I suppose that theory got it. So I mentioned earlier. That had the greatest. Manipulation. Of voting that we have to warrior one has to do with. Immigration. Illegal immigration. And voter fraud. Don't you real. Worry about Russia messing with the elections. The Democratic Party is is wholesale. Trying to allow people legally into this country. For these specific Kris. Of altering. Election. Which leads to another question. And I have to say before I even go here. That I have been. Sorely disappointed. In Jeff Sessions. As attorney general I don't know what is up with these guys but I will say this at least. Last month he did announce. That they are going to start tightening their criteria for people claiming asylum. So we UN this pro open borders bunch. In the media. There are campaigning the minority one way but I think it's important understand. What is really going all and end this is all got started with the Obama administration but. Unlike people who. Seek entry in the United States it people request asylum. They are doing so right now under nothing more than the honor system so I think it is all they need to do is just say. There's persecution. Or fear of future persecution in their homeland by the government or non government or. Are unwilling to it may be here it's based on race or religion or nationality but there is no. Own proof. Required. Of this. Well if you have that kind of a standard anybody can meet that. And you they're. Therefore have all sorts of illegitimate claimants who remaining in the country should the United States is expected to accept all of these people. With no way to verify any of this. And that's not the worst of it because by definition. Those people who've already angered. To request protection. The law states that all these asylum petitioners. Have to have their case is adjudicated in court so the system now is overwhelmed because you've had more applicants than. Any contained so what is happening. Is the over for being released into the country. And this of course this is from deeper executive officer immigration review. They say right now there are 3121000. Cases pending asylum applications. And these people are being expected to show up again on the honor system at some future date for a hearing. Are you kidding me. So this is the inept process we of and all it's done is created back or in the United States for a bunch of democratic voters to manipulate. Our voting system. And if you wanna get a sense of just what a big deal this is seven years ago. The number of people. Claiming. This asylum was one in every hundred today is 110. And the backlog. For this asylum process has grown. By 19100%. Since the end of 2012. So we know the world and just exponentially get more cruel and dangerous. Obviously these people are being encouraged coached helped. To come here. And it is not that we are not a compassionate nation nor nation did that hates immigrants. In fact that is another wave it is miss characterizing. That the conservatives and has got to saying Americans hate we hate immigrants' create illegal immigrants I'm married to a legal immigrant from Sweden. She went to all kind of hoops to get. To vineyard it's for years. In America. Allowing widespread fraud. And people to exploit our system. Is going to in the end. Ruin. Our country and manipulate our voting system so what do you think about all but yet. Well he will fight what you can we come back to as chicken without any is he was going on out there back in a moment. Well how already so glad you're here and love to have to know what you're thinking. You welcome to communicate I either. On the English advantage talk line 803471063. Or of course text on the common sense retirement planning text line which is written pardon me seven and 307 before. I get rolling on arm. Some thing I want to share. I deeply shared his because I I have observed this. Com. There's new asserts this is peace from the London Daily Telegraph referring to pardon me the independent. Newer search suggest that those. With the right leaning political beliefs boast greater satisfaction. Conservatives are more likely to have been established since. Of their life purpose didn't do liberals. Conservatives. Generally boasted higher life satisfaction. According to sign post and questions still need to be addressed is why. Conservatives find more meaning in life than liberals want to throw that question out to you. Why do you think. That conservatives. According to these rates in this. Find more meaning in life. In new liberals. Give it some thought that I wanna share something else out earlier we. Head our. Seminar caller Anthony calling I've been in trying to. Make aid. Point that the economy wasn't better. Up under Donald Trump an actual businessman as opposed to. The way it was during Obama who is an academic and community organizer well I would like to do is give you wait a simple way to look at this OK just. Since I'm Bork in the investment world is a retirement plan Herm let's just take it in investment arms. So you have Obama. And if you look at him from and in just the investment standpoint he. He is a cold possibly XQ pretty investor. And here's why I. He brought just 44 cents. For America for every dollar that was spent. Now. Ask yourself would would you want him as your financial advisor. So Simon black. Who is an economist. Did an analysis. And what was almost exclusively. The Obama administration's. Eleven point six trillion dollar stimulus package remember this. That's debt. Did the left would like to prefer this is other people's money but it's actually debt. OK so private equity. Fund managers can mused and there's a way to use this leverage. Com you've heard of Leveraged Buyouts and all the sort of thing and end we are real estate investors who uses all the time. Let's say you have a million. And if anything it's a good investment you won't be a make out that's a good thing but. It intelligent government which I know. Probably. Sounds like an oxymoron. But. That's what they're supposed to do borrow money to finance infrastructure project projects okay. That's not what Obama did. So let's go back and reconstruct what he actually remember. Shovel ready jobs remember those. Never ever happen to. You remember all of fat. More to the point remember all of the municipal budgets and pensions they've got bailed out instead. The union members. The stimulus cash that was paying bloated pensions to bureaucrats who are retiring at forty. How about up all of the padded welfare of benefits remember that Obama phones and snapped cards remember all of that and I didn't mention the welfare rolls of fallen dramatically since trumps -- okay. When you're the numbers just from an investment standpoint you tell me who's a better investor here. So the government borrows eleven point six trillion between 200818. The economy. Only group we. By five point one trillion so one other words. Every dollar the government borrowed or leverage as I mentioned. Only returned 44. Cents an economic output. So you would think that at least every dollar borrowed would at least generate a dollar price. So. It was Obama who managed to greatest portfolio out there at the time which was a US treasury. And he was a colossal. Bad investor. Just as we've seen by the members. President trump has been a fairly good one. Who is into what's he been doing cutting bureaucratic fat getting better regulation waste fraud that. And our debt has been going down. People are have more money in your paychecks more people are working group. Which is the whole reason that that you would use to his right pioli. So Obama like he used this term all the time he was making these quote investments what he meant. By that. Was. He was going to spend a whole bunch of money. And have a negative rate of return. Any lift our finances and the poll which means. That anybody who knows how to figure at a cheque book you don't have to be in this an advisor to know this. That's not a good. Outcome. So I will leave you with a thought would go before I take a break and when we come back we'll get to the phone with Gary in Spartanburg Tony they're sitting in for Bobby Mack. Didn't. Cheney for. Well how would even let us go in meat should declare. And to the in those who vanished while playing Gary who's been kind enough to wait. Gary how are you. Jerry Kelly and that dale and now mind you date today. I'm Fred just two days ago at the plate almost four hours of talk great unity which I just love to do. A lot of what you're getting made it Gilman our son was. Comment. We all know how are we on the politicians are not very bright. They're just popular they're not Smart that populate but anyway my point what I wanna say is. I don't think we ever gonna do you think change until that we've found is really really sort stick together. It is more than just sit around and yet the town yeah the Democrats know that they're wrong we're gonna get in your face. And chat solution which they buried in. That's eating away. I think it's rather. Are you being attacked by trees kids. What in the world was put it this. Actually Allen who aren't they mild weather would have attended a little bit more air would. It got photos to bird's leg Alfred Hitchcock or some. It's. Lock Amanda and file or should keep it up right. I've actually watched men do that to my sources do you get that something. But why did say you know what they asked. So you know until we really get that start doing something and we got it more than just talk about it and that's where I think you know. President trap got out there and he started singing and everything quarterback Tim had the same than. He started taking action to me then he'd make it a little bit problem that we have got to start sticking together and demanding and not accept anything alleged that was rat rat rather grow. And that's a great point at a great point you made Gary inmates are accurate point in in the difference between. Donald Trump and anybody up to this point is the guy is not a politician you started your viewpoint which they did politicians don't know anything essentially. We got a guided did get to street fighting negotiating. Highly successful businessman. And he's he doesn't. Have to kowtow or about any of these people. He went in there saying I'm gonna do what you guys are asking me to do and so far Gary that's what he's been doing. So they're back and and ends at second deck and second to your point. I actually believe that all of this will be nonsense and trump deranged syndrome in every all the rest of it is going to. Invigorate. Our side in the next election cycle you're gonna see us turnout in massive numbers I believe. Forget a blue and I think you're gonna see a red wave 'cause I think a lot of people think just like you do. Thank you get them until they can't look at it. I didn't say all the big dairy now c'mon what they knew what thank you brother for your call appreciate it. Okay. Do I have time I'm trying to eat and try to get one more quick call we got about a minute or so can you thinking Gideon mr. Manuel. You're on the air. Hello. Hello. That doesn't sound good so we're gonna say he probably can't get him trying to get this in quickly and leaving was some good news don't have a lot of time bet on it. This is a steady from Britain. But they're they're similar studies I've read that kind of Mirotic. News survey finds sixteen to eighteen year olds are drinking the last focusing more on education. Do you British pregnancy advisory service. Saved several things may explained it this. That according to this there were only 181000 conceptions to women under eighteen and England. And 11% decrease. That equates to nineteen group conceptions for thousands of wingman to fifteen to seventeen. Compared to a rate of 47. Think in 1969. It's so they think it'd be the defining teenagers and wanna spend more time with family. And a lot of it has to do with their spending more time on the Internet. And not personally interacting with people thus fewer possibilities of getting involved. In activities like drinking and sometimes the sexual stuff topology but. But we're seeing a drop in teen pregnancy in this country too so I wanted to leave view where I mean we we talk about a lot of heavy stuff for an end and it's always good to remember that there's progress we are moving the ball in the right direction. There's many of a noticeable conservative turn in this country. And Donald Trump is so far been doing pretty much what he said he would do when we voted for the guy. And it's driving. The left absolutely. Man. And I say to you. The two most important elections in your life and mine are in the mid terms coming up in 2018 and the 20/20 presidential elections. Energize everybody you know. All right Tony dale god bless you enjoy it see tomorrow morning right here at eleven for common sense retirement planning.