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Friday, August 11th

What the class of 2017 needs to hear or know


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Your at 1063 WORD. That's the upstate stock station that you didn't know that. And of course so we are available in a variety of forms we are still working on intravenously but in the meantime. We can tell you of course were at 1063 WORG. Dot com which of course is our esteemed website where by the way. Under the articles section. You confine all about eclipsed talk on the good stuff on there that you can talk about we have addressed that subject yesterday. So love for the moment we'll. Let that ride and of course also a telephonic leader at the angles of Babbitt talk line 1803471063. 1803471063. And the common sense retirement planning text line 71307. Seven wanna blurted. 070 okay. All right I want. I'm gonna do. Today I'm going to lead off today. By taking a look at commencement addresses I am not twice in my. A illustrious career been given the option of giving a commencement address. And few years ago Missouri state university and adjust on July the seventh of the 29. After the university of north Georgia in the Delon ago. And I thought that I would would give you my remarks because probably warm bed and and also. Because of frankly I think that the class of Tony seventy could use a lot of advice so I would like to know what you. Would like to tell the class of 4070. But the first I'll tell you while I told a class. And I goes as follows your world this'll take its. It just a little bit into the second segment here but I think it's I don't know I thought I had some good thoughts so you can tell me if I didn't. I thought about just texting this address to each of you are posting it on FaceBook or Linkedin or hooked up or whatever are the social media of the day but. Here you are resplendent in cap and down. Eager and idealistic and also to absorb tired old cynicism in the time honored manner. By stifling yawns and so let me begin by saying. Well the driver of the silver grade 2014 Toyota. Good now I have your under by the detention. Let me start by noting how extremely good many have become at tricking you into focusing your attention we in the broadcast media are especially adept at pissed. And so learn to screen out the X ray it is sure going to encounter a lot of it. Actually my first real point is to apologize to you we members of my generation. Are the first generation ever to spend the next generations that is pure wealth and we did it. But because we were facing desperate circumstances we did it because. Where you could. And because we can be extremely selfish don't be like us of that respect even if it means that you would not only have to pay for our profligate way is. But to build back and that's good for the generation after viewers. Some details of hours which you should avoid is the attention span of how slide really only society in history which can stand in front of the microwave oven yelling at. Harry out. I haven't gone all minutes. Issued do. So avoid thinking of life as akin to a TV sitcom which can be concluded with all loose ends tied in half an hour including commercials. Real life isn't like that and much of the rest of the world doesn't think like that. We plan our economy around the next quarterly dividend other societies plan for the next quarter of a century. At this gross national attention span is particularly dangerous given that our adversaries potential and real think long term. And we do have adversaries. And they don't like the way we hand out rights like they were. Rights or something. And they correctly identify those rights as deadly do whatever is there particular brand of despotism. And they will get rid of our rights if we give them a chance. And one more thing about our rights. You have quite a few. Although not as many as you may think we often confuse our rights of our privileges and conveniences. For example you have no rights to board an airliner quickly. And with our rights come more than a few responsibilities. Nobody received the talk much about those. Don't assume that there will be a big war strive to avoid a big war. But know that it remains a very real possibility and likely will for the rest of our lives now that. Having said all of that let me note that your parents have so far managed to avoid that big war and they've given you what is trawlers warts. The freest society in history. And the best standard of living even now and the mostly peaceful stable society in short your parents all their flaws. Art as dumb as they may see him or at least someday you may be as dumb as we are perhaps even more disquieting some day you'll look like us. I'll tell you something else we baby boomers will not go quietly into the night there are still almost as many of us says there are a view. We intend to hang on forever. Sucking on our inflated notion of our entitlements even at your expense largely because we vote to. It's a factor since eighteen year old Scott the vote 46 years ago. The eighteen to 21 year old age group has consistently been the group least likely to cast ballots why don't shoot. A recall the first time I've voted with a sense of power akin to the day I got my driver's license. Don't even buy that cynical notion that your vote doesn't count and a closely divided electorate such as ours any group which suddenly starts voting. Canceling elections so register and vote. In the candles strikes your fancy word for hammer and remember this digital generation. Everybody. Can have a slick web site. Pretty graphics are no way to judge a candidate or because. You must learn critical thinking skills the ability to sort out the worthwhile from the BS develop a good BS detectors. Are gonna lead to. Or duty to remember is fair as in mostly. Life isn't. Get over it and move lawn oh sure you should try to make life more fair but when it isn't no whining plea is. Real life offers few safe spaces. And only the superior actually get trophies. This is not only fair it's essential how else do we obtain excellence unless we rewarded. Which leads to self esteem in the real world you'll be expected to earn it while you're being graded and raided and judged and nudged it. Anyone who's ever tried to shield you from this has done you no favors but only such you up for failure. And speaking of unfair things. Consider privacy we're losing to some of it is lost at least we hope in the noble quest to protect us from terror. Who have to decide the merits of that on the case by case basis but protect privacy it's the basis of human dignity. Somebody else to keep in mind usually strive to beat something something good hopefully but be something. Surveys indicate that far too many young people wish not to be president or a doctor or lawyer or even a movie star. They don't even wanna be rich as much as they wanna be famous for watts. Doesn't seem to matter to some but it does matter. Lee Harvey Oswald is famous name isn't enough. If you actually accomplish things. Then fame at least meaningful thing and we'll take care of itself. Now at this point commencement speeches usually wrapped up with a panoramic look at the big. Picture frankly I think that's overrated. So I'd like to conclude with a few looks at the little pictures some order of store thought if you will which might actually be useful. It's all the little picture number one. Rotate your tires and keep them balanced with proper air pressure and check your oil and the tread on the tires under transmission fluid. And check your smoke detectors and changer furnace filters. These are little things. But important things sometimes even life saving things and probably things which till now. Many of her parents have handled now it's your turn with the Monday in details. For the month of August is out. I expect all of YouTube rotated your tires. Little picture number two of that cold cruel real world often demand that you have decent clothing and haircut. Yes that's their definition of decent and yes that's arbitrary and yes that's the way it is if you don't wanna throw avoidable roadblocks in your path. Deal with the and will continue with by commencement remarks followed by what you think the class of 4070 needs to know. This is 1063 W Allard. Oh not really legendary just. May be above average on occasion it's a 320 now on this Friday afternoon Friday TGI AS and the last word I heard. That the. Baxter will be back on Monday so there you go all right I was are giving you. Some of Mike commencement address that I gave on the 29 of July. At the university of north Georgia in dug a lot of good Georgia and I have dimension that idea. Was getting getting away from the big picture that somebody commits a speech is talk about in talking about the little picture. Little picture items such as rotate your tires and a the types of things that your parents have been doing for you or. That the cold cruel world will command that you have these clothing and haircut all right little picture number three. Former. Basketball great Charles Barkley once said I am not a role model really shocking is it may seem sort Charles is wrong on this one role model. Is not a voluntary position we are all role models good role models. Or bad role models. Little picture number four compromise isn't a dirty word it is in fact what enables free peoples to self govern. You should have certain core principles to be sure but otherwise be prepared to Dicker with the other person who just might be right. That'll pick your number five compromised usually involves going more than 51% of the way especially a marriage. Which is a great institution by the way should you choose to be institutionalized. There are very good legal practical and moral reasons why people who bring children into the world should be married. Little picture number six establish credit. I go though let's not too hard to do these days what with stories of infants dead people like my own mother gone fourteen years now and even pets. Being issued credit cards but if by some chance you've not borrowed do so goes to prove that you could be depended on the payback. Lists of course it's a student loan. Just kidding but if you think this is a cash society try reading your car or a hotel room without a credit card. It'll pick your number seven having established that credit don't use it. Unless you're really have to consumer debt has become a back breaking burden in this country one of our biggest problems next to the national debt. Which is now over 61000. Dollars per citizen. You really can wait. To get that second jacuzzi and if you can't keep up with the Jones goes to bed. Either ranger income or lower your expectations. Picture number eight lowered expectations that the secret to happiness that picture number nine. Don't just avoid that actually saves starting right now discover the wonders of compound interest if you save as little as ten dollars a week. Over 43 years at 8% interest which some stocks can yield. You'll have well over a million dollars. That'll pick to number ten just because something is new doesn't automatically make it better and just because something is old doesn't automatically mean it should be replaced. Little picture number eleven don't limit yourself you'll run into many people who go out of their way to limit you. And would you limit yourself. You were stealing their job. And in many cases their happiness. And little picture number twelve. You spent the first years of your life dependent. Your parents even claimed Jews won on their taxes. Depending on your age you couldn't drive Drake vote work join the military side legal contracts. Or otherwise control your lives now. You can. You can now do pretty much what you want. Traveled the world to find yourself. Starve and a bad job while living and allows the apartment just for that right career move. Because from this point on you'll increasingly be unable or unwilling to do that. You'll assumed obligations. Families mortgages. College payments for your kids try complaining about that some data your parents. My point is that you are more free right now than you ever have bitten and you ever will be. Use that freedom capitalize on it in joy at and live and abundantly full life one which can be fully tax in order to support your parents and our retirement. Thank you and good luck. Pause for applause blows with a remarks that I gave. It's a 324 by the way here at 21063 WORD those remarks I gave on Saturday the 29 of July. To these summer graduates of the university of north Georgia in the a lot of good Georgia. As I say they were well received and it. I hope will stimulate some thoughts that you may have whether or not you have in your life. Son or daughter and grandson or grandchild niece nephew ever who happens to be but regulating currently. The fact is I think most of us have some thoughts about what we think this incoming generation needs to go. Especially in view of the fact that they're going to be assuming leadership of our country. And therefore of a bunch of the world. As we're really hitting the skids heading ability are the nursing home as it worked we would like to be able to depend on mute. We think that you need to know certain things because there is an extremely good possibility. That you don't either from your doting parents or from teachers who in some cases not all but in many cases. Have had an agenda an axe to grind so I'd like to know. What you would tell the class support he seventy and 1063 WORD. The upstage talk station. We have the Eagles advantage talk line available at 1803471063. 1803471063. And our comments that's retirement planning text line. 71. 307. That's 71307. And oh see you as the detectives are well said okay. Jim you were much better than my commencement speaker thank you I don't remember anything about the commencement address because I didn't listen to a word. Barney Frank says Barney Frank was your commencement address really half a very funny how. OK very good OK. Jim why did you all have the thousand dollar word at 2 PM. I have no idea. Money pretty and I were not here at 2 PM I need to do Leo buckle paso thing but. Not not our job half bath apt to blame brush OK let's CI gem I can hear you over the yeah. Mexican FM station like your speech and rings true Michelle Hoke and notebook thanks very much. Our rights. I would like to hear what you would would say OK either at our common sense retirement planning text line 71307. Or at the Eagles advantage talk line 1803471063. A favorite frankly that I suspect that a huge percentage of the members of the class of 47 do you have not learned much at all about. Ole a market economy. About how. Our our system economics word I I think a lot of people today but the lemon or ought to grow sprouts have no idea how wealth is created. Some people seem to think that it it comes from a money tree in the backyard of the Treasury Department. These are things that many young people don't learn which they certainly should have learned so. Here's your chance you could give your own additions to my commencement regards as I say I took that pretty seriously I. I've given a lot of speeches in my life and sometimes like I just buckets of you likely to laugh a minute and I entertain folks and I move on. Took a lot of time putting that together very frankly. So I I would hope that you could give us some of your thoughts all right. 1803471063. As the Eagles advantage talk line. And our common since retirement money text line 71307. It's important. What young people have as they go out into this world goodness knows. Goodness knows it's important many of them I'm sure of the opinion you know a world I've got by AB degree. And the world says whale. Stick around sunny and will teach you the rest of the alphabet. When we come back we will give you some of your thoughts at that talking to the class of 2070. As they need all the help they get while more than just like him give him and certainly a lot more than their parents and their professors have done all right. So we have now 329. Jim Bowen for Bobby Mack just one more time here at 1063 WORD. The up states talk station. 329 and will be back in a moment. Putting 3 before 4 o'clock good to have you with us this afternoon as a body bag will be back in the Monday time slot here. At 1063 WORD. The of states talks station I was a talking you've been about a commencement address that I gave at the end of July. At the university of north Georgia and that's who we have Dennis on his cell phone out there hello Dennis. Ada Wilson thank you get it. Yes. The best my best. I've got it. We'll award to grouper or where would do. The book came out let it here called the all Gallup and it was about survivor at Arizona. Oh yeah does not only novels. And it got they had in the book what he thought the meeting a lot blunt. And instead. It's very simple domestic and what you have and it will be enough. Well that's pretty straightforward advice he said in one sentence wanted to meet ten minutes to say. Unbelievable number Lou. I'd call one more yes sir please gonna. Eritrea Eritrean and Barry bridge bank. Adding one bad thing here present will always saying they're the world history we don't know. That's good that's a I like that yeah. There's some good stuff I. Yet those are good things to pass along and I appreciate your thoughts and others like you very much for joining us today. That that's the kind of thing I'm talking about what to do young people need to know about. Amiga as those you've seen them you've heard him when they're sitting there of course what they're. They're out there. Eyes glued to their Smartphone and the like. On that subject by the way I must tell you that in one city in Germany and forget which city. But they have begun. A new. Type of technology. They have. Stoplights. Embedded. In the sidewalk. I am serious they have the actual lights down there and they're connected to the the overhead light snow there also are the overhead lights for the rest of us normal people. But they're connected. Do these lights in the decide what portion of the sidewalk as a whole it got to. Little plastic plate there that that will withstand the weight of people walking and there are lights underneath it and why pray tell would you need to have. Have stoplights. In the sidewalk as well as overhead well that should be pretty obvious should ended boys and girls jets it's because. Too many bozos. Are are looking down as they walk out into traffic Bramlet dead. That's why so out it would be nice certainly if if young people can get just a little bit. Divorced. From those devices there there handy. Yeah I I have mine on them don't go anywhere without it but you know I can function without a relief camp. And here's something else that I can I can talk to people digital but that is a problem a lot of young people apparently. Need to hear that. That there are still many old full piece of this world. Who prefer that you persuade them that is to say if your sales person. By there that the prodding pitchers selling you you'd look them in the a lie and do you talk to them and you point out the benefits of whatever. Goods or services your selling. Or if you're applying for a job this will shock you but a lot of human resource is people are very old some of them. 3540. And they will insist that you actually sit there and look pretty good cleaned and Coleman and shaved and decent clothing. Part of my little picture remarks in a moment ago and that you talk to them out about the job. That they do not just want to get an. In person. Which is I know scary to a lot of people loses a bit of the play just two to balloon meals and and younger is do the supplies on a to a lot of people there was a survey that was taken some time ago. About the biggest fears that people have. The biggest fears that serve the people have. Was speaking in public. The biggest fear death was number two. For these people I guess literally. If you're at a funeral. You would rather be in the casket that delivering the eulogy anyway. That could be a problem for young people something that they need to hear perhaps orally maybe you. You don't need texted to them maybe you should tell him look up look at me locate me. Learn to communicate. With others orally. It's not a bad way to do it. There are actually stumbled people who claim that if you look them in the that they have a better feel for whether or not you're telling the truth. Side note very old but then again don't forget one of my points and little pictures because something is old doesn't mean it should be discarded right. I'm most curious as to why all you would say to a class of 2070. I don't recognize. The they have problems that we never had the face challenges that we never had I I grant that. They also have advantages we've ever had and on the whole I suspect it's a lot better. To be a young person today than it was when we were growing up. We had to. Walked to school twelve miles. Uphill. Both ways. In the snow. In the middle of August it was rough but you've. You've heard might to stop her before earth they're probably somewhat old you know I was told you similar things anyway. And so we lead off of that today if anybody has something you would like to tell the class of 2017. I was granted the honor to do so. In person. And I am happy to say that as I looked out across the room but he auditorium I didn't see a single person looking at their Smartphone course. There were a lot of people there. Probably missed a few but for the most part I think they were in fact paying attention to this new or old media. Which you actually sit there and you'd you'd talk you you make sound. Like that you make sounds all right. 1803471063. It is our Eagles advantage talk like the comments of retirement planning text line 7130771307. And let's see here some of the techsters here these young would need to know that there is god he loves it and he is in control. I suspect more than a few. Don't don't have that information as well. Let's see here solicit media. When you get to the fork in the road take it. Yogi Berra advice. The great Yogi Berra former catcher of the New York Yankees of a bygone era had lots of great words of advice such as. U three guys half of you come with me. Or rub of course the all time a classic. And nobody goes to that restaurant anymore it's too crowded. You know if you like that yes the yogi I never I don't think he ever gave the commencement address I don't know I would have to look that up because it would have been hilarious if we did that anyway. Just a few things there there were passing on to Friday afternoon. And you got the weekend at a view which is a pretty good deal right. Okay Jim both for body back here at 1063 WORD. We are the upstate talks station. And make no mistake about it and that's what we do we talked. And we talk and we talk with all about trying to do the show by texting and it. Team too cumbersome okay. Babble immortal moment 345. Both idea appreciated I appreciate it appreciate your welcome there as we've already arrived at 10 minutes before 4 o'clock this Friday is will blog. We are heavily into a Saturday EU here. And I've been the target just a little bit in this sport to the show about the commencement address I gave to the university of north Georgia last month. And some thoughts out there on the comments of retirement planning text line 71307. What what I tell today's graduates sucking up butter cups there's no safe places of the real world gym and easily well that's true I mean. In I don't mean be harsh and I know Jim doesn't mean to be harsh but there's nothing kind or gentle. About putting people. Who are already Beers in the cotton candy cocoon and knowing that everything's gonna be OK and then. Suddenly you get your diploma and you. Georgia matter the real world say OK you're on your own and there are prepared. I'm sorry it is a nasty world sometimes not all the time on all of the talk about the law of the jungle here but we are talking about a competitive world. And yeah there are no safe spaces there. Is indeed. The city of the techsters fellow jury in the box verses giving me eulogy comparison that that's trillion over something so of people literally if you. Are more afraid of speaking in public then you are of death then clearly at a funeral. The cast it's looking better than the speaker's podium there it. To the class of Tony seventy and says another text you're you're entitled to nothing at the end. Well it in many ways that is is a good summation. The notion of entitlements has been eight corrosive thing. For a lot of people I have no idea no problem. With the idea. That. If you. Go out and Edward and were card that that the New York you're entitled to for example the rights of the bill of rights free speech I'm of that. Exactly. Policy you know expected Jim go to dollars a week compounded monthly. Would be 3171000. To 83 dollars and fifty years not a billiard ball that depends on what your rate of interest in his new book that I mentioned an 8% rate of interest projects at some stocks can yield. And that's true they can and it's also true that it would be. A million dollars at higher rates but to get your 370000. You'd have to have lower rate of interest. Or ever greater amount of savings of ten dollars a week but yeah by Matt that actually goes work so the year that is as that day. Just a few thoughts of people are passing a law here so I appreciate your. Accommodation and a bearing with big. Next our different subject that we will load delve into something that that the that we've talked about before but maybe not in the proper context I found yet another example of hypocrisy. Out there and you believe it. And value and so we would pass them along as though we we look get to the the Russian investigation such as it is. Anyway. I opened you have a great weekend planned and that did you have great plans for you for a you're eclipse day coming up mr. Basel action a little time open would be nice you know people are going to be. Peering out the windows anyway she delivered subway Obama's camp echo. I think if you're a boss who would just be Smart move OK just in let people let people have. A little time off. Or move the lunch hour whatever and a copy of that but that exterior. To the class of cloudy seventy Wear sunscreen well OK very good. Suffice it to say. Yeah I mean that's that that's important don't Wear sunscreen. Filers have a warning a special type of century considered. Long sleeves and long pants that at a pretty good sun screen actually. It accurately so the box that we have all of this of Friday afternoon what I would just notice that it just. You know it hasn't been that hot here in the upstate it seems to me this year so far. Mean we. I think you've got I've had a a pretty must be the global cooling I don't know but whatever it is. It would seen that in fact. We are looking at two. Not a bad summer I've I've been through a lot worse Summers of this so. One would hope that the viewers as comfortable and and safe of course as well. As though we look out on all the math problems up there next hour we'll get back into the full swing of politics. And all of the the tawdry kinds of stuff that you know people. People in. Engages in this sorry real world of ours and I'm sure we'll have to bring up Korea again because it just seems like Godlington do. That's a street text was recklessly gave motivational saw oh okay where. Tentative what you learned in college was not supported by facts it was someone's opinion. Well that depends of course but hopefully you've got to learn that in in college. If not well wide. We'll talk some more about that John is in Greenville hello Jon and doing good to have you with a slob Bobby oh Yasser. Yes are you. There will be a quick one and I don't understand why the millennial iron and then eighty in my and you could that he hundred. But I want and hanging it our wanted it and did not occur till seventeen days. Have you ever I get the younger and no audio. I didn't have a lot of comfort them and I don't want my late you know thought that they. I got the idea that out and believed that the lack of leadership from the it is the generation that in power now. Does quite well taken has been guilty yet it guilty yes there is allowed ownership. Didn't know. I didn't quite bad attitude from the bench and SharePoint and my home standpoint. Yeah there is a lack of leadership that that is certainly true and I regret that I regret it deeply but yeah that is quite correct. A some of the problems and of course. Robbing robbing young people of of their wealth to so weakened live beyond our means is is the worst. Of our our lack of leadership so yeah. Absolutely incredible though it didn't Colin and are awaiting them in the right direction or. Well in many cases I think that's true we are past the point where we can kick the can down the road it just won't work anymore so. Appreciate your thoughts and I thank you for joining us this afternoon John. Good to talk would you today as we look at some thoughts that there should be passed along. To this a class of 2017. Is Jumbo for Bobby back on a Friday at 1063 WORD. Be upstaged talk station. And it's three before four.