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Friday, August 11th

Russia; How to saty informed; What would you tell the class of 2017?


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Shocking and upsetting well we don't do a whole lot of that. A maybe you'll just get your attention there now amid. It's 407 on a Friday afternoon August the eleventh this summer has flown by I do believe. Jim Boley and therefore Bobbie back today and these back Monday. Are covered since retirement planning text line is 7130771307. And the Eagles advantage talk line 1803471063180347. 1063. Total forget 1063. WORD. Dot com are great website and others some good stuff there. At this particular time about the forthcoming eclipse. The a lunar eclipse and will be a solar eclipse partner lunar eclipse as does the reverse. Leo solar eclipse that'll be happening on the above the afternoon of the 21 week from Monday. It's under 1063. WORD dot com have been under articles and then you can find all about eclipse there's good stuff there. The historic basis of a of this house specialists occasion is a what causes the solar eclipse. And I how to protect yourself and outsourced looks pretty good stuff there aren't. Could be some information about the newly renovated that TC Hooper planetarium as well the students with special preview clip shows. All kind of this stuff that the people are doing. About this eclipse and a Paducah Kentucky which is on the line look that we are that diagonal slash across the US. A Paducah Kentucky they're. There is a school there that will swim it at totality approaches. In the afternoon they will fire off fireworks and why not there's going to be dark technical piece like the fourth of July after 9 PM for Pete's sake so. You have to figure some time there had to have been a a total solar eclipse. Oh before the July that had to have happened. But not lately. And I am I gonna have little nearly upstate. Until. 27 BH. About that that sixty. One year's hits. A mature how old you will be at 61 years but. I'm not counting on being around at that time I think this is pre budget and ya if if it's cloudy want them to be a bomber. That will be a bookmark via that great. It do what you gotta do it right already. Here are looking at the other tech slide here. My advice to young people leaving colleges to learn everything your parents haven't taken time to teach you. You'll know what this is once you step into the real world the last couple of generations. Have been pampered spoiled baby boomer parents. Who have a lot of cases of children themselves. And and so on so. Anyway yeah fountain of knowledge you will lead. Yes we do need a founder of knowledge and the question about that. Children their children from reality here's the rest of that text asked the older folks what you need to do and it will take you where you need to go they made seemed ancient to you. But they are they found a knowledge you will need okay. Fair enough. All right. I was loading some things about this Russian investigations turned out past 4 o'clock on mother's Friday afternoon. And and of course through all of this time that we have been dragged in Davis. All of this discussion. About. All of how terrible lives of Donald Trump knows Russian son has seen from Russia with love and news. And Russian dressing on the salad. It's tended to be innuendo. And sly eye rolling in other words nothing smoke no fire. The only thing that I have heard put forward as a basis for illegality. Would be the argument put forward by some democratic lawyers. That's. If in fact. The young trumps picked up dirt on Hillary which there's no indication they did but if they had. That this could be considered a violation of the federal election laws because this has value. It is a thing of value as mentioned in the federal election laws. Think about that. Money. Is speech. I'm familiar. Money is speech. Speech is Molly looks unfamiliar. It should as the medlar on the we're talking about the Citizens United. Decision. By the Supreme Court. And of course we had the left going just crazy money can't be speech it's impossible President Obama back and Tony Ted. Claim that Citizens United strikes at democracy itself. A long after retiring Supreme Court justice John Paul declared while money is used to finance speech money is not speech okay. Now the left is the wrong money is not speech it is money but you can't have any meaningful speech. In today's society without spending. Money. It it is the oxygen that that fuels the fire political speech. If you regulate speech in the money needed to convey ideas of the public that leaves the country who have less freedom at least that wears off. But is that interest. That. Money is not speech less are suddenly useful in attacking Donald Trump. Hypocrisy right there. Molly is not speech speech is not money except if it's handy in tying Donald Trump to the Russians. Which. Well. Hypocrisy is is the watchword for many unfortunately on the left I regret that. At that I would be the first to me yes it's also. Of the watchword for some on the right too that the question about that or some partially on the right. We can certainly point to all of the people out there all Republican senators and house members two who voted. To repeal obamacare when President Obama was an office and they knew that it was going to happen because as Vito could not be overridden. And so they cast a symbolic vote hope nobody would notice of them all the sub along came. Well what supposedly they needed. Which is a Republican house Republican senate and the Republican president and now all of a sudden if you vote to repeal and replace obamacare. It could happen. Well let that called a few people. It did so hypocrisy does happen. In both parties is no question about that but I was particularly struck by the via money is speech and speech is money argument that was so put forward here. Here's another text from the comments that retirement planning text lighted 71307. Jim I wonder if Reuben sandwiches are a threat to. By Russia to undercut the American hamburger. Yeah well that sure pesky Russian dressing up absolutely. Are you got that right there there you ago. Other other things that people are passing a law here regarding. The commencement address learn to change attire that would be helpful yeah. The start to say as I've always taught my children that they are not special once they leave their dad and I they're just ordinary people if they want to be treated. Like they're exceptionally better do something exceptional. Who. 01 thoughts you've actually raised your children. How dare you. Well for fifteen Jumbo from Bobby Mack at 1063 WORD. The upstate sought station. There is there you are. And the Twain shall meet right here in a variety of ways Eagles advantage talk why does 1803471063. 1803471063. Of the comments that retirement planning text line 7130771307. It is a 441. On this Friday afternoon. And I hope that I 85 southbound clears up but otherwise I guess it could be a Tuesday and as we noted all ago it just seems like it has been quite as. All fired sticky hot. Is it that tends to be of late oh Matsui that's via the global cooling. I was a multimedia hypocrisy. Issue. Which has been a problem. Four in weld Democrats on and on a variety of subjects but the most recent one being whether about speech and money can be equated. And the answer is though it puts a Supreme Court rulings that is divided but definitely yes if it's a way to try and get it president trump. For Republicans of course apart Chrissie has taken the form. Of voting to repeal obamacare when you know it can't happen when President Obama is an office. But then voting not to do so would all of a sudden it's actually possible that it could happen. And it does make me wonder. What is the appeal of hypocrisy. I suppose the answer is that there really isn't any appeal of hypocrisy. So I think what is going on here is that people are paying attention quite frankly. That. Unfortunately we have a lot of folks out there who'd just don't. Exercise their franchise if you will probably likes of flabby franchise they don't. Perform the duties that go with being a citizen as I mentioned about commencement address. We have responsibilities. As well as rights of one of those responsibilities is to be. An informed and active participant. In our society. That includes. Issues of the day and that elections things of that nature so. A lot of people don't. And that's unfortunate now again this is not. Aimed at the people to whom I'm speaking because by the mere fact pitcher tuned in to 1063 WORD. Shows that you are in the a minority of this country. Talk radio I guess reaches about 01617%. Of the U that the public. And by definition the people who listen to something like this are people who actually. Want to know more. About some of the issues of the day you may or may not agree with my take on those issues but at least you're curious to know. And you wanna find out prep sure to engage in the discussion even did debate on what those issues are and how they should be defined and how they should be solved. Which you can do at the Eagles advantage talk line 180347163. Wanted a good 3471063. But the important thing is that you are engaged and you are involved and it does put you. In. The minority of the country we have an awful lot of sheep in this country and it's it's sad but. But it's a fact we've all seen shows like like the old Jay Leno tonight show Jay walking and a Jesse Watters to that thing back Bill O'Reilly had a TV show. That went out and basically asked the public questions and did they broadcast the embarrassing. Incredibly embarrassing. Answers so that I think. Probably as that the very core of why we tolerate. Such hypocrisy. And that is an a lot of people just simply aren't paying attention. For many people if you allow with a few platitudes. That's enough. Talked to me about 21 over are the the buzzwords of the left of the buzzwords of the right that's sufficient for those folks and they they go away happy. And they don't worry about it. Unfortunately it's a cause for worry. I don't think that that is a confined to two young people either did it would be something I would mention in the commencement address of ad time. But. I would measured frankly for the entire country. A lot of people just don't pay attention. Now I don't know. How you jumpstart people have been paying attention part of it I suppose is having the proper background. That is to say an educational system. That had courses like citizenship for example. Courses of that nature. Courses on government and the like courses which actually. Offer some explanation of what we do it why we do it. So certainly that that helps very much. In the of the process of understanding things. It would be a very helpful if we did did did more things like that obviously. Many people of course at least of have been taught anything at all have been taught with an agenda an axe to grind to. To put down what we do this country. Four. Well various ulterior motives. But. If you take seriously your responsibilities. As a citizen. Then. You will actually if you'll you'll you'll study you'll you'll you'll pay attention. Programs like this I don't think we're a bad place to go but there are other places as well. Newspapers. TV shows web sites these days although it's always helpful to know more about that the web site in question. And another word by the way that I used there. As citizenship. Is. Well the words it's not I guess currently involved. Fortunately. I I can tell you that in the by former state of Maryland live for good in the years. You should be aware of the fact that of the Soviet College Park. In Maryland which is the home of the University of Maryland. Is though on the verge of becoming the ninth city in Maryland to lob bombs citizens. Including those in this country illegally. To vote in municipal elections. There was a meeting of the Eric county at their City Council back on June the seventh with. College Park, Maryland city officials discussing. How best to get rid. Of the citizenship requirements so that virtually any one. Of legal age living in the city can vote. One councilman note of that. In the community of optical apart which by the way we used to refer to as the people's republic of Tacoma park. They do not ask you do not care if the residents there legally or not which she felt was that just dandy. For the city of College Park oh by the way also radical partner they're one step more progressive. Van. College Park is in Tacoma park sixteen year olds can vote. Ago. Only one member of the College Park council. Offer the view that immigration status should be a factor in that the council could serve all residents about living unqualified residents vote so. Are they can do that of course we can't do it and it larger level elections. Because. Municipalities don't get to make those decisions but you can. In the in local elections and that's that's of the also I referred to two of the citizens. Wyeth that was I guess being via. Very nativist and and America first and a host of other really bad things out there anyway it. The hypocrisy that we tolerated in this country and we do tolerated. Is a product I think of ignorance and it's a product I think. As well of of laziness on the part of a good many people we talk about it one. 803471063. As the Eagles advantage talk line. I'm Jim Bohannon for Bob McClain at 1063 WOR DB of states talk station and it's 420 died. Yes the data 843. Before the hour at 5 o'clock here the special guest host Jim Bohannon. I have a very short bus how short. It's. One Axel that's pretty short all right. Good to have you with us today opened your weekend shapes up as a looking pretty good and cloudy out there that at times here today what can only hope that won't happen on the eclipse day. So much thoughts as we. Broadcast out across this the vast land of ours. At 1063 WORD the upstate stock station where the Eagles advantage talk line it's 1803471063. And the common sense retirement planning text line is 7130771307. Where. I find various texting boxer raiders won Jim both for many it's not a feeling of apathy but of hopelessness. Well perhaps but as long as you reward. Hypocrisy you're going to get more of it. I understand why people might feel hopeless. But then if someone is hypocritical with few an elected official. Then don't vote for them again. I mean. Not being a sympathetic to that text or merely noting that there is a remedy. For that and it isn't. Feeling hopeless the remedy is to a pro actively. Work OK that they're candidates Smith didn't. To do with its of the were gonna do so I'm gonna look at the candidate Jones over here maybe they'll be more prone to do so. Politicians react. Two. Rewards that are past their way and if you pay attention and do you punish a park receipt than others will suddenly find the virtue. Of meaning what you say and saying what should be. Let's see here it's a siege of that is what amazes me the same people who want non citizens voting in US elections of the same people up in arms over alleged. Russian collusion wide difference or less a good way to put it I hadn't thought about particular factor. But you're right of the of the people who. One non citizens to vote there are people out there who have. Aid a very definite feeling that. Nation status. And citizenship. And alike cart are also past say oh so twentieth century. So valley speak of their opposition to that stuff but your right all of a sudden. Nationality. And ethnicity of alike so they matter a great deal again if you can stick it to the president in this particular case. You're right to another another case of hypocrisy there. But. That's the the basis. Four of the the viewpoint that that everybody should should vote in our elections were all just one big happy world all hold hands sing comb. I. Blah blah blah. Certainly there is evidence of the contrary everywhere. And maybe there could be a nicer world I don't know but it isn't our world to see that's the point that's the point it isn't our world. And while I might agree with some on the left that this isn't the world I would have chosen. And it isn't. But I don't subscribe to their view of wish figured we wish really hard we can make it the way we would like it to be it doesn't work that way. No this is not a world I would have chosen how ever. I will play the hand I've been dealt. And that does not include making it up that includes dealing with reality so but you're right that's a really good point. They people who want knobs citizens voting in US elections are the people of an arms over alleged Russian collusion yet. About that. Here we go another text your speech is free does holding grade sort of follows over a student's head. Or is it I guess tyranny. Only great for DePaul was over as students head did tyranny I'm not sure what that takes means. If you mean should be and hold people accountable. Having gone to school who expected to learn certain things were certain percentage of certain things I don't consider that tyranny I consider that a standard. I do not believe that you pick of knowledge by hanging around a building in which there is a library. All right. The pin this mighty just. When signing purchase orders for swords. Seventy maximum of flexibly effective mercenaries okay. Here's somebody is offered a commencement speech shared says. Commencement speech including a makings. Well let's a year probably need to go down further and read more burgers and there. Okay. Already says my word to grads is in the real life workplace you'd like get rewarded for just showing up years ago Dave Barry today. Realistic advice commencement speech cleavage gives has made friends with a plumber and make friends with someone who owns a boat. Okay yeah well that's good stuff I've not true that David forgotten yesterday to deliver that but it would be a Smart move on someone's part. And he interviewed Dave Barry probably half a dozen times you make a great commencement speaker. Some of the putts there we we reward hypocrisy and and although I understand people feeling hopeless. If you just sit back and feel hopeless you only become more hopeless. If you feel hopeless bid simply punish those who didn't do what they said they were going to do. Again I repeat that if you voted for candidate Smith of candidates Mitt did do what they said that the next time vote for candidate Jones. And give them a child a chance sooner or later if enough of us do this candidates were realized that talking out of both sides of your mouth. Just doesn't work. That's the only way they learn. Political candidates in many regards are not that different from children. Children. Will do. What they are rewarded for doing and if children are taught to be spoiled. And throw tantrums to get attention. And the other things that's. Frankly. That's too many children they have been taught them they'll do that. About even sure the that's illogical I mean if you. Are rewarded. For something. Then why not go ahead and do it. I mean look at a Spiro Agnew the vice president of the United States who regularly took bribes and kickbacks and was rewarded by constant promotion. From Baltimore County executive. To governor of Maryland to vice president of the United States. He kept. Taking bribes and they're getting promoted why not that's what we as boating. Public members must do we must stop rewarding hypocrisy. But that's part of the problem right there and again. It would be really helpful you know honestly would be helpful if we had to to know a certain amount in order to cast a ballot I know that could never fly. Because it was never have the anybody agree on Mosley appropriate standard. For having such knowledge but that we do that a lot of ignorant mrs. boat. In this country and that's part of the problem also. I have a solution for a not one that could happen. Anyway a few random thoughts here summing nonpolitical I'm going to be bringing up in the next arsenal stick round of that. As Jim those of her body back today for the rest of today and mister McLean returns on Monday at oral 63 WORG. It's 445. There are oh goodness gracious about ten minutes before five already here. At 21063. WORD. Where the Eagles advantage talk line it's 1803471063. And. Ray in Lawrence this thing you can manage genetics at the gym doing the wrong line there. Up up up and fellow red Lawrence our youth the I'm clumsy but here goes ahead. But just want to make a remark about the thing with North Korea. Because I worked on the ice CPMs. Are the United States to perjury. To use that or. Sent over in France saying that Moscow for a lot of console to French people told that get about it there. But those people over North Korea are nowhere near being. Closed at the waging a war with what they've got. Well not a successful war no. The third. Feel lucky if they got anything with it and the United States. Those are I don't think what they haven't had that that much accuracy on the lawn rated stuff the short range stuff by the bids they've got done pretty anatomy might. Like a bracket in Guam I don't think he's beyond their capability giving Seattle their bill. Cluster bombing when they do that that's the last thing that. The Star Wars sister. Initiative response to take care of Wednesday's send up one. Rocket and it breaks off at that and more. When you talk about the multiple independently. Targeted warheads the Murrah warheads and. Because cluster bombing. But the lump tries says they still have a lot or had to go because I doubled up probably actually went through. And it was set back in the seventies. I cannot wait seven. He's. So. Not to that they vote also is security here I'm just trying to say is I think we didn't match up with anybody in the world right now. In a silly I thought I'd rather had this thing is the rapid pace with which they claim but they claim that they have gone. From developing. A nuclear device that is to say something is probably as big as a rule to now one may say can fit in to a warhead. And it took the of the US of the Soviet Union a long time do advance that far and I questioned whether North Korea has done that. Yup and it we do we think about that certainly jumped dropped on Japan they were armed with a slight. In airplane they were not sent off by themselves. They certainly wouldn't fit on a warhead of a missile. I mean that that retorted I saw record barely get off the field those things were so heavy but. A whole lot of it had to do it don't let that gap to put around it that let the workers were. So. It's a payload problems as well further rocket motors and I get deleted that Dow Chemical working on it. We would still be back where we were in 1970. Well one would hope not. But be that as of may I. They they are not what you call a full fledged nuclear power yet but yeah they're they're not more than a couple of years away from reaching that status. And now they're just sit back and watch them they'll they'll make it. The dead airplanes big enough to carrying them that we have a problem I have the. Element but they don't currently have only had to do is getting old beat up freighter and and and get it into one of our harbors. You know I mean it is did you don't have to have a fancy delivery system. Well I brought up to Bobby who let it shows that. That we shot that I really am I Airbus down that was spoke to go into the mid sentence. You got that metal carrier de. And we we shut down and Ronnie and jetliner many many years ago in yellow I know I assumed was. It was an accident I mean there was. Who's right. Yeah that's the probably what I thought about it might hit 88. There have been and does it send a shot that the air because there's do a kamikaze. On a. I never heard a bit that we thought it was going to do a kamikaze that was due to be okay. Yeah I confidence. An accidental shoot down. Nobody. IE I talked to the guy doesn't that sound when they got it deport all the Diego. And I guess the point blanket deteriorate think they're gonna kamikaze yet he says well there's no reason at an airliner. Would decline in twenty feet off the erosion. Coming right out of certain they capped the gate doors so they shut the engines off and the guys from the Vincennes. Enthusiasm though that that that includes a lot of the material that I had never heard before so. Yeah out because they said it at that current six dot there's some board will look at that the people of the body stapled on board. At that these people are dead before they hit the water. And probably took that airplane up to the altitude shut the aero off. Because one of the things that you look or is that they were scantily clothed. Because place at the aero up in those. Airliner to get deathly hot. And that the people though that many air to breathe anyway. But that that date through and I think that shot hit the water all of these bodies were strewn all over but they probably were killed or work dead. Before they even. Got to visit concessions area. Well they Jannero OK we are duly informed ray and Lawrence thank you for joining us this afternoon. This is 1063 WOR DB of six talk station nine Jim Bohannon and Bobby Mack has that that they oft. And I guess we're probably gonna give him Saturday off and somebody out too good he always gets sent but he will be back Monday. Is that the current plan so there you go anyway. Give us a shout we got lots to shout about here. When we come back we'll war. This is 1063 WOR GB of states talks station's three before five.