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Friday, August 11th

How do you like your steak?; N Korea


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Our righty just think about this ladies and gentlemen. Were it not for Friday Thursday would ram right straight up your Saturday. This is the buffer zone between Thursday which is sort of a social today and Saturday. Saturday and Saturday. It's Friday. Good afternoon August 11 Jim both for body back here today at 1063 WORD the upstage talk station. The Eagles advantage talk lies in his 180347. 10631803471063. The comments of retirement planning text line is 71307. And the keyword is. Code CO DE code CEO. DD got a okay. Very good and they have what to 515 is that right many billions of 515 detects that appropriately okay. All right very good. It just a comment regarding our our previous caller in the last hour from. All of the news texture is but it's as old race. Your last caller ray was entirely 100% wrong the events and shoot down was a mistake. We specifically site that's growth of our service. To air training in today's debut that sort of what I thought. That's that's I don't know what I thought thank you appreciate that. OK very good. All right doubt just switching gears here just a little bit. There's been a very interesting survey that has been done. That has to do with a pre occupation an activity. That does certainly. Well is a year round thing you can do but especially in the summertime we could do this outdoors. I talk about the survey conducted by longhorn steak houses. And they took data from news they're nearly 500 US restaurants. And they posed to us some 3000 Americans. A very simple straightforward. Question. How do you like your state. How do you like your steak 510 on this Friday afternoon. When that is a question that waiters and waitresses ask countless times every business day. And the results rather interesting. About 75%. Of the patrons at the longhorn steak houses are based in Orlando but are all over the country. 75% of their patrons or their stakes medium. Medium well or well done. Oh now you've all heard the food he's the food snobs. And they are almost universal loads terrible you why doubles surely other. It's dry at a necessarily toughen of course they prefer. That your state maybe exist in the same area code. We're a flame or heating element stove okay. It's specifically. Is in the results. 37%. Of us order are straight steak medium 37%. Tony 6% of us choose medium well that would be my take that to yours buddy pales. Here's his picture hers is media market. I'm the toll 6% medium wealth 42% of us choose medium rare OK but over the course of the vast middle there. Now they're on the extremes 12% of us choose well done. And a 3% of us choose rare 3%. Choose rare obviously consisting primarily. Of the well the food snobs I suppose happened just about be the end of that. Why why are we this way and I'm curious how you feel about it is it's a very valuable question has this ever in danger to our friendship or heaven forbid they relationship. A little rare vs weld on preference could possibly be cultural the French and the Japanese food traditions. For example tend to favor raw or slightly coat protein. Consider sushi. But he is story can cuisines of other countries seem to emphasize that completely cooked meat. There can also be some plain old biological determinations. In in your DNA that that you may be. Born to prefer. So I think it's more done. This could be because of the way we perceive certain flavor compounds in the B depending on how we you. Actually prepare your euros state. Different different chemicals in the stake our our emphasize to your taste buds pick him up. And also habit probably plays a large part in this. You know you're always you grew up on world and so that's the choice with which you feel loose safest. But for whatever reason curious as to how you feel about it. And in particular has this ever affected. A relationship of friendship or even even dating. Or or heaven forbid a marriage. Here's a somebody who has contacted us by means of our comments with retirement planning text line 71307. I prefer medium rare but can tolerate medium. If you cook it. Anything over than that I'm throwing it at the trash well a lot of people are that way a lot of people are very very strong about their preferences I have head. Every one of these. OK I have had rare. Never cared for that much. I just didn't think that it was really bad taste in let's supposedly the of the secrets to two. The mistakes that are Ira are rare that they you can taste all the flavor I just didn't care for myself. I like well John steaks I will grant you that on occasion through two world and you you are borderline. On the yeah. The whole notion of a shoe leather I would argue that the that is a matter of techsters. Let's see here. Okay. But it does that passes a law. Anyway we're gonna take a quick break we'll come back with more on the volume I showed here Jim bow in for a Bobbie back today I thought this was really important question. How do you like your steak. We'll be down in media rare but a but I think I can eat anything. And and have I'm sure. Okay 1063 WORD the other states talk station it's 550. Every artists five Tony. All on this Friday afternoon. And I just was a curious your thoughts about how do you like your state could. To be. I've I'm open. I'm not another a huge mistake personally enjoyed good statement I drew a lot of things abilities people who are going to new restaurant personnel orders stake. Maybe depends if that's especially. A link about it. All right. We have a call here from Eugene in Napoleon. Wanted to know we can do some free for all Friday Willits Friday sure we can do that a mixed in with that. Thoughts on how you prefer your state so LO OUG what's undermined. The per Marash great lawyer. Are your rare guy okay well you know. That's that certainly viewpoint but the survey indicated you're one of 3%. At least of those who go to the longhorn steakhouse. Barrett then put me initially Goran Dahlia does exactly you are you lead serve then is correct. Are warned Cole in Yemen a lot of hurt out combat vehicle it spins that would kinetic. I would somebody out where where's JP had a camera. Am I wanted to identifying that it would manage certain camera. Is that correct that. The money but he tells me that is correct I I wasn't aware of that you have to have a solar filter. For teeny camera they want you wanna take it into a solar filter which are similar I guess two of the things you you use for your eyes right is it finished tied for the Lian yeah. Exactly so yeah you gotta have a special live exactly solar filter its work. I do that type. Tired and so on blacks is owned pharma camera I don't recommend a word com. I don't know honestly I really don't I buy my thought pretty much is that I have a feeling I will not be hard pressed to find pictures. Of this eclipse okay. On why are you on TV. From every friend I have. I've just got to look at it I don't feel the need to take a picture of what will be one of the most photographed events in the history of humanity so. But at that yeah you're absolutely right to go ahead and I'm guessing that if you can take your glasses all four when it's completely covered. You may be able to take a picture of the end. Without any filter on your camera let's trust us that's true that the glasses are for approaching totality and coming out of totality at the moment that was actually total. You don't need the glasses and he may not therefore need the filter on your camera. We're not offering you the guarantees a bad advice but it would seem to make sense so if you try it. And your camera gets screwed up it's not our fault we warned you OK Eugene in the. Should they have the original Mac come out yes there are more undersized. Your paper cup and combat the warm Gershon and they'll occasion it actually carved billion dollars. He gable part German away. He did that six billion Bill Gates heads up somebody like I think ninety billion. Well he's got miles and he gave warning eight billion that your key. Even though he gave away a lot of money that's certainly true I'd be accessed April actor Jeremy he's given way out of this morning session Regis grown in the world. You tell me Porsche challenge. Terrible really trying to you'll earn their sudden hit certain bitter creek usually have car that it might more challenging than anybody here on important. Well it certainly did Tony billion dollars if you've got that to pass out as a as a gift can can have a major impact on something although. You know it depends immediately if a country decides to the vote. A money to a project there. Are any number of things that we spent more than than 28 billion and so while it's a huge amount for individual it's not necessarily. Big for a country depends on the country and depends on the cause but but certainly Bill Gates. Obviously has. Has that made a lot of money and he he intends to. To use it in ways that the things we'll have the greatest impact so I I respect him for that and I put the act. I can understand give mountainous vanished Avery complained about the world pushing you oh yeah there is it just there's not enough problem mapped Erik I share something I think we'll let. People need to get certain student sales. Well no that's true I mean no let let's assume that you have. Have to let's say thirty billion dollars that'd probably put you in the over the top twenty. The richest people in the world you have thirty billion dollars and there are 325. Million of its in this country. So. Let's let's say a 300 million to make that the math easier. If you have thirty billion dollars you could give a hundred dollar bills every resident the United States. Is true you know it's not really important when they look at that though not really money. 'cause there's what they're worse they're so they're essayist Jim Everett site. Not like they've got cash in their pocket. Well. Probably not that much know how my guess is there's a lot of of credit cards cashier's checks and other other instruments of finance probably. You'll see Bill Gates going up to a McDonald's and asking if they have changed 48810. Billion probably about. Jim borrower in order here we're everywhere and yes sir thank you Eugene have a great weekend as well right there I don't have the ability body of the 1% and a there you ago would get rid of that. So they consider that officially got. All right it's 546 now on 1063 WORD I don't know anybody that Richard trying to think of the richest person. That I ever really do well. There's a gentleman who used to be very big in country music he's gone now passed away and Connie B gay youths North Carolina. He was a guy who discovered Charley pride did discovered Jimmy. He made two fortunes actually made one. And drag it away that he got sober and made a second fortune. But I remember something that he said Connie and got into radio stations on the second fortune I work for him one of the stations. And when he sold those stations try to forget how many millions. He made a point of telling us that he had his assistant what's he got the check yet as assistant rushed down to the bank. And deposited on a Friday afternoon. And we of course. As wise who were supposed to group. And Connie figured out how many hundred dollars in interest he would have lost over the weekend he'd waited to deposit it caught my eye and a more than. That's an amateur colleague a trophy how rich Collie was probably he had a nice mansion in McLean Virginia one of the Tony you're suburbs of Washington DC. Connie I'm guessing. Was in the twenty to thirty million dollar range which is to say chump change. This is a kind of guy that. That. A Bill Gates could could buy and sell I mean this is this is though would you like Fries with that money for. For a Bill Gates the best that I guess Connie be the richest guy remove actually. Never hit him up for cash there were times I could have those of the army and I was working weekends at his radio station TV station in Washington. And making more money on the weekends. Just talking but I did during the week in the army. I could certainly abuse them lose money but I don't know that anybody ever hit him up for money and I certainly did 12. I bet I guess will be the richest person I ever quote new I've known a few people I guess who are millionaires but not really that well. Colligan to a pretty well. And yeah the 1%. A group anyway welcome back we'll take some more thoughts about how you prefer your state. Okay because it's the to board requested for many people. Have a caller earlier rare are draw the trash that's when a lot of people are me I don't care that much. Jim both for Bobby back 1063 WORD the upstate talk station Evans 529. Good to have you with us here it's let's see 23 minutes before 6 o'clock here on. This Friday afternoon Jim vote for Bobby back at 1063 WOR DB of states talk station we've been talking a bit about. I you like your steak and will load examine what the various people have to say in that regard to starting I guess you're with that was adjusted. Who work contacts us he worded the call from Greenville hello Justin. A democracy to take my call. I I'd like a great medium rare. I think maybe you could come down medium not go to our good old trash. So I'm little little battling you don't ever gonna come on notebook or surrogate groups found. Describe what dumb. That it wanted to create dot obese aren't so probably no more. What percentage do you think it's only about her out dollars and total operating comforting insult Patterson's daughter Megan Meier goblet to what percent that was artwork and people so well Doby can learn so they're out there you know. Let's didn't seize the regular 300000 you say it. Yeah they are are thought it would become more like about 700000 to get that you have that much. No not quite that via the disparity that that a lot of people have they're great they're in their. When all the politicians got 1% or they talk about you know millionaires billionaires like that would they ought to let. That's you know that they're talking about a fraction of 1%. Yeah yeah so Owen and another a that I know is that agenda they're standing water pretty before they would be careful. Oh boy okay we appreciate that I also I see there's an accident blocking the left lane on I 85 north. Just a for the bella makes that all right sold medium rare man of their adjusted in the I buried both. And Ed and I would just and a thank you for your call by the way I was just an in depth. But I am I gonna get just crazy about it it's abusers be a rare steak or. Even one that's it's too well done one of its arrest draws and goes off the deep end one way or the other. I might have to back out of the other recent state back actually. But if it's somebody told me know somebody's backyard grill or their kitchens to oversaw the page. If you Richard T could get chew away at what you do right that's what you're supposed to do. I do believe for those who missed earlier numbers here the folks at the longhorn steak houses. With their nearly 500 restaurants across the country they do a survey of their clientele. About how do you like your steak pretty simple basic question. Of this these with the results you're 37% of us choose media. That's money that each category Tony 6% of us Jews medium well that would be BE. A 42% of us choose medium rare. Then you come to the extremes 12% it was like our stakes weld done and 3% choose rare they must all be food critics. Because that certainly the people. On the Food Network and a similar outlets all seem to prefer the of the rare approach. I'm just wondering if there's ever had a major impact on your life you know you'll like new Jack spratt committee though fatten his wife could eat no lean one about medium. And done and well done. As that are affected a relationship you're in all right. Why you irregular here's a line from our comments is retirement planning text line 71307. Why would anyone rule way you know steak and cook it medium a big they like get that what a thought. I think maybe. Okay. My dad is on the text or might it used to quote a movie called the cowboy way with Woody Harrelson the winner as I would like his state prepared he said. Owed just knock off the Warren's. And wipe it's nasty backside included on the plate. JC in Greenville okay. You've cooked by more than that okay. Let them do a lot for me how to act got to tell you very frankly but I have no people who were really really picky about the stuff. And I I always wondered that most effective but most of effect of their lives at some point if you really care that much. That led most of they apparently have put the amount of of time that something has spent being cooked head of old. Relationships friendships stuff like that it's just not that important to me just not that important. But knowing that in fact there are other factors are work cultural preferences maybe even genetic preferences of those may be hot wired to like. Rare and hot wired to like well done. I do not know these things but I do know that pay. Nobody that terribly big deal bank and not worth it but worth it it's one meal in a lick your last meal. You know if I were on death row life. It's in state that I didn't like I would probably said that back effect at a price of a bag several times maybe. Maybe several hundred times. I think. Statistically it might be a Smart thing to do at that particular joint. But up. As somebody else to I'm wondering about dot. Steak sauce. I feel about steak sauce. Is an insult to the ship if you slather on the Heinz 57. And now I will say the word that I do seems to freak a lot of people out. Ketchup I like ketchup okay I've said it there. By guys admitted to being a dog kicker or something. I like ketchup I have put ketchup on stakes. Not lately. Maybe about chrome that. But I hamburger I that's my preferred condiment ketchup and onions. Ketchup and onions. You can hear the stomachs of greater Greenville churning even as I speak. But I like that because that it tastes good now marchers ketchup supposed to be bad I never hear anybody knew the foods Bobby types ever say good word about catcher they can wax eloquent. Four. Hours on end about the various types of mustard. Grid coupon and all this sort of thing you know. Don't don't don't put upon by mustard okay. The fact that the that the. But yet if you can see Emma Meade potatoes two lead in the uses upscale locate the events. Thought sponsors would he birdied in is good I'm glad to hear that. I I like ketchup. Well I'd I'm I've seen shifts of the that the the if they've just. Sweated away over a barbecue grill. And they've provided you with your state. I will not put an audit but at a restaurant I've been known picture absolutely. But on on eight G ware is hamburger. Ketchup and oh you have a chip and onions yes. Absolutely. Let's see here. Rumored Jim a vegetarian is just a missed its stake. Okay illegal Mayo ketchup on the state mail it ahead even thought about Mayo. On. No steak sauce and definitely no ketchup oh well I have to do some of their. OK there you go Jim eventually you'll like it that it is prepared correctly one of their is a very open minded individual like that. OK more accounts they were this 1063 WORG. I'm Jim Bohannon turning the stomachs of Greenville and Spartanburg. And Bobby Mack will be back on Monday that offer you better stuff to talk about doctors now 545. The up. 10 minutes before 6 o'clock show we've got things under control your little but it rained out there of course that our studios about a 35 minutes ago we had a doubt important still. Still kind of drizzle down that there's so take it easy. Take it easy out there. Something. It was DIC. On live here. That although we are of course engaged to be big battle for a of the insults with North Korea officially and publicly. But the Associated Press is reporting that the troubled illustration has been engaged quietly and backed channel diplomacy. The North Korea for several months. It was no of course that the two sides talked. To get the June release of that American University student. It has been reported till now that the contacts have continued. That they have a brought up matters other than US detainees. People familiar with the contacts say that the talks have done nothing thus far to quell tensions. Or North Korea's nuclear weapons and missile programs but they say the odds and talks could still be a foundation. More serious negotiation the question of course is why. You can't trust these people. As a ploy I could see sitting down with the mood there was something to be gained a metro what it is but I would not sit out certainly with this north Vietnamese regime. Under any pretense or illusion. That in fact it was gonna actually solve softly I don't think so. Okay yeah it's not by minutes before 6 o'clock. As we go to the Eagles advantage talk line at 1803471063. And we've got David in Greenville hello David. You don't like perfect and well yes. I while imports in but he got it up the back channels like you right up but it bit. What trot that during the campaign so far all they've well. Which you know I would like a figure if I were bill. But if this back channel police that a relationship. That you just mentioned it began coming through leaking. There at all I would say is yes that's. You need to get out your area and find out so what those lecture on the rock and bass slash an environment. Everywhere you can go because guerrillas spoke there you have no law. Already in there are brought up previous administrations. Have values and trumps terminology or. Speaks very well you know that's the case. You know expect kind of stuff than the debate coming out. Again I get like player poker. You know if if everybody no heroic flop and they're about you know they don't pay much to its support to orient or bill went but you've got debt since there are a lot better shape so. I hope that not the case here but it felt like it is rupiah or late. I have not heard any comment from the administration about this report. So I haven't heard any complaints. As to whether or not this is letting some look at out of the bag but thank you look for your thoughts David appreciate you was sharing that that with us. This afternoon. Again there's nothing to be gained by actually talking with these people because they can't be trusted. And that they simply exist in a different world view of them that are all. This is the most brutal regime on a planet where there are an awful lot of them. That they you routinely. Attacked their neighbors they've attacked us in the past. And we have done nothing about granted it was not our. Own territory but I think if you go after our troops and kill someone axes I would consider that. An attack which we did nothing we did absolutely that we complain but it's sort of a nasty notes that. So I have no problem with the president's rhetoric in this regard if it keeps the north Koreans guessing. And these things are subject to be gained by going through the motions. Of having discussions with them that's fine I would be upset if I thought that there was a view anywhere within this administration that might actually. Obtained. Some serious. Negotiation. From this regime I don't think that's even remotely possible. A but the real answer there there are 22. Real answers. One would be getting the Chinese. Convinced that it was in their interest. To defuse this regime. And of course they don't feel that way now they claim they're they're afraid of the regime goes away Adobe chaos and refugees have tried I'd say that's nonsense. There's a river between North Korea and and northeastern China or Manchuria. And that. Nobody can get across that border the people's liberal our liberation army is it deployed there. There is also there are alleged fear that the little what 75 million Koreans all the united under the South Korean government. They gotta do invade China I don't think so they'll just trade with China which. China does a lot of but the real reason is they like to put a Burr under Uncle Sam settle from time to doubt the other answer and probably. I think the best possible answer for North Korea is quite frankly to buy ourselves a coup. To persuade. Some people in the North Korean military that you really out of your advantage. To be. Living under the constant threat to leave if you've got to a twenty stars on your shoulders that that this. This paranoid cloud. Could have you shot the next day as loyal as you may have been. It's not worth it get rid of this guy. Greta this would only turn North Korea into your and other another ten or military dictatorship but let's face it. North Korea is in such bad shape the ballot be a decided improvement if European just another military dictatorship also talks anyway. For what it's worth the Associated Press reports. But the cover the discretion has been quietly talking behind the scenes with North Korea which I say fine as long as you don't take it seriously. Okay Jumbo for Bobby back and we've got mortals they were listed as not 3 minutes before 6 o'clock.