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Monday, August 13th
Strzok finally fired from FBI; NFL player protests

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Yes you didn't realize I just exactly what a treat this was. Now to be a listening to the South Carolina broadcasters association. Station of the air out. And this and led to be listening to these South Carolina broadcasters association merit award winner for radio show. A clear. How about that popped. Yeah that's what I said. Seriously Al thanks very much and nice to receive these are kind of professional honors from those within the industry. And now we are honored and humbled by that. As I as I said it now my remarks. Now on not Saturday night in Columbia and the SE BA awards banquet. Now when we were given the trophy for a station nearest and this is really surprising especially. Considering the idea recent. Submission of a restraining order. Critics and the crowd was amused by no doubt here we go getting underway it is they Monday it Monday edition. Of the bunny match you know yeah now I everybody loses. No one day you will get flood DT of course not it's. One day I. And have a great day everybody. Is yeah. Yeah I think when you savers show you really like them I'm not yeah. Better every. Wait what time is on showtime it is indeed. We go getting underway when our number one on Monday and has always CEO our input. Is invited to encourage and welcome here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation and they just grab your phone. Usually Ingles advantage talk line number 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text on line number 71307. My email address Bob. And 1063. WL RD dot com it's been a too many huge several days. Relay because now on Friday. Now we wrapped up our two day radio Thon broadcast. And garnering over a quarter of a million dollars thanks again to all of you for your generosity that made. Makes radios on such a huge success every year and provides us some money. Necessities. For all the youngsters. At GHS Children's Hospital so thanks for that big radio Thon again their share. And then the SE BA awards downing Columbia. On not on Saturday night I try and avoid Colombia as much as I possibly can just because. It is it is my eight. My own non personal assessment. That done Columbia center right over the exhaust vent from hell. And act and every every bit of I'm not bear that in that emanates out from on those environs and comes right out into Columbia just it is. The hottest place I've ever and I'm Dennis amount voices. Like southeast Asia for one but Columbia. I just it's it's its own kind of peaked. In on the AM tax line now Bobby Mack you've done good thank you and by the way. On the award goes to everyone on the show. Which of course includes. Bob and the Bob Lutz so on this money Fannie. Back in the news center and of course now Alonso. Who actually put together our entry his name is on the on the a big guy. What does that Plexiglas mounted so what what does Leo what C award construct enough. Oh it's actually glass now okay nice however. The station of the year trophy which is sitting right next to me. Here is another studio. It if you saw the PGA championship yesterday. In other Wanamaker trophy they give that think of the Wanamaker trophy or if you're a hockey fans think of the Stanley Cup trophy. They handed me the thing to have a picture taken west. And now I believe I was herniated. As a wrist. Did you close. So this thing is not only big. It is and the it's got a big you know loving cup on top and UNESCO on dug a couple of bases of wood underneath him with a now I'm places where they have put and the names. Of the end of the various stations and win station and the Ernest Scott. And silver microphones on it and it's true or not answering suffice it to say. Bonnie maybe apple loose and struck stroke can share a cell yell this is. This is one of those days where you wish you're writing headlines. Are likely New York Daily News where they always do those great headlines today. It would be a very easy going just be struck. Out. Because hey Joseph do you guy has long enough. But Peter struck. Is no longer a government employee. FBI official Peter struck who played a lead role. In both the Russian meddling and felonious monde pantsuit email probes but became a political lightning rod. Following the revelation of anti trump text messages has been fired. That would be as and you'll via right exactly. Struck attorney. Put out all this self serving on be asked about values and client was a 21 year FBI veteran. And this is a departure from standard practice was all politically motivated. Well look it was structure known political motivations they got him fired. So tit for tat well. This decision should be deeply troubling to all Americans. Said. Eight. Eight tan. AI GA and that's a guy's name age and Goldman. Out gang. I'll tell you it's deeply troubling to all Americans and a guy who could rise to a position and Indiana. Highlights. Of the FBI bureaucracy. I could be. So politically motivated that he wouldn't number one do everything he could. To clear Hillary. When she should have been charged with several felonies. And then do I come up with a pretty fraudulent. Campaign pin number one try and I. I'm trying to harm his presidency. The president tweeting an agent Peter struck just fired from the FBI final weigh in okay. The list of bad players and the FBI and DOJ gets longer and longer. Based on the fact that struck was in charge of the witch hunt will it be dropped it is a total hoax no collusion no obstruction. I just fight back. Was a total fraud on the American public can we should be properly re done. That is the investigation into our crooked Miller. Will the FBI ever recover its once stellar reputation. So badly damaged by Komi McCabe. Peter struck and is a lover the lovely Lisa page. I don't have a horse anymore command I dumped the horse out there don't have that and other top officials now dismissed or fired. Well Lisa page quit Chile's and the good taste to quit before it did fire. So many of the great women and men and women are the FBI have been hurt by these clowns and losers. Struck removed from the special counsel probe last year. Following the discovery. That he exchanged and he trump another politically charged messages when his colleague and has a lover now we sympathetic. Truly incredible. Now will not have found more on nest and when we come right back above bus struck should go to jail for sedition. Bobbie it's a about time mother got rid of us dropped and Bobby Tim struck singer out. And that's when Bobby Brooks kept up is a stud. Yeah the guy that won me a PGA championship yesterday he's already won the US open twice in a row and now we won the PGA. This guy is the most underrated great player. But nobody ever heard of until recently. And and then again. How about the oft written off Tiger Woods and his performance yesterday. Talk about that as well and may be one of the best plays of the season and baseball. All that and more is on the way here on the Bobby Mack show on Monday. Welcome back great to have you along 320 here in the Bobby Mack show a Bob could you repeat the key word we used. I'll be happy till the keyword is. I'll lie news. July day of its all and as a nice young front country eight L I VZ. Yes Tex that 272881. If your name and had the thousand dollar bankroll contest this a final week. For the contest does as well so now make sure yen kicks in key word each and every time. That we get it. Because we do it down like. 7 AM to through 6 PM 6 PM last one that we give for the day so I give me. Doesn't chances today bitterness many times as you can't good afternoon Bonnie Mac I had an argument today when they a liberal so you can't argue the liberal because. Facts mean nothing true them. They make their decisions based on emotion on. And what the ad network news anchors at ABC CBS. And the collusion news network talent. I had an argument today with a liberal telling me if Hillary was guilty she would be in jail. Well. And in that bad that assessment is accurate. If of course the people who make the decisions about charging those. Who commit phony as acts were doing it based on the lawn now based on politics. As she would be in jail our country doesn't work that way I had to walk away within she'll talk. I. Now Bonnie is Bruce or really a number four. Are like a double number two reality of the FBI guy. After his wife. What employed. By this so fusion GPS company and then the muck raking operation. Opposition research they like to college but that's what they are there muck Rakers they dig up dirt. On candidates. In the opposition party. Bruce so are big guy is another big guy the FBI and his wife. Is working infusion GPS of people that paid. Where they have them not. Dossier. But they invented out of hold call. Now Bobby I have two words or Peter struck struck off. Daft. Now Bobby congratulations to you at the Bob adds and 1063 WORD the honored you all receiver welders where you rank and Bobby how much is radio's on raise cumulative weight I am waiting. Until August 28. Because even though radio Thon ended at 7 o'clock on Friday night people are still contributing money. And the accounting as they say goes on. So on not on this and 28 we will announce the final tally. We are anticipating that it is going to be over three million dollars. In the eleven years. That we have been conducting radio dot Bobby how can the FBI be so stupid. To review list and capped those incriminating text messages even their incompetence. Is incompetent. Well think about this firm. They were convinced before the election Hillary was going to win. Which is why they came up with these steel dossier to try and prevent. Trump from winning then to their astonishment. The American people said out the door with you guys. Then they had to race to cover their tracks and so they've doubled down on. On this business with a dossier going to the flies a court time after time month after month to keep. Trying to spy on Trump's campaign in a desperate attempt to come up with anything they can fine. And they couldn't so then you know you would thought. That they might wanna have gone back into. And he's on these incriminating text messages should disappear the way Hillary's 30000 emails disappeared. But they didn't. Which shows just how arrogant they were and and how deeply entrenched indeed say it is other never gonna see these things. Meant to worry about it. Money it's about time they got rid of struck. Catcher Bobbie you're right Colombia is hot and sticky this town of your partly why I live out here. Now Bob the breeze in Colombia doesn't blow in Sox. Hey Bob remember when trump said he might have a tape of this conversation with coney. Media went crazy to trump would change some one. And now Omer rose. Tape strobe and everybody's okay when asked. Bobbie you might not remember that when Clinton was in office it was a brouhaha. About Hillary Clinton using the CIA and FBI to gathered dossier is. On another opponents. Well remember. Who wasn't one of the guys in the Clinton administration went over the National Archives. And was trying to smuggle out some papers in his underwear Kirk led to handsome incriminating show about the clintons and Al wild weekend a lot going on including. 42 year old Tiger Woods. Fused back and all. He played an incredible. Eighteen holes of golf yesterday including the front nine. Where he hit the golf ball. All over the planet. Except in the fairway. He hit zero fairways. On the front nine. And shot two under par. He one putted nine straight holes. And shot two under on the front nine got on the back in Indiana a little bit of problem there. But the guy ended up shooting 64. Six under. That is the lowest. Score. Ever shot in a major championship this didn't win. Because Brooks kept I kept gala as a text or sale and is a stunt. He shot 66. Which was good enough for the win but. The crowd in Saint Louis a bell reef country club. I think everybody in Saint Louis was a lining the fairways to see what tiger was gonna do on Sunday. And when he sank jail long putt on eighteen. Well listen for yourself. This to pull even with Scott for second. And sixteen. Tiger. It was a pretty incredible PGA championship which is kind of they redheaded stepchild of the majors in fact it's moving to may. In next year. Two and hopefully you know trying to. A ratchet up. It's it's prospects firm getting getting some more respect meant yesterday's PGA and the only sad part about it was Brooks kept. Who played great to win. It was it was anti climatic. He is playing with Adam Scott and on eighteen. I aide knocked and on a regulation had a Birdie Putt left it to go like a foot short. And typically. You know when you're gonna win the tournament especially a major he'll let the other guy plot out. Because anything going and Japanese and you get a big chair and then you big celebration but for whatever reason. I kept I decided to tap and then. She hurts. That is diminishing the long enough today. And what you can win this stage is clear now. Olsen can net. Enjoy the fans is ventilation sure a good couple minutes. Through tournament it was so riveting all the way through it's kind of a whole hockey it's seeking. Into. It's very much night home. Com am well but you know the guy played great human he's he's won two US open series won three majors out of the last six. Not true chef. Not to show there's one other great play. Over the weekend in in sports. Bump up yet here it is our remote. Mariano a the days. He's an outfielder ran ran down a deep fly ball that was all the way back to the warning track. And then turned into ruined more than 300 feet. Too I guess the runner. Out at first. I think the adhered to gross. You know did yeah. But the finish it off with a double play. Now he threw the ball more than 300 freed from warning track all the way back to first. To catch the run on him the runner was so certain amount gonna drop for a hit he was all the way to second before a Horry on a comet. I'm. Like Superman. First baseman didn't have to stretch for left the record just get into and go out. That's. That's why they're professionals don't try this at home against 331 here on the Bobby Mack show will be right back. Welcome back great to have you along 338 now 22 before four here and he Monday Monday edition. Audi a balmy night show in on the attacks wind 71307. Money it has had a rude awakening. Even though you tell the hospital cafeteria you cannot have. Fill in the blank they may still directly into another item that has what you just told them. You cannot pass out. It's good to know though there every bit as efficient as the FBI. Al Bob what's the word allowed to show a lie. Is too low iron AL IVE seven to 81. And I can grads Bob now the WL RD has one radio station in the year. May be trade Downey will grace the airwaves and his district prop. Block. I'm Bob firing is not enough struck Komi and McCabe all need to be and jail. Also does worry. Lock her up a block. Now Bob Tiger Woods is a Barry Bonds of golf hash tag HGH no other way to explain that on a now. And I know mentally tough. Now the way he played the front nine on Sunday where he never touched you want even in the same zip code off the T. And now and then still shot two under par well. I you know Bob thank you appreciate Dan. But you know when you're having a rough day you feel more comfortable playing from the rough which makes your day better yes. Bob I can't believe Omar grosso was ever in the White House she's always been an ego maniac. Sure to cause trouble. Bob so struggle was fired Friday. And we're told it was because of the tax who disclosed it was because of that do we know that for sure. Amount abandon the bad driving report about her about Greer. Bob there are some crazy drivers are however not near the worst place I've ever lift. Now for me. I'm more stem probably is. My home Northern Virginia Washington DC. Because it it's just you you have people from all over the world. Working in the embassies there. And now. Raced just absolutely Christ and now all around in Washington last summer I was back. There is no such thing as rush hour it's rush hour 24/7. I'm Bobby do you know how we get the NFL players to stand. Does that leave PA announcer say will lead defendant please rise. Now Bob best way to argue with a liberal start off like calling yourself a name it erases the entire foundation of all their points I just say hey by the way Amazon up well. Homophobic. Whatever you you pick it racist. I said racist. And Bob if nothing else struck is burned and will no longer be able to move inter agency Covert way to create another mess. And public. Meantime also over the weekend. NFL. Exhibition games. Florida police unions react. To Miami Dolphins players boycott. After anthem protests. Sony's Sony's guys never learn. Two police unions in Florida taking a stand against a Miami Dolphins over their National Anthem protest. NFL players continue to protest during the star spangled banner Thursday night as the league began the first full week of its 118 pre season. To Miami Dolphins players decided to new all before their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Despite the controversy surrounding the action. Broward County PBA that's the police benevolent association. PGA vice president runs Irvin told the Miami Herald that the action was a slap in the face. The PBA posted on its FaceBook page. Then it is encouraging its members to call the team stricken off list and request a refund. The post stated that its members were also offered game ticket discounts. Because the other team had previously. Said a players who protest could be suspended up to four games. As along Aziz protests continue. We will protest hour attendant said the dolphins games and continue to stay away from the NFL and its products. They Palm Beach Johnny PBA released a similar statement asking its members to also request a ticket refunds. The president tweeting NFL players and a began taking a knee when they should be standing proudly for the National Anthem. Numerous players from different teams wanted to show their quote outrage in quote add something in most of them are unable to define. They make a fortune. Doing what they alone. Be happy being cool. A football game. And fans are paying so much money to watch and enjoy it is no place to protest. Most of that money goes to the players anyway find another way to protest it's down press a stand proudly for your National Anthem or be suspended. Without pay. Where is. Or something from Ted Nugent and got cut here so I'm Ted Nugent wrote me a piece. And now the last couple days. A belt the out NFL players protests. And I printed out. If you might find it right quick. Passionate. But it. Not to want somebody senator Amy my email as well I had several but does somebody else and to me and my email. And I believe. Then I'm still have that so I'll I'll find it and we got a break coming yet here this and it's called taking a knee. And was written by Ted Nugent so I'll sure that when you when we come right back here in the body match up court before four here on the Monday Monday edition. As we roll on. On the SE BA named. Radio station of the year 1063. WORG. Welcome back coming up on not ten before four here in the bombing match and by the way special guest coming up in now our number two. Right he'll Raza quality clarion project advisory board founding member of the Muslim reformer. Movement he's an international human rights activist we're gonna talk about. The things are related to. They the Muslim at immigration now problems are having in Europe and and potential problems here in America as well so that'll be coming up after fork here is that piece written by Ted Nugent. This was written in regard to the end the NFL on net there protesters there. Take a little trip to valley forge in January hold a musket ball on your fingers and imagine a piercing your flesh and breaking a Boehner tea. There won't be a doctor or trainer to assist you until after the battle so I just wager Turk. Take your cleats and socks off to get a real experience then. Take any on the beach in Normandy where man after American man stormed the beach. Even as the one in front of them was being shot to pieces. Very sees stain of the American blood. The only blockers most ad where they dead bodies in front of them riddled with bullets from enemy fire. Take candy and the sweat soaked jungles of Vietnam from case on the Saigon anywhere will do. Americans died and all of those jungles there was no playbook that told them what was next but they knew what flag they rappers. And it when they came home they were protested as well and spit on for reasons only cowards no. Take another knee in the blood drenched sands of volusia and a 110 degree heat. Where your Kevlar helmet and battle dress your number won't be print and on that and why share number is up. You'll need to stay hydrated but there won't be anybody escort Gatorade into your mouth you're on year old. There are a lot of places to take anywhere Americans have given their lives all over the world. When you use the banner under which they fought as a source for your displeasure. You dishonor the memories of those who boy head for the very freedoms you hang out. That's what the red stripes in the flag means it represents the blood of those who spilled a sealed and defending your liberty. While you're on your knee. Pray for those that came before you know not lay manicured lawn stripes and printed with numbers to announce every inch of ground take and but on nameless hills and bloodied beaches and sweltering forest and bitter cold mountains. Every inch marked by an American life lost. Serving that flag you protest. No cheerleaders no announce thirst no coach is no fans just American men and women delivering the real fight. Against those who chose to harm us. Blazing a path so you rule would have the right to take me. You haven't any inkling of what it took to get you where you are but your protest is duly noted. Not only is it disgraceful to a nation are real heroes. It serves the purpose of pointing here in gratitude. For those who chose to defend you under that banner. That will still waive all long after your Jersey is retired. You really feel the need to take any come with me to church on Sunday and will both kneel before almighty god. Will thank him for preserving this country for as long as he has will beg forgiveness for our in gratitude. For all he has provided us. We'll appealed to him for understanding. And wisdom. We'll pray for a liberty and justice for all because he is the one who provides those things but. There will be no protest. There will only be gratitude for his provision. And a plea for his continued grace and mercy. On the land of the free and the home of the brave. It goes like this. God bless America. Ted Nugent. I just a wacky guitar player Clinton them. In on the tax on Donnie may be struck can get a job as an unarmed security guard in Chicago they should have lots of openings. LA another big weekend in Chicago again this week. And mayor Rahm Emanuel you've ever hammy Shia general and a crisis go to waste boys let this one go to waste. Along the waste of human wives. I'm Bobby uncle Ted is the best out some of those protesting NFL players read is article. And pull their heads out of my you know where. Bob if we want no lock her up we need someone like Devin Nunez to replace Jeff Sessions as attorney general otherwise. And ain't gonna happen. Now I'm afraid that are probably true. And pop up. I'm Bob why doesn't the left wing media report the truth stand up for the flag to beat report. I'm Bob I'm an agreement DC has the worst traffic at least when I was there Boston. And the worst roads I can't disagree with the assertion that the upstate has a worse Shriver actually it was a great year. And that's about it was per capita. To. Sell. Bob but struck. Already has 30000 dollars and they go fund may pay X I kid you not. This goes to show how many useful idiots are are out there. People would more money than brains. And Bobby the FBI and no more than foot soldiers for Obama and Hillary. Now Bobby congratulations on the award. Radio station in the year from the South Carolina broadcasters association. Does that mean the F stayed out doors boy is get a raise no but I believe they will get a free beer or. I. And I'm I'm sure that springer. Well be a happy to hear that. Bobby did you hear about the domestic abuse allegations against Keith Ellison again we'll talk about that in the next hour speaking of Hamas launched. And a special guest. Right he'll Raza clarion project advisory board member and a founding member of the Muslim reformer. Movement you'll join me. On the other side of the news when we come back with our number two here on the a balmy night show on standby. Because a brand new keyword. Is on the way in the thousand dollar bankroll contest we'll have that for you right before. Space Joan. Honored to cash the right back.