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Monday, August 13th
Rahell Raza, Clarion Project Advisory Board member, founding member of Muslim Reformer Movement, talks Trump standing up to Iran; Protesters and anti-protesters

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Hello how are a great thing is welcome salutation Jan Monday Monday. Oh honestly feel great yeah. Along you're just in time for our numbered true if somebody bombing Mac show us a warning mighty South Carolina broadcasters association. America. Radio show in the years thank you very much. He shamed dad and it was a it was a double header for us a clean sweep. On Saturday night at the SE BA awards down in Columbia as 1063 WORD was named radio station of the year. In on the tax line Bob congratulations. On now radio station in the air I didn't get up around. And I guy on the back to their room. Seven minutes after four as we get underway and we welcome a special guest to the program in this hour she is right he'll. Roz on clarion project advisory board member. And a founding member of the Muslim reformer movement right Neil great to have you here soleil Michael. Thank you very much I think of myself I'm. Appreciate that very much Eddie you you have down like myself. I think pleased to see the way that the trumpet administration has been dealing with the mullahs in Tehran they. And Leah tyrannical. Folks over there who were in charge. You must have been pleased to see and recently as well. That the president essentially. Has that told me the move allows as far as the nuclear deal is concerned and as far as CM restrictions are concerned. It's going to be his way or the highway. Yeah I'm very pleased to see that because it was about I think I you know under the age is that the Obama administration. Do that so. So much you weight given to these. This is why it on and back at such an even the gene that compressor that only beeper and a different something that's been going on for a long time Indian connect our community jest we're not doing anything. So. The fact that these sanctions could finally placed is that I. That they are noted and you see that it is part of that is that GAAP constant. Almost and your revolution taking place yeah and like now. Let the people have said we do not want to theocracy did one we don't you want a democracy want to write. And at that make sense because as we do you get depressed that the told people believed that the entire community meant that. And I differentiate between the people actually diamond that EG as you lie yes yeah yes you know the people at the one who are suffering and happened. And gone on to what they're digging in keep on Matt Gingrich and get out. Our DLE eight and up to people. Yeah I was send a number of years ago when need so called green revolution. Began they adult then. I guess Nextel last uprising against. They enter ran ankle leadership and in Iran and sadly. The Obama administration did virtually nothing to lend any encouragement. Or support. Under the people of Iran who were out industry demonstrating then as they are now. Yes you're absolutely right that that is what is needed. You know there's really not Mike Lee we can do it clicking here in anger freedom all our western countries but. To beat on no dirt about evolution probably people right up against it didn't go until practically GMAC that is. What is happening between. They need to let them know through social media in that had any link that we can that we own and we stand with them in the court bench and Aaron after a woman and and other activist law limits right. I mean women that I invested and tortured them jailed on the street what simply uncovering the OK and 28 is just unacceptable. I you know we were. In an embargo the word of the living in the kind of threat and Judy and people should be given their freedoms and what happened I would respect a precedent. For they're less. The country and to. Absolutely well land and sadly on the move allows insist on not trying to. Dragged on the people of Iran kicking and screaming into the eleventh century. Or even further I. Guess because you know. Bad bad nine to eleven to enter he would like Elliott I looked on reform and you know development. But what they're doing it funny people back into the. I know our ages and you know women actually asked a bit of a book a minority of high in an acute. Mean update they a crack bondage even torture and you BTQ community. And and most importantly they are under the tentative them and act it's something that again is totally unacceptable because here we are. You know public address on the McLaren I think that it hit them on the ground and you have a. Added genes that are look at us a comic I did not release stated on the right finding love how much and that's why. As the as a founding member. Ms. ros of the Muslim reformer movement you have you have not gone toe to toe. With these guys there were re if you could read tell us about what happened a few years ago in Geneva at the UN Human Rights Council. Yeah I ate little or no no. I'd let credited with the Human Rights Council in Geneva and I was Beckett speaks. About something entirely different. And as mr. Pollack had just come out about the atrocities that the human rights violations he had not and they happened that I had a copy in my hand. And they. Thought I was going to speak it I'm an ambassador stirred up. And they said BA entity in the lead that lead to account number eight. Dad dad I've known human rights violations that you I'm and the majestic. The good it'd be kiddie by the United States and enjoy the ride I thing and all that. I you know you got one and a half minute there's been a deal I trashed my aunt and speech. And you know I detect even very unlikely because I'd be doing you know wanted to tell him you rely. Like I said you know dead. Under them back to that must be mistaken the good cheer in my and I am a student or. That accurately document doesn't mean the times that they can go to people who have been tortured. And you know his he'd be Georgia oh it was nothing really fit and what they're. This so interesting news that no one has been out of the opulent inside the community because I you know almost. Happening but of course on the applauded because one bad that you actually went out on my life and of course that short of the the. I would begin. I'm certain you probably went well do you do you in fact a fear that. They slowed so I may try and nine and nine and quiet you down in some fashion. Of course they're going for the I absolutely. If they could do you do it because. You know this is what they're so described. Right and oh yeah he has to be be a little mad about that didn't stop me from speaking out because we have to pick up a human rights you have to speak up a about a cut that the iPad taking place and unfortunately. The western leaders because the world the Muslim word that you don't have been so silent on the nomination house because. I'll be on it right you know I don't I don't let people. Even believe that department I mean yes and you know the they have been gone from strength the strength and they feel emboldened. That they can do whatever they want. But I'm so glad too good to see the people lighten up and they young people like him up on what the dissident Iranian. I can't you know that I live at or do I loathe to acknowledge that even though they're left it on that family and that did not. They have such a private Hendrick you know operation Kirch and Richard are you don't yes and these different kind of look back. Don't want them to have archer. Ideology that theocracy and the people of the people I think all and and data so much hope. India right things because practically put James I'm. Yeah oh absolutely yeah we we saw some changes down the road route it it's reminiscent away. To me amiss Raza of the blue cultural revolution in China. In the late sixties with a red guard and we saw all. On the Dutch society opened up a bit in the wake of that. Yeah. Absolutely and the like haven't changed at to come from more than an elbow are related to the competitive equity. Live by the universal charter that children and those countries that on those seeking a concert just say that they are living in the dark age you know they shouldn't try and say that they are there any that following human rights. Change dot com and this is what is the open with the expectation. That many of the countries and look at the daughter gave societies including Saudi Arabia. The talk has been a bit emotional when I reckon yes you know look at what they're doing in Yemen such not to say that there and got a you know it right. Picking one he blew the game against another by a big state to have to put up top and to some extent they're trying to them about change. Deanna of the demonstrations that are going on now all in streets of Tehran and elsewhere Enron. Do they have a better chance of coming to fruition tea and to actually make some some concrete changes. I believe their duel because. Without Bob what we have heard than seen. These demonstrations Bennett and which I backing. On the safety passing in the airports where Pete and I'm not a particularly educated people know that could be took me to get it right and they need to have a economic storm the Mickey. You know they see it I mean Jean has. Him and the end of congress and across. And instead of our opinions are toast and command and Jihad militia abroad and don't untethered scooped it tech would have given that they don't beat. The situation would not be so. Yeah no question clearly and and who knows how many lives might have been saved had they not been funding terrorism and that way. Guess that is actually Newark leukemia and go to parts of his invest in countries don't want that kind of you know channeling our money toward black candidate so in in it would be beneficial for the whole of work that it is seeking legal and you must. Yeah absolutely you thank you for your time and Iraq he'll Raza clarion project advisory board member and a founding member of the Muslim reformer movement. We wish as people there trying two it to get ripped. Of the other than the terrible theocracy they have over there now we wish them well and and thanks for your time today great to speak which. I'd be stupid can't get how much have a great. Thank you you to. It's it's it's curious because of that we have a tendency sometimes to kind of lump everything in the Middle East together. But the people of Iran. Our mistake or sometimes a virtuous Arabs and of course or not they're Persian culture. Seventeen after four here on the bunny match or take a quick break here and then right back with more here on the Monday Monday edition on WORD. Honored of course by the South Carolina broadcasters association. The merit award for radio show ugly year. Other analysts. I don't know I don't know why don't. Chosen appalling lack of taste but. I'll watch and I say and 24 after four here in the embodiment show in army attacks line. 71 threes are seven well bless is now it'll be taken hard. And Peter boy that would be mr. struck. Sends out a link foray 150000. Dollar go fund may page. I'm 150000. Well that's that's what happens you know when now and the bosses and Hoover building I get the message from the president meals via diner around here now. You may remember. It's a speaking unit recapping events over the weekend. The a demonstration in Washington might remember a year ago the president tell the American people there was violence on both sides. Peering out the riots in Charlottesville and of course the media. Payne in an all as. Out all right and no white supremacists. And they were the ones are causing trouble right. Those riots pitted neo Nazis marching in the city against any font and other. Progressive. Groups they're not progressive now they're they're Communist. I mean if they're not why they carrying flags and a hammer and sickle on aren't. They powder keg. Was away at and both sides committed acts of violence against each other the riots left many injured and one activists who lost her life when a white supremacist rammed his car into the crowd. Trump was attacked from the both sides come and in the wake of the violence but. Now let's let's fast forward now to the events that have transpired since then. Because they violent tactics of away after I'd been on full display. In multiple Arenas across the country riots. Death threats and targeting trump officials ice agents police officers even children. A former Bernie Sanders staffer. Opened fire on the group for Republican congressman. Practicing out for their congressional baseball game seriously wounding house majority whip Steve's release. And then yesterday afternoon on the one year anniversary of the Charlottesville riots progressives. And our guests. Black bloc thugs gathered together and together as so called anti font and as anti fascist again. To counter protest a gathering of all right or white supremacists in Washington the leftist protesters far outnumbering the white supremacist. And masked members. Of the protesters marched under the banners of peace and love trumps hated. While chanting well not paid that's what makes America great. The armed masked any file members and the chance of peace and love as seemed like contradictory. And any reporter from the daily caller asked the protesters what they would do who. Were they to meet president trump specifically. Asked if Donald Trump showed up here what would you say or do. The answers Lee reporter received stunned it. In my short time at the rally about one hour half a dozen protesters visually and you thought people. Looked in my camera and threatened to physically harm or murderer the president. Some said they wanted to quote do him like Qaddafi. A reference to the Libyan leader who is dragged into the streets beaten and murdered by his own people well in the wake of this. As I you might imagine. Some people of question today. Look your your threatening the life for the president. Shouldn't these Secret Service. I become involved and such. Daily caller now reporting multiple members of the progressive protest group. Who gathered outside the White House Sunday threatening the president with physical violence and murder. The Secret Service says they are now aware. Of the threats and are investigating. A progressive protesters. A Secret Service spokesperson. Saying the Secret Service is aware of the incident. Clarifying they cannot further comment on protective intelligence investigations. As a matter of policy. While the majority of those involved in the Sunday protest march under banners of peace. Channing a lot of not paid that's what makes America great. The protest was peppered with an artists and armed masked. Anti file members went around so lugging people indiscriminately. When asked if Donald Trump showed up here what would you say or do they answers regularly. And voluntarily. Veered to violence protesters looked into the camera. And threatened physical harm or worst murderer. Against down the president once said I would murder him for the people. Once said they wanted to doing light Qaddafi. Another said he wanted to urinate on the president and Beatty is a word. Yet another protestor. Bluntly said he would murder trump for the American people. This this gives you some idea of the kind of people that populated. Anti fop. And and what they're true intentions are these these folks are so far left. They think anybody to the right and Joseph Stalin. Is a right wing fascist and a funny out a text there just should exactly the same thing. Bob what was the name of that last bumpers on that was dirty laundry. My hand on him. Formerly the Eagles 429 here in the money Mac show take a break for the news any is back and now ready to go and a new senator I'm right back on the other side. Here on the Monday edition of the Bobby Mack show on the radio station in the year WORT. Into the Bob McLean Jan winner of the South Carolina broadcasters association merit awards as radio show of the year keep on talking with your bad self Bobby match and one is 63 WORD. Now here's Bobbie next. Thank you all think you'll great to have you along Tony three before five. I was that it was a wild weekend in AL on the way this entire amount some of the other things that happened over the weekend. And I in on the tax line 71 threes are seven Bobby these anti file thugs are nothing but punks. Where is too much soy in their system to be a threat. It's. Our center John Kerry and president would probably wipe the floor when most out. Now Bobby that would be Don Henley currently in the eagle's money come and go so much guys. I don't have time enough to keep track. And money right wing fascist as an oxy moron all fascists are left blank now not not in their opinion of course. Bob do you think the firing of Peter struck had anything to do with taking him out of the scope of the investigation. You know it's it's interesting because the the IG report the inspector general's report. As specifically said they didn't find any evidence. That all obstructs messages sin and everything actually influenced his actions. Although common sense. Would tell you if you've got a guy who is. AM central figure in an investigation into an individual that he refers to as a moron. And now and that's one of the more flattering way she described president trump pocketed do anything but influence. His actions. Not sure the folks we go Jimmy is on this afternoon he is in is like ally is the governor by the way of easily South Carolina hello Jimmie how you doing today. I mean there are delays there and you deserve. Thank you very much appreciate that Jimmy. As there's also the live nick I don't mind biggest sporting little glee but it. Of course you don't make you eat it you if I don't hear puke on the there's already a date Kate. You get approved the couldn't airports right I'm not not a green with the oh well what idiot would yield to their side. If you've been able permit more he did the crime it is incumbent mixed bag but it's signing day just one yes well you know I. Yet it is and it it is an invitation to disaster and by the way. I kudos to the DC police in this instance because they had these sandy thought people. Throw I know the usual assortment of rocks and bricks and everything else and I am. They they came. Weaponized and the DC police from what I'm given to understand. Get a pretty decent job of trying to clear the way. For the people who as you point out actually had the permanent. For their protest. Or not or if it did little. There rattle around the next day you won't birthday yet. So if he does but what do you think note I bet you didn't little wrist ever awarded it didn't help. I mean that. You don't like every aspect in. You gave everything they were at the cult is I don't. Public if all goes click it will be right there that you want it like they don't get congress doesn't pick for the both. Thank you very the wildly last bet you'll. Well and in fact many of these as statues are. Already protected by antiquity is a lost which have gone on enforced. So what why and why is it a big key my commute easier but that I think so yeah. I don't know who listed the medal which side they don't Quebec government broad that if I legal. On what they have more indeed it will look that it is legal in the eye to go to jail if they still were without of. Yep and and I think guy in the wake of the end of the DC protest yesterday I think there was one. Arrest now the last one. Ian. Either Portland or Seattle I can't remember which and then also turned violent they arrested amount. Almost three dozen Andy five demonstrators there. For their violent actions and then Leo police department posted their pictures. You know I am there mug shots. Now on their website and on their FaceBook page and and they were criticized for that I mean look if if you have Auburn already been arrested. And you have a mug shot taken. Then none that's that's part of the process pal that's the risk you run if you're gonna get out there and take part in this foolishness. I'm not back where it is not get out this day in minutes played a big deal out of this Ian Thorpe and I'm not falsely nobody think. But it now that are in the they Jaeger did you got there in other you know lay up. But yet not yet an aunt and Dick he did it. They did he did it. Give her great power of moral black people would that border. I mean if it is flat out aren't they didn't use a little Cold War you're old enough but now. Yeah out it is contributing is contributing to the divisive nest in society and look. You know you wanna talk about hypocrisy. Where the use of that word and an Eyewitness News at number I think it's. Pejorative and denigrating. Other people but you ride down the street and somebody drives past U when their windows down play and rap music. I'm sorry but you're gonna hear the N word. More than you ever heard an in your life. I just. Honestly. I'm did it well thought. Out order it. I honestly I have did the they're we're not all about what you get back there radioed up there overdid it didn't let the debate I want to the brink or it's. It's gotten they didn't let it. Well no it does not Italy and well as as I'm sure you remember Jimmy when you're in the Marine Corps everybody beside you screamed. I. That they have it end and I think that people modular and let it I don't we don't know what had happened. Years and no I don't pick it up about like this small group. That this would back it will. Would give who they are really up all of there it looked at Florida. Was there that I don't just end boards and those that yeah. No not yet you got a point you gotta point Jimmie thank you I appreciate the call in on the attacks line Bob any follow our liberal. Fascist what are we afraid at all like it is. Because of political correctness and as long as we left there went the left. You know assume the moral high ground as they love to do. That's that's what's gonna happen. Now Bobby what would happen if somebody said down with let's say Chuck Todd type and presented with a question where are we going well all this. Bashing. How do you see the country getting straightened out and what and who's gonna provide the jobs. Who's gonna work what's the structure the enemy I guarantee. You'll get nothing. Out of them. Thanks for everything you do not what you get something out of them you know what you get. Yeah court before flying here in the balmy matchup quick break here we come right back here on the bunny match show they Monday Monday edition. On WORG. Rock on brother that's what we do well. Four hours each day each afternoon here on 1063 WORT. In on the attacks line 7871307. Above battle over any font and there are so Playboy is to come down to South Carolina for a good old comedy beat down. Now money we have spared the rod and now the child is spoiled. Bob I think he modern racism ginned up thanks to Obama. Member trade on Martan just one example yeah I Naia the cops in nine Cambridge mass Massachusetts acting stupidly and the list goes on and on. Anything else on the attacks my. Money you as a resource is to do a montage of all of Obama's. Racist statements is probably out there on nine YouTube I'll against. And took the phones we go I never trump Burke joins us this afternoon wants talk about anti far as well what's up never. Ask anybody hey first first things first what was that the best and it calls from the year. Our yesterday out of news that was that was really something else without tiger's. Tiger surged. All on the front nine scrambled around and on the back. End. I mentioned. I mentioned in the first hour of the program. He was nowhere near the zip code on the golf course on the front nine he did now he didn't hit one fairway. And still shot two under par which is pretty amazing. And the guys back and the guys for certain you know it's trying to. Cannot bump and I have. In the group of guys that I play on Gulfport I've got two thirds matter probably. Pretty hard core crop has been served as and he that that you know and I got. And I've got a third that are trying to middle of the road nonpolitical all out brawl. That like Adam and I always I would pass these guys. Or I don't feel like tiger is great for the game. And it. There so well. Aren't I I try and I try and separate. The athletic performance. From mount from the character issues because I have problems with where tiger with the things that he did in the past I thought. You know it was disgraceful. On the way he ran around and ruined his marriage in and I'm sure disappointed. His children but when you separate. On the athletic skill. I'm from that and out and how giving this in his comeback. You know the old tiger. Never would've below five people in the gallery while he was playing and he's doing that now. And I think I think he's a lot more pro I think he's more mature I'm just I guess the way. After certain yeah get out of hand the issues. He's not smiling nor how the green or not as they beat Obama won two himself. Role in the alleged. He's thirty feet from the Baghdad as any corporate data out. Now now he thought he did I did was it on the back. You know when he hit a big old slice tee shot there I guess it was on. Sixteen hour some 117. Tell it right and and and you know he he had a foyer of Kemper and note any. Had a an outburst that he probably. In retrospect will regret coming in the guy's a competitor. Absolutely right absolutely accurate that. Sounds pretty amazed how far back. Yes sure. You have. Yet. Or in this group you have at that spot anti fascist right and you have fascist. I dew one up. You know the way you want to pick up our that's against the fat just wanted to get the. But that's older there and that's all that's all they're doing is claiming. They are against the fascists they themselves. Are the fascists. The ones are the ones that want to show out they wanna they wanna shut down free speech. Well I mean. I can't protest saying. Ought. In viewpoints that are extremely. People that are. Debt debt our platform our editorial. Fascist Nazis these guys carrying shields. They are guys or protest and taken down the flag in Columbia. What year to go. Where they were burning shoot. Well I never hear your phone's breaking out sun on your phone's breaking up some and have to let you go let me let me. Let me put it this way. The white nationals no. No racial superiority. Group. Is on the right side of history. Now whether it's the on the white supremacist. Or or whether it's via the BLM people because they're all professing an idea out. That one race. Is superior to another that it is a Nazi like attitude and as far as shutting down free speech. I'll look at the Ani file people the ones that show up with a brick bats they're the ones again into the battles with the police. The other people are just trying to peacefully demonstrate. But they can't duet because there assaulted by the fascists. Who claim to beat. Anti fascist. It's say it's a central tenant of communism. Mirroring. I you accuse the other side of being what you decide you yourself. Represent the of the ideas that you read that you represent. Bob anti font protests via assault. Ass doesn't texture and that's all there is still an open your eyes. Now Bonnie anti trappers and edit. Bobby everytime I hear never dropper I first scratch my head and and I ponder the complexities. Of talk about her. Gotcha. Al Bobby who decides what evil. At I think we all have made a pretty good done system for deciding what's right what's wrong what's evil and once not. And I take one look at any fine I can figure out which side they're on pretty quickly. Our number two is that gone now stand by another key word is on the way next Al along with the 5 o'clock follies. Nobody Max you know here on the radio station and a year 1063. WORD.