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Monday, August 13th
Guy steals plane Horizon Air; Omarosa recorded Trump after she was fired; Boneheads

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Hello how a greeting is welcome salutation exam Monday Monday can't trust them day. Hello miles. Great to have you all. 5 o'clock follies are under way the most heavily committed an hour of need Bobby Mack electric radio program and as always your input. Is invited encouraged and welcome here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation today to grab your phone use the angles advantage talk line number 800. 3471063. Common sense retirement planning text align number are also available for you at 71307. And my email address is very simply bomb. And 1063. WORD dot com if you missed it. Our or he just got off work at 5 o'clock and didn't hear it in the first place. The key word for this hour in the thousand dollar bankroll contests as we enter the final week. You stay all SE AL COK just text that 272881. A contest text line number. And get your name and I had for the thousand dollar bankroll contest for the shower pretty amazing weekend a lot was going on. Busy weekend for us course we wrapped up radio Thon on Friday. At raising over a quarter for a million dollars thank you again for your generosity. August 28 we'll have the final tally. On how much was raised this year and how much has been raised cumulative plea in the eleven years we've been doing radio Thon but we fully expect it'll be over the three million dollar dollar mark then on Saturday night as your debt any mention during the newscast. The South Carolina broadcasters association. Had their big awards banquet. Down in Columbia 1063 WORD. Honored as a radio station of the years I. And on the Bobby Knight showed taking the merit award as radio show of the year so thanks so much now lot going on. You've probably heard. About this guy. Out of who has an employee of the month horizon airlines such I think part of Alaska Air. The guy at work as tea as a ground agent. And took one of the airlines. Airplanes. And flew off for that. Truly incredible runway worker does same Richard Russell. Worked in Seattle. Stole a horizon airlines plane on Friday. And now sadly eventually crashes on an island he wasn't a trained pilot. But he seemed to think they knew what it was doing because he had played video games. Before you know that they have up simulators. Did you get by him and not run on your computer and it's it's just like flying the aircraft. On horizon air ground service agent Richard Russell. Barreled down the runway took off and flew the true engine turboprop above Puget Sound up Puget Sound rather. Flying out before he eventually crashed. Apparently deliberately. Airline executives said they aren't sure whether the 29 year old who was hired. By the Alaska Air group's regional arm horizon air in February of 2015. And any. Formal flight training he didn't he didn't have a pilot's license. Horizon air CEO Gary back. Set and a news conference over the weekend the grounds crew worker told air traffic control agency and played some video games here is out. Here are some of our Russell talking to weigh the ATC guy's air traffic controllers while flying. The stolen. Horizon air plane. A lot of people care about it it's gonna disappoint them it. Hit the hit that I did this. I would like to plug serves. Every autograph it. And it got broken guy. Who is I guess never really do yeah about. Seriously. There runaway just stop your right side and about a mile BC that's that's McCord field. I'll let it go out of the American that it got gigabytes let's go out there are two I would wanna do that. Got a diner out. Noted they don't have any of that stuff we're we're we're just try to find a place through the land safely. Yeah. Bring it down yet but old smoker. So you can slow downs and wins. Like a natural light on the ballot it is surge like. But that would let you get bored. I would like to forget how to get this job and out do you like over the block this look like it's. In my I can. It could pressurize up not only added. To the I have been reported so we'll look targeted that I don't know hardly here's a little bit higher yeah. Here. The Irish don't don't say that we're there to. Aren't doing our dark colored look. You don't you read. It's as that truly amazing story. Now horizon airs I mentioned a zone by Alaska Airlines and CEO bred children. At talked over the weekend about how on this Richard Russell was able to get access to a plane even know obviously he's not a pilot. His job is to be around airplanes this. He's meant to be on the security side that's what part of the fulfillment of his job responsibilities. It's pretty incredible because a guy was doing some on a pretty interesting maneuvers. When he airplane were some maneuvers that were done that we're incredible. Said Brad Tilden the Alaska Air sea no. I don't know how we achieve the experience that he had. Send commercial aircraft are complex machines and not as easy to fly as a small plane and such as the Cessna 150. The incident and see tax Seattle Tacoma international. Has exposed blind spots. In aviation security and safety yeah I would say sell. And challenges. In screening employees and addressing potential mental health problems. NTSB the National Transportation Safety Board. Is reviewing the cockpit voice recorder and the FDR the flight data recorder. Which will give us some insight into what happened how he was able to. A fire that baby up. And and just taxi out and take off he was part of a team of ground service workers whose duties included all loading and unloading baggage. Tie being the planes and towing. In fact he used a tractor. To remove the 768. Q4 hundred turboprop plane and 180 degrees so we can taxi into the runway. When an air traffic controller repeatedly asked him to identify himself. After he was airborne. The ATC folks as you heard more calm and patient. As they try to keep him away from populated areas and and incoming aircraft. One controller suggestion another nearby airport where he can attempt to land but he refused to do that. He set I played video games before and I know what I'm doing a little bit he said he knew how to put the landing gear down appeared to struggle at times. Said dad telling ATC I have no idea what all that means and fretted about his fuel supply. Declining eight Q4 hundred captain from another airline who spoke on the condition of anonymity said they maneuvers were impressive. And that even starting the plane's engines is complex. A process that includes a series of commands and getting one of them wrong with stopping engines from starting up. Pilot guy to end this thing do a back flip do you think Russell is heard saying on the recording where their traffic controllers. I he was said he was going to attempt barrel rolls. Some skills he could've gotten on the job from watching others while flight simulator software. May have helped him familiarize himself went down a plane works. I'm tutorials are also available online. And of course at tragically he ended up crashing the plane into an area. Guess unpopulated. Island. Wow you know after 9/11 you would have thought. Something like this would have been virtually impossible. Apparently not. Quarter after five here in the Bobby Mack show will warn you know one of the top officials. In the Democratic National Committee. Now could be caught up in the hash tag may two movement. Keith Ellison that is the right back. Well. They'll. By your mind L 52121. After five here in the body Mac show me Monday Monday edition. You maybe familiar with the name Keith Ellison made seven around realizing AM Muslim congressman. From from Minnesota. And he wanted to be the chairman of the DNC Tom Perez. I guess is even more of a comedy. Business and then Allison actually won that of course say and they threw him a bone and they may seem like. Coach share are sub chairmen are something around there. And now we Zagat some difficulty he also is in another political race. Keith Ellison and one of the leading candidates to be Minnesota's next attorney general. That would be good. Confronted allegations Sunday of domestic abuse from my former girlfriend. That Lou. The surfaced. Days before the election that will decide the party's nominee. Allegation that they physical abuse was caught on video. News. Was posted to FaceBook a late Saturday night by the woman signed. Four days before. Minnesota's primary election where Ellison is facing off. Against four other Democrats for the open attorney general state. Alison as a six term fifth district congressman and the perceived. Front runner in the race. In a written statement yesterday Alison denied the incident. Washington. He said he was NA a long term relationship. That ended in 26 team and he denied the allegation of abuse. I still cared deeply for her well being here out this video does not exist. Because I never behaved in this way and any characterization. Otherwise his faults. State representative Debra hill Strom. Also as a running for the democratic nomination for AG re circulate in the face proposal of course you do and. And called on Allison do and Shirley allegation. She Torre did the Saturday account from Austin Monahan. The son of Kara. Monahan Ellison's former longtime girlfriend. I Sunday afternoon the post admin shared more than 2000 times hills removes later joined by the other democratic candidates now. Fitting friend today. Match hello again. Railway. I Seamus elegant spelled differently PE PE LIK. 8 AM. Why Kelly can't. And not Tom Foley who separately called for Ellison to address the allegations. In the post Austin Monahan son who's 25. Said that in 2017 he was going through his mom's computer. When he saw fly all that included a two minute video showing Allison a physical altercation when his mother. The alleged video is not included in the FaceBook post and he has not been provided to news outlets. There are no police report sort court documents concern. Confirming the incidents. Austin Monahan said he confronted Allison might text message after he saw the video and said. I know what you did to my mama. Karen Monahan an organizer with the Sierra Club course he has. Was any relationship when Allison for years and you were seen together in many of her social media post including hiking. Together in national parks and posing with the Obama is that the White House will help us. Records show she lived in his Minneapolis home before their relationship ended. Ellison who has previously married to a different woman is divorced. In recent weeks Karen Monahan has been active on social media talking about the hash tag to meet two movement. Which encourages women to share their experiences. Of sexual harassment and assault. And she's also shown public support for hills trims campaign for attorney general there are no woman scorned. Until now she hadn't named Allison in the post but she had tagged him in many. More than 100 text and Twitter messages between Alison and Karen Monahan shared by her. And now reviewed by a news source in Minnesota show the two communicating after their break up for months. Coordinating her getting her things from his house. The tenor of the conversation at times it was friendly. Where the two acknowledging concern and care for one another and another times more combative over the terms of their break up. And the emotional pain Karen Monahan said Ellison had caused her. In one exchange Kara Monahan told Alison she plans to write about their journey. In a chapter in her book and Ellison warms are not too horrible attack on my privacy unreal. He wrote in one message. And a strange shot a may December 2017 text message sent to others Minnesota news outlet by Monahan last night. She confronts Ellison for the first time. Then a video of the video existed the alleged. Abuse. We never discussed the video Lott and I have a view trying to drag me off the bad. She wrote to Allison quoting. Abusive language he allegedly shouted out her Ellison did not respond to match that messenger others have followed. In a statement to NPR news since this Minneapolis new source. Karen Monahan said Ellison met with her the night before he filed to run for attorney general worried. She would talk about their relationship. Monahan said she didn't make any promises. She said her son coming after share her story before her was brave and courageous and he struggled to stay silent for a long time. He knew I was ready to share my story I told them to brace themselves because I would be smeared. She added I took down my FaceBook page about two days ago. I guess that in one I'm sending nasty messages to me. Jim Ellison who has Keith Ellison's ex wife came to the congressman's defense Sunday in a statement emailed to reporters. We may be divorced but we're still a family I want members and our community to know that the behavior described does not match the character of the key. I know. Then again what happened in one relationship me out of them replicated and another's now. And we'll see how mr. Ellison fares. And now this latest. I hash tag me too. Movement Bob but in on the tax line went anti Vonn doesn't realize. Is that right wingers out gun them ten to one. And we have allowed them to have their protest. They are starting to take advantage of our good nature. I'm. Now Bobby the story about the other guy that took off and now horizon airlines. Plane reminded me so much of the time. I went on September 11 1997. A frantic man called Art Bell. Said he was over area 51 and a homemade airplane. That incident also had on the same ending. Now Bob I guess veer GNU up off yourself in May as well do it with an rush and a bank. While. I'm Bob Keith Ellison its claim to beat up his ex girlfriend that show so surprising. Considering the reputation of how well. Muslims. Treat women. Bob a woman running for Ellison's congressional seat. Is a Somali bigamist. Suspected of immigration fraud who conducts our current state meetings with voters in so Motley. Not in English. Now body does not like the dims to turn on each other wonder what he oops. Well. Maybe there are stealing a page from months. Of Hillary Von pant suit. Member of the way AM. They came up with the war room to attack collar credibility and character of the young women who are attacking some lake will laid. During the bimbo eruptions. 530 here and above a Mac show any is back and ready to go and a new senator. And I'm ride back on the other side here in the 5 o'clock follies on Monday. Our colleagues and I have no idea. 53822. Before six here on AM Bobby Mack show and I SE a big story and in the demo of the latest media. Feeding frenzy is out Omar Rosa. The heck is Elmer rose. And who don't give side you don't whine about anything she has to say. Here's a story from Fox News Omar rose up manic all Newman. Appeared arable land fumed at Savannah Guthrie. Before abruptly cutting off an appearance on NBC's today show this morning. Claiming he had another interviewed again two minutes after proclaiming. Well I've got all the time in eight. She is consistent. Manager Paul Newman was on the morning show to share recording of a conversation. She says she had with president trump the day after she was fired. By White House chief of staff John Kelly. Guthrie began the interview by playing a recording and plugging manager on Newman's new book unhinged. But things quickly turned all court. Guthrie asked the former apprentice star of trump was on lying. In a tape that was played seconds earlier than Manning all Newman wanted to talk about a different topic. And started asking rhetorical questions. About why Kelly allegedly missed tree dinner. She also focused on trump saying main running a big operation at the white else. Boy that's a stunning revelation mr. did you know that it's a big operation at the White House now. I for 1 am stunned and shocked to hear that. Guthrie tried to take charge of the chance but man I don't Newman barked back. I don't get to the second part. Guthrie then attempted to host a follow up question but no more rush a shot it down which Savannah. Who is the baby in the tape. You can answer the question and then ask another question without my answer US may do you think he notes. Guthrie responded you said you're not sure. Amoroso then went off on another tangent about Kelly and just three attempted to regain control or the interview can lock on that. Asking a series of questions regarding whether or not trump why is often. And if so while winning his former ally realized. Savannah slowed down. Omer roses and I'm gonna answer your question don't worry I'm here I've got all the time you need. You don't have to ask ten questions and 12 it's okay. Over the weekend Amoroso released a different recording of Calais. Notifying her of her firing in the situation room. Amoroso said Sunday they Kelly was threatening her in the White House here's a woman who is not only eight. Making a Covert recordings. In the situation room and why else. Well apparently she claims she also recorded the president. Guthrie asked Omer rusk she was able to secretly record Kelly but she declined to answer. I bet. Instead sick she said she would leave that to people's imagination. Guthrie responded why being coy. A neurosis and I'm not being coy I'm being very clear here. While still not answering the question. I issues in the middle of another rant that had nothing to do with Guthrie's question when they today cohost the attempted to intervene. She said she heard for years that does the tape existed. And this is a one we're supposedly the president use the N word. And once I heard it for myself it was confirmed what I fear the most the Donald Trump is a con. And his men masquerading as someone is actually open to engaging which diverse communities. But when he talks that way the way you get on this tape it confirmed that he is truly a racist. Newman didn't specify when exactly the tape was from a but said that it was from Trump's time hosting the show. That would of course being showing Denon not NBC. And a spin offs through early 2015. She then described herself as being complicit. In the White House is deception. Of the American people enough on its interest in advocating for the black community it's hindsight. But I will say this to you I was complicit. What this White House deceiving this nation. They continue to deceive this nation. By now mentally decline and he is. How different noted it is story in a processed complex information yell sure Romer Russia that's why when I see the president. Go out and do these events on the road like the when he did an Ohio before the special election there. Speaking unlike. His predecessor in the overall Oval Office. Who once went to a elementary school in Northern Virginia to address the third graders and took a teleprompter or Winamp. Now when I see our president trump get up as he did in Ohio. And he was talking about. And the economy surging. American manufacturing coming back and just out of no where all of a sudden. He believed runs off a list of half a dozen companies. And details of their expansion how many more people they've hired and all the rest. Now the president now slapping back at the bit vicious but not Smart. A morose. Saying the wacky former apprentice contestant. Begged him with tears in her eyes her job for the White House but John Kelly chief of staff. Told me she was a loser. Sent everybody in the west wing hated her. He Sonoma rose's book is riddled with alliance. Says his former friend and staffer is a low life. Trump blasting the wacky former aide and says a general Kelly warned him she was a loser. She begged me for a job tears in her eyes I said okay. She was vicious but not Smart. The president treated he also defended himself for getting down in the mud which came trumps newest apostate. While I know it's not presidential. To take on all low life like go morose. I know the fake news media will be working overtime to make even wacky Elmore rose look as a legitimate. As possible. Sadly I'm I'm sure that true there was also started an obvious on this or not. And a bunch of on newspapers are now deciding to gang up and group editorializing. Against the president. Like anybody who reads newspapers like anybody makes a judgment. Based on their. Editorial. Boards. Opinions. Be right back corner before six here in the bunny match up. And I like your attitude here that probably is because I am they attack dog on the right. They bombastic. Loud mouth of the south. Nine before six here in the Obama Amax you know. And I pay money here's a gift for your ponderosa panties squawk you're welcome. Michelle you may eventually Omer rose so that Escalante a Bob struck. Got struck. By the FBI. Here's the question why did take so long. No kidding. I'm not I am sure drug use that language hearing the apprentice he was hang in with. Audience seems like now what Omer Rocha did would break all kinds of secrets access security protocols. Why entry under arrest. I'm Bobby sounds to me like James could only might be coaching. Omar row so by the way. I'm now the White House is also sang all I guess what Comoros up also managed to violate her in DA. That would be a non disclosure. Agreement. Who. How Caylee go with that today's edition on all of my own skin and. Yeah you know when you I travel around at different parts of the country is certainly wanna sampled a local cuisine and right. And guy in Delaware. It was nice San Antonio Stevens is his name is from Orlando he was and Dover Delaware. And the other day. Decided to sample the best route Delaware has to offer so naturally he went through not colonel. KFC. But unfortunately for Antonio he got there at 1115. More than an hour after an enclosed. So he did what many of us would do in this situation he pulled out a gun. And told an employee who was outside. Open a back up. When she wouldn't do Eddie tried to steal our stuff. Then wound up running away empty handed can't see eventually tracked him down he was arrested first degree robbery and resisting arrest. While. I guess I guess sometimes you know we we see the out. Millennia old type seeking their safe spaces. Maybe this is the equivalent of that in Germany. Guy in Germany called a console last Thursday. Until the meal is being chased by a wild animal he felt stall. He was under threat. So naturally they sent out a unit to help the animal was still chasing him when he got there. You would think he might have been able to handle it on his own. They does it turned out they ferocious beast he was worried about was a baby squirrel. Cops were able to catch it after it ran out of energy and slide down to take a nap. Now maybe the guy thought and had rabies or some thing and now that's why collar jobs. But it was perfectly healthy. They think it was only chasing Indy has instead become separated from its mother and thought he was its new mom. You might imagine the unmanned was not hurt by the baby squirrel squirrel is now being cared for by the animal rescue. Center. Manly men. It. Hi this is now like something a five year old might do they are trying to escape from kindergarten. Unidentified men in North Platte, Nebraska. Flipped his car early last Wednesday morning and then fled the scene. And someone picking up then called 911 but said he didn't wanna talk to the cops he even threatened to attack them if they tried to find him. Well they tracking down anyway pulled him over that's when they guy jumped out of the car picked up a fraud. That's when I said. Ligament a fraud. And tried to use it as a hostage. Don't get any closer. Other fraud gets it. You respond to commands started throwing trash at a job so they had to tase AM to get a man to cast and they don't tase me bro. It's not clear what the charge is he is facing. But they think. Drugs and alcohol may have been a factor. Oh by the way a fraud was up unhurt. And now the whole deal. Now as far as I'm concerned if you're desperate to get some silly but someone's ridiculously loud snoring is keeping you away. Well I guess then maybe it counts as an emergency police in West Midlands is Linda. Viscerally C audio for Montreal they got recently 2999. That's their equivalent of 911. British version the man called becomes his wife was snoring true allowed away. He said she sounded like gave motorbike. And even know what to do. They dispatcher told him. Simon Says this is not Dade police emergency. And you should get medical help who in real life away itself. As far as we know we can't say I did not respond to its. Emergency call. Think as his wife was snoring too loudly. And the guy won't be facing any charges were abusing the emergency system. But he probably should just for a meeting god dual class. There you go with the fact there is today's edition though and take a break for other real news here at the top of the hour when we come back on the other side. And we talked the other day about senate Democrats. Circulating plans for our government takeover of the Internet. Another effort to shut down conservative. Thought and speech. And a number of people talked about how there were some conservatives are working on their own. Version of a FaceBook. Got an update on that we'll tell you about that and more air. When we come back in the bonus hour here on Monday.