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Monday, August 13th
Blockchair; Social media code; Google tracks you; Amazing true facts

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Here we go and Herring may fourth and final hour they fabled. Bonus hour. Here on me a radio program selected by the South Carolina broadcasters association. As a America award winner for our radio show earlier. Wedged it. Here's how you judge may be part of the conversation just grabbed the phone use the angles advantage stock line number 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 713. 07. And my email addresses bomb and 1063. WORD. Dot count. Now Bobby did you see Neil Marr Rocha interview with Savannah Guthrie this morning a morose as they root and vile person. She kept saying she's being protected. For speaking out and from prosecution. What do you think is rejecting her. He. Bobbie she recorded the president. Who and what else did she record to steal. Or take pictures out. Shouldn't there be an investigation. Now one of the reasons she was fired was because she was new unauthorized. To use White House vehicles. And apparently she was taken a White House we go home every night. Just can she was entitled Jewish she deserved it you know. How many post it note and it's. Jagr around and and a soon all of pens and pencils are still in the dark. What else say in on the attack tried a Bob thousand to one Phil or woods never win again. Big Dodgers shot 64 in a major. I would say he out he's gonna win again. I don't think you'll ever won a major. Again. And again came as close as they possibly can but the field is just too deep. These guys are too young and too strong and too good. Bobby believe they're not my time life book series tells the story and a man who was killed her snoring too loudly. My fell out from bone heads in the news GL it was famous. Famous outlaw on the west. And she's somebody out there remembers that and his name is gone out of my hand right now but he. He did should demand for snorkeling. To allow me Bobbie that doll fraud hostage story was a rare but Dana. Tale. From rebounding. Out. Bob sorry couldn't resist. You cops don't come any closer. The fraud and crooks. Yeah I think alcohol or drugs may have been involved in that story as well. And Bobby I have a question this is not a criticism just curious about what percentage. Of the text messages that you receive. Our rent on the air probably I would say. 95%. It's probably am pretty close. Now we have this story alas. Week and now you may have heard me shared with you the time. When that they had lined senate Democrats. Circulating plans or government takeover of the Internet this is a story that was on zero Internet large amount now a Virginia senator Mark Warner. Was a circulating. Something entitled. Potential. Policy proposals. For regulation of social media and technology firms. As these firms FaceBook YouTube all the rest some Google all the rest are not on the Airpwn. Doing everything they can't to I keep my conservative. Viewpoint some we saw what happened. You know with went last week with a number of conservative web sites. We're. Bounced off of FaceBook. And a number of people texted me. About an effort that was under way to counteract. Now what's going on with these social media monopoly is now who want to have on their own definition of now what is hate speech. On the Internet. My name's. Aims to challenge social media monopolies with freedom and a decentralized. Network. This is a story that I was on the web today the daily call. Censoring conservative voices lawmakers are struggling. To decide how best get in the practice if at all. My means MI ND ES mines dot com. Is a fast growing free speech alternative. That emphasizes transparency and privacy. Few platforms and challenge the virtual monopolies of FaceBook Google and Twitter. And they have crushed nearly all competitors as and whatever happened to MySpace. But what makes FaceBook Google and Twitter week is where challengers see potential. The three tech companies have come under fire for their data collection and privacy and censorship policies together. They control almost everything users see on the Internet. Almost. In balancing transparency and privacy. Block chain. Aims to change the way social media operates. No major social media platform. Utilizes block change one word. Except. Mines dot count. Now blocked chain works like this an individual makes a transaction request. That request is processed. Any person to person network of computers called notes. In oh DES no woods then validates. The transaction which can be anything. A financial transaction a message of video what have you. What makes blocked chain unique. Is it's in corrupt ability. Every transaction is recorded and stored. Making fraud nearly impossible. While lawmakers struggle to decide how best to handle platforms should censor voices for their political news. Whether through regulation. Or declaring them public utilities. Millions of users are leaving them entirely. Many of them are going to minds. In her FaceBook Twitter and you job I YouTube's biggest threat mines. Dot com. He social media platform that is essentially a hybrid. Between all three companies. No other alternative. Utilizes block change the way that mine starts. In an interview with the daily caller news foundation minds CEO and co-founder bill off mine. Explained his alternative to Twitter FaceBook and you chip. YouTube of course is owned by Google. What makes mines is different is its transparency. Odd man explained. Anyone can look at how mind spun shams and see that it's not spying on accusers. The platform is a hybrid between decentralized. And centralized network. Hopman says decentralized. Networks are the future. Mine's foundational principles privacy. Transparency free speech are essential. All of our code is open source meaning anyone can look at. Some alternatives are not open sourced if you're not going to give your community the software code how can you expect him to trust it. While FaceBook and Twitter can shadow ban conservatives. Users can look at minds code and see that it doesn't. And isn't able to do that. New users are flocking to mines every day. There's coverage of FaceBook or Twitter or Google censoring conservative voices. Mine has doubled its active user base in July. And now has and over 11 point four million users. From a wide range of political beliefs including conservatives and liberals as well as nonpolitical users. Then just wanna discuss their favorite movies where the users are similar interest. Channel banning. It's one of the most dangerous things for social media out and said it's totally unsustainable. For the entire media industry. There needs to be an ethical alternative. The reality isn't FaceBook Twitter and Google are punishing certain pages and we don't know why because they won't share their coat. Minds on the other hand. Emphasizes. First Amendment principles over everything else if it's illegal in the US you can post it on mines. Application stores on the two major Smartphone operating software developers apple and Google. Removed. Another self described free speech alternative to Twitter and day out but dot AEI. Effectively ending the growth on the platform. Apple and Google remove the app from their app stores in twice sixteen and seventeen respectively. And some in the media a tactic jams creator Andrew talk about for supporting president trump. Labeling his platform A designation from the all right and neo not use this came from the left us so. You may want to check it out its mines in my hand DS dot com. By the way there was another big story today about. These. Lefty. Social media controllers and Silicon Valley Vista will make you a bit nervous as well about. Now where they're tracking you and a man how they're doing that. Will share that way you when we come ride ride back on the other side plus today's edition of amazing truth facts is also still ahead. Here in the bonus hour. Yeah. Welcome back 622 here in the a balmy Mac show in on the attacks line this evening 71307. About the on the baby squirrel. Xen now bone heads out Bobby I could have been on bone hands. While picnicking in New Jersey. A squirrel came toward us and jumped up on the picnic table. My kids are hand feeding this girl and I'm yelling at a dig getaway. As it had understood. Realizing I'm in New Jersey I began yelling at the score early in Spanish and an English. People another tables enjoyed my discovered. And Nash made when I am appearing next with my squirrel act. From iiroc. The thanks I appreciate that. Bob you limerick alert limerick a word. I'm one of the Apollo glorious live on the body Mac show Allen aren't Spartanburg. Now that Peter structure finally been fired. I would bad he's already been hired. As a CNN a Lackey. Joining raid jolt the wacky. No intelligent spore and I grenade. Require. He can't stand out yeah it does today makes it up all the time. Bobby key word again please I kid you not. The key word this kid KID 72881. Bump up. I'm Bonnie John Wesley Hardin thank you. And his name came back to me just is I went to the last break and money penny had posted it on now among white board here. John Wesley Hardin is a guy shot a man for snoring too loud and apparently from what money penny found out he shot forty different people. First snoring you well so my advice I don't Dole's doze off if I John Wesley Hardin is in their room. Bobbie this minds. Dot com in my India us sounds cool now I'm gonna check in now. Bobby did good Donny Mac thanks for your talent always a pleasure. Got shipment sent in reference to radio show in the air appreciate that. Anything else on the tax on. Nothing that catches me at all by the way one other note. About. Wacky Omer Roselle. Apparently. In 2016. And Amoroso. This I'm sure this just slipped her mind. Signed an NBA nondisclosure. Agreement. That is still in effect. Now White House aides have hammered her tell all books and it's on them and a much analyzed and are themselves modeling. Defamation of character suits. Against former us. Maybe you know like. I can mr. structure can start to go fondly page that they are legal bills. All the lawsuits. And that this year it's going to be facing holy cow. As 625 here in the above they match you know. Oh yeah I achieved before we went to the brake and almost done again distraction for pre out about it. You know of course that privacy on the Internet last privacy on the Internet now. Virtually nonexistent. Parent. Chardonnay from the Associated Press Casey going to actually do is that when they get away from political stuff. Ashley you summon right. Google wants to know where you go so badly. But they're recording your movements any you eve done it when you explicitly tell Google not to. And Associated Press investigation found that many Google services on android devices and iphones. Store your location Daytona. Even if they've used a privacy setting. That it says it will prevent Google from doing so. More now. Computer science or researchers at Princeton. Confirm these findings at the request of the AP. For the most part Google is up front about asking permission to use your location information and apple like Google Maps. Will remind you. To allow access to your location if you are using it for navigating. If you agree don't let that record here location over time. Google Maps will display that history for you in a time line that maps out your daily movements. And and an investigation. By the Associated Press found the Google saves your location history. Even if you have Paul was. Location history on your mobile device can. And I have a depiction of a map showing where Princeton privacy researcher. Go and any car traveled over several days from data saved who is Google account despite. He is turning location history. Off. Storing your minute by minute travels carries privacy risks. And has been used by police to determine the location of suspects. Such as they warrant that police in Raleigh, North Carolina served on Google last year define devices Neary murder scene. So the company will make you pause a setting called location history. Google says that will prevent the company from remembering where you bin. Google's support page on the subject states. You can turn off location history at any time with the location history off the places you go or no longer stored. And wrong. Not true. Even with the location history paused. Some Google apps automatically store. Time stamped location data. Without asking. It's possible. Although laborious. To delegate. For example. Google stores a snapshot of where you were when you merely open its maps app. Automatic daily weather updates on android phones pinpoint roughly where you are. And some surges and have nothing to do was a location like chocolate chip cookies. Or kid's science kits pinpoint your precise latitude and longitude. Accurate to the square foot. And save it to your Google account. The privacy issue affects some two billion users of devices that run Google's Android operating software. And hundreds of millions of worldwide iPhone users who rely on Google for maps or search. Storing location data in violation of a user's preference is wrong. So Jonathan Meir Princeton computer scientist former chief technologist for the federal communications commission's enforcement bureau. A researcher for Myers a lab confirmed. The Associated Press its findings on multiple. Android devices. The AP conducted its own cast on several iphones and found. I know you're stunned to hear this the same behavior. If your going to allow users to turn off something called a location history. Then all the places where you maintain. A location history should be turned off. They professors and seems like a pretty straightforward position to have. Yeah but then again I wanna know where you are and brave men out of every day. And lecture by game so they can turn around and sell it. Wow 630 year in the balmy night show and he's ready to go and a new center I'm right back with a last half of the bonus hour including. Today's edition of are amazing. True facts. Work work work work work work work work work. That's it that's what we do each and every week game Monday through Friday. From on three until seven we saw label way over a hot microphone and a computer terminal to like keep you informed and entertained. Here's the latest. The dirty war on these free press must end. Apparently that's the idea behind today and editorial writing initiative. That is enlisted scores of newspapers across America. The Boston Globe. And in after the paper the that the story on us a couple of years ago money for any of the Boston Globe and a bunch of lefties up to existing storage it. Yeah they were really a pain and listening friendly might actually get treated fairly decent. The Boston Globe has been contacting newspaper editorial boards proposing a coordinated response. To president trumps escalating. Enemy of the people rhetoric. We proposed a published an editorial on August 16. On the dangers. Of the administration's assault on the press. And I ask others to commit to publishing their own editorials on the same date. They globes said in its page not to fellow papers. The effort began a few days ago as of Saturday we have more than 100. Publication signed up. And I expect that number to grow in the coming days said Marjorie Pritchard. They globe's deputy editorial page director. In speaking to CNN. He collusion. News network. So a whole you know don't be surprised. As if as if people pay any attention to that kind of stuff anymore weight from I'd Adam I don't think they do. You know they may read about doesn't really resonate. As they say are hilly golf. Resident limerick writer Alan orange Spartanburg working overtime today Bobby Mack hears another. Limerick alert. Now the obstruction lost his job and his title. Keeping Lisa from talking is vital. My idea. He should try out in just might keep her quiet he should buy her a bit. And a bridal. Are. And now that I did you go time for today's edition all. Mom mode play. Present. I've used all day a month of August. My birthday month went right around the corner. You thought August was going to be a relief after the app really hot summer so far think again. It's bringing in a whole new summer enemy. Drunk. Angry. Wasps. We're push your show and money for any somebody's got stung by a bunch of yellow jackets in indoor air yep my father long. But he has stepped on him he was mediating in the Ellison announced that no one boy. Yeah and now they're unhappy. This is the time a year when Walsh. Go out looking for sweet fluids to drink and they usually find some rotting fermented fruit in garbage camps. Since they're tiny. Even a sip of that is enough to get them hammered. And then they fly off all drunk and anger re looking for people to sting. On the bright side this phase should only lasts a few more weeks. But until then if you see any wasps. Just know they might be drunk. And not could have bad intentions. Can you imagine you're running until when their hung over our bad enough when they're drunk let alone their hung over. Now you know Christmas isn't going to be special anymore of people we're celebrating in all Euro long self bridges. Is a department store in London bone road trip. They just put up their Christmas stuff. This this is not right more than 140 days before December joint defense. At least they showed more restraint than last year when they put up their Christmas dove for the end of July day. Sell for just say they start so early because of demand. This is when England. Is getting the most visitors from overseas. So they wanna sell on Christmas stuff and even knowing it's a totally out of sync. Director James Gunn. Recently kicked off the next guardians of the galaxy movie. Four offensive tweet she posted years ago according to a near survey it's pretty common outside. Hollywood as well. 34% of companies say they have either fired or disciplined and employee. Over something they posted on social media. And it's even more common when it comes to hiring. 70%. Of HR managers said checking people's social media is part of their hiring process. Well. Now the things that can ruin your chances of landing a job inappropriate photos or videos. 40%. Have ruled somebody out the government. Post about drinking or using drugs. 36% of use that term bounce some. Bigoted comments about race gender or religion 31%. Something besides. Drugs that suggest. Criminal behavior. 30%. Something that shows you lied about your qualifications. Oh. 27%. Don't play it safe by deleting all your accounts so. 47%. Of hiring managers said you're less likely to land an interview if they can't find deal. On line. Now some caution is required and finally in today's addition of amazing. According to some new data up the office. Has been the most binge watched show in twelve states so far this year. Thirteen reasons why is the next most popular number one in seven states. And somebody would have been streaming handled them all fifty states so far this year the office number one in twelve states. Thirteen reasons why number one in seven. Grey's Anatomy number three. That some most popular in six states super natural. In five states. Friends. A little behind the curve there in Ohio in Idaho Michigan and Oregon and Vermont. The only other shows with more than one state are whose line is it anyway in both north and South Carolina on. Brooke 199. In Maryland and Washington. And the animated series one piece in Illinois and Wisconsin. In Alabama the most they ranged show is the buzz Simpson's. In Alaska it's boy meets world in Arkansas. It's Roseanne. Make up your own joke and home. 6464. Days before seven here on Monday night show will be right back. Hong. Welcome back 6519. Before seven here in the bombing Mac show. We are talking any other name money penny in our John we are going to under Columbia. For the camps South Carolina broadcasters association awards soiree. On Saturday night she's asking me about them places. There are great places set to visit I mentioned London and Paris and I and I happen to mention in Paris. Yeah it if you don't mind no watching people urinate in the street. And nation Carter Sorrell laughed. There's a story today and I Yahoo!. Now Paris is penchant for urban here and alls has taken a new. Ecological turn because we had a we had to save the planet now. Now with. And display an eight new dry and allegedly odorless version known as the Euro trash. Monty red top two receptacle. Appears to have mainly provoked ribbing and ridicule all. And among so some local residents even rage. It's a little weird to. But if you need to go it's better than going in the street. And mets' Jonathon a tourist from New York who examined you rectangular facility with plants. Growing on top which covers a little or no privacy and those looking for roadside relief. Hey. That I mentioned this is Paris I'm. It's a little bit out in the open some people might be uncomfortable. He said as several boats packed with tourist floated past on this. Then. I I Marta. There now Andre you know Martha don't look. And these dry organic. But are filled with straw. There's a sharpness out when something the nineteenth century. Which can be easily compost it according to the French design agency. Health policy. Although thriller contraptions were installed elsewhere in Paris during the spring. There are rival on the huge suns knew we are not far from notre dom cathedral. Hazmat where they more robust response. Local resident Francois. So she was outraged by his presence describing it as a really is not going to be attractive. I like it but putting it here is a bad idea. Said Gregory. A 43. City Hall said they installed the facilities at the U request of residents. What do you think they might have spent getting requests. No precedence. To put these are. Yeah if your assumption is because Bebo or just him. How should I phrase this. Real leaving themselves wherever they happen to be at the moment. As a money pennies add. We read. The path while noting they project was still an eight trial fate as well thank goodness for that. They yearn all must be accessible by a vehicle. In order to be emptied ended change the straw. Once every three weeks. Every three weeks. And doesn't get relatively hot in no comparison. Aren't. My dream biggest criticism so far. On taking guest for the biggest criticism has. They're sexist. The you're Ashcroft says opt and they only cater to man. For reasons of privacy. Women need to be in a cabin in the. Sony aim is to free up existing toilets. For they'll. Me a company cents. Some who have observed they say they resembled the Eiffel Tower. He used some of the comments then there intrusion. They should do what the Democrats devised in San Francisco. It'll let him do all their bodily waste on the sidewalks and your assurance. That that post obviously comes from someone who is now a resident. Smells like. Paris. And now Robert. Added his comment it is France. Say no more Cinemark Cinemark industry. Rapid tempered today. Thanks so much for me in on thanks so much 40 listening each and every day we greatly appreciate it would do it all again tomorrow starting at 3 o'clock. Till then have a great Monday evening god bless. Well okay that's our show. In the words of mystical or to. And greens. Yeah. I must be going. And I must be going so long farewell. Happiness and good. I leave. Eve. I hate it. It's. Wouldn't. Yeah.