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Wednesday, August 15th
Dave Schwartz talks Element TV shutting down; Omarosa; New Mexico terrorists out of jail; Relaxatoin tips

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I. You bet it is now Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. And not every hump day at this time I'm joined my own my friend and in short he is the top dog the big cheers they bingo or not. Of freedom action network of South Carolina. And AM they keep a close watch. On what our friends in Colombia are up to an as usual Dave. They're up to no good the Wednesday about you know Syracuse or you know I you know and these things are these guys are are nothing. If not dependable. In now and consistent because they never saw. Any I'm a taxpayer handout they didn't wanna make. Whether or not on the taxpayers actually had any opportunity down the road of getting dollar one back. Will you look at this. This says this the whole element TV and I'll note green Blair is encouraged but it's it's national news and up and I think a lot of that. The liberals. And the Democrats in congress are starting to pick up on the story try to use it against the president. We even got local state politicians in the mainstream media doubts here in South Carolina. Using this TV plant. Closing. Element TV you can buy element brand TVs at Wal-Mart right to shore up. But this so. Five years ago Nikki Haley. And and company bragged about breed element DB two wins for Carolina which is about thirty minutes north of Columbia and bringing in you know they they announced that says we're gonna bring top hundred jobs and has been at this company element is gonna get seven and seven and have million dollars. Into the state into the community. And bobcats forward five years and they didn't even get come even close but after that. And now they're telling folks that did they're gone belly up they can't make it your date they have 126 employees are shorted up under the said they'd bring Brian. And that bit the mainstream media and the politicians they politician especially having a field day with it blaming the president. For the new era these on the closing the shattering of bids. Like. Even close to the real. Oh yeah because of this Tera stand and now and his policies in that in that regard by the way I had it to actually on the day. When we're trying to Iran should look into this element TV plant. Building. TV is. Pointed out. All the parts were made abroad and were shipped over here an essential way. These 500 employees that never materialized. Or given a screwdriver. And told to put these things together that's that's the extent of the M element TV. The symbol that was gone off. Well Bob the nerves got organic you all don't follow the mirror you really should yeah bit nerve dot org the nerve did a great. Insider investigative piece on all valid TV and and this plant that's closing and they found that when when when all the information that boast. They really found that the real people to blame are the legislators that state politicians. That brought element he'd be in to a state Bob. They're business model was based also political promises from legislators and politicians. And and and our political favors in congress to try to get them an exemption. From an already existing character had nothing to do with president right and it it's convenient that they're blaming him but the bottom line is the real blame is on the shoulders of these local and state politicians who brought a company here as you get with HEE business model. I shady sales pitch stay. This has made America when in fact. They're not in more than then assembled in America right into the native America. But these politicians brought this company here on the name of economic developed we hear that term all the time yeah really what it means it's taxpayers subsidize these big huge corporations. To bring in and there are crab meat plant like element TV. And and really in that five years later after all the big ribbon cutting an announcement. Here we are taxpayers are left holding the bag fifteen million dollars or later we'd put up fifty million dollar in taxpayer money into this plant. And they're gone belly up ot it's the politicians to work trying to manage and control our economy. Not the president of the United States. But they're local state politicians that caused this company that I'll wait should've never been well actually the bottom line at this story what. Element TV they're they're the only mean they were here is because they were getting our tax money ready here. Exactly and and we we've seen. These situations. Now where politicians on both sides of the aisle. Lou loved to pick. Winners and losers and they allowed to be able to stand up as they did would this live webcast. With the governor Whitman Nikki Haley when this thing was announced. You know I they they allowed to get up and not fund third chest. And and talking about how they're creating jobs. And there there are. Boosting the economy blah blah blah. And they're doing it by throwing taxpayer dollars and bed deals. Like element TV that end up going self. And and guess for you know at the end of the evening who the waiter brings the check to. All. Right that's really what could they understand and and we all of these economic development deals all these quote in Trenton deals the right politicians brag about your idol LP Nikki Haley here. Celebrating one element TV is exhibit. I'm I'm now a lot written and cutting but I don't think she's going to be at the that the unemployment Lima not that hundred. Both. Go on the day you know go on and. And I early show our previous and the way Tynan neck couldn't couldn't make to the a full length of time element TV she did for the opening now. I bet she did but it the end of the date and each time you're hearing these economic development in NS. Any time you're going about bringing recruiting company then. Bob it means ultimately that we're going to be on Hulk. For bringing that it's incentive deal that's tax money our money. It socialism yeah let me go in any other way right would be all of ourselves. It is our Bonnie contributing to these big huge policy corporation. What Bob. We nobody is saying you're on is the least the big we have the best weather in the world. We have some of the mid beautiful rain in the world Borg quit banking or door on the we don't need politician can begin aware tax money for companies to counter publish the economy or because they're a little embarrassed by the way there isn't. But what they should want to come here right not because politicians and take insure that you said. Picking and choosing which Agassi corporation's multibillion dollar estate corporation should yet. Tax Payer money to be here we don't need to incentivized. He's a big corporation in this way will we do need to do is look toward the tax rate and today everybody wants a cult near. All based on a even playing field. Not because politicians pick a special deal and I think it all encouraged by the way after reading the argument that these politicians think state legislators. What she blamed Brenda and yeah and did terror policies. But it is an absolute bearded dude it has everything to do with this company elbit TV. Really should not have been eager to begin where they were only being they were only here because the politicians guarantee them our money to be here. An end and just says and just says just as an aside. How many of these politicians that tossed. Taxpayer dollars. 22 this business as. Not incentives. For them to come to the palmetto state how many of those politicians by the way got. Donations to their campaigns. From pro companies like. Lou and not even worse because we can't really tell how they earned their money they don't disclose all their incomes or that how many of them are getting direct. Compensation from these companies coming we don't know we can't tell because they will shell and the law all that well. The course law all the big right. Right they protect themselves fortunately all that and they become lobbyists legislators as many of them are in Columbia. But you know the other part of this which was rich too in in this expense day. Why is the fact that asks Gant and CE NG. Santee Cooper by the way that thing to call me that we're partnered up on that. New owner to box old America in Fairfield County in the right nuclear power plant date that wet but it never got built the hole on the ground at that many folks are saying billions of dark colors for it and yeah. They want they also looking into the deal and they offered 100000 dollars each and senate to bring element TV here. Bob batted commonplace. In any incentive deal indeed in its antique helper the taxpayer and utility. And cannot equity NG and duke. Is well. We'll under the table and with their own cash and Tenet Bob yes and 84 that of course. It electricity ratepayers journey paper that are built. These companies are charity they don't give that money away for nothing. The third and they're putting these in tandem deals simply give. I am not anti Cooper they're putting our money I'll break your money. On it to sweeten the pot of these different corporation to come to near and South Carolina. Mr. debacle Bob. It is an absolute nightmare this is why economic development is like taxpayer incentives never work. Were always the ones left holding the bag when politicians. State politicians try to manage an economy. By bringing out and warring need the state multibillion dollar corporation succumb to South Carolina and our money on the ever work out what all we've left holding the bag. Well and sadly you and then the reason why they are so. Pardon the expression in sent a biased to do list is because they do it with OPM. The world they are simple and other people's money and that and the other cable are you wouldn't eat. And the taxpayers of South Carolina but they just they continue to do it. Note this does it again this proposal watch apple because this is going to be a national merit if you can even see BMW. By the way out barber they're trying the same tactic. A BMW by the way would not be here without taxpayer incentives correct okay bed shaking here and with a whole host of property tax incentives you know direct taxpayer cash want so visit inherited that they're all trying to Gerald mopped. Is that I'll blame it on the president blame it on the chair blame it on trumped right but in reality what's happening here is. They're managed economy is scaling. And they want us to believe that it's all presidential Altman reality that the creation of their own making Bob these local and state politicians. Continue to do that stood until we take control of the situation. What we can expect the same result it's going to be epic failure for a lot more than just old team. Yep send a true. Well and it did earlier this year the kinds of things. That freedom action network and and our friends at the nerve. Actually Lander is another great reporter for the nerve Rick Brown drew a report on all time. But but it doesn't happen in a vacuum. You can keep up with the wind everything these guys are doing it won't be that long they'll be back again to deal with the budget. In not Columbia keep up with what they're joined by keeping up with fan of SC. Absolutely you can check out FaceBook FaceBook dot com org slash aunt Betsy went coast every single day. About what's going on Columbia Bob what's going on behind the scenes. And then of course you can keep output are called to action just text the word terrain DR AI ended been drained the swamp in Columbia. Drained 252886. Text the word drain to the number 52886. And keep without cue ball the ball mark all the action and keep on the bus everyday don't they. Yen as a as a taxpayer sand done and now last Cumberland manager Dave in the words of our captain Jack Sparrow. And I you can all trust a dishonest people to be dishonest. Just like you can always trust. No good politicians. To me up to no good and you bet that you very much a story thank you Dave always great to talked via. And now I'll see you back here next week. You met nineteen after four here in the Bobby Mack she'll be right back. Rock on brother aunts what we do over four hours each day Monday through Friday. Between now three and seven now rock on Gaby you informed and entertained along the way as well 425 here on AM bombing Mac show in on the text line. About a gauger repeat the key word police yeah we have not done that yet in this hour it is map. What do you need a map. 72881. Is the end number detection a keyword to map. Get your name in the hat for the thousand dollar bankroll a keyword for this hour. Bobby South Carolina is dealing from a position of strength. We should stop offering incentives for businesses to come and stop telling more people to come quality of life has no prides. On the bottom line is that our government at every level has sold us out all of them need to hear the words you'll via hang out. Bob so strip 10 floor in Greer. Will be offering plastic straws. Could they take down the oversized pinup some walls while their asset. And you can ask them ever stance. Now Bob AIME says I'm a little disturbed by a restaurant the band's single use plastic straws. I wonder how many times they use the other ones carrying out. It. Now Bob May when we get rid of straws only criminals will have straws that's funny I don't care New York. Bobby after hearing it constantly International Space Station that might have been appropriate. To play bone heads in the news for whoever approved that project. I'm Bob the inter web thingy just rumors and conjecture. Does anyone know what in the world ever happened to the 1970s. Chain. Hit dog eatery no Wiener king. They were the best hot dogs ever. No clue. Bobby loved the straw spoof. Bobby all of these diseases is making a comeback and a measles and 21 saint. As well as gun violence domestic terrorism are from those darn mennonite it's everybody knows that. The most media. Bob's latest say do you think the schools would tell illegal immigrants not to mention their kids to school and lesser vaccinated. I don't believe that. I don't believe they don't add. I'll ask our legal citizens another embassy here move along exactly right now than to say here. Bobby did you say weasels or measles. And selling radio doubt comment. Dashed. I'm and I think they catches me up and gives me an opportunity to go the phones to talk to and John. Who is in nine Greeneville thing get lined one to connect there we go I John welcome to the show. And by we just got up I eighty silent have a wonderful day contract in Greenbelt tell Bob he did enough. Read my only complaint about BMW and all these other companies were by 6000 employees now. What bothers me about this giving away at our yep but he can't get any idea. Credible process debate. I get half a billion dollars in salary it comes every. Single year just agreed bill area. Tribes BMW. I don't know what the taxes I admire at all at the billion. Whereas I guess 208. Million but. Gloria now. I know a lot regain trump what. Let's get an impression that actionable Intel whose straight what about you reached the money that they're spending in the Muni. Greg OEM business which pretty much everywhere I knew were shot opens up the new pressure and a alt. What about the art is art house or her roots. I gotta tell you these people complaining don't have colon who they're talking about well now. There's there's another aspect to it just something like BMW as well and that is that I I remember reading initially as a so long ago as like a decade ago. Then there were more. Just in time providers. For BMW the people that make the parts that go into you know the various estimate for the vehicle. There were no word just in time providers. Within fifty miles of Greenville, South Carolina then there were within fifty miles of Detroit now that's it that's some pretty much a sea change. Well outdoors have auditor you know the GE. Odd that we got or just single at best and it's not jealous history Torre all by Rebecca. I'll call but I would go to YouTube or Akira Greenbelt yup it is. Now I will argue this is without a doubt one of the nice little Debbie laboratory eight leaders excuse my daughter that I can't there's. New York. In my rear view mirror and I'm not with a sack that I hear I like. You know it's. It's very night stressed out. We ought to know we have got ordered a high is tax system Mozilla in the tragic yes and our other states Alabama portion us a bit yup they're beginning and I mean rather lives. Anywhere have been other than Alabama but that's some story but I'm. That's why they are Russia and we gotta be careful here but as. We could bring Nikolay is sent to reduce shot in the arm like I cannot imagine and so. You know we we did not get yet Porsche plans to of the Volkswagen plant knowing and it knew we didn't and and but my point is that yet they can't oldest ally Droid here mr. import it's huge what I wish Nikki Haley so much I can't tell you. Jewish fabulous and I don't know mr. governor. There regardless of what we gave him is gonna get them into. In the green built up area but everybody loves green goes upstate everybody does so. And and and under and no wonder it's one of the best places in American lists thank you John I appreciate the call for 31 here in the money manager and he's ready to go and under center I'm right back on the other side here on me all day. Edition on WORG. A home. Welcome back for 481 day before five here on the amount a Mac show and on my tax line Bobby winner king. Is that right wing talk show code for something's not saved. Flags signed Freddie. And you file. Slash BLM's slash ASPCA. Slash MI six slash SBR slash GRU. That's a bunch of initial. Afternoon bombing Mac just got the tax notice my 87 Dodge Dakota. And fourteen dollars and 25 dollar road maintenance fee 49 dollars to DMV. San. Bobby I'm bringing a limited. 177. Million. States. Fund surplus legislators are squirming in their seats on how to spend it. How about senator that doesn't taxpayer it would buy four million state residents. A tank of gas. After. Al Bobby straws are first sucker. So I would leave my opinion as well Bobby hang on a strip club with no plastic straws. And you have and I'm thinking there's funny a plastic not to mention silicone enough to fill up a football field. Nobody would even notice those straws. Now one more note on now a morose zone before we abandoned her for the day. By the way Omer rushes off the front pages Drudge fox. Probably still up probably still banners down on CNN. BS NBC. Abby trouble White House. Is not the first to be unsatisfied. With the work performance. Of overall Osama. The former senior trump staffer who already released secretly recorded conversation she had with the president. And chief of staff John Kelly. Despite your complaints being treated poorly. In May trump White House during her tenure. As one of the highest paid staffers there former numerous. Staffers. For former. VP Al Gore remember Al Gore. Told a New York Times last year. Amoroso was a terrible employee for the then vice president. During her days on Trump's program on NBC the oppressed People Magazine reported as far back as 2004. That she held Ford jobs within two years when she worked for me Clinton. Administration. And 24 years of age she scored an entry level 25000. Dollar pre your post replying to invitations. For the veep. According to the times she left a mound of thirteen months' work of unanswered correspondence. A drastic gore. Below her desk. Knock each thirteen months were little muscles measures there. People Magazine reported a former staffers said she didn't do our job and got everybody in trouble. Mary Margaret overby Gore's former office administrator. Told the times she was a worst hire we ever made it. A morose and was then moved to the Clinton White House and the Democrats say they don't fire somebody. When they screw up all over the place we've thirteen months worth of unanswered correspondence. In a in a box underneath your desk. She was moved in the Clinton White House to the position of deputy associate director of presidential personnel. How'd she do there well she'll lasted eight months. Until again she was transferred out of the White House altogether. And sent over to the Commerce Department. Cheryl shavers who served as he department's undersecretary for technology. Describe go morose and the times as unqualified. And disruptive. So she quote had her removed. Scioscia took three jobs or four maybe before they finally got ran over. Sabres also told People Magazine in 20041. Woman wanted to slaughter. Probably should have additional ale more Rosa reportedly embellished her job titles. Her tasks and work performance on her resume. In different jobs and sources repeatedly disputed in the times her claims including Jay Howard University spokesman. Who said she was in fact a facilitator. And present her. And never a professor. At how. Good way to get fired. More than wants. Under more than one and frustration. Very consistent now. Quarter before five here in the balmy night show will be right back. Welcome back great to have you along for 52 and before five here in the above they match up hope day edition. I saw this story yesterday and again it was one of those against a white down and they tsunami. Of my car stories on here. But I got one out when I first saw what this judge. Had done out of New Mexico. My initial reaction was that he out. And was actually it was a worsen that. Here's the deal he had a missing child. A dead body found on a compound. Eleven starving kids a police warning about a training camp. But training kids to be school shooters. A raving maniac. Of the Islamic fanatic persuasion and somehow. None of that is quite good enough to hold in jail the creep. Behind that utterly disturbing picture in jail bird for trial you elect a guy out on bail all. All metaphor it. Is in solitary confinement for decades old crime share but this guy sir rod issue while hall Irish and always bloodiest. General wet out to go about their business. Daily caller discovered a New Mexico State judge ruled Monday. That five alleged Muslim extremists accused of training children to conduct school shootings. Do not have to remain in jail. While they await trial. For child abuse. Judge Sarah back guest released the five defendants on 820000 dollar. Signature bond this according to the local paper. The Albuquerque journal that means a defendant will not have to pay money unless they violate the conditions of their relates. Okay. So let's go over this again we got a murder case. We have an extreme multiple child neglect case we have a likely kidnapping. We have made terror connected. We have a creepy survivalist compound we have terrorism. We have an insane. Diabolical plot to train children. To out perform school shootings and none of that. Not even one little element is good enough to keep others accused criminal in jail. What. The article says the judge thought they prosecutors did not quite make their case. And never mind about those emaciated kids apparently the terrorism accusation. Just went in one they are now the other. When the judge convinced that anti Islam sentiment is a greater threat to the US. Then the deeds and intentions of actual. Bona fide terrorist. Apparently she thinks a war on terror ended a long time ago or more alike way. As she really really wanted to get trump. You couple this with the U reluctance of the press to so much is report on the case. Any possibility that some kind of corruption. May be at work here it seems a cell wall Haj character seems to be connected to windows are sure. Who certainly has political clout and we get a strange brand of justice. That isn't exactly what an ordinary American would get if accused of similar charges. This is this is actually the first I've heard of such charges even individual A not leading. To a denial of bail. They old courses only and are free this dog. Two again up to more harm and if he does anymore harm. Then though the blood is going to be on the hands of this irresponsible. West wing. And judge Sarah Backus. May the details in this case are horrified. This guy is is the son. Al bum one of the yet you moms that was involved enough in the first down bombing. On the World Trade Center with a blind Sheikh. Truly incredible. He is the son of a Brooklyn teen mom. Also named Sarah Marshall while harsh. Named by prosecutors as an unindicted co conspirator. In the 1993 World Trade Center bomb. This according to the New York Post the elder awash. Who heads a mosque there. Al was a character witness and character witness. In a trial for Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman a blind Sheikh he was convicted in 1995. Applauding. Terror attacks in the US and now here's this kid. That's your New Mexico. Yeah I EI a and another judge. Doesn't see any reason to hold that individual. In. In jail now I just know what amount I'm sure you've. Holy cow. Well let's all relax showing because at today is national. Relaxation today and that help you celebrate. We've put together some of our top. Relaxation. Tips. That's better. Closure on. I think pleasant lofts. Like the fact that only Russa soon be out of the news draft. Try gardening. Mean you don't have to learn gardening anyway once I used to torture lawn guy. Stripped naked. Sit with your legs crossed and com. And there's even even doesn't relax you the expression of the faces on everybody else on the bus we'll be perhaps. Spend some time with your dog. And no time went snoop deal. Don't watch the news. Watch something that invites. Substantially less stress. You know all like. Ball flight. And when all else fails. Turn on. C span or war. He and PR. Hope these relaxation tips help you to relax this Wednesday so just take a chill pill. I don't have a count. Throw him. Happy. Relaxation. See you back with the bonus hour coming up next here on the bombing and I'd show on Wednesday.