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Friday, August 18th

Removing monuments; Racism; Boneheads


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Aaron. Alice we act kick off the bonus hour here on a final workday of the week. They TJ I application of AM about me Mac show. Only gonna get money penny the other. The non vocal. Version of the Muppets they care that we used to kick off this hour. You guys and say damn money and I'll I'll I'll put them an inner filed by the way here we go getting underway with the bonus hour for Friday. Call it. We're here at the began its word on the town in Spartanburg powered by our friends at US auto. Bunch of folks have been coming through it says it's supper time here at the beacon. And it it's been a great day for all of us out here terrorists started off this morning of course from six until ten. And then that's totally with you are doing his show from ten until noon and here I am putting a cork in the bottle wrapping things up. In the final hour of our word on the town broadcast here at the world famous beacon drive them by the way. As Steve from the beacon one ME remind you they got a special event coming up September 17. Market down on your calendar beach music fans and car fans they're gonna have the beach bash that'll be September 17. That is not a Sunday I believe starting at two in the afternoon. They're gonna have a band I think atop the band that Tom Crabtree from channel seven fronts is enemy plan there. It's a fund raiser in their also gonna have a car shows he'll be a great event Sunday September 17 state was also tell me here at the beacon. That they got a bunch of onions and gets piled up beside me here. In those big bags he was telling me that they go through 260000. Pounds of onions in a year. Here at the make an idea here at the beacon that is. About it 100 no well hundred plus. Tons of onions and they are all good in on the tax line Bobby Mack great show today happy birthday brother comment. Only at the beacon springer who. Mister McLean if in 1951. When they 22 amendment was ratified. Then a limited the president to two terms if congress had included themselves in that same. Amendment. This country would not be in the shape it is politically I would agree what that but they knew that all too well. Bobby at the moon is in front of the sun in the mid afternoon where what would be at night. How often is there no moon in the night sky will have to refer that question to Greg. Over the planetarium. Somebody sent me attractions at Homeland Security. Just put our fans and I think they're referring to. And chief on the terrorist watch list and says look it up. Don't know about that what we can do it and see. Bob I support blu lives matter but I am perplexed when the police stand by and do nothing. While anti thought he beats up to World War II match trying to go to work from Bradley. As Zion ranch said when confronted by a contradiction. One of your premises. Is wrong. Bob aren't the police supposed to protect and serve these people come and attack demonstrators. Who have permits and nothing happens to that. Unfortunately they answered a civilian authority and if these civilian authority as a bunch of activists the leftist progressives. They can hold the police back and that's why we end up with a violence we've seen so many of these places Baltimore Charlottesville and arrest. Bobbing Nancy Pelosi said trump must purge. All the rest of the white supremacist. In his administration a gesture ordered on fox what. I thought down. She'd already gone off the deep end wrong again thanks to run. To the phones we go let's bring in pat. Who is in union hello pat and welcome to the odds are good as it is that race it's next money thing. OK while much is enough that is there unite union high Patton welcome to the Bobby Mack show. Thank you about the I've got one point eight get just people don't want them to Gettysburg. Put it right it will be put in place that I would definitely go back to block it because they're out is that Brett really represent. It. You know where it's it's interesting because in the wake of all of this stuff going on. People had people on the left should raise the question well what about all the monuments in Gettysburg is a word about a hundred album out there I think. All 8 o'clock. Exactly. Well the National Park Service is already spoken out on this and said nothing is going to happen. On the eve monuments of this hallowed ground at Gettysburg everything that here will remain as they should be. But they added if you want to help represent the south because. I remember right it was only one power and in fact just put up there. I don't think any other state misrepresented. That that mean that may be right now I'm trying to remember if it is then. I think the last half hour to get as nervous when I was working in Washington channel seven. And now and that was 1981 or 82 it was during the Reagan era and and I I can't specifically or cone now that you may be right. Yeah. Diet and you're going to be up there and accessibility. Out holocaust museum. Yeah shot you yes I have in Washington DC yes absolutely it will. It beat you you come out of Kazan I've been of that when and you come out of that changed for the experience. Oh yeah. Yes that's about it I don't know. Yeah I appreciate the cult that Kobe have a great weekend thanks for being here. Let's go to my stomping grounds of Taylor's and bring in ray who is next up here on the mound matchup irate how you doing. Probably am doing good and happy. Bulk of his birthday. Thank you can can you believe that this old body. As of tomorrow will have made seven anyone complete revolutions around the sun. It. Networks and what and they say that this please what problems that we know you have. A look like they said it wouldn't last. They were right or wrong again right there. Anyway yeah exactly yeah yeah. Yeah. Where in the world or Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson. Fair. Where the usual suspects. Is a well obviously. This strike. I guess because there's there's a little or no money. To be made in this class action if they're if they can find a way to take this action is and recycle them. Where they can they I'll turn a profit than it. And then then you'll probably see him suddenly show up on the same night as it is there's there's no profit making motive a lot for. They continually answer that question at you so let me just say that yes somewhat Obama's. If they show up with a knife wherein god he did sing. CC you know he says do little. Small minded gun toting Bible bumpers that's all right. Bitterly clinging to their guns and religion not only was he exact phrase or so Laura never heard trumps anything close. Now it is but it won't take my in the Greg tipped his way acceptable. Relatively free it's. But in fact we freed when and the slaves it that we had actually belong to to his wife. To her family. They were freed substantially before Gramm supporter when it did but yeah but I don't confuse him with facts here today to. You trigger. Yeah oh absolutely. I'll tell you. My pleasure thank you Sara appreciate you come off. It's truly incredible to see the way the media twists. The words of the president. Out and now lives about what he said. President trump never said anything about drawing moral equivalency. Between neo Nazis. And the people who showed up to demonstrate against the removal of the statue of Robert you leave that it it's merely more evidence. That this is a well well planned and well organized attempt to destroy. The trump presidency with us coordinated attack of media. The pointy heads in the ivory towers of academia. Whose jobs of course are protected. The Hollywood leftists the cultural Marxist. The anti. Demonstrators the Occupy Wall Street all the rest. Of these radical leftists who show up looking for trouble. And and sadly. You know if this stuff continue this. They're gonna get trouble and and it's it's. What was the name of that movie there will be blocked. I hate to see in this country but if they keep pushing and pushing. Eventually we're gonna reach a tipping point here and it's gonna get really ugly and we'll all be elected a live through. Sixteen after six here on the body Mac show. Word on the town today in Spartanburg to the world famous beacon powered by our friends at US auto be right back. I guess that's me. Even in my declining years feeling stronger. Every day. Chicago in the background. And just the other day I got a letter from Arnold Schwarzenegger will will that later on the agenda. Mr. money penny and now on when he does help me I guess the envelope open 21 after six or in the body matches speaking out half a little landing back in the news center. She had sent me a message earlier ass in me please mention. Happy days the musical. Which opens tonight as the easily foothills Playhouse. The show directed and choreographed by our own. And you robards won any bond that someone with mr. money penny here on the mound tonight show this show will run for three. Weekends so that stuff lion iChat and especially here happy days man. You'll like this where the eclipse coming up on Monday a quick guide on how to take photos with your Smartphone. If you're hoping to take some pictures of it with your phone number one you'll need to have a solar filter. To take pictures during the eclipse need to cover the winds of your phone it's the camera went either race over filter or you or eclipse glasses. Regular sunglasses of course will not work. Only take the filter off if you were in the path of totality when the sun is completely covered that careful doing that as well. I used to be is a tripod to make sure the phone is stable minimizing small movements that you know which you were holding it. Hand held take some pictures of stuff around. If you don't have a solar filter records glasses or tripod distinct picture of the stuff going on around you gearing eclipsed. Like apps and other people within up in the sky course don't want Japan starent too long. You should practice in advance take some photos just after sunset. To get an idea of what the white levels will be like. During the eclipse and last but not least keep your expectations in check because I mean c'mon. Let's be real cameras on phones were meant for things like sell things so don't expect amazing eclipse photos from your Smartphone although some money. That's a photographic expert may be able to come up with some that will be impressive. To the phones we go here in the Bobby Mack show that you in my list of where congress are. There it is let's go to Clinton and begin with Robert hi Robert and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. All Bob Friday let me do you spoke to one where it. Okay. And if we're there we're radios. Care stinky colonial. When Helena lottery out pulpit area. Radio station and often it. I like it. How I kill anyone I wonder what Joseph Blanton but all the great clip that you won't be clear why are people they don't. And why you know. Slightly. The calling manner or are you going. No actually I will be at the F fabulous the world famous. 1063 WL RD Entercom information and entertainment complex. We're all gonna go out in the parking lot and market them. Bellamy a third. You know there is like there is the first thing you're doing. You would be better only worse if you all are going key player both here. And welcome to buck the present day and you need to be don't route. And completely naked. And then label you respect that. At well we will be that much closer to planet X being on the roof right. Exactly and you beat third I have eight adult bear creek and we still like the whole the gratitude you. Remember Yale brilliant. Then I I can't actually cut contemplating going to the roof but then I thought. You know the possibility exists that we might be mistaken. Either for bigfoot. Or the lizard man and he shot as a result. Only if you re like just don't report the oil I like that what we could trigger that would really bored but well yeah. But it doesn't work actually with the especially when that Stephen King movie down you know. Absolutely well anyway I called off red Blackberry other plant. Something got to follow up we've. We will watch football that corporate yep and there is a lot of parents who are going to be they'll sort. Grandparent who we hear. Oh in college campuses all out brawl the night that's true they called importantly. They're in college. But they don't eight years and prevention. World. This book that the quote pulling follow brought it anyway. You know I'm I'm reminded Robert years ago Steve Allen. Did radio program in Los Angeles on a 50000 watt radio station and had a studio audience and one of the guys in the studio audience. Said that Steve I'm promote San Francisco. Do they do they get your show up there and then and she said they can hear it but they don't get it. Exactly bottoming out you know why that's the company. Why you write the vacant I certificate but we can't look or I'll. Eight point eight. Absolutely don't Persian art. Eugene Robert have a great weekend I appreciate that golf. 27 to sixty on the bombing matchup speaking of the beacon that toward Jeff and tailors who wanted to talk about college GAAP. I'll tell you what part grew up over there and say these are not put it. 200000 miles a model and billable slightly ride round up parking lot we can produce that what they say up to it sounds so weak right to debate in Princeton parking lot of the Atlanta cruised through media and that is that debacle spoke about the deal is going to be at a Buddhist pillars needed. Now as the loans they can't you know what would you leave it. You revert to you can if you apparently a pretty compatible with the itself in the slow instruments. You will load that in the coming home it's a great fuel great big. Jimmy go down that reminds me a cruise and Fella just dump five from the Friday night cruisers there have been a cruise and here tonight. At the vacant from a six until Chan it's already under way. Now all kinds of cars are welcome so Kamal Miami cruise and here tonight at the break. As. It. You betcha Jeff thanks a lot appreciate all of the have a great weekend quickly and on the tax line 71307. Just had a she's not she's. Oh sorry just had a chili cheese appointee while listening to some stimulating talk thanks Bonnie Mac from went and Beverly thank you appreciate that kids. Hi Bob in the spirit of being politically correct why hasn't any group confronted the creators of Pokemon. When you get right down June catching Pokemon imprisoning them. Trading and fighting them is that not a form of slavery and you wonder where our kids get these horrible ideas. Bombing all this talk about dumb monuments and slavery has me thinking I've concluded where all slaves to the wealth Barrick last. Think about that when we pay our taxes work hard millions on welfare are depending on you. Bob I didn't get a chance to list the Chara events that did trade down a drop in today from Randy in Hickory campers know. AWOL. 29 after six here in the Bobby Mack show. Call it where at the beacon it's WORG. On the town in Spartanburg. It's powered by our friends at US on up and he's ready to go in the newsroom and I'm right back on the other side. Hey closet so dark yet. Where the sun goes at the end of the world. Yes and honor the great American eclipse coming up on Monday some Bill Withers in the background for an. As gets down 63624. Record seven here on the body matchup in on the tax line coming TO lion as word on the town. I'm broadcast from the world famous beacon and Spartanburg receding. Rapid enough here in the last half of the bonus hour Bobbie it's always been really difficult to get a southern monument on the Gettysburg battlefield. Bob tearing down statutes of Robert Healy do eradicate racism. Is equivalent to tearing down statues of Ronald McDonald to eradicate obesity. Happy birthday wishes body for a month Patrick the news got back in the news center thank you can appreciate that. Think that catches me up so let me get back to the phones let's go to Woodruff and now welcome in Stephanie hello staff welcomed the Bobby Mack show. I. All right hey. Pat them burst. Emily I was. Things that aren't I I thought. That Ed and wrap up day so. They're a well congratulations and 90 yeah yeah you sound substantially more useful than myself. I'm glad you're Arab or can't do. What you gotta give me a putting lesson in so I can make a few of them. That hasn't. I can't aren't there thanking. You know written that we are all right. If you're getting history. Literally you know lack of course they are. We cannot let this site I just. It's a funny isn't it funny how they always give. I'll mirror in major labels to what they do and look at North Korea. That they they call their government the people's democratic Republican. North course there's the there's nothing democratic about out of and yes button at the I'm pat. Yeah exactly and it's it's amazing and now these and chief of people. It it's nothing but the residue of Occupy Wall Street and all these other left wing groups and they call them I want the fact that killed themselves and keep on anti fascist. They're the ones who are the fascist fascism is a problem to the left. Exactly. I tell you what I every morning and. I look at my bad I mean can it ain't thought of world war period there really good corps of engineers. I was getting that I got respect he has got a big bank rolling and it is great yep don't you know I'm glad that he did not overlap with. Well and it's a very simple equation when you stop and think about it I mean all these people in these far left movements. They mobilized. And become something different every time. They see an opportunity. To use it for their own benefit to advance their agenda all the liberals and the mainstream media rally around them and support them and provide cover. For all their extremist actions even when they turn violent. And it doesn't make any sense not to say what Donald Trump got it right home but yup it is close. I'm excited each. Well it's going to be interesting with Steve van and leaving today to see you know what happens I'm a little concerned about the influence of a guy like HR McMaster. We had national security director because. I think guy he is he has more from the big tent Republican Party than he has. A true believer in the trump agenda so we'll see what happens. Well I thank them from what I understand his Mormon Democrat and do the Republicans so yep could well the community and the. So I can't wait we Bert thank enjoy it I'm gonna enjoy mind. Excellent and I went up. I hope you have a great. Birthday to Stephanie thanks a lot for the golf. 640 now Tony before seven here on the Bobby Knight show before we wrap things up on Friday. It is time for on this evening's edition of both hands in the news or as the singers like to say. It's news. As these singers like the saying. Well things are not in the thing. Nor did I just didn't hear okay that. So let's begin here family in Virginia came home one day last week and found yeah. Blood. Spilled all over there house. They figured somebody had broken in and tried to rob the place. Turned out. There watchdog. Was a real watch golf here's the owners. You see anything wrong nothing nothing a friend or we noticed something and when we walked in when I walked in with my mother. And there's blood spots. On the ground we looked upstairs to UC. Trails of blood from coming upstairs who all went downstairs. My dog is pretty big guarded the Lars enormous effort. They indicated that he the coach that knows him. They they gnome as big dog though. They community loves and the kids come up problem wanna touch and play with. I think the dog did his job he knew that someone would not have to be in my house and we we know what's home. He knows that. That he wasn't supposed to be in there and he was doing from and I was supposed to be doing. In Philly new cash. Well I would say the the burglar also looks very familiar with the dog that was tryst in murder and the homeowner and an owner of the dog. The pictures from this in what might come from an episode of CSI. Or whatever the dog bit it blends a lot. He probably needed some serious medical attention. I imagine he scratch that house office lists or potential burglaries in the future. Maybe held me up early morning stress that comes with kids going back to school caught up with this mom. And she felt like she needed what was it The Rolling Stones thing about mother's little helper needed a little help getting through the day. 39 year old Christina Chester was in her car waiting in the pick up line to get her kid from the Lexington middle school. In Fort Myers, Florida. Tuesday afternoon. And while she was there she thought it would be a real good idea to do a quick line of cocaine at. On her iPhone. A school security guard happened to see it happen confronted her and found half a gram of cocaine in her purse. And I guess the other half of her nose and she was arrested for drug possession have a nice day. You know what's this guy is out of the hospital and then jail I'm sure is gonna appreciate the irony in this. 57 year old Steven to win it maybe that should be DeWitt with us from app to those California. Driving drunk on the highway Wednesday morning when he lost control what is being hit goal and hit a sign. His car went up an indictment. Flipped over and landed upside down. Oh by the way the sign he hit sand report drunk drivers. Called 911. And he's in the hospital once he recovers he'll be facing DUI charges. At very down all of that is the Friday. Evening edition. My own hands in the news. 64414. Before 7 o'clock here in the balmy Mac show in on my tax line 71307. Bob I wonder if they're gonna attack the statue of Andy Griffith and OP in mount airy after all it is in North Carolina. Bob happy birthday nobody I hope you make it around the sun and many more times through jet lag yeah. I just got off work out a how much you do a bonus bonus hour so I can get over to Spartanburg and meet you before you head out I am buying. That's AM enticing offer but at the end of the week at the end of the bonus hour. Adios a make else. Quarter of 47 here in the Bobby Mack you know it has been fun being here all day with word on the town in Spartanburg from the world famous big get. And not all of it brought to you by our friends at US ought to be right back on the other side. And I really am curious I'm I'm anxious to see how many people we do. Get here and in the upstate for the great American eclipse on Monday. I've I've seen estimates that we're gonna have as many as half a million more people. Commander and I know that for months. You have enabled get a hotel room. Anywhere in the upstate or for miles around. All the people don't wanna see the clips and other parts of the country where it's not going to be available to on. Are planning on coming here so. If you're if you're driving around on Monday especially around mid day. I'll forward through the the area of totality. About 230 in the afternoon. Probably be a wise idea to I do whatever you need to get done. Early in the day and if you're planning on going out to lunch. You may want to make that a little bit earlier than usual as well because I have a feeling we're going to be inundated here on on on Monday. Talking about the media and their complicity. Here in in attacking approach at everything that pres. And and trump says whether it's right wrong or indifferent. How about this. CNN. Yesterday. Posted a map. On their website showing the location of about 15100 confederate monuments or official symbols all across America. Aren't these guys. Essentially. Inciting violence. By doing this I mean you know. There's little doubt that this is gonna serve as a hit list for these frenzied. And chief. Workers world party members and and all the others on the left seeking the removal and destruction. Of these statues in city after city. CNN reporting roughly 15100 confederate symbol still exist on public land. More than a 150 years after the conclusion of the civil war excellent point. During that 150 year period. All these statues didn't offend anybody. And now all of a sudden. We all got down our underwear all in or not. 718. The confederate symbols are monuments and statues. The outlet embedded a map from this other big leftist group the Southern Poverty Law Center. Their map of the US complete with green blue and red dots to signify the locations. Of the confederate symbols green dots showing schools with confederate name sakes. The blue dots showing court houses that have confederate monuments and statues. And the red dot showing parks trails monuments municipalities holidays buildings and flags. That are maintain some moron. I'm trying to remember who. Was it was an elected official somewhere but it was an elected official or somebody on the left. Actually suggested in the last few days. That. The the monuments to all the presidents of mount Rushmore. Because of course includes the Washington and Jefferson. Mount Rushmore should be dynamite. She eats. Such is Nutting is the then the guy running for governor in Atlanta who suggested that. They should now read carved stone mountain hurts otherwise. Do away when that it's absolutely ridiculous but I mean this is the way. Some of these people. Essentially are contributing. To it inciting violence or certainly encouraging it when Nate when Nate. Publish. This kind of stuff. On their web site. 653. Here on the bunny match you know it got about a minute or so remaining on the quickly. Steve I can catch up with a text line 71307. Bob why don't the police on Mastny and cheaper attack squads and show their faces. Yeah and once their faces a revealed how little they put him and mug shots. Bob I meant to wishing a happy birthday when I came by earlier and check your am and I didn't sorry. Happy birthday Bob from believe that is quite all right I I get one every year. If we hadn't been at least I hope I do as long as I do. So far so good. OKMR 71 year old happy birthday be safe buckle up and god bless kind of a thank you appreciate that sir. Happy birthday old buddy I hope you make it around the sun many more times am I hope for saying. Pop up. What else do I need to catch up with here. Text line. Think I may. Just about be caught up. Yep believe I did. Got to wrap things up for us today. It's been great being here doing word on the town. Powered by a French and US auto Bennett the deacon here all day long. And I have really enjoyed it spent a lot of fun to see all our friends in Spartanburg. We get to do that too infrequently. They're such motor wrap it up have a great weekend see among god bless.