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Monday, August 20th
Clapper on Brennon; Security clearance

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To hear that a kind of double clutched when it started and now has ordered. Hello holiday greetings welcome salutation Monday Monday can't trust that day alone on Syria. Getting under way where they most heavily commuted hour of the bombing Mac show the 5 o'clock following news. Oh yeah. And as always your input is invited encouraged and welcome here's value join me NBA part of the conversation. It's grab your phone using eight Ingles advantage talk line number 800. 3471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. And my email address and skimming as Bob. At Dell 1063. WORG dot com in on the tax fine Bobby how could still. You unceremoniously. Cut off never dropper just funny US preparing to land based trump. No Mulligan for you. That was my mouth like. X and a replay were you and I hit a bad shot dead in a note. Enjoy Bill Clinton played his entire around all Ellington count I was interfered with the Bobby Mac guy respect deal RE SPI CT. For sharing the alternative site for Google and bing. I'm when I typed typed India and its duck duck go. Now but when I typed it and came across a website dedicated to my career. And titled yuk yuk go. And I have been there done that. I'm Bob they have had a terrible. Can't trust that Monday great to be with you on the way he'll appreciate that most salient now. Brighten it up for yet a bit. Bump up. Sir Bobby Mack previous tax year was trying to say your way of thinking. Is as his way of thinking that the generation nowadays have no collapse was edit okay thanks. Now Bobby dissension email on the steel golf clubs article on none. American thinker thank you now unchecked and a. Bobby helped me find my Haig Haig ultra. Pitching wedge Ismail we saw on. Hey go all true pitching wedge. Bobbie I used duck duck go on my phone as well. I'm Bobby all those Hank Haney and butch Harmon's ain't worth a blank. Rally other away a donut. Down but when you've seen. And as many people as I have he would golf balls. With. Although there are little different dinosaurs the prozac out. Now. And as Tiger Woods' swing the golf clubs same wage Jim Furyk. Hardly. Now it's so whenever we're trio. Okay how the president is about dead represent twittering today he's tweeting. President trump again putting pressure on technology companies that would be the loony lefties and Silicon Valley. Telling Reuters. In an interview published today that it's very dangerous. When social platforms like Twitter and FaceBook self regulate contents. Yuck. Wasn't assigned him line the other day was a Twitter now admits are left leaning. Thank you for that stunning admission. Or what are amyloid did you know that money to any Twitter is a left a winning. Stunning. Major social media companies have for months been responding to claims that they censor conservatives. Claim it's. How about evidence. Now the president last month called Twitter discriminatory. And accusing company of shadow banning. Prominent Republicans by. You wanna put up something about how wonderful is ominous. And now how it's a religion of peace hey no problem dealt post a way. You wanna post something about the knife attacks in now London. And not so much. The president's latest comments come just two weeks after big tech company suspended or banned. Conservative radio host Alex Jones for violating community policies why does this remind me of that old. A story. You know the begins first they came for Alex Jones. FaceBook was among the earliest to remove a post might be info wars post. After apple took down several what is podcast Twitter but as a waiter to act but ultimately suspended Jones for a week. Knuckles on the rare and a ruler on the knuckles. Both Twitter and FaceBook or private companies giving them no legal standing to ban accounts. And they say violate their guidelines or or terms of service and that's that's perfectly true they are. And as a consumer. Of these kind of social media stuff it's my decision do or not here's a on the radio station does. None may. Representatives of the companies and appeared before congress several times in the last year to BS congressman. About banning conservative knowing it national that's a representatives of the companies and appeared before congress several times in the last year to address claims. Of censoring conservative Twitter has repeatedly said it doesn't shadow man. And FaceBook says it doesn't moderate contents. Based on political beliefs. Yeah right they don't mind their algorithms I guess and the ones who are responsible Ryan. You know. The company's been ramping up content moderation and hiring more human. Fact checkers were they find them some notes dot com. Take a look at some time the story behind snowed stock account it was this couple out in Silicon Valley in a couple of lefties. And now they're fact checking essentially. You know was. Liberal based anything that was conservative they've been declared was untrue. And then beg the husband of this do low. Divorced. The wife. And ran off with a stripper or no former porno actress out former porno actress and that ex wife. And they ex hubby got into a fight over who own personal hopes and it. So yeah there's certainly a reliable fact checker. FaceBook and Twitter were both used by foreign actors who sought to play a political divisions around social issues. Well I don't understand people being upset that that's the job other Democrat party. Not FaceBook and Twitter they're the ones you play a political divisions around social issues. FaceBook sent last month it detected similar interference. Ahead of the November mid term elections. And Twitter announced they purged of abusive adults. Or two months. Out bright parts. American thinker. Daily caller. Washington times Washington examiner. New York Times Washington Post are you afraid it now. And just keep up publishing your garbage. Truly incredible. Bobbie good afternoon how are you might have covered this already but I don't get on a work until five. There was an article written today about a pet a filing Greenville. Who is planning on a project thing a girl for sex slave and wrote about cannibalism. Now when the judge putting on parole who is this thank you haven't seen that. I'm Bonnie RE AS PI CT sounds to me like gay Latino. Dog whistle or. Or an Al Sharpton show on BS NBC. Wow we're talking about female canines. You know what they say about pay back it's a real. Well you I'm sure you know the word don't think you know so in the words. Oh my late friend or read the Franken in shells some RE ESP I CT. Now home. She even spelled it out for you and the song buddy. How much LP and US. Quarter after five here in the body measure I don't know which is stupid or that or Stevie Wonder. Saying that to a global warming caused Aretha Franklin's cancer. Which he dead. Where they. Come up with a stuff. Sixteen out of line be right back. You go girl. 52 when he won here at me about rematch a bumper to bumper on AM manic Monday. So what are you know the the Intel boy is the spooks are start may have trouble in paradise is. And are becoming somewhat critical. Of each other do I detect a crevice. Appearing in now there. Wall of trump hatred. Him. Former Director of National Intelligence James clapper. You remember him clap on clap off. Concerned. That John Brennan's criticism of the president went too far. While house so he then went when he said that the president committed treason. When he said that day he had proof. The dead trump colluded with a rush were set Branyan others a special prosecutor. Who's looking into this John. Maybe a get out your Muslim prayer rug why Naji and I got down there and talked to Mueller about he got evidence let's see it. Has it been Goler Jennifer. Morton a year and a half and got zero zip zilch nada not in the. Britain's rhetoric is becoming an issue rule. As a the president renews calls for Mahler to investigate. And since Sunday he thinks former CIA director John Brennan. And has. Gone too far Jon and his rhetoric can become an issue in and of itself. Clap per cent on the collusion news networks state of the union. John is some hole like a freight train and he's gonna say what's on his mind. Clippers comments came wrist in response to a not bad. Can divide Brendan knee and New York Times is this week and which he wrote. That. The the president. And Dan went in his actions were treasonous clapper said he empathize with Brennan I'm jury does. Since he was in with Brendan and call me and dollar rest of them. From the swamp. But voiced concerns for Brennan's fiery rhetoric. Toward trump and his administration I think that the common denominator among all of us in the intelligence community. There's an oxymoron intelligence community that have been speaking up. Is genuine concern about the jeopardy and threats to our institutions. How about the threat to the American people win these institutions are weaponized. Against they presidential candidate and have an opposition party. Mr. clapper how about that. Brennan's claims drew criticism from some. In the Intel community said the timing was suspect. Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr Republican North Carolina. On Thursday took aim at Brennan for purporting to know as fact. That they trump campaign colluded with a a foreign power. Rally. Don't we already know. There was a presidential campaign that colluded with a foreign power. Then hired a foreign national a former MI six intelligence agent to create a bogus. Dossier. Went all kinds of we're different. Tales about Donald Trump. Yeah there was collusion with a foreign power. It was from Hillary Clinton's campaign. And collusion money FBI and collision went down the CIA. This statement is based on intelligence he seems since leaving office. It constitutes an intelligence breach. If he has some other personal knowledge no more evidence of collusion. It should be disclosed to these special counsel not the New York Times. Senator Burris sent. Brad and that the other president has a full authority. To rescind security clearance if these statements were purely political and based on conjecture. The president and of course revoked Brennan security clearance last week. Saying that his lying and recent conduct characterized by increasingly frenzied commentary. Is wholly inconsistent. When access to the nation's most closely held secrets and facilities the very aim of our adversaries. To so so. Division and chaos. Now more than sixty former Intel officials on Friday denounced. Trump's decision. Stating that ex intelligence officers should have the right to express their opinions on national security matters without punishment. There is no punishment. Is Brendan going to jail. Is on Brendan being hauled before a grand jury. And his first amendment rights to us spew is vitriol all been limited in any way to know. The only thing has been limited is is access. To skiff. Knowledge. Secure compartmentalized. Information. Clapper this week also criticized the trap administration for its decision joining more than a dozen high ranking officials assign a letter censuring the president. It add to the phones we know bill can't tell Wyman Blake is next up here on the Monday edition I'm bill and welcome to the shell. Body how you're doing so far so good. Made till you're forty days still retire wow but who's counting right aired out and out. You bet and it's and it's funny because Jerry. Our chief and engineering. As also is just back their joking when and there's not a big calendar up on his wall and he's taxing out the days he's retiring at mid September but now. Well I'm I'm sick gate and I have so. Yeah I'm past it but I home part of the company and I'm. Lipper award they. Most of well sixteen are now you're just a tent. They don't want to what do you what do you what do you do and given up this early when you're just to camp. Well very good about a three year differs Barry and our member crew are now about three and a half yeah you're right and I turned 72 yesterday right. You're good man Charlie Brown how important question yes or. Bar and do. Their. Employees. Of the federal. Stay. Banning city. Government it thing. Need to retain. Top sinker security clearance that's an excellent core arm got dismissed understand what he's saying no no I don't get it there out of government to donate. Exactly and and and that's a great question mill and answer is well the money goes they they answer comes in three parts money. Mean one influence being another and power. Being the third when you have. A top level security clearance. As a Brennan has. Now he can he can go in and see any thing. On no matter what they the top level of classification maybe he can go in and sing it. And as a result he makes himself more valuable. Two places Hawaii can be collusion news network. Which is hired him as saying yeah. Expert commentator. People. Will look to somebody like that who has inside information. As a candidate. Offer their board. And and it's it's just a matter of the deep level of influence that you have when you have access to that kind of information so these people essentially are using at. For their own personal gain and personal grand does not. So there is bad lie. And not coach Bobby in the past are. Abdel sitting Danica and some states were 37 years now so that's why. After you believe. The marriage. Best lockyer XY are still have an all your password doll. Your mind. Yeah that's an interesting analogy but you know our metaphor whichever it is but I yell then I tried responding as one of those things announced. Yet have that ever happened to the young Malia when you walk past door and turn in your April. You know eluding you lose all. Your limit bits and education I don't understand why. Yeah because. They've been able to do it is why. You know these these guys sell themselves to all of us think tanks. Now all these. Foundations. And Iran and the reason that they bring them honest because they have inside information that could be useful during their business. Why doesn't government stop but today they walk gotten turn into pink slip and excellent question you're not doubt. Lol well because the foxes guarding the hen house and when they you legislate or urged. I'll leave their position as a congressman or senator. Other and they go to work for all lobbying firm or for one of these think tanks so they'd be cutting off their nose to spite their face they'd be essentially they'd be. Back killing the goose that laid the golden egg for them somewhere down the row. All I honestly felt Bobby Alice lives than it. That act could not understand. You know why they're. Clear it was not why the war and when they last got the right now you're you're well block everything else and we gave that our federal government doesn't make you sign. Absolutely right and and it's not stupidity it's just they don't want shouldn't now. But they were retaining these top secret secret security clearances and using them up for their own personal game. And I was one does nobody know about it it was a lot. You're you're the barest. You're the best sports in the up state and our. Venture slaves you're the closest thing we've got to Rush Limbaugh but it I'm very proud of what you do you're coming at the bottom are. Very very kind bill and if I don't I appreciate the kind words and if I don't Archie again. Between now on when you're charm. I think he's gone Astro it in any event bill enjoy your retirement and just forget as a retired. Doesn't mean no I had to go away from Michelle. 532 here on the Bobby Knight show and he's Rex annexed in the senate and I'm right back on the other side here on Monday. And pretty good guitar work. Or left hander. Playing in right handing guitar upside down. I'm told that. Oh win now pieces of the movie Woodstock. I came on Jermaine or just plain announced that down thing was Eric Clapton and maybe a Peter Townsend from The Who a couple of those guys. I went to see the movie theaters sock Hendrickson. Came out moot if you don't agree Jennings and well. And now what do we do now 54119. Before six here and AM balmy match up. Bobby would you leave active duty you retain your clearance for two years I guess that's because you can be recalled. And that makes perfect sense but anyway Nelson should be taken when their key and their badge as they exit the building Nigeria. At Tim is on next up and is enough Spartanburg rush talked about security clearances as well hi Jim and welcome to the program. Take Nike Bauer Matt happy belated Burt thanks thank you appreciate. Yeah I'll go talk about the US security clearance and the way they do this in the game and that in giving you security clearance. Is it more about bidding process that you have the ability. To be trucked to deceive the top secret you still can't get going through everything's off about how eager clear I need to build a single document. You have to have any real reason to do it. In and out more or less time in regardless when they took this desolate problem. Are basically. Very top secret clearance person there are times of alcohol civilian jobs. They bet if you got through that process Maggie can be a contract your bat should the government right I don't want to call 4200000. Dollar go to the vetting process. Inside about doing this he no longer have any of those jobs which is what he really dumb to mess. In him away yet you did the punishment should have been but you should not be doing that is that correct at all he would use his alma. Yes I I thank god yeah he had the leaders and media access side Senator Biden understand that he just not run around grab a bottle went well. With me which one exception because he is cleared for everything. As a former DCI. Night any of these gift items and everything is compartmentalized as I'm sure you know. Tim and it and for those people who may have seen the movie thirteen hours. In Ben Ghazi Al there was a room. That the agency contractors went into that had those initials on the door and CI a and that is insecure. Compartmentalized. Information. Facility because each individual. Project or all they may be working. Is in its own compartment and and not everybody is cleared for all of those compartments. Right he would be cleared for release still haven't need to be that it be anxious to get. I'm glad that you and the government of scrub is we believed. We could just you know do it because via the Pittsburgh Bob model he should not let and he did not. Well whatever you're doing an amendment. Yep I'm great thank you Jim I appreciate other call GoDaddy here today sir 544 Romania quickly and bill. And now lake lower on Monday hi bill and welcome to the Monday Monday edition. Cleared by Obama older than may have been quite a. Thank you appreciate dancer set any true color revolutions around the sun. There are really good and I guess solemn and it is now they said it never happened. Relative I've got a mark on the announcement this trouble and I'll go only in cheek yeah. You know or you know mama grandma grew emotional as he. Cared you actually genocide at there at that or you go to school yet and went a little. And then. And I'll. On the blues were numbered 200 mile start. Tomorrow. That was into the uncharted nominee or exactly yeah. Olympian held poker or contractor and honestly I'm sure this goes sought by a all the street will of the beside the woman who post them just walked out for us right. In Australia I was Volvo on a golf where they got on meet the terms and I've got got to eat while. That the agencies that don't do while we're at who you're not particularly those shrimp with the you home my marriage now we're on the mission will poke around me that exactly correct yeah. Who first totally closed. There's you want to learn more about it. And yet I hear is Hillary with her private server. Which obviously has. Not classified information on it what that emails that was in there. I had the name of an Iranian nuclear scientist who is cooperating with us. And giving us inside data about what exactly they were up to there and say Iran. And and win that information. What's hacked. And I guess what happened that Iranian scientist GM he was rewarded with a bullet man. Arnold out of entrepreneurs raise improve or these clearances and absolutely word no and on to this but I I don't understand all that long but still control it I just don't get a. You you and me both other than now the of the width and depth of the swamp and and the people are willing to protector. You're. A bailout appreciate your service and now thanks very much of the gulf from up their beautiful. Lake Leuer. Here is it all. Back. Take care bill I appreciate down the color. By 46 of where we're wondering about daddy OGA comment that's other government agency 54614. Before six here in the balmy match I'll be right back. This too funny I got a a picture. In my email today from my Fox Mulder. As guy he's I'm guessing he's an army captain is enough fatigues he's in a camera so when it's our job I can't see his own unit designation Hank. And eight in the first victory stand there holding us a little puppy. In on in in one arm. Expenditure. This honor of it's a golden did or what for these gigantic. And he's old and both arms. And just. It's like what are you feeding that thank. As 552 here in the valley metro to the phones Leo Tracy. Is another big truck in. In Arizona hi Tracy and welcome to the Bobby Mack shell. Hey good afternoon regards. There are still don't get out there yes Sarah and I just wanted to call and then not. I only count for a couple of days to do this load and I listen on radio app all the time. And I literally did not found out that. Everybody in South Carolina apparently is not bad ass hell yeah. It's. And they drive crazy rich we own it yet but you know people really need to slow down there but they're all out yeah spelled text and drive for goodness sakes please stop doing that. Man that is so yeah that is so bad. Yeah and not. Congratulations on the award that you got recently. And Dallas pastor minor major none on the radio dot com that like Jeremy Irons as good as. I have not that was unfair view. Oh it's not well we're about to get some new pictures taken. So I guess that's what they're doing they're waiting for the new ones and we're going next week for new pictures. Now local bowl. Anyway it sounds like (%expletive) you know I don't ERS space state then he don't don't dirty dragged out text and drive. And not pleased I'll be home like more days. When he got here lined up but I'm. Well Clark. Will go to work on a Tracey and I'm sure that day in will be a sparkling clear by the time you got here is clearest or mountain spring water. The president I'd let you back good to hear from me in Arizona today and and be safe driving out to. I can't rate is next up we crossed the border and to North Carolina Henry is in Henderson milk hi Henry and welcome to the program. Hello our country yes sir. I saw this year to quote so they you'd think. Are they don't they studied a lot but that was earlier. Show color sector that. Page report that oil at least dealt sharpened them have to worry how best site green. We'll boot. You out. I guess so we'll let her be out grilling now I there's there's no worry with brain freeze there right. It. Or earlier are now at its off the wall but I get it ally did you know. I heard that before and the other what's the video left side of I do have some guy had never heard of that stock ended Tucker Carlson and he said we live they only delivered the only country in history or even the people put a big country don't want to leave. Yeah I mean stop and think about it for a century thought out how true how absolutely true and and we live in the country. Where people who support. Illegals who have not come to this country Avaya in violation tomorrow las. Those people are dreamers. And the people who want to enforce the laws that exist to secure our borders. Are racist xenophile ups. Yeah I'm. How we arrived at this point is a mind not. Dad had like an off button in the running for a listener of the year also. Absolutely yep yep you're here your your name is a map. I. Well corporate scandals and Henry that's that's above my pay grade and it's also about my security clearance Cha. It. It. Didn't do any good to hear from your remind North Carolina and other Miami Herald. And these guys wonder why newspapers. Magistrates. Declining. Like that Titanic. Miami Herald on Sunday endorsed the candidacy of bud team not Rondo and again is ideally have around. She is running as a Republican and more a Florida house seat for the now Florida's 27 congressional district. So she's she's a candidate for congress. The newspaper called very strong candidate in the race with plausible. Conservative ideas. Today. She claims to who communicated with aliens throughout her life and says extraterrestrials. Once. Visited her. Well not so bad job my vote. AFLAC. And look at this hour it's on the way next including. Now both amazing true facts and bowed heads in the news Iran backed.