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Thursday, August 9th
2018 GHS Childrem's Hospital Radiothon

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Things welcome salutation and low Haas this is bet. This is the day that we have been waiting for four well right about a year day number one of the 2018. Edition. Here in the bombing Mac show for the Children's Hospital radio Thon this is this is one of the high water marks. Of us for the year. Because we have so much fun for one thing and and because. Thanks to you were able to do so much good movie Kellan yeah all about what we will be yeah. Shopping for and and down. Trying to contribute to the welfare. Of the children patients hospitals the doctors and the nurses through the course of the preceding our first of all let me give me the phone number to use to become a miracle maker. And help us help. The kids here and GHS Children's Hospital the numbers told free of course it's 1877719. 5437. Has our skies well. Phone line. You cannot call that number to become a miracle maker. Now by that we mean you'll agree to give us a contribution of fifteen dollars a month which is only fifty cents today or whatever. One time donation. You feel is a suitable for your situation and doesn't matter we've had. Donations on the way from one dollar. Two I think the very first hear the radio we had a donation a one time donation of 50000 dollars as well. You don't have to attribute the entire 50000 but they look and we get 50000 people we do it even a dollar at a time. It all adds up 8777195437. Or you can also make a donation by texting. GH NS which of course is a short for Greenville hospital system. I GA just to 5155. Fine. Okay text GA chest at 51555. Or all. Toll free 8777195437. It's amazing. How time lies. It seems like just yesterday when we were doing the very first radio Thon and is growing exponentially. Until we have reached this year it is our view eleventh. Annual radio Thon and our goal this year is to end up going over three million dollars in total donations. And now I have. Confidence that will be able to get there. You know when will we we begin radio on it it always. Gives me pause to think about what it is we're doing here and it's it's not about me. It's not about the radio station. It it really that the whole purpose of the four hours of today's broadcast in the four hours of we'll do tomorrow. On Friday. Is all about you. Because of the generosity. The you know the warm hearts. And the outreach. That people here in the upstate and hand in support of radio Thon over the years that's why. This year we are approaching the three million dollar mark. Of course all goes every penny that you give stays right here in the upstate and goes to benefit this hospital. The doctors the nurses the patients and most importantly to children. They don't wanna be here their parents would certainly prefer that they not be here they would much rather have them home and healthy and happy with them. But the fact remains. There are children that to do. Events come into their lives that require the treatment of Children's Hospital. And and this is where you come because there are are so many things in the budgetary process. In in something as big as a hospital and infected Kellan at the the next couple minutes here greeting jockey with a guy. Who is in overall charge of overseeing all the operations. At a Children's Hospital doctor George and daddies can join me just a couple of minutes. But. In in the process. Of coordinating everything that happens in the budgetary process which has done a dry. There are things that typically. Are left out. There are things that. We. You know as parents of the champions I would consider necessities. And yet now when year when you're trying to float it in a budget proposal or you're trying to arrive and get it. To pass Muster with an insurance program. You know own point dealing with insurance companies and the like and a lot of times they will reject things to say well that's not a medical necessity. While there are things that may not be a medical necessity and we'll talk about a number of them over the course of today and tomorrow. But they are certainly necessities as far as the parents are concerned and as far as the children are concerned. There are many medical devices and the leader and the insurance company matches now where we're not into us sign off on. Things that are for the convenience of the parents because you can imagine how stressful the situation maybe if you've ever had. Your child be in the hospital you know just how stressful it is. And the parents obviously wanna be as close to their their youngsters as they can while they're in the hospital. That's why they have things like the extra beds that are in the rooms for the parents of they can be right there with them. Directly in touch without. Again the number is 8777195437. Let me mention we we try and set a benchmark. Each hour. Here in the program we we try and now and set a target and and try and reach it and I have every confidence that we hear help will be able to do that between now and 4 o'clock. We are looking for thirty miracle makers and this hour is a special hour because it's what we refer to as a power power. We get to sponsors. Who agree to match dollar for dollar. Every dollar that you contribute. During this power hour and this hour it's our friends and Greenhill pharmacy. Very generous folks and they have agreed to match dollar for dollar every book that we raise between now and 4 o'clock this afternoon. So that's why we want you to become a miracle maker between now and 4 o'clock. Because when you do. I agreed to give us fifteen dollars a month. Or whatever your one time donation may be whether it's a dollar or 50000. Greenhill pharmacy is going to be matching. Your contribution dollar for dollar so essentially. Where were double and our money and doubling our fun. Again as I mentioned every dollar that is raised in radio on stays local and is used to help local kids. And during this hour hour. Went all the monies are matched by Greenhill pharmacy this is a great opportunity for you to essentially double the the contribution. That you make. Here's a toll free number again it's 18777195437. Or you can make a contribution by texting. GHS. 251555. And every dollar that you contribute goes to all of the them miraculous things that happened here Children's Hospital we have an opportunity. Earlier this week to come out on Monday and do a tour of a Children's Hospital I had done one. Maybe four or five years ago. But it is never it never hurts to refresh your memory. And now to see all of the young faces. That are here in children's hospital and and to meet some of the parents and have them tell you their first hand stories. Of of how Children's Hospital has helped their child through whatever medical struggle it is they may have. There's some there's some amazing stories and in fact as we do each year during radio Thon. We have. That we put some of them together and a musical montage is so we can share with you some of the stories of these parents when we come right back. I'm going to be talking to a doctor Jorge had dead. Who is the big she sees the top dog the big Kahuna. The typical. I don't think that's that's probably not as official time. We'll find out what is the this'll titlist with recount I know it phenomenally him doing. 8777195437. It's only fifteen dollars a month to become a miracle maker and end this hour. You double the contribution. Since it's a power hour and every dollar is matched by Greenhill spots. Be right back here on the body Mac show at the eleventh annual it's the 2018. Edition. GHS Children's Hospital radio on. Here on W lowered. Howdy welcome back great to have you along it is the eleventh annual radio Thon on here in the lobby. And ths hospital it is our Children's Hospital radio Thon and we'd be doing now for eleven years in a row. Before I proceed any further let me repeat the key word for you this hour. In many thousand dollar bankroll contest it is variety. VA RI AE TY. Text that 272881. Which is the contest text line number. We started out this hour looking for thirty. Miracle makers that is thirty individuals who agree to make a contribution of fifteen dollars a month just fifty cents a day or whatever. One time donation you feel comfortable making. And in a power hour which we have going right now where their friends from Greenhill pharmacy. Every dollar that you contribute. Is matched dollar for dollar buying. Greenhill pharmacy so essentially. You're giving us an opportunity. With the cooperation of our sponsor of course to be able to double. Everybody's contribution for contributions. As where we are right now so we need 26 more. And now the next forty minutes and I have every confidence we can get there thanks to Sandra aren't there for her one time contribution of fifty dollars. I'm Cindy keyword. Has become a miracle maker for fifteen dollars a month Shawn Johnson from my pals there. I gave us a one time contribution of 25 dollars and we greatly appreciate all of those. I mentioned before we went to the break oh and by the way you'd like to call this afternoon we are still taking calls. You know the Ingles advantage talk on number 80347. 1063. And I do have the text lineup out here at the hospital as well 71307. Is the common sense retirement planning text line. I mention them I'm joined by a doctor Jorge had dead. Who it is it vice president of administration or operations or I gave you bunch of high public and titles earlier what's what's the real thing. I'm when he. Speech and we won march on so we called the posture of operation never Children's Hospital accidentally hit the wrong might turn up their vice president of operations right. When you're in med school. Way back in the day. Did did you first see yourself in the position that you're in now. You know I'd it it was just a natural supplement to lead them practice. And then the chairman of the Children's Hospital fears that can opt in need to try and few other practices. And it just kind of blossomed into the much eighty to 80% much jobs administrative ride and about 1% still seem. Like topsy groove right Erica. And he. In the in the course of your day to day activities in this this week. Must be an absolute I mean it's a joy because of course we're raising money for the most worthwhile possible terrorist helps children. But at the same time it's opinion here for you definitely can hear you're trying to do clinical stuff at the same time what's it like. Well it's been a whirlwind swing on that it's it's been like as you said complete. Yes here's the children's hospital's rate it always brings a five. To the hospital yeah a lot of activity everybody's. With pitching and everybody to see. But the most thinking that it has been great and and kids and dogs everywhere yes they're gonna. Which is great I've had four Golden Retriever and I know that via the the therapy dogs that you guys stand here and that's a whole other story and spend time on later. But. Tractor proud of their own nothing they do in their lifeline. And he just says that are eagle something corrected RT right the cult facility dog oh okay which apparently there's different level training. Professionally all worsens there. Access but we have four of those Children's Hospital. And Children's Hospital has all the ball to wells here for him. And they all have sponsors now right they'll have trainers and they live with employees. I'm one of our physicians actually doctor Singh has now. Adopted one of the doll that's at that that's so just awful yeah it's great there was a feature that I saw on television while back. The facility that trains them yet down in Georgia. These facility dogs because of the level of training they undergo because they had to deal with children from. Very small children and teenagers here Children's Hospital. Undergo training expert to answer. It's very intensive and what's amazing legacy is one that's goes home Nadal right. It's all totally changes and goes into the role right to take the best often they're just like any other the Hulk. This all happen sometimes have trouble keeping track. Yeah they and they know well when the vessel is on it's time to go to work right now and that they understand that and it means so much a note that you went when we get our tour the other day. But the hospital an adult one of the dogs can't. Was along with us. You can you can see they of the children's faces the same way the dog's personality will change when they go to work. The children even if they're not feeling good even if they're having a day where they're having a treatment. And and it's not the best day for them. Somehow it it's still does with their spirits and and brighten her day. It it's changed the whole zone within the hospital not even just with the kids. The nurses the physicians. Administrator like myself and I come in the administrative sleek. It's amazing for all of us yeah bumps in the dogs that it's been an amazing program. It's one of the programs sponsored by or is funded by the right if absolutely. We were really lucky to get into this from what few years back when rice that's what these dollars to yell and and I mentioned because of the yeah intense training that these dogs have to undergo. This facility in Georgia that provides them. They take the dogs from birth. And train them until they are two years old. So by the time they get here they they completely understand what their role is to beat but. Everything comes at a cost. And the cost of training of these dogs. Raising them training and getting him to the level of expertise where they can actually come here. And interact with the children and patients and parents is 25000. Dollars correct. He stalled and we have four right and the funds from the radio on directly funded. And in fact I'm told that they they actually could stand to have two more work. That's our goal Yelp would like to have right. We have people ready to take a moment that often so that was a little thinkers. You know at home right dominant figure in the day. The did the course of of your experience. Here. This for for people that have never experienced. GH at Children's Hospital. They they see the facility they see the physical building that they have no idea what goes on inside. And and having been just with my association hospital over these eleven years. It's truly amazing to see what happens inside these walls. Well and we call ourselves Children's Hospital with us right so we're not a standalone building. Obama administration is part of the bigger administration I'm so there's always that natural rub between. The adults out of medicine and pediatric that your slightly different yes they are totally different worlds and raising money for us is probably only we do things to separate us from other hospitals right we truly believe. Child's life here. For every child or we have specifically trained there. Using him we have classrooms. On the force hospitals advocates here. Undergo treatment for a month to month that it they don't lose track school if possible. Right and don't get held back as a result we have a full time teachers employed. A lot of that salaries by the dollars raised him. And then just other really amazingly. The just the technology we have been pretty amazing to implement just like the stuff. Yeah we have cameras and army unit that's here. Some of those babies are here for months. The parents are they want him on the phone in the watched debate pretty humorous. Yeah pretty cool stuff. We have an ambulance the specifically just for transportation of children too and yes yeah and it it's just an amazing thing to be part of the Children's Hospital. That staff dedicated it is that's equipment dedicated to kids. And we cannot do that on the normal operating budget right even the pharmacy. You know people show up and think about the plight but obviously a child's dosage of medication. These substantially different than that of an adult well and what we found specifically with pharmacies we were in the middle of the night waiting and the pharmacy to figure out calculate noble in the dosages for picture is different based on weight right and over time we decide we have that. And it has been the best thing we. Care of kids but also. Things done correctly. Yeah right who and it is truly amazing to see what happens you continue to keep the miracles coming here at Children's Hospital. With your contributions becoming a miracle maker just fifteen dollars a month it's only fifty cents a day or whatever one time donation you feel comfortable in giving. All you need to do is call 8777195437. Distilled operator when they answer. I wanna become a miracle maker and in this hour of the program we will double. Your contribution because Greenhill pharmacy is sponsoring a power power. During this hour. Doctor George again always a pleasure to see it sooner but thanks very much for everything you do I know that you like myself. Our are constantly amazed. Add to at the courage of the children. That come in here on a daily basis and I don't encourage anyone just to come to the hospital right now a lot of families and shall conjecture here yet and these are kids who have. Who were living. Children's Hospital right. Right now with the treatment. From some pretty tough times. And it's just a great atmosphere right now in almost come down today or tomorrow. And to be a lot of fun and can help you out and you can meet some of these parents and and the youngsters themselves and see exactly where your dollars are going Dr. Georgia Dan thanks very much for everything you do thank you and and thanks for welcoming us in here chip for radiant on again this year it's something we look forward to every year. Thank you for pleasure but we'll take a quick break here or there will be right back on the other side of the news. 330 here on the Bobby Mack show it's GHS Children's Hospital radio Thon 2018. 8777195437. Let's get the phone's ringing but I'm a miracle maker agreed it would give fifteen dollars a month. And during this hour match by Greenhill pharmacy so will double your contribution be right back. Yeah. Well you guys do it to me each and every year and now I need you got me here at 37 minutes into the via eleventh annual GHS Children's Hospital radio Thon. A what you've done Jimmy if you make me lean back in the chair and go. Wow. Just wow. Now look look at this some of these folks and already have. Generously become miracle makers and more what is a miracle maker by the way miracle maker. Is a monthly donors and somebody who agrees to give us a donation of just fifteen dollars per month or more. If they feel like doing that or whatever one time donation you feel like making. And that turns out to be a combined annual gift of a 180 dollars if we're figuring it out over the course of the year. This hour our friends in Greenville and Greenhill pharmacy. Aren't matching dollar for dollar every miracle maker that we can get now we have CNN. We need twenty more between now and 4 o'clock this afternoon let's in this David pepper from here in Greenville. Gave us a one time contribution of 100 dollars thank you David very generous we appreciate that they'll Heinemann firm alignment. Gave us a one time contribution of 200 dollars wow. See you and I mean. Sandra Arthur from a Fletcher. Davis a one time contribution of fifty dollars thank you so much. Shawn Johnson from my pills there one time contribution of 25 dollars thank you. Cindy he word from mine 96. Became a miracle maker fifteen dollars a month which doubles now. To thirty dollars thanks to our friends agree he'll pharmacy. Kimberly roper from a Chesney Davis a one time donation of fifty dollars and Carol Jenkins. From my stomping grounds of Taylor's has just given us a one time contribution of 500. Dollars again. Wow. John Chapman twenty dollar suggestion Valentine from must Simpson build a fifty dollar contribution. Randall schism from Simpson bill 250. Dollar one time contribution. You guys. I guess I shouldn't express surprise at this point this being the eleventh year that we've done that. Because I often have pointed out that in my estimation. Americans are they most generous people on the face of the planet and the people in the upstate of South Carolina the most generous of Americans which is why. When we wrap this thing up tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock I fully expect that we will top out. And the over three million dollar mark. During the eleven years of radio thought here's a number again the number you need to dial to become a miracle maker. And in this power hour when their friends and great help pharmacy. Double your fifteen dollars a month that becomes thirty dollars a month. 8777195437. That's 8777195437. And you can also I'm making a contribution via text message as well. Just by texting GA chance to the number 51555. That's GH yes 251. Triple five okay. I mentioned we get to meet so many of the people. So many of the that the parents. And the youngsters who are here at ths Children's Hospital during the course of the year leading after radio Thon and of course while it's actually on. One of those that we wanna share with you today and in one of our musical montage is in our production staff put together is Wesley Esteban. It lives in Greenville. Her son Sam. Was born when he was born he had his first surgery when he was only eleven hours old. Sam is now fifteen he was born born with spine a bit but he has had a grand total of cattle these self. 53. Surgeries. Throughout his young life time. His longest inpatient hospital visit here GHS Children's Hospital was a 101 days more than three months. Weary at a total of eight surgeries during that time. He has weekly blood test done at his home in regular appointments here in ths children's and despite the fact that Sam is permanently in a wheelchair. That is far from stopped Sam. His glove and his joy is infectious. My name is lastly Esteban and from Greenville, South Carolina my son Daniel Esteban is a patient and ths Children's Hospital he is fifteen years old and his diagnosis is fine if that's up and hydra Cephalon swing sand hills was born he had his first surgery when he was eleven hours old to realign his spinal cord at five days all the he had a shunt installed because he had too much fluid on his brain he is how early in patients. Almost every month. To every other months and when we're not inpatient we're doing outpatient procedures or follow ups with the doctors at their clinics outpatient in 2011. We spent a 101 days in the hospital and seeing a high eight surgeries during that period while we were there stimulus had 53. Surgeries totaling his lifetime they have. Become more complicated. As he's gotten older for the first. Surgeries were just to realize this sign in to deal with the height of selfless and the others were minor things to her needed dental records and clubbed feet and things that go along with having sinus that I. At this point in stimulus life doctors all want to be there and move. They all have expressed. Their concerns of whenever the next surgery happens what could possibly mean. And they all love him so much that they don't want to be that doctor that pass to come to me and say that he's gone because at some point it will happen. Because there's at this point there's nothing else that we can do except for. Take care of him who do all the procedures that we do and a Daily Beast isn't it premature run hospital out of his bedroom and I have nurses from the hospital has come to do the different outpatient procedures they have to do to support the doctors at the hospital. But when we do go there. It is. It's such a hard experience being away from my other two children my husband and our normal life at home but they make it. Home for us when we're not there. I was I was nervous I was nervous Q establishes. New relationships. With a team of doctors and and you know with his complexity of issues are they going to be able to have the latest and greatest of technology. And they absolutely do away with it being a teaching hospital and the nurses are learning the new residents are learning its afternoon. Really a fabulous place to be and we're lucky to be here. I'm Leisle asinine and I'm from Greeneville Allan thank children's hospital of prenatal health system and all of the doctors and nurses and all of us support staff at the hospital for loving my son Sam Neill and our family. I look ninety gives him staying put on my dock and don't. And knowing kids who know me think give them an idea of huge so my thing do you think. EA dead and made don't small and be midfield. This miracle moment it was powered by city arsenal proud sponsor of the G-8 jets Children's Hospital radio talk. Call the sky's own Greenville hotline to donate now at 877719. Kids that's 8777195437. Yeah I think I'd get in India now every picture and Kathleen 81000. Tight range. Yeah we really need your house. This children's hospital of Greenville health system fact is brought to you by every construction. You know listening to their Children's Hospital in real fun. I'm like 68. WOYT. Sam my cracks me up you know it it's amazing the courage of these kids display no matter what. Life throws Adam. They they ticket and they come right back and now they are absolutely unstoppable. You talk about inspirational it's it's truly incredible 8777195437. Become a miracle maker in this hour. Because now our friends in Greenville and Greenhill pharmacy. Are out and matching dollar for dollar during this hour hour. Your contributions whatever they may be whether it's becoming a miracle maker for fifteen dollars a month or whatever one time donation you name it got to take a quick break here. And then will be right back with more from GHS Children's Hospital the body Mac show here on WORG. I am in May business of searching for a miracle makers and I am targeting. Why a whole EU. Miracle makers a miracle maker somebody gets fifteen dollars a month to GHS Children's Hospital. What if I told you if you gave fifteen dollars a month agreed to do that between now and nine minutes from now 4 o'clock. Your fifteen dollars would become thirty. And that sound like pretty good deal where he can double. The amount of your contribution. That's exactly what's happening here is the number 8777195437. Or text. Your contribution to GA just at 51555. Down mention our friends and Greenhill pharmacy. Providing the power hour for this hour we love these things because every dollar that you give becomes true. And then DeVon from one of our sales mavens is joining me here and our broadcast location it. To tell us a little bit about Tommy and now these wonderful folks agreeing a pharmacy that make this hour possible idyllic you know. I'm pretty impressive amount that you are given that I didn't even realize that it is that at that the you're you're official title is. I am the general sales mean that are on their comments that I am a little more boring enough on the scene and the famous for Bobby Mack I currently generous salesman. That's me and definitely felt they. I met up you probably hear it. I am well known around these walls for being the every if not ambassador theater and that sort of JD yeah at that problem you know this is the. This is a special on time and in all our lives when radio Thon rolls around not only because we get to see. All the parents again and all the youngsters again and all the doctors and all the nurses. We also get to to pet the Golden Retriever is at best and yeah how can you possibly go wrong and and thanks to the generous contribution. Get a look. I am I've now been in broadcasting for 56 years and I'm one of the things that I learned early on. One in my boss's explain Timmy in the early days HM let me tell you some content. In this business nobody and nothing happens until somebody sells them. This is a 100% right we're the ones that keep a lot Som that means I'll be honest with you that we. Loves Allen mean Mack tire department they're really great with taking your theory this value well Vincent starent crash course in one really is easy but. I think for us over already assigned. He's down Ari yep sells itself arsenal for a 100% yeah. On average I don't think that it's more personal for our sponsors like it is for Tommy and each and every green pharmacy he represented sponsors there while. Which really cool about Tommy and it's mainly business that they carry small local business up in class or Syrians since the bill right what's fantastic is that he is your sponsors is because Dolly's personal for him as a father for girls. But the fact that there are actual compound arm right so that you retail. That the reason mark Conn count me in some important is that a lot of this case are a lot of customers are the patient's future. Says you know he's able to be different Kasich is the theme that really help pediatric patients right fails to deliver. Which is fantastic he knew we were just talking about CN CNET on a fantastic yet. Amy and you heat it it's pretty difficult sometimes wears on the list but again I am sure to have fantastic isn't that she can call Greenhill. They can access the medicines. It's one less thing for her that stress and. And you know it's right because we do it all the time we were outside to a doctor Dan earlier in the hour and one of the things that I mentioned. Was the pharmacy that they have here for the children to get people of stuff and think about them and obviously don't dosages are substantially different than they are for these kids. Slightly different the entire team that does the in pharmaceuticals here outside a hospital right Alder trees in bright pediatric pharmaceuticals Sammy that's. Crucial support it and they are working closely with pets like green pharmacy when they leave the campus here. They have to continue that here once their homes surely disagree offers a great service to map it's. It's amazing action to see out of the way everything comes together. Here during radio Thon it's it's always a treat for us and I know is as you mention again and it's. It's easy I mean you know. That you you approach your sponsor. And you say you know look we like you'd help us to be able to help the youngsters. At Children's Hospital. That's that's that's going to be difficult to say no to for an Iowa. It's always it's been very difficult days say at Tommy's a great example with regional pharmacy bills every Carolina fresh arm right. Every year he's the sponsor of merit in and that is skies are also to work with. Eagles and as a great people read why he's found that last year and ignorance on their back for a second year right. And says they are just some you know a few examples we have a ton of sponsors or turn out here. Basically next Monday will arrive back to them that they are you went for 2019 an absolutely right that question you know and it's. It's great because. The joy. That that we take away from radio Thon from seeing and I mentioned at the beginning of of this hour today. It's it's not about me and it's not about the radio station it's about. You folks who are on your end of the radio right now because without you none. And this happens as I understand appreciate carelessness much in our sponsors as it at that. Yeah amazing one time contributions continue to pour in keep them come and I will run them down. When we come back get our number two and we'll go shopping for what they much needed items here Children's Hospital. In our number two of the radio Thon here on WORD be right back.