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Bob McLain
Thursday, August 9th
2018 GHS Childrem's Hospital Radiothon

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Yeah. He only got all getting away with our number two the Bobby Mack electric radio program and at second hour for me in the eleventh annual GA just Children's Hospital radio Thon when we are off to a tremendous start to. Thank you so much him and thank individually some of these people we were looking for thirty. Miracle makers in the first hour for our broadcast and we exceeded that by one you guys are terrific. This hour something new this is now one of our shopping hours I'll tell you about that as we proceed along first at all. Now let me give you the a phone number to call to become a miracle maker or make a one time donation to the radio Thon. Excuse me it is 877719. Hints or 8777195437. Don't forget. You can also make a contribution. Via text message just text GHS. 251. 555. Now this hour. We are gonna be shopping for something called a hand held. Vein finder. I know that there are a lot of people. That our president whenever they go to the doctor's office and they go to the hospital and they see a needle up here. It kind of sends chills up their spot fine and I can understand that. Even more so as you might imagine for youngsters. That's why these hand held Jane finders were invented. So that the nurse doesn't have to search around trying to find a small vein. In a child's arm or other. What was that. Not sorry apparently had dropped out momentarily. You can now make my life easy I just by yeah. Agreeing to a bias a hand held vein finder for 6700. And a 23 dollars or hurt. You could make a contribution. Either by becoming a miracle maker or. Giving us a one time donation to help restore single and no I don't really expect you know. Come up with the entire 6723. Dollars and if you want to I'm certainly not gonna complain. One of the great things about doing a radio Thon is in the sense it turns into old home week. Because having done this now for eleven years this is the eleventh annual radio Thon. We get to see so many faces of people that we know and love over and over again to on come out each and every year. Without fail. And help us out with donations to the GHS children's hospital and that you guys and I've known for a pretty long time. How long how long have we known each other guy's fifteen years something like that. Probably yeah well yeah van and Mitchell Pittman from Pittman discount building supplies they walked up to me right before. The up power hour ended and handed me a check for a thousand dollars thank you guys because that Jack. Beat since it was in a power hour I checked against 2000 prize cells had such great and I know that had not escaped your attention and the candidate and how do you guys been doing. Oil working hard you know yeah you'll look great you both look great thank you. Pittman discount building supplies a unique kind of business if he'd never been out there we'll let you guys tell about it because I remember the first time I ever came out. And now and walked through the the warehouse is out there it was just amazing how much stuck pig eyes out. Obvious. You know we. Mayor factors cut in a couple of truckloads of to worse if we're working throughs they need to work. When those. In several truckloads of windows in the last couple months. We have flooring. We. Door hardware. Our captains Candace cabinets are made right here in the United States nice we truckload about it ever month. And we sell a lot of candidates in the Yankees vanity tops. Kitchen tops. So is just a lot of things and and matter of fact I got a call just. Less than an hour ago. Somebody that wants me come and look at a lot of build and supply houses that he has for sale nice slow down and that's the way you guys operate Ryan yeah we either by direct from the manufacturer or we get calls like this right now and we go to Lou can make offers and that's how we can give people some good deals yeah. And you talk about this some some. Unbelievable. Prices. Of course I've been talking about Pittman discount building supply which you guys are sponsors on the chauffeur for years. It's truly amazing to see much but you can save by going out there so if you've never been to Pittman discount them excellent fact until morning are out there one person. 49ers loyal white horse road to stop there you see. Bill that would rid goers who disciplinarian. Take a look at what we have out. No I think we do is we still the right. If you don't believe what she knew. Or far you know we order the glass break from the manufacturer Eaton the only TVQ. What we call fancy glass or this patio doors whatever you. We could do it for you you know these guys are great guys to. Not only to have great crisis but other than really good people deal with it Pittman discount building supplies guys thank you a great to see both of you again. Thanks thanks again for the thousand dollar check that you guys wisely got here before 4 o'clock in there and into 2000. Good to see if I feel good to see you guys to thank symmetric kind of mindset and took a big going on in the background against we've got another big. Going on now right behind me here. It's amazing. I'm gonna take a moment to thank some of the folks who have made. One time donations can we've had some really big ones during the last few minutes James Vogel and Simpson bill. Gave us a 180. Dollar contribution Nancy they have names continue to scroll by. I will share them with U 877719. 5437. That's the number to call. This hour we are shopping for the hand held vein finder that reduces the amount of fear. The amount of pain. The amount of stress. That youngsters who already are are stressed out enough having to deal with them whatever situation. They may have the vein finder allows the nurse. When there are inserting a tube for treatment or they they have to want to do some other kind of treatment. That involves locating a vain for a needle to be inserted. Then their expensive 6723. Dollars is what this hand held may find their fines. As a as a cost to the hospital but it says it's truly amazing. To see how much easier it makes it for the for the for the youngsters. The deal level of fear that reduced. And the and the the lessening of the pain that they experienced and get to the point where they're not as scared of needles. Knowing that the nurses using these hand held thing and I'm not a pay for one we need 37. America makers in this hour or a combination of miracle makers and what ever one time donation. Do you feel like making 8777195437. As a number or you can text GHS. 251. 555. Now we're gonna have some special guest coming up in this hour as well some of the parents and some of the youngsters so we can share with you some of the experiences. And and you can have an opportunity here. From the people. Who's contributions. You make. And and how you are helping them and their situation to be right back here on the body Mac show. It's the eleventh annual radio Thon for GHS Children's Hospital here on WORG. Get ready for it to get noisy behind me because 10 the traditional things that's done. Here and now the radio on the man from our sister station Rocklin one point one. Doesn't race every year with the wind went a youngster. They did that and they do wheelchair race. And and I think stony. Has yet to win one in for you here. It's important action and yeah the fix is in honest but it it's always it's really it's really fun so. They're they're getting ready do that right directly behind great to have you along hurt our number two here date number one of the eleventh annual. GHS Children's Hospital radio on this hour. We are shopping for a hand held view finder. The cost on this is over 6700. Dollars and to get there we need 37 miracle makers and I'm sorry to report I guess of the distracted by some other stuff. We've really got to hustle to get there in this hour because we only have to. Miracle makers so far in this hour we did a terrific job in the last hour but we need to keep the pace going here and our number 2877. 7195437. Is a number or you can text. Your contribution to GA chest at 51. 555. It's it's been awhile since I haven't seen this guy that we know welcoming backe is a WOR DO Lama. And debt and now. Is a Haifa was an executive with healthcare that is meant Tomlinson met. Our anybody beyond honored to be back on the Tokyo the airwaves here with the president. Insensitivity that university themselves Bobbie let listeners might not notice but I think you are in the united conversation while ago you know or. Probably the reason that my career as to where when and I think on the phone I'm going to the way I have the tunnel and all that Bobby brought me on there residents there. Yeah I was twelve years ago now Bobby Bright in Athens though a lot of things happen in between that time but I could be happy to be part out there now yesterday that an amazing journey thank you so much about handing you do. Miles my pleasure match started out idea he came to me you know fresh faced kid can I please read an intern on the news department and and he was that was straight out of Clemson. And I said Dahlia Asher candidates get over there and stay out of way and stay out of trouble and aren't. Act fast and and he was he was one of those individuals you always like to to bring somebody in. That they're always looking for more to do you know they they they don't just do whatever it is they're signed into their eyes looking for more. And that's a way that that man always has been and and you now. Having gone from in journey in the news department to our sales department now to health care. Yeah I tell you about I am blessed beyond belief to be that marketing director for the help there I mean. You know working in radio has been an amazing part of my career but now. The fulfillment that I did in that we get to the help their team. Is seeing the lives changed in all the markets that we've grown into all these people that are trying to reverse there symptoms of the type two diabetes that they're wrestling with high blood pressure high cholesterol. You know. Were worth the help there is such an amazing solution to these things have a seat haven't seen you don't need anymore we give people all those things all the time in the right so you know I. As someone did that you know has a big. You know heart of this sort of thing it never gets old and I mean never ever gets old. Watching these people extend their lives changed their lives. And that's a big part of the armed I guess he buys the culture of the health theirs were so invested in doing that part clients that makes perfect sense. For us to be involved here today with the the radio. Sure because that's what they do here Children's Hospital on a daily basis is help youngsters to be able to. Restore themselves. Two to deal with whatever. Medical trauma they may be experiencing and had to be able to go on their lot with their lives I'm type two diabetic and and I know. From personal experience and document my positions and and knowing other people that are done diabetes now is like it epidemic proportions. I recently read somewhere and I can't study Euronext chairman of the world was but it was it was the it was a good article was talking about that adults in America because 45 plus wouldn't want him to either have a diagnosis. Thank you dive there who diagnosed type two diabetic right have some form of undiagnosed. Type two diabetes and look you know. It's one of those things where when these these these people get it's it's added that it's out there it's bad but at least people get this probably goes to their doctor meanwhile the times the test today when sea level. You were there with that. Met performance usually the first in data they get you to that over the wounded right and insulin scum and after that and it you know. The help there is is is not. There's a magic pills for cell here that help there but we get rid of that Wu you know we're not gonna add. To your your your list of medicines you take and we keep people off that stuff right and type two diabetes is something that needs help and we're so happy to be able to we have thousands of clients and help there were so happy that every day were gay people that's. Yeah amazing it's it's good to see and and if you wanna learn more about it just go to healthcare. Yeah yes right you can go to ID or green apple dot com and I'll give people an inside green bulls actually sort of the headquarters for the hell there right and you know everyone has a lot in this budget that listen to the yard you have heard about the held there for awhile right than him so great. Deputies have such great partner bowers. But I want to share a little bit inside that you're not gonna hear any of the commercials or anything we talk about with our marketing in. And this is something that I think might mean something to some people come and you'll hear the owner of our company earnings Bridget. Trammell she's an amazing woman she often says that our corporate meetings that are or Martinis but that the help their beliefs or not. Is is actually we say that we are a ministry disguised as a business now here is what I mean by that. We hope so we declines across so many of our markets. Were able to give so much back we do a lot of things for the kids in not just this community but we also built this part of a missionary trip. Learning educate and a learning center in Guatemala had butchered the name of the city but try to progress and if that happens down there and we're helping teach families. How to use proper nutrition how to lead by the health their principles. And we're educating them is like this these places to Third World countries they have the resources they need around them. Just don't know how to use them right so that's just one example I mean we're partnering up with the lions gate to do some of the kids summer camps I mean it's been these things you don't really hear about that much does that help there does the behind the scenes. But I could make me more proud as the executive marketing director to to help facilitate some of that things that. While what an awesome I mean here it here at ths this Friday at the and it's so impressive what an amazing job in a drain millions of dollars raised over the years and -- we are so blessed you all have done such an awesome job without the help they're still happy to be part well and I've said. Throughout. The years that we have done. Radio times. It it's not about me in Canada the radio stations about youthful looks the ones that are listening right now the guys you guys on your into the radio beacons. Without you picking up the phone. And and contributing. Two children's hospital for all of the various need to they have. Nothing gets done and and so all the credit goes to you guys does yours truly. Amazing man great to see you again that much and thanks for Sharon where this. Contributions from health care. Two other radio timely greatly appreciate it thank you so much about it it is the ticket my friend good to see YouTube body got a good to see you do and while 28 after four here in the bombing action as I mentioned in this hour. While we are going shopping for the hand held vein finder you know how Lotta people. Feel about needles and youngsters. Perhaps even more self. Now when it went needle comes into view they immediately start cry or or or get them panicky and no wonder because they're afraid. That did a stick with a needle is gonna hurt well when the nurse or the doctor. Uses a hand held main finder it is a substantially easier process because. You know how small some of these youngsters arms are when they're trying to find a vein to insert a needle. For whatever treatment it is they may need. When they have a hand held things minor they can go right to the vein. Find it immediately and it becomes a substantially easier process. It is expensive they cost over 6700. Dollars won't you help us by one. Just call 8777195437. Or tax. GH asked a 51555. Only fifteen dollars a month to become a miracle maker or whatever one time donation you care to make. 429 here on the bunny match or take a break with the news at the bottom of the hour. When we come back on the other side. I'm gonna share with you some stories from some of the people whose. Who have benefited. From the dollars that you have provided over the years here radio found. Be right back here on WORG. We're gonna have to get wet and here because we are running out of time in this hour it's 43723. Before five here on the mound in action this is our number two. It is day one of our eleventh annual GA just. Children's Hospital radio. Now I can sit here and by the way and that you read the phone number again to become a miracle maker for only fifteen dollars a month or make whatever. One time donation you feel comfortable at 8777195437. 8777195437. I can sit here and I can talk all day and I and I did in the first hour of the program. About the necessity of having these hand held a finder's for the doctors and the nurses to use and how many of us. Have a completely understandable. Aversion to needles you see sharp object come in her direction. You heard natural rate action just to try and avoid it but it's a necessity. For the treatments that all these youngsters have to undergo. That they have to have various injections of various intravenous treatments. And so this is where the hand held vein finder comes in now it's not she. It costs over 6700. Dollars but boy does it ever pay for itself in the work that it does. We need to win as they say when the rubber meets the road. We know the nurse or the doctor needs to use it and case in point. And I am welcoming into are makeshift studio here in the lobby of Children's Hospital. Ian and and now I'm sorry Brett and ginger cash and their boys Landon cash welcome you guys good to have you here they keep. Now Linda and I guess this is this has kind of been a home away from home for you had that here at Children's Hospital. You know now. Brent tell us a little bit about. How when did not came to be a a frequent visitor. Here it does at Children's Hospital. Well last may Landon had done. This he wasn't sleeping in real good thrown up in the middle deny them and just kind of be in week. Didn't feel real well and I thought it was a little bit of Osama a it's kind of look for the upset stomach but lingered the end flew bloggers something like that now of course like that of the year this. The data he ended up in the hospital looks on you're not going to be able to get stronger to you story this is that the thing that's. So we're just gonna take you to the doctor and let you let's find out what's wrong so we go to good idea to Duluth. Urgent care center and they tried to get and I think. Each arm it's what you promise take him to the Viet he and we did. And then nursed Mike was able to get this I'd be started. The first drop which was great to get some fluids in him and he ended up being diagnosed with atypical HUS. Genetic. He abnormality where his immune system will attack Israel blitzes and they detected in these kids. So we spent ten days in the children's hospital and while and nursed my ex IV stayed in there for attendance and so that was a little miracle from. With that can help yourself you bet but Landon had to have his blood checked every three hours so they would come in every day. For ten days every three hours of prick his finger and now the treatment were NC. Medicine also layers that he takes intravenously some new every two weeks over to the children's and Houston. So we know firsthand. In a I'm 43 years old I don't like it shots at him like in blood drawn -- neither I'm right there where the you know if somebody comes at me with a needle I'm gonna do my best at dodger. And the you've got a seven year old Aaron he'd land and say now. And they're able to put that. The bank underwrote them and show him the things that kind of talked him through what's going all right because what's the worst part is that the needle stick landowners visit. Wondered what's gonna. Less than half and I'm it really happen here again everybody scared. Something something that that looks scary. And no we're not really sure what's gonna happen it's that that fear of the unknown. In certain fear of the unknown and his his arms you know he's still growing getting big and strolled sure doesn't have the veins popping out quite yet so it's nice to. If the nurses over the infusion center in the nurses here that opportunity to say here's tonight's big juicy thing right that the candidate you know but the numb and patch on there. And we're able to get in there if things go it's fun to do. Good candidate for us to Atlanta and I've heard that there's a specific room here on the sixth more than hedge your name on and is that right. What we say well you always say I'm with yes the hospital. And there room in ice skating and I. It was really nice I got it live like that room. Of fun. Right. Which echo the hospital with Phil yeah sit down the fifth that there. Really nice. Man. He always say man that was so much fun and it blows my mind that this is coming from a seven year old right get stuck because every hour right. In the hospital in the hospital and he associates that with violent yet and that's the that. 100% is the credit to for the folks here you know it truly is amazing. Men and you guys are a perfect example of just now. Necessary. And it's it's in a way it's mind boggling to me. That's an insurance company will say to a hospital well you know sure that's that's nice you know that would be that's an option. But it's it's not really a necessity. Landon do you think the vein finder. That the nurses use when they stick you would you would you think that's something that is necessary to have. Which you'll nurse Rebecca just poking around in their do you like when when she shows still there's a good juicy we're gonna get them today. Like that and they thinking he hasn't changed in that they deal. Really feel of name yet and they just like they feel pompous I'm sure. You know and no wonder you feel that way because you don't want somebody guessing when they're gonna stick a needle in your arm right. You don't want and again if you want to know exactly where that bank and its. Lennon's a tough guy he had a he only cries you don't cry when he gets stuff but win. They can't find that thing in the first run and then we go to the secondary thing. In that Lyndon won't cooperate the end of the fear and the frustration you can see you share and he sits on my lap just like this when he skip this infusions and that's when it's tough for me yeah right because every parent that denies ever spoken well. In the eleven years that we've been here radio Thon. Would much prefer and would much choose if they had the option whatever their child hands. They would prefer they had it themselves that's a rather than John and then they're able to cut this. Kind of reset things during debate on her back out and say are yours one in the thing in the day and gonna we're gone that's it we're gonna get it and it's it. Just the positive energy that they agree calm him down calmed me down right and let's go to have a net tools that. Necessity. To be able to see here's food in the future but we're gonna end. Without it. His medicine has the three day window trying to you know we can't find it in he's kissed his kidneys start to get attacked yeah certain you know certain. Me not a good thing absolutely. It's it's amazing. We we have opportunities from time to time to go through the hospital we did on Monday we take a tour on Monday and and got to go through everything from the knicks you to. There well all aspects of the Children's Hospital. And it's amazing. But to see how many of the children in it and there and their parents. Are our dependence. On not only the professional skill of the doctors and nurses because that's that's on a par with any of the best hospitals in America. But the level of caring that they have the level of compassion that they bring. Not just for the youngsters as they're treating that they understand that the parents. You know or a big part of this equation as well. That's what stood out to him it is. Fortunately I think what I have has a lot of experience hospitals right. The doctors come in Houston 3045 minutes answering his questions are questions. And to the point where I would they. Hey you you probably need to deal won't because there's other folks in the hospital and we do help to the right but they never made me fuel. We'll Brit we've got to go wicca because they were there as long as we need the nurses the folks that would bring food cake and just everybody and and now the attention to detail to the white boards that they have in the room sort even. You know if if your youngsters been up until 2 o'clock in the morning and the doctor comes in at 6 AM and you just got to sleep. In that that. Share. Beside the youngsters bed and you've been asleep for two hours where they can write on the board anything that they want to pass along to you or any questions you may have. You can leave for them. And now they don't have to knock you out of that sound two hours' sleep and I had absolutely well there's two I was asleep refresh you bet they are Britain gentle Landon your your tough kid body. And nine you're doing great and I know you're gonna continue to do great prizes. And funding and on the radio for your aunt may. And yeah this for the facts while they lady real value that we don't seem nervous about running. Yeah if and I noticed that it was fun talking to people that. Are around the world and listening to laugh I think it. That's right that's right and and and people that are are gonna help to continue to give you the treatments that you need to make even better. We certainly appreciate now I get Landon. You gotta talk again not oh yeah it's. We'll take a nice that's good enough. Great to see you guys have that cache memory thanks for joining us this afternoon if you had any doubt in your mind. About the the benefit of the hand held range finder even at 6700. Dollars. You get to see the real world experience of where your money goes and helps all of these families immensely. 8777195437. That's a number to call to become a miracle maker only fifteen dollars a month or what ever one time donation. You feel like making or you can text your contribution to GA chance at 51555. He right back here on the Bobby Knight shelf and the GA just Children's Hospital radio Thon on W lowered. How to welcome back it is our number two the radio on day number one it's our eleventh annual GHS Children's Hospital radio Thon. We gotta hustle us hours to get enough money to buy a hand held view of main finder. On the cost 6700. Dollars we have nine. Miracle maker so far and so we need a bunch more between now and the top of the hour why should you give him well for one thing it makes you feel. Really good. Your money stays right here in the upstate of South Carolina. Over 400000. Patients come through the doors of GHS Children's Hospital each and every year and the money you contribute. Fifteen dollars a month as a miracle maker or whatever and you're one time donation may be all of it stays right here to help the people who come to the hospital. Thanks to a contributors like Jeffrey sprawls from Greeneville 8500 dollar one time contribution. Greg or Ron is from my count them how I pronounce your name right 8250. Dollar one time contribution and grooms from Taylor's 850 dollar one time gift thank you had. Shawn Johnson. From my pills are one time gift of twenty dollars we greatly appreciate that. Vivian Jensen from Greer gave us a one time contribution of 100 dollars. Whitney Willard from Greer gave us five dollars and look we appreciate every. Donation no matter how large or how small it maybe. Anger ruhe off from on Greenwood. Davis a one time contribution of twenty dollars Deborah MacIntyre from Spartanburg a one time contribution of 200 dollars. The people that you helped. There there are stories are as wide and varied as the people themselves. Including the story of Jeremy and Katie Poindexter they live here in Greenville. A decade ago Katie and Jeremy were really thrilled. When they learned they were pregnant when their son Calvin so it was shocking when they learned that Calvin was born with Down syndrome. Calvin has been treated and GH GHS children's hospital for the past decade. His favorite doctor is is developmental pediatrician. Doctor Desmond Kelly he sees a range of specialist for various health issues and here's some more from them. Turn and her son Calvin as a patient and ths we got a diagnosis of Down syndrome when my son was born my pregnancy with Calvin was. Really uneventful. And so I was really happy being pregnant. Only thing with the pregnancy with him was that he has breached so we had a schedule C sections so we just had in her head that. Today say they were going to you going to cover maybe I had a pediatrician to simply say I think he has fountain room. And you wanna believe it. He has several specialists that he sees he sees a developmental pediatrician and he sees endocrinologist. And he sees it a sleep medicine specialist and also his regular pediatrician is also it children's hospital and in the past he's had other specialists say he's seen your nose and throat specialist and various others. He has probably average you know one doctor's appointment months over the course of his life came with two working parents and things of that nature it's sometimes can be a lot of time off of work a lot of time taken him away from schools would go to doctor's appointments and things of that nature children's hospital of green the health system has always been really good and working with our schedule we get early appointments of the then we can get him back to school we can get. Two words doesn't have a lot of significant health issues but he's just has several little things that are always trying to tweak and through the surgeries he's parent that is one thing I can only say about GH Smith. There pediatrics that we've always been really pleased they have compassion. For the children that they treat and we know they just love Calvin they remember cal when they see Calvin and I feel comfortable. When I take him there in the end I love all my cash even though he has some. Problems with communication. He certainly can get his point across if he Weinstein teen dance he will certainly grab your hands employees to the dance floor. He does not have put aside opponent's body news personality is just infectious at GH. SA has been named wonderful. Experience all of the specialists we love everybody's been very welcoming and they're very patient centered all of the specialists listened to the parents and what we are thoughts on the matter rather than just telling us this is what you have to do so we've had a great experiences we've been down here. Because he's been to so many doctors and sometimes becomes routine for him and so regardless of what doctor he won't he goes deceit he asks for a full assessment where they they check his glands they check his ears and check his nose paycheck just throw it they do do reflex. Jack and a lot times the doctors don't even need to be doing that tore through there to see him for that. He asks for it thank you to Children's Hospital bringing the health system their staffs they're their nurses and their doctors for all the help that they've given us both with my son Calvin and everything that they've helped us through. This miracle moment it was powered by city arsenal proud sponsor of the G-8 jets Children's Hospital radio talk. Call the sky's own Greenville hotline to donate now at 877719. Kids that's 8777195437. You can hang and that you gain them. And yeah. Run a little long so we'll break for the news of the top of the hour and I'll see you back with our number three on the way next.