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Bob McLain
Thursday, August 9th
2018 GHS Childrem's Hospital Radiothon

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Hello howdy greeting of welcome salutation. And and a 5 o'clock follies aloha seriously get underway with the most heavily commuted hour the bombing Mac go hand at. Our number three of radio done. That's right it is our 2018. Edition. Of the GHS Children's Hospital radiant on great to have you along and let me I get right to business because. This is going to be a big our businesses an hour when a lot of people had just gotten off work and so this may be your first opportunity. To hear about. And contribute to. The eleventh annual. 2018. Edition. My Children's Hospital radio thought. Many of first of all give me the phone number because you can't do anything without that. It is a told free golf course 877719. 5437. That's the number to call to become a miracle maker for only fifteen dollars a month fifty cents a day or whatever. One time donation you care to make. That's the number to call 8777195437. And down by the way you can also make a donation this year. Via text message just text GHS. 251555. Now the reason I say this is going to be a big hour. We had a power hour in the very first hour of my show this afternoon and we killed it. You guys did a tremendous job and our number one not only with a number of miracle makers but also. With some really. Huge. One time donations and I'm hopeful we can duplicate that effort here in this hour of the show because were looking for. 35. Miracle makers and we have another. Power hour. This hour and it's brought to you by our friends at city arsenal they are matching. Every donation. Dollar per dollar so if you really want to extend the level of health. That you're giving a Children's Hospital. This is a tremendous way to do it because when we lineup these sponsors like city arsenal to match your contribution. When you've come a miracle maker for fifteen dollars a month. That instantaneously. Obviously becomes thirty dollars a month. Let me a repeat the key word for this hour as well because in a lot of people. Sometimes don't have an opportunity to hear it right before the top of the hour and street and on and on a vacation. Key word for this hour is gate DA TE. And checks that of course to 72881. That is the yeah pop the Comcast. Hotline number cut the tax line number for the contest seven to 81 so here we go way they power hour for this hour. Every dollar that you contributes days right here in the upstate of South Carolina and helps local kids. Many of whom you've heard from during radios on so far today including cash family in the last hour we were shopping for a name finder. Because there there youngster has to have needle sticks on a regular basis like every three days. And having a vein finder is a huge advantage especially these youngsters in understand how they feel about CNN needle coming out. Now this hour. We are doing matching donation so every contribution. You make this hour will be. Double essentially. By our friends at city arsenal and I want to mention some of the folks soon then contributing through the course of the broadcast. This afternoon because we've we've had. Tremendous support so far we greatly appreciated and wanna keep that rolling. Through this hour. Elizabeth Thompson from Simpson bill gave us a fifty dollar one time contribution. Amanda gutter from Roebuck. Became a miracle maker fifteen dollars a month. Greg hall from Greeneville gave us a 180. Dollar one time contribution thank you Greg. Greatly appreciate that Kim Polly from Greenville gave us a 100 dollar one time contribution. Thank you can appreciate it. Elizabeth Thompson from sense and built a fifty dollar one time contribution as well and those are just a few. We have had so many through the course of the afternoon today. People becoming miracle makers agreeing to give us fifteen dollars a month to help the parents and the children here in Greenville Children's Hospital but also. The other number one time donations. Has been increasing exponentially and we've had him everywhere from. Five dollar one time donations to 25 dollars. Fifteen dollars hundred dollars 250 dollars 500 dollars whatever donation. You feel comfortable in giving we certainly gratefully received they go to help them so many aspects. Of blood of Children's Hospital. Because that we were talking with the doctor Gregg Haddad who handles all the operational side of Children's Hospital in the first hour of the program he was talking about. How in the budgetary process. There always are just like you have in your own personal budget. You have necessities. And many have things that are on a wish list. The difference is of course that what's on the wish list at Children's Hospital. Are very necessary items like. The vein finder's. Like the this week shares for the parents to be able to stay right there in the hospital room. With their youngster wilder in here for an extensive period of time. These kinds of things and are not included in the regular. Budgetary. Procedures but of course are our necessities. As far as the folks here at GHS are concerned. And a miracle maker donations actually. Help fund everything. From from crayons. All the way up to cancer research and and without you. Children's Hospital could not provide though level of care that they do for their patience and I don't know if if people recognize it or not. But GHS Children's Hospital is well recognized nationally. As one of the best I mean on a par. With them virtually anyone else. In America. By the coming name monthly miracle maker with a donation of fifteen bucks. You stop and think about what that fifteen dollars from buying. It's funny. Where was that. All right I'd stopped at a convenience store and I was looking for change in his pocket. And and he pulled out a dime and he said oh here it is here's a done. And and I jokingly I was right behind him on line and that's Indiana used to be quarter. And sadly and that's that's the way it is but now Europe miracle maker donation of about fifteen bucks. Is about the equivalent of among large pizza when a couple of toppings or. One adult movie ticket. The in the prices of everything keep going up and that includes of course the prices increasing exponentially for the needs of the hospital as well. And as I mentioned in the first hour of the program one of the reasons that we really enjoyed doing radio Thon. As because it's like it's like a big family here it's like in a sense old home week. So many of our sponsors come back and help us out each and every year and we get to see. Does the parents and the youngsters and see how they're progressing. With their treatment for whatever it is. That they are at children's hospital for and it's all because. Of youthful ex because without your contributions and radio Thon we are this year hopeful to be able to exceed. The three million dollar mark. In total contributions of we've raised over the now including this 111 years and radio Thon. But it's not about us and it's not even about the radio station or stations because it's Oliver and accounts stations. It's about you. The U tremendous generosity. That you guys exhibit. Every year when we do radio Thon and I know we can count on me again. This year sixteen after five here in the body matchup take a quick break here and then we'll come right back with more. Here in the 5 o'clock follies and in the while they. But GHS hospital during Children's Hospital radios on here on WORG. And that is our number three day number one of the GHS Children's Hospital radio on here on WORD. This hour is a big key. I'm not only because a lot of people just got off work but also because this is a power power sponsored by our friends at city arsenal. If you become a miracle maker for just fifteen dollars a month or make whatever. One time donation you care to make however much money that may be is doubled. In this hour that's why we love these power hours in fact I got via text message. Earlier. And send they had. Already made a contribution. On no Vincent show this morning but. Said I'm a sucker for the power hour. Wentz and actually come and level this is it. This is your re your last opportunity to be part of a power power for today. I hear on how the body Mac show so whatever contribution you made. He is doubled and it's a great way for us to be able to add. A few more shackles into the jail 8777195437. Is the phone number to call. We have. Fifteen miracle makers that's a great start. We're doing good we have fifteen miracle makers so far in this hour. We are trying to get the 35. So let's see we can get beat twenty more miracle makers that we need either through. Miracle makers for fifteen dollars a month or whatever one time donation you feel like making. In the next 35 minutes thanks a lot to our Richard Martell. From the liberty. I gave us a twenty dollar contribution. And by yet from my Greer a fifty dollar one time contribution thank you very much we appreciated. We'll have to be able to share the stories where you. Of all the people that we see and and have a way to introduce them to you and give me an idea. The people that you're helping with your donations during radio Thon to Children's Hospital. Including Beverly high and brand Duncan. And Beverly lost her daughter Betsy after a long battle where they rare disease back in April a year ago in 2007 team. Bring on. Who also has a rare disease and Nancy. Ended up becoming desperate and steering their frequent inpatient hospital visits here at the GHS children's. Because both of them of course were in during similar challenges. They get they'll love the facility dogs and there are four facility dogs here at the hospital. That brought him comfort. During difficult and often long stays here at the hospital. Here's are sure. But stormy Thursday afternoon edition here the money Mac show coming to you from Bonnie. And GHS the Children's Hospital miracle network radio Thon it's our eleventh annual. I got a couple of messages in here this afternoon to Rick and that's from Taylor's Davis a 500 dollar one time contribution. And added. Then he would like to challenge his co workers at city arsenal. To match his contribution or. To better at and of course this is a power hour so Rick's 500 dollars turns into a thousand dollars which is great and Kenneth. Also once a city arsenal to match the 200 dollar contribution that he gave us and of course they will be doing that as well. Here's the way you make a contribution. Just grabbed the phone use that toll free number 8777195437. That's 8777195437. Or you can also text a donation just text. GHS. 251. 555. And Ebanks joins me here and our broadcast location at GHS hospital along with Austin I Abbie how aria. I'm good thanks on the edge of your microphone turned up there. You'll you I guess very frequent flyer here at Children's Hospital. So we are we we've been here for about book five years. Winner with both my children Wyatt is. Fine now and often is seven and why it was paralyzed at seven months old I rare autoimmune disease now it has been a big part of our lives for the last night. You know it's it's certainly is is not is a life changing experience you know I I've met so many parents whose children have. Debilitating conditions like that and some of which are going to be. Lifestyle changes them for that duration of their life. And it it seems comedian in notice if there's a common denominator. In the parents of these youngsters it seems like. They are the ones who are best suited. Not to be able to cope with a situation like that if you folks that are truly amazed. I don't know about that I think that it's it's our children that he just and Athens you know we don't know how to handle letter we don't know what to do before it happened right but we new have a child he has a disability or life changes. It puts everything into perspective you know and you kind of understand what's important. Kind of shakes everything in the stuff that that wasn't strong and it need to be there to kind of fall the way in and what's left is important and I think we learned the most from them they just more than anything else. Yeah that's probably true it's it's amazing to me in watching the doctors and nurses here Children's Hospital in dealing. With with all of the of the parents and the youngsters and their and there are various conditions. Not only our level of medical expertise. But the compassion they bring to your situation. I have told people before that. I feel like the Children's Hospital treat the whole family yell when Wyatt was diagnosed with transverse my eyed as he was seven months old and we put a healthy baby to bed and the next morning look at paralyzed from the whole weekend you know we had no idea what was going on what was happening we had another hospital for three day and they didn't they had no tightness no idea what was wrong with you guys had to be terrified neck yet it will. Mean don't have to be here but that's not. If he was sick and we thought he did one amazed we did last that he could mean right and that transcript Children's Hospital. Were given an MR and your golden a little rain and wind was sent to be cute is that having trouble breathing on the bill later. And that's a pediatric and yes if there and yes in. We are given a diagnosis. Transfer some highlighted it is they won in a million autoimmune disease family. You know 11 the bad lottery if it's what we did right. Yeah we were told that you know that it never know why I was gonna get better there was no cure for transfer smile lights went there make a partial recovery went there and make no recovery. In 13 make a full recovery. But they treated them with steroid. Had a steroids kind of keep the body from attacking it we started the small gains but I remember when we were in the PQ that first night the first couple nights listeners to name with Ian. We knew we had just had some surgery to it wasn't fully recovered it. Yeah I had to yup two other children at home home boy and you know just not Nolan what was gonna happen in an. In turner Sidney and ran on in my husband and I think it you know had to take care of ourselves as well that we just couldn't take care. But of quiet you bet and childlike. Understanding that this siblings are affected too sure when there's a big diagnosis and you're talking less about how to talk with them about what was going on making sure that they weren't scared when they were able to come visit their brother. Two it was really a whole family was treated not just child that's in the. Hospital you know it that the people in child alive for truly amazing they are of course all very professional their degree and certified professionals. Who's training and experience has led them to help children and the parents actually families. Not to cope with the medical experiences in the way they do that. Is it's kind of like the old joke and I needed to Carnegie Hall practice at fair you know preparation. Is a big part of it. Using medical play. Expressive art activities and education. And all these things. As a as a family help you guys all to get through this. Absolutely knew. When your child is steer you can't fix it right it does something to that mom partying like. You know you you're you're supposed to be able to fix it yes in and you can't and in town life comes in with tweets and activities. To make them feel at home. I've told people before that you have a child. With a disability or diagnosis and they are in the hospital. You know they don't get those dates added back to the end of childhood exactly if you're in the hospital for two months you know there's not an extra two months at the end right and what this money does for radio Thon you know the budget is the medicine yet as a medicine gives them a future that the money from radio on is them today yet you let him be little. It treats them children. It gives him to wait say that. As a mom and dance when we're watching her children they're not missing now they're still learning in their laughing and they're playing even neither facing stuff that adults could be. Yeah and they still have an opportunity to be can't absolutely. And it it it would be doubly unfair to deprive them of that. If you have any question and in your mind of whether or not the contributions the money that you give to Children's Hospital. Is a worthwhile gift. Or does any good or helps anybody. Ask everybody acts because she can she will be happy to tell. Yes we have two kids who are not scared to come to the hospital Alston has silly exit fees and juvenile arthritis at. We're here with Kurt to get injections and she goes to the doctors and it while they're scared sometimes of needles here. You know procedures they're still excited to come you know they call it the Medicare hospital competitive adequately with what they call it that's what the man. They wanna go play with the computers they ask where the dogs are you know they know their preteen and they are excited to see people and I usually have to pull them out of the door. To get to where we have to be next because they wanna stay in place. Now which is pretty amazing in and of itself and the banks Austan good to see you duke you're gonna see the dog days before you ago he had 98777195437. That's where your money goes actually helps. 8777195437. Be right back. You're the Bobby Mac show from that radio on AGA just Children's Hospital. Welcome back the traffic situation obviously I'm not really good this afternoon as this has been pointed out. A couple of techsters as saying I 85 southbound completely blocked us out today to forty in the back updates than in several miles ready. And that was it about ten minutes ago 85 southbound stopped at 153 and easily and backed up all the way past 25 in Greenville. So I'd caution out there this afternoon when he severe weather back in the area again. This as I mentioned is a power hour and it's sponsored by our friends at city arsenal we're doing pretty good. By the way thanks to weigh in donation. The donor actually. Wanted to remain anonymous. But said if you know you want to announce the gift it's a gift from Alan. OK thanks I appreciate that and that was a generous contribution. As was the end gift from day goal Owens in Inman of 500 dollars is a one time gift. Kenneth Hayes from Campobello one time gift of 200 dollars. Diane Brown well. From up Pickens a one time gift of 250 dollars as well Thomas Mitchell also from Pickens where they 200 dollar. One time gift we greatly appreciate. All of those now bear in mind. All the biggest between now on the top of the hour at six in the next five minutes. All of these will be matched dollar for dollar so if you give us a book it goes in as two dollars and we greatly appreciate. Yes sponsorship. From a bill Robinson. He's the owner of city arsenal. Which if you're not familiar waited it's a great indoor shooting range and retail store they offer training. Memberships. They have not recreational shooting and non competitive shooting it's well it's a fun and and safe environment. Not only for experience shooters but if you. Our new. Too much to handling firearms this is a great place to start. They'd they'd be happy to bring Yemen and show you the ropes and at least get you started in the right way which is they. Crucial part of what they do and that's their business at city arsenal don't they believe. As as part of there. Corporate. Mentality that there's nothing more heartbreaking. Then then seeing the children here in children's hospital and so that's why they wanted to do everything they can to help these children. And their parents as well we are closing out the last couple of minutes of this hour hour. Now we're gonna go shopping in the next hour but your contribution anytime in the next four minutes will be doubled by our friends at city arsenal. And again we are greatly appreciate. The generosity that you all demonstrate. Each and every year that's why this year in the eleventh annual. Radio Thon that we've been conducting. We hope tomorrow night at 7 o'clock to be able to top the three million dollar mark. And a wrap things up here in our number three that stand by bonus hour is on the way next. Here on the Bobby Mack show on Thursday our number four. Of the GHS Children's Hospital radio Thon is on the way be right back.