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Bob McLain
Thursday, August 9th
2018 GHS Children's Hospital Radiothon

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Well there's a a silver lining in the dark clouds this afternoon it is that radio Thon is rolling on and we're doing very well but we still. Need your help. Welcome back it is the bonus hour of Bonnie Mac show. Let's do it. Now let's let's talk about raising money. For the doctors the nurses. The families and the children who all come through the doors a GA just Children's Hospital each year some 400000. People. Require treatment here in ths Children's Hospital each year. Thanks so much for your help here is you continue to help us here in the last hour of the bombing immaculate this stormy Thursday. 8777195437. Is the phone number to make a contribution. To become a miracle maker for only fifteen dollars a month or to give us a one time donation of whatever amount you feel comfortable giving and boy we've had some very. Generous donations during the afternoon today and we greatly appreciate them and I hate your turn why should you give well for one thing. They make you feel good I can tell you that 8777195437. You can also make a contribution. By using the text line just text GHS. 251555. Now in this hour. We are going shopping and I'll give via and an idea of what we're going to be shopping for. We're going to be shopping for a very worthwhile cause something that is benign going on. Just in recent weeks here as well as to children's hospital and that is the camp. Scholarships. You know there are various camps that GHS Children's Hospital runs for these youngsters allowing your kid to attend. One of the GHS camps for free essentially. You were providing a scholarship. For these youngsters these include camp courage camp level one and camp buddy and each one of these is specially catered. Two kids with special healthcare needs. And obviously otherwise would not be able to attend camp. And it's it's very important because. So many of these youngsters. They're dealing with those situations where. That the treatments that they're undergoing can make them appear. Differently than other kids knew how kids can be. So when there at camp and where there with. Other youngsters that are going through the same circumstances they are it's a much more comfortable environment for them. And your donations helped to send youngsters to these various camps 877719. 5437. Now in the last hour. Of the program. We were doing a power hour and that was sponsored by our friends at city arsenal and I mentioned a little bit about him bill Robinson in the gang over there including. Who joins us now Jay how are you man. Happening now my pleasure great to have you here we really appreciate down the folks at city arsenal. Stepping up and sponsoring a power hour during the last hour because we've. Were able to raise a pretty substantial amount of money. And each dollar that we got was doubled. By the generosity of you folks at city arsenal for folks who may not be aware of it you guys have undergone. A pretty dramatic. Renovation at city arsenal and if you. Went there in the old days. It would be virtually unrecognized right now. Yeah I mean the big thinker villains this team over to the arsenal was to create an environment that was unique sees the typical gun store shopping environment right I think. They wanted something that would again be called it wasn't gonna be off putting really open because that's what gun shop in should be when you're going into make such an important decision you wanna guess Hillary trust the staff. It's clean. It's it's for lack of better word of really is a beautiful place to come by a gun and you get a staff in place it's really their team custom the key to your fire needs to not kind of this specific brand. They're not caliber snobs they're really they're gonna find the exact gun that you're gonna use hopefully. For fun and recreation but god forbid you have to be in that situation have been training their that you can get also at city arsenal CWP classes all of the above right to get to all squared away and ready to go. Yeah and it's really important because I'm mentioned when we are talking off the air few minutes ago that does that I was trained in the old days the back in the day back before electricity was invented. In firearm safety and and how to use of weapons to defend myself but that's been so long ago. And sadly you know this is this is a skill that that appreciates. Like falling off a cliff if you don't do it on a regular basis. Yet another channel where I find myself. Yeah and the big thing and it's kids if you are in that pressure situation it really is gonna come down to muscle memory writes it's repetition and actually. What's your person purchasing that fire making sure that you go to place for you can use. Where you can put pled down range and actually go to the battery of arms and get an understanding that in the heat of the moment when everything else kinda goes out of the way. You've practiced nothing you proficient enough in your responsible enough with that fire in the purchase. Pitcher ready to sit. Protect yourself. Yeah and you mentioned responsibility because as was stressed to me every bullet in some way that's right. And future of wanna make sure that it it ends up that your intended targets right and it and not and so much out of the way place. How long have you guys had done the renovations in effective and when did you line actually do all that work. So the renovations have been completed for a little over a year now mom body when he used to be Allen arms and points at highway right still is working for an arms dealer here locally and buy locally means that. Family was set up here in Greenville that he was in Georgia quite helpful and the wife kind of made him make a decision that's hey guess what. We're purchasing something we want to stay in the industry. And it was just really for Tuesday that Alan. Range but it needed work and once we started putting more into the range it was a realization that. Predict an adjective let's make sure that this is the place where. Women they'll say you couldn't decades and they have a full range calpers that it really is a place where they want people to come in and started 22 you. And she all the way to full audit which like an option that they have there as well. Yeah that's pretty cool I've shuffle on out before yep and he just got to make sure that you're aware of the fact that it will ride out on that's right. That's right I hope you can you don't silence there as well another big thing for city arsenal is their turn key selection of silences that happens not big believers that. Let's announcer and a gun is really hearing protection for the extra practice with eyes and ears. When you go to fire the gun and it is maybe it dire situation you don't want that loud. Movement of gas out of the barrel to actually start lees actually openness oppressors answering an excellent sense you know they are completely legal. And the folks over at city arsenal not only have this election experts and Stafford is trying to keep them going there Milwaukee for the the process if you're done and then provide you with a fingerprint in the paperwork too nice as that's not something on your and it fell out once you're in the door you're out of sorts also made it. It's great that's something that a congressman Jeff Duncan stressed him in recent months as well. Jay was sitting arsenal you guys agree. Whatever we raised because of your generosity in. In being a sponsor for radio now we greatly appreciate absolutely it was an easy decision for us all the money stays here we're very proud be part and then tell bill I said I think hello and thanks for watching and I'll be by this that you guys so I can scrape some of the rough stuff might trigger perfect. We'll have a appreciate it quarter after six or the Bobby Mack show take a quick break here this is an AM shopping hour we are shopping this hour. To provide scholarships for youngsters to go to the various camps camp courage and the others sponsored by DHS Children's Hospital. So this would be a great time. To give your money directly to that specific laws to help these youngsters be able to go to camp. They have very few opportunities unfortunately. To act like kids and be in kids' situations and this is one where they can't. 8777195437. As the number. Or you can text G a chance to 51555. Be right back here on the body match though. On a stormy Thursday afternoon from GHS Children's Hospital it's our number four of radio film. Be right back. Welcome back. These stormy Thursday afternoon addition our number four this is the last hour of radio Thon for me for today so we want to finish strong. We want to send. Forty kids to the various camps they GHS Children's Hospital has the camps cost 95 dollars a day. That would work out to thirty miracle makers that we need in this hour. The number is 8777195437. I wish everybody could have an opportunity to see the faces of these kids when they get together this case these camps and they get togethers. Do the things that regular kids do. Because many of them course because of the levels of treatment that they're undergoing don't have an opportunity to. For lack of a better way to put it act like kids but when they go to these camps they get to do exactly and in fact one of the camps just wrapped up last week. So what we're doing is we're financing scholarships. For these youngsters to go to camp. Next year and you can help provide that. 8777195437. As the number. How quickly the phones we go bill is in now Limon like I'm bill and welcome to the body Mac show. High Mercury and you do and so far so good. Hey we're all vertical and still brave and I just wore the day you thought they. You should have been an athlete you were in no the lives of particle Carney barker. If you can make up more money than Clorox has league that's such. I donated today that I they did just destroy 201 time deal. And I can pay you mile below Y pass away 46 years old little Redman numbers in 2003. And she worked it GA GA as well over career. And and there are a couple of angels born they're called teachers and nurses yep and I am slow right now. Year or the voice of site but it broke. I'm Dan not tried to poke queue up for a lot of the a lot of care of you. You make they operate. And so valued or achieved accomplished. And I remember when you live from program director came on the air. Other areas and he's been great for state. Well you're you're very time bill I hate every day. I appreciate that very much thank you bill got bush and and the memory of a nearly wife when you say. He knows small 200 dollar donation no donation is small as far as I'm concerned. You know if if it's fifty century dollar it's more than we have before we start and we greatly appreciate. Thank you bill very kinda appreciate that for a much. Also joining me this afternoon. Is now one of our sponsors who helps us out with a power hours and and all the shopping that we do for the various things that we need and that is my body. Mills grant with Carolina for a sharp who couldn't be witnessed here today because he's out checking on the grass somewhere who what where are you mills. I'm I'm I'm sucking on McGrath. On the route. Or community over north Caroline I'm actually all on all of Bobbie back. Oh really you mean you're actually taking some time off. I'm I'm attempting to pledge to pummel. Well I guess that's what in response to all the rain in the grass growing on its own so is it hasn't needed. You're horticultural. Expertise for awhile. I guess that's correct it'll it'll Ferrell so it's an. Ethnic. Mills and mills of course is an expert when it comes to all things about the ground me horticulture. With the Carolina for a sharp. Not a course you guys and the show on on Saturday morning that a lot of people listen Judy get advice from mills went for people who don't know about Carolina effect fresh front. Until flexible than about who you guys are what you do. It's it's you came home business or our owners cost down on for Canucks after a while this is still with this idea like that right agent or. While the blue shop business there. Well this feel that. Probably close about forty. Years now we formal but without. Which by the south. The AM just delighted to be afforded essentially forceful call South Carolina and it's its own. To begin massive. It will be a glance dates for the social who truly need to move to kind of give Matt L the situation won't argue on here. Slowly. You're doing a delight to the youngest person will be for the. Well we greatly appreciate it Melvin you and your bride of course have four. Wildly daughters. That I don't believe you all have except for against. Maybe than the usual childhood kind of emergencies head to avail yourselves of Children's Hospital have you. And we have not and none we have been lucky to live reports on some token being peers well. You know certainly it's something that's dear to us you you. Your friend we have built this a that they do but the patients later in the children barrier each of the best that they can. Arum and have those opportunities when I was Toobin earlier we were talking about the camp. Yeah zero Michael Dyson army for camp opportunity. Being able to him Boy Scouts. Always set it. Just with with always and Boy Scouts that summer camp can make a tremendous difference in someone's life. Yeah you really can't have a lot of experience things that I ever get the experience. And sadly many of these youngsters have so few opportunities because of the treatments they're undergoing to be able to to get out and go to what camp. And act like a kid and and do things like you know archery and and canoeing at the on the way since its. It it it's it's more than just a vacation formatting it's a a breath of of actually being able to act like a chance for a while. That is strong. Well mills we greatly appreciate the sponsorship from on the folks in Carolina fresh arms by the way if you would like to see an example. Of what does Carolina fresh farms grass looks like. In a residential situation you can swing by in front of stately McLean manner it was really good right now it's it's all green dump. And and now back yard is filling in nicely as well mills from the side you put down there. Well what would we appreciate that bomb is just of misfortune of this sounds like every year but also well so I guess we don't have opt either reached you're. And perhaps one night. This weekend at home nothing till spring wedge out that at the wedge out a few activists have my debt. Yeah like I can do that because I I certainly you can want to dividend earlier chip mills grant with Carolina fresher and by the way you've you've played some of the answer a golf course and to probably see. The leaders do the beneficiary of some of their a ground of me work there as well. Mills thanks a lot for all the they held over the years from Carolina fresher actually greatly appreciated body. You are welcome. Have a great evening 630 here on the Bobby match or take a break through the news at the bottom of the hour. Then we're gonna finish strong. Where they a final push in the last thirty minutes the last half of the bonus hour as we. Come up where these scholarships for these youngsters to get of the various GHS hospital camps. 8777195437. Give us like all now. On Leah referred usually to the 5 o'clock follies as they must heavily commuted heavily congested hour of the body makeover it. As the bonus hour maybe trying to steal its thunder. Pun intended. This afternoon what a mess out there please drive carefully obviously. Just years speed for the conditions. In a situation is very Hanson's lead at all or announced it just stopped dead. Welcome back it is the closing half of the bonus hour. Here on Thursday. Day one. Of our eleventh annual G-8 just Children's Hospital radio Thon here's the number for you to use to help close send kids to camp. That's what we're doing in this hour we are funding. Scholarships. For youngsters. Forty of them to be able to go to the various camps 877719. 5437. As a number we started this hour looking for thirty. Miracle makers only fifteen dollars a month or whatever. One time donation you feel comfortable giving. I you can also make a contribution by texting GHS 251. 555 now as I mentioned. These camps are really great there are three separate camps depending on now which age child and and there. Condition what went to a medical problem they are dealing wit but the scholarships that you provide. Allow these youngsters to attend one of the GA chance camps for free. Now they include camp courage camp level Juan and cam but it. That was named after body to bear which is the hospital mascot and the camps are especially designed and catered. Add to these youngsters with special healthcare needs. Because they have because of him medical condition they're dealing went. They wouldn't be able to attend regular camp and so that's why GH yes put these together and actually started with camp courage. And now it's expanded out. To these three camps as well. 8777195437. As a number or text GA just to 51. 555 we're trying to get thirty miracle makers in this hour enough raising enough money to send forty kids to camp. It in all the F situations that we run crossed. When we meet with the families. Who bring their youngsters here to GHS Children's Hospital. It's it's interesting how many of them. Undergo a life changing experience. Like that like a flipping a light switch. One day everything is rolling along fine and there are no problems and the next. Your life and the life of your child has been changed. Maybe irrevocably. Going forward and one of those cases that is a reflection of that. Is this story from Shea Vincent. Easily my daughter is tiny player then send she's three years old and she is really Kimi patient at the ths Children's Hospital. Lino it is a whiny started again pale they didn't think anything and it irks. But hitting it better way to Slater we can't imagine saying she started getting tired. And my mom's friend is actually a nurse she had come mother's visit she said nano in India.Arie and now. Well O'Reilly get an employment two days later and your pediatrician said behemoth lineman who was Fuller the normal human Glen has SP fourteen and she's like I don't wanna sit cheering me saying Miller's sin in her straight in the children's hospital cancer sinner. This doesn't mean she has cancer they'll take pity they and a figure everything out. Her hemoglobin Molina they had actually drop in Ellis and then theories should stay sick. They assured us everything was going to be a change is gonna build and her and that we're gonna get there it is it gave us peace. Doctor Bryant is one of our favorite daughters Amy and was amazed that she never won here she said she's got linking me and she has freed me a hill and no it is the key live a blessed leukemia. They started the game plan run again. She says tomorrow morning and learn and take during the surgery are gonna go to court and go hitting him or her first as a team and and that's Bunnell flew and the consulate Kimi likes to hang out with spinal fluid they weren't gonna give the cancer break Eminem or attacking it head on Vernon beginning. It was hard for Laney at first she is used to being in a very active towns is a tomboy she runs around and plays tries to keep other older brother. They're the child plus thanks to the hospital and is they're job to keep Laney. Act is now would bring in crafts. They bringing guests and they are being dolls and that's one of her favorite things is that Theres gowns she actually started to have fun. I would like to say things he'd tell the doctors and nurses and staff at the Children's Hospital. Thank you were taken and time to sit on the floor and play with her and to explain to her room at sky non. Who mania especially loves Amy things. She is the CNA on employers of the inpatient heartedly cancer center and she'll actually bring her grave in this is from parties in the morning I was sick and then as she asked. She plays a banana hallways when there she raises her another little red power royals car man who Laney says receivers fuels debate Amy tapes to all the doctors nurses and staff and the Children's Hospital are mainly is forever grateful. And I cannot express in words how much we appreciate. My name is Shea and then send and I believe in miracles. This miracle moment it was powered by city arsenal proud sponsor of the G-8 jets Children's Hospital radio talk. Call this guy's own Greenville hotline to donate now at 877719. Kids pets or 8777195437. Yeah Kerry and making it even now every picture and Kathleen 81000. Light greens. Yeah we really need your help. This children's hospital of Greeneville health system fact he's brought to you by every construction. Do you listening to Children's Hospital in real fun. I'm like I think there is WOIG. Well number again 8777195437. Or text your gift. Toot just by texting G a chance to 51555. You probably heard the expression. Now there but for the grace of god goal line. I certainly hope that you'd never find yourself in the position where you have to bring your child or one of your children. To Children's Hospital either in an emergency situation. Or for treatment for something that you are not certain what it is. But it hit a ia a big feeling of a relief to know that if you do. One of the best children's hospitals and America. Is right here in the upstate of South Carolina and that is this one. GH yes Children's Hospital. Take a quick break here in the be right back with more 877719543. Cent thanks again. For all of your generosity and your. I I feel like kind of like guide to have a funny and that I'm my I am soliciting funds. For scholarships but not for football players for youngsters who would not otherwise have an opportunity. To to go to a summer camp. These camps that Greenville hospital system the Children's Hospital puts on each year are really terrific because as I mentioned. These there these are youngsters that would not otherwise have an opportunity to go to camp. And this is part of what you may hear hear us talk about from my time to time during radio Thon as a dream GAAP. And now we we mention that allowed essentially to dream GAAP. Is kind of our wish list you know in your own personal budget you may have necessities. And then you have things that are on your wish list well it's no different here. It's the things that are above and beyond. The current operating budget there at things that can only. The provided for the youngsters in the family should they serve. Through the generosity of the donations from the community from people like you and that's why we greatly appreciate. Every dollar that we receive the dream damp. Items and services are largely. Things that are not covered. My patient insurance and some of the me much they won't change was certainly think that insurance would cover that but. They don't and those things include things like the web cams at the doctor had done was talking about earlier in the program that they use in the nick you. Now when you have made a premium baby that's born and some rumor so small they can fit in the palm of your hand for heaven's sake. The the parents of course can't stay in the nick you 24/7 all the time they they have. In jobs they have to go through but. And using these Nicky you webcams. They can use their Smartphone and they can actually look and and watch their baby. One islands in the Nicky you. Toys and books in the various game rooms and play areas that they have for the youngsters to take their minds off the treatment center undergoing. Other facility dogs who actually mentioned that numerous times today they have four of them and are hopeful to be able to. Maybe will be able to raise enough money this year I hope to be able to buy two more facility dogs. All of the youngsters universally they come through that we talk with. Are always and chanted with the end of the Golden Retriever and the golden mixes. One is a golden doodle. That that come around to see him while they're in the hospital. Specialized Koreans. Arts and crafts supplies and of course as I mentioned. These camp scholarships. That are so important because they give these these youngsters and opportunity to get away 8777195437. Is the number. Become a miracle maker only fifteen dollars a month that's only fifty cents a day or whatever one time donation you feel comfortable with. And I mentioned throughout the course of the program. Today it it doesn't matter. What the one time contribution teammate. Is it in terms of the monetary amount. I believe me we appreciate each and every one. Cameron Jones from Greenville gave us a one time contribution of fifteen dollars thank you for that. Patty mold from Jones bill a one time contribution of thirty dollars warrant homes from Simpson bill. A one time donation of five dollars thank you that is greatly appreciated as well. Mark Stuart from Boiling Springs. Gave us a 1000 dollar one time contribution. Crystal Hamilton from Gaffney a five dollar contribution. James Miller from Greeneville 825 dollar one time contribution. And I had a a text message earlier. In the day media quickly see if I can go back to a text line and and find that one. Because it it referenced something that that I wanted to mention. Earlier in the program if I can get that tax winder scroll down. About hang on just seconds here. That looks like it's frozen up on me but I can I can kind of paraphrase. What the text or said. He essentially said above I don't know if you've mentioned him. During the course of the program today that I know he's been on your mind because he's been on line and that is rust castle. And the contributions that Russ made two radio Thon over the years. Russ. If he can he can be he can be a bear you know with with collars with whom he disagreed but nobody. That I've ever known as businesses had a bigger heart than rush castle I can tell you this. At the conclusion of radio Thon every year and he would never say any thing about the house. And he probably isn't he probably looking down now would be man. To to have me mention that I can tell you that at the conclusion of radio Thon every year. Russ would always go over to the table where they do the accounting here and write him a personal check for thousand dollars. And he did that every year the radio. Because that was. Another wrote of his ways of feeling like he was contributing. To radio Thon although he made tremendous contributions. Over the years. With. His his eloquence in soliciting your help. Now four for all the youngsters here children's hospitals would be remiss if if on that radio Thon go by without mentioning runs. I've got to wrap things up for today before I go though wanna mention one other thing we don't have an opportunity. I too much and during the course of radio found mentioned some of the folks who also take care of us nearing radio Thon. The folks at what people. To provide the breakfast. For terror and the folks in the morning. The folks from Frankie is New York pizza to provide lunch. And the folks from Outback Steakhouse you provide the weight watch. From a foreign to certainly greatly appreciate you taking care of all of us and all the volunteers who helped to make this thing possible. And their art tons of them. You hear me a lot but you don't see all of the heavy lifting that goes on by that behind the scenes and me and greatly appreciate. All of the voluntary efforts to make this possible. We'll see you back here tomorrow we'll wrap it up as we take it over the three million dollar mark thanks for all your generosity today see you tomorrow. Godless.