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Tuesday, September 12th

Government spying on population; Hillary book tour; Amazing true facts


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Here we go welcome back getting under way where the fourth and final hours here. Actually have final hour for me this week as well apologies spent. And this medical issue that has to be dealt with that tomorrow morning. Now little surgical procedure has to take place and so. As a result I will be missing in action now be MIA. Until a week from tomorrow. Under a physician's orders. However not to worry because radio hall of Famer Jim Bohannon. Will be the end forming and then I'll see you back a week from tomorrow. I mentioned oh by the way here's how you get into action on the part of the conversation seeming Ingles advantage talk line never told free from anywhere 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. And my email address is bomb. And 1063. WORD. Dot com quickly and on the attacks line. Bobby Mack is a closet liberal LAM hey oh gotcha. Bump up from. Whoever this in this cite any it is to keep sending me these. A text messages accusing me of being liberal is it's just gone off the deep and I'm gonna have to block you if you keep on sending main nonsensical things. It and I mention in the Al last hour of the program the section 702. Of the they. Intelligence. Ax this so called section seven a two statute named after its place. In the law books is set to expire at the end of the year. Five years after it was first re authorized. After its debut. In 2008 this is all part of the F five zone. Amendments act or FAA. And the intelligence chiefs are now pushing for congress to renew it. For the first time following the disclosures from Edwards Snowden in 23 team that invoked an uproar. Among privacy advocates and and civil rights groups. The intelligence folks like Dan Coats. NSA director Mike Rogers. Acting FBI director Andrew McCain and and other scooting a deputy attorney general Ron Rosen Steve don't testified. I testified brother back in June at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. With a unified effort to get down there and the government to maintain. It's foreign surveillance and data collection capabilities you may remember this is the one. That James clapper said what kind no we don't wittingly. Scoop up. Information from a private citizens while we're surveilling foreign nationals but of course they do and we've seen now that day. Data that they collect has been weaponized as has been used and a number of instances. Are from these people that have been and going after. Trump. Nominees firm for offices. This section O'Toole. Authorizes the collection of data on foreign persons overseas. Who use the US tech and communications services. And Nash this was the illegal bassist. Funny so called prism surveillance program this is one that was revealed by Snowden. Which reportedly. Takes data from nine tech titans including apple. FaceBook Google Microsoft and others. Those companies have been some of the loud resources behind the effort to reform. They government surveillance powers and and those of us who don't believe that the government should be doing nest stand in opposition to it sells. Now what collect. Your representative know that today you think the time has passed. Four that is sent. 447022. To be sunset it was originally intended. To be sunset. In five years and now that five years is now up. And Bennett should do should be allowed. To expire let them find other ways went out spying on American citizens and then lying about it. Undergrowth in that congressional hearings. To continue. Two. Spy on Americans. One other note part today I mentioned Hillary earlier. Her new book not coming out. Hollywood. I certainly was one of Hillary's biggest donors. I've been on the eve of the release of her memoir what happened canceled town is now distancing itself from the failed presidential candidate. A producer who was a repeat contributor. To Clinton's big bucks campaign. Told deadline. You think it's a coincidence that she's not coming to town. C'mon she knows she is toxic. Here right now. The deep pocketed Democrat added with a degree of bitterness about Clinton's multi city book tour. That kicks off September 18 and Washington. Now by the way tickets for some of these enhanced are going for 2000 dollars good luck on selling notes. Where's our money gonna go by the way to the Clinton foundation. The a producer said they took everyone's donations made a lot of promises. And then left. Everybody holding the bag when she lost. Constantly in California and during the election for Silicon Valley and Hollywood hosted fundraisers. By the likes of he in my Saban and his wife Sheryl Disney boss Bob Iger and Jeffrey Katzenberg among others Clinton won the state. By a strong double digit margin over Donald Trump in November. While losing other key states and the Electoral College. Yet the former New York senator and secretary of State's only stop in the Golden State. So far. On her fifteen city US and Canada who flat to work for the release of what happened. Is it UC Davis. On October the night in previous for the book and a series of media appearances including CBS Sunday morning. I Clinton has pitched at least partial blame for her loss to Donald Trump on a variety of factors taking some. Personal responsibility issue he has on a number of occasions for her lack luster campaign. The two time presidential hopeful and popular vote winner. Seems to also exhausted more than a few over Hollywood supporters specific way as they wait to get their hands on her book to see if their mention. Insiders tell me they are frustrated. When he re emergence of a pattern of finger pointing. To which she and former President Bill Clinton previously defaulted. The sit down with Jane Pauley on Sunday sought XP sought ex FBI director James -- and they email server scandal. White nationalist. And trumps deplorable. Appeal to an angry electorate reiterated by Clinton in a familiar chorus. And also included primary rival senator Bernie Sanders. Vladimir Putin's at Russian hackers Barack Obama and DNC tech support. The forces that were at work in 2016. Were unlike anything I've ever seen or read about. Clinton said in her first significant TV interview since the election. It was a perfect storm. A studio executives said its same old Clinton mantra is somebody else's fault and how much money can we rake in. Pretty much. Now by the way they already have chopped the price of Hillary's book from forty bucks to I think it's 1795. And Amazon and and a few of the other places. I think. The book quiz not on the book was I number one on Amazon but that's because Wal-Mart and net Amazon bought enough. At a significantly reduced price will see where it freefall Stew as soon as it's released which is today. Quarter after six here on the bunny match or take a quick break here when we come right back on the other side. Your conservative beliefs. Keep those to yourself because they are no longer allow on. By the fascism. Of political correctness. Taylor Lewis. Saying today your beliefs are no longer allowed. That's next here on the body Mac show when we come right back. Welcome back six to anyone here and about it Mac show all of the when I get a call from my Anthony wants talk about how I trumps basis deserting him yet no wonder a look at. What a massive failure Trent has been so far he put a conservative on the Supreme Court. He's doing away with tons of rules and regulations. By the way this just out today. From that well known conservative newspaper they Washington Post. Middle class in come. Hit its highest level on record. In 2016. This is that I'm not just pulling numbers out of thin air here this is from the US Census Bureau. Median household income in America 59039. Dollars last year. Surpassing the previous record of 5800655. Set in 1999. They figure is adjusted for inflation and as one of the most closely watched indicators of how the middle class is doing financially. As the census surveys nearly 100000 homes. The census said the uptick in earnings occurred because so many people found full time jobs or better paying jobs last year. By the way. At the same time. Hand in glove would that number America's poverty rate fell to twelve point 7% the lowest since 2007. And I am an Internet being the Washington Post they have an interview. With a guy here at the end of the of the article. Who is this guy Julian west of Phoenix. He has. Howell 44. Good example of somebody is like dramatically improved last year for much of the recovery the only jobs they could find were dead and once. Working a dollar tree and a car washes I was really struggling says west who was forced to move back in when his parents. He's 44. And I'm slowly saving and paying off bills who does he credit. Barack Obama. For helping turn around the economy. There's no cure for there is no cure or absolute stupidity. 23 after six here in the body match Eleanor quickly catch up with the text alignment 71307. Now Bonnie this is Barnes and Noble's PR department. Hillary's book is out we'd like to ask your listeners not to leave there chewing gum in my company's on the shelf. Thank you good advice. Bonnie I think you're a cross Dresser as well a liberal. Cross Dresser. A market and nodding a sense that when you now right. Al body sounds like your pot smoking audience sector has spoken again. With a weird tax money I mean if if our listeners can see your legs. Up. We're not even gone there they are not gone anywhere and and that Bobby I couldn't agree more about the iPhone X. Being gay and you gigantic spy tool they'd given away for free of Lou wouldn't buy him just to get their precious data. They must collected all all the time facial recognition. How about middle finger recognition no thank you. Bob Bob Bob let's say recovering meteorologist. Did you ever experience the eye of hurricane. Not. Never did and and just as happy. Now that I never went to. Bob of that texture who thought who accuse you of being a liberal is either are not rial. Are you liberal themselves are a total idiot there can be no other explanation it's. Bob if I had a legal excuse to stand on hurricane I would but then again. I have more dangerous things if you trained to be a meteorologist you wanna be where the action that's true enough. I mentioned story yesterday of the tornado that went past the national weather center office in Memphis. And of course are always issuing warnings you know get to that most interior room in your home get down in the tub put a mattress Korea where all the meteorologists. While the tornadoes whipping down the road right outside their office outside watching it. But. The idea guy. Bob I had a back and forth with representative commons. If we'd get the wall may get a felony for illegal immigration and local law enforcement having the power to arrest and detain illegals. I said we could give tremor a dreamers resident status but not citizenship. He wants citizenship what is your and your listeners opinion thanks from a Richard Gaza. It's amnesty. And to me it's simpler sent. Bobby Mack is a closet liberal right. Bobbing my phone stinks if you get multiple messages it is a Democrat thanks from Richard. Now hold on Bob the problem of the left a day gets to false fact base and rigid orthodoxy gulf thinking. Orthodox colas that even a word. The old paradigm is currently reversed so where conservative. Was formerly notoriously idealistic and liberal was intellectually. Always generally open minded to a fault. They fake pop culture are fact based has made a liberalism into occult and conservatism. Into common cents. I'm inclined to agree. On it it is a. Hate to coin a phrase brave new world. Hey Bob is doctor Ben Carson doing your procedure in the mark Hewitt thanks so sensing USA brain surgeon. But now. And not in this in this instance. I go for it Bobby a block at that block it and obviously is a liberal attempting to do what they do that spew lies. Bobby our thoughts and prayers will be with you for your surgery tomorrow will make sure on the air so much. I god bless Sharyl ugly wife Brenda make an issue all hands and I have her hands full. Taking care of view. No kidding. That's money that they nodding in assent I'll call. Bob it's so obvious that you are not a liberal sir Bob it would take an idiot to think you were looking forward to your show every day Gary from Smart Merrick thank you Gary. Bobby the American public needs to learn that fascism as they left wing enemy. Course just look at Nazi Germany. Where they fascists yeah all. Was the name of Hitler's party the national Socialist. Party. Media off. Bobby I wish you the very best done tomorrow with prayer good show be safe buckle up and down glass bottom saying thank you appreciate that. I'm Bonnie police thank chemists Annie and the new center for a new known sparkle bearing. The. Used in Simmons is like people who pay two grand to meet Clinton are by her book are sparkle marries. Got you always always happy to add new words to Leo lexicon. Bob wanna wish you the best of luck with your medical procedural vote will be looking forward to hearing you safe and healthy in a week. Now meet him. Can you imagine me with nothing to do for a week. Told told by my medical advisors I can do nothing for a week. And now finally this if Bobby Mack is a closet liberals and Rosie O'Donnell a safe conservative. Republican. Gadget. Bob have you seen the video of the a woman reporter being hit by the stop sign in the wins and Irma. Google reporter gets hit by a stop sign incredible. Bobbie I think you have Q blacks. I'm going anywhere near that 199630. Here on the balmy night show any. They previously mentioned a little Lanny robards standing by and the new senator Bob on the bobcats will be right back for the second half of the bonus hour. Coming up next. How to welcome back in the who. Last half of the bonus hour. Here on this cloudy. A bit warmer matches yesterday. I believe. I believe we had a record low high temperature for the day yesterday it would surprise Miami it was it was downright cold. Yesterday. In all my tax line 71 threes are seven in all caps. We've got our. Yeah a good to have its exits on the way there working on it. Bobbie Messina video of the woman reporter being hit by the stop sign in the Google. Reporter gets hit by a stop sign incredible. And I did money penny and I looked dead. You are on her the prosecution rests sent to acts and that's the is all the evidence we had to present she's there 12. And she's obviously you know enough. I don't know force a force to. Winds and she's having difficulty standing up she's there 12 and on the next. Stop scientists took absolutely just went airborne and and wiped her out. Now I texted back and told him that yep week way to look at it and said now laugh out loud punishing got knocked out. More so it's like god said enough already. I area. Bob perhaps we are modern liberals we believe in free speech laugh out loud. And now this hey Bob having surgery. Is no excuse for not doing your show. That's the social mavens and by the senate crop could very. Please have the doctor early here headphones on and have nursed money penny hold the microphone laugh out loud Jeff. I get Wilson thank you appreciate it chance. Bobbie I've been through true. Eyes of Hurricane Camille in 69 that was nasty. Camille down on the Gulf Coast Mississippi. I remember that went well and Frederick in 79. And that one was 91279. Today. Alabama Gulf Coast not the place you wanna be believe me. Get well fast. Dog the dogs and I need you from a springer thanks springer. Bobby it sounds to me like apple is trying their very best to copy the Samsung Dallas a galaxy S eight. Where their iPhone X since they both have very similar features by the way hope your surgery goes well tomorrow I'll be praying for you for a speedy recovery. And praying surgery goes great god bless thank you appreciate that for in my attempt to best menace and Bob I'll pray all goes well and yes I will be nice to Jim for you Bob only for you from Michelle. I did. Bob praying for you daring surgery and your recovery we will miss you from my gene Poteat thank you gain appreciate that. Bob ball another text mob reporter hit by a stop sign was not. During her mind such several months ago it's probably been floating around on the Internet for awhile from Scott. Whenever it happened I'm certain that the rope the one who who is in the video certainly remembers when it happened. That was that was back when she had our teeth. Man. Bob Hope on the first but it's going to be the cute lagged body Mac show up money penny it just threatened. Two well that you talent money penny went you had a threatened after the cute legs count. Couldn't ask Andy DeVine a pitcher of bomb. And a pitcher or rocket and superimposed his face on the rocket body but I by suggested that wouldn't really work. Now because I believe. There is a minimum height. For rockettes I think they have not. I think it's five champ wake up Agee said it wouldn't work because your legs are pretty geared. Up and anywhere near that. As they're certainly more heavily scarred than any of the rockettes acting guarantee. I'm Bob the video the reporter getting hit by a stop sign is about ten years old and it's fate for a British comedy show. Boy if it's fake it's a good one. Bob I was in the eye of Hurricane Hugo in Charlotte. That was eerie. That was weird for me to to watch Hugo because I was doing weather for the NBC affiliate in not Memphis and the time and had worked. In Charleston. There on Iowa palms. On channel four in Charleston WCI VTV or a work. I was was out and I'll palms and they showed some video there was a a rotating bridge. That you could you'd they used to cross. Now one it was either wasn't part of the river. And they may have been part of the inner coastal. And now when hurricane came through a turn that thing into a giant propeller. And finally ripped it off also. Also pretty much wiped out the building may now have they since have built up pretty much a broadcast Alice. There channel four but part of the facility we had when I was there was a quonset helped. Go to walkway that daring Hugo. Bob the record low high yesterday was 62 degrees question. I thought we never got above 58 almost seem I can find it from on no and has sent along. A Bob please do I your fog fog or no ignore and governor meg taxpayer impersonation against best part of my day. Sure one on one more time. This video guy die a hero. Mike taxed and reminded you. Because I know many of up bun constituents. Yeah and name palmetto state may have not brains enough to pick up a love our Latin. If you see. A love power Latin. Players. Do not pick it up. They 'cause I'm going to need we all vote. Next GL. Why do you. There's a bad name message drug we all got knocked him rent. Make taxed. A quarter of 47 on about a match I'll be right back with our amazing true facts. How did rule may come up for those questions. On jeopardy. I'm half. We dig enjoy it. And as we always do get the answer. Moon and clay who is that springer in the background. 65010 before 7 o'clock here on the body match OK you go time to bring in Gary good voice but this evening's edition well. Mom no clear. You have often wonder to yourself how they how they come up with a all those questions and categories on jeopardy. Well we investigated with the head writer Billy with C. WI SSC. He broken up into seven basic steps here we go. Outlays and we can't go yet we need the jeopardy theme here. Here we go. Number one a writer chooses a category. A category idea I can come from anywhere maybe the writer had an interest in fact. Decided to build a category around it on he just came up with a cool name. For a category are as the head writer said it could just be Friday afternoon and you really should write one more for the week. And you don't have any better ideas than Spanish history or something like that. Number two movie writer than writes seven clues submits the category to the head writer. As you probably know there are only five clues per category on the show submitting seven. Gives he had writer the flexibility to trash one and keep another as an extra. And you need an extra in case there's a conflict. Like of one of the clues is about a subject it was just covered Greece. Third the category gets sent to the researchers. Their job is to make sure all the facts are correct and there's only one. Correct answer for each took. Fourth the head writer puts each game together with four basic categories academic. Lifestyle. Pop culture and workplace. And then there of course a bunch of sub categories were denounced the trick is to balance each you know so there's contents in an interest all kinds of viewers. And so that it's fair to all the contestants. If your heavy on one type of material that one contestant as early strong and that would give him or her an advantage. Fifth V writers checked the categories and the clues one last time. This is where they all get together to sure everything up and make sure all the wording is good. That the clues are in the best order and that the material hasn't been used too much or too recently. Sixth. Last minute tweaks from the bosses. Both the executive producer and Alex trade Beck himself. Look over everything and give notes. Seventh the final jeopardy up Wednesday at least a final jeopardy. The final jeopardy. And daily double questions are formed all the writers bring in a batch of final jeopardy questions every few weeks and they go over them. Foray collude to make it on the air at least one other writer has to be able to answer. Or else it is considered. Too hard. And got a final jeopardy question that too tough. In choosing daily doubles they would propose and have an extra hands in the word and that helps you figure it out. I'm mr. west's says quote daily doubles are supposed to involve a two step process since you have a little more time. Okay you'll always wondered now you know. Where they jeopardy questions come quickly the phones before I have to get out of here Kevin is incensed and now hi Kevin and welcome. Barbara America and our church so far so good. Right don't go ahead of popular most knowledgeable they have kind of been atmosphere thank you senator high praise indeed open for. Got three quick things story you want. You sent to doctors only to keep before it Saturn opera. I I think that when his best left at home brought. Not he's probably removed and a good the next thank you are they going like CIA people there since you've got or their fullest including children and click here you know. Hey man I. I've no. But they they do. They they do what. And duct tape over my mouth so I'm incapable of speech during. I want to burn burn way ever again I don't. Know the feeling. And we'll ask wearing man. Hey when you jump up. Operating table though you're there prop Europe PL that are the gotcha Dutch air or land and sent airborne all the wind. Example after we will target thank you Jim and I appreciate that very much you have time yet click land time to get to re in Inman hi ray hello. Hey you have got to have a doctor in Tom number I'd say band so far so. There's. Yeah meadow road. Deadly EAM tell you should mention you know yeah up in Washington right. Yeah. It is. There's anywhere you become a person kind of attack machine taken. And the way things are going ray. We we may need to call on not HG wells. Here so we can we in turn it back to when things are saying ray I gotta run but I thank you so much for the cult. Thank you for being here today as well I will see you a week from Wednesday. A police make Jumbo Phelan home. And C and CNN told and god bless. You believe time. All right take care. Most of this country probably wants him to go away and there's no says it all riled up every time a bunch of idiots get realized time take care now. Mommy can we please talk about this later bought by then in the end the universe tends to unfold position. There my babies bad and didn't.