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Bob McLain
Wednesday, September 13th

Storm reporters; Hillary's new book; Immigration; DACA


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Borrow seven. Wednesday afternoon Jim Bohannon in for Bob Oakley in the rest last week to 63 WRD the talks should. And it week yet have but he called and an easily its authors of the day hello plan. He. Is and there. Oh there you go well now we have we have got that it would undermine. About Alba whether penalty will be about their. Bob mentioned yesterday that you're a somebody to hit it heavy strain that the united. Reporter getting. I missed that one out Sorensen added. Oh I wasn't seriously injured. And actually I picked it up networking and let it you dangle didn't reporter yet. On the. These Coca-Cola and on our electorate about winning. At the end of the luckily I'm like a reverse split of but it it. It is our issue survived I guess that The Herald. You've got to realize these wind speeds I mean. I was and you eat it in one time and a weak hurricane people were telling me O Lugar were really like use is so weak I watched they won't window shutter. Little cart Wheeling end over end down the street had that hit a car would have lifted debt and that hit a person it would have broken a leg. People don't realize what these beads can do seriously. A stop blood let's say you got one of those medals signs that ripped loose from the pole and turns into. 100 plus mile an hour discus. That'll be kept a picture. But Nokia cannot get flak that Gary Vaynerchuk that would Wear a helmet but lack accurate account without applied to birdie. But no I didn't thank you the battalion. Actually. Lived through Hurricane Hugo when he came I'll. Doctor at the arm airports they layer so yeah I had Andrew Friedman on the floor went pale blue without power about live happily. You know what. Sandra reporters ought to think twice about that you know maybe not such a good idea. And I'm not sure that really enhances. Your ability to report a meets a cosmic and hardly hear him talking for Pete's sake it's it's not a sign of weakness with her reporting from behind. Walls Olympic window. At. And what I don't think helping. You and on capitol corporate advances delay there but they're issues okay. I restore you ever been in. I'm eager. You owes the worst one well that's bad enough that that's that's plenty bad you have bragging rights official bragging rights. Yet it would were actually living in a mobile but we got to evacuate an okay guy and the battle that you know my home on the milk you're likely to hear it and I'll like authority he's just come. All. And you don't think those can purchase it if the big devote vinyl siding. Pitcher at the right angle that'll Kutcher pretty badly. Yet there was. Barely get to the left hand and then after that you can crop and he rejected a lot during Apple's popular. Yeah Richard it. It's repetitive. The values gotta be careful you gotta be careful you heed the warnings would it look like more people did this time a lot of isolated empty beaches where there used your. Are tons of people around him. Apparently people for the most part got the word and they actually acted rationally it's time which is which is good. Or. Put. You have a good look to their support level at W or do you vote 63 states to exploration. As we note that among other things today the yeah. Big debate about that TV storm reported mob did really is necessary to be quite. That. Death defying if you will a Buddhist culture that use the point that is gleaned from that. So anyway. Our common sense of retirement plate text line 7130771307. It's the that reporter that you with a subsite was old was out last year during Matthews the story was in England okay. Very good it was nonetheless. Together. Pretty dramatic. OK and here's what did I just heard the news that Stevie Wonder says that you'll believe in climate change must be blind. Yes yes he did. And that is exactly what your okay. All right and it's seated Jim I don't know about you whether they fall that would give me the same sensation as food or six. I would agree. With the possible exception of course. The vibrate setting but be that as of may here. 49 that I've made note of the fact that. That it was as though Republicans had completely deserted president trump as a lot. People seem to think they have arrested 49 out of 52 isn't bad. It's wasn't good enough. But that's to actresses 4952. Is indeed bad when zero of them ran on keeping obamacare. I think that the the defectors made a mistake I'm merely noting that it's not as though the Republican Party that's completely abandon Donald Trump far. Far from a this is it is that you're killing me Jumbotron knows what he's doing. Maybe he does but I raised good points. And those are really good questions. And I raise them and I keep raising them to like generally good answer but the notion that Donald Trump as the savior. I don't buy it that for one minute. Maybe he knows what he's doing in this case maybe not anyway. Buyers of London Jim bow please correct use an article five constitutional convention. It's not it's a contingent of states big big difference that extra little difference at all. It's an article five constitutional convention is it's a convention states. And you called what you want but that's exactly the same thing. Be that as that. 180347106310347. 1063. Jumbo and for Bobby Mack today and looking out on what I hope. Will be reasonably quiet. Rest of them of the storm season but just don't just don't need it. One thing about tornadoes like group a tornado country tornado is huge thing but you can see all of it. The tornado rears up from the sky and it's really impressive it's bigger than the biggest skyscraper universal. But but you can see all of it. A hurricane is so big perk is as big as the state you cannot see all of demolition got a satellite picture. That's that's the remarkable differences. And from among one time when in two storm chasing yeah arena and a lock himself out of his car. He was desperate to work to keep doing his job which of course was to act macho in the face of the storm. Wrapped hotel towel around his fist and punched out its passenger side window to get in the car now of course. To the rain is coming and horizontally. And 8090 miles an hour straight into the car it was whose country trust me. It you we will continue with a more here on the body Mac program for a Wednesday afternoon. At 2163 WORD. The ups its talk station vacation hadn't heard and the time was 450. Glad you joined us this Wednesday afternoon cleanup day for a lot of folks. And the various. Debris to be collected the timing was really great for a group that I happen to be and a civic group. That it picks up along highway. And South Carolina. And that we picked tomorrow to do highway cleanup and I'm not sure did the storm deposit. More trash or remove it I really don't know what kind of curious to see what the yeah. The ground looks like tomorrow so I'll be doing before right at him to do another edition of the about McNamee it's coming afternoon. We are 1063 WORD the upstage talks station will be Eagles advantage talk line is 1803471063. 1803471063. The comments and retirement planning text line. 7130771307. And a good to have you aboard today to give us your. On those issues of the but that that are happening of course we had and a earlier the the whole circumstance. With us. Hillary Clinton and and her new book she has run out of people blame it's pretty remarkable. So this new book readers what happened. The name that's an overdue book but it might be better the question mark. Is probably a little. Ever changing cast of characters. And on the run of course WikiLeaks. James call me that's rich you're blaming and called me right. Bernie Sanders slalom you could. You can you can possibly blame us Sanders who did of course run pretty credible campaign against her. Welcome back to Bernie Sanders in a moment you better get used to Bernie you're not burning himself debates are good birdie in and another three years. But a metal of course he has to. Real scapegoat this is when she may settle on for awhile millions of bigoted white Nationalists yes you'll know we to argue voted for. Beat two. Didn't realize it was a big white nationalist. But. Clinton told Jane Pauley on the CBS Sunday morning program. Trump won because he was quite successful in reference and a nostalgia that would give hope. Comfort settle grievances for millions of people who were upset about gains were made by others. When Pauly asks what your saying is millions of white people Clinton replied millions of white people yeah millions of white people so. She had to be drawn out a little bit but that was not shy. But she was interviewed him in PR and a really founders tried. Feats of the a trumps message was discriminatory bigoted prejudiced and yet it fitted to parts of the electorate that just wanted to have. They primal scream they didn't like what was going on it really. Responded to his racial and ethnic and sexist appeals. Really had no idea that such hot beds of racism and sexism existed in Wisconsin. Michigan. Ohio. Pennsylvania. Amazing. The core of the old confederacy right there Wisconsin Michigan Ohio and Pennsylvania. Who. Of course. There were a number crossovers one problem with your analysis. Billions of those white people who voted for Donald Trump also voted for Barack Obama. There are nearly 700 counties in the United States which voted twice for Obama 13 of which slipped to trumpet cloudy sixty. So listen does it. So the most awful lot of bigoted white Nationalists who voted for. Barack Obama. Interesting analysis. But you think. 18034710631803471063. Although still one in four or president Obama's 2012 white working class supporters. Defected. And either supported Donald Trump including sixteen. Warwick to a third party candidate that's an awful lot. And Hillary might wanna think about that why would cause. A quarter. Of white working class supporters to defect. From the Democrats in 26 team and of course there's the party of the working class just ask them they'll tell you. And here you were probably carrying that very same message why would 25% of them. Who voted for. For Barack Obama which tells you a lot about the right there they are certainly open to the appeal of of class warfare in the rest of the Obama agenda one quarter of still voted for crop. Why do you suppose that is Hillary. She'd just gotten to that particular excuse just yet where are still working that. There. But publishers who get around sooner or later of course she's going to have to break the honest assessment that it like view. Like your baggage that like your history of lives admitted I Clinton foundation which it is ever finally. Fully investigated. And after Lowe's Lerner borders will be but it oddity. It could be in terms of she your money total dollars the biggest corruption case. In the history of this country. Maybe they didn't like that. And as a matter of fact one democratic pollster Stan Greenberg pointed out that many of these working class Obama crowd voters. Not even light. Greenberg recently wrote. The Democrats don't have a white working class problem working class problem Democrats love support and all working class voters across the electorate including. Rising American electorate minorities unmarried women and millennial. Koch Hillary. What would've caused them all to do it. It could be you. Could be. 103471063. The Eagles advantage talk line one income of 3471063. She's gonna get around here she's blamed everybody else who's gonna have to come back to her eventually it. Comments since retirement planning text line 713077137. But it's getting to be an old narrative and and by the way. Was the last time you heard the word rush. Remember Russia. Yeah I know it's it's a nation and it's led by Vladimir Putin and he's chief did all of that yes that's true whatever happened to Russia. In collusion was Donald Trump steel in the election. I know who's been a lot of things in the news at true North Korea has been a lot of the news of the weather's been allowed in the news. So I missed that you would think that the that would have come up more. It's almost like. Total lack of proof means that in the narrative ultimately dialogue to use keep. Spout again but you don't prove it. Today. Other reason Obama voters expected to drop his that they captured from Clinton and the Democrats about how great the economy was doing. When you are of the lead the incumbent president's party which are not the incumbent president. You've got to really ask yourself how much you like old the incumbent. In other words I know there are problems everybody else knows there are problems the incumbent president. Just almost has to say well gee things are roses all get out yeah. But if you are running to replace that incumbent president remember the same party. How obligated are you to drink that coup late she drank a lot of 50% of Obama trump voters according to priorities USA is polling. 50% of those of load for Obama twice in the trump once that there incomes are falling behind the cost of living. Of the 30% of their incomes are really keeping pace with the cost of living. You do the math of that leaves you with 19%. Who actually improving. Under the Obama economy. Gee I wonder who they didn't vote for you Hillary. It but about it. Alrighty it's about 429 here at 1063 W largely the ups and talk station Jumbo for Bobby backed. And it's 42 minutes before the hour of 5 o'clock can it possibly be Williams should care and good to have you with us today jumbled for Bobby back. Of the rest of the week as the yeah. The monsters that got some time off here the Eagles of that its top line this 1803471063. Where we have book. Market travelers rest hello mark. Page and I understand. I'm wells is thank you. I absolutely episode and the Patrick do you wish. You very kind thank you. You know I don't understand committed serious. Australian and I actually reached so that's what able to wedge never happened. When Hillary Clinton says. She felt like what did that they're not quite proper. We're now back in part because it meant a lot for saying that you know that it won a bit which has really sort of weird concept and made that. I think that we don't know it was so let's step back and industry might send the clintons you know I'm gonna run it wherever that way but don't go out here because they don't have a bunch of people come in from places that have. You have ties to terrorism and they don't. And they and they want our government to do something about immigration that they only had one choice and that was the safety choice in that thing that's why I want to win the bid to open the ultra. I would be the least bit surprised. A plus the fact that the let's not forget what's being pushed on us here although you most of the politicians who support this are Smart enough not to say it. But it's open borders if you wanna come here that you should be allowed to come here to which I'd say no oh no. No we should determine we who are the illegal residents of this country just does it every other country should determine who gets them how many per analogue for what reason. That's. Really I have been. About Pennington is he really important everybody like stick it to go to this to bed. And so that we're a nation of immigrants that are important here I'm scared away a crook. When you do an expansion would have been impossible and wouldn't you know who are trained than ever plays them. And that kind of thing which. It would require a lot of unskilled labor now that's all we need more going on under the digital equipment in the digital age twenty to implement. Better but I don't scaffold and an end and we're trying to we do not need people about it. I mean it's kind of credit he made that they're saying you know like he said that when. But come over here all you want to we have. I like except for 40% of young black people in America and have been either unemployed and that it probably in saying that the Democrats want more and more people won't get an important that people. Yeah and that tells you a classic part about that the democratic coalition they know they can count on the black vote. And so they take them for granted you're unemployed but that's okay you'll still vote for us to worry about it we're over seeking new votes and we're gonna bring in people who compete. For the jobs Europe after. That's. Hypocrisy in the extreme absolutely. I'm a 100% the percentage. I'm gonna tell you I appreciate you know you gotta go now they're magnified bet there from the thank you to take my call. I appreciate your thoughts clarkin good luck to you and a appreciate your views this afternoon as we've arrived now at 19 minutes before 5 o'clock here on the Bobby Maclin. At 63 WO lord Levy upstate talks station and markets. Is is quite correct about that that's the basic argument. Yes I've heard that the inscription on the statue of liberty or give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe history. Well before you knew we were up to our asses and huddled masses at noticed. I'm sorry but for those who really buy into the notion it was all just stay eight giant. Touchy Feely feel good situation. I know we needed as mark pointed out very accurate we needed. People with strong backs of minds week responded really matter. To a if you are westward expansion our burgeoning industrial machine them talking about a century and a quarter ago. We don't need that many people today plus ago 345 billion of this already we don't need that many more people out is this anti immigrant. No. As you keep hearing from the other side who just aren't either tone definitely relieved that pitted cells. Nothing that is being said here is anti immigrant know it is not it is anti illegal in this is even about immigration this whole battle over taco. And all the related issues has to do with obeying the law. Certainly we need people look at the graduate schools of a science technology engineering and math in this country. Take a look at them. Let me tell you something it wasn't for immigrants we would have very many people in those schools going after their masters in their doctorates. Thank goodness for those immigrants we need them we don't need others but even beyond that. We see. Should be the people in charge of deciding who we need. Week the residents of this country we should be the only country in the planet that has to be told that. Every other country knows this even Mexico knows this. Surely user northern border as a toilet flushed their unemployment problem way you'd try crossing from Guatemala in the Mexico Mexico southern border see how easy that is they know how to police the border. The way that they yet they treat people who go into their country if you if you love break it to Mexico. As they have been happy to help so many people do this country. You'll be immediately deported if you're a Mexican who helped somebody break into Mexico you will be jailed. To a Jimmy and easily hello Jeremy. Hey blue and you know they turn air Gartner analyst Ronald. Well I don't know sound so far so so good so go ahead what you know security problem. OK I know that these mortars post war but I did note that edit video will history yet. Immigration dying allow a walk in the Holy See is is some limited number. In you had to help. They sponsored so lonely so long we all know what that well but it never did actually open borders and your body will mean there are actually a day. Don't know Sunday. You're right. The last experiment sorry no borders or let everybody Coke made you want. There's little if you call me and so much of that comment cosponsored a maturity you have a job what you gave here. You can't always. Yeah as a matter of valiant what you're saying is quite correct that there are a lot of people out there who would like to ignore that law and that's that's the very core of the problem. The very core of the problem. There aren't important. No we may now. I'm not watch it try and go long in the a picnic and it anyway I don't not. Not act would. A couple of hundred you can you can help. Electrical and even well all these different order of patience been. And we end up not that would record not helping you probably like industry group not. That would be race. It isn't that the truth of him that is hypocrisy at its highest Jimmie thank you for your thoughts and booed but the more. 445 now Jim Bohannon for Bob McClain at 1063 WORD the upstate talk station. 10 minutes before 5 o'clock here on this Wednesday afternoon and yes indeed this is 1063 WORD. Be upstaged talks station. No other station can make that statement which we pass that law to be here that's the the going to the yet. Comments and retirement planning text line seven on threes so the inscription on the statue of liberty is an inscription is not a law correct. Called wrecked. It is not a law. Let's see here I think yearning to breathe free. This yearning to breathe free thing has been taken out of context and expanded to cover resides eat and be educated. She says. I would agree I agree. It's a year Hillary Clinton probably wanted to throw President Obama under the bus and regarding the economy but she couldn't do it because she would have lost. The election for sure have been labeled a racist well the clintons were still. Of course. Eight years after the fact they were still a bit burdened by their treatment in 08 when Hillary ran against Obama. And of course it that was in this state. That Bill Clinton. Made comments which it in fact were not all that bad but he was labeled a racist so this was a brand new experience. Brand new experience with the clintons and never ever in their lives. Ever been accused of big races before it did it stop. That you would set aside but it wasn't that bad it was certainly in the kind of purely racist comment at all. But that they were really stung by that so that's probably apart. Of quiet was that the clintons were reluctant. To take on the the economy and the other other incumbent the president said the thought of by people of their own party. Take for example Hubert concrete. Who followed Lyndon Johnson. And Humphrey did depart from Johnson on a number of areas. In the lead them to vice president. He did on the on the Vietnam War to a considerable extent. It's it's almost a matter of of survival really if your candidate. I know administration has ever perfect. And good as those who Barack Obama administration wasn't perfect. There were there I could make up the speech for Hillary right now. Yes we have made progress site three or four interest and statistics are but but we need to do much more and there are still people hurting blah blah blah blah. That would have been that hard to do but does she did. Curious your regular has Hillary gotten around to blaming Monica the wind ski because she seduced her husband bill. It I don't think that made the list. Last time I checked the Russian from there WikiLeaks was on the air. White racist nationalist regrettably Monica made the list of course it would have to be Monica and the cast of several hundred. Because. It wasn't just Monica. Although in truth I did not vote against Hillary Clinton because of a bill and as a philandering ways that voted against. Hillary for a variety of reasons not the least of which would be the crooked nose. But policing which will be the the lies about bin gutsy not the least of which would be a committing offenses with classified emails would have gotten anyone else that kind of a clearance. A stock in prison. But mostly it was possibly the her agenda was not my agenda she is a part of the news socialist leaning agenda. And that was a mine. And so loan that's why Donald Trump kept her out of the Oval Office and discreet shall forever thank him thank him thank him. In that regard. Let's see year. Nationalism is a range of political social and economic systems characterized by promoting the abuse of a particular nation particularly. With the aim of gaining and maintaining self governance were full sovereignty. Over the group's homeland. I support the USA. Oh and I'm white so I'm white Nationalists also my wife was black it's that she's a black nationalist well by that definition. Certainly understandable but of course has become an epithet now owe your white men. I'm quite. I love my country yeah okay so guilty. I guess of a white nationalist Diego. It is. It is so sad to do to note. Some of the ways in which this this debate is being held. I will give give credit right here and now on this radio station 1063 WOR TV upstate talks vision to Barney Frank. The former raging liberal democratic congressman from Massachusetts because at one point. Some years ago when Barney was still in congress he was exceedingly. Honest. He was in an interview and somebody pointed out that his immigration policies and those of of leftist Democrats. Okay redundant but the of their policies would hurt some of their core constituencies. Most notably union members which as they've always been the core of the Democratic Party in terms of votes and often in terms of fundraising. And Barney bless his heart was as honest as he could be. He said yes. In fact our immigration policies will have a deep commitment was short term negative impact on union members. But he says they just simply need to suck it up and realize. That. In the long run what's Leo all obese people from other countries here who have vote our way it'll work out better for them. But at least he was honest yes Democratic Party immigration policies will hurt. A lot of core members of their constituency absolutely African Americans you better believe it. Union members you'd better believe it and Google Barney. He was August oh give him that left wing whack is elated the united some notable clashes on the year but. But he was laws that Jumbo for Bobby back and we've got four minutes now before 6 o'clock at 163 WORD before 5 o'clock.