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Monday, September 18th

Pelosi; DACA; The wall; The Emmys


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All right we we got the welcome going hall want him again yeah yeah yeah him again. But only today and tomorrow at that to the all new and improved a Bobby backed 2.0. Often the grease rack after his 50000 mile check up. And if you thought Bob was intelligent and quick. And witty before. A way obviously Bobby meg 2.0 Wednesday afternoon right here at 1063 WORD. The of states talk station until that time Jim Bohannon in for Bob McClain. Our angles of managed talk live as 1803471063. 1803471063. The comments at retirement planning text line 71307. 71307. Lots of stuff to talk about today and that out of the clear blue sky something else fell on to our place to be under the who very last seconds of Limbaugh today. Nancy Pelosi has run afoul of the ignorant riff raft. You're about that real rush rush to the time you'd and Judy show was just ending the word out there. But Nancy Pelosi. Was holding a news conference today. And a bunch of the the dreamers. Showed up and decided they would produce a little nightmare for our gal man demanding that she not sell outs. By compromise with president dropped to pass immigration legislation. Or as they shouted here we see on a documented youth. Well not be a bargaining chip for trumps xenophobia agenda mean. I wonder who spelled out for them explain the larger words to this particular group. Well the illegal aliens who showed up. We're very unhappy with the masses of course after a Pelosi and her right senate counterpart New York's Chuck Schumer. Says that they had made a deal with the president trump to extend protections. For the the docket sides. And in exchange for that they would finally has a border security deal that does not include. A wall along the Mexican border. So I just had to pass dialogue because it's rather delicious it's it's unfortunate of course that this kind of ignorance runs rampant in the country but it does. As we've talked about before. I still have suck in my mind the particular. I younger vacuumed out in California. Some of weeks ago maybe a couple of months ago. Was a sign that read immigration is a right. No Bozo. It is not a right not debatable you may say it should be a right I would say no it shouldn't. That would be debatable. But to say that it is a right no it's not. This is a world of nation states another fact nation states have the absolute right at their discretion arbitrarily. If they so decide if they decide they don't like left handed people. Blue eyed people what ever nation states have the right fact not debatable. To determine who gets him. How many for what reason and for how long. The only debatable point is whether or not you think it should change. I would disagree. And anybody cares to a debate that with me why I feel free. At 218034710631803471063. So it's unfortunate. That this kind of drop in our gross national IQ is still walking around out there but it was certainly fun. To have Nancy feel the the bite of those particular group. They don't really have a better friend than Nancy Pelosi but of course they wouldn't understand that things like that. Again these aren't as I said ignorant riff Raff these are people who don't care. Anything about the rule of law they care only about getting what they perceive to be there's a namely what they perceived to be there is is ours that is to say. That which belongs to the citizens. Of the United States of America itself. But what it's worth we have passed analogue 310 is our time here. On this Monday afternoon. And we going to be had to hear you will offer your thoughts about that as well but this is this is certainly not. Not going away yeah any time soon obviously. The extent to which we decide to exercise our prerogatives. Which are hours as a sovereign nation state the extent to which we decide to do that. Will undoubtedly shape a large portion of the forthcoming debate will see just exactly. What works out in whatever was the deal slash agreement to agree slash whatever was decided over Chinese. And chocolate pie the other night of the White House. On. What protections would be extended to the illegals. And exactly what tightened border security would take place again the term wall in his into this prominently it's become one of those. Catch words in which. People use it to mean different things. We're now hearing the president to talk about. They were going to be fixed the existing law will refurbish it well in some cases there is a walled. In other cases. There are there are parts of our southern border from Brownsville Texas to salmon San Diego which. Are not suitable for a wall as such. Other other parts of that border which are just frankly pretty much wide open and people come across with their impunity if you owned land on the southern border. A you're used to your property being turned into a super highway. And that's. Mighty unfortunate. But maybe this will change maybe not. But where there can be a wall but which most of us of course Meehan a a physical actual real wall there ought to be one. People are breaking into the country do not have the right to break him to somebody else's country every nation on the planet seems to know that. Except this to Mexico certainly knows that. Try breaking in to Mexico. Especially from their southern border which is the direction that people are coming when they wanna break in New Mexico very few people are desperate to. Break into Mexico from the United States try breaking into Mexico from Guatemala. And you see what happens how the Mexicans are welcome you and open arms to the nearest jail cell. As a matter of fact. In fact in Mexico. The general law on population that was passed in April of 2000. Provides that if you break into Mexico. You will be promptly deported if you are a Mexican national. Aiding the somebody you will be sent to prison. They they have pretty tight rules down there in fact if the general law on population but without. Telling people what it was if the language of that law were to be introduced to the US congress. Old and Nancy Pelosi is a drug issue is the rove would just dream. Match. These dreamers. Would absolutely have strokes. But does nothing more than the Mexican law pretty good law actually a lot of ways though for what it's worth. Had to share so that troubles of Nancy Pelosi today we can all. Join in in this say. All all preliminary. All four Nancy poor Nancy she has run phased in to face to face into the the type of ignorance and she has promoted. For so long and there were certainly willing to talk about that today as well. As the Eagles advantage talk line 18034710631803471063. Or at the common sense. Retirement planning text line 71307713. Zero's seventh. Let's see what the techsters are saying today well Jim live charged one voters you've got that that's exactly what they want. GOP wants cheap workers yes that is also true I would hate to hasten to add not everybody of the Republican Party wants cheap workers. People really Emmys are below right a low IQ lower than plant life Michelle. Are you know we're gonna get into the image that was on my list of things before the oppose the opportunity appeared but. But there are those who generally consider themselves Republicans who do want cheap workers you can read that as semi slaves that is to say people who get. In many cases sub standard wages. And dare I complain about it but we'll talk some more about them that's true there is not an unholy alliance between some on the left some on the right. About letting illegals then for different reasons over the same result. Jim both for body makeover bug on Wednesday the time is 315. I do ABS and dating it says 321 here on this Monday afternoon in the eighteenth of September oh and by the way. This is a test of the emergency Bobby my cow bell system. Is an actual new caller we would be talking nude right now. At the Eagles advantage talk line 1803471063. This is only a test. On you'll be back on Wednesday is latest word I've had here and in the meantime Jim Bohannon affiliate. As we had talked today about to of this and that become as a retirement planning text line by the way is 71307. Odds and ends of the day that we can crash your way. Ben Carson 66 today about that. And yesterday. Just to show you how birthdays can be kind of odd both people would never guess this. Elvira. Of the new branches of the darkness right. Elvira was 66 yesterday Elvira is one day older than bin carts and see the things you can learn here. That you learn no where else are right fielder items that are passing are way on the common sense retirement planning text livelier. I just know how come ice is not rounding up NB porting the illegals that are protesting trump and I'm Nancy Pelosi they're right there. Well it's a very good question. Of course that we don't have proof positive of this moment that goes on hand were illegal but Kerry take a bet the out. More than likely I would daresay that's a good question and Duff. That there's no good reason that they're not it's because in this country right now some violations of the law are considered. Okay unquote by others. Not by me but but by others okay. That's the year did you also hear that a trumpet in bing dot gut. Violated the illegals due process rights and they're suing the government yeah you have to keep in mind. The of the whole notion here that this escapes. A lot of the people on the left and that is it really is illegal to break into this country it really is. I'm not sure if there and they're that stupid some are that stupid some believe that side and I described in California immigration has a right no it's not. That was not. Just flat isn't. But some believe that others simply realize that if you flout the law log in love and time you can effectively. Eroded to and that's that's what's going on. Are the Emmys on the NBA's first let me say that I actually did not watch last night and I ribbon coverage today saw some of the clips only because. I noon but I did have to be talking about it today. I you more or less vaguely recalled building value series are coming on about an hour last violence of that to myself didn't care to see it. A certainly nothing that transpired there made me think that I missed anything and I would've wanted to see as I say there are times when this job requires. That you do things you wouldn't ordinarily do. And at least being halfway aware of what happened of the Emmys would be one of those things I could cheerfully go to the rest of my life. And be blissfully unaware of what happened at the Emmys but. I've got this. Talking thing to do and so roughly aware. Of the Sean Spicer. Cameo appearance was interest and about but particularly wonderful. If you're really in too Smart. Stephen Cole bear of the yeah. Prodigal son of South Carolina you know he he grew appear. But but if you're addicted to unfair Smart I guess he was funny. But I didn't think he was particularly funny. Myself and all I can say is of that perhaps he's on the short list for being somebody's running mate in Tori Tony who knows. Anyway 1803471063. As the Ingles advantage talk line 1803471063. And those certainly be in the immigration thing using his one item on our agenda along with the Emmys. Let's see what's on the mind of damn these over in the agree here this afternoon hello led. However there are good afternoon. Yeah mom I just wanted to make a quick comment about. Watching the clips. Are not at the Emmys on Sean Spicer. Roll out the podium and what was surprising to me what's the reaction from from the crowd that would consist. The devil himself that he had emerged onstage it was there that these people from a completely different planet. And I wonder. I just wanted to come and saw my cabinet isn't that a little. Over reaction I don't know what you thought about that would that would not comment. Yeah well I I would have to agree with you I mean I think that it if they had any any face to follow. That they would have in fact have made the sign of the cross absolutely elated rewarding on Dracula and it goes a very astute point you made Dan those are exactly the look the the utter all of the disbelief that yeah as an offensive. The beelzebub himself had suddenly appeared on stage and a giant puzzle smoking was standing there with a for detail and and the like it was it was pretty pretty bizarre to watch. You know what that's sad though I just wanna say. That as a citizen it disturbs me and and I'll hang up thank you. Well I appreciate your column of thank you very much for that day all disturbs me loyalists say that I. Every young and all right yeah it's a 326 is our time here at 1063 WORD. Disturbs me to but I guess. I've gone past the level of being. Shocked and dismayed and disturbed a much of anything. But what happens in the Hollywood. Tinseltown is simply one of those non reality on claims. Where the sort of thing happens. And I guess who I've gotten used to a quote on quote that sounds like I'm acquiescing. To the but I simply. Obviously if there hadn't been this kind of Smart. At at the Emmys that would have been a major news story stop and realize that the the impact of what they were doing and saying. I was. Pretty much nonexistent. Column other awards show Hollywood and they're gonna do it take shots. At the Republicans in general Donald Trump in particular what else is knew that they if none of that has happened none of that would have been a major story. They reached the point number we expect the worst. And as usual we get here are seared Jim guy who wasn't even aware of the of these room last night yeah well you didn't miss a thing trust me. You didn't miss Lee for what the award shows in general. Are not that great not that well done there is an award of a mile mistaken and maybe CME's that do it I guess that would be the inmates. But the best award show. I'm not sure if the Emmy Awards show itself is eligible for that but I mean that that's really pretty much should. The least worst what does leave the least worst of the worst programs because they all. I have the very same format you've got to. And MC that they just hope like Ellis funny. And and you've got various of prisoners. In many cases people who are simply there. Too good to bring the world vim and oil we also have to be announcing that some nominees or something of that agency does that. That thing going on. A you've got the people of course you go over and over and ever and ever forever and ever ever never never never never would like to thank. The entire western world by name alphabetically starting with Erin Evan and images start listing names the legal. On and off. And forever and ever so in general. A well run which is to say nonpartisan. Our award show is in a memo itself not that good and these are just simply become a pretty it was Smart for us to. All right 1803471063. The Eagles have managed talk line Jim Bohannon for Bob McClain today and tomorrow. And laurel 63 WORD. Be upstaged talk station you better believe it. And the guy was three Tony I didn't. That's what we do talk to one before for Clark we've pension. Stop that are right good to have you with us this afternoon and a body might be back on Wednesday. And raring to go here year that over there a media. In the pit their movement a movement a movement that's Bobby Mack revenue up movement a movement of the government of he'll be here and a rare and ago. All right. 18034710631803471063. Which just happens to be the Eagles advantage talk line what a coincidence. And the comments and retirement planning text line at 71307. 71307. And see I here's what I knew he had is were on I was promised the premiere of the horrible and missed it no way that was football iPods on both their houses. Well okay. I. Jim during the Emmys last night I was down on salute the river with a cold beer fishing it was a way better ways to fight side agility easily but I'll tell you waste your time fishing and beard. Irritated gym that that's pretty much the essence of what makes life worth living and you did not need the Emmys trust me. OK I use of the text I was feeling compassion. For doc illegals bug since they are so uneducated and hateful toward America and our laws. I say send them all back and less. Every penny of the wall is funded first. Well the wall is critical to a whole lot of this and it's why you are not hearing a lot of of cooperation aside from. Weasel words from the Democrats enhanced security. I mean I don't care how many adjectives the president tosses behind that massive security bill go all three letters capital BIG. Big very very secure these are all terms we've seen in president trumps tweets of late. Other devil's in the details. Whatever it is it'd better be secure if we in fact had real security of our border that is to say a perfect control but reasonable control. Of who gets. But I be the first to save. I would think about. Grandfather again. The existing doc guides I really would amount talking about the gang bangers out there who pretend to be. Of the dock at times and if you really are. Leave the liberal stereotype and some are. If you really are the valedictorian. At. Who is going out and and go working in the ghetto to help the underprivileged. And on your way to getting your doctrine trauma. Vanderbilt or what have you if you really are one of those. I I would look at that on a case by case basis pro divided and then we had control of the border. That is to say if we had a reasonable control of who gets in. And not my policy of that point would be okay this week out of control of the border. Wishful thinking the crust but under my scenario since we now have control of the border. OK but once you're here. You're grandfathered in. Nobody else since we have control of the border and your parents are not they're the ones who broke the law to drag you here. And and so your parents will be leaving. You do not have to stay here but you're allowed to stay here as as a dreamers. Or you go back to your parents. That would be my policy. But until we have control of the border. There's no way you can continue to allow the doctor types. To be an incentive to break our laws are just cannot be done that's exactly why when you get down to the double that does have the details of that enhanced security. That does Nancy and chuck negotiated with president trump you'll find that an aide very enhanced or they won't go along with it. Certainly nothing approaching the wall but the president says he is still bounded to have. So there is no real basis for a deal at this at this particular junction for what it's worth. It's a hero. Jim Bo did you catch part of one of Ken Burns Vietnam last night it was well done gave great historical perspective. I'll be Indochina area part two tonight I watched the the PBS show on Vietnam. I did not see that. I've seen clips from it because I interviewed Ken Burns about this in fact last Friday morning. On America in the morning just before. Terra. We do an interview with Ken Burns about the series he has made an effort to be balanced and I appreciate that. And I I commended him for that. I did to also add my own two cents worth about areas in which it could have been maybe a little more balanced but be does it make. Yeah some of the things out there that folks are are texting in our direction today on this Monday afternoon the start of the work week and already today of course Nancy Pelosi. Getting roundly slammed across the chops by her people heard drew years. Not pleased to have Nancy and of course we had a look at the in the awards such as they work. Which are nothing more than what we expect of that work. And that leads to other things including notes will be a really had down to talk about today it was some some links and we will and that is the president. In new York city of the United Nations. He is engaged in a lot of one on one chats today was meeting with the head of Israel and there's a whole list of nations that he'll be talking with. Leading up to his address to the United Nations tomorrow. Naturally I have though a lot of other people we very curious as to what to the president had to say our will have to say tomorrow when he addresses the United Nations. And certainly in the context of his a recent to visit to NATO. And the group of seven and a group of twenty summits that the president attendance will be very interesting to see what the president has to say a large part of and I suspect. We'll have to do with the United Nations reform. Ministers say among other things. Copy hypocrisy don't put countries like Libya in charge of human rights council of may go the other countries live up to their end of giving to the United Nations. There are a number of things that he can talk about a million us some detail on them a moment. But eligible for Bobby back it's now 345. Yeah peace sit there in the Seattle's afternoon as we have now got 10 minutes before 4 o'clock on this Monday afternoon. And let's talk to mark he's on his cell phone out there hello mark. Trade gap power to connect very loose and thank you. Talk in particular about. You know there are couple most of this year docket looks more than just these two but if you take the issue around. Freedom of speech in recent weeks whether it stand beside the protests or the lady on ESPN. Or what pat do you. That you know that. And also the hacker issue. There alternate at different sides of the same argument which is the rule of law you know you have to. Eight foundational. System applause that are universally respected. And apply equally to every want were Bartlett their point of view so. Indicate. The ante up protest or you know people wanting to shout down and limit the speech. Not these assuming there are actual not even the score outs. We all can agree that that's a tenth this speech yen the type we don't want it here. But if the First Amendment mean Denny and it means that you also allow speech that you don't screw up and an and the racquet situation you're talking about China the opera. Where are those that are being allowed to have special. Treatment and exceptional treatment under the law are more sympathetic figures beat or you know kid that it let cure all their lives and partied hard. And become good functional citizens and so on. They they cut a more sympathetic figure but they're still. Breaking the law and it's not fair on either side we either cap the rule law or we don't. And at that I can't get past that in New York are about the attic I am these pork kit. They broke the law their parents broke the law. And they should be sent back where they came from and may be given some like the exceptional. You know expedite it. Path to citizenship. But they need to leave first that's what to you know try upset during the campaign and that's still what I wanna sell. That's my two cents. Well it's more than deuce as mark trust me and I appreciate very much are your thoughts thank you for sharing method so it. Absolutely good stuff you made a lot of good points there it is about the rule of laws are only about immigration. Frankly I'm not concerned about how many people come to this country provide did we determine who it is. How many for how law remember what reason if we feel we have the need it. We're a whole lot more people. Well then Soviet if we eat the citizens of this country through our elected representatives determined that then so will be gets. For example as I've noted before this program. And our graduate schools of science and in generic. If it weren't for people from other countries we wouldn't have a lot of graduate programs because for some reason American kids don't get rid of that so. Let's hear it for those people we need those people outstanding I'm for that. If we really need people to pick all that fruit which by the way. Is going to disappear the next two years using that can be automated trust me it can but the analysts appeared. But if we need them then that's fine we determine who it is. For how long and that includes by the way when you were issued a visa we have the people necessary to double check. Hey Jose here here on a work visa well guess what is no longer our crop picking time sayonara. Or adios in this particular case. That that's also part of the deal I'm with you but you do that's one of the most important things have been said. It's about the rule of law has little to do with immigration and also. He made to come and assuming there are Nazis in the crowd believe me there are Nazis of these crowd they don't know other Nazis. But you are automatically fascist to give you try to shut down the free speech of others. Dig these demands he posted news conference today I don't have much use for Nancy Pelosi. And that's what she stands for. But I will be darned if I will ever try to interrupt her free speech no I wouldn't do that. She has the right to free speech she was going to say something she had the right to do so without being interrupted by a pack of low life knuckle dragging vacuum heads. She has that right. After she's done that I would be happy to take on Nancy Pelosi as regards the specifics of what she had disabled as someone wise once said. I do not agree with what you're saying but I just into the death your right to say it. These protesters. Of course do not understand that at all because they are at the core fascists is how ironic who call themselves anti far empty far however you pronounce it. But the fact is that we're talking about people who are at the core fascism and I have brown shirts like Hitler's minions did. But they are fascists. They are fascism they don't even understand that. But the idea that they could be fascist leak is is totally a non starter in their limited little brains of those ever told them what's involved. Just for example like of the people who wanna be a little Michael Bloomberg's out of their control exactly. What you have to eat in the light these are fascists fascists who believe in excessive government control all right. If that's not that good that difficult that's what they believe it OK let's give a shout out addicted. Simpson bill hello Dick can. Canadian boat never thought he replied I'm fine thank you would undermine. Don't articulate very well also not published article you get there are religion might bring on daka. I'm a 100% from supporter. And I think it should all go like he says but on the other hand. And don't shoot me please. Trot. Count so probably one. Then the the majority vote put on illegal voting was without that that be instead. There's still half the country who supports. The illegal immigration right pretty much what you say that you agree that. The the polls would indicate that probably is true yeah. Okay what about this if they say it is like the doctor they looked at 800000 in plus. More than dad whatever it's like 3.5 million. Let him and some type of war thing whatever. And just cut back on the illegal immigration that we allowed a million a year. In the legal immigration immigration all right not to Iwata did I'd like you to stay alive if you could we're coming up a break here that we got to meet but I'm happy to talk about that. I sympathize with watchers say I would disagree with you in greater detail in the moment Jim bow for Bobby Mack Foreman is now before 4 o'clock mobile 63 WORD.