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Friday, September 22nd

Health care; Alex Trebek; Boneheads


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I I like your attitude while thank you very much I appreciate that you know getting under way when our number two back after. An extended medical leave of absence and thanks him and Jim Bohannon and Tony dale and and Chara. Forest city inform me in my absence back with you for an extended duration. I do believe now and get to amongst them. Medical stuff behind me great to have you along here on the Friday free for all the all skate and has always deal or input is invited encouraged and welcome here's valued join me and take part in the conversation a -- just grabbed the phone you see Ingles advantage talk line number. Told free from anywhere is 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. And my email address is Bob. And 1063. W lower deed outcome and I do apologize again for the way in my voice announcement on had to have some surgery and they knocked you out. And now when they do that anesthesia to date stink down your throat. And have a messes with your vocal chords girl while I'm I'm bouncing back and we're working our way and that correction. And it in on the tax on Bob you noticed Graham. Really is starting to look and act like McCain an unbelievable. Politeness. I'm Tess out Bobby Mack is the Twitter rumors are true. We know where you really ban on that torture old spook buddies cleaning out one of brass castles old bunkers. Getting ready for the rapture on the 23. Because we and we know you while I go by the way. That guy now has. Sort of backtracked. On his prediction of the world was going in and went on Saturday. And is that they'll actually begin. On Saturday. Our planet X. Will now be revealed and and when it does that will lead to. And I don't eventually lead to be in the world. He has. He says now nice is not there's not all going to come through and again. Now this Saturday entered that that's just going to be the it's the beginning of the okay so. I know that to Allen called to hope you don't have a lot of big plans for the weekend. Just. Momentarily. Howard going to be visit to the phones were young and our leadoff batter in this hour is bill and he is in Spartanburg and wants talk about health care which apparently is going to be. Obamacare for the unforeseeable future hi Dan and welcome to the show. Bobby good to have you back in your voice doesn't sound all that bad. Actually I was aware now thank you appreciate it very well and I will I didn't have that much there to begin winds up. I doubt very geared all of them okay I'm out bout obamacare I haven't. I haven't heard of any war and that mention. Are you gonna bring up this the mandate part of it you know where you have to pay a fine young. 26. I've been paid out for beyond. A bomb. I guess it was the first time blasts. This aspect brought advocated aperture out Eckstein got bombed and edit or some moderate economic I didn't that in chart or prior years but anyway. Anyway. Don't understand why they can't be something as simple as getting rid of that far. On it does it just bothers me no one has begun our daily I haven't heard anyone you can bring that up. Passing something simple if you just get rid of individual mandate which obviously. I guess figures out every year I'm not sure but anyway I just haven't announced sector without an extra thousand dollars just to. Does not view I didn't hear Obama Ares is incredibly predict. Yeah but it it's our ideas and and and I don't care what John Roberts and the and the Supreme Court say it's unconstitutional. Unless we win. In the old Soviet Union. Or enough chairman mouse. I try come workers' paradise the government right should never be able to require its citizens to buy any thing. Exactly exactly and and you would think that would be a very simple thing you like to ask congress to that little bit you know I'm an out obviously I love for read all the real absolutely soon. A lot the constitution and out into the prosecution by. You know at this spot has been debate that they're leaving that little bit in the air it out. It's eight you're expected Beazer percent get that out there. And it and it's curious that you didn't have to pay that before but because of the chips out romper room regulations. You may have been. I you may have actually been underwear where you under your parents'. Health insurance previously. You know. Yeah I I guess that what BK yeah I'm not how what claimed that the and then outright they'll besides there's so little that it right maybe that was there. Yeah that would be the explanation for why all of a sudden they turn around us and I'll wait a second individual mandate here you gotta pay us more money you don't wanna be part of our. At a crossing your partner obamacare in South Carolina I you have a grant it it's like. Oh win Ford's. Originally came out when the the model way in the model T Ford came out yeah the they used to jokingly advertised you can get any color you want as long as it's black because that was signaling Allah. Hey there aren't and that's the same thing whether obamacare in South Carolina you can get it running insurance company you want as long as it's Blue Cross and Blue Shield is or they only want an offer policies. It's right it's absolutely crazy well I'm sorry that you we're subjected. The odds of that mandated ban on but I still believed to be unconstitutional. Despite the director Doug John Roberts and Supreme Court. Twist themselves into pretzel I'm saying that it was I appreciate it on good to have you here today dozen minutes after four. I'm Bonnie my understanding it's to explain again Bonnie my understanding is a world begins. To come to an end. When it was created even the second law of Teradyne damage would explain how well everything. Does mean. Want to look at what's going on let me I'm I'm wearing out bit by bit. So yeah. Al Bob the world is going to end on Monday. Went everybody's system nobody likes Monday anyway. Got. You're gonna you're yo this exchange sing again money thing. Hi Bob keep taking your medication you can expect your voice to began changing when your breasts begin to throw him. Thanks a lot that's especially. Classic kind of encouragement that has sustained me in my time of trial. Al Bob the world's gonna end on Monday nobody likes Mondays anyway got you. Bonnie will will well. What is uncle Lindsay think of Graham Paul McCain now. And just say all forgot the rapture starts tomorrow. You know would know made that car payment if I'd known that sooner. Yup. The idea on fourteen after four here in about imagine all I mentioned our body. Larry O'Donnell. At done BS NBC when you former head of the DNC at one point I think he was. Now of course I he has a AM. Talk show host on not BS NBC. The other night and he was trying to do was show and you Wear something in intelligence called and I asked the it's just an earpiece. Through which the down. Show's producers and director can talk to you in your ear. And tell you what's coming up next door as you may have seen in broadcast news and suggest. To a somewhat. Intellectually challenged anchor. And book content is going to appoint who announced tents suggest to an intellectually challenged anchor what a out. What a next question should be for your guest. Or steer you in the right direction well around here is. Began. Doing all kinds of goofy things is his earpiece. Out again and doing all kinds of different things and he ended up I'm going to Defcon one. And having a profane rants caught having to go that so when we come back on the other side we will play that and then we couldn't resist the opportunity. The embodiment semi professional players can resist the opportunity. To lock him up with some musical accompaniment. For Larry O'Donnell as well. That's next here in the balmy Mac show on Friday. Great to have sale on Friday free for all rolls on nine here on the all skate today whenever you wanna talk about is fair game. Ingles advantage talk line number is 80347106. Degree. And on the checks line Bobbie you forgot and I have to be an earpiece there weren T they. Also helps intellectually challenged presidential candidates. In debates true enough. Bump bump Bob regarding the end times I am I must've missed another briefing. I hope it does not Alter my weekend plans from my Katie Danner now. Wouldn't wouldn't be concerned. So. Iliad Dell Larry O'Donnell. On now BS NBC. And I he goes into this rant because in his ear pieces a bunch of extraneous noise. And he keeps complaining to the people in the control room about it finally loses all pay this is not the first example. Now we've seen of this kind of thing there was a famous one of a Bill O'Reilly. Losing it. This production staff when there were trying to record something. And and he went ballistic and and finally ended up just trying to forget about it we'll do I don't know why nevermind. At and it happens you know I mean anybody. On on a bad day is capable of. Blue isn't. As dead BS NBC is Larry O'Donnell always just two days ago yeah two nights ago. What's going on why am I losing us. While I have sound part it's Barack someone's pressing buttons and turning my samba. Who is who's asking for a Labor Day rundown in my ear not only that control room is out of control. There's insanity in the control room tonight you have insanity in my ear piece. Every time we go to was soft as a woman talking in my ear about something that has nothing to do with what we're doing here. Slop by hammering just flopped back hammering out their who's got a hammer where president. Where's the hammer and then on the go up and got a floor somebody your parents thought I ameron. Stuff but Ameren. I'll go down to the for myself and stop and keep them and commercial break going call and bill Griffin hunter who look and you have to call stalk the hammering. Empty out and control room and find out where this is going on it's either there or there or out there somewhere. The woman talking in my ear was talking about. The Labor Day special. Repeatedly. And out of control. The brain and the sound coming in my ears and stupid hammering. It just. Sucks it it sucks to be out here with this out of control it. Well do you think it sucks on here and when Arianna. They on the other side of the sapped. And see what's coming out on BSN BCA. So we can say stop that hammer it. Stop it send somebody out there find out this door and hammering. So dishonest and solaris such a big fan of the idea hammering we date we give a little. Musical infusion. To go along with a his rant. Beginning with Clinton who else but. EMC. Hammer. The camera and. Then why get. Larry O'Donnell not a big in safe amor hand. I would have thought you know from his age you demand a Beatles fan. Apparently not. It's. I had never. There's insanity in the control room tonight as a woman talking in my ear about something that has nothing to do with what we're doing here you have insanity in my ear piece someone of that control room was out of control what's going on why am I losing us. Losing is running again. Lost. I saw a videotape years ago. And it was it was southern China over the top rant. On and it was still funny. Via star of jeopardy. Alex tree back wait a minute when that viewing. Hour. The Astaro jeopardy Alex drew back and I don't know if you have any idea of how they actually. Reduced all of these game shows. But the staff including a host only works. One week. A month. And during that week they record on the show us Tony show or thereabouts. You know five days a week forward. Roughly roughly twenty shows and they record them. All of the same time they'll do you know two or three under in a day or whatever their schedule list and then when those are concluded. Especially when eight syndicated program like jeopardy. Or on any any of the other syndicated shows like that. When they pick up new affiliates or when they're doing something different. Now extra back castor cut up promotional announcement call promo is for all of these patients. I don't know how many television stations jeopardy. Is is syndicated to. But it's enormous. Right. I don't know what 5600. Minimum. I mean it's everywhere in jeopardy is on one station and every television market in America. So badly Shasta to these promo this. Are a Dick Egan literally spend an entire days. Doing nothing approach honest there's no extra bag be sure and watch jeopardy now in its new time at seven. Here on WX XX. In non mule shoe in Nebraska. Our report for whatever PB and it's towards aside it was one of those recording sessions. And towards the end of the day. And Alex is just about had enough. And finally in terms and are pleased boy get a blank why and why Promos are gonna cut anyway. We got to do all raised a general Abdul Waller once. I really spread amount over. Six months there's. And then he'll leans over onto the podium. And pollster they can but it's. An. Okay I'm ready. It's class it may be out on YouTube. Somewhere. Misty funny everybody you know eventually. Reaches of saturation a dentist. Who was it. Al Bobby that emceed by hammer parity it was great well why not one more time. Our I can't bring. All right. Stop the hammer out body may be the woman talking in Larry's ear. Is one of the voices in his hand. Good song for Larry can be the old folk song by and a hammer. And Peter Paul and Mary. I'm Bonnie correction that Shmuel issue Texas. Al most married a boy from there from Katie. Bump up. Bob I don't get the attitudes against the no votes I would vote against it as well. Bill sustained her. Analyzed. I thought time. I'm I'm so glad your feeling better I was worried about an eight teasing you about her away extra that it slowly you're pretty. Michelle that was actually money that this tease me about than any sense should tell mileage for you which just goes to show there's no accounting for taste. Now I ask you add your legs. In and it isn't that led by ahead. You know when you're there short skirt drumming all of Eric fantastic little bump no floor. Will bode perhaps. At 430 here in the Bonnie Maggio the Friday free for all Annie is next in the news senator I'm right back on the other side. And smackdown happened on the way to work. Saw deadheads sticker on a Cadillac for 39 here in the about a national welcome Max Friday free for all rolls on. Went out further ado back to the phones we go. Our leadoff batter in the segment the dysfunctional spent. And landed joins his own own ideas how are you. Hey Matt during the good to have you back. Thank you and I both are still about twenty years younger that we get all our bottom all our rock every. I would certainly hope so yeah the thing that that is amaze me about it. I've always been a pretty quick healer. In Allen you know pull a muscle or. Or even even when you know breaking ball and I would heal pretty quickly but now in my. Hair a campaign in my advanced geriatrics stage. I'm I really am amazed at how long it takes to get over any thing. Now let it. Half price and Bob back surgery this cycle want to put Doug broadly yeah I was not the third diary repent not like window give me ice cream are among us. A well some circumstances. In our leadership to deal with. That's yeah. If it if everybody is good and bad lesson you know what they're saying what the power John McCain in and Lindsey Graham Mac. And all this stuff in this Affordable Care Act the right ankle changed it yet I mean you've got. Com McCain. Do it don't has why now it's just a matter mr. witty ladies right. But during an even if and when he believes the lower leashes Earth's. And he's somebody in out piece on how what about doing well he did during Vietnam. And you know stop black bat. And you know if if I'm mistaken what Lindsay. That McCain would let you know on campus last raw side you know that lately get some credit. Yeah that's why I said at the beginning of the show when the announcement came from McCain that he was not gonna vote. For this latest. Obamacare repeal effort that good that I didn't see it coming but I probably should have. Beak because. For a for a couple of reasons and you touched on number one is said. McCain is looking for all last raw and end this gives seem bad. And and the other. I guess is that a pair me McCain and and when CN their relationship is. Not not what it wants wants. Well you know we're witnessing as a president thing to go away you know our former governor Tom went up on map election trail. I'm sure latency there's some places where they're only now. I keep you know I keep hearing that he's not gonna run and I did that this is going to be his last German descent. And what are what. And yet when I got a good. I anonymity I don't know that he's ever served one as a and it's funny because you know when he first went to congress he was a firebrand conservative. My good man get up there around the polluted Potomac. And all of a sudden now you know his best buddies are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and anybody else again find across the aisle to do a deal west. Exactly and then what can now. Blatantly was also one of the gang of eleven America about a seat on lap one arm on a go back setting up a war yeah well you were hit. One thing's for sure Desi never saw on immigration bill. That he didn't keep he'd vote for the us and RT dear Freddie ranked thanks for the good wishes I appreciate it good to have you here today. Seven Jamie for five us into wealth for next numbering and Jonathan. Here on the money manager at hi John welcome to the program. Howdy you're talking about how extra back earlier have to give you my favorite moments. I love the man could be so unbelievably. Eric get. It's concerning that want any security in front of me and I'm like oh I'm sorry the answer is nuclear physics. Like he really knew this thing it sir Alex but they were the funniest moments to me. See a final chapter eight I don't ever forget what this man alone just. And they gave his name and we are now oh load Shakespeare so much he named his cosmetics company after that. As one person like cover girl please do Mary to know what he got the answer that's. Did you I'm waiting you know. You know Internet makes Alex give it search and stay heavy loads so yeah it just doesn't doesn't Ding Dong in ongoing. He looks on their plate that you could not keep them overlook us senator I thought I was going to fall off my. I don't well I I guess we can have been worse economy may bullying but I don't. Cause I. And and of course you know I. How how intensive would your knowledge. Of Shakespeare have to be 22 against. To make the connection with the Stratford-on-Avon. Try to get out of the way. And I I had a sub right before I guess who is a Monday or Tuesday last week. About how the judges the power not the judges but the the guys that produce the show how they come up with writing the questions. And meant for some of them are so esoteric it's ridiculous. Double. And digging don't eve on talking okay. Thanks thanks thanks voluntarily spending at least he didn't add insult to injury. Yeah and I'll read it to Jonathan thanks a lot appreciate that tell Bob Al extra bank drinking a button. He's a Canadian so I figured at least he will be sipping on hum Olson's. Got a court before five here in the balmy night show when that coming up my own hands. Bowed heads in the news is on the way next here on the Friday edition the right back. Welcome back. 4519. Before 5 o'clock previously used as the intro music for Sunday Night Football. But away and I know a lot of people are tuning out the NFL these days and I completely get. While you're doing that the elephant in the room of course Indiana filled us from wanna admit. Is it is it's all these demonstrations against the flag in the National Anthem. By players. They united keep coming up when every other excuse they can for the port TV ratings. They're down about 15% for the year they actually had played decent football game last night. Between a couple of teams and nobody thought would be able to do anything. The the LA rams beat the San Francisco 49ers 41 to 39. And now the game came down two on to the variant arguing go. Oh but the deal out of this is the game last night was witnessed by hardly anyone. A guy who's an AP reporter. Tweeted our instant grand a photo. Of the 49ers stadium. Half empty. At kick off. Well and a ticket prices for the game last night. For the for the price of that bill tickets we're going to work towards kick off you can bought two pretzels. And Leah at the concession stand or hot dog and a beer fifteen dollars. Yeah fifteen dollars with tickets or go on for maybe held in the wake up eventually I viewing go at that today's edition. I love that don't miss you. Not sure this is a good strategy for getting away when shoplifting. But a year I got to admire the honesty 27 year old JoAnne Moore and the went into any liquor store in prince Albert Saskatchewan. Canada now last month. Grabbed a bottle of vodka held up high above her head and yelled and I quote. Okay. I'm taken this. She was serious because you walk out what. Naturally employee scholar cops quickly tracked her down and arrested or sentenced to six months of probation. And has to go to a shoplifting treatment program. Any any might be another suggestion as well I'm just thinking out loud here. You know I hate to side against the victim of a crime and if we already have your Christmas decorations out. It's difficult to have your back or if you left a month for last year. 23 year old might get Anderson broke into a house steamboat springs Colorado on Saturday still a bunch of stuff including towels. Toilet paper. Books. A dvd. And a Christmas straight. Yeah I know it was September 16. And the house he broke into already. Had their Christmas tree out. Anyway the cops tracked Mike Downey was arrested Tuesday felony burglary and theft. It's just OP doesn't break in his house again next month. Just in time to steal their fourth which. Chips. Now back in July 3030 year old guy named Ryan Flores went into a Starbucks in Fresno California. Wearing an Optimus Prime mask from transformers. And try to rob the place on the night. That's what made 58 year old customer Craig Jerry. Grabbed a chair and slammed it into the would be thief and they wrestled around. They both wound up with stab wounds during the fight. Apparently once Craig got a hold of the night he landed a lot of shots on four as the thief well now Ryan is in jail and east obviously. Facing charges of second degree robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. But here's a kicker according to his mom he's really though Vick still. You know. Now he's planning on suing the other customer in the store for standing him seventeen. Times during the brawl. Adding quote the guy in my opinion went from a good samaritan QA vigilante. Standing somebody that many times it doesn't take that many stab wounds to get somebody to succumb to. The I chief of the Fresno police says the idea. Of the crook suing Craig is and I quote him directly. Oh ludicrous. And finally may have seen the video of this it's been all over the place guy in Arizona Connor rattlesnake in his yard earlier this month. Planned to cook it that would be a good idea you've been a hero of the barbecue. Didn't work out the snake bit him twice. He didn't kill him before he put Kaufman corral it was a rushed in the hospital doctors saved his life for the treatment is so hard core. He was put into a coma for five days a breeze finally home. And now recovering very go that is today's edition love. News is next and non ride back on the other side with a 5 o'clock follies. The most heavily committed hour of the body might show.