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Monday, November 13th

Roy Moore scandal; NFL


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Allen certainly understandable that your shocked and I'm sent. As I am of course they attack dog or the right they bombastic loud mouth of the south. Thank you I resemble that remark seven minutes after four hour as we get going when our number two here on the body Mac show. In the next hour we're gonna touch on Nia house and senate various. Not tax cut proposal plans. One of the end the areas of discussion. Now that has been brought to my attention that does some people are concerned about is the tax credit. For people who wanna adopt. They're apparently trying to eliminate that in one norm perhaps both versions of this. And NASA will will touch on that topic when my comeback after five also after five. We will give away the first of our five. I guess certainly ensor A butterball Turkey. And I will do that day shortly after 5 o'clock when we play guess the movie here is valued join me. And be a part of the conversation this afternoon when you have one line available for you right now. Ingles advantage talk line number 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71 threes are seven my email bomb. And 1063 WL RD dot com Lisa. Is our leadoff batter in our number two hi Lisa and welcome to the money much. Today Bobby happy Monday at such a thing yeah relax. Now oxymoron beautiful today yeah it's beautiful day. I want to comment about that Roy Moore paint on it. Mean it's any worse than twelve failed garbage did doubts I have like a dead fish stinks from the head down to. Got an and McConnell. McConnell is fat tips you can head he realized the heat. Eight more. But I beginning to think that he really hates republic and an establishment. Where it went rather lie. At Republican seat in the and it you have been saying more win it. Well. Let's let's take a larger view of this for just a moment to. Because. That Roy Moore was not the guy that was endorsed by president trump. In in that race. Which makes him kind of and out liar to begin with. And now with Roy Moore having won the GOP nomination with the backing of Steve Bannon. Former advisor to president trump. I get the feeling this is not really about Roy Moore at all. Roy Moore as an individual only presents an opportunity. The rule which the mainstream GOP establishment. And their bodies in the Democrat party. And try and attack Steve Bannon. And cut him off at the knees before he can spend any money or campaign as they did down in Charleston on Friday. For candidates that he backs to oppose. Mainstream. Establishment Republican candidates said their Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are gonna back god I think. That's what this is really all about this is a backdoor way to disenfranchise. Bannon and what he's doing. But the problem with adding all is that thing and had stated he'd go he has no. McConnell I'm coming after you that. You made that statement on last week a week before black yes and he he's coming after McConnell. Saying that I've read said that they gonna backfire. Big term on the Republican. Because it wouldn't surprise me a bit if this was not the Republicans manipulating things and not been Democrat no it wouldn't surprise me either. It can impact our big man had not changed that average rating outnumbered last night. More supporters have not. He held town. Don't understand. Why Donald Trump want now because people thought he was very disapproval numbers were high when he was elected sure. But they would rather have somebody like trump and because. Where's the batters were seen. And tired. At the establishment. At all I have done an intense trampled elected anymore is just another example. All I have done it. Everything in their power that fight for the Republican senators that they are supposed to wreck Britney. With lower. And Alabama want more in there's senator. It's not McConnell business or anyone else who could count me and he is unfit. People are not too bad eaten and a politician. In Alabama for forty years. You know what he's like in it I want Nan. In Washington DC and McConnell made this up and deal with hand to treat him just like he would any of the republic. Now a couple of things. As as they. As the Big Ten Republicans. Those that are standing in the way of president Trump's agenda doing everything they can't slow walk it let alone not pass and I thank. As. As the battle lines are drawn between those individuals and true conservative Republicans. There may be some painful purging. Going on where two people are gonna have to dare I say and either vote for a Democrat. Or or stay home to them perjure ourselves. Of a lot of these big tent Republicans to be able to eventually replace them when they true conservative that would be a painful process. But it can happen and the other thought I had has. Because you're right not there are two polls that show the judge Roy Moore maintains a double digit lead. Over Doug Jones who's a Democrat even after this Washington Post. Smear attack what happens if Roy Moore wins and I think he's still well. And then he just a Washington and McConnell in the senate refuse to seat you know. Don't think that volcano and if he duly elected. And then I have the secretary of state of Alabama. And certify his election I don't think I can do that. And I'm not certain they can either I'm just kind of thinking out loud but knowing that knowing the way these guys act on that wouldn't surprise me and I'll tell you what else to watch war. I'm McConnell and the rest of these guys. The reached pre doses of the world. Are gonna try and take the money they would've given a role remorse campaign and it Marty cut that off. And right and try and find somebody I don't know if it's Luther strange or whoever remind me. Somebody. That can be a useful idiot for them. Not to generate a write in candidate. Now on the ballot to try and split the Republican vote and you're right this is back to the Democrat under Republicans not caring if they lose a seat. Yeah and its political let facts tonight cats don't get it. McConnell office this morning I'm all their profits pretty regular this that. It affected you can't do what you get when you were with new content is not as. You get a recording in any chance you you know we're our office hours are between what ever run heyday in inside Tiant. Every count every time. Op has sour or between the hours that you know I think an attack yet we are experiencing high volume of call this time. He caught after 5 PM orbit or 8 PM. Thank you. Am well I I think their real office hours are 8:30 in the morning until 845. And now I can't there an out and that exactly well. Want it it's a sad state of affairs that we have so many of these. Rhinos that are in positions of power and may be a painful process to perjure ourselves from them. The long term its enemy to the benefit of all Americans. We got to start primary game against the people you met. And you look at and I like Thad Cochran and what he did and at the that the hack into I don't know what his physical problem box. The fact that they like dirty politics with that maintain about it rankings shouldn't out you know Cochran six and kill every day at. Which will be on Whitney. Students. Even look at it and add them there you think what had happened our founding fathers would be rolling over near great you know. It's sad because people are so correct in his term or it. It's it's a sad state of affairs when your choices when you go into the to your polling place. Are none of the above Lisa thanks a lot for the call I appreciate it good to have you here. Sixteen after four here in the Bali matchup take a quick break here right back and more of your calls are on the way here on maybe Monday Monday edition. On 1063. WLR day. Welcome back so I just curious about whether the senate could refuse to seat Roy Moore if he wins the election. At an Alabama. Oh in just a look quickly on now Wikipedia. Both houses of the US congress have refused to seek new members. Based on article one section five of the constitution. Now it says each house shall be the judge of the elections returns and qualifications of its own members. And a majority of each shall constitute a quorum to do business but a smaller number may adjourn from data de blob on block. It's been interpreted. That members of the house and the senate could refuse to recognize the election. Or appointment. Of a new representative or senator for any reason. Often political paradox say or criminal record however. In 1969. Powell V my car makes Supreme Court a limited. The powers of the congress to refuse to seat an elected member to win the individual does not meet the specific. Constitutional. Requirements of age citizenship. Or residency. So apparently. If a Roy Moore whimsy where did join the senate. To me up phones we know ray is an extent he is in Lawrence want to talk about the no fans laughed leading the RN FL I Roy. Right and so they would say about it. I've been thinking about things but came up over the weekend was so a lot of talk about how important. The country's capital of the colleges and pros or true getting the players to play so good. Have worked at a time that stuck in my mind is something that I had mentioned. A few weeks ago. It but I'll I'll just to make it is a very quick receptive summary. Why are we spending our money as taxpayers should develop football players in the colleges. And nice schools. Went what happens is when they go to approach is there's no retribution. God almighty sent back to those institutions. Can afford to get. What happens is that decode it and move on to a bigger job yeah that's bigger money you know and but they're needed. Funded by Armani. Still get tight schools that could be real burden colleges material did. I'm not saying that's wrong I'm just saying why aren't these. Owners of the teams. Having could not pay for the players there is no minor league system but that in the minor league system. Yeah it prior week and for it to make these players and it's starting to get its way into baseball through. And an IRNA a larger concern. That's certainly in terms of. Actual dollar spent. What about the tax breaks. Then all these multimillionaire. Owners get to build their new football palaces and they just built one in Atlanta of course we know about. Jerry world down Atlanta Minneapolis. Has built a new and there and they do that with tax breaks. That our breaks from taxpayer dollars. I know that in one of these proposals in the new tax bill. Now president trump talked about removing the tax break that would allow these owners to build the sports palaces at taxpayer expense. Yup and I'd give it too quick example delighted our thing you know is because our car buyers looked around the corner from the in New Jersey. I don't you know it paid. TP EDK and the color commentator. Later on with Rush Limbaugh in Kansas City for the Kansas State team. Well he was a drought requires that we wrote that a quarter. Well what he wept Ilie got all kinds of things for furries including two winners and everything to keep them play in football. The other example. Is got the put Tuukka. These signs that the million dollars at play with a damp there's never a tip that took a hike or anything and what backed Africa where there's money. It where they get that money ticket am seven million dollar signing bonus well in the stands of that team. Would have been the ones that eight cents. Yeah. But that those fans by daughter is now like they were saying everybody's just stadiums are tax. What it called. Don't know I've built with tax rates of four guys right here on our owners you know. Somewhere along the line we're still not put that bill yeah. Somewhere along the line may have to say if you get a player. Into the NFL or whatever other thing in the NBA. You have that represented all Payer reparation pathologist. That that person attended. Andy populated in high school that they attended this starts there. Did get get the money back into the education system. Yep I air attack Iran appreciate the call you're wondering over this weekend. Three players took a need. During a National Anthem on veterans day weekend. Now before the New York Giants game at the San Francisco for about that was well attended. Giants and what won one game and the niners and won any and they finally got a win on Sunday. Two of their players to the niners players Eric Reid and Markey is good one. Most of them and protesting promotion of the season knelt as did giants defensive end Olivier Vernon. It was just activated all great DM bring him up to Leah. To the active roster. And I mentioned this guy just in passing and I got a lot more on Roy Moore that we're gonna get to hear an AM and the next few minutes. Now representative Peter king of New York he's a republic again. Nominees are Ryan O. Well Lisa is a New York republic which says at all. Peter King said Alabama Republican US senate candidate Roy Moore quote should prove his innocence. Of sexual abuse accusations or stepped out. King saying or narrow way. The person is entitled to the presumption of innocence. But in this case it's so serious and the fact that it's backed up by other women and so hideous I would say a less she can prove his innocence the burden is on he Helm. More than the next day or so he should step down he goes into the state and the US senate. Representative king I suggest you go back and read the constitution sir. And what makes Peter King judge and jury. Now I this is great Roy Moore. At today has fired back. At Mitch McConnell. And I'll share that way to. Now when we check again where than eight in the news center in and I'm right back on the other side here on Monday and I'll. Catch up with a text line as well before act fall too far behind there all of this and more still ahead. Here on the Bobby Mack show on 1063. WL RD. Attack dog on the right here and our number true. On Monday for 39. Here on AM bombing matchup. Issue I cannot quickly catch up when attacks line because I'm starting to move. Getting into arrears and now that department. Bob don't you just love how all these smear accusations have come out at the last minute. When now Roy Moore is then not on the ballot for muscle not only that Roy Moore has been. In the may be the most visible. Now political candidate and Alabama politics. For years. Al Bobby Highway Patrol wants assault rifles. I know most police departments allowed our officers carry a ours or import style rifles but not assault. Rifles. What makes as chp special. I'm pretty sad that even Al Leo's apparently don't know the correct terminology when talking about weapons. Bob I believe judging more not Mitch McConnell thanks for listening from untrimmed. Money they are not assault rifles air car lines. Are Koreans depending on your pronounced it. Now Bob Gloria Allred is the lawyer for one of Roy Moore is accusers shocker. Yeah that stunning news. I'm Bob after the Yankee occupation of South Carolina. They officially elected South Carolina representatives were refused their seats. I now. Mali where all these women before the election. As the sun not strike you as fishy. Bonnie I hereby a wedge that Peter King the Republican congressman from New York. Rhino is an alien sent to destroy ass and he needs to prove otherwise within the next day or two. Or stepped down. There you go out. And now ambitious. Bernie sand. Bob for the first time in my fourteen year career I saw student sent an upstate high school. Refusing to stand for the National Anthem. During a veterans day program. Well certainly down. Youthful minds are influenced by what they see gone on around on how to best and GQ. Which I guess is a men's magazine. Are maybe it's magazine for men who like 16100 dollar leather tote bags and 200 dollar velvet pants anyway. I'd GQ. I clearly digs jerks. Their latest issue has named Colin camper nick. Citizen of the year. Yes yeah he's gonna argue that Bryant. Bob what are all these rhino sand this stuff when Bill Clinton's accusers were coming forward. Well there are busy being slapped down my dad fighter for women's rights Hillary Rodham Clinton. And her right hand boy a. Curious George Stephanopoulos. Who are running the war room again for the bimbo eruptions. When bill was being accused of rape. Bobby I wonder if both bird doll on substantial the national. Bob. I think the Roy Moore controversy has had its desired effect by Democrats. That is to poured gas on the fire and help rent an even larger divide in the Republican Party they're succeeding and they're being helped. By the establishment. Republicans. Who wanted to do everything they can to slow down the momentum of a Steve Bannon. Who also wants to see him gone. The old saying. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. And right now see abandon a qualified SARS the McDonald's and Paul Ryan into the world cancer. I'm Bob there is no Democrat or GOP only establishment. Trump and Bernie are proof of that. Bob hoping a listener can offer some advice. My son is being bullied into a Spartanburg district six school. The problem is and he's being picked on and bullied by the school resource officer. Estimating going on since the last school year who don't live report this to the school or the share. I would reported to both. And I would also suggest. That your youngster carry a small pocket recorder. And if you have seen this resource officer you believe as bullying your child coming. At turn it on record and get it all on tape South Carolina is a one party recording state so it's illegal to do that. Then you'll have some evidence of your contention. Body of McConnell tries to not seat judge Moore we should all show up at his house with pitchforks and torches and ask him. Why today that. I CIA guy. And Bob how many mistresses do you think don't they all these congressmen have hidden in their closets and Washington DC. And they have the nerve to want to expel Roy Moore if he wins gimme a break. They all should be Xbox. What about this Bob he GOP wants to tick off its base. And Democrats to other number of seats in order to have enough to impeach president trump. From mama shale not bad. And that Michelle. Now Bobby about the. In GA in a transit authority no longer addressing passengers as ladies and gentlemen Bob I would use that term homo sapiens. I think that would cover everyone but then. I'm reminded of the lizard man. I would hate to offend any out. I human that's actually a lizard. Bless their reptilian hearts there isn't. Bob get him in the primary. Brother Don. Being nice and we had a close primary would have a better chance of doing that. Now meantime Roy Moore firing back and Mitch McConnell. Act today saying out McConnell should done. Step down himself. Should be replaced. Our judge Roy Moore tweeting the person who urgent step aside is senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. He's failed conservatives and must be replaced. Hash tag drain the swamp. Any questions. Why Mitchum wanna say Roy remorse or not in the senate. Fourteen before five here in the bombing match or take a quick break here in Indy right back with more as we roll on on Monday and on the other side. Today's edition of are amazing true facts including. The most popular Thanksgiving food in every state. Us include. They're right back. Only four hours a day. That's all work work work. Work work work work work you match at 4519. Before five here in the bombing Mac show in on the attacks Weiner make quickly catch up here. Above you or does Mitch McConnell think he just as they went Alabama's senator like he's in charge. I wish we can repeal the seventeenth amendment and let the legislature. Picker senators. I'm Bob your previous caller is now right on McConnell is a puke and and now that man is the one that needs to don't not judge Moore the ignorance of the GOP is astounding. Bobby in reference to Roy Moore why would a reporter from the Washington Post go to Alabama for any thing. And this reporter who is a fish out of water just happens to hear about the scandal. Something definitely stinks. Yeah I just happens to hear about this scandal and then. Happens to run into the one offended individual who just happens to know three other ladies and had the same thing happened at home. And oh by the way I just happen to have their names addresses and phone numbers right here for you to call. Ride. Bob Moore is a man of character that McConnell can't buy you off deep state can't have that. And I Iraq. Bob veterans day is a one day a year phonies in the media sports and Hollywood pretend to appreciate veterans. Catch. Now Bob. Who would know better about transgender is and the trends it authority. Got a point. And Bobby of these people refusing to work with Roy Moore the same people who work with Barney Frank. House page rape her and Ted Kennedy the murderer. Apparently these false allegations carry more troop more wage then true it. And now this Bob Hartley mention by the media and all the talk about Roy Moore is Eddie is a West Point graduate and Vietnam veteran. This sort of phony hit job. I has been done so many times by the Democrats anybody remember Anita Hill. Over the years. That one should be a little bit skeptical in the women making these charges forty years after the fact. From my colonel tent. Thank you colonel and ideally go time to bring in Gary good voice. And. Mom mode play. UN Baghdad a real way it real A now wanna save 350 bucks on a TV. And now maybe also get a Blu-ray of them one half or eight dollars. The camping out. And starts her Black Friday. If you're gonna go to night. You're too late to be first. There's a guy who is already camping out in front of a best buy in Laredo Texas for Black Friday. Apparently he put his sent ten up last Tuesday. So as far as we know he was the first person in the country. To began lining up. When a news reporter went to interview him he didn't wanna be on camera or give his name. Is it possible this guy self aware enough to know what he's doing heroic student they also didn't say when he's hoping to buy. It's a secret. At our country may be M more divided now than any other point in almost two centuries and at least we can all agree on this. Thanksgiving. Is not the time for a healthy foot. Well except for the people of Montana they disagree. General Mills here remember him I think I served under General Mills has just put out a list of the most popular Thanksgiving food in every state in the country. Based on the total searches more recipe is November 1 through Thanksgiving of last year. Pretty much every State's most common search warrant was for something I'm health they. And delicious. Except Montana. They're top search was oven roasted vegetables. You go out shell of mine off my plate mute phone. And note to self but I don't accept an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner in Montana the rest of the results were all over the board. There were allowed to stay at searching for different pie recipe it's pumpkin time many. Delaware New Hampshire New Mexico. North and South Carolina. Oklahoma and South Dakota. California and Virginia both surged more Mac and cheese. Buffalo chicken dipped number one in Ohio Pennsylvania and West Virginia. And Missouri they show me state focus on the day after Thanksgiving by searching for. Breakfast. Cancer meals. And now all you know. Special guest to talk about done. How people who who wanna adopt children are really. Aided by penning a tax break and and how it could be going away that and more. Is still to come and in the next hour we'll give away the first. And our Thanksgiving turkeys here and above they match up.