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Bob McLain
Monday, November 13th

Danna Moore, staff council at AUL, talks adoption tax credit; Roy Moore scandal


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I don't think you're doing go you are just in time for the most heavily commuted hour of the body match out. And boy lay down bad news folks are dead GE or they just changing shift analogy are they change at six I think they get off of five don't think many do over there. Not too bad news which you may already be aware outside GE stock. Really fell through the basement. This afternoon the biggest one day loss in nine GE's stock history the president of the company. Says that at 2018. Will be a year for streamlining. And Chad generally is a hand to the Dem more layoffs are on the way Boris. Bad news great to have you along and as always your input. He has invited encouraged and welcome. Here's valued join me NBA part of the conversation. Angles advantage talk line number 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number is 71307. And my email address is Bob. And 1063. WL RD dot com. Special guest joining me this afternoon she is Deanna while west she is the staff counsel and Americans United for Life ms. Wallace now aria. Under Robin and my army my pleasure I know that you all issued a news release last week when the council leadership. Made a move to restoring. Adoption tax credits can you bring me up to speed awareness and I rail realize ramp. Of varying versions that are going to be dueling their way towards reconciliation. On Capitol Hill the house version would tax bill the senate. Version. Where is the F tax deduction for the adoption tax credit where does that now figure in both plants. There would be how they mean connection. Our committee under chairman Brady. Or the adoption tax credit and how urgent. I don't think he com and on the things that number out at the public interest not a graphic and it will be stored eventually and urgent as. And so in time I'm left to assume then it is no longer in the the senate version as it's presently written. I don't believe there's been an amendment yet on the connection I guess I'll buy typically aren't helped and then they pass. Yeah how urgent and he looked. I'm fairly able kind of depend on a little bit configuring that we do expect it could be in though and go to the current event. Including the adoption tax credit and. Yeah that'll certainly be a relief to some people in my audience because when the house version originally came out. And the adoption tax credit had been eliminated. I immediately got a couple of phone calls and text message us. From families. Who are either in the adoption process now or are about to enter that process. And they pointed out. That the cost of adoption is already. If it's not an inexpensive proposition. Setting aside of course. On the cost of of raising and caring for the child and the fact that the adoption tax credit. Is eight is a big asset when you're in that process. Absolutely the cost of even just. Domestic adoption can go over 40000 dollars. Tax credit is only. About search and a half thousand dollars. Shock about the costs. That meter haven't hope you know that their I don't want to meet each titled. And that's the very least we can do to help them. I'm forever homes pretty. Why why he had an and we're document in a while Russian Zia staff counsel and Americans United for Life. Why is this process so expensive. Well a lot of it had to do with the legality I'm not a lawyer at. Followed deregulation to re guidelines in order to make sure that both the saline the child and the birth family Amish are backing. And that Ellen taking advantage. There are armed sometimes up at three attorneys have to be involved in May not be paid. The costs. Are given our past to be paid for them of these lower income women right arm to otherwise might choose a portion. All the legal fees and things like that home party. There's so much involved in the adoption process beyond check. Wanting to adopt. This low level of difficulty I'm just assuming here Dan and his own level of difficulty. Vary widely from state to state. Yeah they're very very having different requirements are from state state. And I know in Medina where I'm there should be theory strict apartment. Why and how many steps away from a bad term player learn how to be. As this committee can get very. Until he can we can do you attend and making them more affordable for them how many children and their homes is going to be good. And BM Lenovo and adoption as an important part of creating. AM cultural life and we we've seen examples. Of of successfully adopted children a day Thomas for a founder of Wendy's for instance I was adopted us a child. Absolutely am I spent this site isn't much in between a pastor there just the sort being adopted start personally attacked how. Are maintained army can be hurt the child involved in the hell can achieve the completely different life. It's it it's going to be I'm sure. A wrestling match in Washington is easings typically are with various lobbying groups and K street now wanting to make sure that there. Our clients are are taken care of and and Americans United for Life are you guys. Making sure that that your voices being heard on Capitol Hill in both house and senate as well. Certainly we've been in touch with. Which he hill and make sure that congress people and senators are hearing from and the amazing supporters we have across the nation and that are either adopted him sound like you or are in the practice of adopting. On and it also national adoption month after this is trying to force them to release a pre adoption as an amazing part of the culture of life sure is absolutely the wrong time to be talking about cutting I'd help that he gets that you know. I was certainly ready are they receptive until your arguments. Consequently there have been so many amazing people who have come out on the hill and they are making sure that the adoption credit. Is restored actually remembering you like at what that house Ways and Means Committee even my personal congressman Mike Johnston a Louisiana spoke. Welcome him personally and he told me how dedicated people exit the better as tasks and Nebraska. I am so many pro life and I'm. Family values organization have come out in favor of it as well and so we're very confident. Our own net the ability of the coalition of people across the nation across party lines. Across religious lines. To come together and preserve tax credit because really talking about helping children and helping families are more important than any interest in. We're out absolutely. I'm curious you thought just occurred to me do you have no Deanna if not there are any. Current members of congress in the house of the senate who were themselves adopted. I'm not sure about him and being personally adopt it I do know that there are quite a few. Adopted her at. And serve in congress. And they they made it a theory on that part as and then coming out talking about the well. And I think that definitely something to pay attention to. In the future. Yep absolutely Deanna Wallace is a staff council on American Jan nine neutralized Deanna thanks very much for your time today pleasure talking with you. And now we'll continue to my pleasure will continue to follow this issue. And and and make sure that when we get down. To the the final analysis of whatever reconciliation process results. In the house and the senate and they come up with a final bill. That the adoption tax credit is in there because it's it's an important issue to a number of people here in the upstate and we wanna make sure that their voices heard as well. We appreciate that and we hope that all of your your listeners we'll make sure that they contact their congressmen and their senators. And held on the base support keeping the tax credit. You bet god bless sienna thanks a lot for your time today pleasure talking with. Thank you so much for having me my pleasure good to have you here quarter after five here in the balmy night show take a quick break here we'll come right back with more. And including on the latest developments running out Roy Moore. And Alabama. And there's quite a bit. See you back in just dissect. By the way if you're not whether us. Understood and I got previous obligation and to be work or whatever and I didn't join us until after 5 o'clock in this hour. And fact coming up after the news at 530 after any joins us at the bottom of the hour for the news update. We will do the first of our great Turkey giveaways. Leo folks at butterball. And give us each year. Out fifteen dollar gift certificate story butterball Turkey. And now we give them away in a very simple process we play a a quick bite. From a well known movie. Real quick bite well hopefully selling Intel recognize right away and you guessed the movie and you win the Turkey simple as that. OK so will do that not coming up. As a center right after the news at 530 by the way. This portion of the program. Is being brought to you by now one of our traditional Thanksgiving sponsors and that of course is. Farmer bombs. And atomic Turkey's. This is Bob Bob thirty years ago I started my Turkey farm right here across. Cooling pond on the hot Rivet nuclear power plant right people in I was crazy where blues great is it well. Just in time for Thanksgiving. President Obama loves atomic tracking is what makes my techies could I don't know each one of my atomic badge is absolutely. And Bonnie good luck and thanks to that nuclear power glad to talk to her event just block gonna need. Didn't and don't worry about the leftovers. My atomic techies have have to live 500 is good enough Kevin get your thumb above stunning techie. And remember also all of the fairway you get go liberally applied. They treat Islamabad's. Their request 'cause bums atomic turkeys come with half a dozen brand. Make turkeys on rupturing yet. Going to technical others that thank your farmer Bob always say do I have you along on this time here 23 after five here on AM bombing Mac show in on a tax line. 71307. Bob all want Turkey neck McConnell had about thirty million invested in Roy Morse opponent. You would think he wouldn't be above starting a little lying about judge Moore. Whole thing is a farce. Bob GE stock dropping today no longer being subsidized by the Democrat led government. Trump making companies compete on a level playing field by the way. Saw this headline today president returning to the United States. Went over 250. Billion. Dollars in deals. Now president trump. And on its final day in Beijing and trump and the Chinese president oversaw a ceremony in which corporate giants. Such as Boeing and Qualcomm. Signed a multi billion dollar deals. China's commerce minister said this is truly a miracle. At trump said he was looking forward to week change in the US China relationship. Bump up. Bob that's South Carolina representative is an idiot what they want. And chp officers to carry their quote I assault rifle with them when they get out of their car and every traffic stop. I'd run. From a top carrying one coming in May. Bob Bob by Thanksgiving Alicia is up about Leo most popular Thanksgiving meals. Most searched more on the on the web. And we did right before the news or you miss that man away it was essentially. Pumpkin pie number one search war in. A north and South Carolina. Al Bob by Thanksgiving the snow is thirty feet deep in Montana the deer are hiding and the only thing they can eat our root vegetables. A Montana was the only state where benched him. Scourge to park preservation and body I have family in Montana third generation cattle ranchers. They already know how to cook all the meets its low veggies they need help wept. Gotcha message received and understood. Bob purple where does this one began holy cow on text message Ronnie. I suspect the Roy Moore thing is a Democrat practice run for 28 team. Thanks to the abusive Democrats in Hollywood sexual predation is a big news item right now. Now with Democrats willing accomplices in the media refusing to identify as Democrats supporters. Now that same mutt anti American leftist media is attacking a candidate on the right to first. Divert attention from the liberal perverts and second at an attempt to show those on the political right are just as guilty. I'm very suspicious that Roy Moore has been a major figure in Alabama politics for forty years suddenly has a herd of women. Claiming charges two weeks before an election. If the Democrats can use these tactics to defeat more it's a sure bet we'll see more of it. Over the next to a twelve months and it would not surprise me to discover Mitch McConnell Paul Ryan and now. Were involved in the smear attack wouldn't it wouldn't surprise me in the least. In fact I'm. Highly suspect they are. Bobbie I think we give all these women accusing Roy Moore the same consideration the media gave all the women accusing Bill Clinton called them tramps and liars and move on. Now Bobby Roy Moore is a man of god. That's why they hate him. Bob several years ago didn't a senator from Alaska would draw from our race because of accusations and the sexual improprieties only to be proven innocent after the election. Bonnie this is nothing more than a smear campaign from the establishment GOP. And they're willing accomplices. Democrats. Are we gonna let a hijacked and nullifying our duly elected candidate for senate. We conservatives have been parked. Now Bobby how does one claim the gift certificate if you win in the. Thanksgiving a contest won't weep with same way we do all the gift certificates we have had your name downstairs and you just. Combined cleanup that's why we're doing it this week. So you'll still have a good selection of god blurs to us Elektra. So how does all this stuff affecting our Roy Moore in the polling. Two new polls demonstrate the GOP nominee Roy Moore remains unaffected entirely. By smears in the Washington Post against him. One of the balls which were both. Provided by the pollster too bright part news on Saturday evening conducted Thursday morning before the publication of the post piece that afternoon. The second. Conducted on Saturday evening. Together they show judge Moore is a lead over Democrat Doug Jones has been virtually unaffected. Since the post story came out he still has a double digit. We. Now about these accusers. Some interesting headlines today about them. And a statement from the mother. Of one of these. Accusers as well. Out all of which makes it voting income test. Any is ready to go in the news center I'm right back on the other side. Here on the Monday Monday edition I'm 1063. WL RD. Yeah he's a golfer. Huey Lewis and the newest 548. Tony before six here on AM bombing Mac show. Bunch of by headlines today about Roy Moore. That and just you know I've. And I'm sure that they were gonna say you know what what what is the deal by the get some ESP. Going here are one because earlier in the program. Just thinking out loud I speculate let's say that Roy Moore goes ahead and wins a senate seat and Alabama's I think he still well. And AS so Washington and then Mitch McConnell and the Republicans refuse to see him. Only to legal way I think. Under the constitution they could not Doumit and then here comes the story this afternoon. Senate Republicans escalated their calls for embattled Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore to leave the race went majority leader Mitch McConnell. Saying he believes in women who have accused Moore of sexual misconduct. And the chair of the GOP's campaign arm endorsing an effort to expel. More. Should he be elected next month. I believe the individual speaking out against Roy Moore spoke with courage and truth. Proving he's unfit to serve in the United States senate nation not run for office sent senator Cory Gardner of Colorado. The chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee if he refuses to withdraw and wins. The senate should vote to expel him because he does not mean the ethical and moral requirement of the United States senate. Do I know the way these guys think or want. And him don't adjust on the in my shoulder patting myself on the back but. I know the kind of manipulative tactics. They're Danone point and I look I don't be surprised you say you know Luther strange a guy that Roy Moore beat the primary. Re emerge. Fueled by money from McConnell. And the main mainstream establishment GOP to run as a write in candidate against him. And get out but I recognize that that would then split. The Republican vote. Paving the way Fareed Democrat. Under represented Alabama. In the sense that hadn't happened since the 1960s. But you know McConnell and his ilk they'd they'd rather have him a Democrat. Win the seat. Then don't have a true conservative Republican. OK here we go way up promised it and nine now it is time. Not a fan fairway give away the first. About our 515. Dollar gift certificates. Good for ray butter ball Turkey. And and by the way on Friday's program I'll be talking with the butterball Turkey help line lady. That conversation is always one well worth tuning in for our cash check and see what time she's on camera more time she's on money panic isn't the 5 o'clock hour. And money penny extra acumen and in any event we will check and not banned and see an end much you know now between now and then it's. And some of the questions they get on the help line. Highly entertaining. To add to say Italy's did did you find at their money thing. And he it and what time is she how far back as simple Tom from us one hour one hour yet so this is skins and at 330. OK I turn out so 330. On Friday the out right after earnestly butterball Turkey help line late. OK here we go this is very simple. All you need to do is guess the movie. Okay not contest line. 2414218. Now. Ass aren't packed contest line and it just testing your money and cheerful 14334. I don't more than two days without using the that's have a tendency to forget that you know antagonist to 414334. And all you have to do is guess the movie in how we are calling already well they're they're assuming. There will recognize them of what to do on a sunny first correct answer. I had ego guests. The motivate. Shot off Max age should arm news. Okay. That's at pretty well known film. No one more time one more time peak. Shot an armed man they should arm themselves. Go have money if any will be out answering. Calls. And I won't find ourselves a winner and then now what you know who it is improper to recognize. How about this Roy more secure reserve. Worked for Joseph Biden and other Democrats. I know you're stunned to hear this. Debra Wesson Gibson a woman who alleges she engaged in a legal and consensual but inappropriate relationship. When Roy Moore has boasted about doing work for VP Joseph Biden and other Democrats. Here's a nice picture of her smiling with plugs Biden on FaceBook. Gibson was one of three women quoted in the Washington Post claiming that more pursued and door dated them. When they were between the ages of sixteen and eighteen and he was in his early thirties. A fourth woman claims that when she was fourteen. None more engaged in a sex acts with their sound. And yet she is not connected to and I know I know you're stunned. To hear that how about this. A woman who alleges that she engaged in any legal and consensual but inappropriate relationship whether or more. Has deleted multiple political postings from her FaceBook page. What were. They FaceBook postings well they were you know Donald Trump isn't any yet. Donald Trump doesn't jerk Donald Trump does a double Donald Trump as a devil incarnate and now terrorists now. Yep suspicions confirmed. 546 here and about inaction fourteen before six we get a winner money then not yet a winner yet so as we go to the break. Shot tarmac we should arm themselves. I would get that when an RP print may be tougher than I think. Contest lying to a 414334. Guests. I'll move. Do the job on a. 552. And congratulations. Bob dump all how are I believe I'm pronouncing your name right of Greeneville way to go Bob. And AM fifteen dollar gift shirt every inch for you for aim butterball Turkey. And now you cannot to Mumbai not any weekday between 830 and up 530. And up pick up same knee appointed time to do in selection of the butterball. Turkeys is still good. At the grocery stores are appointed to a lot of people recognize twenties to. In Arab guests the movie out clip from today. Allen AL player one more time shot off Macs should arm news. Well you would be William money out of Kansas killer of women and children. China little bill I've killed women and trip to kill women and children. Killed everything that walks crawls one time or another and I'm here to kill you little pale. Kill on my friend. Took money packaged shaken her hand count unforgiven. Academy Award winning film on forgive him. Starring of course Clint east. Forty form the world's most powerful Inca. Will blow your head clean off. That's. At you know attacks on Bob little bill was a really mean sheriff here last played very well by Gene Hackman. My baby ever notice that most women with two last names are hyphenated last names are liberal idiots. As what daddy NAS is whine about judge Moore. Yeah. Yeah you see the hyphen in there are so immediate tip off. Bob what what should Hillary said after killing Vince Foster do I win. Should I don't think Hillary did it herself. I did you say text now known that this contest line. Saffron next time we're gonna do this every day. By the way right through Friday OK so will will have AM butterball Turkey giveaway every. Al Bob I have a difficult time with the words senate. Being in the same sentence with ethics and morals no critic. Bump up. Yeah Bob of the senate is ethical and moral. You're kidding right back from mom Michelle. Bob I guess all these senators can't remember the morality of Ted Kennedy. Drunk. Ranked. And the girl not his wife diet. I'm Bob for those smashing their core rigs in protest of companies. Pulling advertising from Sean Hannity show on fox. News flash. You already paid for the courage you im assault they already have your money eight. He sure showed them. A panic. Bob I'm still trying to figure out what senate ethical standards are Roy Moore doesn't meet you out no gimmick. Rob Roy Moore is a test case for the legal precedent of guilty until proven and is well look. These folks on the left are not stupid they recognize. Than there already is a. An environment. That exists where this kind of stuff. Is general immediately attract attention to hey we can we go that's right. Bobby if these allegations against Roy Moore were true or somebody else had pointed out why didn't they come up before now. These allegations and are done more harm to aim early on in his career and right now. Well they've. Took him awhile to think about it and they had to wait for the U right environment. And you say Harvey Weinstein. Still 1 morning Goldie bonus hour. Happens. On the other side of the news here on the money matchup. Be right back.