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Monday, November 13th

Roy Moore Scandal; Will Lewis; Boneheads


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And we know. Because this is what we do. Work work work work work work work work you mantech you'll go into the bonus hour and a fourth and final hour of the bombing Mac show. Me. Well it's a good thing I'm here again for another hour. Can you believe how early against dark now. I still cannot get adjusted the list. What are what time a day now does that doesn't actually I get dark money thank one's seventeen while. I was safe and I just managing in my body clock just end. This is valued join me NBA part of the conversation. Ingles advantage talk line number toll free 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number. If texting is your preferred mode of communication and my email address Bob. And 1063 WORD dot count telephones we go Jeff. In Taylor's is mine leadoff batter hello jab and welcome to the shelf. Well good afternoon mr. McClain are soaring in and joining us today. You know it's an and it and it and it seems funny I mean it is eight minutes after six it's still my guess tactically afternoon hedging towards evening that. Anna it's at stone dark outside. You know are right it should be an action until spring. Look honey do it's become. It had come home and can be deduced that arcade. Certainly not. An extension it's it's unconscionable. That the and of course we have a tendency to put on his lines again anyway is now. Carl about the Jerry but you know just put to the South Carolina shares sophistication not now. Admiring jewel in the trash talk a total my would see Clinton as well slick Willie Lewis was still a member so. Showed admirable sense so those that a year and if they want to get your money. I had I had I had a feeling this was coming. Now when I talked about it when they were first approached about it which is like that two weeks ago I think and they said well you know. We've never done that. About a gasoline my age and and given the them known. All line up of various groups and individuals who have been calling for. The sheriff do resigned. I guess they just figured they join the chorus. Where lessons and got boring element he's already admitted to what he did but he just are told about just. Did she Bob you know armed armed my 100%. In favorably about it is. Take advantage about personal power they should have a reasonable. Amount of time to come forward and not at tech you can hear a bit. This is pretty much a 100%. I did you have remained silent for nearly forty years go to new speaker. Thirty days before special section. Not totally true but it would take one step vote. How how would recommendations occur and more peck a lot of tactics to look at world leaders partnership and you know whatever made it. Let's say hello horse and we get to bottom of that industry's talent a lot of news she cannot. So suit along with the so auction process and at New York Times and rest of the post stories out. I can't conceptually I just like the idea podium on the Jerry Springer Show just truly pure entertainment value in L. Are. You should check your shirt. Over time. Security people polled. Pothole or not to each other nearby hold back your. On auto audience Jewish audience members join and you know my punches being thrown left and right now like it. At the heritage that territory with just. Red weight from West Point went to Vietnam or. Thirty years so also you know I know it's obviously a and so. Well character did you want to graduate from West Point and not so it's just our commanders say somebody luck it. It is totally interest all three year old girl shot execution. Well what about what about all these other stories. That we are seeing. From a dark way down men and on places like bright barred but of course on the lame stream media's not gonna go anywhere near Iran. Other and his one woman was paid six years by the Washington Post for her honesty and a straightforward and truthful story. And yet you rightly pointed out. If it took her this long to come forward in the first place. That makes it suspect to begin when and if she was paid for this information. How much emotional damage was he done to our. Pulled up in Barrington based McConnell and and John McCain it is or around 200%. Sure how big yeah yeah beyond me this. This whole thing with the what our congressmen. It is. We're going into the industry Spartan would have changed as a walk away from mr. we don't it's not been done. Practiced crooked corrupt government it sound like good and banana republic yeah that they walk and follow mark hello would grow up. AM I'm Nigeria thank you Jeff I appreciate it in fact. Who we're we're starting to give banana republics a bad name. Luke is on a seemingly isn't Campobello and as a welcome as always hi Lou good heavy industry. Thanks Bobbie you know wanna start right out I think one trivialize the actual Iraq but other cute daughter well. And I don't think out of their first thing happened at a worse but you know it. It's not people she dropped her career the lowest below. But you know. I want to say something to dip that black curse of the Democratic Party Clinton. Call it today and it can happen they also dictates and destroying a way that built it ought. Country. And I think that Democrats. Have bickered about just teach beater. At the election poll competed this. He's written were indeed by the Dutch. Molested by the touch it's a horrible actor and group that should not occur now. Would that matter packed with support. You know I think it democratic party's using popping up a political tool. Give to women potter so egregious what he did it or putt putt I'm so egregious but wanted to meet you certainly wouldn't have to pay me. You're to come forward. Protected. Alan Howard are all wonder here here here I can't or that or year or or or get strikes but. Now they're really taking it. It to come Intel true. It hit shots. The best candidate it's true I support gay. I don't what should happen camp creek every popular. Show which is cute cute idea. But it did work here player eight or thirty days before election. It pretty big pick here I don't think it makes a lot of people are obese should promote. Yeah it's it's highly suspect at best we'll look at you mentioned the at the inequality of the the equation and we seem net. What all these scum bags and Hollywood from Harvey Weinstein to Kevin Spacey and all the rest of them. Who have used a position of power as a you'll Weber to try and extract whatever it may be that they want. Up from these women that they abuse night you talk about. Not proving that the statute of limitations. Is a long expired on any thing. Judge Moore might have done. So it could there again we've got this guy like a Peter King in New York who claims to be a Republican who actually has the audacity to suggest. Judge Moore. Has to prove his innocence in the next day or two or step away from the campaign. And it it's just another example. A lead totalitarianism. That we see from the left these bunch of Jack booted thugs. That wanna turn the constitution and it's here now you have to prove a negative. And all my truly Lorena since. Say one thing anybody could anybody believe that anything in Hollywood. What are at a law each kept hearing the story. Her in the public to think anybody in Hollywood and beyond. Harassment order horrendous thing making these women can't comment duty of the art true movie until you watch. You don't have to compete at an average person are being poppy intelligent person with much data make him understand hat goes on all the odd. It's her purse there on that aspect. Well at and if you think that these things don't happen on a routine basis may I suggest area although you probably wouldn't wanna watch it now. House of cards and check out an episode of ray Donovan and see what you say. I understand you're right on target all. I appreciate it Lou good to have you here shall be have a good evening sixteen after six here in the body Mac choke quick break here right back to the phones and I'll catch up with the text line all. And the mother of one of Roy Morse accusers. Has now contradicted a keen deep tale. Of her daughter's sexual misconduct snore. Voting in contrast to be right back. Welcome back. 618 true or not IMAX show here on this Monday Monday. Interesting that anonymous on nine Drudge in the center in new west survey is out seven in ten Americans would skipped. I would skip gift giving on holidays. I'm not I'm curious about that well talked about a have been as we at proceed along in army tax line Bob I was surfing through. In PR. And they were having a big discussion of a woman makes an accusation against demand she must be believed. Hillary had said or done something similar. But she didn't say that a course and slick Willie. I was being accused the idea. Every every other woman and Arkansas. I instantly thought of the Duke Lacrosse players. I brutalized by this false accusations and those who believe and yeah I noticed the and members of the faculty at duke had been vilified those guys. Never apologized. Is it armed and there are. And essentially Matt accusing him of them everything turned out to be false. Add to the phones we got a gene is on he is in. In. Greeneville hygiene and welcome to the shell. Yep Bobby administration. Figure out everybody else please do that. Please watch your guy what do you remember Anita Hill notion ever apologize to our child monster. A generational. Apologized. Right. Right and you know well wouldn't call football competition so a lot of law professor of up while slid shut down in Oklahoma. The Al Oklahoma. And her her rock count toward that time was Janet Napolitano will be out. Leno is merely coincidence I'm sure original petition haven't finished just opened the door. Look at the political. Would no longer operating under the conventional political a term that you and I have been familiar with things have changed. Very ordinary. Barton just guerrilla war there. Well just don't have to battle I'm gonna explain the war to actually it's biblical it should simply based spiritual war colonel kicked object to that. We like dealing right now with what corporate global. The first serious national shot people living national sovereignty traditional me right. Our corporate global which include the progressive Democrats don't we go out and all some on the I am afraid to say that you're very dismay disservice. A lot of the Republican establishment. Here or not they're not shame people anymore against black conservatives they are cooperatives. They talk a little bullish mr. McConnell could care less about about establishing a foundation. Of well border like John McCain the same way. A lot of volatility than anything Lindsey Graham on like the WG CNN according to what he has to run again. So he's got a little nervous so he wants to sound like. I don't John Birch Society because I realized yeah I just. You remember John Birch Society well yeah sure yes but why are you can't go out literature that would New York where I was a teenager. And like. I yum. And you know. Not Roy Moore left Russia had. While Lockett anybody who can help protect commandments to where Roy Roy Moore hash and we'll be yet. A full law. Respectable overruled law. It doesn't affect the other the global corporate mole. Well and and what are autograph crowd national and this is this is a relatively easy equation. To connect the dots on what's the most important thing to a politician is it not getting reelected. Up and and I'll be don't have that power unless of course you remain in office. And and to get reelected what do you need. You need tons of money. Andrew has tons of money well Wall Street now the big corporations. Joining us sources are are are. And Arnold are I don't want to round up the usual suspects try and now this is this is pretty easily. To understand where their bread is spotted thank you Jane I appreciate the cult. 26 after six here on the body match the mother. Of league course man she's won any of four women accusing run more. Who says an Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore tried to gauge as to engage in a sexual encounter with her when she was fourteen and her mom has contradicted a key detail. On this course meant story. Speaking by phone to bright partners on Saturday course man's mother Nancy wells 71. Says that her daughter did not have a phone in her bed room. During the period of time that more is reported to have allegedly called core man. Purportedly on her bedroom phone to a range at least one encounter. More strongly denies court mince claims they Washington Post which first published a story. Provided send them more provided at whisper ride it with her number which she was fourteen she said that she spoke to more. From what she described as the phone in her bedroom. So now. There is that and that and that story goes on and on and really get those pretty deeply into the weeds on this but you know. Now what is germane. To the primary issue here meantime. I judge Moore says he plans to assume the Washington Post I don't know. I don't know if Roy Moore can get anywhere where that are not because a he has from a legal standpoint a public figure. As a political candidate and and I don't know that that doesn't disqualify them from being able to sue. AM. Journalistic. Entity and I users to worse it was only like other Washington Post. Around pop up amendment gonna stay in fairly deep into the weeds where that as well but the and the point is. Judge Moore is not taking this sitting down said today by the way. Two Mitch McConnell I mentioned in my tenements Amani resigning. After you now what you should resign. As of the senate majority leader because you've done a lousy job frankly. Act quickly in on the attacks line 71307. Bob does. Does Roy Moore have an attorney why don't they make him taking a lie detector test. And those are not admissible in court. Because you maravent 400. They the hammer bent on the lie detector you know that there are ways to beat the box. Have a PI follow these women around for a while we conservatives must fight back and quit dialing down to these schools. Bob loves his golf do you play golf in the dark when it gets start this early from Michelle now. Occasionally though in. In better weather. There is a golf ball you can use that they have so a little like a glow stick inside it. And now you can play god that a lot of on charitable fund raising events will will do that sort of it's fun. Until like go back in Memphis the guy drives a golf cart off the bridge into the pond. Half of that and Al west to do and it's being dark than they did probably with his having been. Over served as I say 630 here on the body Mac show any is ready to go and a new senator. Bob on the Bob adds continue for the last half of the bonus hour here on Monday. Coming up next. I'm telling money penny I am not counting down to meatloaf for dinner tonight. As I do love me some meatloaf. As I've pointed out to money penny just moments ago Scott hammer this out onions Aztec ketchup act. Not a problem without. Me. Lebanon in on me a text line 71307. Bonnie why isn't a left wing baby killers at the rate of one point three million a air. Don't have to answer for anything yet. Conservatives are crucified when a forty plus year old rumor. Is Roy Moore and GOP establishment out the answer is Roy Moore GOP establishment are America's worst enemy. True enough. Okay about a Mac be safe and buckle up tonight god bless I believe the grave is have taken over the White House is saying yeah. Aliens. Bob but could trump go after George Soros I mean Amanda is and has been in the center of all this mess. Donald. A migration. This centrist think. Al Bobby don't forget slander and libel. When the intent on sabotaging an election is a legally. Okay your go it is time once again we got a rare race at this is in rare form tonight. Are in this Monday. Evening edition I'll Loma bone is human. OK here we go. 29 year old Lilly you've flown downloads from not gonna talk Connecticut. And her 37 year old trim away some minutes broken into an elderly woman's home in Springfield mass back in August. Apparently they knew the woman's daughter is not chance of money in the house so they wound up but tying up the ball away. Peppers freighter had to get them yet heard it Telemar should get their money and they still a bunch of her stuff and took off. Fortunately they were caught. Why were they gone well because we'll wave accidentally. Left one thing behind. Her resume. It's clear. If I she robbed the woman on the way to a job interview or if you just happen to have our Reza may honor meant either way. Profit tops right to her daughter and her door. Both the oil way and Melissa arrested last month. They were just it was seven felony charges including home invasion where they firearm and kidnapping. I can only hope for irony is safe that down this woman put. Good attention to detail. Of this and assume it. Somehow I doubt it. Well made TV reporter was assigned to do a thrilling and hard hitting story about some random intersection in Atlanta suburb where they a lot of traffic. Probably I didn't think it would end up the way it did. I guarantee she had no idea just how important her story would become. A reporter from these CBS affiliate in Atlanta named Ashley Thompson was out near the intersection in Lawrenceville Georgia last week. Looking for people to interview about all that traffic at the intersection. When 24 year old Eric rivers walked past and said hey. You wanna do an interview. He says yeah and gave her an interview on camera. I here's what actually did know Erik had just robbed a bank. And after the interview he went robbed another what. Triggered this or that there's some of the audio. While interviewing one of the managers at the BB&T bank marshall's money road. They informed us that the suspect was seen leaving the fifth third. And walking towards say CBS 46 news struck. Know what that is only has its own public transportation. Mark coming I would never have my life. I think you come off guard I think he surprised him. BL I think around. Yeah reminiscent of staff of the first bank signed go towards the end newsman they told the cops. They are reviewed the interviews and actually done and today there's error robber right there. Attracting the pomp and arrested him. While whole. Fame is fleeting. How about this guy high and Oklahoma Britain pager. You may have seen a sound and it steals and truck. Leave this place of police on a windy high speed chase and decided it does me a great time ago FaceBook alive. And in the middle of the chase ceilings out the window and brags about it to another driver. Areas much of them. Utilitarian thing. Think everything. Now well maybe the first chance. Missouri said since I got out of prison. I guess we're a year pending destination using enemy Brenton. IE. I think. It yeah this is reminiscent of a John Kerry speech. Eight years ago the the University of Florida. And the guy in and around the distinction in the security guard came after him with a taser. And so now he got a no end to and to me a collection. Had set match at nine great time to go FaceBook live bunny. You'll be able to see it all again true. In court. Yes it used. There you go I see on Monday I told them there are some wounds and that that same Monday edition Obama hands you know. Court before seven here on about inaction take a quick break here come right back go to the phones next. Welcome back 649. Now here in the Bob inaction on the closing minutes on Monday in on the tax line 71 threes are a seven Bonnie Mac. Meatloaf. Wu I love it too great show that dogs a from my springer and springer. Bob I try barbecue sauce on your meatloaf mighty good from majorities Gator I get a I'm Bob regarding judge Moore the women need to take a lie detector test. The only time I had to take it tests like and I failed. In San I was lying about what mine named Wallace. Allow. Got you to the phones we go as promised west is on he is angry or hi Wes and welcome to the program. Anybody getting and in come you know Imus wanted to ask you about this and how that works almost just all the pundits. But number one I made. An observation that when you got a big time hit like Charlie Brown I. Hum there's a gal on fox it looks like caller I just monitor it blasts. I mean about these hateful little. Is it unit or a book hit you know who under. Attack on me when I just mention. Judged more. Or trumped gorgeous. I mean they're yes and remember Cronkite geared to guys are you ask him and I and our memory now the pretty young you're even when he. Retired and I remembered someone asks him that came out turned and walked. Now let her like he let it being only little once you have that help Iraq but that estimation how what your political affiliation he told me you know one. You said the reason you have to actually that means that I did my job. It means that I did my job and I try chiefs took it out there. You know honestly yeah pumped to play down the middle yes and I can tell us about take its site it is an outlaw. And I told him I'll I'll show a couple of minutes. Under or your hardest. And am not collection. But it. You cannot match skewered this light source yeah no matter how hard you try. It did chants. Fareed. And that's what we're Gaby coming wit when you seat that got Chad says they're dissect the accusation came out about more. That's it cnet's back and it got to reconsider his whole entire. You know. What are your main thing abandoned due to you know attack though the ride at which multiple well you know. And he's right about that because this is not really about Roy Moore Roy Moore. Is merely the end of the useful player and they try their game to try and destroy Steve Bannon before he can destroy them. Well you know what buddy Derek destroyed. Because they can't understand I don't understand that the bank in the bank that can get the trial don't think they can do this. I'm never. Coming back so you understand I'm never coming back I mean did that to me is that fundamental flaw with that even British team. Bobby Britney intermediate section where. Yes intellectual. Smart you know war. I was I was working at tech channel seven in Washington ABC affiliate there. Now when he was working out of the bureau and we hit our name for him as a mom Bob Brett huge. That's reply on and on days like an eight foot not donors something. And not complacent about the remember that they were wrong about everything tribe can't win a tattoo that traders know why it will never happen he'll never get the nomination mean adjusts and then lose the cup all of experts and I have not they're now Ellen meet. And try and our own people like ghost exactly what we needed to. And I can destroy some box they needed to tell me what they don't want me to do that you know what the art at oh. Yeah. Round match well I don't like to thank US I appreciate hell and there's another aspect of this is well that and that is the delusional laughed. Look at all the stories are just seeing in the media these days about how in power. Our policy enact chuck U Schumer in the rash of these. Delusional. Williams on the left dark about. Winning the governorship in Virginia. And where was the other one now that they want another matter matters. All I've dubbed a blast CO was reelected mayor of New York Bryant. It it it just shows. How out of touch with reality than they are that they actually won something for the first time what in almost a decade. They launched a thousand elections. Or local stage. And national. After sense and what and 2010. They they could win anything they couldn't get anybody elected dog catcher and so finally in a couple of Blue States. They elect a couple of governors and all of a sudden all we're back we're back but you know what was telling. And I meant to pull it out today and I did not save I can find and play tomorrow. Saturday Night Live. Actually made front of the Democrats. This week. Yes you heard me right SNL made fun of the Democrats and Tim Kaine and are actors playing Tim Kaine. Nancy Pelosi. A couple of others that shock you. And then they were there or awe and it was so stilted it was funny they're gone all Wear black. Again out we're back the other backed all right there are back in the back row and they're gonna stay there they just now. They're delusional mental vacant. About a time for today thanks so much for being wrong and I will do it again tomorrow starting at 3 have a great evening gown black. Unfortunately. I believe we're out of time. Well okay that's our show for. In the words of mystical point. And greens. Yeah. I must be going and and I must be no means. He has had a eve. I hate it. Yeah and yeah. Right. He.