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Friday, November 17th

Carol Miller from Butterball talks turkey with Bob


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Hello campers greeting of welcome salutation. And less than a week to go until Turkey day all alive Syria only got a bunch of Thanksgiving. Features Froyo on the program today thank you. You're very much and fact deck coming up the bottom of the hour we'll be joined by Carol Miller who is AM butterball Turkey held blind expert. As she's gonna share whether some tips. For you how you can now make your Thanksgiving. Turkey burned better and also share some of the classic moments of shipments so you've gotten. Now on me a help line now in years past that to have entertained. The ladies that man that help wide grade does have you along as we had going today and don't forget in me 5 o'clock hour this afternoon. Now we also will be giving away the last of our butterball turkeys a fifteen dollar gift certificate for a butterball Turkey. By giving you an opportunity two guests the movie and it pisses me a final one way and we wanted to do that this week. Well because I won't be here and actually a Leo vacation and we want to give you plenty of time to be able to. Pick up the gift certificates elector Turkey known for. And the selection is sent to his vote this election is fry it. Our gone depleted. What better way of putting it and also in the 5 o'clock hour today our annual. And trip down memory lane where we revisit mr. Carlson. And damp all the gang from WK RP in Cincinnati. Whitney big Turkey drop which is more from our favorite the sitcom moment of all time. So I here's value join me and it is Friday which means and also is the free for all. They all skate as we like to call it. Now whatever topic is on your mind today is is. Good to go and he essentially. You guys will control the account and I'm got a bunch of things I wanna talk about but. Whatever you wanna talk about is fair game today Ingles advantage talk line number is 800. 347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text line is 71307. And my email address is Bob. And 1063. WORG dot com to the phones Leo immediately here on the free for all beginning in union. Where pat is are we don't matter today hi pat and welcome to the show. You I would tricky it can and bench and they weren't talking about Canada and Mexico. Giving the other base people in Washington. Company money and that gay also pretend that and bright eyed senators in Richmond the New York State for. I'm I'm not. Eight exactly sure of what went down bill or an issue. Trump petty. I can't think of classic Adam I don't know if money and even name. Are you thinking about NAFTA. The north American heart. Scott yeah I know that people. Got 200 then how happy. Are somewhat and dumped a lot of money at place like everything. Yeah out and and that is all I'm I'm sure there are I'm sure there are bad because. K street is full of nothing but. Lobbyists. Many of you out many of whom and this this goes back to part of the investigation Mueller is doing he's saying that does some of the people that were associated. Now like Paul Mann a port. Associated with a trump campaign had not registered. As representing a foreign entity. Because you have to do that with the government if you Google lobby on behalf of a foreign nation whether it's Mexico. Canada. Not Iran whoever might be. Then you have to register and let the government know that you are officially. Lobbying for them but yeah well I'm certain of their pouring big time dollars. Into all out campaign contributions. Active. Senators and two members in the house congressmen and representatives that they feel can be influenced. As president trump wants dual layer and. He worried about the show and we got Canada. The early states. Well and sadly he assembly NAFTA which was a creation under a slick Willie. Bill Clinton now when he was actually doing some work in the Oval Office rather than fooling around. His his creation has in the estimation of many cost. A tremendous number of American jobs primarily in manufacturing so. That's one of the reasons why president trump wants NAFTA and dunaway went and why. Will seek copious amounts of money. Flowing into campaign coffers for all of these politicians to try and make sure that doesn't happen but president trump seems party intent. On doing away with NAFTA and I wouldn't bet against him. I would need to I informants. Make that ultimate. Now my pleasure thank you pat out PM great Thanksgiving. Around. There is I'm a bunch of other things. Going on at one of the things that this actually broke yesterday and I was done not aware of it. And B is more stuff involving the Greenville county sheriff's office that was published outfits nearest I don't know if not. If Chara touched on this this morning or or maybe ventured that I need to review. All of the data. As they say. And then now present that to you myself. When my own interpretation of what exactly this story is about. Bump up from. Now a bunch of insulting stuff here about that Jesse Jackson thinks she might imagine. Ab Bob if the left believes that gender is a sign by the Doctor Who signed who assigns gender to animals. That would be god I believe is AM quick explanation there. Bump up Bob Bobby three quarters of college students believe gender. Was assigned to them by a doctor. I'm wondering what they're teaching kids in sex education now. Well one thing obviously they're not Chad kept telling them to do is to out check your plumbing. There's a there's a simple resolution to this problem as to what your gender ears. And that is sent checked they plumbing. That you were given by god and birth not assigned. I'm by some laughter shrink who seems to believe that if if you contend. Then you're an Australian Ab originate. That that's what you are. On indeterminate gender. Not quick updates in house. Updates. In her com our parent. I'm here at the fabulous 1063 WORG. Information and entertainment complex. Is now massively larger. Then we were at 11:59. PM last night. I hear is the F story from talkers magazine which follows talk radio. The deal that merges the venerable CBS radio stations with Philadelphia based Entercom has closed. The merger that's been the subject of so much Indus industry knew it was and a lot of speculation throughout the process. Creates a new intercom. That operates 235. Radio station it's. For some industry watcher first the fact and and also means the end of the CBS radio company as we've known it for all these years. Bring about some mixed emotions though certainly the end of an Ara. A general consensus is that these CBS radio stations were languishing. And a company whose stated main focus is video contest that would be television. And came. In announcing the closing intercom president and CEO David Field. And were thrilled to officially close our transformational. Merger. When CBS radio and welcomed their talented employees and iconic brands to enter account. We look forward to capitalizing on our unique positions in sports newest music podcast thing Y of advanced digital and more. Do provide outstanding experiences for our listeners and compelling. Integrated marketing opportunities for our advertisers. We now have the scaling capabilities. To drive meaningful growth. And to compete more effectively with other media for a larger share of advertising dollars where he also look forward to helping to elevate the radio industry. Which remains massively undervalued. By advertisers. Despite having emerged as America's number one reach medium. Delivering outstanding return on investment to lock customers. And and all that is very true and it's like kind of an exciting time for us that you may hear us hammering and sawing. Going on in the months ahead because we understand that we are in for a big make over here as well brand new studios. More on WORD. And now big make over to the entire building which also means. That down will we get new terrorist money and to. Sixteen after three your optimum picture well now. Where her mother. Taking our own little meager slide seriously so yeah and a little bit. Quick break here and then be right back with more here on the Bobby -- show Friday free for all is underway. Connie welcome back great to have you'll 122 after three here on the money Mac show I'm back to the phones we go urinate the all skated on Friday shocked. Is annex a big charges via his mobile's phone has the brits were sank hijack happy Thanksgiving and events and welcome to the show. I expect you're inside you thank you. Can't argue about Roy Moore. Question bit touchy type guys I don't may. There's sort of a couple weren't so sure I stand out and try to make it. So ordered by their goals. You know just. Let that site and then their hybrid that employer row or it's got all of that sort of partnered. They brought up more. And I read somewhere that spot but here's I guess that puts up an obvious camp I think it's contemplate about certain. Yeah and not in fact there Roy Moore had to send a couple of days ago that he was planning on suing the Washington Post of historic. That's not really gonna go anywhere because unfortunately as a public figure which politicians are deemed to be. It's it's virtually impossible to beat slandered by the media which is why they get away with with as much as they do. Sure that it owed since you haven't and following the developments today and and my reaction to and I can tell you this in my immediate reaction as. Of the timing. A wallet this strikes me as more than a little bit suspicious it strikes me as highly suspicious primarily because Roy Moore. I'm with the exception. The possible exception of Jeff Sessions. Roy Moore has been the most visible politician. In Alabama. Over twenty or thirty years he ran out of room for the office of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court down there twice. And was elected. If demolish these women have been harboring. Out all of this ill will from these alleged accusations of things that he did. Why are they waited thirty and forty years to come forward and why have they done it more than a month. On the election. So our road record up or not steps number one and the other thing is I've noticed that even though Gloria Allred you always seems to show up. By the side of us some woman who has something bad to say. About. Someone in Hollywood or arm especially a conservative politicians. How come none of these women. Have have made a sworn affidavit. Under penalty of perjury. Now they've all gotten up in front of TV cameras in front of radio microphones. And militant enumerated all their charges but none of them on to the best of my knowledge or not. Looked around to make sure have done a sworn affidavit so. He out I I think Deanna. What as Limbaugh said and I have also what we live in a world now where everything. Becomes politicized. Of the National Football League is politicized everything in our lives is politicized by the laughed. And and I think this is no exception and amp I suspect that it is not progressive Democrats with the help perhaps. Some of the now mainstream establishment Republicans. Who want to take out Roy Moore as they waited damaged a guy who has backed him Steve Bannon. Who is a sworn enemy of Mitch McConnell so yeah and I I've gotten there have been some of these accusations. I'm may have some validity to them I don't know but I agree with president trump in that it's up to the voters of Alabama. To decide if they believe Roy Moore or not it's it's not up to the Washington Post on the New York Times or anybody else. Greg and our outlook others also are various. I ought trot trot that they're playing. Like he's done or just a little bit I Gordon Bennett then. Didn't want to try our absolute. And also edit it is to not throughout. I got sent a true pioneer kitchen I'll Whipple are always a stock car actually really. I. And and here's the thing jock it's not. Re a way that far left the media. Hollywood the movie is that evening newscast. All of the major news organizations especially. FAN and the F phony news network and and and BS NBC. They all want you to believe. That the stuff they're peddling is what mainstream America believes and it's not they're just it's trying to sell people. A load of bull and and I think. Americans for the most part reject. On this whole progressive ideology they proved that with the election of Donald Trump. And I ordered to stop. You know 200 waiting to whatever but I I'm I'm still about it until Ali what he investigated Mets just. And and does he go too far sometimes yeah. But we only there but we've known that about dot is a new Yorker. Earth went so I think. I do you need to know any more than that. Really that's you know. I'm glad he's going to that I believe it takes a liberal or whatever it expects oh. And that's the thing I like about the tweaks because it makes them and saying. Well until runner every time between shoving their run around chasing their tails in and out frothing at the mouth. And nabbed frankly to me it's a pretty amusing. Are excited about it quite accurate color my pleasure Jericho will be of great Thanksgiving thanks a lot tougher colonists today. And I in on the attacks on bombing when you get your new chair. Auction off the old when as a fund raiser for some groups. Or bad idea except. They're so tacky. I hope. And ruin the world would lots of Al Bobby sure did dumb man a window for your new office. Well I'm sure they'll probably be doing more work out of the studio which will have actually has three. Windows and a good day is out on the magnificent view of Darlington road and Woodruff. Where we SE on noxious automotive these groups anytime we want a war. I'm Bob how much will they merger with CBS contaminate Entercom. When Scott Kelly gets fired from CBS TV quickly show up on WORG no it's the other way around. We. Have consumed. CBS radio CBS radio no longer exist. What used to be CBS radio is now in her account. And I think you get some idea of intercom from. Listen to this radio station although O. You know we cover the spectrum we have a lot of stations that have not NFL football teams on them I'm sister station right here. Rockwell no one has to Carolina Panthers which we used carry on WOR day. We carry many NFL teams and eight time. Of MLB. Teams as well so what where when do on a lot of things. Bomb bomb bomb. Bob do you think the animals and reptiles and gender confusion as well who tells them what sex they are. Answer. Guy. Three Tony nine here in the balmy night show any is ready to go and a new senator. Oh and by the way as we proceed along this afternoon we'll be sharing with you some of our tips on how do you recognize a redneck Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for the house. Coming up here on the body might show on front. Work work work work work work work work work. Well there is no question that Thanksgiving is AM a bunch of work for whomever. Happens to be the chef is your whoever is on doing it. Indications are we want to make it as easy as possible for you and that's like every Thanksgiving around this time we turn to our friends at the butterball Turkey. Help line Carol Miller joins us now this year hi Carol how Loria. I I am a I am busy. And it's. I'm excited that it's much longer before they get everybody who doesn't at all ready have. Have Turkey in the refrigerator signs taken out skirting around the Hershey store is there an advocate for that perfect Turkey to put on the table. And we're here all weekend so we're going to be attacking people. Going to be home to Indian grocery store and debit cards they're trying to get the Turkey the pain in the Huntington the amateurs so. Experts will be here to help them. Nice and for them to people who are wondering how to get in touch. When they help line let's sell its given that information right off the topic. There are some crazy at least get I know what is it following you yeah 1980 want to duplicate Carl begin to repair cattle favorite toll free call they kept asking you to being tired and I'm going to have to take credit now now. And and that carried out. You cannot and thought about that. Comics and web site Indian real key it view information and all these numbers that and the Canadian case that compete do you know to about about it commentary this year it. You can hear you can do live chat she can eat out. Com week he had me text facility which started last year which is exciting if somebody gets here. Many get there if presentation you know by day you know doing captain and that number is 844. 87734. Six. And yeah can you might get let me read and then down again Carol 844877. 3456 cents simple and has another I'll get text messages of people sending me emails are calling wanna know what that. What that number was it amazing how texting has grown my text line blows up every afternoon. You know what is it in the dark and be doing is just two years now and we don't use them melodies and we realized that let. All take giving them algae and wants that once I. Haven't made statements to meet the we have our little campaign going week helping how to cook skipped a ticket to the table now after being down can help us. By going to doubt about that and body nine Q&A place where you can actually vote. To get cute little Turkey had a plan. That trimmings. You know one night and I read a message to my grandkids I don't put Graham and Evan Miller conflict. I'm I have the temerity grand plant in Maliki and blatantly Colin. A that's that's that's an intent doesn't you guys are out our high tech to discuss chat and just goes to show that you know Adam ageism. What term people in and in mind. Particular zip code sometimes are accused. It doesn't have any burying our bases whatsoever however how heavily you may be involved with Jack. Now especially up and cricket to keep up that's right that's right at your computer breaks your five year old to tell you how to fix it. Yeah. Actually it music early. Don't let what people are going to be testing it now after they've gotten their turkeys and I can't accept that ten people buy it frozen turkeys and they have no idea how long it takes to. That twenty pound Turkey. And the easiest thing for it and get it you don't get that aggression take predict that trade might get into the retreat to your leader right and it just let it sit there until Thanksgiving you needed day. Alec has every four pound. You have holding time after they act this any any ticket that you that it strengthens our goal right into there. Another especially in the south western here in the south as well Carol. Frying a Turkey has become even more popular are you seeing that as well of people looking for Friday instructions. A look at our anti ire in. It might rule. We'll look son and a good girl scout and he is that I made them hold their fingers up and take a scout standard cable. Read read your instruction pulled yes I do look at you know maybe if I'd went last year haven't done it right and it comes to safety using up need to. Capcom out sooner try to make sure they get tricky it died you don't want water and oil the next. He and you know. How are the directions state a year player. It's a wonderful way to make Turkey and it's just great can't confuse you can't she can't keep what going in the other and one in the backyard in the prior. But it hasn't elect in the dark fired it's great to be safe to admit it can be used to count. You know after a great place to make. Well and and as I've pointed out. That's too much Turkey said no one ever. Now account balances out this week bringing out. A pound and have prepared and that's what we recommend can we hear people tell us they want and that's tricky to go around the table. They want to get tricky to either send home with very afternoon. It'll foil packets or they want to make peace does it you know for a couple days after Thanksgiving so. My recommendation and don't forget about the tricky bit they can and then dining room table and that the needle than this salad and things like get me. To get back into refrigeration unit in about two hours. Now I don't any in my case it needs to get into my belly Carol. And that's terrible the sound you you're you're very knowledgeable. About a hour is how long have you been working now with the and then them butter ball help lines and even in some time. He added this night 33. Thanksgiving and will it be easier shot tracking keiki and Thanksgiving Day. We at that depth of thirty people we are black blue and national. In my diet Haitians were Kirk. Chef I mean we eat. We have one guy who. Works for bottom as a food scientist retired in midtown hitting it does talking Cherokee who America itself. And we got a vial go to basketball universe the app where we go into the kitchen and he wrote Turkey using all. All different and because when that line opened up for what people start taxing we've had experience in dealing man as soon I actually have gotten bumped up and help keep stats show. Well I can see why you're here very knowledgeable. Caring during those 33 years Carol I know that you will. And now the other ladies and gentlemen the man the butterball Turkey help line have heard some pretty wacky questions. Could you share some of the great moments from the butterball Turkey help line hall of fame. Which you know Thanksgiving is that day where you are invited biting people can't. Houses than before that you're talking one on 121 person are answering email from one parent and but the heavy land speakerphone wing newspaper about ticket tot plane up and help feed it my whole crowd of people at the other end so they can't wonderful stories. Can't a woman who needed to. The heat of nicotine that is her Turkey because it. Haven't kept going. Can she go Becky and needs to get back and it's a Latin descent they need to go back in and I believe she found her elaborate and it'll happen in time. It hurts yeah yeah. He had that the site plan is key time. Him down and opened the attitude towards top aide saying in cherry yup but in the top 25 degrees and if you appetites is more than you were going to. I once made the mistake Carol. Removing the Turkey. Fully cooked beautiful golden brown from the Avant and setting it on the counter. And walking out of the kitchen while. Mr. Riley my Golden Retriever not gay has done lovingly at the bird. I'm just now placed this front paws up on the counter and dragged himself off a nice big drumstick not. Home Mike good it's different. Christmas story. Don't think once I was one happy puppy had. Thank you guys gotten crazy questions. And get sometimes people want to know where it can buy it Turkey he. Had people. Faith but you know that is how kicking it and Turkey is there any other kind Cherokee. Is sleeping people that ask I added twelve each Turkey. People aren't wonderful right now. Thanksgiving is a holiday worried Cambodia. And ended you know he began include. And it has served me. We're we return to keep track of what people were thinking about that it right and that they had it with OK it didn't have to be pinned stress. Perfectly good good. It will. I'm you know it still family friends include but he did blunt you know the Cherokee. Really defend peek into what it did get to be perfect so. And that's what we're aiming for here we're trying to take all of it Turkey Kirk hit your first time married or done it many times do we try to make them. The experts in tear up in their kitchen and our goal. You guys certainly know what you're talking about Carol Miller who's at the a butterball Turkey. Help line again but is it butterball dot com is that right. And I tried in our outlook capital B it is kind of how to videos that I expert made you. At kickers Turkey or if you just want to remember how weird the economic and go to the deal and it'll show you read placed it. I think I have some idea but I'll ask. We'll just that's not pursue that line of questioning at the moment Carol thanks so much for your time today. Are you about gun happy Thanksgiving to. Happy Thanksgiving to you I'll be have a great how to are you working Thanksgiving Day. But it said but we're all here on Thanksgiving Day. It would be opera of we all went home didn't get help everyone yeah architecture. Yeah because I'm I'm sure you you guys get some cries of desperation on Thanksgiving Day they actually. That's definitely. Great Carol thanks again so much we can't and I have a around Thanksgiving and NAND if you have a safe and not happy holiday and god bless. My pleasure Carol Miller with the above a cold Turkey held one. One great to. Oh and by the way don't forget I'm this year they had they knew butterball Turkey as well. Being an. Butterball turkeys now with the extra sleep inducing tryptophan. Vision never know when he'll meet at 348 here in the Bobby Knight Shelby right back. Welcome back the embodiment show here at 3519. Before four. Banks are patiently hanging on let's get back to the phones Rainey is next appears in Lawrence. Hello ray and welcome to Friday free for all. Thanks for taking my call on the Thanksgiving Kyoto. Thank you sir happy Thanksgiving to you as well. What I call been borrowers said the other day got a text from somebody says he buys all his guns that the that the plea markets or whatever. Kind of thing. Let me tell you a couple real small story about that where he can get into trouble. One is from day one it was a friend of mine. I bought a gun at an auction one thought that was actually. And a first sale in this state of South Carolina. Com what would carry a weapon was sent. There was that 25 ought well. Date by a company in New York City that is materials that we're not detectable at the airport. Yeah. Bought it because they look nice I doubt it very good price so. I hiked ticket and I got a call on the phone from the upstairs saying daddy wanna get my money back. But first rate rises I like begun public keep it. But the idea was the idea that felt that somebody outside all the what the problem is quite sold it to long. So. That's one story got to be careful about what is illegal cell and they each gut state. Does that that I looked up at insured up it was true. I can't afford to them the company was by goes to. Where the gun company lows. I think they'd all these little handguns but without the other story is a little bit. More emphatic. I had I came back from the midwest somewhat my job and I started to let me out Milford Connecticut and that they have a only used to have a gun store my. And you know as it is like live below him the tube down my house. Like all or one day for working whereas work in the minds yeah work and the state police are there right. I went and I think what active state police locked that thought Beckett had something to do it paid that I know he's still an open. Police forces. Not puppet LA no no idea. I. Going into a but I did some undercover work for him but you know led. I just. Brothers my duty to tell them about certain things going on. I can about kids being sold by their parents to get drug money. Eight year old girl. I. I debt triple off the detected song where it wasn't state to tipped the manner that. But that was a let's talk about what happened what that does it say about president may have said. Haven't look at what the state police airport he said. I had this gun store what I remember and tell me in 1953. He's solved a 38 revolver. No work at all you bought it from a guy turned around sold to another guy. He knows what those type a deal people go angle out. And that was 1953. It's 1977. Now on the state police are prominent. They've who'd just downright untrue because. There was a thirteen year old kid tried to pick up adopt it could be a young. AI grocery store in New Haven with a. Yeah so the guy had been you get a ride and they're trying to backtrack right. Right did not attracted to his store where he had which it closed up and years and retired. And so he said well wait I think I wrote down everybody. Beyond downstairs in my body files. Having I told I always had a lot of light so that whoever you're out there and they showed the guys. They police spent is that that is the guys Altidore nineteen says it's very. And he's intent at the pain they've had good records go back at our next don't get that. Our thirty incredible. Pretty incredible array I'm up against a clock here and I've got to run for the news but our thanks and phobia have a great Thanksgiving Day to be in was today. Our number two of the Bobby Mack show is on the way we go back to the phones on the Friday free for all. When I got back on the other side.