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Friday, November 17th

Roy Moore; Sexual harassment in history; Al Franken


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No getting under way where is our number true with your genial host me. I attack dog on the right. Aim bombastic a loud mouth of the south. He aaron's always on Friday it's free for all Al whatever topic you feel like disgusting is spared him. Ingles advantage talk line is what she used to be a part of the conversation this afternoon. It's 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number. 71307. And my email address Bob. At 1063. WORG dot com dancer patiently waiting Allen. Is hourly jobs that are in this hour he's in now rebuilt hi Allan and happy Thanksgiving welcomed the program. You're much had to wait I did not and a change our. That are really not. Red zinfandel is that the that this may ever glad that radio is exactly I thought and don't forget my personal and I'm Don not under the influence and and a coursing you know win again and not black and pop that Turkey and Yemen. And it's no happily done Sony you know it's a good. God it's it's it's not a comfortable one more situation and just had a couple of perspectives sure I'm. In what would doubt saying everything that we would save about our imply that brought strong and people should we shouldn't date things that we should take clubs. One. There is a massive amount of money invested. Into developing. The change. And so we were. Just in the back of our mantra remember somebody was paid a lot of money to go out just what private investigator and contested divorces of whatever in the Arctic Exide. You know it's funny funny you mention that Alan because when this when this stuff first surfaced. I I Posey not and it's not a hypothetical question. Washington Post reporter goes to Alabama. Out to interview Roy Moore supporters. And in the process of doing bad stumbles across someone who said hey you know about all these things Roy Moore has done no want to tell me about him well. I just happen to have the name address phone number and email addressed of this woman who has a claim that Roy Moore did dug us into grade let me have it. So he contacts this woman. And interviews her she talks about. Out all the allegations she made and then she says by the way I know three other women. Who also suffered the same kind of experience and just want. I just happened to have. There are names addresses phone numbers and email addresses. Would you like to have those does that sound like a plausible scenario to you in Alabama. From Roy Moore supporters a stance and point. Two way reporter from the Washington Post. Our act well you're right in there are cases. That are absolutely true. The territory since. There are not say anybody as a pro I have a good friend distinguished Jimmie work first Citizens Bank in North Carolina and natural missile over twenty years ago right. He was a manager and ultimately terminated a teller. Within about six weeks that determination cheap I'll sit in and get him in the bank. Saying that he had touched her inappropriately that it proposition Turks and the country had declined. The squash you would Steiger. And of course paper story. He can bet the bank to support him that it was not treated right and then went to the whole process. Well it was a battle back tied and finally much candidates that don't on the bank. There was no longer be and triggered 35 millimeter or worse. It was pretty strident religious right and they went back they pull quality in this document and I'm not making up its hatred storage report an actual times. They went back and they were viewed not just the day that she had under O said that he had gotten that he basically the whole time right. I never ever did it happen. It was a fabricated story in its entire so mocked poignant state one. They're take the bitter trade that there are cases that are not true particularly. When there's a motivation. You bet win now when there's and that it was an MRI where there's an X where there's an accident needs grinding. NNN in the chest and in the case of of this individual. I hear is another. Person. Who finds himself in the position of posing the question where are alike go to get my reputation back. Urged an entry well you know in some cases there's evidence are you Bill Clinton. And it is amazing to watch the cascade you know we could pick a senator and not that we would wish anything bad on him it would create as much. Cap hazard responses. It's certainly is Al Franken you bet. Insurgency since it is what happens when you get and that's. Well I guess if that they'll I'm I'm I'm waiting now for talented to be asked about the rest. Whether. It is true or not and for him to reply well it depends on what your definition of is. Is I just Senseo the next phase and asked thanks offer for making that point Alan because is it's well made. Certainly a women who have suffered these kind ending date indignities. If they they wanna go public whether it should be supported where it's it's valid and it's accurate and it's true and it really happened. Of a human nature being what it is there are people we will take advantage of situation like that. I'm David is next up he isn't Greeneville hi David and welcome to the fry decree for all thank you for patiently waiting good to have you year. Ekuban happy Thanksgiving to you is there and right back debts. Yeah I just want to get beer recipe for Turkey because you know it's always a challenge to get a Turkey would die without it drying out yes. So you can exploit you stopped this Turkey Uga gear appeared normal recipes for. Making the dressing room and then you put some popcorn kernel sit there and put that you put that the Turkey. And then you can tell and it's gotten to him just to perfection. When that pop corn grows up and blows it by not a. Hurting. That got you I I greatly appreciate that because I. You know that this is this is this is always out. There's one right better than uptight I think it's done but even I can just thank you after the call I appreciate thirteen after four here in the body might show. Diane is national NGOs and since the mill high diet and welcome to the Friday free pearl. Ike could not wait for today either I don't. He'll play caller I want quick questions that he looks okay that they salad and the shell. Well. And some things aren't better left on CNN dot yeah I don't talking about IBJ at the owner yes. And why didn't the media that air. They hit their self and bear it that they didn't plan on that they can come out you don't want to be a little bit. This is this isn't a boom what. This is falls into the category in in my opinion of unintended consequences. There's a cross big piece today in and the New York palace. Of how. The left has been pushing. Are getting further and further. Down this road. With gender and sex and all present and now of course. On the Turkey is coming home to roost and the point of the column was. Now all. Those on the left are starting to revisit. William Jefferson Clinton and his various. And sundry accusations placed against him and wondering. Did we do the right thing. 19 Democrat senator. In fact the one that replaced Hillary went in New York when she went down to become secretary of state said yesterday. Bill Clinton should of resigned. After the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke and of course naturally. The Clinton defenders rushed to say all of us is a ridiculous Obama but. It's all being viewed in a through a entirely different prism now. Though it public interest thing is that truly and I I don't believe what they say went with that comes out and out by that. Well OK look at how these people that are coming forward and and look at the with the glaring error that we're not even talk about it. And I don't let it cover their own course and care that your and it rig rig uncalled. Because I am about halfway land up my mind that apparently occurred to me. Between congress and the Koran. Yeah the curry and curry and then concur enslaved. Or killed and I'd like to greet cannon are concur with. Engage here that you didn't like them like I'm their hands and they will not get any legislation per. And no more are ridiculous taxes. Are you politically. They'll have such as only paying my comment yeah. The forget analogy. I think so too thanks Diana and so what are excellent point have a great Thanksgiving all right. Op that is my intent sixteen after four here in about an actual as promised. I'll be sharing with you today as well. Some top things overheard at a redneck. Thanks gimmick. You're the number of things here and ring. Hey Bob look. Powell is a tank deep fry had bigger. That was another thing you'll hear and read it thank you. And things. Welcome back great to have you on Tony three after a story here on me about a match out a dominant story that than house reference saying. With a collar to stay a couple of minutes ago. Now this is now where's this from Fox News. Now one of the Clinton family's most aggressive defenders. Lashed out overnight at a democratic senator. There's a Bill Clinton should have resigned the presidency. Over his affair with Monica Lewinsky. And Philip reins. And Filip. Granted read this this guy's and then attached at the hip to bill and quit and Hillary out forever. Ken Starr spent seventy million on a consensual BJ. Senate voted to keep Otis. William Jefferson Clinton WJC. But not enough for you senator Gillibrand. Over twenty years you took the Clinton's endorsement money and seat hypocrite. He had tweeted last night and senator Kirsten Gillibrand Democrat New York. The graphic jam came after Gillibrand. Leveled some of the highest level criticism yet and former President Clinton. Yes I think that's the appropriate response. She told me New York Times when asked if Clinton should've left the White House. Amid the Monica Lewinsky scandal. And arrange has been hailed by Hillary signed as an advisor for years at the State Department. And during her presidential campaign and how that worked out Torre about a wave Philippe. The criticism is striking. Considering Gillibrand filled Clinton's New York senate seat. After she was appointed as secretary of state under Obama and the two have been close ever since Gillibrand campaign with Bill Clinton last year. In support of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and so can. I'll leave political winds blow and a different direction and now on Assange fears. Highly critical. Of on the president's action sports a missile went. Meantime how about thelonious on pant suit herself. One year after losing the presidential race. Let me repeat that one year after Earl lose saying the presidential race. And just sound so good to say and I have to repeat myself. 2016. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is still questioning the legitimacy. Her word out president trumps a victory. Accusing Republicans of voter suppression tactics. In swing states. And Russians. Russians. Of influencing. Influencing votes through a disinformation. Campaign. I think that there are lots of questions about its legitimacy. Clinton said of the election nearing a video interview posted online Friday. By that oh so reputable. Journalist excite mother gel on its. Clinton lamented how. We don't have a method for contesting the election in the United States no we just. Count the votes and whoever has the most electoral votes and each state wins. And called for an independent commission to get to the bottom of what happened. Wait a minute I thought she already answered the question. What happened with her book entitled. What happened. And apparently she's a still in the dark. She suggested that she believes that he trump campaign and colluded with the Russians. Something's special counsel Robert Mueller stream has been investigating. But they present on this flatly denied house an investigation going by the. The only guy that's in troubles of ours ball metaphorical. For some business dealings that took place years before. He worked on Donald Trump's campaign. As we learn more about it. We know that the web of connections between people on drums team and the Russian representatives. Just gets more and more dents. Clinton said well if anybody would recognize being dance. Clinton who has been promoting your book on the campaign and his men headlining paid live events one else. Said she believes are Russians very successful disinformation. Campaign contributed to her loss. I think it was one of the major contributor show the outcome is not her not her campaign itself. Not the fact that they didn't spend any money. On polling data in the last two months of the campaign not the fact that she didn't go anywhere near states she figured world lock. Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania. None of that that influenced. The electorate. Propaganda works Hillary said well there's something she certainly knows a lot about advertising works. Well yeah unless it's for her campaign and it's a form of propaganda. So the Russians may have started out a little heavy handed and clumsy about it but they were clearly getting guided. As to where to target a lot of their fraudulent claims and phony news. And talent. This you know every time she opens her mouth nothing spews out but wants if anybody like colluded with the Russians. It was Clinton's campaign. They're the ones that paid all the money along with the FBI. To what Christopher steal this a former M I six British secret agent to invent. The Russian dossier. Not one wit of which has been proven to be true. So if anybody was colluding with a rush and say it would have been her campaign and not Donald Trump's but that's the last that's. What happened. Miller for 29 here in the bombing Mac show and is ready go in and Lucent are I'm right back on the other side here on. The Friday free for all. WOR. Yeah you start unsanctioned and years and I'm gonna be gone next week but down the legendary radio voice Jim Bohannon will be in for me not to chablis. You know when no one night the Fella who is substituting Torre isn't Naia radio hall of fame that's that's pretty good stuff. 439 year on the body match on to the phones we go. Alex and a beautiful travelers rest and bring in Keith. Here on the Friday free for all high teens and welcome happy Thanksgiving in advance. You know you can buy them up I don't smoke and a burden has little. Well metric smoker I got a lot of value that's again. Here's a goal now announce a living in Dallas. Carson cowboys and Redskins used planned Thanksgiving Day every year in and my body had debt tickets to the game his family would invite us over and now. That he is his mom. Had a way of cooking a Turkey over mesquite. You talk about something that's good wow. Well I just wanted to calm and just little follow up on the little Gundy they're kind of saying yeah we're talking a matter right. There's going to be a gunship in green looked at the weekend before Christmas you come out for an hour or so and see for yourself that. That ATF this as actually sent the are the government has set up moralistic gun show loopholes attacked keep talking about because. EC dealers there and have done which has with a friend demand and that. He say dealers there that have sat on the titles like crap and saying don't give him over and over and they rotate and after gonna recognize right. And then it should be illegal by the letter of the law. The people walking in with their own personal farm and so they're among private sales to somebody else. Okay no problem so that wrapped their map may quote the gun show loophole their bodies talking about yes but. If you. Probably a key after that did. At the 'cause I don't have an asset sale and that mopped ram would let me put a governor to on his title when I'd go up and to try to so something. Right and for those who don't know he's trying about a federal firearms license. Chris and and so I probably have I mean media ATF has had many guns in one calendar year cannot sales without being considered. At arm's low and indeed at a farm's license school went in my outlook might appoint to operate a lot right. And they would not give me a number and until they can give you a number that fourth European or whatever it might be at its arbitrary. Because it's a matter of I mean there are a lot of gun hobbyists gun collectors. Who I'm sure have hundreds and thousands of guns because. That's our holiday. Brad and had you closed that lets hope because. That he you know got dated they've cleaned out some of the flea markets because they didn't used to have dealers there or just. You know week in week out they're rotating guns and they've been they've kind of stop that right. Kind of a good thing. But. They they still need to come out with a concrete. Number of what you can and cannot do instead of lately been in has demanded like they. Yeah and there's the other side of that coin and that is criminals pay no attention to any firearm laws to begin went. That is correct no they only be able to pay attention of firearm laws are law abiding citizens that's why we call people who. Ignore the law criminals. Think that got missed dropped the ball on some of these cases like him and we're not we're not putting our efforts were made debate in. And again isn't concrete black and while allows in this in this situation. And allow government overlaps or they're not all telling people are telling me MCI AS background people that these people don't need to be having done. Well and as far as believe the ability of the federal government to enforce firearm laws or state governments for that matter. I'll look at the cities they metropolitan areas that have they most stringent. Firearm lost Chicago comes to mind when they plant what 600 people shot. In the last month. So obviously. You know that there are people out there. And who I've been it doesn't matter what the federal government does they're going to find a way to get a gun and use it in criminal activity. They're just go across state run into a gunshot aware that and back again today loophole that the government has allowed to exist. And I'll like you know by ever private so gonna walks and adorning go back home. Or in some cases are finding gang banger who sells them Saturday night special for ten bucks. Threatened and are evident YouTube keeps up we have a great Thanksgiving as well. Coming up on a quarter before five going to of the break here one of the things that as a public service. Now we like to provide you give me a little hands up before Thanksgiving debt cheer. Our Thanksgiving dinner. Tips. Here's one. Need some advice treating your guests to a great Thanksgiving. Here's a tip and don't even bring up the elephant in the room. But it is just Haitians. Wonder if president trump who continue to Harden had tears came each year. Did you pass the hands. Yankees correct. This is banned in other Thanksgiving dinner yeah. By the way that tip was actually recorded. At down the home of terror survey ships on not a that's. A forum for the background on that I check out the no name podcast. On our web site 1063. WORG dot com just go to the podcast. Who look up the no name podcast towards the end of the latest addition that posted yesterday at 5 o'clock. Terra discusses. Thanks to think. Half act. And the terra est. It's it's worth is worth listening to. I'm Seawright back on the other side here on the Bobby Mack Friday free for all. Welcome back great to have you. Alone are pre Turkey day showed them to be on vacation Actuate. By the way our visit with that Carol Miller. I'm only from me on Bob butterball Turkey help line I was in the first hour of the program today if you missed it you can go back again to our podcast. On our web site one a 63 WORD dash cam and if we need some help. On the butterball Turkey help line is great does snow sports early note anything and everything. They can answer virtually. Any question you may have about fixing your Turkey butterball dot count is their website Barack. By the way it's it's fascinating to watch the way the left. Is trying. Game away but all blame lay to defend Al Al Frankenstein STA president referred to laymen this tweet. There's a piece today for mom my friends at news busters. You may recall in an interview earlier in this week of Scott whitlock from his message talking about how the left of center trying to spend a story. What happened to believing women when they speak out against powerful male accusers. Yesterday evidence broken they 2006. Incident in which Democrats senator Al Franken groped. And forcibly kissed TV and radio personality Lee and Sweden. Photographic proof backs up her client. Unless yard pass sea hunt from BS NBC. Who described these senators predatory behavior this way and I quote. Franken took a picture which is office now says was of a joke. That showed him put tension LA up potentially. Not actually groping but mock groping her while she was asleep so wasn't a real grope. It was a mock. Grope and and so the pictures she might get away with that but when you see some that are in high Def and have clarity. There was nothing mock. About it. To the phones we all blue is on he is and not Campobello hi Lou and welcome to they Friday free for all here and happy Thanksgiving to. Happy Thanksgiving I'm sure you have a lot and to be thankful for you bet you know. You know you talk about the economic topic he talked about buying illegal content that Democrats ever get in power. Just wait for fast and curious to delude between seven under and thirteen under current. I'm sure those will be sold pretty cheap the Justin Upton and thinking all guns should be illegal. Well if you can tell you what benefit would ever get by giving drug dealers aren't 100 content. I guess I'll change my opinion on the matter at all but every teapot that they never out of oh I wanted to talk about what. CA on trial yes you know we talked about it but I don't know what everybody really understand you. Duke it you know I'm somebody know artwork and most important. Not by an honest want or enforce that social. Or somebody running in an opposite party can I am going to Bunning great Britain and comfort somebody can. And Russia to create as you take the on any extra. Hit to you you'd hate for. Through this organization that the Republican Democrat Democrat Republican. And and the Department of Justice or PRI. Use of that dossier. To actually indict or investigate some somebody. If they had approached an error every United States citizen. I don't believe anything a little. Yeah and it's just another episode. Of daring the the tenure of the Obama administration the way they weaponized. Various forms of government and we've seen examples lemon you referenced Juan. Fast and furious which was an effort by Eric Holder is attorney general to push gun control we saw what Jon Costin and I'm slowest learner dead at the IRS. Going after conservative groups and sell this is a right in the same zip code once again. The Democrats when they were in power weaponized saying. Various branches of the federal government and against their own citizens if that won't scare the pants off via I don't know what will. And being on the perhaps turning a blind eye to a ride candy into it and that Bill Clinton did in the White House. Can't implement that Hillary did to try and Detroit the women that know raped molested. Prostate. And then the Democrats want to tell you that they're the one the one and defend women and that women try to plus Malone didn't make yeah yeah. It's it it's pretty amazing and and don't forget her little toady helper. I'm now these distinguished journalist George Stephanopoulos. Who is Hillary's right hand guy in the war room. Doing everything possible to denigrate and destroy the character of any of the women who brought the charges they arranged against slick well. And teach the people that tell you therefore women's rights. Of the people that tell you everybody that voted for trump is an idiot or the real idiots bought. Yeah good question was thanks a lot of 713807. Bob Bob Bob Bob apparently if you're a Democrat you can't be found guilty and if you're a Republican. You can't be found innocent. Bob I Chicago's gun laws are culled population control. I would say into work and to the tune of hundreds a month. Bump up bomb. A man Bob every morning I wake up and thank god that down felonious Vaughn pants suit is not the press and doctor. Wow we've does have gone through our number true standby we kick off the weekend on the other side and coming up. In the AF 5 o'clock hour hour and you all replay. Of the WK RP in Cincinnati great Turkey drop. Standby.