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Wednesday, November 22nd

Deer; Geese


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Why because I had nothing better to do okay. It's 506 Wednesday afternoon. And my as well we Friday of course because Thanksgiving follows and and a Friday. How to says that failed to become models for it weakens it's more like 124. Votes. It is just it's sort of a three day weekend at fort weekend we have two more of that. Mostly you get the three day weekend so we should try to encourage that but to be that is. 10347106. Threes the Eagles advantage talk line 1034763. Comments and retirement planning text line 71307. 71 307. As we've been talking about a variety of issues today is we have into the quality doldrums for the new cycle. And that we've been to argument about a year which just frankly don't mix well with people. And it's real problem. The cost in this country. Every year's state and federal government's insurance companies drivers spend an additional three billion dollars in an effort to reduce manage the increased number of your vehicle collisions. The best way to do that is to get the year away from contact with people and older people like difference that misery. Totally into the hole Bambi complex. And to the detriment of the deer and the people. Mean OK they're they're cute but. Not that cute okay and and they swear on the post. I cannot imagine. A mammal. That cannot figure out okay effects asked and I am. They idea but they say ailment that that hard black ground. Hard gray ground. The deer must be held rose from the forest and wherever. It can't be that. But brain power involved figure out all in front of them. Just stay out of their way to go and go charging off into the woods chase should. Be able to that I. Wolves and coyotes and and things of that nature but apparently not with cars so below is a great year. A number of textures of said the severe belong to the state. Doesn't matter where they are there for the confide you. On private land as well and really could find you anywhere that do you look I'm a dear. Present policies and you didn't realize that the state considered it to be the deer to be their property but that mothers will be. Okay. The majority of them could get within about ten feet of me uses one to extra but I have one dull but I can be done in my hand Jim and easily. A UC that occasionally. And this of course is is Nadia I know that that must be really really touching and you've you've got kids who don't compute real. A real moment. Just lose the purely pleasurable. But. Of course is a problem with that in that the the deer. Can be taught that hey. Humans are okay now it's not. Now. So it's a time of year. And I just over it was pure pleasure out they're driving over the holidays. Quarter million dear related incidents and accidents record. Every year in this country. Everett property values 3300 dollars in property damage be careful and state should be doing war. To try and remove this as a as a problem. Dexter says deer hunt them to manageable numbers or import coyotes choice I have no problem with that that's the reason. Of course that the idea that our problem is that they don't have. There predators we got rid of predators. Steve a lot of vote of wolves lately in the Greenville Spartanburg area. A trigger coyotes out there but you know the whole lot of them or anything else obviously not a mountain lions. Bobcats immunity the predators are gone. And if you go hunt them. Of fin the they'll overpopulated. And of course died by starvation not the greatest. Ago. So people who are all upset about holding the stop and think about the alternatives nature's way of course is for them to be hunted. By via animal predators. And we don't have enough people. To pick up the slack and that's where the problem cases so be careful. The chances of you getting into deer accident depending on where you live of course you know you you either you see them or you don't. I haven't spent the last several decades of my life. Around the great deal for years it was driving to and from work and these days it's. Most of my waking hours. And of course via future plans right down to nothing. I'm not a big fan of yours you can probably Ito but I am certainly a I have problem the number of people. About 200 human deaths every year at one point one billion dollars in property damage your readers so. Were too wise. Be it be careful. The gym where I live off what's Wickham road and easily have been small herd of deer that come up to my back during every couple of days and if you look over Apple's. Part of the previous take the majority of them could get with about ten feet of the but I have 120. Impede my hand Jim easily and again I just remind you. That to the extent that you encourage them to be around roads. This is not good for the deer and it is not good frankly for your neighbors or other neighbors vehicles either so just to please keep. It. Stated sister shouldn't place Gere cross exit heavy traffic yours that's true. We need more literate do leaders who could read deer crossing or at least they can recognize pictures of themselves that. That would help as well in to be careful lots of hazards out there. Dear. The gates is turkeys as we've learned a techsters. Who are outs who just will not pay attention. It's a time of the of Thanksgiving in the celebration but don't let your guard down life consumers become a difficult and I hope that. You all enjoy a bountiful. Thanksgiving in the back room Friday to talk more about some issues of the day which which we have we have a few. And a 1 that I am going to bring up that oh Berea has to do with the the approval ratings for the president. Reuters of those poll. And taken note of the fact that you've heard of course about the in the low approval ratings for the president. But. Among likely voters. Not solo. Not solo. He polls better among people who voted in the 2016 presidential elections due overall US population. Which of course includes voters and non voters. About 60% of the vote age but we took part in the election last year of course the people who vote. Regardless of vote are cut above those who don't vote. In October for example 44% of the 2016 voters so they approved of the president's performance in office. Compared with 37% of the general population. Among Republicans 82% of voters approved of the president in October. 75% of all Republicans and on and on down the line here so we're. Worth examining the reasons for the president to grab the little more thankful that movie a public approval polls are not the whole story. As regards this whole notion of presidential approval the people who quote of the ones who decide. It. It's among that group of population. That does the president should be concerned and all of us should be considered if you don't bother to vote. And you know what good Horry. Why do we care which. All right 103471063. B Eagles advantage talk lineman Jim Bohannon for Bob McClain and the time buy fifty. Glad you're with us today 521 now on WORD 1063. B of six talks vision. And we'll talk to a bill in the linemen like hello bill. Both demo. Every Thanksgiving. It's. Yeah Cambodia were held in. Hear about the Canadian G. Yes. I am. Living hell Lyman lake I have looked into the birdie and then Mancow and how they. Canadian geese are not approach stay here year round and when they. Brought in this Canadian beef. Programmed to reenter these two Canadian beach to the fire out was that the South Carolina morn going they didn't figure out. Is that egg they hatch didn't have that my great. Yeah I can. We. Preached or is Canadians each to. Between. Four and stayed there is. Per day. In our life. That's a lot. You were right when you said what you sit while coupon. Paper order and that this committee. Jim Rhodes that bash just another. Example of man. Missing would mother nature forty out beautifully parole. I agree absolutely. Again dear. And of people don't always mix too well and certainly a geese on a playground don't mix well with our kids so well. And it's just a fact bill and and unfortunately. We seem reluctant to take remedial. Equivalents. Dear and people or geese and people I'm sorry. That the animals have got to give way and if they don't the they have to be removed. Number. Inouye bill appreciate your thoughts thank you for your call 1803471063. The Eagles advantage talk life. And this is Toby in Clinton hello Toby. Although they I don't know. And it's going fine thank you. Very little must. Well I hope our bosses about the here and everything else vote. I think a little bit about the gate like I currently have I don't Greenwood lake and they're particular whether an occasion data from Parker that mommy say they'd been told to get rid of them colder pretend it. And make it go off what could Gatling gun you know he beat the pants and follow it applies. As a dear situation. But we also an insult to those Sanctuary City or another since they cannot be predict. And that we've got it want to let you know what I did the last album have Turkey for Thanksgiving Gotti yeah. Because my brother compared the Turkey. We'll tell you you make a really good point there. I don't feel really good point about the you'd go ahead I'm sorry for the did the delay your good good go at it with your thoughts to will be going. I know Barack Obama last week Erik how many years together like the good the bad and we want them. Sergey Leo he what should you wish it would played Eastwood and. I. Well certainly that that is that is the problem that your from any of us that we've we wanted to with that with more than one Turkey at our at Thanksgiving dinner I. And you just have to deal with him is his best to camp that day as far as the geese go out again. You've we've got to vote out of office of the tree hugging idiots who are aren't. Convinced that the only humane thing to do is to poison our kid with geek goose the poop I mean that's just stupid. Oh well what you don't doubt heard the Smart about it you don't want to not watch it showed this ticket liberal Pol Pot there are cute talk about. Some of the rank and I'll look up there aren't content. I won't call from California I'm. He's a certain party milk or water hurting her in they want her name in a they help a lot of them out you know what better from eighty years old internal. Are from trading below and most literate or any it's going to be there for it being twenty top thirty years. I'm coming air tankers that people shouldn't be there for that long. Well I mean of course we we don't have term limits that's one thing that's likely to come out of an article five constitutional convention of the states which would certainly hope will happen I suppose that. You're talking about Dianne Feinstein who was there that are a year of San Francisco then became a became a US senator. That you and I don't like Katrina and it is about her how old teacher you have to cut off one of her legs and count the rings like that. You know and I don't they originally Albert some but they this year I really. I she'll pop onto a street opens ago but fit of anger making Asia she keeps that. Well I'd I don't know I haven't kept the attractively at various. The marriages of of diet and Feinstein or whatever name is I really wouldn't know any number of people do that of course the. Once I wanna bring up a few Miley really about the slush fund for covered up their little. Dalliances or indiscretions would bury little patent. I just heard about that this morning. The outlook. Well that that courtesy of course of of John Conyers of a Michigan the year of the longest serving member of the house currently of this amounts to nothing more then. And protect your hush money I should say and it needs to stop the you're quite correct and it's not. Hell yeah so whenever there is justified. Well it's been around forever just to for some reason. IRows sterling media has bothered to report on. The idea of of non disclosure agreement that is to say. Let's say I I messed with that with somewhat woman say OK and and she is all hot two to sue me that's an out of notably dead sorry about that. Did it mean to do all bolster both things I did. Here's a 25000. Bucks but you only get it. If you sign a non disclosure agreement. That is to say that where you you you get some money for what I put you through but I don't get dragged through the dirt. And this is a fairly common procedure a global that is restricted. Two members of congress have and number of people with good lawyers supposed to get this kind of non disclosure agreement and certainly could be argued. That does it doesn't have a real place. In our society. But of course if in fact you didn't have these non disclosure agreement you have fewer settlements. And instead of having cash payment witches. Better than nothing. You have to go to court YouTube the aggrieved woman in this case. And you have to go to court against very powerful people who have very good attorneys. So there are reasons. Having them but on the whole I agree with you I think it's a travesty of justice. Don't you regret your local all of these together and this Bob Hunter Biden and nobody thought about it what. Well I don't know that it was done behind anybody's back of it's just those. Practices that has been out there and no one's body to reported a merger how much ship behind anyone's back it was it just. As have been reported on and now suddenly week we seem concerned about appreciate your thoughts Toby had thank you very much Jim Bohannon for Bob McClain today and again on a Friday. As Thanksgiving looms tomorrow with special program figure 63 WORD. I'm now 529. At a irrational at all Jim both for body back today and again Friday tomorrow special programming at 1063 WORD. Via states talk station. The Ingles advantage talk line 1803471063. Where we find Calvin out there on his cell phones afternoon and a good afternoon Calvin wants undermine this afternoon. And it. I'm fine thank you. I'm well thank you so wherever there's a bit of a delay there but go right ahead and let us know what's on your line Calvin. Yes well today is November 22. Anniversary of president Kennedy be ingested and doubts. I'm told veteran musher who would the other direction in the aircraft carrier. Which was decommissioned and now they're building new and in Newport News, Virginia I think it will be a Christian good mixture here. Wouldn't you be pushed can leadership and I just don't I'd just say that look there that helped. Kennedy wouldn't you know wish. Poe troll this fall she was still. The guy who who did election commitments in America until total commitment that he wanted to go to blue chip what are. And and that been knew little about partisan. Agreement with people people compromised and that has happened now. And Russia who how he's gonna out there and not push everybody happier. Happy Easter you know everything given and a deep Christian mission and and how well. Well thank you governor I appreciate your thoughts and your sentiments and absolutely yesterday as the 54. Anniversary. Of the assassination. Of John Kennedy and that's the point it's worth noting. Especially in in the perspective of how you view that there are still of course those of us alive. Who. Can remember the moment but that do the math for a second year about Kennedy assassination how old. Would you have to be to really appreciate. What was happening. Well I would think it six years old probably. So 54 years ago if you were six years old. Or sixty today. Over anybody under sixty. The John Kennedy assassination is the same thing is Abraham Lincoln assassination. History books stuff. I didn't concede. It's something about it that's a real perspective builder folks. Stop and think about that I think that the count hundreds of relief a really good point there. John Kennedy. Was. Constructed president many ways he suffered. To a certain extent from a but getting along all that well congress. The year and he did uses vice president Lyndon Johnson as well as he might have Johnson president was much more effective. With congress and it was it was Kennedy himself. In dealing with congress Kennedy. By the way today. Would be far too conservative to ever be a democratic nominee let's not forget that Kennedy actually did use the Leo Laffer Curve that supply side Kirby did cut tax rates that he did increased tax revenue. Which today of course that would be utter heresy in the rights of the Democratic Party would never be today. Kennedy did increase. Our involvement in stopping the Communist aggression in southeast Asia which was. By the way for the record as far as I'm concerned I was in military intelligence. And effort that was worthwhile. Since about as we would have continued that. That notion because of course the lesson learned it read tin horn dictator for the last half century learned debacle salmon conflict. Will get tired after Ohio. Who just canyon in the late rounds will go way we'll quit. And they've learned that users so. Yet John Kennedy had certainly has his moments I'll grant you that a lot of what he had initially was just image and some guy. Beautiful wife. And the adorable kids and the like and of course the youngest ever elected president he was 43 when he was elected president elect younger. And 43. Teddy Roosevelt was 42 when he became president assassination. The prison to proceed him William McKinley. So well. He did have a lot of image going for him. But if there was more to it than that there was some genuine substance there it is interesting to note on that stood before the anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. Something about you remember that time well. The odds are you're sixty or older you do OK yeah it's now law. Seventeen before the hour of 6 o'clock and here is Mike in Henderson bill hello Mike. Legitimate budget talks India. I wanna say one thing I'm thankful that the guy who occupied the 108 years. Is gone. And that we've got a decent president that they actually trying to. Help make America great and get rid of all of detriment that it detrimental things that. Former occupant of the White House period. And the second part of like to make is that LL mean this coming year people are considering shopping. Bomb forgive themselves they don't want them to please consider LB because they'll be in the one of the few company. But had the courage to make a donation to trump. And they got embrace it guys the media. And all the law and liberal left and they suffered a little bit not just want people remember. Consider shopping an opening. That it's a very good point that you make in fact I'll look. I'll amplify on that too when we come back just a moment here might but the whole notion of boycotts. Very much a worthy of discussion right now so we'll talk about that. In a moment right now 545 at 1063 WORD. Good day Willis today. Thank you for joining us on this day before Thanksgiving. And oh it was great for all the things that you you expected to be with family with friends who go to football of course. It's a mental part of the tradition. And it's a good time. I enjoy Thanksgiving hope that you do will talking with them my commanders and bill earlier he brought the subject of boycotts and the and LOB. Or as it's known Japan RB but the story entirely. Of boycotts. Are certainly. Legal. They are. American Idol is the targets. Of boycotts. And frankly. But I would be would be good if people. Who got involved in this sort of thing. If let's say eight target. Of someone or some company news that something you like is infected with a boycott. It would be better athletes and that's we've organized. Boycotts. In the of the direction that it's an anti boycott. Remember when when chick filet. Had a problem. Politically correct and was now but. I went out of my way and that still do. I will lead to Tripoli. Just just to make my. Eyes and he boycott them. In that regard tonight the group that's the that's valuable of that to be done particularly because it seems those who most make use of the boycott. These days. Aren't the people on the left. He said the thing about it really it's not that greater time to be on the left just because they have lost so many ways. Lost ousted twenty Tim lost some 24 team lost the presidency last year. And other than the stunts like this boycotts. And of course there to unelected bodies in the government. The judges. And the bureaucrats. And of course one mustn't forget obviously the media witches. Unfortunately. Chosen to go off the deep and just plain editorialized. On the left. I regret that but but anyway boycotts aren't too which have principally been used. Bought. The left. I guess primarily because boycotts are most effective. Against. Businesses. Businesses as a group. Tend to be not that off the wall liberal opponents so. But they're big targets luxury just fine arts. Target the tour supposed might be. But you don't hear much about conservative boycotts so for what it's worth. Yes there have been a lot of them. And again the concept. Is. Perfectly legal. Perfect the American really we don't like what somebody does. And therefore we're not going to shop at the what that company news sells bottled the company sells and we are. I'm going to urge. Our friends our family and anybody else who could nearest to do that it's. I mean I always agree with their targets. But the process itself. I don't think you can argue rightly for what it's. Anyway 103472106310347106. Resort Eagles advantage talk like me Cummins of retirement planning text line. 7130771307. Happy Thanksgiving Jim both of the texture. And he admits money pinning hope you'll have a blessed time with your families this weekend. And I believe that is the case it does for me and I am pretty sure that's true also vote. And he robards and money penny. Let's see here Jim Boca Canada geese prove what about once every seven minutes eight times per hour 200 he's 16100 miles per hour 24/7. While. It's something. It's the it is too soon as you were way off track with a deer population has dropped considerably because of the coyote and that stations refused to impose limits on deer. I was not aware of the local situation like that and sort nationwide not even anywhere near case. It's pretty not that way where I live. Certainly no big drop the deer population admired. But and again I'm not aware of a major and gestational coyotes here because we are. Have seen more of the TV occasional fox. But and a but not not that much in the way of coyotes so it is a problem nationwide there's some. Situation right around Greenville the deer are not as political as they once were well. Thanks to the good. To be good but again. Pump the deer. Give the meat to homeless. Homeless shelters. I I know that. In populated areas it's Vista you have people who know what they're doing. The last you need of course populated area. It is a group of people who aren't that that good at that discerning what it is it's moving out there. And I know that that is controlled outs often involve people who are experienced hunters and and know when to fire at whim too to not fire but your people don't mix that well. Geese and people don't mix that well. And I'm happy to have them removed. Without the without killing at least that can be done but since it mostly tent than. The guys we have to harvest. Are jumbled for Bobby Mack and we have now three minutes before six.