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Wednesday, November 22nd

Deer; Thanksgiving activities


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Oddity of it 607 is our time on this Wednesday well mothers will be Friday right. Wednesday before Thanksgiving to you got this big four day weekend coming up but use it wisely than they dissipate like crazy going. Overeat watch a lot of TV. Mean you should do all the time means that the you have special dispensation. Hereby officially blessed Cuba of the microphone go ahead and joy. All right. We have a are Eagles advantage talk line here at 163 WORD that's 103471063. And done this functional area. Frequent caller of the program calls him this afternoon hello dysfunction. How road jail. I have me consorting did go ahead. Yeah I had a thing about. Good deer population. Various other things and it goes back to the states the sandy here in South Carolina. Which actually. Was when my dad was vote in the National Guard at the time and also an insurance. Can't rebel which cane farmers. Either be deer population not think is what Cain. Because. South Carolina DOT. Was actually cutting trees back. Along the highways. And ordered to give more grants. To give them more days and years to get closer to the right. Okay. And they had the other part of it laws they insurance company lobbied. South Carolina. In order should be able to get rid. The inspection. Things that had to be done with cars which we found out Ahmet pop couldn't quite four. So Yahoo!. That was pretty much the way the deer population was able to. Run which sailed to the point now where very few local on the road you don't have trees are because my well being tried I don't. So the natural habitats have gone away. And so the deer just look and personal than they eat. My point me as I think we are just give congress a whole bunch of coroner and let them go out beat the dearly but so are. I. That's does agree that it looks there should be some useful work for congress. It's it's the 300 is among us who who draw a moral equivalence between animals and people there's no moral equivalence I'm sorry. I'm happy to to live with with critters. Where we can and I certainly am opposed to cruelty to critters but when you are talking about people getting killed by. Deer car collisions when you're talking about kids who may get sick from mud. And I'm sorry I am a human chauvinist pig that's functional. Well that's why haven't partly dysfunctional lot I was headed view as the week. A long time before wherever you came along ours but any light. Listen you have appeared Thanksgiving and also all the ladies right now and will topsy sometime next week that we jet. Well that sounds good to me thank you very much a dysfunctional advocate who is in Greer by the way. And that pinkie so he's pretty functional for someone who goes by the title dysfunctional. But those are very valid points that he makes and there are there are reasons this notion again it is the same. Same liberal. Flawed mindset. Of desperately seeking moral superiority. How can we desperately seek moral superiority I know will elevate critters in the level. Of people well. That's a dumb ideas they aren't people to be be treated cruelly no old. They should not that's about it they're people who Gorham. Torturing animals that is stupid idea I would lawyers the subject is come up oh shifted to in terms of of testing for example products. I'll give you the distinctions I draw here. Quite frankly I I've been told that the sub testing of cosmetics. Involves a blinding rabbit some sort of thing. This is exactly where I come down on this cosmetics. Are not that important. And its people paint their faces. Late usury your lovely without okay and I don't think it's worth. Testing. On critter so you can preacher faced better I don't. Don't now if you're talking about testing of a critter. And again something that cannot be replicated by via computer simulation. And more more you can do that but if you really can't. In terms of its Syria to vaccine for dread disease. I'm sort of the critters got to go. Critters got due to bear the brunt. If it's important. Woman painting their faces a not so important so that's that's the line I draw. In this regard certainly not one who who believes that the the animals should be treated. In a cruel. Bizarre way. But they are food. If necessary. And whenever they interfere with the normal functioning people yeah I know and we took their habitat well tough cookies. Tough cookies. Have to find a new habitat. Sorry. That's my view. 103471063. You the Eagles advantage talk Lima comments of retirement planning text line 71307. And looking out here and let's see here Jim I see nothing wrong with putting critters over politicians and for all the obvious reasons. But yes. And I might add that when it comes to Cooper and I'm not sure there's the geese can hold a candle to the average member of congress. Uh oh okay very good. It's it's just up. It's a bizarre mindset. And and it's only gonna get worse operate as long as we keep dealing with people who just aren't like you that does that logical. It really well the thing that should probably be mentioned today Roy Moore's communications directors quit the Alabama Republican senate that quality with the less than three weeks ago to the election John Rogers. The communications director for more senate campaign has aside and confirming that he has stepped down you declined further comment now. The more campaign. Has taken a parting shot at Rogers. Indicating that that you didn't believe as much as he was told to go. To quote. From month to. Yeah. More campaign. Unfortunately this is a quote unfortunately. John Rogers just did not have the experience to deal with the press the last couple of weeks and we've had to make a change has agreed to. A Brit duster and aid to the Roy Moore campaign so they're there communications director is is out. At this stage. And we'll see what happens as regards president trump. Implicitly endorsing more. It was a rather muted endorsement which is frankly appropriate given the charges have been made against more. But again. President trump has. Has focused on exactly the issue here and I'll quote the president can tell you one thing for sure we don't need a liberal person and there he Democrat. Referred to Doug Jones. The democratic opponent to Roy Moore. This is not again an election. To sainthood this is not an election. For nicest guy in the world. I think there's considerable credibility to what these women of said the nine of them now. But if they are all telling the truth again. This is a very important race in the closely divided senate. And we've got to have people in there who will vote in the proper way. And that's more important than these charges. My money our there was so more to come by eligible for Bobbie back in the time of 660. 642 is the time there abouts thanks for joining us this afternoon. As among the topics that came up today as regards to hold worship of animals coming principally from the left and we go up in two. The the treatment of animals I don't favor gratuitously torturing them but I notice that distinction that I made. In regard. To animals opera. Distinction being that some and his though computer simulation can be used year to remove the animals from the equation. If you're talking about testing Horry vaccine deceive human life. I'm sorry the animals and to respond to that way the animals. To be used in mind. Regarding make up. For women. I'm told that the animal testing often doubles that and I don't think that would make a poem is worth that that has been an anti make up I like pleaded exit. You in the one mother warned them. It's been good to me. And I don't we go to the comments it's retirement planning text line 71307. Meters sorry big Jim but I know if you will that make up Lou by my mind Tuesday. There are those who needed that is true. Whether there are women who it's a benefit. From the application. Of maker of in some cases ruler might be affected but I've often wondered why we don't have wallpaper by rent. Just thought. That put posters. Again. No problem with the with Lebanese all public want although there are cases recently proposed the these young women. Who are enough in the department stores and I don't spend a lot of time around the makeup I've walked past the make more than one occasion and and the two things about about these women first. When they come up to you and Hamels ray blow and they. Do little experts have called write your face in the Wednesday. Tranquility. Like that that that's the name for viewers and Felix. Black guy had confessed that do it again and at that's what you're gonna have you'll need a cup. But merely noting that that. These these people around these maker of routers. Our rob well. Difficult sometimes and of course sometimes you go there injured guys. A bit injured your shopping for the year of the woman in your life you have to go there. But there's one of the things that I would note about the women. Who are at the Jamaica Pyotr. In departments aside from that that's brave step in your face. At a course you smell like that for the rest of that technique used alike who just came out of Paris house bill repute. But the other thing is it is is fine to so make it with a make a cutter. That is why it is not really necessary. For you to personally display every single bit of makeup as yourself like OK just I understand that it's there okay. We've all seen people like that. People who nor inherently good looking people. Who just for some reason feel the need to put on blind now. Be that is. Back to central topic here. Not in favor of critters. Being gratuitously. Killed or hurt. But when they get in the way of human activity often might have in the way of their own survival. The need to be removed. And if you YouTube him managed to remove them by by talking. Persuasively logically to the year or two bogeys. And go on now time to move if you can get a believe. Free. I'm betting you. Which means they must be forcibly removed. I'm not in favor of people die because the places overrun deer and many parts of the country and its case. And I'm not in favor of our kids wallowing in hoop because somebody has love affair with hugging geese. We need to go again all break the law were. Many cases the laws stupid. The times these skis or are whooping the law if you. But don't break it change it. See to it that the that we get these people kicked out of office out of positions authorities who they're not able. Who jam stupid laws down the throats of poise and our kids that's all so. Dear bogeys and a few things that teacher. And enjoy your Turkey by all means yes enjoy your Turkey. It's important. Huge. And I'm curious in the time we have left how you you you. You celebrate Thanksgiving closed at point of tradition. And we of course have the standard. Method okay. The the food set menu Turkey. Stopping. Match that is gravy. Green beans members votes pie pecan. And of course we must spend the afternoon. Sitting around bloated. Innate tryptophan coma. Watching football on TV all fine activities I've done for years and years I'll probably in its coming and he in the very same thing. But do you have anything special anything different is there any rebellious. Nature. In. Europe particular be that you'd say no we're gonna do Thanksgiving differently. Even if you're one of those people. Even if you are one of those people who will be serving tofu. Even if you're one of those I'd love to hear from you at the Eagles advantage talk line 100 Freeport seven. 1063. 103471063. Or become retirement planning text and seven entries so curious if anybody out there. Marches to the beat of a different drummer Thanksgiving. A user of something different. For you different activities dribbled. Spurious because we all know what the standard wages. And maybe we could learn something from if you care to share with the other ways to celebrate being thankful. That's what it's all about. Be thankful. And there are two ways you can do it. So let us know at the Eagles managed to outline 1800 reports of him. 1063 of the comments of retirement planning text line 71307. And it's I'm just curious I'll take notes I may vary. My Thanksgiving tradition based on some bright idea that one view. Gives that you write about six Tony lives. On the downhill running here we've got 22 minutes before 7 o'clock. And Jeff for the calls in from Gaffney hello Jeff. Yeah and how we're doing and I. We're fine thank you. It. It took all the tradition. Played just they get perhaps maybe you should be of bird today. I just want. That's a good idea Agusta as the birdie of the day you the salute to be go to momentum around. I've had goose might not often but it's that it is pretty good stuff there. If you look at uncle or I don't commented how good Roy Moore trying out. I don't know of young people from atom now voting to act these women from paying you good but. I don't hear a lot of of people saying they think and what there opinion is and what they believe even you know and that's all well and good but that don't matter here Lebanon's coast. It matters worse but it conditional country of Laos and someone who's innocent until proven guilty. And just pull this man a lap has been turned upside down and just so none whatsoever but nevertheless sustainable. The United States and disabling fire. Well I would keep in mind that in the eyes of the law he of course remains innocent until proven guilty as a matter of fact he remains. Above prosecution. Because that no woman that I know of of the nine comport with the meat charged. That would be within the statute of limitations so in the eyes of the law he's a quite innocent. And can't be proven guilty based on what we've heard to date because. The statute of limitations has run out. The term innocent till proven guilty applies only in a court of law and I would remind you of what I'd go to the other day which is. Let's assume that someone that there's an overwhelming case against someone who is. A child molester. They get acquitted on a technicality. Used in the higher the measure baby sitter. I don't think so. Outside. Of a courtroom. Common sense is allowed to prevail and of course in this particular case it is not the the rule of a courtroom and applies it is the viewpoint including the opinions. Of the voters. Of Alabama. Do we have an opinion for whatever reason. That they picked at ruler wars unjustly. Accused they think that the women can't all be telling a lie. They think that Roy Moore is more in line with their political leanings or they. Have a brother in law named Roy and he's a deadbeat people can cast their ballot for any reason that they want to so yes. There's no doubt about the fact that Roy Moore is in it until proven guilty and as I said in the case of the the chargers made so far it is the period beak. Mobley laws run out this that some limitations and each gates has run out. But in the court of public opinion that's exactly what an election is yeah it is a court of public opinion. Yeah. So you know have been huge hit some pretty good chance chances are pretty muted Democrat or limb that election. And I wrote present Democratic Party were. In this or not the problem is good enough money pay someone else excited they need to say to ruin some Emmys just there's been. It's just sad. Well it did sometimes that have autism and sometimes that isn't the case at all again. We have he said she said nine is a lot of of she says in this case although not all of them would be colonias all the would be extremely bad taste. And again. It is hard to overcome. This year weight of numbers there if you Horry voter again in the court of law that's one thing in the voting Booth. A something else entirely. And it is not easy to find nine women who come forward and perjured themselves. So I mean it's difficult just to dismiss these women. Out of hand in that regard so we'll see what the voters have to say in the twenty days which is the metal action will be. And and we'll find out but again the court of law does not apply specifically. That particular case Jeff thank you for your thoughts. One 803471063. Is our Eagles advantage talk like me Cummins and retirement planning text line 71. 307. A number of things that are being said over there this evening. Let's sees as the people who talked a bit about my comments regarding. Make up I don't think it's worth animal testing to provide maker of four women. OK a hey Jim how about those rumors make it looks like you'll supplied by the console while he was half of the bag well. Okay there are some who are sub like that. Mostly. Excessive makeup that's the thing that I notice. Particularly of Mosul sweet young and things of the the cosmetics department who who just seem to Tupelo roller though it is cracked yeah I don't spend a lot of time of the cosmetics department. But of course this time of year when you're buying presents. You often accurate guide finders so there and they're remarkable some of those. Policy here. Be safe and buckle up and god bless primary caregiver 65 year old. My wife of 35 years will be cooking and all of those smiles Jim. OK about a big the head of fair enough that you'll have a splendid Thanksgiving and joy. And partake and yet if you've got a special way you observe. I would love to hear from you this too to know what it is that you do that's a little different about Thanksgiving we have so Albany. The rules that they're more so than for most holidays. To be a Turkey beat the stuffing and all that the rules for the food. And there are people who will be actually offended if you deviate from the norm. And the diversion sit around watch football even if you don't really know much about football or care much about football. And yes I'm in my prime. Violator of this because I really enjoy football and I'm sure I've watched games around people who were rolling their lives. You're not looking into other than the guys in it. Spend X which is fine what a rotary is your reason for looking at a Major League or edit it I like football are really do. And the agency for the record by the way I'd go clubs and as steeply in the apartment Opel. Board that. 1803471063. In the gym but haven't for Bobby back. On this Thanksgiving eve delighted you're with us today we'll live chat some more and wrap things up Torre would the afternoon rush hour. It's now 645. Oh goodness gracious sakes alive their eleven minutes now publicly our 7 o'clock on this Wednesday afternoon but really if Friday in spirit. But a 22 Thanksgiving eve. And of all of you have a wonderful happy fulfilling stomach filling. And safe holiday. As we look at ways that you can celebrate the holiday that are perhaps outside the norm of tradition. It's curious that you've got to be. And also. Something else we talked to bid the other day about. How you deal with the subject to politics. To pointless and only political leanings every person in the room girls in mind. Dealing with young people I'm going to stereotype every single we are capable. Hold your conversation. But as a group. Arm less capable. Of conversation we actually had young people who have. Sabotage their role in the chances. At employment. Not that easy and people. By refusing to conduct a job interview I don't know let's let's do this on line. Or or via Twitter more evening of the human nature. What have we done to these kids. What have we under these kids. I mean I know a person who actually did that. At a job that was the seals position now seals. The essence of sales is face to face. Lobby to tell you how good our product and services. Let me persuade you. Two by our good or service. And you want to convince someone that you are competent to handle sales. By refusing to do face to face interview at a campaign you might as well. You might as well be on crutches and try out for the National Football League opened you're gonna get the gig. So I hope that the the entire. Circumstance of a drew Thanksgiving involves lots of of cross generational communication. Not always easy but. And certainly there's always been a problem. Of having you know three generations and sometimes for generations. At one gathering. And a did you get Geathers like mile from the combined. And of course you get the kids who consider anybody over forty to be quite. Which is something else that went on during holidays and that is. I swear I was coup just a week ago when that I become quaint. It's always been difficult to have cross generational conversation I can recall. Around old people at Thanksgiving. And I didn't care port particularly. Care. It was it was brat pursue just was not Joseph NC. Terribly into two older people these were older people who taught me a lot of after all that was the greatest generation. Who addressed in this country in the worst economic crisis in history the war in history and by done. It. For the science fair. I can learn a lot of those people but I didn't but at least I would talk. Lisa did not have my head buried. In some digital device with my problems. Going full speed ahead some of these kids I swear you can have their clubs they would be rendered mute. I hope that that does not come up. At your Thanksgiving. You might try it is that your children better than I do you might suggest to maybe. Kids. That we could go Tuesday. Without. The device in your hands every single stinking minute. You would be far too much to ask him to put away. Tomorrow morning but I two throughout Tuesday that many will happen they would break out in hives they would have withdrawal symptoms. Like crack cocaine. Like Caroline. But at the very least minimize. The use of those devices try little. I contacted in terms of talking with people. Try. To actually. Cross those generational lines. I think for the most part the older generation is willing to go halfway with regard so. I just hope that it works out there special challenges there every generation faces at this time of year when suddenly GM people together who spent. The pastor not. The together. And it is easy never has been but boy it's been moderately it has really been harder late so it looked you in that regard. Once the politics. One of these drinking a problem beyond the NB a problem field and just to get through the date and above all remember. You're giving thanks. Thanks for all those in attendance give thanks for even the most disagreeable and low and you because the odds are if there this year. At that Thanksgiving dinner at disagreeable as they can be. They must have some special place in your life. And give thanks for the good things that they have given to your life. You have to look I agree. But but to do book due to search. To seek out the good news. Come from for every human being at one timer. I just wish that form for all of you and if you are one of those people who feel very lonely. At this time of year. And you get really depressed with all will be the force. Congeniality that is out there and the fact that you appear to be on the outside look again. Let me remind you that human beings aren't very social organism. We love to associate it of people and for those people. Who feel like they have no one to talk to at this time of year. Yes you do shoot. Very few people are totally without friends or totally without family. Even if you're a strange there's no better time of the year than now to reach out and say you know what happened twelve years ago. I'm sorry. Purdue or whatever is the appropriate thing to so. I do that and if you really don't have anybody like that at all and consider this those of you terminally lonely in his time here. There are groups to join. There are church groups there are simply clubs there are clubs for everything under the sun out there there are clubs were bridge or poker or. Aura. Serving other people. Of help out at a at a at a at a kitchen for the homeless this time of year. Find a way. Be thankful okay all right. You enjoy your day Jim Bohannon here for a Bob McClain and I'm very thankful for 1063 WORG. Yeah stakes talks station for giving me this chance to speak with view. We will do it again. Recharged refurbished and full of Turkey coming up on Friday and told him. Have a great Thanksgiving everybody I'm four before seven.