Coach Evans-Crescent High School


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What it is is a sensor in the rooms or six points there inside these illnesses that his senses and what windows is when it takes in a bowl of hundreds right. Hit it alerts the trainer we will hand held device that we care and Dolores and immediately have won these helmets are tied to a player. So immediately the number nine comes. So you're taking I mean a year of of somebody must Alter wrote solved but look it's and I took off or he would let's go check him out you have this device. That immediately. Notifies you English note to go to QL. One of the important thing is it's not a concussion prevent her now but it is a great tool for us as coaches we also use it to. I'll give you an example we have offense won't the other day when we were going with a rod mail room. They were taken a lot of fun impact here and we couldn't figure out what any good user is now looking at the ground and comfortable. He's an amendment to deficits is what he says that means on the golf and hit in the face as. So displays like it's a tremendous to help. Coach and a host ever. And it's a tremendous soon. A couple of coaches we can play you can break this thing down. Having a breakdown by position. By unit Redenbach player. And got to sit run back and look at it compares to in my warm across the content owners I think were over there two years. So they've got over that seeks new impact. Well portal. And all the data that week it goes through a database that rod in intelligent they can make better helmets. Gather all the information so you got him back for example. And he's compared against running backs cross country is forcing him warm. So that he's gotten lower and listen out of out of sync or out on the warm for the rule actually crawls so it takes all the data compiled together. He did chores per minute you can see it like for instance offensive line is taking. Four birdies for example we go inside and all the solid golf until wants fight more than you know they're taking those. And I but does it impact. And his team wants and we need to look at how we do practice. So some really good coach to. Enforce it and just being able. To. Beverly I mechanisms and I'll help you identify strengths and weaknesses. Except. You. He can cut. Oh yeah. And and they say for instance if you took a defensive player or do bin and you know that if you have a hot spike in and out of the womb I guess he levels or radio how magnitude here. For your linebackers and you need to look at hopefully you can see is leaving with their head. And how their time. And that's us and we do so far we've been really fortunate I don't know who disagree it is Bob first years of I inherited a great to see but I live it. In my defense coordinator credit for that and and preach and how would tack when obviously and usaid cracked and did so open and all the things you're supposed to each and we just had had any alerts. Are decent player but if you did you go back on screen. And see who washes. Easily and you got to tackle. In this image it bought it does volume also seemed to keep them all that was if he gets out and to say if it's taken fifty in the practice tomorrow is gonna lord and let you know. So what does volume intensity and also single impacts to that it will alert you know. Oh what you get me headed inside to do anything but when it comes down to game day here at the Helm of giving you an advantage when you're at gained and as far as position. Who does what you know these guys need a break until you actually. Played again. No so far ahead now it will. It would give us an advantage I think I may be in practice if we were taken too much volume or intensity at practice we want to obviously just that. I don't think you would give us an advantage I think is more of them. Obama's successor great coach and true for us as coaches and also trying to we can be the same page. Coaching and and it's it's just another stay out. In the helmet in this. And concussions in the forefront now everybody out room and talk about football or even the pants. Some kids would play on what kids and concussions and when prices is always knew he about it. It's just gonna put him back into. I guess we know no helmet manufacturers or trauma. And I thought it was important for us here to commit to that and be on the cutting edge of the. There has been taken out being sent back Brunell in the process now than they are able to have profile. We're doing that way here there will make smarter design. And it that's pretty amazing and it's like hell has parents that they came out they feel about kids taken his pill or is it those perceptions and we'll have. Wanna ask me and I and I've got two boys and I think it just goes along belongs it's all knew I had two boys are here play and moaning which got a looms in the game against Libya here. I would just filled and even so there are no one that mark guys seem to be a little bit I guess safer maybe and personally Somalia is not enough. Foster whom and or have read inside. You know. Oh condition that has gratuities and keep. Phil has noted that usually help with the sensors detect body heads and other areas where pointers made and it hasn't been an evolution do you think. And it could be you know you know and it could be just talking to the god the other day I mean I know there are already on Brightcove. Tying it to say a specific Vietnam totals involved evolved cousins ovals so now it'll only day 20. We go on their computers could episcopal. Immediately. It'll serve you the exact time stamp that happened in the cold. So lot disclosed I think it is used. On the Blanco was upon enrollment through May be in the past and because this is such a great game and it's a shame to lose two years or players and along comes as seductive almost all the whole lot easier there basketball the hole. It or you know I mean in in but is such a great name and and I don't mean we won't lose his coaches and we only lose the importance for all what it can teach us. How expensive are these helmets compared it to other. Standard model that you hit good researcher. Frequent dollar am on the planet so that schools in the expense day or. The other loser. They're they're all comet in that area if I'm not mistaken it was likes in the cardinals history to put it in the east room. They speak flex helmets were robbed fails on the line what they do you have no one actually precision. Actually come out and take a mole on her. And have Hilemon follows you alone or years there was no real tall and some some good money now that would be their top of the line. But this is rod deals hostile and when did Virginia Tech study and others about the studies wins. And we we felt comfortable. After talking which and Robitaille knows. The Virginia tapes. And I don't comparatively speaking I think it was about then I'll dollars extra for him in equipping and system and don't.