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Or a cup covered one and I'm. It's very exciting opportunity that some of the sensor technology is presenting to so addition to general sense GPS sensors. Union center skin and detector. Get from bio markers you know. Within your blood. You know crackers sleep pattern don't in contention that while at the two words are open court Latin beat. Not challengers these centered in the center to not explode let seniors we need to catch up or understanding what that. Information that you were at the you know so that's where a lot of these. Bar what next people standing in the country creek reentering injury sorted out. And went to click on Meet the Press here at. Our intention of these so bombers and B how much. And the rumors keep it smaller and better. They're now a lot like bill or cut corporate. And I don't know our corporate structure. So to make it easier to logically here and are so that all told good exciting more admiration cool. Learning how to keep your partner. And Doctor Who widget too or is he going to pop the question. His aunt went through and there's. Actually making gains paper that is in team working you know actually oh. So no question did the public burger concerned about correction and rightly so. Typical patient were each. It's huge traffic trio you should Gymboree. Late or understand. Particularly. Concerned that the bomb on football and the football ball. Rovers drop could return gusher. Now so I can understand collection is important mile it and you know that some people. It devastating long term should coli from head concussions. I think the question do we need to domestic and I think we were more and more our current war on. Leader risk. Some people love football and has done everything. In the long term cognitive problems or dementia quote all other people into the law problems leader grist. Another Richard question would be here on. I really kept. When someone start to go down that. Am. No chronic long term cognitive brain function problems. That we can do it who earned a Batman maybe should stop or maybe. There's some kind of marker we look at key critical port secure yours and which helps. Battery checked so early and apparently. And that is out of the newly diagnosed as someone. Celtic which I'm Lester question Patrick diagnosed at turtle and prepare questions. How do we know when they're exactly recovered fully recovered. We may actually you know on certain drug play. And these are who object to what it really sort out when recovered. And the mood Richard Quick review that we speed that recover and we you know. And cover your crush it and keep track. So are we export our equipment trip injured at all you know very key question people started. And do you think that these films are actually accurate at picking hit that night resulting concussion thing is the coaches will work inside as far as where the players stand as far as help that they accurate. So the so back here to talk about it also chipping in to talk about corruption panel specifically within answer collection Portland elements so. Yes accelerator X parameters I concur. That technically scientifically goal on a terrific Foreman thirty precise and accurate term level. The river group technically. Just because someone has been significant blow it can't hurt because operation. You're an archived version Linear acceleration location to location your experience. And Linear word which you know trigger street. Column should go to couldn't lectured exploration Turkmenistan and more. Implications. Of one works for the other. Location and operation of the church and average. Seoul should learn more about where we're just because you had a blow to the energy regulatory we have a concussion. So. The explorer. Explorer Robert is Smart he'll look a picture of the manufacturer. It's important state. Yes it's a look at this a plumber does not dike you can come true in. That crash. Career I go to clinical. You'd picture agency. It. There. We do know that vote and corporations. And caught concussion and his helmet and beat tech boom exoneration. Bob. So yeah it's. In that sense yeah it can help them understand exposure. Like that are what your question and others. And we need to think you'll. Big big acceleration to big blow it and caught the collections that caused it or not is so there wouldn't allow little concussion. All right so low. It is little concussions. When people at risk in a global circuit a big blow to go. So. The magnitude blow. May or may not be abstinent or how important is it to a group blow which opened to one's too little ones. Worse than when they won't go we will no sooner. Are they good. Use it diagnosed issue when your looking the data coming off these little incident with insight technologies that dale using were thing. Are you going to be able to use that in your diagnosis and OK this person may have a problem later down the road you need to monitor this player more closely. You actually use that data or prognosis. Our I think the strongest usually immediately appear at the center of this. G. We start that's normally deal would normally you're offered to linemen or tight into rental essential cover the normal. Acceleration out of the game actress she's. And it looks like this particular individual has increased number of exploration. To that are on water use and how are registered. On. That made it a technique it should air here cheat on me. Compared go real tight in huge and we have a lot of acceleration danger Smart pick to go through. You went to heat problem here we need to change how have you occupied again I can get to real. Correct media are useful. You sure he's. I alternate partner of the account matching an upper. Clinical functional and technical data in history all the players solutions. Incurred in connection with XP to err on the color correction in the electorate more problems. Correlating. Their pattern of acceleration and it took about a kilometer. And how they do clinically they actually and potentially. Important note were in man hours to play that they that. Hugely valuable. It was that was interesting Gingrich speaker and here shortly right now is actually it'll take that data from these ailments. And they're using it in future designs are able to take data from the Coleman's. Lead is. 98 ultra clean port a specific player do you think this the future and this is weird everything's going to go from now on that. You know it's kind of the new thing. Shall go to you seem. Again or what the exploration data. Now you either. Get fired players should have iris techniques are. Click patterns I mentioned earlier or you may go they do now that and that we and he didn't change it is not your helmet. I'm here to make it it generally that are altitude orbits originally decrypt it. Individual and personal on economics Jeter did you Google to position so he opens London. We note the date there. But the key operations solar model might help them yes I've seen that and talk radio people lot of art he knew they would go down that route that would be. Listed this are there any other technologies out there you know that things are getting smarter than a course down in Poland and eight concussions that they're making it plain to gain safe reader not taking the mr. Selig harder blow you're able to knock it necessarily the vibration that jarring that you might. Get from it other things out there that are making it safer. Yeah I think there aren't a lot of work or Richard or interest going to church. On to get hard scientific data to your intervention work that's a little tricky. To get their firm actually appearance. That some you know Erin is kind of big indicative that could be. Encountered two good years in Ireland and stand out football and coaching this action should help. With the shoulder and actually helps a lot of work shall. You're seeing this period. You know. Now art blog about my cartoons and look at the part. New dialogue. That the traffic and how far side it works. Problem and probably taught. Am control. He solutions to the publisher stated she can keep people. But do. So I guess sort of link from a rules change it's too long. Treatment group renewed practiced. To mark in these you can include groups two new Smart look at HE La opposed Purdue year counterparts. Yeah policy helping accretion. A newer. Technology. Almost. So just getting it go to tons more data about how well are we actually doing he howls of which changed the game in the future is going to view. In LU to build a better player. Yeah exactly so no question and do it collectively need to work out you're just like that but it should make our players. Who could help the saint American player at one broker. It. I hope not so Poland I don't look at the other court. Says that mr. Bigger critic. It.