Focus on the Upstate 111 - Greenville Co. Schools Job Fairs - 7/8/18

Focus on the Upstate
Sunday, July 8th
Hourly Workgroup Recruiter Vickie Sims joins Director of Transportation Adam James to talk about the employment opportunities at Greenville County Schools, especially for school bus drivers and bus aides, and the upcoming job fairs where you can apply for them.

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Welcome to focus on the Arab state a program dedicated to informing you about organizations that serve our community. How you can get involved with him. Here's your host Chris Evans. Good morning and welcome to focus on the state money was Chris Evans today my guests are from the Greenville county schools. We have Vicky since the hourly workshop recruiter and Adam James the director of transportation to morning on good morning thank you thank you for being here. While I understand that you guys have so much job opportunities coming up and I know it's. It's important. For people to be able to find jobs in a week we are kind of coming off of them bad economy sees it getting better score great direction unemployment going down but there's still people that are looking for work sort of talk about that but I'm gonna start. With the first question Vicky than a normal answer we guess which is what do you do. And who you do it for. I worked for the Greenville county school district and I am the recruiter for our hourly work group on its agents what is the hourly worker tells them that there are positions they get paid hourly rate how many does this LaSalle and a host a salaried positions correct. And they consist of our Transportation Department which arm bus drivers are bus aides aren't built to service department which are custodians and enough food service operators. So we're gonna talk about those three categories of of employment opportunity and and you've got us some job fairs coming up just start right off the bat. Winner of the job fairs is so people can got to happen in their heads yes. Archie is our job fares aren't Tuesday July the seventeenth. And then that job fair will be at the goal to strip career center. The address there is 1120. East Butler wrote in green bail and that job for your time is from 8 AM until 1 PM. Okay and our second job fair it's Tuesday July 31. That job fair will be located at SE works at McAlister square. The address is 225. South players amber drive suite eat wine magazine Greeneville. And that time is from 9 AM until 6 PM. Okay and McAllister square I know has kind of a lot of other things are going on there if people walking into McAllister where they can be signs that they can follow it and yesterday until early signs we'll be right out front right in front of the stage will be where people come in signing OK okay so we've got July 17. At the gold strip career senator that people need to use it to pay attention and it's just kind of morning actually each had eight aliens from 8 AM until 1 PM to 1 PM suit so morning and early afternoon we're not going to five correct would it seagate he gonna get there early had to get there early but will be there until the last applicant only okay that's good so if you're in line at 1 o'clock. You gonna get seen Al absolutely okay good it and then July 31 that's one SE worse. At McAlister square guess that's our on day. That's all they so from 8 AM to 5 PM from nanny I'm sorry 96 PMI ZM glad to have you here to correctly 9 AM to 6 PM yes. Mean he convenient for people are absolutely okay. And what do people need to. Prepare for if they're gonna come to one of these jokers what are we need to do. Well basically it's almost like a one stop shop door and our job fairs. You know if they wanna bring a resonate with them resonate you know we can they can bring them. I'm we will have the hiring managers there from our Transportation Department in any other departments as well so. Any applicant that the idea they wanna X any questions or speak one on one with the hiring managers that's what the hiring managers will be their to do. We exit will have assistance in the computer labs where we can assist any applicant filling out the air. Online application okay. So there background just an online application. And you can't bring Torres and I don't have to you don't have team okay so there's an online application that you do. What kind of qualifications are you looking for from people and it just depends on the position are enough outlet Adam speak to you about the qualifications for our Transportation Department. But in regards to our other areas. Which aren't custodians and our food service operators you know you don't have to have any prior experience but it is a classic you have any prior experience as far as custodial work or janitorial type work. Same thing with our food service operators who are tuning kitchen before and know exactly you don't have to see though not mandatory that you have prior work experience it is a plus. To be the only other thing if they want to bring resonates for those positions we encourage them to do that as well were keys is there requirement the work he says is a requirement for. I custodial position and our food service position is you don't have to come in the door. Every job fair with the work he's test I'm we do have we'll have information the air. Available for them to sign up to take Ortiz and that sort of thing guys and for those that are not familiar run through the work keys test what is that is a state mandated task come and get three sections of the test which is wanna make sure that people have basic capabilities whether you know reading people being able to read riding on math that sort of thing offer and so it is a three part test they have to say. It order for an application to be considered. And those two positions and that's a state standardized test that people can take it. Employment centers around the state and if they haven't already taken it they can take it when they come to apply yes he's presenting ACC. So it is state. We operate with at lifelong learning agreement and schools we do offer they eat there words these tests near our belief as he works they operate as well and Greenville tea to my noticed they offer as. Hutchison who's playing places and people can't take it. But if they haven't they can do it when they come to one of these job fears they can sign up to take you they won't take you there de gras just so I got to test the Portuguese tennis later to consider signing up to taking you'll have to make an appointment to go and take absolutely got you but they can bigger range that yet at the job fairs which again. Let's just measures that we can't measure it too much and think yeah. July 17 at eagle and strip career senator from AM. 2:1 PM and then it July 31 at yes he works at McAlister square in Greeneville. From 9 AM to six via that's correct okay now at them on to talk to you because you're the director transportation for agreeable county. Is just one of those. The bus divas is another several. I am underwriter transportation for all from all of you know we have full releases in just. I don't know about that but we didn't have four bus sinners look out across the school district or across accounting. What kind of qualifications are real important for bus drivers well we're looking for somebody who enjoys being around kids that's not a requirement but it should I make your job easier. Tom you can't have any more than four points off of your license to be a bus driver and basically the process as you fill out the application we do a background check. I and then we bring you in for a week's worth of class training which is a mandated by the south Carolina Department of Education. I and then we start your behind the wheel training and we do all of your behind the wheel training takes the average person between Tony and point five hours behind the wheel. I and then we'd test you right there on site with some our third party testers. For your commercial for our lesson your class B commercial driver's license. Before you count of the class you have to have the class B permit. With key NASA Norfolk which is passenger and school lust for it. You do have to do that we operate permit review class. They can help you ever that Hulk but if you just come for the permit review and don't do any studying prior to that. You're not likely to do Ella the DMZ with your class meet the right term so we do often as supplement we don't pay for that that is free of charge right. So we don't charge you anything to come in and do that. Okay and the good the permit is basically just a written test a computer SS they give you at Indian you'll have to sit. Know how to drive vehicle already you're not gonna get a road test trending on dagger just. Click and AB your C. Correct Isabel is only a test only a written test I got to start the last week training. And before that there's a little bit up trying to back got a hat I hope we do a department transportation physical which we pay for end. We give either commercial driver's license manual so you can to help you study for the permanent. Yes and I should mention just as a matter of full disclosure I actually been through all this so my listeners will recognize I I have driven on a Greenville county school plus forty guys' effort. About a year year and a half. And and so they drove us I kind of know how all this 'cause it's really it sounds like a law it sounds. Kind of daunting when you when you list all these things but. I can vouch that Greene County really does a good job of walking you through all these steps in training and learning to do all this stuff. Talk a little bit about the train that people receive in order to become buster. Well we're gonna put you one on one what one of our safety trainers and they're gonna take you out and they're gonna show either pre trip they're gonna show you every part of the bus. I teach you how to identify problems with the bus even before you begin rolling the bus and then they're gonna show you their individual skills test where they should he had a parallel park it. They show you how to back it up straighten and they show you how to back it up and do a different direction. I mean they take you out they show you how to load and unload students they. Do a lot just driving down the road he become familiar with the you know operating the bus. A lot of people believe that it's horrid two drive about it it's really not. It's really not I agree with you it's not it's different than driving a car that's the one thing you really need knows it's not. It's just different. And that was that was one of the things that I remember learning aged prime around the parking lot right because they they as you mentioned it DOC instructors the unity. They schedule the time feet commenting get familiar with the bus and learn all of that the things that your gonna have to. Pass on your road test and leaving you know they go with you would take that deep hole they they have a less that you will take the test it. As I called when I did this. There was not a specific protest that was four buses so he takes the commercial driver's license did it effectively your correct port. So the same license effectively dead that like a truck driver a tractor trailer driver passed. And you get in South Carolina you get the tractor trailer tested so there there were a few things that order. Our about it like like having to back up to a doctors like I'm never gonna be unloading its and. Yeah I think it's changed a little okay it's a class beat permit or is rendered trailer drivers get class play entry it is somewhat similar to the same test there are just some parks that we emit. For the class B bus driver's license option and then once you have gone through training. What's so what is it light to actually be a bus driver well when your. I regular bus driver during the school year you you do a morning round and an afternoon and now we ask people to be available from 5:30 in the morning 'til 6 in the evening. Absolutely does not mean that you're gonna work twelve and half hours a day. But we just asking to be available because our earliest Ralph sleeve and about 530 in our latest routes he it and at about 6 o'clock which the once again at 6 o'clock in the ones at least 530. Those are kind of the. DeLong what getting grimmer thirty is yet okay he's big and it's deceptively large at 800 square yeah I he I remember driving around the I spent some time as a substitute bus driver and so I get to see. More agreement and I just about any. I'm familiar with the and now anyways it was really but it's kind of a daunting task for you guys as as the transportation. Professionals to pick up everybody that needs to go to school in Greenville county because. It's a big place it is you gotta go all the way up north into the mountains you get it down south almost a Lawrence county. Wait we actually did go and Lawrence county a due there are some students and Lorenz and Anderson and Spartanburg counties that it's angry what county schools. I'm so we actually Diaw and those counties and we get all the way up to almost table Iraq. Out of that Ralph stuff available that drivers and all that around for 34 years I think and your doctor. Yeah she's she's great employee and she loves that route yeah she's driven her old time. Talk a little bit about what to talk about some of the tangible benefits number of employment with that would suck on school or India grew kind of schools should say. The talk a little bit about the intangible benefits that. I remember spending time with the students on the bus. And getting to know them and really. Really kind of building this report with them and and meeting a lot of really fascinating people. I would argue that the end annual benefits are the best part when I drove around that was someone the things that I certainly enjoy it was getting to know the students. You know like are referenced the driver that it had been. On the same rapper 34 years we have another car that's been on that route for 41 years he is starting to see some of the people's yeah. Grandkids how that he had you know and he's he's been on that route for a long time but you get to know the student she see areas in need you get to see your successes. You know what things are coming up former assistant as well taught he once they open up continued you know when they're gonna have a big test and you know. You know when you get him in the afternoon he knew how did you do on the test how was your day did you have a good day. We're really viewed as an extension of the classroom. Has for 47000 students. In the morning on 7000 and that's what we transport we Trent transport 27000. Students. And drive 39000. Almost 40000 miles a day. A lot of people don't believe that I don't believe I knew how yeah. Yeah how we travel almost 42000 miles a day is downloaded this year was 41000 last year. A lot of people find that hard to believe in those staggering numbers but it's it's what we do each and every day. Well and like I said green goes a big county and as I or call and it may have changed since has been a few years since Andrew but that is our call Greenville was the fiftieth largest school district in the country we are down to 44 now 4444. Largest yet it's incredible and like I said just. A monumental task to to coordinate all of this now let's talk about those tangible benefits mentioned. When you are hired Vicki by for the year hourly work group is it the same pay rate regardless of job reviewed and does it differ. It differs depending on the position okay. So for for example custodial staff that are the the food service what are people expected it received net so they're starting pay now is eleven up to an hour and a desk with without prior experience. And then our food service operators they're starting pay is ten feet deep I have. Per hour and that's without any prior experience so potentially more if you you have prior experience so Clinton and that it does go out there are sort of scheduled increases along in law Mary is okay. And then for bus drivers who what does buster ever start it. Our best starting pay is roughly around 1460 an hour okay and that's without any prior bus driving experience and that's gonna say that's impressive because our remember when I was driving it started around thirteen it was just over thirteen dollars an hour so it's gone up since then. And we've heard in the news recently you know a lot of people are aren't clamoring for a a fifteen dollar minimum wage you guys are almost there are any track. You're you're not far off so this is really kind of an opportunity for somebody who is. Is spending some time and it in a job that already pays minimum wage are only agency pays minimum wage this could be big step up for them. NN transportation we pay you when you train. The day you start your behind the wheel we pay you know drivers pay. Yeah now. Speaking of training I I'm remembering now that I've something else that I wanted to ask you so bus driver of positions are available but there's another position entry education bus aides talk about the aids. We do we have bus sage that ride on the special needs buses. I made they're basically there to assist the child on and off the bus Pakistan shorter wheelchair bound some have crutches or. An impediment that doesn't require wheelchair and they're there to assist them all and they help them you know some of the young children yet strapped into the car seats or safety harnesses or things like that. I mean the hay rides in the seat along. Side astute and they don't ride in the seat with a student that ride along side and they're there to assist. For anything that comes out with a special needs children. And I remember this is actually something that I can quite a lot of fight I specifically trained to be a special needs driver. And there is a little bit of additional training to do that. But it's kind of better because it I thought it was better when I was say you know it's objectively better but I thought it was better because it's different from driving normal Rick talk a little bit about the differences between normal route and the specialist. -- normal rate you're gonna have an elementary middle or high or an elementary middle and high depending on what your routes are right and you just drive the kids didn't don't need any special needs attention. Now that's not to say that there are special needs children on buses there are some special needs children on regular red buses now. I assume because they don't have any thing that. Impedes them from being on a regular Abbas rent so we do you have that and we're trying to you actually can do inclusion as much as we can't worry that these children can't. Socialize their pierce but some of the extra training which actually now we defer all drivers. How we run every one through special needs straining so because we want to be able to you if there's a shortage in one place or the other we want to be over the bar from one if there's an excess. Andy the other so everyone get special needs training which we do what's required by the statement then as remote county one of the things that I am supremely proud of and our transportation partner as we go above and beyond. For special needs churning that doesn't need to scare anyone off because we trying to do everything yeah and I would put our training team up against anyone in the state or the nation. And you know what's so what I because I remember going through that kind of training and that these structures that she had were just wonderful I mean really. Excellent teachers and really make sure that you understood the material that that they were trying to impart Tia. For example this special needs training and no involves what you mentioned getting hit a wheelchair on and off the bus how to secure the wheelchair when it's on the bus and some people will look at that same. Cast that seems like more work but you have to remember you've usually got an aide on on a special needs bus to help with that kind of. For all the wheelchair buses there's definitely an aide. We have a 111 special needs routes and 109 require an answer there's only two out there that don't require I DOS eight. It will all of the other instinct thing was instead of going to a bus stop played a regular route would weird all of the students kind of congregate in one particular location the bus comes and picks them up. A special needs you go directly to the student's house that's correct the month. Specially distorted to a war we don't go to the door and get them that ran. The guardian has a bring them out of the bus but. Where's regular red we have some centralized DOS DOS where there's a subdivision large subdivisions we might have two or three stops that pick up fifteen or twenty kids. And he's got stuck in a subdivision and you know we'd we'd try to centralize buck stops as best we can. Just say because that will speed up the route pop up for special needs we do you go door to door for each state yet but you're special needs bus and you're going to have way less students on a regular at. Yes and that's the other thing and remember I stuff for a couple regular rates after having driven specialist for a from us Mercury there and that there was just. Who's inundated with students you know they would just order under the act as you have forty people here whereas normally I have a feeling maybe fibers. Exit. Yeah I mean it's every bit lots of people are different some people don't want do special needs some people can't dream of working irregular ring I think each as there. They're benefits and I think each has their challenges. Again you guys can help people figure out what's gonna be a fit for them weathered some bus aide bus driver. Food service custodial act these. These job fears that you've got coming up a list mentioned again July 17 at the golden strip career senator. I eighty into 1 PM assume earlier part of the day. And then and then also July 31 at SE worse in McAlester square that's going to be all they 9 AM to 6 PM. And and one other thing that I wanted to it askew bouts. He is you mentioned. Adam. 5:30 AM to six. And that's not necessarily GB drive that whole time. But I discovered that you can't if you volunteer for stuff they're not just morning and afternoon groups pocket talk about some of these. Additional opportunities for transportation. Well some of the additional opportunities are field trips. The I always say it's great to be nasty and angry what kind of schools have the opportunities that these children have. Are are phenomenal and there are a lot of field trips that these children go on I mean. It's not uncommon for us around twenty or thirty field trips a day I'm not uncommon at all see you have opportunities as you know drive field trips. I you have an opportunity you do the the fine arts center run sure you do the vocational schools. Yeah that's another thing that I know that we're supremely proud of an angry look I schools are fine arts are vocational schools. Especially at all certificates that are you know being handed out to these. Vocational kids you know they're coming out of school. A lot of them I believe they said they were starting jobs at double the minimum wage. I you know without these bus drivers these kids are not given these vocational schools to learn these trades. So that's one that I know that we're supremely proud of and you can do that job developments in Iran you do community based ensure Russian. Well I was gonna mention that one thing I remember doing as a special needs driver was picking up a single student who needed go to. A therapy session or particular. Training that was at a different school. And so you pick them up from one place and and transport them and then what you kids you know a lot of times recessions only half an army right and see just wait for them to get done. Picks him up and take them back and and it's. It's it's really an opportunity to make some extra money and his if if you look at that kind of over time and again talking about the preferences. He had some people they were just content to do they aired their morning Rick and their afternoon groups they wanted 3 hours of the morning three hours a night. And that's that's all they wanted to do and how he perfectly fine to them and I wanted I want to be there as I expect there. Venue the more hours o'clock the morning as the show my paycheck. Well I mean we're doing we're extremely flexible you know if you if your hard worker and you want ours we can provide you with it. We have several people that you know have retired and they used the buster ever pay for their golf and money. And they don't bloody the actual rounds because they wanna get played nine holes off in between morning and afternoon route. How we have several small business owners that work with us. On a full time basis and they do it for the benefits and they run their small businesses immature in the morning and afternoon rounds. And then after after an in route they continued their small businesses and leaning on me so we're. We're flexible in there is a need for bus drivers. You know I'll tell you it's not a glamour job it is labor rewarding job. It's a job you do I go I guess that I can't tell you how many people have told. If you needed job you can drive a bus. So one more time Allison mentioned these jobs appears July 17 at the gold strip careers senator. From 8 AM until 1 PM. And then. July 31 at SE works in McAlester square just on not pleasant drive just approved the road from my Greenville tech. From 9 AM to 6 PM. And is there a website people who go to Vicki had to learn more about. That's yes they can visit to create a kind of school district website and then address is www. Greeneville Dice-K twelve dot SE dot US OK won along more time WWW. Okay diet green BO. Dot K12. Dot SC dot US has. Had a mouthful of astronomers embassy if I remember it www. Greenhill dot K12. Dot SE. Dot US or so there ego. There's the website if you wanna find out more information my guest today Adam James director of transportation for revoke any schools and the key since the hourly work group recruiter. Thank you very much for being here he'll thank you for having thank you it's been my pleasure I'm Chris seventh in this has been focused on the upstate. You've been listening to focus on the upstate with Chris Evans if you would like more information on today's topic email Chris. C Evans