Focus on the Upstate 114 - GHS Radiothon 2018 - 7/29/18

Focus on the Upstate
Sunday, July 29th
Jennifer Jameson, Children’s Miracle Network Manager, details the importance of Radiothon in filling the Dream Gap for GHS Children’s Hospital and Drs. Bob Saul and Carley Howard Draddy describe the impact your donations have on the families GHS Children’s Hospital cares for.

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Welcome to focus on the app state a program dedicated to informing you about organizations that serve our community. And how you can get involved with him. Here's your host Chris Evans. Good morning and welcome to focus on the est my name is Chris Evans today my guests are all from GHS in one form or another Greenville hospital say green the health system I guess it. See I grew up in Greenville wanna remember it being the Greenville hospital system for a long time but it's not anymore. People health system GHS the end if you take two different Akron Akron and maybe would be easier to remember. But I'm showing my age by calling it that firmly get her right real health system. And we have the doctor Bob solving medical director of general pediatrics good morning Bob good morning Chris we also have doctor Carly Howard rowdy the vice chair of quality. Which is a clever sounding title good morning good morning thank you for being here and we also have Jennifer Jamison the children's miracle network manager good morning Jennifer interest thinks having and that's kind of the big reason that we're here because there are a lot of our regular listeners who know the radio Thon is on its way. May even be running promised word I don't know but. But it's it's coming up via the dates Telus Jennifer August saint and tens and nines and tens this year it's it's always around the first of August the first week or so of August. Nice intense as one and lands this year Thursday and Friday. And it's this big well you know what I'll let you say it because normally the first question that I Ascot people is what you do and who do you do for. Just give us a brief rundown of radio Thon for the people who or maybe Newt Entercom stations. Oh what radio funny is and day and how it serves the upstate communities Jenna. Yes we years say you are grateful to partner with an error come at stay in all seven and their affiliate station and to come outs you Greeneville. And immoral hospital every year disappear eleven here and radiate sign. And they come up set up all of their station and an ear and my friends 6 AM until 7 PM best days Thursday and Friday. Airing what we call miracles stories are well over T mean to hopefully. I bring hope and courage in constraints are Children's Hospital patients in the Marines informs it donations that help benefit many programs and services you provide the best care possible that we can get on so this'll actually be me on you mentally here and that will be celebrating three million dollar's strength. Raised over the last eleven years which is so exciting and we're very grateful against our partnership with minor con. Well and eleven years we've been doing that well this will be the eleventh here ten years I guess we've been doing is almost three million dollars raised where. We're so close to that threshold now it's inevitable that working across and I know we we work. It was it was kind of a big gap last year to get there and we were going for didn't didn't quite make it but this year this is going to be the year. So was so we're very excited about that and and you know it is just is gratifying for us I have to say are on behalf of their conversations a combo. Among three of them have four of them maybe if depending on any count but that. On behalf that are commonly say thank you because it it's just is gratifying for us to be involved with the with ray is on a true children's miracle network and kriegel health system and the Children's Hospital to have that kind of relationship over the years has been just wonderful they teach you the stories that you guys talent and I wanna get some of the story so. Doctor Saul. Tell us what you do for Children's Hospital. Well Chris I Wear a lot of hats with so just imagine selling children Children's Hospital alone one of the biggest chances to try to help. How oversee a lot of the outpatient work that's done in the hot in non. He was seeking practices very directly associate with the hospital. And indirectly with some of the pediatric practices that are out in the community. And also try to help support. All the positions. That work under the umbrella general pediatrics. So most every one that's not based pediatric specialist. Is Eaton general pediatrician pediatric specialist being. Folks like home analogy. Right trenor allergy and a chronology those kinds of folks but other folks that are in the hospital. Do we work and or helping deliver babies or error helping take care of babies. Are generalists. And show. I've worked with a team that tries to support those folks. And then try to look at the big picture things that we can do to help children. Not just when there's so acutely ill that they have to be in the hospital. But what can we do to keep them out of the hospital now how can we can difference candidly for children families. And for the community. And let's talk about that a little bit because this general pediatrics I guess or. General pediatrician is the first doctor that you gonna CEO or something and you can complains that have stomach acre you know my armor to whatever it is take them to the doctor. Quote unquote that's going to be a general pediatrician and then you get referred to one of the specialists are talking about ranked correct OK and and in general be. Traditions. Where a lot of hats I mean they. You know when they're in the office. They see folks. For six visit and it need beef refer them on to specialist. But a lot of what general pediatricians do is try to may picture. That we make a difference tend to play in the lives of children and families outside the hospital helped nurture those families. To give the support they need to make a difference going forward. Yep and I have two small children myself and so become a little familiar with this process that especially early on you know when kids are very small there's. There's an incentive milestone so to speak that that they each have four and so they have regular it's not like. Being an adult weird you know any you have a check up every once while the mostly just go to the doctor when you're sick they go like every six months or so and edges to make sure that they're kind of on track. Legal Morton at more than what you well know guys. Turnover in the first two years of lies there's a significant number of visits he has purposeful yes those are times when we can be impact full. Those are times not only can we monitor to make sure things are going oh. Going OK and the families feel comfortable with what's happening but then we use our professional expertise. To sort of see what's going on and how we can help. Intervene if we're there to be partners if they have food insecurity if they have. If there's emotional problems if there's family split problems if there's a variety of problems. A lot of support is available. Through children's hospital and they outpatient service. So that's interesting here because just in the few that you mentioned are not necessarily what people would consider. Medical problems and yet there are things that you might look for in in a regular check up for a small child. Oh absolutely. And if I could just do it digress for just a minute what does that what we're finding now know the science of early brain in child development. What happens in adulthood. Occurs in child doesn't mean we used to think different diseases that adult skin as what we call adult onset berets they're actually adult manifest. Are manifest because of problems that occur in early childhood while they're not then aren't necessarily. Treated. Nurtured supporters in the way they they should be. You mentioned that one of your big goals is to make sure that kids don't have to come out of the hospital preventative measures you know things that parents can do. To avoid having to go to the hospital the first place. Give us a quick rundown of some of the things that the parents I should there should be mindful of with their kids to it to make sure that they don't have to come to Children's Hospital. Well I think the important thing is to make sure they get into their good regular checkups OK and then obviously any particular trouble signs along the way. PD illnesses and these things that are just seem to be out of the ordinary. It's appropriate to. Check with the services is a joke that Children's Hospital I asked. In terms of after hours care more phone triage services to make sure that than that we can help. Get them to where they need to get to. Now doctor Carl Lee Howard ratty. Vice chair quality eager to have to explain that title to me Sawyer look a little did they catch all it and I really may be expanded to say quality and patient safety okay and so anything that's sort of touches those two rounds whether it's something that we see that we wanna do better and hounding a give you an example please newborn screening. So the state of South Carolina. Every newborn is born there about twenty for hours old gets a little heel print and we send in a lab on down to the state lab and we screened. I believe that it's over fifty conditions that they screen where I'm not one little card that they send down to the state lab. And then we have an initiative that we want this has to be on time every time. That's a lot of factors that's when the blood against Iran how he gets sent down to the state even working with FedEx and that sort of thing to get things down quickly. Because some of those things are timely diagnoses so. In one of my girls who worked on every single piece of of that firm nursing all the way to the loud all the way to the actual. Acceptance piece on Donna. I check you tell me before the show that you're in late may come born and raised day here in the area. How long have you been list ths. Cracked so I like Europe and some some bills I went to help Prescott Iranians. And we blitzer since I was two and have only ever actually went Berman for undergrad so that's a ground in green ball on for college went on to and yes he. In Charleston for magical and I actually came back into my training. Green house just telling how long you've images just so if you count my residency training as am thirteen years to actually just still act vs my ten year anniversary as an attending out of training. So it was with eleven years coming up now under a radius on Doug you've kind of seen this process. How old would have things changed over the thirteen years that you've been with hundreds on this we've grown so much I mean that you know. We have to pediatric rheumatologist and in Greeneville which is which is remarkable any leads we really represented. Every single specialty that you can think of is right here in the upstate and I think that's been. It just really awesome to see their services grow on packing more and more as I've been here we're spending less and less kids out of the upstate for things that they need. I'm in more and more of it is able to be done right here which isn't a big deal for families drank have to travels and I have to stay in hotels. Content and those sorts of things we can do well about anything here. And that's one of the things that I wanted to talk about because it strikes me that Children's Hospital she just Children's Hospital is kind of unique I mean there's one thing you know it's. Parents have to take tickets and hospital. I'm guessing probably have go to the emergency room first an emergency rooms are more less the same demeanor depending on which constantly go to but. But if they have to be in the hospital he put a kid in a hospital and is one thing for an adult be in the hospital but. The kid in a hospital room. GH is children's hospitals very different I gathered for her from even from children's hospitals across the country talk about what makes Jesus Children's Hospital unique. Shares at first talk I would just add that their children's emergency center and that's let's look at Children's Hospital is a pediatric emergency and a burning already and again and actually let's see. I'm 26000 visits a year there. I missed Ares I only children's emergency center and it staffed entirely back pediatric emergency medicine physicians say okay. That's me if for starters when you walk in the door Children's Hospital in the emergency department you're trained for by people view. Kids as our special kids are specialty discussion and then I think when you get admitted to Children's Hospital I think the biggest difference is. And a lot of disability it actually made possible by things like prey upon. Now we're able a look at the whole child. Similar to tear things apart herself mentioning it's not just. The numbers that allowed sheets back and exactly what the patient's vital signs are it's so much more than that it's what they bring to the table from everything about their family to. They're emotional help and all of those things and I think what's different not Children's Hospital is we try to address all of fat. I'm an amazing child life department and that's and children's hospital and their goal is really to help children cope with. Paying for procedures. Unexpected diagnoses. I'm tell siblings cope with those things tell parents can put those things come and really unique ways content and so I think that's one thing that's just I'm really really well Children's Hospital. Related that in terms of what's what's happened since since the inception of radio on. It and that's I think is very unique to GA chance Children's Hospital. He is what's called the for a lot of senator the trailer complex pediatric health care. Then that is a bit as one of the unique centers in the country. The intent of that he should take care of children than him. Very. Unique complex health care needs he might be children there were. Survived a very extreme course supreme maturity and have lung disease have. Need stint you maybe even have to bring their windpipe to help them as they come out of the hospital. Might have damage to their stomach to help us or nutrition needs might have to have seen different specialists to take care of different needs. And what's unique about our programs to try to deliver the key here in an outpatient setting with the teen. The world can keep patients out of the hospital. I'm not because we're financially worried about that because we know what's the right thing. For the patients in Hamlet right and let me tell you one story related to that has registered in doing that of a year ago working with the team up there. The very first patient I saw was a family that had a ten year old child who's in a wheelchair. Had had significant problems in the newborn period and has a lot of different problems right now. Second visit when I saw the families after their first visit we establish what was going on and how can I help is second visit after we went through everything. I looked at mom and said mom what can I do to help you today she just looked at me and said. I love you but I. Souza told me. That we are making a difference and that this was how did for the first time in business is a ten year old child has learned that the people other people are trying. But this holistic approach was just amazing for this mother. And it you know and obviously. Made my day Charlie made my year and how we can get tips made this decade forming. But it really eat it shows what we do makes a difference. Yeah I you know I'm reminded when you tell a story of the story that I heard. On the radio actually were last radio son. That was it as some parents that we're talking amounts of one of their children that did was a regular let's say this for the children's hospital and an. I wanna talk about that in a minute but that she was talking about the first time they had come to Children's Hospital. And how they felt so welcomed you know and and that it's and it's a scary thing now have to take you can to the hospital in the first place. But that the staff there weren't just is concerned about their wellbeing as parents as they were about the kids' well being and that approach. Just was really comforting to her and she she's she felt so good about having. Somebody asked her what she needed just like you asked that the woman who dwell on the families are patient yeah. Especially in pediatrics to nurture the family through this illness yet. Frequently especially in radio Thon we hear a bounce families. As patients that that have to spend a lot of time at the hospital. But it's those are the only types of patients that you guys have their there's some patients that show up. Just for a few days and then can go this is really a hospital. For children of them of all kinds of that have all kinds of afflictions talk about that that kind of variety of programs and the way that you approach these patients depending upon how long they have to stay there. Ers and Americans are and and in fact many Americans are blended two night stays. Venus and clear things like respiratory illnesses are. Minor procedures actually have a two year old he had that my are ET. Procedure and we were admitted to the Children's Hospital overnight it's a whole different ball game of it was a great perspective to see a mama and says attorney keep their fifteen month old dizzy and now NA on the hot starring in nine and stay very long spell it gave me a healthy respect for some for those families that that are there for a long time says some things are her other less healthy children you just have. One small thing in and some we have some kids that are like you mentioned very long stays or or frequently come in for shorter visits as well. And really Children's Hospital has the ability and especially and cut to address just about anything I just said he knew even with our pediatric ENT presidents now we have like it's half complex air we surgeries they do cochlear implants. The Children's Hospital Aaron. I think one of the. You need services also lease is blinking. All those health care services mean we have so you have services we after case management services because. Let's say a child lip that needed brutal logic service is my house media and he serves as my idols in cardiology services and those parents sometimes feel like hair. Out in the wind up so we need someone who can sort of pull those things together for them and help coordinate their and that's who we have a whole team of folks Nia that are doing that too. Well I know one of the things we talked about before the program if I can coin a phrase is something that that that sounds like grassroots pediatrics weird. It kind of along the lines of what you're saying earlier doctor Saul finding a way to keep people from having to come to a hospital the first place and yes it children's hospitals of a fantastic facility for us to have here in the upstate. But you have a bunch of locations around the upstate that will keep people from leaving getting near in the first place talk McDonald. Point is to try to beat. Provide that care where it's most proximate to the families. R&B. Do it is conclusively an exclusively. As weak hand. But when we need the additional expertise by all means let's come to the hospital and use the services and that's what we're there for. Yeah we don't wonderful. Donna Simpson bill so really you cover at a large geographic areas upstate with wonderful practices. They're very interconnected with all of this pediatric specialists meet. I'm actually have a special very secure app that we can get in touch with the specialist with uncle questions on the need to you. We have an electronic medical records and allows us to communicate really well. About patients' needs especially those that are complicated undertaking Carrefour multiple specialists in addition to their primary care docs say okay. It's really just a great network of people that work really well together. And I think we're getting better and better over time at me inching patients as much as we can on the outpatient setting mean certainly there are indications are patients need to come into the hospital. But I think Purdue and I really great and better job every day of coordinating care outside the hospital as well in related and then also is. She just through the center for pediatric medicine and centerpieces pediatric medicine. Practices across the upstate center for pediatric medicine west or north Greenville office at the north Greenville hospital campus he has. We have the biggest Medicaid practice in the state we have close to 20000 patients oh yeah net and that center for pediatric medicine or we college CPM. Media Hammel earned close to 50000 visits a year 94 plus 95%. Medicaid 40% Hispanic. That's a very complex. Patient population and that's who we're therefore takes a lot of time. A lot of energy but we have an incredibly dedicated staff. From nurse checked in from patient check in to doctor all the way everyone's really committed this is what we wanna do we wanna help these people. Well all of this is related back to what we started the conversation about which is radius on radio times coming up it's a big fundraisers for Google health system's Children's Hospital. And and real quickly before we run out of time who's got a few minutes left here I wanna go to you and Jennifer Jamison children's miracle network manager. The children's miracle network is. Kind of behind all of this he is that the the fund raiser reside habit talk a little bit about them the miracle network. And we have a wonderful partners have put children's miracle network hospitals are one F 170. Hospitals. Internationally actually EU and partner with CNN for short and sponsor dissed her KM radius and and we actually have one of the largest three times in the country that we have seven radio stations you kind of just very much. I'm on the day you and I don't think I had is that on the island here Ayn Rand physicians so when's he's tear families BK's. And like doctors all said we really do you make an effort to treat the entire fee only because sometimes when a child is diagnosed or it might be tearing three under tighter and a home here. Also have a national needs that we work to meet. Whenever I read it on dealings that you'll hear from Kenya they have their first time and it went to their wealth as it's everything is fine he's a healthy nine year old end. And they had their second child and went he went in there well visits and she is still. Six to nine months old hands her ths. So during its primary care physician found skiing Sen meaning she was having Sen issues that. Am no matter control and am not having that I made and that she was it pays to happen. Can find out she has are rare genetic at a Contra dysfunction. I'm CC's time different specialists can only see certain formula next week. But that the only has two other children home that also have needs that when they had in patients aged eight to ease the clean room pat a lot of our detainees in you know. And police in bucks and things like acting air and they're able to see some of our facility dobbs Hugh. Her slippery streets on topics of where you really provide an additional support for patients so. We're just so proud of our facilities herself proud and that's mean eighty that we serve and are we it's Mary humbled physicians here though we have such a talented staff I mean he really deep cared deeply about our patients and Italy's. Well any can happen that quickly admitted it just to find yourself and that sort of need and that's what radio Thon is for is to fill that adapted to fill the dream gap of Children's Hospital too good to make sure that everybody gets stickier than they need as a family as you as you were San doctor salt to real quickly it's one mentioned the web site. A GHS dot org slash radio Thon. Indeed find information there about making donations. I know there's also volunteer opportunities occasionally how do people look and either time. Yes if you go to our website you can find information about becoming a sponsor partner in that way or volunteering your time or service is not just really to remind everybody a 100% at Christie's Steve's article here in urged me needing outlines Tennessee's very administrative costs and ET in a rest assured that every eye in that we're we're at a purchase every chance scholarships that were able to signed his directly to senator patients. Yeah so once again the GHS dot org slash radiates on is the way you can find information right now and then by listening to this and other Entercom stations on August 9 and tenth. You'll be able to hear the radio on broadcast and calling in to make a donation and at one thing I want to mention of weren't at a time next few seconds left. There's the opportunity to become a miracle maker. As that's nasty you can make a one time donation if that's your wants but if you wanna stretch that out you can now you can commit to a yearly taking your donations. That's fifteen dollars a month back down to just fifty cents a day. I'm 180 dollars. And you only and not just provides a system can sustain support so that we can separate things like our facility docked pay grammar pediatric camp scholarships. And in other programs and services. I just. My guest today doctor Bob Saul medical director of general pediatrics doctor Carly Howard ready he vice chair of quality and Jennifer Jamison children's miracle network manager. Thank you very much for being here thinking I'm hating tennis it's my pleasure I'm Chris Evans and this has been focused on the upstate. You've been listening to focus on the yet state with Chris Evans if you would like more information on today's topic. Email Chris at C Evans at intercom. Dot com.