Focus on the Upstate 119 - Bring Light Dance Ministry - 9/9/18

Focus on the Upstate
Sunday, September 9th
Joey Millwood, father to 10-year-old luekemia victim Eliza Cait Millwood, joins Owner and Director of 3D Centre of the Arts Michelle Pittman to talk about how they founded Bring Light Dance Ministry to honor Eliza Cait's memory and love of dancing while sharing the message of Jesus Christ with children in Central and South America.

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Welcome to focus on the upstate a program dedicated to informing you about organizations that serve our community. And how you can get involved with them. Here's your host Chris Evans. Good morning welcome to focus on the upstate my name is Chris Evans today my guests are Joseph we Millwood. Father and founder of bring the light dance ministry good morning Kelly thank you mark thank you being here we also have Michelle Pittman. The three center of the arts owner and director and Ike as I gather other founder of bringing ideas industry something like that yeah they had morning thank you for being here. I'm afraid I guess in right I was just thinking about this have been doing this this show for how three years now and I think this is the first time that I've ever had. A brand new organization in the studio and and I've had some young ones and had some that are that are Buena a year older less heat and but they've they've been around and now you guys are just getting started. And so the yet normally the first question and I would ask is what you do and who you do to four bit. Fair to say you haven't actually done anything yet so I ask what you plan to do and who do you hope to do for Jimmy. Well what's what reminding its mission is as its. Assists organization restarted and we're going to. Go around the world and work your home and we're just gonna use fans to share the gospel of Jesus and just local folks and and unit. Disciples and overlay some don't on the legacy of my daughter. A bank and your daughter is really kind of the inspiration for this. Organization I know that she's got kind of an amazing story share that list. She is and she's she does her name and my closet Kate. Was a K Miller an arm on February 26. We just. Breed of we made an appointment of general doctor she had been film well and she's she was tired alive so we were just worried about you know things like communing. Our deficiencies or. NAS alike that bunch and everything's kind of man and you know. I don't territory six we took to the donor and they did what more can. We found out that she had. Leukemia read we went our pediatrician that morning and she ran some tests and and Collison to a different room in just. Let us know that she thought she found some abnormalities that. Estimated she nicely solace and she's taught it was leukemia in their shoes don't send us an oncologist in Greeneville. She wanted to let us know because looming out there we would see this and you know isolation in Lewiston just. In order for Gelb and of course if we were in and out of our minds. As a reserve from Spartanburg to Greenville to the Children's Hospital. The claim they are and we got there and they confirmed. That she indeed did have leukemia. And we checked in a hospital and then went and checked out until the Saturday before Easter. Alone. We. We checked in and she. Say diners Tuesday Geithner story out there and in recent. We're just basically went upstairs to to hug sort of sort of scheduling and turned into a rare men face burns and test and the port and chest and we started getting key metadata and you know and in theory we should've been back home and a couple of days trend whereas we were just community chemo and things like that. I did you know that that I was on our starters on a play out and everybody has looking and different types of cancer has their own story and com. Arizona's. Ours was was pretty or an edited pretty difficult. And I should point out you mentioned 126. That was that was when this this'll sir that's this year the best it's this recent there was this hapless Herbert. Her birthday was January 28 or tenth birthday while. We had a birthday party. Own car which time after Panasonic has a birthday party can be annoying and we had a dance party own February. Vs Tony six was a Monday so we. Birthday party was on the 23. And then she had good practice for. Dance to listen home that Saturday. And them. Monday we're we're gonna Rome burned room tells us and yet and a shock going. Or running scared and not known what was ahead and and. Well and a lot of a lot of our listeners are gonna recognize Krewell health system that is from any of our stations because one of the fundraisers that we do for them. Is a radio Thon at which has just happened few weeks ago. And and and I imagine that's that's that's probably had an impact on you were you familiar with radiates on an end and Jay just Children's Hospital before you. Before you had this experience to educate. Jim I mean you've. You know I used it. Everybody yeah I mean if you listen very area let's say you're I don't know there is not fair enough and you know I'll always listen werder. You know any interest a lot of resources we'll sincere and we're very familiar and all all the good things at the right here on guys and you know but I mean. Before we just we just hear it but I mean now you know we we understand it and we we understand why. You know it's so important. That you guys did. What I got to say because I've got I've got two small kids of my own and my wife and I. Since we essentially we've had kids. We have made regular donations are Henry at under the Children's Hospital. Because I hear these stories every year. And I think gosh you know if I happen to me I would want somebody else to give it and and make sure that my kid can get the treatment that you're she needed and so why phenom and amid do that for somebody else was that. What was it like did you ever expected to have something I mean you never do. Put you all always kinda yeah there's always said. That protective this and that that sort of fear for your kids you know and and and that you. You want to make sure that they they grow up to have the life that you imagine for them on did you ever consider that this might happen to educate. Absolutely not mean we. She she's almost as she never even. Is never seen it yet to win read only Tom issuance of Madonna was for a well visit she was an answer. As Susan tremendous shape. You Mary sheet she just was never saying a lot of very Vernon. That's and that's one under is as always are noticing signs yet you know Summers in our lives and different things they kind of let us. In areas just felt like in that moment that Sunday before so a daughter because we decided that Sunday that we were going tankers and an honor. You know we just I just felt like guys. Yeah I just felt like something an SN. When you get this checked yes to an end and you know sorry and up until that moment we never at all that never. Really crossed my mind if I mean we never thought that would be the diagnosis. And and you mention a couple of times your your face and it and I know I know I have known people who have been through. Illnesses severe illnesses even even died from a from them and universally they all have relied on their face to take them through this time talk a little bit about how that played a role in. Analyze a cute story well once we got into a hospital it was a long whereas I mean we. What else and we should've been out and a couple of days and then just came back from treating them but that wasn't meant to be in the first week. No we saw god at work it cause it was a halo Jesus I mean shoes she was saved. And as an erection concerned about does a year before. Alum. Most in anticipation of this actually just two years of course is voted yes and and I mean she loves. Suppose were still of course amusing I mean we you know we listened. I mean just Larry thanks it was around Jesus I mean you know we're. My wife and our burgers persons or raise Christians and you know we're we're gonna save and resist. This is one thing that we've always kind of die and I mean. You know we've always tried to how that paralyzed and charges of oil and Jesus was all about him you know on the tape she understands that and you know certain. That was very important as we work our way through this process orders. Because I mean she resists. Style last month of her life throws so hard and there's really. You know when she wasn't perfect she asked why Shas wants Sarah Marshall area and she's you know she is a two year old kid who is campaign and him you know she hadn't share and she just can understand why. That's what happened and you know. But they're at all even as a junior okay as she understood the big picture she understood that there was a plan and got a purpose ancient synagogue wasn't tournaments over there and billionaire. Then did her story was going to impact people and Andy and mean as we went there in the first week we prayed and we re we've we have social media and in just we have thousands and thousands of people I mean our face on a storage room. Sometimes a 150000 people were interface or Paris and her story was just already impacting people am the first week I mean she is killing cancer so fast. From a key key madam. Today sort of effect in her kidneys each has attendees can process you know what was going on in. So they thought Shahzad have to and I have dialysis. So we prayed and we requests a prayer offers sports and you know she faltered at a bus exam the next morning and there was no need for dialysis or kidneys started back on the right and and to normalcy and then attendant better than Arum was in the next few days after that dad she had a brain can assume that's called press. And you know it's one of those things and daughters don't really know what it is shares of Frank Anderson I can see it and I can see it on gears scans and stuff and and shed a seizure. Senator Specter panicky. And pay and that's where broiler roughest days we had. You Wear pink you for a weekend that's common she sent to infections seat she's very life threatening infections. This year was a bona. You know come out and she should be theirs should be terrorists I mean she's. He's draws characteristics of her she's so strong she was so strong and you know see. I mean. My decision luck as she loves Jesus and she stayed you know we talked about it all the time. Through this whole process and you know Renee Kemper Carmen. And washing her. She still room. Just had a strange about her and all that was from her fate and there were many nights. That we prayed together when she was away and I wasn't and I don't bother nodded and praying just day. And I can tell you how many times a day to take her place. In mean to this day. Still. I mean our just probably just urgency to come back wouldn't and I wouldn't. Gladly taken networking your former Adam switched voice and hospital bed and and I just. Well and that's that that's the message you know I mean it. I remember Jesus is said did that no greater love as a person then to lay down their life and other than the fact that you would want to switch places with your daughter. Is he is is it a test and I think that Michelle commend you war. Eliza Kate's dance teacher knows how long was she signatures. It's not talk a lot Kate from banks with the times she was four years old teachers see answer I had been with her for very long time mustard or up I start grants what's her. Just grow into an absolutely incredible it's our laws Kenny was. He part of our competition teams she was working on apps and and did her first solo this past season which is a huge accomplishment. And I'm actually got the chance of dance that solo before she was diagnosed which was incredible. That she was just lights team everybody that knew her and every night it looked terror. To the friends that she had a CD and you end to their feelings and so when all of this happened hadn't. You know we always say that the dance community as a family and it really became even more saying as we all just come bonded together to China. Help and support in any way we can am trying in taking meals to just being mayor says sending France to visit and loving home that same money and through the whole process and in and and trying to keep leaving at the same time you know when one of Europe one of your own students is going through something so terrible. And trying to so mentor and love her France during that time and and to keep leaving. The season forward is a challenge signing. We really. We've really all you never solved that. They would go through anything like that and last season. Dialing Johnny talked about the the or being in an all hate it it he was up. He and he definitely you know it took us to you. To the bottom and and has led us. Come through that and on the other side of it. And have a passion to carry a lot caseload for advance forward. And offer that opportunity to other statements. And that may not have that chance otherwise. And ultimately in the middle of all that you know help them to understand Scott -- for them. Right where we've heard from Joey is very touching story about about how this this all came about legalizing Kate. What was it like for you. Not mean you you mentioned the dance being part of a family in about a dance being a family Clinton not being your related. What was it like for you to to find out about allies. Dishing gymnasts well and and just backing up Jenny story missile that Alaska had performed her solo just a couple of weeks before. And her diagnosis and I think that was the point that I as a dance teacher really started noticing that something was not right. That there was you know an end it and it air and you as Jerry's wife and I had had conversations about. And you know possibly it being Anemia are iron deficiency or something like that that she just needed some extra vitamins. Four and even up until the weekend before her diagnosis and when that happened. And you know I myself. And have been a Christian. And Betty it tests your faith in it tests. It it really challenged me of how does this really what you do it how how and ideally get these kids and the same Lazard as how can I even support. And these people that I love so much during this and and ultimately it got me and art studio and our families a place where you just have to trust Jesus. And and trust that his plans are greater and the outcome was not what we want it and we miss her every day. But she is still telling her story and she's ultimately telling the story. And Jesus in her life and that's that's something that we can all hold on team going forward and well. And now you've got this organization bring light dance ministry to tell her story. Through dance education. I want to know how did the very first spark of that idea began. Well in the forward I'm told has just. We came home Saturday and she is diners to remission he defrauded before Easter Good Friday. We came home Saturday. And then she was home Easter Sunday is part of Saturday Easter Sunday and then we went back Monday. Four. Just just remember charge in order and that kind of stuff and then to afternoon then Monday night entities and we weren't. We Barcelona Tuesday morning and she just wasn't herself and so we obviously were like they were going to the hospital once in a hospital and and she'd. First we thought she was dehydrated because it was a little branch in a lot of it but as the day progressed. Made very diners dinosaur was one of the infections this year had previously and they came back. And it just spread to rapidly and and you know and I'm thirty counties in Iowa loss or maybe it's a positive when to have in room you know that was our moment. Me and my wife were in the room and you know. We're our hands and knees in our face him in the floor you know has already took her last breath and the wind solar entity kids. No we had to tell our parents. And you know willingly docile so like 130 and nine and and and there's a couple things going on even in that moment there when you back. Number one I was a kid had a tremendous impact on us as parents not not justify or she was our daughter and she was strong Ritchie. Which is which is hard to fatten them and it you know if you're not a parent I mean it's you can understand the concept. That that you're kids you know affect your life and have an impact on you but it's. I I have discovered now having become the new fathers that. The debt to that change this is isn't is immeasurable this internal and and senator you know and as we went through this whole entire month we just. You know C amaze us just how strong she was and then. Amazed us of the conversations that we had and the fact that she she truly did lean on her faith and you know practice. And senator Barack. Helped us get through I mean Elvis theatre world his impressions and just going through a moment like that you just never ever know. When all you have in this world reserved Friday. I mean that's all we had at that moment I mean we had nothing no sweetie you know we kind of you know as we sat there on the floor. She left us I mean we tentative. There was just no way we date we can get thirty there's no way we can get to the rest of our lives without knowing that she died when Jesus in her heart and that we would see your game and and you know and that's really the only way we've never survive that and our attitude kids and and and so that kind of spurred us forward and it kept us Mervyn period. Based solely. Times that I won wish on anybody I mean it premiere week. We still struggle now obviously because there's just was only just a few months ago bit. Just consistently we've just done everything we heard it just all our faith in Jesus. And and just. Serve no I'm. God's in control. And that there will get there and because of that and we'll see her again. And then that's. That's it Babson initially however event and I just got going I mean we we thought about a laws Kate. And we we thought about them. Everything that was per sister she loves Jesus she loved her family and friends. America is Michelle and and Nancy and she loved to dance you know and so we. You know because we believe so for her so hard for so long as she is not so rob and and we whatever your image you are realistic to stage again beaten cancer. You know I just don't thought of what happened nineties and I never even occurred to us and so we just stall. Or impact should do what Russo says should and such a light. There's so many people would follow her story so we just start to think about there's things that she loved and we decided that we can't get her story was incomplete. And so we just. The spark of a ministry. Apartments are and we sir talking about it and you know. They're rolled from there bring light comes from the song machine dancer alas all NC. There was greater your lord and it's you bring light to darkness meaning god and and we wanted to come pray that god brings life and even our situations are brought life. And then we wanted to derail as the game was a life team and then we wanted to use her when wanted to first on our guide. And and sacked him or her legacy. Of loving god and loving us and Lori and her family and friends and even strangers. And then. Just combined there's certain things and that's hovering light and his dance mission was born. A lot case heads shared when she was in the hospital. A statement with my daughter and his also I think that's our and and it became I can't imagine the they just pick out our engine failure rate is. Amazed she had said to my daughter Caitlin that cancer was a part of her story. And that she was gonna use it changed the world and so that you know became something that we all have stuck. In our hands in our hearts that you know it it really is it was a part of her story this part of our story to you and it's our responsibility to carry that story forward. And through the ministry and and what better way to do it them with something she looked which was stance I'm sure will. We know it's is a powerful story have. It's 300 dollars per team Thursday at fifty dollars per team in the home audience and and a hundred dollar hole sponsorships and it's especially on a fund raise for what we wanna do and what we want and as we're gonna partner with chosen children minister in Spartanburg. And basically arising to troops in Nicaragua next here okay com domain trip for Burris did general the united debenture it was going to be July the fourth that we can do a lot of work okay and our northern Nicaragua over a certain teaching dancing. On stories bottles or is there an and around and dance and so this nicely fundraisers. Goes up and helps us do get the more peace unity is gonna help us help people get to Nicaragua. So if people want to attend this how'd they get involved well you can sponsor hole or you can play. And you can find all of that and are what side bring light dance ministry dot org. And there you Childers of going to the golf tournament DOC form that you can download and I don't gonna. Tell you a lot of things but I mean beyond that beyond the financial aspect about it I mean we just won't be able to break and a world incorporated analyst boomer China Dana. Because I mean we so Jesus and sweet so we've 100% fell and obviously missed on this path. And and you know that people can try to force. If people you know that's number one and then if people can donate and help us. You never want argon and such as don't Oz a case like to see that will be amazing and theirs on the website as a waste certain. Donate in general manager just on if you don't play golf especially if you can still is exactly remember this former Johnny damaged where fun there. Serve donors general. On donations are tax deductible the golf term it will not read text and a more. But but general funds if you get us Robert Downey foundation and put in our fun and bring my dance ministry and dangers are tax deductible. So nothing else you can go to the website bring light defense ministry dot org you find ways to donate directly I can find ways to sign up for the golf tournament. Which again is September 29. That's Saturday at 9 AM at the links to try on inking cabello. Joey Millwood is founder and father of all educate Millwood and founder of upbringing like dance ministry and Michelle Pittman. Owner and director of 3-D center of the arts have been my guess they think you very much for being here and Ian thank you Summers an opportunity. Yeah it's once been my pleasure I'm Chris Evans and this is the focus on the upstate. You've been listening to focus on the yet state with Chris Evans if you would like more information on today's topic. Email Chris at C Evans at intercom. Dot com.