Focus on the Upstate 86 - Goodwill of the Upstate and Midlands - 1/7/18

Focus on the Upstate
Sunday, January 7th

Director of Marketing Crystal Hardesty informs us of the new and exciting job training and placement programs Goodwill has available and breaks news on their new online thrift store with upscale brands.


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Welcome to focus on the Arab state a program dedicated to informing you about organizations that serve our community. How you can get involved with him. Here's your host Chris Evans. Good morning welcome to focus on the upstate my name is Chris Evans. Today my guest is crystal hardest TV director of marketing for goodwill upstate in Midland is good morning crystal NY Chris thank you for being here thanks so much traveling but it's my pleasure you've been here before last time you brought friends that this time you've come and line stand alone. Hi rob my friends and I no no no I'll be nice it's it's it's brave of you either way. But to goodwill of the states and Midland sell a lot of people recognize the name goodwill sometimes we have guests on here that have a more obscure. Organizations in and and it really want to give them an idea. But I remember the last time you were here I learned something about goodwill. Because was probably like a lot of people I thought of goodwill is the place where you you know take your. You're closing your kids old toys or something to drop them often and make a donation. And that's not your primary mission is this taking donations. Astride his donations actually aired just beginning for us and nice people they know they can donate and they do know that they can purchase and our store is sure that some people may not realize that. There's a nation to purchase it actually finds our mission which is start turning the placement for people right here soccer on. Job training and placement in South Carolina and that was news to me. And I hope it's news to our listeners. That that they are getting it and a new looking goodwill since so just give us an idea. What goodwill doesn't he do it. Our mission is to help people become independent and we do that three education trained her grants to help them become employed or are both in the day. Tell people find jobs that can score themselves for their families. And this is goodwill of the upstate and midlands and most of this broadcast reaches the upstate I mean it's it's it's Greenville Spartanburg and Lorenzo coney counties. Take in count me you know that that's that's pretty much our range. But we do get some into the midlands on unknown some of our stations. So talk real quick to folks that are in the Netherlands. What opportunities are available through goodwill. While we have really a tough thawra opportunities our job connections are available we now have on. 28 applications with new ones in the Iberian bays are for people who are in the midlands. To visit if they are topsy key and just want some help with Reza may develop manned a war. Connecting with employers are hiring or just somebody to kind of guide them as two interviewing skills and how to prepare for interviews how to look for a job. We also have training programs for people here you are able to come men and actually today a few weeks. To train for a new career such passer Bob Irsay which has a a big deal yeah lots of opportunities there you are saying. On the manufacturing. Continues especially in our region to be a big opportunity for people as as manufacturing. Continues to grow. Yes it's it's it seems to be making a comeback I've heard on the news recently that a manufacturing is up. In the country in general and particularly in the south so. There's going to be a lot of demand for those types of jobs and the training that you guys providing is going to be crucial. I silly and it's actually a certification and on all of our programs provide. A state or nationally recognized certification that job seekers can put underestimate they can say to employers. I do have this knowledge I do have the skills that I have practiced you know and and a setting to get experience in this field so it really makes them marketable to employers. Before we move on. As ornaments in the website goodwill SE dot org. Is that is how people can find you online yes and it's really great resource tuchman about the website and what people can expect to find when they got there. Yet to get plus two dot org really has everything collected they're for people. From every stage that they wanna be a diner they wanna find their closest donation cider may be they're looking for and a great deal on the stores and I wanna shop they can from their nearest hole location. And for job seekers they can find a job connection near them they can access information on our training programs and learn how to get information about those programs how to enroll all all that data is available there on the site but also house an information for businesses that they are looking to hire people or more help from our staff to help. Identify prospective employees or maybe they need some help with. Things like a steady ill or packaging yet we also have programs to help them that it. And I'm looking at the website now and right across the top their big buttons donate shop find work. Job training services for businesses you really can't find it all there I'm also noticing this little sort of ticker that you've got going on. That's got interesting facts just kind of wafting violent on the website last year we place 111786. Individuals and jobs that's right that's impressive and just passed just outside a known South Carolina that's just the upstate midlands and South Carolina over 101000 jobs over eleven though nearly 121000 jobs. That you found for people to do and just it it occurs to me that. We hear on the news you know people that are out of work you know businesses closed or something like that. There really are resource is a new worry it could will is a good one. For. Getting over that hump of becoming an unemployed. An absolutely. We had that people you are and that situation on great immediately maybe have employment that are looking for other opportunities that they are under employed if they need a different. On the number of hours a different career path. They come to us a look at us as a resource you know where honestly there. To help on and an every aspect about job search again weather's just opening your resume together or maybe getting a certification. So I'm we definitely first people just visited dot com for information give us a call and we would love to help at the moment path back to employment. And John connections are available it's another button I see on the website very very simple. Looks like he used goodwill SE dot org you can go there find more information about job training job placement. I even if you're a business you run a business and you're looking to two attire people. Goodwill can probably help you out there to you absolutely and we mentioned at the number of people that Yelp last year but your tell me before the show that your fiscal year is. Roughly half over how to go until four. We had a really great year so far again immersed about six months and for job placement and we are looking actually we're ahead of track. Good to see it to make our goal for this year which is an increase so we're really thrilled that. An impact not only owned about individual but their family and honestly our community as a whole benefits. Before we move on to some of the specific programs that you have a goodwill on in terms of job placement job training things like animals circle back to the donation drew quick. And just an idea because a lot like a set a lot of people probably will have had the experience of either donating to goodwill or maybe going to one of your thrift shops and shopping. A goodwill which is another thing you can do through the web site. Talk a little bit about some of the some of the donations that says that you receive the kinds of things that you are looking for maybe the kinds of things that you're not looking for. Us a great question at a great question. You know we typically say. Let's take everything sure but it. There are some butts we don't except firearms bring meanings and we don't they probably popular around here I passionately. Not sure how many people give them away but a but but do lots of people have been so it's it's it's an important point to make no harsher or dollars and. Hazardous liquids and materials that's kind of an obvious one as well say this'll tongue in cheek but history and nothing that has ever had a heart beats. OK or there are currently does that there are other organizations for that yes pressure on end and partially recently we've had to say we cannot take CRT televisions have the big box televisions on dare just. Recycling day says Jason says and there's not really a market to sell them. Yeah it's it's tough that sort of technology has is kind of passed out with the advent of HDTVs flat panel TVs things like that I actually still have one in my house it's it's it's very old we've got the the roku hooked up to but but I I can completely understand that so. CR TV's the big and they were happy to use a don't even bother carrying it of protests right alienated every account has lots of places that can't take us if you are looking to do something with that to check on the recycling sites for her own account and hockey and and that's one of the things is gonna mentioned it there are a recycling. Senators it wherever you Lauren that says that can tell you what to do of those objects. And I would guess. Nothing broken. Nothing that's obviously. Did minister or doesn't work is it is is something it's get a sense that some people will think of a donation to goodwill is almost like a trash bin. Can only go wide it's not I don't need this anymore but somebody else can use it it's this doesn't work let's give it away. And that's not really helpful. Yeah and yeah a lot of cases facet that's a great point and a lot of cases it it is a little bit detrimental because. On items that we can't sell or can't recycle in some way we do have to pay two displays of days. And and end gosh just money that's taking away from the programs and services that we talked about before that we're offering to people in the community what's the strangest donation you ever heard about I allow. I got sicker quicksand I you know we've had everything we actually had a a a picture up maintained. Donated fears again a calm and sold it for the three dollars I think this was an Anderson on that. Eventually sold at auction for a this is a loud call a 100000 way yeah. Have money antiques roadshow are yes and yes say it's a docile and this brings us an I something I mean it was at Kerr yeah wow what a great five. But certainly we've had everything from. Fabulous antiques tees. Just crazy yet handmade things that people put together their in a year and they had east or it completely put together by hand so it. Lots of interesting things account are for sure. And another thing we should mention that you can donate our vehicles. Others not just stuff that she can put the box and things that you found around the house clothes don't fit anymore although. Obviously those are always accepted. Vehicles here's the ads you know donate your vehicle there's tax write offs that she can get for that sort of thing in the value of the vehicle. Boats are vis talk a little bit about that. Motorcycles. All kinds of things and that and that's honestly on summon a lot of people don't think about when they think of goodwill but it is something that we. Do you accept and we are able to AT use those items to support our mission and our donors are able to take that tax deduction sandwich and it seems. Like that would provide a good opportunity because if you have a vehicle that you use for whatever reason don't need anymore and you sit and I think in America Seles karma I have so this motor side I gonna sell this RV or something like how my gonna do that. You can donate you can you can actually give it to goodwill and you guys will take care of the sale event. Taken out and that does one item where it doesn't run that's okay we'll stay yeah he got a car that doesn't run will still come and get it on take it. You know off your hands Korea became. Yourself and that (%expletive) yeah yeah so say you guys can still still turn that into. Benefits for the job programs that you do let's talk about those you mentioned a couple of new ones that you've got going on let's hear about operation could jobs. We're so excited about this program on and he kind of hear a little bit of from the name operation get jobs this is a program for veterans here you are. Mean their returning to the work force they're looking for support and possibly re acclimated into being ham. It's being out of service on whatever that situation might be. But we on this actually supported by the Wal-Mart foundation and on the so we're able to have like a case manager he was working with battery and helping them with support services looking at skills us access to training if needed. You know and lots of different ways that we are working one on one with those veterans to help them. Get back into the work force and how to get re acclimated and and that there are some really general. And this is this is something new that says that you guys are rolling out how how long is this program been. We started at this past all so I'm we're really just getting it out restaurants yeah okay. And it it occurs to me that this is something that's really important I mean obviously you've got already got. A variety of a job training programs job placement programs and things like that but having something specifically oriented toward service members. It seems like it would be important because we hear in the news all the time you know that. Service members find it difficult to turn the the skills that were so useful in the military. In two jobs wants to come home. Century and that's actually a population. That has been identified. As one that does some Toms have. Trouble finding employment with with the skill such as you mentioned. Somehow they aren't always transferable say. This is one that we've identified as a population we really want to focus on and really want to offer services to and took the starter is a really exciting one for us. As we work done not. Veterans still can still she's obviously to access any other services job connections other turning programs but this one is specifically operation to get jobs for veterans how is it different from some of your other job placement and job training for. I'm just probably a little bit more focused with a 101 case manager cover hole. Where we're going to be able to work with them a little bit more deeply tech kind of look at what the skill sets are and Howell. They can transition those in the workforce on and and there are additional programs as part of this funded program from Wal-Mart foundation that are available to veterans as well. And if I remember correctly a lot of fewer job trainers. There are these volunteer positions of these actually. Trained people that are that are put in position to train other people added to take on jobs they're actually get will staff members so we have trained them and they are part of our staff. And have access so it's all the resources that we have available as well to help us veterans still in the cases of the operation good jobs these are people that. Already have a background in in terms of trillions leading military skills into you work skills. Yes frustrate LA that we have Amundsen Scott people who were with veterans he Ahmanson case is our veterans and pats have had gone during that process. A transition named NN day who Wear these people are kind of coming from. And in many cases how best to help. So again operation that good jobs is one of the new program specifically oriented towards veterans. Information about it at goodwill SE dot org. Yes and their phone numbers that she can get in touch with if you I know somebody who's a veteran. If you are veteran yourself and you need to find some sort of job placement and job training information. Goodwill SE. Dot org is a place to go Osaka and about another one of these new programs. Good start yes. Just star is another program that we launched late last fall and some were just really getting it up and running to eve but this is an opportunity for. People here in the correctional system and you are leaving their congressional system to get some assistance to prepare for employment Al top. Say that we will actually be working with the Sox a lot of department of corrections on out their facilities at Khamenei and Camille graphic Graham okay to work with and mates few are six months or less with their time remaining and helping them with job skills. Education NG ED attainment if applicable. Looking at things like interviewing skills are ResMed development and some of those. What we call the play ability skills to help them be prepared sees them successfully found a job when they leader correctional system. Now. I am guessing that this is a group of people that are gonna garner considerably less sympathy with who without a listeners and maybe the veterans do Emmys he. Better to serve their country and they're coming back and it's it's a little harder to identify maybe it was somebody who's been in jail and is now getting out and trying to find job. But it's important to recognize. How crucial it is to have employment. After you've left the corrections system. Because I imagine that cuts down on the recidivism rate. Absolutely employment is absolutely crucial. To cutting down our recidivism and you know the department impressions has loss of data out on how that impacts. But in our goal is when people leave the system to help them. Finds that job to find unemployment says that they are. Able to support themselves and they don't have to turn back to whatever crimes they may have committed before. To harass. And I'm guessing that this is something that says that's gonna be a little bit trickier. Probably why a program like this exist because is somebody might look at if they've filled out an application and they've checked the box says yes I have a criminal history. People might think twice about that and see got to have these skills did the interviewing skills and the the placement skills to even be able to get your foot in the door absolutely. There are lots of employers a growing number of employers here you are willing to leave consider. Potential employees who do have a criminal background say it's becoming calm. I think employers are starting to realize that. People you have a criminal background still have skills offer that I can still be really die able employees in his may actually be more dedicated and committed. Then the average employee if given a chance today. But you know without having the support system and place. People are coming out of the correctional institute are able to the united know how to explain their background to answer the questions in her view about their past. And also to shared their abilities and share their skills and and while they can be an asset write and ultimately on that there employee you know. We really have a much stronger community. With them working and we do with them not. That's a good point because it is it also occurred to me that even beyond the idea of keeping them from returning to crime. For their own sake and end and for the community's sake of of just generally lowering the crime rate. You also have. A waste he keeps them from landing on maybe some sort of government assistance you know you talking about independence before and and and giving people the opportunity to provide for themselves rather than having to rely on somebody else provide for them. And that also strengthens that sense of community absolutely we. Really have a belief that goodwill that. If someone can be a contributing citizen if they have the skills of to have the ability to have the desire to contribute that they shot every opportunity to do you say. Because if they're not a dry giving those opportunities then. We as a community are going to suffer wrapped things. And I imagine that kind of a lot like via the veterans who were returning you know with their. Particular skill sets that the kinds of skills that they would have learned in jail don't necessarily translate directly into. Working in that commercial field. The street Thomas but we have actually our relationship with the south collage par corrections really have an opportunity to borrow about all the things that they are doing at the department of corrections to prepare people for employment. So you know loss of the the people who were they are actually going through programs with things like on setting in embroidery. They're going to array of agricultural programs. Working and will work keen and lots of different programs like that to learn skills that can be transfer Seau on the you know we heard loss of stories. When we visited there this summer at the department of corrections about. EJ inmates who learned the skills are re able to take them out actually and some cases to come march for Norris at an errand business amen be successful and that way with things that they have learned. There are so I think that. While traditionally we think you know kind of depressing the library plates kind of a thank. They're cartridges is really made great strides and pitting him programs they here to help people so they do you have a skill set that is marketable and belief. Well that's a really good point that adjusting the kinds of things that people can learn while they're incarcerated. To be able to get those jobs once they come out translating the skills he meant and textiles. Mentioned agriculture manufacturing those kinds of things. If you learn the basics then you can actually can sort of make the transition you know from India. Out absolutely we actually met a couple of women dare he had never worked on the computer ever. But we watch them working with the graphics program to do embroidery and how they were working with the computer they have basically you know they've Barnes and talk themselves these skills and that's something that they can certainly. Take with them when they leave and you know potentially turn that into employment or career distance. The last thing before we run at a time here you wanted to break a little bit of news on this program which is not something we normally do but. I'm happy to you've got a new a website. That sounds very uninteresting yes we. Are really excited about get twice dot com. Which is an online shopping platform for women's clothing tone of the higher and women's clothing say. People knew. Like me have to like to shop from candlelight a convenience of having things to deliver without having to come to go on the treasure hunt in the stores that have a treasure hunt Almonte now with get twice dot com. And I was looking at this website good twice dot com GL ODTWICE. Dot com and it seems like it kind of bridges the gap between the going to one of the goodwill thrift stores and maybe going to have shopping mall and shopping in a department store. That's really a good way to put it that was our goal was to really give people an opportunity. On with day. But an attractive site that is easy to shop easy upon which are looking for. But still have this great goodwill values available to people on on on high quality merchandise. So it is kind of that. From hanging him maybe the mall from ham could it derail her mom and we do offer nine NASA shipping on every purchase it's easy to get those items the air and nine asset returns that he get that it doesn't quite federalism which he thought deacons in the back for credit on the science when nine cents. And I was looking through some of the stuff that you've got really nice stuff I mean. Banana republic and this is kind of high end stuff as yours yeah you know if for a lot of women they would love to have the high quality. Clothing but maybe can't always afforded on their budgets say this is a way for them to have. Gently used coming really great quality really good condition items. That it's easy to sort during that can soar about brands are busts sort by shoe size whatever they like to. And you mentioned some of the brands and tailored Calvin Klein forever 21 gap I mean these are these are kind things that you get four sort of thrift store prices after her. Good twice dot com. Go check it out the benefit proceeds rather benefits goodwill the way that donations would absolutely say. You know a lot of people don't have time to go out and shop and support our mission outweighs this is an opportunity. Fur on those not Al's all Urquhart -- people here he just enjoy online shopping to support our mission while getting a great deal small high clip. So if you're a fan of thrift store shopping and shopping online and getting really good deals check out good twice dot com. And that's if you cannot find some thin sheet to air. Crystal heart a Stevie director of marketing at for the goodwill upstate in Midland has been my guess is they think he's so much thank you Chris enjoyed it. My pleasure I'm Chris Evans and this has been focused on the upstate. You've been listening to focus on the upstate with Chris Evans if you would like more information on today's topic email Chris. C Evans