Focus on the Upstate 90 - Greenville Women Giving - 2/4/18

Focus on the Upstate
Sunday, February 4th

Janet Sumner and Maggie Glasgow, co-chairs of Greenville Women Giving, describe the advantages of collective giving, as well as the educational events and grants offered by their organization.


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Welcome to focus on the Arab state a program dedicated to informing you about organizations that serve our community. How you can get involved with him. Here's your host Chris Evans. Good morning and welcome to focus on the upstate my name is Chris Evans today my guess RG and it Sumner and Maggie Glasgow. Co chairs of Greeneville women getting good morning ladies thank you for being here. Thank you. My pleasure. Tell us. The first question that I normally ask is what do you do and who do you do it forces give us an idea of Greenville women giving an organization that honored guests our listeners are not familiar with just by the title alone. So tell us the Janet what does green the women giving do you and he do for. Create a living getting inside collected two women's giving green has. Management across the country. We have Imus 600 members. And each of our members is 12100 dollars a year we agreed to a three year commitment. And all of our money guess intent combined. Pool. So of that 12100 dollars a thousand dollars goes back out again that your TU nonprofits in Greenville county. We're in our twelfth year of giving and so far we've given away four point eight million dollars. How she and her eighty non profits here increase vote count me. That's impressive and her very impressed yeah I'm so are our number one. Part of our mission is to give away. High impact grants. With angry at the academy we give him five areas. Arts and culture. Human services. Environment. Education. And health. So as you can imagine medicine the nonprofits. Follett into one of those five categories you're. Combination thereof right and we take grant applications. We give away our grant surfer between fifty. Thousand dollars and a 100000 dollars so what we're hoping that these organizations will do and they apply for our grant money. Is that they'll think bit you know high impact went programs or services can we offered to the community that won't really. I make a difference term within your organization. And then as they served their constituency. But in addition to giving away money. We also feel like that we one have an informed. Voting bloc. And sent from day one. We created an education series. Where we have. One. Education event in each of our five giving areas. Arts health and human services for those kinds of things. And we found that not only. Easy series inform our editors about what the community needs are in Greeneville. What organizations. Are available to help with a need. Hmmm what theory do laying into what the holes are you know what what isn't happening in our community. It turns out that we've become real resource. For the general public. Comcast are always welcomed her education events. On and we have really dynamic speakers who can come and and and let us know what they're doing and what their needs are. Yeah and we're gonna talk about does education events and you just had one recently but I'm curious about this this notion of collective giving. Describe a little bit more of of what that is I think you said in a commitment of 12100 dollars a year. It's 12100 dollars a year to hunt a hundred bucks a month which is not that bad and is that exactly that's what people might normally give to a charity or something. Exactly when you think about what you probably give away during the year I think a lot of people would say. They give away at least 12100 a year and you know our members pay sometimes they pay and one each they could get any credit card. They haven't drawn out there checking account every month so we try to accommodate everybody as how to they would as how they would like to pay. But the 12100 dollars 200 candidates. And she mission related expenses so that education sessions. Oh the emission related expense. You know we had venues where we have to have. The sessions and you know we might have coffee or lunch or something like that available. It is also covers some of our administrative expenses kind you know we do have to have print it sure is only a part time administrator that kind of thing but that thousand dollars. It all goes into collective giving pool. So I think last year we had 550. Members who were eligible event that meant with a thousand dollars per member. It 550000. Dollars to give out into the community. Which we gave that out last may. And in addition. We've had several people and there's. Family Foundation in town for the past many years. Has given us 50000 dollars to add to our pool because our Chris process is so thorough. They trust us. She you bring to our vendors them out really. Awful ballot term that went armed members. Receive a ballot you know these are the organizations for an event on. You know we want you to tell us how you lifers to spend the money in minutes one woman one event. And that's how we decide how the money's given out. Yeah I think you're kind of working up to it but I'm gonna ask question anyway. What is the advantage of collective giving it over erred in just an individual giving their hundred bucks a month to Salvation Army you're or marlin wheels or something. Well you know I can't give away half a million dollars in here I mean I can't and they are very few people again. But I can give a thousand dollars brain and Lance you know 500. Plus other women. Together we can get out and have a really thoughtful impact. On a lot of fabulous organizations. Around the fact that our grants committee Keenan this year is ever eighty women. There are researching all of these grant applications. They go to visit the organization lose. They look over their budgets they taught to their admin staff about how the man he'll be used. And then they can come back to our membership. And you have I write up. On every application this coming before the membership for that the vet who worked thickens and she researching these applications is really phenomenal. So I guess and in that sense. The the advantage is that it gives the organizations that you serve an opportunity to take on a project that maybe they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford it. That's true in against our members are feeling that they have. Contributed to something much larger than they can do themselves giving a hundred dollars to one organization. And another thing that probably is important. Is that our founders. Sue priest or Harry Goldsmith and Francis Ellison. Who put this wonderful organization together had the foresight to say. If we're going to do something collectively for our community we need to think about the whole community. It needs to be a holistic type of giving. And that's why they came up with a five different areas. Because everybody who gives a hundred dollars has a little place in their heart. Or at spot where may be it's human services may be it's the environment. Maybe it's the arts. But a good community a community dying Greeneville. All of those things are important man you couldn't imagine Greeneville without that's swamp rabbit trail for you couldn't imagine and without the so once you start looking at the broad range of needs of nonprofits and community. Then you really have to dedicate yourself to think more broadly and that's way education has been such an important part. Of our mission and our organization. You mentioned the founders of this organization Maggie talked a little bit about the founding. Of grieving women giving how did this come about. Well it's it's a great story. Harry Goldsmith was saying in a doctor's office. Read an article about a new type of philanthropy. She was reading about the Washington women's foundation in Seattle Washington. Put together across the color way across the country a little pebble on Puget Sound coming down here. But the gates foundation had helped some of the women in that area put the idea together and they said. Women really care about their community. And we would really like to pool our money and do something dynamic here in Seattle. And they are eight years older than us they're they're doing their twentieth anniversary this year and were twelve years old. But after they founded JT also encouraged that they write about it and that they do a small book and they shared this. And now they're all over the country it was passed Philanthropic. Idea whose time has come. We are part of one of those networks of collective women giving. The women's collective giving and grant making network it has 55 members. And altogether we give. Millions and millions thousands tens of millions. And that you know they're everywhere there's one in Charlotte there's one up in Nashville we have one in Spartanburg. Bombed there in big cities and small cities and. Well and that's interesting because of this program is called focus on the upstairs and focus on Greeneville although I have a lot of organizations from Greeneville but they they branch out to do it to the greater area and so. A lot of people that are in our listening area but not in Greeneville may be able to find an organization like this to you good to donate to you yes. I think you said twelve years agreeable women giving has been around and you've given away millions. On the order of five million dollars has so far. They will be our twelfth. Year where we announce that grant as it was given away sent last may. Our eleventh year on our cumulative total was four point eight million or appointed as the oil dollar fine and I gotcha I gotcha. Give us an idea of these kinds of organizations achieve help across the last twelve years how we have been given to me I mean they've given to eighty organizations here could be here in town. The but what are some of the ones that somehow South Carolina children's theater. Trees forever. Please stay Greeneville yeah. Harvest head. Myers senator. Salient fact honesty foundation cheater really duke had a run again today we are talking about this five. A category is it's art arts. Which are brought into this and intentionally so I guess yes. So that you can maximize the amount of of good cheated with yeah absolutely you know we've given a lot. In different areas to Greenville school district Republican school district. Public education partners those bridges program ever firm and that house cats. From struggling. Backgrounds you know graduate from high school and now. Going to graduate from college cops on the court. Really yes OK in fact we are researching. The cops on the court grant when an officer Jacobs. He was part of our site visit he'd send us what that program was going to be about and them. Was killed as we were standing on the current member of that that yes this really impact us ended up being. Probably went out Cheney really glance that our our membership they tell you that that we funded and are real emotional. Grant for. A lot of fast officer Alan Jacobs that we can police department tragically shot and killed in the line of duty gas about two years ago and mess that was. And at siren call by all accounts he was he loses. Well respected in the community and on the service and this seems like the kind of thing that he would have wanted to have happen in his name. You you assessor bill and getting this program started and they wanted to expand to a second location. And basically what they do is that the cop serve their out of uniform. And it's a Friday night and they get together and in church chairman bring him seats son. You know things to do with your claim basketball with a chance and you're just talking tanning get to Dauman you say you know unity on an individual level and in you and I'm trying to bridge that gap between community and the police force and the sand. We did end up funding they're second location and time tragically he he wasn't with us to see. That term expand. What. Start we talked a little bit about did the giving and I guess if people want to get involved in and make donations on their own. They go to your website Greenville women getting it's the whole thing Greenville women giving dot org yes and and there's a way for them to get in touch with you make donations. Absolutely. And in and if you wanna become a member. Hungrier and can talk all women who are willing achieved may that 12100 dollar here three year commitment. I'm that is I mentioned before we've had all kinds of people. Donate money to go in today giving loophole. Because they do feel like our process. Is setting them up than that that organization so we turn our Balladur really well researched I might just dead too. And we are one of the few organizations that also has a very robust grants assessment. Process so now we do not drop. Once sweet to write a check grace follows the grants through to the and often times we find in working with our nonprofits. Locally is that they'll run into a snag say they're doing a construction project. And we have a lot of professional women and our organization and we do a lot of troubleshooting. We want their grants to be successful. So if we know somebody on down at City Hall they can help them we can intervene and and do something nor provide some sort of help. You know it's interesting point because so a lot of people. They've got a generous heart and they they think nothing of putting it check in the mail Piet. It may not go any further than that you know and and there's there's something to be said for getting involved in that way. Yes and I think that you know again these high impact grants. I mean you know where the money's going. You know that we're following it through to the end. You know when you give a hundred dollars a month mean that's wonderful. I mean. Sec get a copy paper writing paper whatever beach where where is that going how is studying Stennis an individual. I don't have the time or resources are in at the hole for an organization and tell me how that hundred dollars was spent. You know when you give somebody a 100000 dollar grant Yunnan where your money's going in human nature that is being spent the way they said it would beast and. So we talked about the giving that Greenville women giving does let's talk about the education that she guys do as well because as soon as we mentioned earlier. There was an event recently where you were talking Amanda Foster care belief. Yeah that was January 23 and was held at the Crocs and there. Which is one of one of the venues we'd like to use when we can answer very nice place for our members. To me agent you know they're very kind. But key to that topic this topic was chosen as our human services topic this year. And it came about because we've been noticing so much in the paper that there's a rise in need for Foster care summit that's. Tied to deal appealing crisis of course okay. And which is just really starting to impact South Carolina and the up state. And we noticed articles on DSS that they were having trouble placing families and that you know that there had been even a lawsuit in the state of South Carolina. That there wasn't enough placements so we decided to talk to some of the people who are. Directly involved. And it it was a wonderful session it was a little bit harrowing because it's a tough topic. Combo we have tough members. And we had Rondell Littleton the fun of whose stand executive director place for me home for me. And we also ahead David Lloyd who's the CEO of fostering great ideas. David is a great resource in our community. Putting together that. The figures the data and the facts and we had a funded them a year ago. To start amend your ship program for children who are aging out of Foster care. You might not think about it but if you're in Foster care and you turn eighteen then what happened right here an adult and then the highs of the stage you know but you still alone can't let him go like KG still another family. So this project is it starting downstream with. Juniors and seniors in high school in the Greenville county school system and it's a young woman who's been to Foster care. Her cell for 21 year old who's who's. Acting as the man Turk but getting them to start thinking about college. And actually if they do go on to colleagues they can keep benefits until they're 21 okay. And so they're working with Greenville tech in their working with other places and it it was very very heartening. T hear her story to understand what she. Had to go through to get where she did indeed go to college yourself. But also just that there's somebody out there and that there may be other things we can do. The numbers that he gave us that I thought was most interesting is that. Currently that we need about 15100 homes in Greenville county for Foster care. And there's only 800 and some homes sell we've got twice African and cannot half of what we need so we've got. Twice as many kids. As we've got homes for and so they end up going into group homes which is not. They'll I'm not ideal and it was it was very informative. What was the upshot of the of the event what the what was people's reaction to the information there. I think they were. They were stunned to. By some of the numbers I think there were a lot of women and and I stayed afterwards and spoke with David and Rondo and are going to get involved personally. And this is another offshoot. Of collective getting we have. Done surveys around members in the past and actually. By coming to our many education events five a year. And learning about things they get involved with other nonprofits lots of them gone to donate extra money or donate time. Or know somebody that can help that nonprofit. And our nonprofits say it's ahead dead besides. The fact that we giveaway grants a second best thing we do. It or maybe even the best is the education sessions because when they get to come and speak at those. And they make lots and lots of contacts. CU five of these education events for per year end and I am I noticing that that's the same number of founding principles are areas of influence and yes you won one for each one for each all year us throughout the year yes and a what's the next when it's coming out. The next one that's coming up is in March and I it is going to be. Eight Tuesday march 13. It's going to be a beyond center at Furman a lunchtime event. And we're going to be talking about recyclables. Ward a day ago it's our environmental should program for the year. As a recent change to the Greeneville recycling policy that pretty big last night and I think that that throughout the upstate that it changes have been made so. That's an interest in topic if I if somebody wants to attend one of these events to the need to URC Peta they have to be a member how does that work. They do need to RSVP. And that they can do that on our web site if they would like to come. Or that eighth saying no member a member can bring them also as a guest so there's there's ways you can get there. And again that website is Greeneville women giving dot or really a nice looking website Eminem I'm a look and added that it's it's got its very pretty. Tell a lot of information on it and if people want to get involved I guess with few organizations that you help they can find information about that they're too yeah. Absolutely we have a whole section on grants that we've given out and we have a little write up on each one of those the amounts. The year my organization. And then how that money which eased. For that particular grant is a great way to to see some of the organizations. That are here in the camps today I mean I'm. I grew up in Green Zone. And when enjoying Greenville women giving. It's not first education sessions thinking I you know there's not a whole lot I'm. I'm I'm I just thought it was more of the social outing in a way they eat meat Sinead. And different people surprise then that very first one went to process them costs. Had no idea. The at this organization. This need. This service existed in Greenville. And to me that spin. As nice as best known as valuable things to me. Is learning about what's here what's being done. And the organizations that are on the frontlines Nina telling you. What still needs to happen you know this fostering a great ideas organization that Hispanic and I are Foster care session a few days again. He's right it was a really tough session that center. At the same time. There are some incredible programs. That are happening right here agreeable that you need to put up in any market in the country now and you really groundbreaking really come forward thinking incense. You know here's here's how it to you. That kind of leads into the last question I was gonna ask you only got about a minute left. Green the women giving has been around for twelve years we see in the next twelve years for it. We do right now one of the largest women's getting grips in my country. And when Maggie talked about the starting in Seattle. We get skin of these groups every eighteen months and I can tell you. Disagreeable grave as respected around the country and I'm so we had to see more attack earth. So that weekend do you even more financially for the organizations are here. And in that I have that people militants on for education sessions I think we've really. That's something to offer the community that way. One more time in Greenville women giving dot org is the website there's contact information they're human to get involved. Janet Sumner and nagging Glasgow coach hears of green the women giving him then my guest today thank you very much ladies for being here thank you Chris thank you for having us it's been my pleasure. I'm Chris Evans and this has been focus on the upstate. You've been listening to focus on the yet state with Chris Evans if you would like more information on today's topic email Chris. At C Evans