Focus on the Upstate 91 - REI Outdoor Classes - 2/11/18

Focus on the Upstate
Sunday, February 11th

Haley Swank, Outdoor Programs and Outreach Market Coordinator for REI, and Emily Turke, an instructor for REI Outdoor Classes, talk about the classes REI offers to educate the public on enjoying outdoor activities safely and Emily gives us a miniature lesson on how to stock your first aid kit.


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Welcome to focus on the upstate a program dedicated to informing you about organizations that serve our community. How you can get involved with. Here's your host Chris Evans. Good morning welcome to focus on the upstate my name is Chris Evans today my guests are Haley swank. The outdoor programs and outreach market coordinator for REI. They end. Emily Turk an instructor for REI and also the assistant director of outdoor recreation at Clemson University good morning ladies. Hey Lanny thank you for being here. What are the reasons I wanted to have you on is that I happen to know that REI Ed normally give known for a firm. Selling and outdoor equipment bicycles and shoes and things like that. You guys also do classes. For for these sorts of leisure activities and some of them that are actually really useful in terms of emergency preparedness and safety. And so I'll order to have you want to talk about that but let me start with Hayley. You're tidal outreach marketing coordinator tell me exactly what that means. I've set aside from being every telstar Ariana has a full functioning outdoor school. I'm only selling off her variety of programs classes mean fantastic community alliance and we partner with a lot of local nonprofits hit on the same mission in line of treating an outdoor recreational opportunities for the community as well as providing access. I'm so with that outreach pursing Kangas NT community in nations. And the local grants that we get out. Princeton's this past year we gave a grant to they can iron kindest person as well as the cancer survivors park with help of the new bridge across the swamp rabbit trail. And so we do a variety of classes and then Xena found backpacking tents like Elaine TU for state as you mentioned before. Am glad to hear the cancer survivors part alliance has been regular guests on Nara on the ground I certainly them before they end and it's a really neat little project and they've got going on making progress on it that the park is in downtown Greenville. Right on this swamp rabbit trail what are the church street bridge countered another bridge itself as the church street passes over the park. They do good work and so it's it's good to hear this that's one of the the organizations that says that he supported through us through REI. Now I wanted to talk about the class is that you offer get this kind of of a rundown of what these classes are and what they hear what their four. Yet sell all of our classes are primarily introductions to different outdoor. Sports and opportunity is in activities that iron in our area that we have resources why so many things from a back packing beef six team how to pack your pack team how to prepare yourself for the AT back packing that appellation channel. See you with hiking with kids' classes the class we have coming up. Cycling classes from let's how to write a bicycle to white meat and ends until all very educational focus helping. You'd have people feel about it clicked play outdoor adventure. It's kind of acceptance patent and it. It may seem that that this time of year is is not the F. The most ideal to talk about outdoor adventures because it's cold outside right now but talk a little bit about some of the things that people can do outside in this type of weather. So we actually just recently had eight class at the swamp rabbit cafe called winter camping defects can move this selling praising people they get up in the night ends and I can plan and that. Get out gang camp and feels just as prepared as that they are in the summer followed we also have. An essential speckled medic hiking class that and we will be TKT teaching in a few weeks. I lake's frozen weakens so get out league is still had a and so I think there's a lot of out activities I think just about everything is still feasible to deal in the wintertime I mean just have to be prepared in different ways. On and that's reference they also comes into the plant that when you're dealing with. It's a fair point although it's is also fair to say that the cold weather around this part of the country doesn't typically last very strong. So you usually spend more time doing warm weather activities run that Iran through some of those that that REI offers classes on. I'm why my other activities. Are anything's coming in kayaking paddling. Yes same thing I'm claiming he. I think Elaine as for as far as needing road biking mountain biking. Learn the back country cooking classes lots of ground classes effort can't kicking tee backpacking can keen. You know and that that was another thing that I noticed looking at fill them. Miree classes that REI offers on this kind of stuff is cooking classes and and that's how one of the things that I would have thought about I mean. This all those sort of sports activities kind of come to mind you know it he think about. Learning that kind of stuff and maybe somebody needs to know how to ride and if you know how to ride a bike you might not necessarily know how to write it down a mountain. Yeah I was glad. Cooking it it didn't occur to me that that's something I mean obviously you're gonna go camping for several days. Beginning need to eat something first you listen a little more detail on some of the cooking classes that that you offer. Yes actually in classes are probably analysts popular pick currently is they fill up in all the participants show I think that in this area particularly camping. And backpacking is probably our largest. Things that people go out and deal in the outdoor is. And with that they have to eat and they realize they have to eat and especially if you're backpacking to praise a lot into your backpacking experience and how many calories you need antique and so forth so. I can't taking classes go from the how to package. You know and how you prepare food for them multi any backpacking trips also being lightly as well as how can you take your family camping and still make. Great meals over it can't so here are tips and tricks using different stoves. And water filtration systems all on having that mile. Is there anything in thereabouts foraging or do you kind of discouraged that. We I personally don't do that this sort of because we don't have an on who is certified to teach aspirin actually offers for acting classes. I illness yes though we can't have someone say I'll eat destiny that's the answer I too deep breath. Well and that's that's another really interesting point is that the instructors that are teaching these classes what sort of credentials should indeed they have why should we trust them over you know. Looking something up on the Internet. All of our instructors are big outdoor enthusiasts and happened for years and cattle have a lot of personal experience as low as they've gone to accredited chaining with Ari ice. And being that we aren't a small market none of our instructor is here and clean up our field instructors. With field certifications are great people out on adventures as it on that takes place in Atlanta Boston and larger market faces. How levered. Though the guy he teaches other cooking classes has multiple. Certificates Fran cooking schools I got ten things send more so person likes being the most just look. Cheney had to tell people or interest sitting in signing up for these classes which I should mention many of which are free. It yeah all it takes is is just getting on the list which is if you guys have a a limited amount of space I was so you do have to register. Early. Make sure that the -- spot. But if people wanna sign up for these classes how'd they do that. If he goes TR AI dot com slash learn. But able the put in music could and narrowed down the mileage and we'll see all the classes that rough and for the next about three months. Such as so REIT dot com slash learn. And am actually get a pulled up here he is there and it. It's a very simple system you put in your zip code tell it how far you're willing to travel to take a class is different classes may be offered as you mentioned yeah markets. And you can also choose your activities if you're looking for a particular outclassed on a particular activity like cooking like cycling like first day. And you can narrow it down in that way too and then just sign up which are the classes dance that you have to pay foreign which are the ones that you don't dessert deserved kind of that. Yeah say it previous class to class Briton Murray the only ones that we every do that you have to pay fly. Our our map and compass class okay and our I can meet its class in both of those it is twenty dollars cheaper if you're anti gang members okay. Emily Turkey you are one of the instructors and REI and the class that really kind of caught my attention was the first aid kit class that says that REI offers and that you teach. At givers say kind of an overview of this of the class and know what's involved and I know you just how one of these is a couple weeks ago. Harry just how Lyon and Paris I south the period of her in my screen now. And and it's a pretty exciting course because people come in not having a whole lot of knowledge of what it should go and heifers DK it where they should keep that from what kind of you know people have things never stay hidden they have no idea how to use for it found which is no kind of worthless not cents. So and one it's four and that he actually has more. CS below where what it should be and a standard for state kid for a day hike following at TM multi day I'm expedition. And also just some basic things to think about for having ever say cat home just be prepared. The class I gather is oriented towards a first aid kit that you're gonna take with you when you're going in doing outdoor activities. How is that different smoke a first big kid that you might keeping your. Yes so in ninety differs DK Powell on a hike with me I'm worried about a few things as far as you know how much is that way. How much am I gonna have to you know how many resources to have and that case is sickening cover enough for how many people have with me for the days that I am out. For that type of environment that I men. And for the temperature rain I'm going through. I'm verses I just have my Thursday came home I can have anything I want and then it can be as heavy as I wanna I can keep this doctor really well. And so really it's not caring at and then how many people. You're going to be using it for and what kind of resources you can add improvise and is when you're in the wilderness. This physique when it comes to first aid kits I imagine there's there's a bit of a sense of it's better to have it and not needed they needed and not have it. But you've also got to balance what your talking about four sometimes people have things in their kids that they don't know how to use or don't even know what their four. How do you strike that balance. Yet around I think dean radio where I'm check ups with your procedure it going through making sure everything is up today. Making sure that the medicines there are there making sure that things haven't gone bad. And then going through certification classes and revisiting those skills to you need to take care of other people or yourself. Going through and you know thinking about when planning your chat before you get there and thinking what could go wrong and I prepared for it. And sometimes it's hard to be that person that sting that was going to go wrong. But in the first eight world. So yeah how do you balance there and is import now I'm back a little bit chip planning can go a long way. I got you. I'm gonna give you the floor for a minute and it and ask you to kind of teacher pare down course on what needs to go into a first aid kits to take away. Okay cell when thinking about what's at play in your first day K around you're gonna think about all LeSabre going on a trip. Let's think about how many days are going to be gone or how many hours are going to be darn. I'm just gonna determine a lot a lot of emergency medicine protocols are based on do you have enough supplies to take care someone for an extended amount of time. So even the days do you how many people are involved because just the three of us going back packing this weekend Marist they can be really small. But if are taking my whole family and my dealer bit larger Tony people where going. As far as what to put in neck I want any char house and things that. Are not. A guy and not able to improvise so having medications. And a job for allergic reactions and I asked friend for heart problems. Any kind of preexisting conditions and wanna make sure that those are covered in my Kristi can't for whoever is in my group I'm sorry to say the Madison part of Jersey kids can be the most important he can't provide is that in the wilderness. Things that I could improvise. Ace bandages you know I can cut up the T shirt. And make a rat out of that if I needed to an action so kind of thinking about who was going what I skill level there at our name. You know more accident prone than others and kind of go from there. If you ever have an occasion to use of first aid kid and what. Kind of frame of mind you need to be and what we need to think about first. Yak driver's side with irony of my first AK is slowdown let's take a quick deep breath and let's think about all over again. Let's make a planned before we have to get too far and in realize they've missed a few steps. So how did general overwhelming feeling of calm nest among you as a responder. And it transiting that tear patient and the rest of your group is so important. Sounds staying calm keeping your head on straight if you ever had to use your first week it Jim how yeah. A story. Oh there's been a feel com. Via. And cited it's it's been awhile since I've had a mattress ticket something serious but. And the first time it happened I was on a backpacking trip and wanna mind participants. Foul line and he has slipped on Iraq in a waterfall home and he's fine he didn't fall too far but. He it is hadn't and candle and gash on it. And at the time I didn't have any real first aid wilderness Cheney. And so I freaked out a little bit. I'm like oh my gosh we've got a helicopter out now and we need to get as at a hospital staff. And then my current sector came owner he's let alone like that lets hang out for men let's let's you know do patients us amendments. Plus he was really wrong before we. Colin the search and rescue team. Well and as you were saying before you know make sure you stayed home from head wounds bleed a lot I happen. They can't know that can be really scary see the evidence is one thing to look at it twisted ankle ago that you know it's swollen and let. There's something about blood that's kind of visceral and and and make you react you know what that adrenaline surge. Or Sheri yak and it can you really scary the first Chinese see something happen and you're not in different country to call on the island line immediately or you might know how to media help. Sustained com for share. And then realizing that email a Fiji has some kind of medical training it's gonna kick and and you're gonna know what to do if you have the proper training for it. And so how do you sense of urgency and something happens is really great and means you care means drinking age is what you're doing. But also the hot Cheney goes through certification process you're gonna be able to take care of the situation in your patient really well. Unlike what you said earlier about risk management and I IE I get the impression that having a first aid kit first ball to Stephen having one of the first place. Is part of that risk management your your preparing for something that might happen. Talk a little bit of balance. Of fleeting. Needing to use the first aid kit once you're out there and. Asked us telling Christy it's only work if you have them great that I never I hate opening my nap I don't unease on. So yeah I try to think three sets ahead of what I'm doing and let my friends are my students are doing. I'm dialing I can manage the situation and and hopefully avoid having some kind of instead. I'm so I can and can't think of about three sets I had let people are gonna do next I can trying to shift that situation and Eric I'm shift. That idea of the program to where it is going to be safe and I don't have to easement for state it. I heating for stayed I'm listening to do it. Fair enough that it if it almost it almost seems better to have somebody who doesn't wanna do it. You know be in charge of it because then they're they're looking for the things that might go wrong and can avoid them when they happen. As chair and you know bad things inherently gonna happen without direct creation is the nature of it are who we consider nine's dust I mean mother nature's unpredictable. And we put our human influence inside equation who knows what can happen so we have to be vigilant about managing risk. And being aware of what could go wrong before it does Iran. On the occasions that you need to open you were first aid kid and use something that's inside that. Talk a little bit about remembering to restock. Afterwards yeah I'm terrible personally not deny at and where I can I can restart for his day all day. Diet I'm really values and I beef has been in my own personal and and then forgetting and then needing it the next time. So once again Christie has only alert if you have in my view if they're restock its and you know it's and that and so on. And I imagine it's one thing to look into it you know open the kid up and look inside and say OK I've got my Ibuprofen bottle but it's another thing to pick the model look and make sure there's anything in it. Exactly yeah act I have a list in my first AK and exactly what should be in there on fess up to my standard of care. And I can and that look at that list and check off and say yup I got four tabs of aspirin and here. And I have teen ace bandages and I have a CPR reading barrier. And if I'm going on an extended expedition in just during the weekend. I'm minute goes through and make sure everything's checked off even for just my personal ships being under parents to worst. And I can imagine. Are there any murder aria classes that you personally teach I NT teens. Essentials for cold weather packing. And I'm a big way latter packer and I paddle all year here and snow. Act to stay warm yeah I I was gonna say if I hate being cold exactly. One of my least favorite saying this he can talk a little bit about what it takes to stay warm doing outdoor activities this time a year yeah you've got out there are geared. Our and they need Andrei gear you really shouldn't put yourself in that situation the rain gear being. The right clothing. And so have being trapped edge right see you are wetsuit. You're going to be in the water. And also the race skills may share skills match bad. The check that you're going on that lead all get in over your head and you aren't sunning on the river the. I Haley tell us a little bit about some of the other outreach that REI does. So lead sponsor of multiple different events every year that are typically local events that already taking place that are whiff. Local nonprofits community organizations that we partner when the house similar missions so that's a big credit tally an aviator cells in tune. The local community an exciting event that we've designed this year with trees screens are. Is content to be right OK and so basically EU well. Right bikes Wear your favorite speed drink beer and wind here and a Stanley Femi event on March 4 that we'll start at bird's eye south. And that entrance fees will all all the proceeds of that achieves screens now in two weeks later they'll be doing it big tree planting on the song Pratt champ. The writer will go from birth place not two tablets drafts and back. These two tracks that the F family friendly event on IA's very thoughtful as to where they spend their money and let me. What they support and how it that's in every turn you know to invest in the community afterward. And usually RAI is looking it. On a community level it's it's it's still local community around a particular story not something that's nationwide us. Really we are collapsed since being a cop we are fully local we are only here because environment they're based in green don't. And settle all of our donations and grants and money that is spent at all out of our outreach department is slowly. Being within our local. That's it. You mentioned between right wind is that cannot march 4 march 4 1 PM to Sunday. And again people can go to the web site Larry I don't Lahaina I N dot com slash Larry and able and then stingy or register through cheese green OK so genetic choosing not icon you'll see the treatment as the but he can start at REI dot com slash one and you get redirected to the correctly yes. Got you. What are some the other fundraisers that says that REI does throughout the year. This actually be there first fund raiser OK and typically if there is. We don't charge for events that fits your needs and that word strong answering Anne is already in nominal fee for the race so whenever it is. I don't think it acts up on that this is the first time actually taking. A lot of money that we have for any event and seeing what their return on investment can before a local community partner T you're really kind of branching out yes this is the first time in their brand stop and then something like this I'm hoping I'm very slow budget of about 500 dollars can turn in cute. Lots of trees thinking now. And you also mentioned before the program something. That REI does regarding grants you actually have grant. Forward yes so we get out about 20000 dollars locally in grants every year. Application process is more out every child. Propose like you're dealing Timmy. Iron and we'll tenancy where it goes from there and we have good prospects for attorney eighteen but nothing sentenced him quite yet I can't mention that. Fair enough no problem. Once more aid. Actually before we move on just any weird weird how his has already I'd been doing classes like this. How does traffic we announces an nineteen. 38. But any REI I don't I mean come okay hats. And that alta programs and outreach into T if the company didn't exist quite a bank any plans for something new coming up. There is always plans in the way I think other programs each is in a branch off and a one day become an entity of itself potentially it is. Dow industry as a whole is growing and so as much as retail. Is getting Hariri and knees and the story is that aren't online you know aren't our online is definitely obviously that it and brick and mortar delighted. African martyrs I thought obviously and ending its month online stores but with that the out that community is still growing in the other industry. Education act beach tennis aunts and I think we'll see a lot lion. Happening and a local stores to not reach its. So one more time REIT dot com slash learning is where people can go to find out about classes that are offered. Here at the REI in Greeneville when it looks the next closest store last Asheville the lack Carolina Asheville. So and I think we have some blisters in the North Carolina area so they can they can net kind of arrange to get there you can. Put in that zip code into the actual story in and learn about things you can two different classes of Greeley area. And if you're listening on a podcast you know who knows look at the REI in your area REIT dot com slash learn is how you do that to find. The classes that are in your area. Really swank the outdoor programs and outreach market coordinator. For REI and Emily turns an instructor for REI and the assistant director of outdoor recreation act Clemson. Which I didn't even know Clinton did so only after. I have been my guess they think you very much ladies for being here they think so I guess it's been my pleasure I'm Chris Evans and this is been focus on the upstate. You've been listening to focus on the yet state with Chris Evans if you would like more information on today's topic. Email Chris. At C Evans