Focus on the Upstate 99 - Greenville Family Partnership - 4/15/18

Focus on the Upstate
Sunday, April 15th

Greenville Family Partnership Associate Director Phillip Clark talks about the mission of Greenville Family Partnership to help parents in raising their children, and how that mission has changed with the times.


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Welcome to focus on the upstate a program dedicated to informing you about organizations that serve our community. How you can get involved with him. Here's your host Chris Evans. Good morning and welcome to focus on the upstate my name is Chris Evans today my guest is Philip Clark. He associate director of the Greeneville finally partnership good morning hello good morning Chris thank you for being here though I've slowly so happy to be here as my pleasure to have you. The dribble Finley partnership is an organization that a lot of people will recognize. If they have kids in school right right they know that red ribbon yes and that's great that they know through that. But where we do so much more OK so for the people who maybe don't know how much more you do. Tell us what you do and who you do that for whose agreeable payment partnership. So real friendly partnership. Actually is so much more than just screams goal but right now until we do our name change later this year OK we're gringo famine partnership but no change coming up coming out PS Kenny Kenny estimate is to win we can hear about that and. Hopefully he. This year and a goal is may be about October are part of red ribbon for her thumb this year that's just the start of the school you just after school starts just somewhere around that are okay but your mission isn't gonna change my you know our mission is to engage you. OK to engage parents entering gauged the community after realistic conversations about alcohol and drugs. But there's so many different ways to do that and so we don't want to say oh you're a bad parent. Just because your child does this out of other because you discipline or do this year child. It's very simple we can comment it because we all know drugs and alcohol even though it's the big elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. A large majority of people in the upstate are dealing with issues within their families where there's part though you're an epidemic are dealing with alcohol abuse or drug abuse within their families. And so what we do is try to prevent. And educate our community about what you can do to not have that in your family. And we do a lot of methods we will work with parents actually we go under corporations we do want to learn it's. We'll talk to parents because if you have employee who is worrying about a child are worried about a spirals on their work. There are counterproductive and and so we can come in and offers some tips are offer some advice some help for those individuals. That they may be able to deal better with what's going known within their house. Are we also engage youth. Yeah we engage youth at school there and red ribbon week at red ribbon campaign that so you gins a familiar. And you know weak local businesses provide ribbons for all the schools sends so it's a big schools still do big celebration and that's a big part of it. But what we also urged schools to do is okay you celebrate that one week of leaving healthy and drug free. But what's your programming the rest of the school year to help Baghdad unrest so we can help we're in schools every week doing programs for elementary middle and high school. So we have people who can go in and help with the weather's in the health class. Or whether it's in through Jim and you know being healthy and things along that line so we have people that go into classrooms. And schools and do program on a regular basis. But again it goes back to. Word of elephant in the room and nobody wants to talk about it and so you know it's it's different now than what it was. Well and I was gonna say I remember. Having red ribbon week when I was a kid in school and I think the school did follow up with I don't know favored necessarily grew from the partnership programs but they were. Discussions about you know did not doing drugs and and and things like that and will end but. Let me qualify that because just in the past several years we've had a lot of states that have legalized marijuana. I you mention the LP oil crisis that's become such a huge deal. How has things changed over the years removed him a partnership and how do you address this chain. Sure some removed from the partnership started back in 84 win parents' meeting around the table concerned about their high school students drinking so fast forward to where we are now into when he eighteenth which things are slowed down which which. Almost see I mean not that I wanna glorified to any degree of it almost seems like a rite of passage you know of it being the senior in high school in and sneaking beer and and you know going off that your friends or something. It's not a good thing but it's its site it's almost part of the American culture. Well it's community norms yes what we mixed except in and unfortunately though what word learning more and more about. Is how early on say use affects the burning okay. And so if you have addiction and your family history your greater risk and it starts with a unfortunately it starts with tobacco. When that first hit that cigarette that nicotine hits the brain the brain is changed forever. And so then that nicotine that he would only lasts for so much longer so then I need something else. And then I need something else and then I need something their chance. And so to continue to do stimulation stimulation but every time you're adding something new you do your brain. You're changing. Your brain and so you have starting to have those cravings and that's where now. Though PO an epidemic now is in the United States is killing a 115 people a day. A day so if you multiply that out that's probably I think about 42000. People a year something in. Don't you think that there should be a major since. Are there are seemingly well and end these specifically OP always have become somewhat more accessible means that they are rather getting prescribed more more by doctors. And so people have them in the house I had surgery. Probably about ten years ago and I was prescribed some some of that Coke you type medication. I only saw one of taken one or two ahead of full bottle and I think I didn't have. Went back the Mets intend to one day. It was empty somebody who'd come over to my house and had stolen Ed and I have no idea who was he could have dilemma remains friends could have been my girlfriend of the time it could've been anybody really that I could have been you know maintenance person that'd that'd come in their. On behalf of the apartment. And so those kinds of things are accessible and if they're accessible to adults they're just is accessible to kids. So the more accessible with it's that's one you know I was at a meeting and in a corporate office a couple of weeks ago and the person I was talking to issues like you know I never thought much out would do something like that. Until I got a phone call from the child's principal Chris say in your son has muscle or lectures at school. While and so as adults with children in the house especially when young children like yourself. What you need to do is there needs to be a place to lock them up you. And ditched their out of control of our out of access fork for kids because kids are taken your their parents' bills. Sometimes they're grandparents spills. And they're going to school in their mix them with everything else and other students are bringing in and they colored hospitals party so they're having a party and they're just taken pills or random. Don't have a clue what they are so again. Realizing. What. This is having you know how this is affecting their brain. And their ability to mature in their ability to make wise decisions because it all boils down to a decision. That's why a lot of what we do yeah we infused drug and alcohol. Education into it but it's also about life skills. You know you hear things skills and parenting skills oh with parenting. You know we're not gonna say your bad parent because. But there's some tips that we can help you with it. Are you having trouble getting your kid to go to bid a consistent time every night. If you are call us we can help you with that over the phone we have now in the office that are trained that can guide you through a process to help you with. And it's interesting that you mentioned that because. Some people might have trouble getting their kids go to bed and and think that it's just you know on my kid just wanna go to bed and she's brought negative ad right crichton buds should should they be worried about that does that necessarily indicative of the drug problem or is it not necessarily at the beginning and but down the road look part of it is. Who's the most of the house okay that enough were where a lot of homes. The kids roll down and you know parents are afraid some parents are afraid but we can give parents skills. Techniques. That they can use to counter rain that the end. And again are you having trouble getting your kid to do their homework every day. Yeah it may not be interest into them but we have tools we have people that can walk you through a process. They can help you but that next level because if it's if they're not going to bed at a consistent time tonight and what's down the road Brent. Because at the end of the day other sorts of rebellion right rent bright and part of and part of the reason. Kids that won't tell you special when we go in and do tobacco education classes. The number one reason kids to smoke. Verizon and apparently he's not to know now okay because it I'm cool when I do that now. Is that really still think I got there there have been correct me if I'm wrong but I think there have been. Great strides in reducing smoking in general. Among adults and youth that's over the last two decades yourself absolutely absolutely but but that's still loses the main cited reason as to why kids take up smoking there won't be cool. You know. Bremer minded I probably shouldn't tell the story and I'm gonna. I'm reminded a friend that I having college who you know we're we're going somewhere one day he came to pick me up and we are gonna go in and out to the mall or something and as an oh hang on a second I forgot my jacket and let me go back inside and I came back out and he was leaning against his car. Smoking a cigarette and said what are you doing you don't smoke A said no but I'm trying to start. Well you get well and I. And I gathered that it was that kind of thing that he thought he wasn't popular enough for cool enough and he was trying to do something to look cool. Right right so if we can work with kids in if parents can work or their children at a younger age to have more self confidence. To feel comfortable with who they are not being bullied or not being a bully to make those life choices. To make the healthy choice right. Of how they can be their best because part of it is talking to your kids about their dreams and goals. There's not a single kid that wakes up you know when there Paula be a fireman I want to be a policeman or B a dot there won't be an ally there. There's not a single kid that wakes up and says are wanna be an attic one day branch. So what are the goals for your child what that they awarded their goals what are your goals for them. But what are the obstacles that can get in the way. So like if if your child is an example you're going from here to Columbia on the interstate. And you got a clear shot. Some of the things that get in the way the obstacles that syrups that won't take you all for that path. And impede your process to get where you want to ago. So now all of a sudden Colombian sort of an hour and a half trip might be a two and a half three hour trip saying about life concern about goals you know. If your child wants to be a teacher. So what are you need to do to be a teacher yeah. How well do you need to do when school what are you need to look at down the road in order to be the best teacher you can be an and I know that sometimes it's easy to get so focused on your goals that you miss the obstacles that are preventing you from getting there right so you know it's about removing those office tools but also with when those barriers come up. I know how to deal with that both of these people that are hanging around where they're starting to smoke and things. You know that's gonna get in my way no that's not healthy for me so let me maybe I need to change friends maybe I need it. To use an excuse to leave those particular set of friends at this particular time and maybe go home or trying to influence them are trying to influence them because of the education you've gotten and you know where you're going and so there's another method. You know you're influence and them in a positive way instead of them influence you in a negative for him we've talked a little bit of. 1984 right and you mentioned the the idea who is in charge at the house or the parents and charged. Have you noticed a difference in the parents that you deal with a no one of the stories that I here. Is that you mentioned you know parent doesn't know something's wrong until the school calls hum about it and they say I want to know that was happening. When I was a kid. My parents would take the word of an adult over mine if he didn't matter who the doe plus right now. But today there's this seems like there's push back you know if you if you called up and said oh well Timmy has has muscle or electors in school. The response is just is often does not not my Tammy he would never do something like that you must be wrong somebody else most of you know given a Tillman Anders. There's a willingness to believe the child over the authority. Right so a couple of things about that so as you look at your child in their circle of friends. You may not think your child would do something like that but think about your child's friends did you see one or two or three of them you know repeating you know them well enough. In that you know so one of his friends Jhonny Jack at C joining doing that and guess what. It's more likely that your child will do it as well but also something that's very different now when there's a little bit 'cause of drugs because of addiction. The armed and mental illness that goes along with a so many times. Grandparents. Are having to raise their grain kids these days. We did a program in Spartanburg. A while back in there was a 79. Year old great grandmother. Raised her seven year old great grandson. And so to see the dynamics. And where we've changed and society and that disconnect. There's no way in the world she can raise that child by herself. For him to reach a 100% of his you know she has health issues and things along that line that. Some people have been some people don't but there's so many obstacles that we just. Provide her in that child with some skills and hopefully he'll be able to make it but. That's not an uncommon story and we have a lot within our parenting programs. Grandparents who were there to try and because their kids serve one may be incarcerated. Two may be in rehab because of drug use in chances are if the parents or grandparents are raising the kid their child. There's something going on there that they've lost custody of that of that child support a middle generation yet the middle generation. They've lost custody of that child some very mom and grand daddy you're having to step in wherever they're supposed to be enjoying their sunshine years of retirement things like that now all of a sudden they're having to raise a teenager in today's society. It's tough but there's help out there. You talk about today's society and we've heard. Some absolutely bizarre stories about. What I can only describe as peer pressure antics. No kids eating tide pods and and things like that how much of that have you had to address now that. That would have just been unthinkable or laughable you know using it. You know. Kids are always going to be creative and always gonna come up with something different. Again it's kids warning to send out. Warning to be seen a specialist social media these days 'cause it's all about me me me me me and so how can I stand out from the rest of our crowd how can I stand above let me do something silly. And so something silly turns in and now all of a sudden like that up parts. Challenge or whatever they call it now it's all over social media and social media. Just complicates everything so much more simple exercise in narcissism is just it's ridiculous and it goes back to we won't everything right now. And that's where and so a lot of our in our parenting programs. When you have your families meeting or your family meal together. No for those cellphones at the table in no cellphones allowed because everybody is glued to that device. And we're not learning how to interact with each other we're learning how to text each other hey mom I'm downstairs can you bring me so and so from a veteran. Well let a child let your child do that you went talent and I think things will be a little bit different but we have parents that are okay. Because we won't Johnny and Susie to be happy Brent you know we don't want them to find out what some of obstacles in life far. You're always gonna do great you're always going to be successful will we hope so but you in the child have to make good choices. You know is it a piece of advice that my brother gave me when I first became apparent he said he just remember you're not raising children to raise adults. Right got to grow up to be adults the right do a lot of growth to be children. Right because she knows what we're fine and now too is because parents have. Been raising children as that of adults a lot of kids these days are still living at home. Yeah does that not mean equipped with the skills to live on their own. You know that just causes a whole new dynamics within a family again you've got a 20000 or thirty something year old live in their home when mom and later reiterated retire. And you know in part of its so look at that in so is there something we don't know without an individual while they can't live out a narrow it it's hard to. Reverse things that. He can't live on when mom and daddy forever. You know you mentioned does story from Spartanburg county and you also mentioned that there's a name change coming later this year. But but as of right now your name is still Greeneville thinly partnership. But I should point out or we should point out rather that say you don't just serve the county of Greenville was the city of Greenville it's it's really the entire upstate. Right we go to Pickens William Anderson we're gonna Spartanburg just the Canadian counties to revolt and Allard and see you know it's it's. Where in the upstate area where there's a need. We're unique organization. Were grassroots. We're not supported by united way and lets his designated funds from an individual the business that says oh I want my money to drive specifically to agree to a friendly partnership. So all of we're not getting state money we don't getting federal money all of our money is local money. And so where there's opportunities and where we see resources available. To fulfill a need that we can fail and a lot of it it it is parenting and it's. You know we call it parent enrichment. We don't wolf pairs to fill penalized our own my gosh some of that that we wanna help people right. Because if we help you you're gonna have your child. Be successful in life and this just little tip so when your child is stopping you if you're in the kitchen sink or fewer Richard desk working. Just take two minutes to ensure Iran and look at them out are in just have that contact within. That does huge huge wonders and provides opportunities for that child suffered state. Let's talk a little bit about that local money because I know you've got some some events coming up their fundraisers for you. One of them has just happened it was agreed a little theater tells us that yes no we have a benefactor here in town that provides us with a a free dress rehearsal that they that grim global theater has before every play short. And so we just had perfect wedding. OK and so we sold tickets to that there was some a thirst deny it but it was a dress rehearsal far. Though production of the play pranks and so we provide wine and soft drinks and desserts at intermission and hot chocolate and coffee. And mrs. which we sell tickets and I'm percent a 100% of ticket sales stay with GFT is kind of like an opening night before opening night correct and correct to grade and we've been doing this first three or four years now so it's a great opportunity. And again it's an opportunity for families to engage in an outside activity that maybe they wouldn't normally think about going to. If people wanna go to a next year what do they need the need to go to the website just keep checking our website keep checking the website it GFP drug free dot org. And there'll be registration information about that probably era this time next year sure and I know also you've got coming up actually just just shortly is that red ribbon no auction and. All turn and yes so owns Sunday April the 29 and we will have our annual celebration auctioned. And green valley starts at 5 o'clock in war I have a lot of items layer. For you to do don't. I just I have in the car right now Olson. Football signed by devils Sweeney who become a couple things sound the players from last year in Davos so we have things like that we have troops. Car washes restaurants amino kind of things that we have that. You know Mother's Day and follows days coming up so I know you could come to the auction and and pick out some things at a good price and they make great. On July gifts for Father's Day and own Mother's Day that's coming up. And so we have that if you wanna know more about that check our website or give us a call the office for 674099. Tickets are fifteen dollars a piece okay. To the auction to the auction but if you reach out and say are heard. On the radio yeah. That let us know that and walk opera ticket so cool special offer for the listeners hear absolutely energizing and again that website GFP drug free dot org dot Orrin GFP Christians from Greenville Stanley partnership of course GFP. Drug free dot org that's says this coming up on April 29 and thirtieth is the golf tournament so thirtieth is this the southeastern products red ribbon classic presented by NAR Furman. This is our thirtieth here to there are golf term so we've been doing this for thirty years. And every year it changes. So this year were were armed looking to cap out at 3016 so I have like six vacancies so well so give him quick ninety NG FP drug free dot org is where people can sign up for that this writer either call the office and asked for me. One thing that we vetted this year the day of the morning of the gulf Kermit are tee off time is 1030. We will have done Munson who is the voice of the tigers will have Bobby Johnson who was a former. National championship football coach from Furman we have fuhrman's current coach clay Hendrickson and we also have Jose Alvarez former national. Baseball league play a big names absolutely that you can bid on them do be the fifth man on your foursome. So we had going on this year on armed so were the we've added that and then also far hole in one prize this year. We have a 2017. Camaro. SS Indy 500 convertible. That Kevin Whitaker is donating per hole out process. Com as a Corvette engine in it so it's we've never had this type of car for Roland Warren again and so were really excited about that we did have someone win. Different car about three years ago a line. So there's always chance one more time the website if people wanna get involved in Nantes GFP. Drug free dot org. And also I guess if if people to volunteer for the organization if they wanna make a donation they can't make it out the inventors and the like that. Again the website GFP drug free. Dot org Phillip Clark the associate director of the people feel the partnership has been my guess they thanks very much for being here they'll slowly thank you look forward to appreciate this opportunity to be perhaps clues been my pleasure. I'm Chris Evans and this has been focused on the hustings. You've been listening to focus on the yet state with Chris Evans if you would like more information on today's topic email Chris. At C Evans