Freedom Retirement- 7.8.18. Part 1


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Welcome to retirement. The final frontier with the retirement specialists blame Ginsburg. Where you'll find help to successfully navigate the uncharted waters of retirement in the 21 century. As an independent fee based financial advisor. Lean cuts through all the sales like the media noise was cutting edge resurgent proven retirement strategies designed to minimize taxes and increasing just. So prepare to launch future hosts playing Ginsburg and. Will welcome. This is lying Ginsburg and you're listening to retirement the final frontier as we navigate the uncharted waters of retirement and the 21 century. I'm glad to be here and I'm very glad to have you here listening to make. Hope you'll have a great fourth of July idea of course. I'll I'll be honest I usually spend some of my free time working because work is a hobby so I'm probably one of the few people. Well those blessed by really being able to do what you love you know they say that if you find something to do that you love you'll never work no living your life well that's not quite true. But mostly true moment the most of the time I am anxious and excited about going to work and and my very excited right now because we're rolling out a new program that's going to benefit both those of you who are still working. And can benefit those of you who were not working and we're talking about rolling out our wealth builder program it's a portfolio management program. And we're gonna talk about that today and I'm going to kind of start talking about that with reference to. Those of you who are still working because I think it's important for. People who were not yet retired. To have the best opportunity to grow wealth. So while they work and I know that a lot of times so 41 k.'s are you know there. They're there but a lot of times they don't get the attention that they need because well quite frankly. Most human beings are not designed. Emotionally to be able to look. To manage her own money and because it's such an emotionally a tense situation you know we all worked hard for money and no I'm. That we don't a lot of us just don't have the that the average guy let's just say that the average guy doesn't have the time. Doesn't have the temperament. He doesn't have the knowledge to really be able commanders there on money. And that's why there's this a great industry called financial advisors helped which I'm one. And so we're gonna talk about a solution to that and it actually rolls into those of you who are retired also so don't. Quit listing just because you know work in any more we're going to be talking about the wealth builder program as it relates to look. For one care for a three B contributors and participants if you're still working are used to still held one there. You know written by the way if if you're not working at a place anymore you should probably move that money whether you retired you just moved onto another company. You should 99% of the time you should do a roll that money into and are ready. Because the likely choice then we're gonna talk about choices today you know the Internet has. Just absolutely blown open the world with regard to choices you know you can go on enough. Are you on Amazon because I do a lot of book buying through Kindle and from a prime member of more than potter forty million people in the United States is a prime members think an ultimatum money those guys are Macon. Just off prime memberships at ten bucks a month it's just huge. Coming in and yet Amazon though just barely making money they make more money off their cloud stuff and everything else and they do. In a warehouse for books and everything else you wanna buy. And that's really started selling books and so while I do a lot of Kindle because I buy a lot of books on what to pay former course and a and so they have over his services but one of the things I do all go on to Kindle unlimited enough. And you know they got thousands and thousands of books on me how do you how you decide which book to read when you have thousands and thousands to choose from. And and that's true in note in a financial planning and and no managing your money to a certain degree except. It's not true for those of you who have before one K or for a three day. And portal I mean by that. Well first of all if you wanna get in touch or maybe it's let's get the house giving other way first I get so excited I just wanna just dive right in. If you wanna get a hold committee itself freedom retirement dot net now we're offering a report. On the wealth builder program. And in order to get their free report go with no strings attached. You'll come as a PDF and you have to send me your email and you can do that by going to freedom retirement dot net. And you can scroll down to the bottom of the page where we have a contact form and you can know put in your name and email and all like most often say send me the report. You can also. Let's say I wanna be on your run. Weekly email where we have they are market update. That cover some last week it's really dwelled on huddle right at. Naturally weld done and there's always an interesting graph or chart at the end. An iconic covers into our world is what's going on with though with the markets. And so while sent me an email to have freedom retirement dot net and say I'll want the you know send me the you know the overview were there will boulder overview of and almost send that to you a couple of things and if you wanna be put on our email list just say yeah put me on the list. And you knew that with one emailing get both of those things if you want to. If he'd rather call because you don't do email well you can not call and leave a message if it's Sunday we'll pick it up on Monday nights at 864569017086456. Nines that. 20170. And you can reach does that weigh in there and you can also text at that number we can get attacks now so it's all kinds of things happen is that number so. And during the week we answer to life so. That's I get all of us I always encourage people don't come in and check this out because we have our complementary conversation time. Well we'll sit down and just talk about all things retirement that are interesting to you. How sure you how we do what we do and at the end of the time period billion might be that we agreed to go partner up with each other and let me help you manage your money. Because I'm a true advocate of those in the fact that everyone is responsible for their own money and whether you're working when an advisor not cannot understand at their fiduciary. Laws and rules in effect by working with an advisor in the end as a result of that on the independent fiduciary fee based advisors orders that may. That means that. I'm an independent sort don't have anybody bring them down my back say enough. Hey you need to do so this certain. You know propose this or do this or do this because you know when he when he you do that this week. And I'm teammates because so although light can work in multiple areas so I can work in the insurance Syria the real estate area. I can work with the reverse mortgages and are working assets under management I worked on a fee basis when it comes to assets under management that means if I'm helping you manage your money. Through the well polar programs over dinner roll out Antonio about. Then I charges street so there's no commissions and also there's no conflict of interest I'm completely agnostic. To what we use as far as the these financial products we use to to help you. Build a retirement plan and then get the income you need in retirement because that's really what it's all. Comes down to in retirement is that the steady stream of income coming in your checking account every day or your mailbox every mosque. Are every month and and making sure you have the money you need or want for retirement and that can be a challenge then no one of the things that were doing right now is were rolling out to wealth builder program. Can't tell you all about it and in his design is very timely that were bringing it down now. And is designed to help you love. We run with the bulls and avoid the bears and if you don't notable is a bull market is it typically when the markets trending on. And a bear market is one the Morgan has dropped 20% or so you're officially in bear territory. And until agree capturing grows back to world was before you're still under torturing them that doesn't mean that things are always bad in a bear. But it means that typically not much is going on now another could be a lot of low ball told in fact just a little tidbit of information if you're industry trivia did you know that the big best and worst days of the market. Over the last fifty years happened in during a bear market so you know those people who say you need to be involved invested all the time. Because if you missed the best days. That your you're gonna lose most of returns. Well guess what those all those days happened. To believe they happen right after each other and they all happened during bear market so you need to be invested in bear Marcia just need to know how to do so. I'm getting ahead of myself from getting excited about this program were roller now so if you have a 41 okay. 0403 B and I'm just gonna call those things forward k.'s visit Germany and names and titles from any. Or give an IRA were you working or retired. And you're gonna like what you hear about this will build a program were super excited about it did makes the world easier. And it makes your life easier and makes my life easier and cannot tell if that's what we want it's an ease your life at that right. So I'm glad you're with me today and stay with me will be back right after this. You're listening to retirement. The final frontier to get in touch weekly call 8645690170. Or visit online news. Free your retirement died there.