Freedom Retirement- 7.8.18. Part 2


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You're listening to retirement the final frontier. Helping you successfully navigate the uncharted waters of retirement future host laying Ginsburg. Okay we're back with laying Ginsburg. Again if you wanna reach me it's 5690170. Very tour execs for. I'm just so used to sandy area code because since we started having cellphones are yours have kind of punch in the area code these days. I remember back in the day when mom my grandfather started business back in the early twenties. Back in New Mexico or from. And I remember. Advertisements and you he had a business card somewhere during that time and I don't know if it was when he is in his twenties or thirties it. Some point Tommy had a business start in the and the telephone number was ten. It's a huge delta N and get my grandfather story is a music store so look. Just brings back memories are tired of war and we're great time when he had about the total number of Tim now what is at least a 123456. Police what ten numbers now on so long. Anyway we'll provident bank accounts used to be like six numbers you know remember that and another like fifteenth so you can remember about your numbers or get back we're talking about the wealth builder program were rolling that out this quarter. In fact I just made some big changes for our clients putting them into the current quarter's recommendations. And we're talking about choice now what's if you your Amazon or just about anywhere you know. And you're looking for some the buyer to to do arming you just have tremendous choices and a great living in a country where you have such tremendous choices. Which no they can be overwhelming to. And sometimes we just don't know what to do because they're just have slowly too many choices and we're just trying to get dumb founded we don't do anything. And that's so that's a drawback of choices but fortunately. In our business it's an advantage because so when you have a program like wealth filter that up. Goes through and ranks every phone out there who basically thousands and thousands of woman rings a refund on a daily basis as to where they are. And makes Orly recommendations on where your money should be what are your conservative moderate or aggressive or anywhere between. I mean that takes that takes a lot of work out of it and and it's all done ala. On a emotionless bases it's not duchy are married to this phone I can't get out you know it's it's is this fun doing better than the average shores of not doing better and does not doing better wanna get the ones better. It's come like horse racing. Back in the day my grandfather was a member of the horse racing on Jockey Club back and re innocent l.'s New Mexico you may have been there you're Texan you may have been there. And none because so on the weekends during summertime we were overridden a New Mexico with Texans but doesn't we loved him because they brought all our money can't cook. So during erased the race a horse ratio you have all these horses and then you get to watch some more around the track. And you know if and then the way it works is at the guy who's out who who goes to the finish line first win tried so long. And you might start out the pit of everybody else but then typically what what happened is that that horse runs out of steam and by the end of the racetrack. The race there how many times they go around quarter horse or half mile or water was you know they're not the first you know so usually the ones is that the first at the beginning. And does not end up being the winner and a so so what wealth builder does in a nutshell if we're going to relate to this idea of horse races that'd be it did is capable it is like a jockey who's capable of jumping on the any horse that he wants to the and that horse will be the one that's winning at the time. And so these the wealth builder program. Ranks all the horses in there are all the phones available and goes and picks up the ones that are doing the best and then that's the ones we wanna go into for the time. And then if there's an element comes up can down the road then will switch into that one because we're agnostic we don't care which funded us. We're not like those guys though who were on every street corner Edward Jones a group earlier. At least to be married to the American funds and now they've got some nice fund literally the best all the time I don't think so. I'm if you look at our current ranking right now also our clients and their. In their accounts. And we have one American fund which is nice to see but we have other funds also so well no use one of you the best one possible. How do you how do you figure out which one that is what you have to rank them you have to identify them and of course that's what computers new force this computers are making our allies are much easier. You know what I go on Amazon I can you know go on there and I can sell one look at all the fiction books on one look at all the ones that are legal thrillers or political thrillers are what are thriller wanna look at or. You know whatever and up. More female rider or somebody who's on the top ten or something and I get a filtered list that kind of brings it from. Fifteen million books and on about a hundred they don't. And I can make a decision from there so what will boulder does it does on a daily basis. And on a quarterly basis that it breaks everything out there and then it tells us. Which one of these phones as a bass and then we take that we build our portfolios with that we make those changes for our clients. Well if you are a 41 K owner. You're participating. You're contributing to a 41 K or more maybe not maybe you're not what you have won him some money and it. And then we have a wealth builder program for use in this told the 41 K wealth builder and execute members really creative right. And what it does it it takes all the phones that are available in your company sponsored plan now. That's for the choice gets limited sometimes to some you guys don't have a lot of good funds in your plan because. The company doesn't offer that many Mavis just got a limited number of funds well. That's a world you're living and right so you gotta deal with what you have so if you're under 59 and a half. All or you don't have an in service distribution. Availability. Then you need to deal with a exactly what you have an look available in your in your 401K plan. Now I would be interesting if you pick where you work space on the 41 K plan options but I don't think people that. They go to who's gonna pay them run more they like to work. And the forward Jay kind of comes second but we wanna put her first in this case because we wanna deal with it. We want you to be in the best funds before that time period border the border is doing well. For that time period that quarter. And by subscribing to our 401K will builder program. For pennies on the dollar you can receive a quarterly email. And we'll tell you exactly where to put your funds that quarter now they may be the same funds that we put you in the last quarter things don't always change with sometimes they do. It takes you about ten minutes to be able to go on line typically you going on your 41 K make those changes whether it's a percentage or dollar amounts we can show you both. And then and you're done for the quarter and you know that your in the best funds that have been determined by our program for the for the quarter. Now does that guarantee they're gonna go up absolutely not because we can't predict the future right we don't know what the future's going to be but we can. We followed trends and then windows something's trending it's kind of like an object in motion stays in motion. Well that's the same thing with what's though the stock market and basically it's things that tend to go up tennis Dayton going up trends persist over time. Until they run the supremes stop some so it's kind of interesting arcing and about that come. If you throw a ball. If you're on the yard and your play and ball you throw ball will eventually. It slows down a falls to the ground ball because it runs in two friction from the air. And gravity from the earth and sold things happen to this note let things happen to this ball. Which make it stop going and it will eventually stopped moving but you know if you're in space and you're gonna space suit and you threw a ball in space. I guess a way I understand it is that you would actually that ball would continue to go at the same speed. In the same direction I guess until it either ran into a plan or meteorite or something Oregon into the gravity pull some planner son. And then it would go no maybe a burn up in the sun or somebody but it was essentially just trial occurs there's no friction and space you know just a vacuum my guests and it's way it works you know so trends persist that's what we understand by examining the market for him for a hundred years is that things persist. But they do change and so we don't we measure the market a lot of different ways medium short and long term. But trends and we don't we pick our our funds based on what's doing well now. And what's it tranda so is it always accurate nobody is more accurate more times and has not and we the historical performance to back that up so. If you wanna get in touch with me get that report for your 41 K wealth builder you have to just go to freedom retirement dot net scroll down the bottom put in your emails they send me the report. And it will be out your way the next day we are back. You're listening to retirement. The final frontiers to get in touch weekly call 8645690170. Or visit online news. Free your retirement died there.