Freedom Retirement- 7.8.18. Part 3


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You're listening to retirement the final frontier. Helping you successfully navigate the uncharted waters of retirement future host laying Ginsburg. Okay we're back with laying Ginsburg. With freedom determine advisors independent fee based certified returning from professional and I'm really glad you're here listening to me today. You know if you are driving if it's possible for you to do some new Wii title survey. And text me your age. 569017056901. Simmons your its exports beginning. Text mere days that's all you have to do were not gonna put chart text email bolt blasted a spam list drilling but that would just wanna know how old York. And if you wanna get deal the free report on wealth builder and whether you're 41 K owner or you're retired. To have an IRA or another of this investment account. Just say. Some of them come down the freedom returned on net scroll down to the bottom we're the contact form doesn't say you know. Send me the 41 K wealth builder reporter just sent me the wealth builder report for IRAs or investment counts everyone and we'll send it to him. It's got the same information but it just depends on where you are we don't know who you're working with if you're working we don't know where you work so. We can't really send you any information like that you know this is not advice this is just to report to show you how it works. And so but that can lead to a conversation about what can that do for me. Know what's in my best interest to want need or do I want this wealth builder report him. You tell me what to do with my 41 K phones are my IRA funds if you're you're retired obviously you want your client let us do it for you. But you're not retarded have a 41 today the easiest way for us to really help used for you subscribe to our program. It's pennies on the dollar grilling has just dirt cheap. And it allows you to have access to the same information. Just based on the phones at your plan offers sole use of the universe of a mutual funds are funds that your your. Your company offers and will milieu the best portfolio we can ally that. And send you those updates every quarter and sometimes a B a change sometimes or won't it just depends on what's going on the market now. You may ask why why you bringing this out now lane and I think he's just very very timely and you know where you vote where we're really in uncharted waters as regards to the economy and to the market in general you know. And as happened back in the turn of the century and then we've just been coming and going along in this this new. New us century of vote no more volatility in a lot of things you on on bombing for example. You know since a 2008. About ten years ago and these are financial and housing crisis really was a housing crisis because of financial crisis and the rest of her thing just fell apart across the world. Well they're fewer and had money in the market then as most of us did you lost a bunch probably somebody may not have your other people make predictions and I'm gonna go through that most people who make predictions are wrong. But since then you know what happened is that. Nearly government got involved and they said what we need to stimulate business with first word bailout the banks which they shouldn't have but they didn't. And then they simple we need to stimulate business and if we bailouts of banks made all little though loan them money out and we'll start business going again and again. You know we'll stop this job loss saying and we're lose a similar thousand dollars in the month or so going and get this thing turned back around well the banks didn't loan money. They just got to kept it and and so it's taken a very long time for us to recover as it is a country in the World Cup follows us discern therein. And so and so then the other government said well we need the Federal Reserve basically we're just supposedly not a government agency but it is. Said well we need to start stimulating the economy has so we're gonna go ahead and start printing money basically and and and injecting liquidity your money into the market. And so they did that and they got their ways of doing that and know it just didn't work very well but there and they built this tremendous balance sheet on the Federal Reserve's balance sheet and so. Then they stopped printing the money. And and then though are they starting morning Donna going wild button while they were doing that it caused them because interest rates are so lower body. Went from volume bonds and fixed interest income into the stock market and so what's its cause the stock market and to get early pricey really high is gone from like 65 honored. India and the lows of 2009 in march of 2009 to what's about 2025000. Now. In eight or nine years so it's just this year Cha and now we're beginning to see that the Federal Reserve is not only not stimulating anymore they're actually. Anti stimulating they're actually going to reduce their balance sheet nuggets and a whole lot of complications but basically they're. That they're not stimulating the economy anymore because they think the economy is recovered to a point where they can actually stop doing that instead and actually start raising interest rates well. You know lot of stuff isn't I mean and it's happened to certain come under grieve with us throughout our history is it as a nation this bush after World War II but. Nothing like is this going on now and then you have the whole world scuttling the other ones don't do the same things and certain deal. So. It's really uncharted and so the wealth builder program is extremely timely. Because of it missed its main emphasis is the management of risk so. Really Smart guy Benjamin Graham who taught warm Buffett everything he knows. Who was called the dean of Wall Street because he was the other wrote the big book on securities and analysis and everything and it was a great investor. He said investment management this is a quote investment management is a management of risk. Not to management a return so so. Don't chase returns. The manager risk that means manager bottom line you know the bottom line is don't mind losing money or mark making money so our whole goal here. His for you to take advantage to them when the market is up but to protect your money when it's down or not doing anything. And and that's a whole goal on the Internet show you know. Running with the bulls avoid the bears that's easy way to say initial true and it's just that we simplified as it's complicated but simple to understand. We wanted to do well we can do well we wanna protect our money on one is down. When things are down so. We're running into next ten years or so just going to be amazing I think and that's why I'm so excited about this program like side to be in this business because. How many come look at a mom I mean I'm 66 you know I could retire I guess if I want to but I'm just so excited about seeing how this works and want to help people that. There's just no way you know I've got to stay involved in the sewing and and as long as I can. And because what I learn rusher with you and I held my clients sell and then it also helps me a song there was getting something out of a sudden so. So if you need to get their reports on the 41 K well older or just see IRA wealth builder. You can send me an email because I have to email it to you. You can text me your email I guess if you wanted to. And I can do that but the easiest way to go to freedom retirement dot net. And strolled down the bottom of the page for the is a contact Foreman send me your name and your email. And a little comment saying a Symbian 41 care reporter to semi in the wealth builder report. And if you want to let me know who you are as far as. You're listening today you can just text me your age of 569017. Do we always wanted to do something that is. Is interesting to the folks who are listening and I do appreciate you being here on a Sunday afternoon when you could be doing other things. Because this very meaningful and so we try and educate you as to what's gone on the market without getting too far in the weeds. And and I give you an opportunity to know how we do things and how we think about things so in case she wanted to come in for a visit. What we call a complementary can't conversation. And I talk about your concerns what you're trying to accomplish things I can tell you I'm telling you now account and how we do things so. Oldest continue that conversation at the end of the hour or so when you know may we can make a decision. We wanna work with a each other not for me it's up to you there's no pressure and there's no product selling. You hate these fake advisors they wanna get you into the office of silly that they have this broader brochure in the back to their pocket. They wanna pull out of the right time and so you really need this product in them they're gonna say that everybody I don't know what you need until you. Come in and talk about a but I know everybody needs or money managed as well as they camp. So that's why we held the wealth builder program. That you can access what you have a 41 K for three B. 450 sound. Or an irony you were just an investment account it works for all money that these three managed in the market. No why do you need to manage money in the market because over a long period of time the stock market. Has shown to be mean one of the greatest vehicles for oh overcoming inflation. And making a decent return on doesn't make it good return every year no it doesn't mean that's why you need wealth builder because the market. Can't predict what it's gonna do you don't know what is gonna do what you know over period Tommy goes up. And sometimes it has snowed out for a while until I collect itself and then start back up. And right now according to law of the information in the that I have you or kind of at a point in time when the market want one are correct in. Take a break from gone up and no collective self and I get back into. A reasonable. Price earnings ratio were reasonable valuation or can start going up again you know. You can Kyle look at the times when the market started going up into these really long bull markets like jumped in the early eighties. And in 2009 in the early eighties you know the boomers are just come and of aging didn't employed and haven't kids in mind houses and you know the personal computer was come around and then not after that do everything else came out technologically and just made life so much easier. And if you look at were the market was in the early eighties it was extremely cheap. And it made for great demand note Morgan is a demand supply thanks so there was a big demand for people saving money in my stocks stuff. And also the interest rates are starting to come down so we've had this wonderful period of time over the last thirty years where interest rates having come and down. The major bonds more valuable and then the stock market was you on up now and until 2000 that was true. And now interest rates extremely low starting to go a little bit and that's just another whole other challenge you know and the market Troy high. Found some people say it's gonna continue I don't know but I can't tell you when it's gonna stop on up I can tell is some point time it does it runs in the French friction. In that ball you threw runs into some friction. And it drops him that's gonna happen so when that happens you wanna have wealth builder working for you. So that you don't lose a lot of money so we'll continue this in just a minute stay with me. You're listening to retirement. The final frontiers to get in touch weekly call 8645690170. Or visit online news. Free your retirement dot net.