Freedom Retirement- 7.8.18. Part 4


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You're listening to retirement the final frontier. Helping you successfully navigate the uncharted waters of retirement future host laying Ginsburg. Price or less segment we wanna talk about our wealth builder program here with laying Ginsberg with freedom retirement advisors. Independent. Fee based certified retirement income professional and I'm glad you're here are really appreciate you listening. Whether you're just catching this little bit on the radio when you're in a car or your actually hang out maybe taken a walk and I got your earbuds on you know you listen to this. This program and the stations through the Internet and you know morneau 63 W or. And island that oil in a lot of times a listen to stuff form taking a walk and four and in the yard or something of that nature he won a more canal sometimes I listen to things so. It beats the terrible music to plane at the jet packs at the anyways so there's a lot of ways you go listen to him you don't have to be sitting around doing nothing you can be watch in the from the golf game if you want I don't care as long as you're getting some out of this thing on find within you know because that's our that's our goal to. So we're talking about a will build a program which is a new portfolio management program we have instituted in our ruling out for our clients. And for new clients. And for those of you who have a 41 K were forced three BRU wanna call it it's a company sponsored plan. We're talking about choice in health choices made all the difference in the world that makes us so much easier to buy things you can rank him yourself being. Look for things but it also just provides. A lot of overwhelming so what we do is we take all that we don't we don't care what your invested in and we we wanna be in the best program available the best funds available for the time. There were in and and so we're not it's not a static pro Brendan sale buy and hold this. Portfolio shape ties you know where you have ten different things and over California's gonna stay with some. I know what you wanna do that I think the time for doing that there's over I think that it one point in time you could do that successfully but took. You know these the path has changed. We're into new territory uncharted waters the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates the market's pretty price pretty high. Paul Tudor Jones who was a famous billionaire investor says you know the next Barrymore is will be terrible. Kenya we've got people saying were were anxious to see this bull market continue saw I don't know one's gonna stop but I know some point in time. There is more supplies and demand and does the market is a supply demand thing and that's one of the things we track we wanna attract Tony. How many people are buying Sony dealer selling goofy wanna buy a fund or stock or something in the market it's a zero sum game. You buy something and someone has to sell it to more if you wanna sell so when somebody has offered Mya. And we don't think about that used because there's so much transactions how many transactions you want on there's millions of transactions going on every day. But it didn't used to be that way and you certainly don't become a situation where you wanna sell stock and nobody wants to buy smaller things in the markets that are. Kind of in place to take care that much you know. It's you can still lose money as we found out in 2008 and 2001 and 21. A couple of times and we know predictions don't work when early doesn't make predictions and make a ton of money doing that they're wrong half the time you I mean literally. You cannot Jordan are going to be more accurate than most of these guys where you can be in the weather business you know I love the fact that you can do weatherman NB wrong all the time still get paid. And now all is really cool chart sort Dublin you know models no work all the time so why this business. Is unknown to a certain degree that's what we call it done. Navigating the uncharted waters or retirement because they really are uncharted but we want you to feel good about orchard doing and that's why we offer will polar per must while we offer a plan. We wanted to design a retirement plan for you so that we can see what we need to do we can make decisions based on what's in your best interest. And a wealth builder program for those of you are still working is our 401K wealth or every quarter. You're gonna get an email when you subscribe that's going to tell you which phone you need to be and whether you're conservative moderate or aggressive. You know you you will figure that out and we'll send the right funds to be a note of what's available in your plan. And if you have the ability to roll that thing out of your 401K. I would recommend that 99% of the time if you're 59 and half and your company. Or older and your company allows you to roll out a in your plan. And continuing to look get your match and continue to contribute that's Cohen in service distribution. We should really consider that for you because you have so much more choice. In the university my university in the world than you do in your company plan. Now I know the federal employers Chenault because our work some of them they have five choices and they're not bad it's just they only have five choices so. For the companies have world no fifteen or Taiwanese among have more tomorrow have fewer choices so. You are you may be limited by what's your choices are so we wanna make sure the what are they are that your in the best ones. For that period of time the were independent and and that's based on our analysis of the market and the trending of the market so we do all that for you all you have to do. You get this courtly email and all you have to do is go online and you make these changes to your your account. And you go from this fund that fellow honoree little torture here little tweaks is here. And you do make those changes and you shut the thing down you're good for your your good for a quarter. And the most Indian alone at the next quarter then you make it in there may be some changes may not be any changes in the ring to show you the updated version where you need to be according to what you have now. If you retired or you roll your your money out of the 41 K and took fiery than your options are just. Much much larger we have thousands literally thousands and thousands of my options when it comes to. Funds and mutual funds and exchange traded funds. I mean I was all through the saying on the fourth of July it was just looking at some funds that are available remain. I mean there's thirteen thousand songs that I have a much platform on incoming. It's that can you make a decision no thirteen thousand well. I'm calling the list and ya got and down about sonar and in another day or you'll have them about 200 of the best performing fronts. And so and looking at performance on what else can you look at you have to look at the performance of the fund. So or get to have those two under fonts and and each quarter will decide which of those funds we need to be and for our clients depending on their. Risk assessment number so is so we want to make sure we have we are you comfortable. You want you to be comfortable in the money that you're having managed because if you're not comfortable if it's cause you still awake at night. We're uncomfortable with it then it's not gonna work for you and you'll stay with the plan and so we want you to be comfort level. Is going to be determined by your risk assessment questioned her half ton vessel something we have to do for everybody plus a nice discussion about. When you need your money how much you're gonna need that's a few retired. Or you and greater retire we wanna have a plan built for it so all this talk rafts and one big go service that we do which is called retirement income planning. And so this is just a part of it you know you have your Social Security you got your pension and annuities. You got your home equity Palme potential you might need to eliminate mortgage payment or set up a lot of credit they're grows over time. And then you have your retirement savings will that money has to be managed well. These can't simply can't afford to lose a lot of money now. There's a market always win now the market goes down about two thirds of the time the market is up a third of the Thomas now and we never know which third that's going to be and we don't know what. At palace gonna roll out the window that most of the time the market goes up. And there's a lot of reasons relax but it but it just does and so we wanna make sure you're in the best funds. When the markets you on up and then you're in the best places it may be cash I don't know they could be bonds or something when the markets down. So they'll all that's determined by our wealth builder program so it's not emotionally base we don't say well I really like those American fund to labor Jones accountant. Jack got to stay with almond you know you don't have to stay with a me wanna be in the best funds available so you know we're agnostic about where you go over your funds army. What funds would put you on word Nazi that's why go thirteen thousand phones available to me. In my on my platform. Come get ready expand that they're so I mean we can literally we rank everything and we come up the laws that are the best doing the best at the time. Now songs that trend continues though do well and then when the trend changes will pull identify that that trend change. And you know it's not perfect but it's better or anything else after that Russia and so. You always want to have the best options available to you no matter what you're doing and this gives you the option to do that. Whether you're in a 41 K or you're in an diary Rory to seven investment account so. That's where it works if you wanna get a hold me and find out more about that there's a couple waging knew that you can text me. At 5690170. That's 5690170. Text me you can text me your email address and also a new report on the wealth builder but chip tell me which one you want. 41 K or the regular one. And I know it's confusing his latest. And or you can just email me at home at. Freedom retirement dot net scroll down to the bottom of the page and send us an email and will send the reports say send me the report ya Tony what you want some of the report. Send the report no no strings attached. You want about it. And that you could also come in for a compliment or conversation so no pressure will talk about retirement. Talk about in you want to ensure the wealth builder program assurance in that. And then at the end of the time will hopefully make decision to work for the Cho or not it's up to you anyway until next week tumbling Ginsburg have a great one. You've been listening to retirement the final frontier with the retirement specialists blowing Ginsburg. To contact Blaine call 8645690170. Or visit online news freedom retirement talk now. Investment advisory services provided by freedom capital advisors LOC a registered investment advisor.