Hot Rods 061018 Hour 1

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, June 11th
Rob and Odd-Rod talk vacation cars.

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Yeah look hot rods and happy rob what are you doing man what's happened and it kind of much. What's new you can't pass he's saying he's saying. I guess is that our Bruins do of course we've got. Rosneft or financial analysts slash numbers guru mr. Richard Hoskins the professor himself. What's happening Knoxville Tennessee. A lot of the show and tells. Allure of the show us. But we have a big east special guest on rod in the studio we're. On the stretching etc. no no it's suspicious that you like that slip that his government that would be just let. Yeah about Nina about one championship off you know Dylan. Today was about about what we're clearly mentions and most thought about it. When you but. We've got mile print listens to your premise the sort of necessary and I'm worried for him by Iowa so it will prove Wheeler Renault. But we got will. Among the trusses listening room and honor the scale in this city were talking about whales. Yes Helen. Which no one listening or even remotely understand what we're gonna well Google that drew is definitely total. It's definitely work to do we have to go a little studio he's doing some stuff from the sort of angels to for the Phillies would say nobody will. Senator on such as those. Is even got a good moist and he doesn't we have horizontal and I think we've found the perfect kid and illness due to legal places can you believe that they can basically juvenile hall but yeah boys can you believe they can a sixteen year old Bruce Willis our ability this crazy you know the in the molding years of life I couldn't think of no one better but me and you'd hope that god. Yeah with a shot Richard. Really miss it looks like he might have it going on in life living hangs over us these the way we know how excited do you. Pizza yeah he was that was really cool movie must read as an example of that yet although a little bit of luck. Earth like full house but just was one dude yeah. And I'm just an hour I'll just I'll take my site and others are called on just how to get above scenario all that he can. We don't know where that point grizzlies usually Gladstone ha ha ha ha da da da da da da we're gonna have to regroup Hamid data layers Morse of them storming out there. Oh yeah. Isn't it ironic. Obama pilots get a little room where a. They was gonna get all the road. It's vacations. It is you know what I need to take vacation. You know I knew I mean eventually you lose you need a vacation and I keep. Every few killer of rilya Google if you deport them still don't do that and knives strapped powerful. They have done this Gaza and that the risk is this book my vacation time in a service plan their summer vacations and well for you Joseph go to jail for a Maynard out all the cruise ship it to the family vacation in your family. For who and summing. This is to be accountable for that this sort of about vacation goers in house changed through the years can Kana I shifting gears to don't know where you're wrong in this first segment budgets have thought. What was some. Hanan island has given was what some of the cars that you personally rob have to family vacations and some of the good when all of you know I've got a really good one for home mum mother. It is the definition school my father has ruined my mother one day that now my mother's driven you can like virtually since. So I was Nortel now. They're not that and that really evil my mother a boring news mattress or first Campbell. In 1989. Cadillac Eldorado spring edition. Pearl White. Navy blue leather interior with a matching navy blue land built up. With white piping on the seats right on with the wire wheels and Vu tires. Growth in dollar. My mother Connelly gives you my mom could be confused listening adult now. This gave him I don't think so well drunken sailor Otto. Pearl White navy blue of the guts. Radical moves us for so. And 88 strokes I mean like cruise so we took this down to visit marking it in Florida. Keep it low and this is in 1989. I was ten years old. Now let's fast forward to 20183. Days ago. My father still talks about this to this day from. Whatever caller. In the word Florida go hand in pain and I. Our merits are Robert's development new Cadillac. Sadly your vote for thirty years later we're still talking about it. He still manned why we still have that car was never the same Richard rich I mean housing callers bit. We're flood damaged or brought back and were never the same. Spill polluting hill waving goat throw ago. But you realize everybody that's family vacation memory I have is installed he Florida and if you've ever been there there's a paper mill there. And it smells about like what you would think store you border was well liked. Air and that Cadillac. At us and wrist area and basically me drought in the rest away from store in Florida to temple would make it. In the back and aunt and now Richard to to quantify his dad's anger. If rob board too but choking you're brand new Cadillac would you not be upset. Yet I do little lots com. Maybe thirty years from now and thank you remember that time. And you don't think of of a time while world in our sixties will you are in your 60s I am. Mean Willer fifties they gloves and a place that fortunately it normally. And sorority you're cleaning itself. But I have a feeling that rob has the wherewithal to get someone else to do for both of us who can you really had to cut back. But but did you know and saying that but that's but that's a family vacation memory to get one let's stop this show vacation memory doesn't talk show my that is that is that does show. I don't remember nothing about the big each other or rivers. Going to be any give shops are remember seeing that wrist with my bed. Sixty shades of grid. Gave him. Complaining about his new Cadillac that I have ruined consolidated completely ruined. That matters so well liked and I'll Manhattan's West Point muzzle of the Eurasian division turn on the one of those little there was never this thing. I don't know what I did to the house members this I agree I mean you puke in my ignores his numbers and tiger. A merger for looks it's my amount or at want to. This is visual way maybe it could. I mean just gets it I think there's the grants gazans from yours and yours bigger audience Karl. Closed you can hear him exactly. Registered refuse that. A comfortable wings woken up there and this audience. Suppose that we know my wagon Hansel in Afghanistan is well you know he's such civil forgotten. Our Richard what was sale locally family vacation you're so Robson that's pretty well. 1989. Go to Florida I was born that senate seat you know if we that's what made me see because yeah. And we did have a news hour on we did have a brand hammer news 89 Plymouth Sundance are asked to go lips red and silver and red corduroy and two year old son and it was it was doe here is my mom's car wiggles awesome. Until. My parents my little sister much older brother and his girlfriend had arrived to Santa mile island Florida and about those demons and move. Yeah definitely did any unseemly about shifts are so spoiled Keebler and lately and is that we're comfortable well. I guess I'm paying up. It's it would tickle me safety. Is safety in this ocean you've got a good vacation to a two button below what closes level rules on the line this. What do you. Toaster and an anomaly to miss some out do you want rushes 990 UN and after the break of the cook who advocate you do you you do you. And that's the thing that people are so useful now now there other suburban and complain about like programs that we've got two kids mean to many. This is my thing it'll tell you my parents may want my parents raised a child and never owned a four door car to Bob moved out you construct a seat in the back amnesty for Portman. Strapless if you lost your mind zoom in our lab but don't tell us genie that are on site. That's car seat she'll hang on to your view. I'm very hard it'll mean a thing on cars say. That's what's wrong with the world's coursing through there. You pamper him right there of the gate and he did buckle them up like a man and on phase two results at its all summer Ottawa and I'm a little time. I'm very subtle little rattling the cage is good for exactly exactly really is I mean I believe in safety you know lab is sometimes. You just needed face life in our opinions about it and just grab life by the horns and just know that says family vacation like a windshield to the first sleeping well or if you're under head injury horror of an old Carly still managed in the face swollen saying it's good for its good forward to it it's good for the show's commercial break absolutely. That's right guys we key role but you know what we're talking about vacation time in vacation rods right or hot rods that they are I want a 63 WORD. Guzzling autos and habit and what's happened ended. Rick you heard what's happened in Tempe Arizona. Have a look at. And auto we lived oh or don't above cases stores made return go to jail warden. And shoot her as a variety in news the money and awards she did to those vacations stores are innocent in this is being like game I didn't intend on this vacation. You know what I think a lot of quality and incidentally that's probably asked and in yeah can't say something like and then now. The possessed me. So my mother. Dinner at the time nine before S ten blazer. Do these things zero. Her in the family to go off of to the mounds. And by famine mean her my father. My brother my sisters and I think the niece and nephew all in the blazers this time loser pull out slaps. And I get the call that deal feel awful. Oh this site you felt this was a Maggie valley so I had to go on vacation to. Well but you know what you can do the risky I did this so well. The UAW it goes to him now for the vacationing even better though so I show up to change field while. And had no intentions on staying whatsoever just ground there was no Janesville from ago. And of course the bottom fell out and it just started just. I love jewelry your shoulder Temecula North Carolina in the rain amen to that there rings every other insists her torrential downpour. Quite like many nets last year it's just torrential downpour. And someone in their light literally in standing water changing if you are biased and blazer with a three quarters full tank. And to fill out an Edinburgh sumo my father's clothes and just figured out stay the night and so that was yeah those great occasion. I was I was vacation I didn't want me on this family this family is all that's all that it was thought Erica was related probably put a few will be used to issuing a chance to his family and fuel undercut the bottom review caller. Fam family yet we're just still have Blackstone went in on his yeah things get jobs that was a great time this ideal goal for the moment caller. And love in native replicating under the vomit wagons pretty clean hands as want to preserve it. Arguably the top level that I might alma mine he's taken a vacation when things should have Richard should Greenville, South Carolina and you know what yeah. I hope you turban just spins right off the door don't don't element I don't evil only Richard. I don't you put that evil Richard. Some Asian on talk junk about man's why am just trying to soda. Senators are preserving your round about my travel up north you know and nine and that and then leave it yeah. Doubt I would get an echo traveled monitoring it from. Ago no earth. Ability yeah I'm not on the analysts Lehman is welcome Minnesota because. I'm still give you shelled out but I wouldn't come see it and I couldn't hook affiliated of those. Vacations. Or the vacations are terrible vacations are horrible idea. Especially when you're growing up yeah. It's not until you become older and you choose to go on vacation that it becomes you know I yourself as a referral blissful in. My affairs. But all of vacation. I would rather probably spend the weekend that they really see yeah I handled it like emails. You know chew on some Glasser that school which you know it's anyone's particular speaking of vacations. How do you feel Ortiz your little Vickers had a camper that there is an army actually yes I have I had a unique experience an army. And you go to those militias went down hill. And also raisers and in all seriousness. IDC hang out and work with and help out with the team Rubin drag racing Milligan and union. And though my senior high school had knee surgery and I was most of missing here. So while just skipping school on medical leave. I actually took often went cross country in their RV to pick up the caller and somewhere in Indiana and then pick of the motor down one or Georgia winder Georgia won here yes to a week trip and are very critical. It's cool school news like I am an army live. My parents. They're due vacation and was enormously friendly flora. Go to court shall we can what's wrong with not a thing in this world which were toying with my if I have family in Florida problem and now I am Alan let me do my parents did. Keep in mind that this is an affair with an idea of a vacation. They went out Campbell forty foot concrete Kuchma girl. This thing is made for somebody it's a washing machine and dryer in it tossing your dad bag trucks and other trucks Hampshire and exactly how. I'm scared of him dropping in at call. You may need a vacation to run well here obviously yes you name union and you know you don't have vacationed in medication yet medication and a number number Sugar Bowl wins all these you know and I. Do you still know Bloomberg. They are via an accident no. Body is next Spitzer would have been ups and but now this is the other thing about this moral. That give him give mama a bit taller and get these extra Brazil this stuff. Individual troubled kid which is not a good combination from a little larvae and is. All right. Now Hillary eight people through your comments and that and that could search and rescue loan as a coach coach rural it's a glorified Graham us. And it looks like Garth Brooks two votes. But already many six miles an hour to exceed two grade can now send my grandson that plays as much as a single trailer and his twenty foot shorter. But in 96 miles an hour. And your dad's we and the wind and my dad is piling in college in this thing though so. Needless to say that you know are we stand for ruins vacation that's what is there is more. Ourselves back in the Carter who know exactly owner praying. Your dad cannot run or do you guys this rub it in competing again we're going president George. That was that was the thing in my desperate but let's let's make us bus driver it could they let these guys were going around my. I've got disclosed villain this seat can and the mountains and Aaliyah others the rear wheels and respect for these people can't drive. Could you imagine the poor bird unit normal hours. Could you imagining things. Deer gone small house what do you know. All family and a minivan drive location as well what is moral story ever Monday about the care rumors to blow RVs to get close to nature. My dad's favorite candidate and my dad's favorite care program ma right into. Right here. Is in Concord north Caroline across across district shall motor speedway here at. We put in there for the good guys scholar you know. In the world. Cash where Rick Sony says this right here is a good mood already poor rob. Take parking lot with similar hook ups it they got all the entry exit this epic. Rusty butter Asia exactly tell them yeah I mean yeah. This is drag trippers backyards around tracking this for your benefit and in my dad's like you know elect is catering and all these trees and it yeah majors and it's stupid animals bill bill. It's the squirrels running around. You just that morning scared by buddy semi that is good Sam club stickers and put the stupid stuff or me. Apple the members and their reasoning speaking of stupid stuff here is the person that commercial always score was raised it was good stuff goes petition because you know look. We got more vacation stores coverage you write your own power ultimately won a 63 WO Lordi. Hot rods and as Robin. And what's happened and it will ensure that was out in New Orleans, Louisiana. Wu will see that. But it does this device on vacation to actually is a frivolous litigation we're talking about vacation callers. You know what you get to Obama vacation Gordon Augusta back in history will be applicable in this nation go Wales. What was your first vacation calories that would be the first. I cared weigh in. Probably has probably NT two day vacation and so basically that we don't look he's he's smooth. No care way weak or strong Portugal. Yeah throat while. Two day vacation in them no they got wheels that broke into the band flats is broken liberal links and stuff course of true. My horse now that yeah. The horse was tripped and fallen nine and then you'd be like two days now turn it adult literature a different every few from a caller yeah. You go through or seeing all his eggs that were committed giant horse searches that. Gambling you China says it took them. Fletcher shows Hawkins gets all the and still exist or Bagram north well what are those where they put the wage if no you don't actually need to I don't you know Florida hookers for the campaign team. So anyway. But the other station wagons and you know and even you know it in the thirties and forties. You know it anyway and well exactly in the fifties and the order Cousteau station wagons were I mean that was the way to travel and they were workflow. So went from utility to a people our. To a family. That comfort yeah exactly and then you through the sixties course issuer will still extremely popular vote in the seventies. And this is this is almost double the total. That's one thing though the game changer sensitivities. Because the brain. Still don't of the fame Leeson. Every other sixties Avaya was due to legal issue and it companies solve mysteries. Or you have guys did you do to work you can probably. If you affiliate station way it rob we're talking about the exact. Exactly. But no ill. In the seventies. It was cool to have a very and you get accustomed. I mean we're talking shag carpet and they get only half the people would probably build customer and did it did take trips you can well they were true than but it was quiet that down the other musings of us wage jobs on those things that he had performed everybody take a trip in a brand to some people actually went somewhere exactly academic Craig to go to winsome here and it's so a lot of them. Put them through school these things Roy Roland works or worked. Side heights slug it bags I mean stickers that say don't laughter daughter might be in here. That's class voters central. Possess the necessity. How about those crazy side windows and all they were never a normal shape. Now there really diamonds are scholars from here are the full circle when crescent moon now. It's classic those closest in early so we the seventies and the eighties. I my favorite brand though lower memorial sub gentlemen. My favorite fan of that styled. Have you ever seen the movie baby's day out. Joseph Montana senate. Just Google land from that it's epic they go go pour whole bowl window and that's probably get ago. It's it's absolutely amazing work that all the program. But I Richards giggling now courses but. But a lethal explosive in there for resistance of course he has courses because it Richard good. Both sets up the professor's role loosen. I RE area up over the. Well and ankles. And my but anyway it was so yeah these custom aliens. These plans are also mean immediately an actress or to come back a little pleased or civil war on Paul well. You know not just an cooker skills customs for X and now everybody likes. World if you happen. And it into something itself and who has written. You will. He's like that is something else and if you did you shoot you an alien in he would like game even more confused and uncomfortable look a lot differently and and it's amazing video thing was the version going in the amendment changed the game when you have people drive across country owned the daily. Route 66. Salaries sixty secede they shot NC. I Panama exactly what was done first and Amanda what's in the actual reversed favorability and have it. A little trivia for you courtesy of mobility in bowl in October of this. All right so we've all seen K animal world. The ambulance in cable room. That they used. Was actually the very end that rim the very first came involved it was painted up like enables for the movie. And and on and it and those are the Samuel and that's very very cool very very cool. Nana is that the whole Don bell is through illness and exactly get chaos must not talk about him. Right now speaking of the person he can't match I felt so sorry yeah. Well look it puzzles and the conversion as a world that stuff. And then here we go in the eighties being the manufacturers step pedal or building their own customers you always cuss or social action and really believe we're right here in the states. Keenan's custom creations that Richard Paul remembers it. This guy like Colorado more billions. Than probably anybody in the world. And put tech he shrugged kid's room and she would rules. And every missile like raising big ol' cap this year outages at about oh we can't shares a full bloom bear suit that flies into law riding high error total person behind third item thirteen inch TV with a beta Max player and it. Higher iron I love going on Craig's list now NEC and and for a man. And it's like a big deal to say and again captain's chairs this captain's chairs and everybody's got the captain share. Price. Can't I mean just every it was it was really cool Luke goes between these and they were all little different. That kind of crew's ability into you're in the end. That is the way to travel of the close there at the bottom was the captain's chairs had a little blankets that hung off the sides guests on the exact and I had a skirt and closet you're not gonna see any frame. Round felt exactly I mean as these things were classy rides older. And of fabulously these were bipolar vehicles in the day election there were cheap little actually. This would be around nine the 92 or three in my family actually rented one of these four on conversion vans. To take the four of us kids on vacation at a time or eleven emission who has the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. And just an awful way actually McKenna a little bit they we're analyst version mentally every kid gets a row seats is amazing. Slow sales of the other thing about these plans were. We're tree coming heroic qualities these and all the moonlighting cup holders for days Nintendo news would bring us a series. Would. There is it is not what I don't know about would grade we're up to above and where well Lloyd and I get out assault exactly like this stuff to shellac on it like you needed strength from consol inside your car. Oh lord. And pass power console and gives you some players from Africa and. And you know any dead in America dropped one of those things fell king or oh. To roll up against bush is there anything you're looking there you can rule out he could roll the equivalent conversion van. Yeah lets you were goalless. That's what every other warned to be exactly I mean it was the news station. Yes you know laugh salute that was a good one on it version it would it did it go it went from station wagons while conversion. And there's an analyst swap Astro man on Craig's list right now I'm kind of working on trying to work and if you know of all the things on Craig's list you could be looking at that instrument both scares me the most active mentally does it. I'd really be looking for your next may eat or groups this yeah intimated that option now that's a good excuse me that you know that. But really English and a before it. They're really worries me do you know it too and you could yeah. Richard you'll see if I could gospel. Feel so good on debris into Google to really bad and then he'll do. But by the Greek version of isn't really gloomy though was that was traveling itself even into the ninety's needles Simpson much in him or you'll still see what it rewards go. I don't think it's a movement is still relatively drought now others for dinners and things like this decides. No it's not the same sprinter van to awards of rain could walk around you and your and that was may and don't hold. The last exactly I mean. How does it or drones can roll open accustomed spray and we actually Edward Vegas yeah. The weeks ago you lose Angela made clear it was actually it was pretty cool photo. But you know and so enemy that they're cool but it's not the same is not. It doesn't have a sense of an iron and caught our Cologne for sixtieth that's yeah in in. Side by side lives over its necessity. And the white letters yet you know class. That's not competitive as well just classy classy. But they would go to our style we're we're we're rock would keep disclosure she'll only. The only time we're talking vacation vehicles right here ultimately 1063 WO Lordi. I guess is it hot rods and of those rockets and what's happened indeed jurors would sadness Saskatchewan Canada. Felt like Google properties are realist there's there did you worldwide opinion Ezra. OK with you might say hey we know we go we'll well how will the bruises studio and on I guess. We feel these Jordan has tagged the base though. So you know frivolous challenges that is a pretty go regain your morals and appearances you don't have an a vacation showed. Why not finish it was vacations so it. Now let me ask you via I don't know attitude you have there are any of these three cars actually don't make or golden yes I would. I don't know I have confidence mind you I really do you Monroe you have to go before so this is the little mishap that's got to be the ultimate vacation caller. For 5000. Dollars or less and you gotta be able to move. Three people with the least. Yet we're golden god professor. I don't take regular people to go over the last. It can't on the man I really don't want regularly leases were laughing about it. Serve with 3995. Though these mean. This w.'s goal that price yet this is currently a question they have financing of mobile by the way and that's bad boy who. But 1980 forward AMC evil wind and four by four. Rules. You you can go anywhere and read it wesun lower going to enjoy to have a date you should read. Four point two leaders. 258. Inline six. Automatic got to force if you're an air conditioners power steering power brakes AM FM push button radio. Creating in financing of bailed out of that or the credit union's finances. Lou. He described that radios seventeenth and I'm I'll dates age pollution bulletin. Hey you if via radio. Do the things classy man those so that are of the look at. Me compete this thing is Cletis that is a pretty that's actually pretty are yesterday was back to the future. But yeah ma'am yes. She's dropped below Jennifer's. First here is Jennifer by the future. You. It's pretty dark art. I really wanna do louse but you know. And finally get anxious because you're not gonna believe me on and I did win this one manoa. Com. About a 1995. Cadillac presidential. Lin yes. That's their counselors and show them from high to not Kennedys live and improves never did you it is a presidential. Limit kept it dobbins air force pace it's. It isn't both providers and hold him hostage on a 350 throw line less than 30000 total miles. Must see to appreciate serious inquiries only Kansas bulletproof glass mall at the presidential and I am has taken fairly safety of their losses on this vote remember when I read this thing. Do we know that yeah I'm gonna get she's cleaned this stuff. You know that things Bill Clinton do. It the presidential committee civilized world. The yen I don't know why we just don't go by this is left or right this on let's do that that's a good one. But I think I got you blues beat audio on this commit ourselves. To presidential it was going to be a relief for the money. But I think again to Busby. And performance while you know he beat well. Your yeah. A 1986. Chevrolet core this. This the fourth quarter it is to remember that car ever made. I'm going to regret the words there about c'mon in my mouth. Howry only three people on route well let me tell you six core. It's eight to Joel Silver ensure local grade 1986 quarter which oracle were delivered to you was it about thousand actual miles automate trees mission we have a new CD player in it. Google Google or new tires Graco low ball straight and six great shape. It's 4000 dollars you know I'm going to the beach four otherwise for the kids out there again. Read it will look at this goes until and you will need to see four or. I think it would seem like a surrogate for that for forum that's a good car for themselves. So before orbits its roots in April. Starving children in Africa Susan see people orbits there are able produce our it don't matter. They'll honor. Target that Iran buildings are still below its its all good look at. A McDonald's pop and everything is again another scenario for usually got a whole three people played horrible what the kids see people called you know Columbia mostly with some cute though the beach cruiser and some people who were in line. And new mine obviously it recently a series go to the you know mama say the honestly the old legal can give them. A world today so I'll let the eagle tricks you don't wall Thomas illegal Poland ladies on this I think presidential download it here American flags. Yeah. I can't we could maybe you'll as a president but nobody pays digital governors themselves you've ever plus ultimately Madea's senator. Yeah yeah Devlin be senator senator you know where his exit. Richard Richard positive out. I voted for premium ice again. He's the senator from Minnesota with the policy and the senator is as good. As your dad. And while while the ninth street to the same guy said yeah but. But during the day. He's like rubber walls still you know standard prisoners he's doing senators and you know the word. Sounds things Fritz Hollings has here we are able to. America. I'd vote for Richard things a bit of a bit of other premier agreements are really I don't know for what other partner Richard Palmer those who have done. I think it would be a dangerous common issues and laws and ultimate man I think we had smashed the error and at this point screw them campaign manager. Always there's something you know blow from Kimberly Dozier a C four quarters and that's. Mr. presidential. Moves that way with a base. And Jesus thing and lead singer for Leonard scanners in the background. Boom how about the AMC way ME American motor company damning c'mon. Kelly the eagle flies in town tomorrow. Think flew to wall you can look at buzzer that in eagle put a couple of girls on the you know just cuts America. I mean it's a nice shade of blue I mean we can do normally AMC rules across. And you know really jazz and and right there are other things a little straighter I don't think Kenny G is made and of jazz to cover that thing this. That's bed. But I Mike Richard him out there than I succeeded teachers on and khaki shorts and classy -- exactly that would be quarter production out Philly people would take this year's pop singer's family got what money and campaigns. We've heard all the Amish are they really know has done. I'm Rick really always need is like. 151000 dollars who used a tuxedo T shirt and a couple willing ladies and this Jeff that I now. Zero like Jesus is for the rams Karen Burton yes. But. Really you know once you run for office it would stay in foresee for core bits I don't know his last name but it hangs out at this placement on the house. All right what's 300 houses like all right yeah I do I want a military under house and probably not okay next. Pro so I think I think these are all three good vacation I still that corporate secure all the presidential that was pretty good to to get richer that. I'm all about the just a little while you'll you're doing you don't drive across country you Muslim don't scream and Ugandan society aren't excited especially your it is from and I don't think Marat going to be analysts agree there's. It. The little wiggle soon so the rusty steel around us we're going to the beach. That paved roads and cholera when we you know win when we're going to the beach there well always what winner and good. They are but now. Cannot in my glory of the big time. Servicer boredom. You could go surf morals and put a civil zobel the do like the middleweight board. The moment from a precise and how long border. And stuff inside. And still I can see it and I won't hurt us we'll do is made Richard vacation as is but what kids do relative or government you know he's just a terrible people there got Thursday we'll be sure to tell us what you think your perfect vacation or being or would you think about all hours of its people poorest Hillary your average and there's an area that's what we're mentally it is. Until the need something. Guys they do we get a commercial break a little go a lot more hot and Libya are re here wanna 63 WO or.