Hot Rods 061018 Hour 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, June 11th
Rob and Odd-Rod talk vacation cars.

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Yes woman hot rods and it was real obvious and what's happened ended Richard Watkins was evident Tulsa Oklahoma. You know it tells them backwards as you yes a date total success. And our allies should move away from them and and I don't think we're already doing so talking about vacation that's a great place got a good feel awful about rating already and it's an old get blown this. So. We're talking about vacation with my good vacation coolers. But how about driving culture cross country a good car to drive cross country. We've been involved at all I mean tennis is the only challenge tremendously. All the money in the more realistic and realistic. Well we don't acquire Ron budget. That I'm gonna try to redeem myself a little bit in the matter of our gloves. We're lean on each you challenger. We are driving cross country and I. That's cancels out of that redemption. The group and sit there and so what you ruling out a statement like him. Girls country artists that were driving crawl still could not account you know what I. How can I. You want me he's the it's just going to bowl game and your ownership has disease. At the state is it came from Georgia yeah but I thought I'd rather they're welcome Patrick. I mean hasn't let our little area really old border in your ownership there's been ownership pattern of violence. I'm all flights because it was going to be fine I'm not in a nugget and I think go across country today. She's a wooded maybe six when he doesn't think that you felt and evident that it. The little we've no seriously it by gaga just have anything I want to two across the country who have. I would want something normally like approach rulings of dollars on them. You know. Omaha run guy. But I would want drama should build across the c'mon tiger should well they're procuring Javelle LS power and air conditioned. The whole nine yards of data drive ability and now want drive like you wanna new caller will go alone together right. Yeah absolutely correct and appropriate domain and it's also going to be cool the Massa. This building. Centers in the old Omaha dumbo you bolt or. Which is Cuba for two of them aren't they are available available for purchase. How terrible would be a cool quarter drove across country. Imagine skid in his is six and in street legal scorer. I could you know measured driving gross closure cold numbers on the Clinton had the look she was hit passing people and I have made it around town with a number Carrino one idea. Seriously you all have fun. I would hit a very plain unmarked looking police cruiser of some sort whether reissued charger new top. Something like that. And I would book cross country in a very police car looking call or just unmarked car. That does work and I always have all the fun wanted. Until it's almost got a little adults got there and they would be vulnerable because you'd be in jail. I mean you Matta police car before pushed over lay everything. Ideas for and people just get out your way and that is glorious actually. Love my buddy Jimmy who is a column and I mean it wasn't patrol car pretty tentative blacked out charter. And a resident troll and she's arms and people do delegates almost a nuisance. This feel good scores go down now. And in the people behind which the Hoosier born little duck. Yeah don't you just. GE's push button. Is pushed both of his though it was the crypto always go go hoosiers pushed over or. Because bush bars campus horse push or go to war. Bowl lore will lower now that's mainly referring to the chrome ones on the drugs that. Factory barber now that iBook and I'm no model is a can victory pushed on from my victories. There's very few manufacturers that make it matters to three users Federal Signal. And it can't leave you want to make some this notorious from him models country. Notorious. Good to meet you. And grape. Great deal. Here it moms and now I thought we interviewed mr. he. You are alone here. The a little easier to push mowers orders and immediately able to lose and is itself is Stacy. Most of us don't you go to you happen to these of those split with the schools. You don't cross country. Adjacent to those who vehicle crossed. Her. Those. Creepiest of you agree that shells at yoga the commerce analyst amount about the how about a nameless. They treated me. So how do you figure we should be able to get a chance that owners of viewers by Adam Dylan. You're an ambulance and I didn't make it. Eight years chill in the battle and made hers when Allan Dodd never did overdo and they got clear your head and ambulances scribe here that's really died. Not always easy. Gambled that happens again of another brutal day I'm Renee Mosul and give us some people have gotten ambulances and he's don't know when so little blood Dodgers radio station or it was a it was a matter he's excessively and there's all people there it's increasingly. Pat pat pat and Richard gets you adjustment and make me terrible drought in California. Q do you. But is there several phone callers was Alison you let it which did you go all right. We got three children newcomer and challenger. And you must now. I'm sorry MGM guy. However about growth country challenger huge you put me in the most saying yeah you. You said so far so you did YouTube the Cabrera first confusion fear and you really don't want LSI. And sugar coating allows for profit and I figured you listing GD calls go to. Going into that coliseum served a greater I think in his error Maurizio want to cross country as well with the -- of these six -- -- you can -- -- and we have the -- discuss the wheels of the -- of these political -- going to find you know economy you know at its form is there anything you know usable -- steel wheels of the black ones with us overload and I was showing and a around give them. Please and yellow canary yellow police. On leasing. White. Him I think it's. You'll you'll like all drinking going on yeah I act act. Smell of that car what little you do like a paid a phone call them recruit. Feel like I want to come nobody really can afford a Camaro sort of this the talent like America you know good butter and Carter's updated their flea market and that it is riddled with sports model and a result of the cool things are -- a law that drove across country the only that's that's certainly you know I have bully that you and your view overseas he's done an about every gory camp. He did in the presidential illustrate. Bottom. We're just six orca you know I really really would just be absolutely fun and I think in and you won't hear me speak a super powers that often. But just take off cross country and old can Taj. It would make I know a new welcome pro and make another statement that's beside the point it. Trawler wouldn't make it in every one seen that are reviewed its cars should do it better on your wall and Howard actually dropped them yeah currently traveling crab legs wouldn't make it. Put some answers lie and they go six miles to the gals. I plan on Stan and I guess this must move on I guess it was six feet those thoughts with us is now. I'm now in. Sutherland that just classic super power would just be awesome I think. That caress them Cold War and you know it's done and arming and if we don't streets on foot were you know late model and but you know it is having that great writing yet to to remains when you when you don't in terms of sports car hot rod or something like that it's not really exposed is made the right now and I send the game this idea of Pretoria. But I mean hot rod just old school Ira shoes have. You should have some feel to always good to me and this is let me let alone do bill these from two callers mills it's a new callers saw Brenda Corrie guesses but it is also a little bit scared because it loses characterizing. I think there's still awesome celebratory Gore's moment theorist going to call hours. But I think it does Lee's character like vs an old car when he in here creeks and among in the rooms. And the rattles that probably should be fixed it would do you do you view this the as soon as this all of the producer waivers is. And a member of the dumbing us down with a win you know about it forces to get commercial break him. I'm listening all right goes to new angle to cause a lot more hasn't appealed camera action right here when a 63 WORD. Does look red hot routes and have them and let's have them and Richard what's going on Billings Montana and now. As you nags you have a song statement. And that. That's a little discourse influence on it's all about Montana. Now well in mentions Boeing's on tan really happens in the mirror you. So does your hurt don't look drought Eagles coach do you have put me you're put me the most and drove cross country. And only walk you'll see me when you're gonna have really dark in Ireland think very continued we do some are worse things that mustang GT to go cross country leg. You know I don't that route to keep updated. Into learning now is going to be offended a photo mustang there was going to be a felony offender than from Muslim. Moves we don't know about the upended hundreds tended to drive almost none of his journal. I'm not really saying if you must and if you can always go we'll lose our impact global. Who as well as well I'll know fox. And midriff anger and cross country enough. I'll tell us about this rule. I know I think as an inherent. Habit of picking out non fund or is drove across cross country. Or on non fund goers or mom now my pets pollen or. Well you know in all seriousness that it like cross country under an army above and you pulled I almost did it. And is there. Why is that we view and needles into you if session at its allure of the new British. Yeah movie feels good girl I'd rather risky in a 15100 dollar old beatle. And the taken new vehicle cross country. Are you good drew little delay you yes actually have a super beetle convertible. I don't know I don't have the oh and withdrew four or they're not very full and goers really don't have he's gonna do about sixty miles an hour and why they're open. On and take a little longer it takes a lot longer socially and so luck and let's hope it poorly there retool his rookie. Eighty humid air conditioning and this beat them. I just I can't get the Allen who bugged man well Imus and our pop in on either option is he's drinking among the so I don't know your obsession of these things. I don't understand I mean you play an unmanned station lines and you. Want to get into a caller that they offer a vase on the dash for your matching flower. Thanks I just have a problem trendy things. Now that there that's. I can't say that for example this is my buddy though that is a little cool Gore's that was Gergen Bagram. In 2013 I considered a blah turbine yes and I ended up of Malloy child under instead and I don't regret the decision Rehman did seriously think about on this camera myself today it looks thank you Richard thank fixed. Still the oracle identical they're neat little cars it's if you have one I would like to drive. Exactly Xena remained a little don't tell anybody my girlfriend had a one I would drop analyzed same as Max your reference cars double fifteen civilians out of drug ago I don't want it but it. This. You don't look at do you drill they are regularly resort looks that way and Barack. The warning for this you know interesting car and I think this through me actually a good car to have to go across country and I'll always want one of these. Of a box go to work for receipt notes on Roger and those are the glee just hang out there running out. Box caprice you know it rides and in all honesty you have room gives a two door model and do those simple 53 swap and they have forfeited for this the exit as the ugly this caller 8100. This hopeless at this ever made. That caller this profile is the same glow every five year old rules. Not I disagree it is the ugly scorer are made because I believe my own man in the face carved bits of Leo but it's 'cause there's there's the same caller exit Peter says personality. Now giving Devin I'm drowning persona for so there's always by the corporation by selling on intimate person willing you could take the pace car and is same thing you know do five threes while on it and if you thought three shall shall also listening what. Of the field knowledge of some horse power and of the reliability. I really don't want Hoffman a 66 and drive cross country world. I'll also be Lil Tom of those things also are notorious for having issues now what happens only have like 36000 miles on it see them following yes specific yes. You know this this this is going to kill it to other groups or industry issues and all this stuff. Yes and bringing your housing for threes with tons of miles long before I mean there's still yet imagine there there's. And I agree with you editorials and no I I agree with you normally am reliability and the car runs immaculate only. But it is it's got 37000. Miles on it and it's 41 years old. And there's going to be a problem popping up sometime in the future yet really go through this first issue. Coming out of that the transmission built and it but you know. How well I was a second hop in the car as of right now. I would want someone least gets it topside of the mother and just checking out and break laws and son. Suspension bushing and see and measure yourself now actually old news actually. They got all the caller from service the entire braking system on the car as well as those Spence is a new upper and lower ball joint senate only publishing snell was all us. The beautiful new Bolger was oracle with 36000 miles because they could be drier I'd correct in the what how visible Juli I don't know Bob Dole joint NASA pushed him around the revolution's gonna reverend didn't get that. Rose the most culturally that's as those cover but the element of the bill. This gray did it miles east and I don't worry about a girl service. There was. I have faith in Cindy's General Motors if that. I thought throughout cross that's great on the whole album. Does well that's great but that's not a Chevy motor sitting underneath them evidently. Dollar General Motors this Melissa Japan pays blank television. Alan how just how. Bit elevated how would it really royalty to guard would be more global drug of those little in your way across country I would be to put out rather take the wagon. Outlook and approach you know Morse animals and I would not far I'll feel more safe eyes and a forty year old caller I actually feel like those that are ours and I think I actually feel like the pace car would actually. Make it fun. This little ovals could've been historical and take us through in the back of the line and just picked it. They're terrible horrible. Some ailing money no object I mean I think no illness in search of Cardiff school cross country and a know what would you choose. I'll be honest with the island in news. And I feel partially Carolyn mentioned that. But I like the new Lexus CL 500 that thing is absolutely amazing I think that if funk Arctic cross country. So some very nice camera club novel experience can't I don't own visual Fritz he told us it's a cool car. I think they're cool calm. I would model and not because that wouldn't wanna I don't want but because show the same price for an I could find other things that I order. Over the same price point needed basin and a Corvette and have a nice bank calendar as pro and images now and say we're about to Portland but I will say nothing fire not sound like a Corvette. Yeah it is not a core of the knives and its camera it's criminals Lexus. I just Dingell bill and I hit I wish I had Bagram on my life six and has also gore no longer want drove a big Cadillac. Well my grandma sing in Leeds vehicles through Leonard skin and I. This is going down and as always as well we love you Richard. I do of those co wrote flashiest commercial breaks yes sir they are gusting to wield more roads built right here of 1063 W award the guess armored car doesn't have to use Robb Pitts for what's happened in due redshirt. Without an upset and taken sometime yeah that's how. So you know would total about drought across country vacation vehicles little stuff. About the road less traveled isn't going over the years ahead. Now before that my Vanilla lumping. Before we break this vehicle. Do we walked through everywhere we go on the road and all rode good we want to strip real fruit and I think you need to Villa hit the road and drive a little bit there. Where he's so good all rails via a good. Just run of the mills the three guests this Internet thing a modified not modified. I'll give you wheels and tires and a leveling kits the end. That are about you Richard Jeep grand wagon here good choice that's a good boy and good with 360. Would during. This leather seats losing bulletins that go ahead Angela knew of the buttons that that's delegates and go and get in one night Oleg. Then the men that those who would grounds crew and a I'll I'll that a white one you know men out thinking girls like Pete. It's only a couple of good guys here because it's and I'm very. Who insists that to do. What you. I would actually pick a vehicle from my past. When I actually own that gave the blizzard. Well no that is a new model I would go again in 95. Well actually no you're probably 99 last year and but they two doors disease a new one time. Let's do what it's doing good 42 victory for divorce take 350 a great reliability and again it's got a good short wheelbase you can actually perform offer an underwriting. So what role. Size thing that made great option still there and go as. Then you'll be right works visual VA ones and not to come choice at all before always like those. I'm not a Gmail so that a million dumps but I'll be honest we've they're starting to grow warm especially the four Aurora were and they were the VH one's. I'm really deal. Struck the best car for that job made. Probably the most culpable in the road ball below the culmination of this issue Bill Thomas got a captains should consider. But it's neck and you know and I'm pleased today in a month ago even that class. The two Richards get the only Ulf rotor that you entered into Sunday a splitter that it happened at the but you know I am. They really fun to take a trip across country has never offer a part peca under. You know just seeing a while pat on taken in San aren't leads and just go at it. Play all the green. That's the before and another adventure seeking type like that Kabila. Just the world what's ours. I'm just a month ago. I've done it as a manager you live that every everything what I couldn't stay in the thoughts of taking an offer it bothered me why you know and I am guilty I have played in the model a bit but I'd rather use trail riding. Because you monitors your stuff. As as we've learned and pass a slick still blissful. Up to authority and Israel is driven melody bubbly little oil to go to. Manager the very purpose specific. Whose son Luke and his kid you don't like this page look this customer ago bill let me go to the well coming into mania if you don't do that the ideal is that something can terra. Only there Davey if you trail riding a man thing you can do it safely. I mean again they can't places up to the bill more in the future writing in your brand new Range Rover. I mean really yeah. And we oldest of the group doesn't Nugent and doesn't know there are good Woodruff the usual took over another does all the gulf you know you have to look at Disco too. Did you bring in Ireland and new line with scare the hell yeah a little more than anybody you know if you go to the oh ranger or park of their bill Moore I think they give you the ranger Wrigley program under drought. It's a brand new and now rent or wannabes on. Oh game. And it even some of that responsibility and even some in you know the the maintenance and repairs on witnesses stupid. But never frenzy of Laura in the shop right now and is 4000 dollars for headlight. This statement. And yet people splash seasonal fruit but you know soldiers of the nujoma relative description throwing. Those those things are some very capable of will be there one of the best offer vehicles literally a day just says things total better all through the weasel. Now out. Yeah looks like mile toll is. When they were there for builders are yeah we're also another good choice and that's a good. Owen and it would mean very capable I'll never orders to the values of the news and they're definitely a hundred grand and I mean I don't see anything there. We built war we are true restored for guys years ago we post outlook your wishes and Julia what did you do. The guy still got it to this day green and they're all the same color green. Like science here tractor into green Ace Ventura Ace Ventura avenue drive a 10110. And one. Yes they use again and the olive Green River that. Then in high school here is there wired and caravans last name. He had a lot. Think it is tandem. Knows why he's had holes in the floor and stuff terminals. Muslim world. Wasn't nice but it did always room. And it wealthy they're rumor Lyle list. Number fans over the beta already hurt yourself that's what it what Angela came in those 2.2 Orleans drew no collision areas looking in low six lawless. That it was for a leader I change. But I think some got bigger and others and yet it did make for children's and other parts of the world in the United States clearly like diesel where did it did it. It's. That's Leo. But the diesel tablet literally like 58 horsepower. And 5800. Toward tell you another full of all rotor but mogul rotor would you go well. You let them listen this. Is a look cheap. About a Suzuki similarity you're gonna say. You know what alms and over here flashing back to Miami Siegel former four wives don't want them there yeah actually I'm. House just a near thing done now 139 and if not gonna be available audio pop up your boot camps like your moves and dagger in my prime but he. The their rules exam Rosa Ozal things don't think they were so very little power yeah yeah better and there's ways around yeah but they're so small you just about given me any way you can do little pork in the clause. In your area better alternatives. Bigger carburetor Weber or government. Jeremy Colorado along that you can make it do you this stuff that you needed to do. At a volume actually had when he put 434 ticket that'll be cool. Hillary also but it was the perfect power that you do need to be able to maybe be six that they will flock. Did the perfect offer their reform era. I was on it's a problem as Crosby. And a a broker to tune and then this. You know I'm frustrated and I can see the thing the bat common down and then and shift and and it looked like he is kill on this thing and it's an era passed him because there's going so slow. This is true and yet it does wheelers back then worse long. Who. I mean look it I was driving normal in traffic and it was getting frustrating. Speaking of fallen off road vehicle in this world. Actually Mosul really know why he's auto auction sale and a bought a ninety warned. For Eddie Bauer bronco. Let's do it all thirty gates. 350 war and if you leave no big brown is a big broad street visual cue legit he's still being told to not don't work the they go Broncos she was actually a really cool troop Leoville no reason it was eight dollars and eighty guard action because has actually painted jet black. It was actually a slick little draw. I can I get off topic again we're somehow during the nation here but you're reminded me of that the 38 to mention nine. And buddy in high school had to drug obviously trying to Horry powered it minerals incorporated once as older to a stroke forties. Who. We you know there's literally 679. Career and he did you know he just barely moved. There's actually there's little crews losers looking so hard by the civil forties. With a 2.4 liter four sordid scene that the Bledel Kia. That's insane. This. Is 101000 homes wills and powers only a hundred dollars for it could literally. And very literally only listens thing. We were you to roll them ligature or IMO mammoth ski when it comes something like that better take advantage of them heels got us. Momentum is absolutely key for them is very important. But I mean you know going back to offering across country there's so many greatly parks and things to do like Yellowstone needing to tour the grand detaining you can take off for two hours later. There's all council offer partially even around here you get you orient the North Carolina. I've heard there opening Mexico. Real I I heard and there's a offer apartment lower state of so you know lower South Carolina there's offered for Mehmet. I mean so there's all kinds of great places ago in travel there and actually have a great time. And taken any of these vehicles which talked about you could actually load up before Libyan if you wanted you know. Gave moral path. Until. You just take a little further and say a little further up I think so light that they follow which. I'm old school offer a offer that's that's how I kind of got my start over social years old border home while the fifth. But I mean like when I had my 63. Bel Air at the same time I had my 77 K five. So out outlived both those lives for very long time you lose their life I do and it and then it'll have to you know like for Christmas commercial breaks. Today we're gonna stick to we're talking about vacation rides right here on our roads and every hour 1063. WORD. Does look at the hot rods and happy hour a day you were solo vacation vehicles Motorola. And rich and I was out in Juneau Alaska. Maybe he said Rebecca there he'll love it some don't make sure lose this must feel welcome. This dried blood empower and allow him I was drug well actually. Have you guys watched the you know that you don't want. For someone wanna see traveling across country and as bad as I don't like David fried burger. Watch him the first episodes of the first season for a killer in this day be rancher wrote to Alaska. They actually have some good racing in Alaska. It's actually some amazing it there's there's two episodes with the rancher going to last because of the first trip and actually did not make it come in the second trip the next animated is a awesome awesome footage to watch. It will make you want in a car drove cross country the real yes absolutely amazing thing. Until you dessert is there is good racing and I don't ask you a little thing about -- usual as it just visual terms TV off. And a half. Oh just some thoughts on you yeah her bug got no elected I think the second one is in the second season we go back and watched just the ranch here says. Awesome footage absolutely amazing. So living today this cast the newest thing. And is playing camping fans camping. In a row over a rod did know anything about this is I don't know I think of this now they've given me as well boo boos did damage to growth and but now that's the neat thing. And Richard knew all about it which. I know what it is. It's like the whole middle mostly this ability this gambling in news new this is more notice it looks it is a little bit but they're taking it makes little technology little delighting in. You know all the electronics and things now this room erupted in the minimalist. Blatant actions nation's space. It is good news is really need these guys are taken line. You know extra mile worked Koreans. For transit Koreans sprinters things of that nature and their lives these things and some magical basically it's a mobile vacation home. Now it's a mobile. I'm two. Nine and touch was my life to get my crown what are. And him. I'm Alice Democrats I play. But it's actually really me because these guys drove to listen to the side hobby and it go at par or it can't. If this was side hobby maybe oaxley colonel Omar but. Past that now I don't but among pesto if you warlords the psyche is an illness and you know Hyundai activity around and sucked. Yeah. Well the fact that you rivers and mergers and I was doing this years ago and it couldn't talk and I can any silly dealings with her as part of why can't I do know a lot closing of the blue ones. President Clinton and that's why you leave your key the ignition now naturally pull over and who's been. Moment but I mean the reality is that these things element all the cabinets and folded note bids and food dollars and judges and these things. Amateur cooking and only there but little kitchen at the most because of basically the only thing that there really were driven these guns. Then they were little bathroom. Shower yeah yeah spyware whereas the shower is a preacher can't go to Wal-Mart to shower all of us literally in a sort of thing bathing. Alan I as a unique Johnson is still living veterans are sympathetic to shell out. Maybe between Jumbo river I think we'll. There. Describe your horse jumping as you shed. But his third meat always got a cool watched overload disease and actually convert diesel 612 you two troopers. To do the same thing I think of you pay the insurance thing U haul trailers as someone stole only converted them pretty quick. You can go over to you hold true hero previews Cuba one of those cores in Kansas and guns are really committed and throw it. And experience are rough. Okay I think we're going to be living down by the river in Iran than you might as well you you don't have to worry about Kevin is not a place for people who do things like yeah. Asia and exactly. As it did yeah. Bowl week. But everybody is well really you know if your friend amending space I mean they're ego goes well let's well you're very similar invaders please go to but it. But I mean I couldn't do this news. I mean legacy and it is like a weekend thing admiral came program. Sure but it narrow and not living and whoever wanted it. Well I don't know why he's little enough. They do weeks at a time these people like available to them eligible weekends until about weeks at a time. You know Alicia cobol this living out of it was really about now life's dollars. I'd like hamsters wheel it's a little bit ridiculous wars and I mean I would camp on the wagon in any there matches in the back how would do that for like a week in a really would be happy about it listened but. Homes slip the worst places Yemen yes on them done worse things but people look quite as bad as the way you will prevail. I mean when's the last time your Bennett 500 horsepower I'm just saying throwing that out there. I mean item outcome. Yeah. It is thing man. But ten years ago I was very fortunate to get a house. Yes I ask. Will not a subject oriented and ask fool not knocking had a lot of rules and Nelson wheels lift its. Don't hold back into the but now it's not a thing no more now. The into an old spinners off. Until loans and in splinters in his true true we will I promise you fiber and oblivion trailer was manners on. Modest well and one you know I view of Duvall who shall call Barack out mess off you know. Let me please call me alike in those crafty. It is very and it's all DL because of bill reasons and those of another listening to its talented people buying a well overpriced or stream trailer. Lisa leadership's bathroom and iron in there but I may have movement. It's just straight up care and this is vain old or those cool tear drop camper with local water and you can. Disposals tear dropped averaging group behind your Honda Civic it's kind of the same thing me and it's you both small sources of volume and when the scale. Is what they called and always going to scale now. In this thing about the sizable book is you you want to peel off the back here correlates it was. Look you open the door and you take two steps you the other side. And enough big steps either now. Like there's like a twin bear away slightly if you treat able to jeers and dignity and it can't it be if you walked in and tripped on the stairs. You probably coming out the other side awhile promise you that. Because their belt on like cardboard and paper machine. Second you might have a couple of expecting that blogs that. It I don't know man I just could not do that cannot be part of my Amanda. Has this humble humble little weird mug you wrote that's like Sarah you were sorry shape violent Irish in my beard oh so I would like strangling enough for an often. When you get back well a couple of and it's happened for English you can get them mailman thing you'll. It is dollar should people who lose money on you. Actually no limit on my blood in the mean dollar my dollar federal there. There month Yahoo! go Andrea our business let's let's but this is easily convinced I can then you could live in the back order trends. No the this Iraq or I don't care doesn't mean there's a global ripple asleep in the back entrance and exit there we go through it. And I'll think muzzle put 612 inch speakers about it now and you got two full grown people laying back there where all they're still kill our guys I want you should add it all I want you to imagine our. We're on the road around transit and we end of a situation where rafts day and we there's no hotel and we asleep in the transit. I mean that's not albeit fun night. Yes exactly. There to console the government power it is such an exit meet duke is a Muslim and transit. I was just you to wiggle room. We would be blue Julia there's no choice and that's to me a struggle struggles of is. I just I cannot bring myself to do it map as this is not shower and for gallon as a mandates whom that's the worst part like. I'm kind of guy like wakes up gets shower get Tom Moore takes charters were government takes no rush hour. Like just listening to the show comes Chara. And the role that I'm not a go go as we in this little studio gauntlet bureaus. I that it makes you feel better about exactly that they would make me feel better was let's go home for the night. But there will scold you want to feel we need a vacation which to weed in Asia Gaza there was little ruffled about vacation. Callers vacation vehicles delivered to I don't think we've beat either scenario in the groom the Simpson. And yeah horses that if you will this really goes but today who has been thanks for playing alone you listen hot doesn't it bail right here of 1063. WORD.