Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Tuesday, January 16th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk Show car insurance and top 20 cars for your ladies.


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Right what morals and every artist rob it's out what's happening dude I'll mail it to you want them enjoy in this weather is warm up here's a little lose some frigid cold else yeah mail like I walked out today and actually for the first time didn't seem Barbara there was drama that is so light and I actually went on a teacher today those -- cool which you know what's -- Google actually warned it will Aaliyah. Here but do the things that I like about that means. It's up. That means Kohler show are seasons with comedies just around the corner I can feel it but I'm excited about it well actually you know enemy at a Carson yesterday. It's got a cool to you what the South Carolina national ownership as right as we'll talk about it more next week Nam we allow plants this week but will definitely be government next week. Guess if you miss session you missed the game when you this it was a great event like this that were really fortunate to have. The caller sure with a all the new callers and concert goers here lingering. Plummets like people talk well Tom by the LA auto show him a teacher and our issues this is our LA auto show businesses are dangerous exactly you know as the South Carolina onerous international internationally fans don't get it twisted yesterday and just the Big Three anymore it's everybody's welcome to this party we'll let alone in the cooers we get the best is this small brings all new products that are dead. Early call you know in place of what's this morning and given away a lot of cool stuff yeah that's all necessary to give you free stuff. And and I is that what this morning actually was. It's really cool whose fields sit down inside they you know a new car the Ewing your wife might be looking at them by or you might be looking at about where your kids. Israel any slaves again as Bemis that you miss that but will cover more next week but it's a really cool way to actually looking Carter's. You know that's a thing dazzling when you do shows like this it's a rule the cool look at callers who have missiles and breathing down your man enters your answer mr. It salesman thinks pillars of his current mr. X the amount of amount of braised them and that her two month thing now. You know what I've done and I want him car sales. As one of Bamako. My she's getting middle mannered. Trying to free to fire on hang on our enemy cars we just put them on my last late leg it tolerance that'll Taurus and eighty years speaking. Of that British salesmen and Bruno and that I want Steve very interesting YouTube video I beg you this I'm not even minute that's it can't watch one when you minimalist of where alone. Those on YouTube. Like they they Hideo. There was a god this guy coming you can Google it by phone for a quick but he took a vintage nineteen thing that you liberties union on running this. A mile. That's the most unknown butchering that name's Sam non non super car counts who are well I'm not either. Bottom omelet Malibu yeah them. And the boo him caprice. You don't say lewis' vintage amazes like a three million dollar land. Sounds like you go to America he took him to CarMax and had an upper east yeah. But guess what do you think OK let me real background score quick. What do you think that's like juniors steak at a McDonald's. Case they have this one owner. Three million dollar you do. Up cores liberty. In this guy. He's like a road solution bags that that this is scrap and it but it's still. You know he's got to live it was legacy can be that way right. But I guess you are in the title when he alama Mozilla gal limbo that I have ever personal admit that I didn't consider that yeah I'll agree that. But he was also are sure. Of all three people know Kalimba. But. So but you know it's this guy was it your talking is talking about a little bit so then they take it to CarMax and they put blue yell and I don't I'll blow it. They note you know the guy that was walking out looking that Nolan like they're not gonna by the score. The last one sold publicly sold at Mecca auctions for 2.5. Million dollars plus all the feasts. So you let two point 62 point seven rehearsals and the CarMax. And guess what they offered for a three million. Value core I must say there probably in the neighborhood of about 8586000. Dollars. To where self really way off. To the wrong way I don't know what you think they offered a 199000. Dollars for. Like that's almost even more insult them like all through 40000 dollars for my PF 40000 dollars just Manger absolutely retarded yep but this 200000 means. You know cars worth something bad yeah yeah that was his life and I really don't certain for money I'd rather and so will it is old car we probably get in the neighborhood about 25000 total wrote that the hosts they'll you know as little silly thing pass them on yours the only real problem colorless. But everybody that was so crazy that they offered to that that was such ought number he should ticket. And yes it Yucca and funded my computer and that's cute. Only get funded my computer you know them computers they do come with a dual thing now Aubrayo as volatile as they did it happen. Very interesting. The answer to Costa Carolina. You know we're we're told a lot of body insurers are emotional level I don't collector caller incher that's what you need to have what you can actually Kessel and say you look. So you're not supposed to have liability only and you collector car no. That's an over you know Hillary stepped out and call my agent so quake and get some things changed. As well I was screaming you may need to do that. Yeah it has yet when will we got a commercial break coming up so you will commercial break you need to call your agent mile cool yeah yeah but you see when Heather was what had happened was. Social candidature should. Won't your insurance. Well how about that 692 point three swagger an analyst Morrison and movement. Well others voluntary. Hill love always been that much on that I just put attack don't look we don't get pulled over well with the equipment that's maintenance elements. The world does that mean. But actually an all realistic terms you that's a classic. Excuse me Glasscock and that's classic caller and the reason it is and in the name is a caprice classic. It's it's an old caller and then it's in the you know in his. Okay we'll vote. PM local time valuable thing is how often can. So even dislike about it over the course of between five years old so Lou. You know that that is a classical or you get approval. And it does he recovered Jeanne you don't run Dubai ports for anyone breaks known I'm more and building on. And it's. It's euros and we you know stop and think about you we told the new classics that caller. Like I don't know it is and you classic and the you stick your stomach notre the most I don't do Hillary and I don't feel sort of. About all the cars from the eighty's now you know your tee time so you know we talk about these you know and just lastly a teenager and there was tough through drugs and all the look at let's talk well list is I mean they are in during that classic feel now they are becoming more money the parts are hard to find. It just slightly freeze wagon you know we laugh and joke. Bomb in the impala SS is soon to follow its rate on the cusp of becoming a classic car. And you know the scores are now starting to have a worse to him these callers. Our energy and really hard to find parts cash for clunkers came and swept all of these cars out you know what the government's dilemma isn't links. Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. No matter. But you know. It you know jokes aside it's true it is very true you you don't go and fine you know a dash pad for your 96 to four in pollen anymore no you don't you don't go and find you within corporate banishment Celine Dion now some of us have those solutions. Bunning you don't go and find your center console for at least two hours and more there just not out there unless you get lucky. You know Gloria so close so it is something to think about to have the proper insurance army's callers. They're now coming to an age where he needs you need to be covered because you have this is your investment yeah. We are talking about isn't big cooling Gaza don't have to be high risk him. Maybe makes a big corn insurance. Well your arm out of for example with a 96 and Hollis says those are 30000 dollar car off the line. You know nowadays the value I think the values reach lowest we've talked about us. You get it could claim one of for around five K you'll guess what you know little fender render in under normal insurance. She's totaled just like that there Roger Jack for OK yeah and world overlooking knowing well. But the car is worth far far more than that. So this is why you have the proper insurance to cover a call or is it. On you know under normal standards might not be worth with a car truly is worse want to who truly this afternoon what's this is commercial break already again already get solitary one award Jews what's the hold you go call your reassures that's currently manages the way to a metal to vacuum your dash. Our guys safe zones and they were talking and insurers hold hot rods and happy hour right here on 1063 WORD. What board putter doesn't appear as rob. Rob woods happened and he. We're told the future of those rules have not got another is not a real patent and subject. You know let's get this don't they ever body needs it. But you don't know and don't things you don't native and two alienated. Well that's true amiga keep money issue or sages as always Joker in the saloon for me empty boxes. There's so annual war idiot if you ever do anything you odds are you never needed mr. blunt. More on little luck I'll Boller went to his great god rest his soul ever I don't know armaments and really is serving a role I don't know he's looking or if it a lot of my office. Here exactly. A hook also addicted to it. Using your hands and see if it was an advance using and great hands that could become the but move that body injury it's easier it's a necessary evil actually do you know instead it's a colonel there is one way you can get away with a high definition and drive legally. Interesting and and throw me with this knowledge. If you were millionaire. And you can improve it and actually silk insure yourself up for this actually before being self insured. Which is just like I got the money that comfort is. Probably. Not done as a tennis pro is smarter way to. No it's actually see it. See if I was a millionaire Howland traveling millionaire cars like Lamborghini is and know you were drunk and you look at priest as a way exactly so if I hit yielding other sports happening on the money. And you know I came away so they'll just fell Ares 500 dollars candidate Kalin him and so Zain is no logical. I'm very little power dollars and it's in northern Iowa precision exactly see you're you're seeing my logic then this is not the anything that we can remain there for a hundred dollars and so I'm a gloomier with that money say. Yeah I guess I'll never be warned that this is all that out there she is not the cards. All but this is the other bowling shirts and there's so many different variables were grown bruegger's listen gonna give you you know. Osce to form the other week you know normal several on motor forms and he's gonna talk about collector insurance. And the thing is. All right first of all if you have a caller it's over 25 years of age it does not need standard insurance that's bad. Unless she's just the when it Vator yes I mean you know in those cases yes. But if this is even remotely. Your baby yes it needs a collector car policy. I don't usually care I don't even care. If it's a very very nice car and I think we give an example off the slowed my pace car. In the 77 Oldsmobile delta 88. But it's based course of the valiantly cars a little bit higher than average delta 88 if you blue book in delta 88 there worth about thirteen hundred dollars. This car holes of value of you know in that eight to 101000 dollar range and that's what I actually haven't insured for. So if hour's drive this car on the road his own thing is stance insurance was that stands between. It NN normal delta 88 is a simple code on the pin number but our drone and on the road hours total this car. Then if under normal winters it'll come agent for around 15100 dollars is exactly bomb whereas our leader. You know classic car insurance it recovers policy and I great coverage policy they're all committed for the 101000 hours I haven't. Richard for that little of substance of that too you know there's not necessarily mean that year limitation. Exposure only regaining eggs or Ferrari. That this course cares official insurance also with hot cream or no prima as well like operate in and of a dodge name in the just released last year. Well this is moving the insurance companies have the right. To deny you insurance only anything will mostly Dutch came now that even forty horsepower car you know. Stay floral all state they don't want no part of it. The only one that was right dangerously Hagerty farmer Mercury I think you're right integrity it's got a phone is actually Omar progressive in snow. Which is backed by Allstate yeah well we actually this album it's the big monopolies that day. But. The thing this crazy about any assurances as you can shop for and you get really good deals. When it comes to push comes to show you needed. Isn't really did a better bill. This is innocent until I hear that floss to a lot of things like if you see something on line early in the sign industry comment. If a guy quotes you for assignments like. 50000 dollars and other guys like 48000 dollars and there's a guy comes at 22000. Something's that's for what that's what did you dozen or sun. He's probably cut the corner yes and I look at the same result does not smell right idea how could. And I'll do the same thing with the answers you know maybe if your insurance premium for the months let's just say is a 120 dollars in the when this gets under and thirty. And also new fun one to thirty dollars a month. I guarantee you when push comes to show when you absolutely need them you'll find out there I don't know are we there yet. Yes and one like a good neighbor and they are going to be exactly as. And this is there you go think about what that to you. Arm near there several great specially colored shirts Cohen is up there Porsche guy Hagerty. You've got gruel indeed you're in the course a formal state prison everybody has a rollback has got there has their own version of clinical interest. Or agreed value coverage insurance is the better term for. Old school there on it but the thing that you think about this is how do you come what will the value here. And and I'm being welcomed their insulin. I think my nineteen send to serve an Oldsmobile delta 88. Indy pace court were to lose they'll note we'll know more exactly. The thing my announcement. Well you assess the middle it probably worked that unfortunately monitor early in ever way the really celts it's not. And as surely any note in the and you look at the value of the normal cars well and you get a lot people try to use like Kelly blue book or an idea an old school was. This method used to work that was pretty accurate value but it's not so much anymore. There's so many range of conditions in these colors and that's very very vague amid mutual in the role of ball Poehler yes in a lot of ways but that some buzz gives worth. You really need an appraisal to score so you need to go actually licensed dealer. There are several new auction houses can do for a little things like that but you need a lot of interest in this connection to a prison for it. But you really need appraisal scold one. That basically proves interest can be the value of this it and you can X you can you can ensure that full operational value. And that's weird set again for example this I must seat intra. It's a 72. GMC Sierra grounded. Shortly. Factory big block with every option but to will they want of one document truck. So anybody's in the 67070. Chevrolet span of things would be a little secret. There's not another one in the world market this truck it's call the unicorn I was searchers nurture home. Do drugs you know in the seat in world but just what idiots. But I don't turtle well that. Enemy is a gold strip has been restored beautifully. But. You know I had a little problem measures to new lows insurer in the stroke because they want to ensure like a normal said the agency to intro right. And it's not. And nowhere close alarming nearly took a little for Nagel and to get where I need to be with them but it. We got to where it is with a value supposed to be in on this truck and that's the thing you got to worry. You gotta cover your investment. Absolutely nothing nothing to the bodies these cars Cooper day. Yet every day every day as there was no matter the decoder Richards comfortable that coverage if you need to. It. It is on the hills was up you know what do you do it was a did you eventually do your vacuum I guess I have right now actually I didn't I didn't like two quarters in the machine and Maria my answers to everything laws don't. Until an economic and on point you avoid you'll also that are hand. Equipment and merely Gaza today what we're talking is your state and we got a lot more here paparazzi and happy hour ray or 1063 WORD. Alumina hot rods and have the odd was that Andy are you ready for Uga Uga to pencil in November. We'll take your school oaxley call the bus driver a little taking his cold day old injured and on him was tractor for most of us through what we only know approved for corruption and ankle and would you keep misery when he chiropractors. Who knew that the Moses was good run Sloan singular man ever prime contractor. Or chiropractor who then we view them and they got a job and I homeless. I was doing which so much clue category assures today right here for a snappy as they a lot of pivotal overstating and you see people line and Milton. Irks me more than people forms. And they'll get told analysts are well I don't hear an idea this and I go there you measure the distance there's a massive reforms. Here's what happens you ask a question and. You get one good answer you one more answer follow the GODs and ever mention the first airlift out. In any it is thirty different answers that are totally irrelevant to the question you maps. And then you'll get one more good answer and then the rest will just be a totally different subject Aaliyah and Gaza as a form four. Well you. This is the thing with the insurance everybody's experience is going to be different. I can tell you what I recommend for insurance companies. Going with the G was was not necessarily the best. And a home. You know so don't you play your cards right in you can get a really good low calls faulty insurance policy crime especially collector car. You know there are all little different O'Neal haggard he's got a thing now in the Ingrid do you think it actually does is too. To where they'll pay you to repair or. And that's and that's really cool in a lot of ways to further -- a lot of ghosts don't have no business working on their own caller specially. In AE. You know open up collision incident era portal offering damage or things like that. That really needs to go to professional Baggio and understand you've built in your baby and all that. But that course or ruby rod it's going to be offering machine first. Search engine blows up Russia optional. A 2000 offering machines and they also that your. So that being said. On another got another thing was though. Which will actually all of a big thing is flat and its service so actually it's like triple way but it's a roll back service for your quote. And that's very handy because you spoke of freedom things happen here looming. Their machines are made break but you know and it's so those are not the most reliable thing or expression of either about. You go to original call yes. Here these are the callers that they you know. A mullah. It's like we've discussed this before fled border rules things like that is really nice to have that as we've discussed that before where the trends and they came up for sale like six miles on it. Exactly I Corzine a mirror up. When dressed and get crossed him will buy a six mile caller is at odds are you'll drop immediately pitcher drafted the most you've got to learn about six miles literally get a whereabouts is the garage it's in falls in only twenty. But on and on C a car that low miles means it's not menus nom and ran through its paces. It's not going to industrial level thing not at all. Own and really be honest we from for a for a voluntary standard army for a value standard you should drop that core holdings. Berkshire I mean that would be like. Take in the Mona Lisa and put in a post referring me us is red. As front of us here on all do that and as framed and independently but. The only the only shelf at a Wal-Mart for referring for your lol isn't he. The but loathing you think about the passengers to. Is how you feel caught formal Q a month Hannity Ingraham do these are great companies are backed by big insurance companies are obviously. You wish all have a underwriters you know I mean you much extra or grows Donald Wright actually checklist personal care don't know that but. Leo think about all grown leisure time and dangerous is these are Internet insurance companies. So you're dealing with a lot of only wants stuff we'll solve those when you do that you're also dealing with. Sir or you know like. I guess this week would you lose and similar customer service here yes armed in a lot of other people their claims people. These Gaza or dislikes sold out as most of you are not old caller variable. In my experience hovering into its albums like a working your favor sometimes the mortgage. Very arm in an elegance and everybody's experience is a little different. The thing you think about another thing with these insurance companies as they have a lot of low and benefits that a lot of your. I guess staple insurance companies wouldn't have let grundy and Hannity have a thing a site. To order fifty dollars car show coverage for like even what the cheers a neutral. And cool. And that's the you know enemy it's a cool added bonus. Like you know clinical booklet called classical policy. Here's what your article or issue with your classic collector called. They actually Culver like. In these things happened we promotion is all the time you know a team blows over its color. Or. By the leadership two years ago a mirror there's a guy whose real extravagant stage and you know. And had like is you know is caller. Well which got caller yeah as a display card to show the car in the wind was whipping next thing you know won't it'd just smacks a quarter. Over the front fender of cholera so I was electrician bill that killed offender. Will you covered because that policy. Even though I don't know probably property and all that it's comfort. With your insurance yes Anderson noted double play and all that so that's really cool counselor that another symbolic limitations of these things these are all over the daily drivers. No going back to it the way he says there covering and they know that you were doing all you can do taking every precaution. To make sure things like that don't happen. Vs your other Nero five Silverado. And addict you know lung. Football game in year you know get ten over the bed of a new party in the world advisory units ANSYS. No word quite the same no notice they know that we your there was the year you know 57 thunderbird that you're doing all you can to make sure that nothing had. And Stewart what the really cool thing about that is because you're taking care of the scoring at such a a sacred thing to you yes pitcher rates are actually cheaper but goes out exactly you know I've got. Let me go well Philadelphia 2000 don't agree coverage retro grossed only about. Fair and it's cheaper then my new Silverado. Is cheaper than it was a much 2011. Silverado and yet for the year get. But now Porsche miles limitations that you draw more like 4000 miles a year which. Unless you're just. A professional hot router I don't think that's ever gonna be initiated yet Roger's daily and repair that in roberts' case that prison is not there are 4000 miles all want dumb anyway I don't know I don't leader asks so I mean I think you're good fairness. But and that role blacks are so not just lettuce and but every that's a really cool thing with them and those things cool these callers is easier than other we'll stay inside and absolutely but I haven't surgery she actually the head of the caller protect. You know and we illness a second ago look at things like I must station might and there are tonic callers others hot rod had no differently than my callers. They're not the most reliable thing in there your take an engine and Megan and do what it wasn't designed to exactly do. It's not only the most or take the station wagon you're doing what it's not designed to you know lessening you know listen in here and there are things may have the whole crew snatchers not. They words yeah yeah. Look I'm not slang term for bulky slip. Well. And that's the thing I mean it's a it's really cool these measures is already like a city it's a no brainer I mean it's really done not to have these coverages on your caller. I mean it's the only way to go and look at that protect your investment and that's what I tell people all the time I'm shooting a video it always actually talking about. Turning your passion into a pay off with collector callers. And you know me it's like investing in the stock market but all it does is win. This in shirt. Well AL and that falls back to. You know even more the internal an infomercial over the mother and as a juror who. But a false negatives in knowing the car to invest and to you know. In knowing the proper insurance put of course but knowing the right Carter investment. Knows it it will become worth something in the future well in the end there's no brainer. At least caller hello of these current mayor of elsewhere in a matter what is it terrific setters early for door. Anything but none were per station wagon and is probably going to be valuable and mattered. That are brought to you driven this trip we got sales in the parlance that you need it is still there particularly if you're feeling fate could MacBook but the but no he's absolutely right him as this is a good way to keep our protection on your investment only wish we could do this with a lot of other things Xena. Well enough so I think it's a great investment in the political Herzl military is someone else coming here with the seizures is not that expensive. And I mean there's a lot of variables that decide the price of record from retrieving your credit score even impacts the price of insurance but. That's amidst a no brainer protection list. You can driving in jewel it absolutely and not worry. What degree with a great coverage you know out of them album and horribly and take it you have to dinner or whatever and can be improved his gym the other night I mean. That's what they're made to do is drop an Angel yeah it would Kissinger is in these polls is you can do that. Absolutely. Ali is no different and having a normal insurance policy. You know you definitely want full coverage on your daily vehicle. On because if you've ever been ranking reliability only in it especially if it's your fault we've all been there. And we have what she puts you payload you know your shirts covers live in your fiction girls exactly says. Just understand the risk there you face an insurance bacillus can understand. Commercial breaks and they pay for the show so yeah others based on the blue brick homes here talking as of intimate I guess they stimulus and are not happy hour right here 01063. W Lordi. Guzzling the water doesn't have bare arm. A drugged yes sir. Lucas who did was look and you devilishly and within a mile and true with a church lady start. A I guess so all of whom we thank you enough on insurance you know uninsured car so I travel a little fun with the resolution of this. Not all those mine has some fancy old classic currently it and we're playing checkers now we're not playing checkers. I owe you much warning average Joseph cars that you can buy. The average Joseph can just go out again. That. Bigger death living related to the seated sketch Roger if Dello pet owners step. But an average June caller an average Joseph Carr. So you know something vision bitterest. A little intrigued him so I think malicious kick this list often over twenty. Probably not want fairest garbage again that's on an artist's favorite it's much I'm sorry mark most favor. Vietnam memorial in my English. Number twentieth 2009. Bulls wagon GT would you rate mortgages store walk in the right last week and so it 2000 rivals why in GTI missile 200 horsepower 2207. Foot pounds of torque six big monster those who strudel style there is that it geez that's. It doesn't know if you are from 2000 she's your door and down the script a bill rule is tomorrow of the there GT. Civilian led to view us they were big chief has Leven industrials. Don't believe it to you see that. The Internet has been known to lie well here's the thing you've ever read the article is actually now leaving uses only have a couple episodes. Well. The comments southern about the homework but canceled it does get a little nervous that Venus quickly call or come. Deadly final underground. And as they scars on this list are now like the most outrageous thing that is affordable car you can have some the only if we you know sleaze has its own opinion related to the season. Which made sketch could seat belt the well I mean this is a thing you got to give her in their first in with the WG TI you better be Channing Tatum at halftime. My kids here and there hasn't dollar bill slid easily. Area like a washboard. Loans and not at. Be like beyond some of a romance novel with dual loans available lawyer Gigi and you got to face like this. Yeah that's human a lot of Netflix buy you sell me some. Are mum always India for his radio sent them you know it. I got asthma or longer number nineteen spot how about 2006. Hebrew impressed WRS six SCI. As I know those. Those are some cool little cores and some quick cars there are quick healer and a cool look at their little that they have their role in the old blue moon and passengers super cool kinda thing this isn't like that outlet wagon. Well the W or access CIA has forced owner two point violator. Turbocharged dual overhead cam engine that produces a whopping 300 horsepower. And that's impressive that's impressive and then a smaller company car. It's pretty quick with a 060 of under five seconds. Making some pretty exciting Carter drive and it used to one as it related is legit I could see this way and does innocent actually a good looking girl gimmicks government. You know it got me about these tours is the first time I noticed. My ascertain intentionally things. Is a year ago. The and its coupon. Actually turns air straight into an air filter and messy or data Molly saw those schools like forced induction so. It is cooling them in force and pressure of of those groups in the room. Prolonged power alone but I'm in that really turned me on what that an event that now I meant but. Still cool feature very critical Richard cool caller we are but aesthetically. I can see where this caller would give the gal in the Golan in big issue all what he would do exactly. Exactly the people who merger. Maybe you sure don't know jaguar and we're on the wrong joke for the Obama of parliament that's our interview thus far doesn't have an hour after hour so whom else toll no ownership. I'm coming there and a great days but this is Nicole in the Mitsubishi Lancer evo. The vote is a awesome. Awesome call our. Not necessarily the coolest looking car count such a lot grown on the road but a very cool car and actually in road courses they've taken these things that can be glamour detainees in the terror into the they're really really impressed of course. And it is it was a star to fester fears and actually. Yeah no longer even drove it goes to them. Believe you know the what we're talking about leave those seven. Bomb as a two liter Turbo engine that those produce a walk and 276 horsepower that is really impressive. 284. Foot pounds of torque in naysayers are pretty cool man possibly an automatic. If I'm not mistaken measles or will drive to and from now these ones these ones these were general notice three years these wounds. And there they infamous king of the world rally championship as a well let me. As a rally caller they're cool color of the four focus relic or lose your cool a regular four focus. These no slouch well noted David comes as prequel styling to it I mean you know he's starting your upper pop packages of them and I don't know much about even as its they would for is not a big Mitsubishi thing. Mean it you know comes in makes TV's I really don't want charge rather of course that's some personal preference over the brittle TVs are growers alma still schism of the Mitsubishi TV easily can Alter his ex. But that's an air I don't know do you even had a sure they measure their houses slip and oh lord. But you know it's not a bad caller in they are very preppy is long you know William knew now after a little religious missed our parent company with. That's in this so poignant and better trading quick enough lady caller now well I mean if she's well as she does need to leave early military very she's give me trouble like like a Mitsubishi or some rebounding Goodyear hurts is that good people ninja cinema also Lawrence and some. Bless these are that in wanna ensure promises. Motor oil long before you and I both did a terrible number seventeen. Another is seven and nine Mercedes been 63 AMG is like oh look that's excellent sliding and Pacific and Africa. A sixty go far enough in the delegate car and make fast scar this though pamper is all that is 514. Horsepower. 630. The pounds of torque. That's impressive that's the president's appeal were and a six liter V8 engines and that's also an expensive rather very experts who will remain today and also well you know in MS overload an older one you know soon and I'm a little bit more affordable malice on the average you can actually buy nowadays. And you know even impressive photos speed of these things like you're really panel lady that was one of these. A zero to sixty time of four point three seconds. And it's not exactly a small more narrow. Now its size of pretty as the missiles call this pretty gets us charming indefinitely right around five deep listening comfortably. And it was a pair of Brothers that Google Google logo are I was very is if you haven't if you don't know we're dogma again on the do rules. And Google like seven and I'm Mercedes men and 836 MG. Very very elegant looking gore. And you know with a lot of weapons that and now there will be an older. It's pretty affordable core two tomato mountain out of words ten years eleven years old among. So very very cool or look at effort you know trying to personally visited what is in prison growth it is. I I think that loan and number sixteen spot that we when. In this case more German engineering school in north let's go right. Madrid or Iraq yard or not Muslim but the seven a thirteen BB and of. And three series. Double the fizzled these and an automobile little support goes we make a little backyard. But let me have done is lost it's luster with me. A little bit I Siri comes from especially if you live right here and agree area. You see him everywhere he did I mean there's I mean do you see BMW's more than you see Chevrolet trucks and they're just everywhere but you know we're you know we hit we have a problem. Javier Mendez Texas chairman and their center and bull ran outside Santa and is actually really produce a shiver the Chevrolet truck. In his like that down there issues Chevrolet trucks century. They're Chevrolet trucks on top Chevrolet trucks on top level. There on every corner you give lord to give me things went down here. Bush is the nature of the beast the mean there are easy to buy them there you know of course if you organ in the plane you probably have warned. Bomb is the same thing as well as goes on here. But they sell us the same. The same Everly is us these commercial breaks. Worlds are was BMW when we come back because I like in the movies that'll work out that there was stay tuned we're talking about the top twenty scorers. Nearly eighty agency. Here at bat but not always something all about rock guys journalist and hot rods that we are ready marijuana 63 W a Lordi.