Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Tuesday, January 16th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk top 20 cars for your ladies.


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Yeah what we're hot rods and happy I was Robb Pitts rod what's happened in dude tells a little more about this crazy of this you're talking about in this crazy BMW. But I am Brian hang on hang on or come back from a long break here. Sure there's some on images Cutler callers just turn on the radio and just finalists and to those pill earlier in our life. But anyhow so if you didn't Melissa last after the show where Thomas answer for longer stomped. You know wanna make sure your cover before we get into the core unit abide to impress the lady. But let me recap young Muslim so we're doing and twenty cars the opinions to the bag the CEO rather opinion related to the man Agassi. It just aren't as impressive performance was yet so in that yes hum. So coming number twice but we talked viral ovals like in battle in TD you know little Turbo charged GT. Bomb the you don't like but who. Coming our number nineties but which ultimately those six Hebrew emperor as the WR AX callers. The united name by the goers are pretty impressive. There are impressive core voter out there and I agree with. And I come in and the average juror can afford honestly yes the ever joke and just Columbine. Coming in there are number seventeen spot of course is why skip one sorry our number eighteen spike is the lancer evo. On no cool chorus for you Campbell. In the course of their number seventeen spot is the Mercedes the new seven through. There's some through nine Mercedes AMG. Also bring her cool very very cool gore agree on that I think is when your horse a four. So for the that's just a Peprah and it is indeed. I and then we got to never sixteens bothers their 2007 to thirteen. BM WM three series. And mr. Fisk played about similar. And here and the three series you do not some monster and series in the in the freezers and bomb. Very cool car four point oh leader that makes a nice very conservative foreigner fourteen horsepower that's you know I was very impersonal numbers really of this is I guess the only makes 300 foot pounds toward this again actually is very and we are usually the numbers are a little tighter than that. But a six speed gearbox makes a lot of fun to drive. He knows gadget power who likes of the the the torch salute them but the powers there in these are affordable cars another coming of golden age. And you can get one relatively cheap the assailant 5000 dollars being at one relatively cheap. And physical league and impress your lady with and have a good time driving and looks stylish while doing it was. So not a bad cards. Make it's what don't they don't like about the series corners is they look too which is like three series if they do I mean you know you get it is is usually boils. An imminent real as a means that year about Eva has an element usually you know some answers things for the interior good. Not much for coming in booming everything's under the hood which I appreciate don't get me wrong. But you know when you pay the extra money for and I score you do come along a little bit better repairs package. But. That's in there and there's still a great car very impressive. Just be careful maintenance and a nice that's that's of those thing remains collegial Portland. I'm moving along to our numbers you can maybe you will be even McDonald's and you get there right. Memorial on turnover fifteenth spot of the 2013. Mercedes-Benz. S class. The NS 65 AMG. And another that's another is very very very 600 that's a gold trader from way back probably as Golston you know but until out under the tub bun in you know top three bullets and Alia. It'll say you get little if the rule that Shuster coming. But yeah for three terms and he balding and the house but Jim redeem yourself you like but drought in this. So who's the of this class and Z comes of that six liter V twelve. Which by the way we don't know is hand built to hand built. And produces a you know very conservative. 621. Horsepower. 738. Foot pounds short I can do this thing this thing as little more pricey than the average fuel about it. Let me just let's get older now comments you know. It's it's its own Mozilla which are well these cars this course fall off quick and values and they do the drug quarter. Come ism in what where you knew of the 600. 21 horse powers cement. The hell out rather than address the lady live it. Because it is classic car it's a big cartoon. I am by the way he was so impressive about lizard a 64 point three seconds. You know I'm never some of the twelve core those reliable. For a long term yemen's Arafat's feet behind the to go trauma big with the two of those originally your bottom between of course for the proposal was exchange Phoenix Alia. Those things made in 90000 miles you guys that you are lucky yeah those are great core. Any does a thing when these you know mr. Gerson and Germany in this as class Angie is not really the worsening and because parts or reliable from Reno are readily available form. Over here not so much you know little is readily available with a small blog Cheryl. Eighties and which ways it makes it what's next on -- and I think you'll have a new agree with this one. Number fourteen. The Cadillac CT SV that's looms group. Now of this one this is cool this is guess several year options. The blue available. Of course your V ones which I think kick started around 05 and ran to 2010. These cars are cool they're available only in a six being the head A 400 horsepower Ellis six under the hood. Very reliable. Very fun to drive powerful but manageable same time includes those catty and it's a candy you know it's got class. And these covers these cars are going for great prices you can pick a clean one up under a 100000 miles rarer thirteen Kmart. You know things really cool about this and it'll be able to Obama catalysts are reasonably Richard for example you're looking for caller deliberate. Richard is shot edges for you. I know you listen. But anyway Pritchard was going to Obama knew caller Richard had in my nice Ortiz challenger is a good looking caller sutra. Let black ridge drives he was mobile or blue collar. Is that a severe Bobo look at cadillacs. Rule panel. Toll drops one exactly and it looks when they realized there really those expensive you think than yours. Here utter those Richard you're meeting comes alive he said bowled us today and peso how about a 300 city. Those are nice colors are not taking anything away from. But you'll never hear anybody describe some say yeah this is the 300 see. Something yes it's the Cadillac. Of something that's the best. There whether it's a ten year old Cadillac. Whether it's a ten day okay airline. They still see it and that's Cadillac you know innocent. Any apps looks. That would create the most direct memory means them not reaping crest it means something will ended in a beautiful thing about calories they've always been that. You know they've always said that standard and how many government hands it cadillacs. But I mean from I had 79 Cadillac. Just as beautiful just is L again. Just as comfortable just is reliable everything about it as a Cadillac this brand New Hampshire and Florida that there is good course great cars. And Tennessee to be is definitely one and you can't say one thing you were Korea that the new tool that may be blue interior yet pass. So I and it put us Richard Land who looks like the most slaughtered public smirk and a half. Think about it as your truck that is not. I didn't post editor of the old Cadillac up on our Reza happier for is for praise he has conceded. The this thing it was goals one on a chorus of plastic covering over all the carpet and which was impressive but yes it was navy blue Cadillac. Winds yes baby blue so murder blue injured yes I is blue on blue rumbling like via the blues as you know you're Elvis right around there clues. If your ride around in your Elvis in your blue suede shoes is that when your car exactly but. You know get back to the galaxies is V though. You can also. Look at the V two which kicked off in 2011 and I can't remember if they ended in. Fourteen or fifteen on the nose but those doors are actually still are actually becoming very affordable for the average show. Alain twenty mid 20s30000. Dollars in bow on the east. The any step up to the supercharged Ellis say 556. Horsepower with automatic option or manual transmission options. And you can really put your lady and everybody's you get so excited you really can recruit for this. With automatic or manual transmission options paddle shift as well from shift to us. Absolutely certain of the CQ's again these are there they are cool but you know miles is nice. Another quick commercial break and we guessed it one right now all right guys stay tuned we're talking. Rumor will come of this it's a big nameless to skip commercials are guys who listen hot rods and happy hour right here won a 63 WORD. And as what looked hot girls and happy hour and what's happened in those what those cup committee released your toes most prisons a game remembered. Well this list for those German penitent channeling my. Partner here. Is the top twenty callers they can make you paying your lady to the scene of the caller meaning. It makes no performance. And as for the average elephant for a house racquet for the average Q for the average Joseph doesn't mean the average yakking on by the caller we have this leverage those blood as a pretty your creditors and smack in the very cool and because these callers get more works visible this list we you know and as you could get closer to the number one spot they become less averaged this yeah it's. I don't know about their average June with a Joseph and a movement that. But Joseph I'm going in anonymous phone she's a bureaucracy for core I dog and eighty stopped I. I guess human error number thirteen spot sprinkle Corbett axle of their prize but still average Joseph obtainable. And as the 2015. Now I would just say I give a couple years the coolest well rule fifteen. Charger. SRT help cap. 707. Horsepower is sincere and Marbury because those old dog said. That's all of those years of solar and assertiveness 7 NEWS in newest. Moon 649. Foot pounds of torque meaning that six point two liter supercharged. Naming. VA it will. Will dip Clinton's limit his cynical polio allowing these things or powerhouses hillcats arc. Had a lot of problems illusions on this course I'm Yang announced that I was kind of anxious to see. Oh win these scores released. Is what is going to be the first thing to be problematic companies and a lot of people could point grabbed a bat. About the lackluster fit and finish when he came to the interiors are leathers being loose on the seats and different things like that that's just par for course would dodge. But I was anxious to see what's what's the only the first thing to pop up with problems. Amid us a lot of hornets brought some windows political groups you know we know it happened in good which direction you can't. You know that's a lot of power outages there to a street cars and Tulsa she's miserable sports it is you know drill hole good Bork's. A mess out of the box hot rod is all that is. And people take him out there and his butt off line drive him like they are hot rods. Year old consul issues I'm sorry is just going to happen it may give me a course of remorse for awarding a draft luck crystal you absolutely right. In hope it breaks from the first three beards. Oh buses go and blow the motor scatter his country. It's like you mean a year and a half on his engine number two who who put him through the things it is fruit nuts in her car back and but and these are absolute cool cars and they are becoming more more affordable bomb for the average Joseph I just outed his second owner and healthcare yeah I don't they at all. Via the the I'm not a repeat my comment on the final money used this or do you look at its yeah and our students but on. You have to listen to podcast catch that one it was particularly also can be a pretty good email slow. And her scenario. Thanks measuring it defeats but the I don't will hold Obama used to okay. Now you know it's probably. Probably knows more loosely in the world to do but you know then again I have done numerous things and handles boom some of my marriage or it. Twice and that itself evidently but you're used okay is a horse they ability to do but it. But houses up there you know it was like you know money's Korman I'm not the first woman jump on the bandwagon either. Gloria attaining your previous owner pending the previous owners of pins in the way points when looking at the core you'll never quick what kind of free zone you have Gloria. But Joseph look at the hillcats summing if you give them together takes the crews eons and asked forty million stickers and every stick going Culver node mandolin. It's probably not Rendell is probably nine you're probably right a British public funeral home Garcia drew order that thing. Now how on the other hand if I'm the previous owners that you're buying this Nokia from some analysts think twice about that I would probably awarded their businesses. Does it say some of the dealership was dominant summit on. A movie dumb enough to drive and drive it really hard I am. I bet that the flows liver along juror number twelve smothers a third harassing Carter made this list considering. It's appearance but I guarantee you every soccer mom in the world will be glad that you on this thing. And you can impress them with the throttle behind it. And given a number twelve is the Mercedes-Benz. 63 AMG. Minivan. It is that is Mercedes mini van. The flip through skin full key I don't need to understand with the pass me various energy it is Mercedes. Many man. Yeah but would you don't realize is under the hood of that little. Crib midget hauler is a six point two liter V8 producing 507. Horsepower. And 342. Foot pounds of torque. And it travels from zero to sixty in four point six seconds almost as fast is that okay itself does. There what's crazy. And he signed. It's the thing is crazy about that Detroit you can kill you in a dear friends and suffer yet as but the thing is this crazy about this is. Is that you would never toward Russia Austria milled loyal voters storm ever. But I mean it's never relay every over the girl's. How about the kids in the car. Yeah boys are arrogant being a turnaround threaten to beat to death huge let sorry to say thank yet smackdown thrall to the floor this hunch. That ugly retarded look in demon of a minivan. Will go a 155. Miles an hour out of the box you know what that's that that right thing here. I don't like it you can make it to Disneyland in a million. And no more here and complain and of the kids and oh ordinary. Just that throttle down and guess what you've been in about thirty minutes from here. I mean it is Google this thing is an idiot as they get pitcher ever in broad view. Is it is hideous the serious original. Like I have you know I can't date him mercilessly for a puppet mayor you bags of of things going on her idea bill fishing line and scrape bill Lindsay off. Kick. Camps on. Stone book of close group of us from old Mercedes keep her quiet. It adds is finally some candidate must thanks just on suspending those dying by Hillary is minivans and Baylor woman dead featured on you know a world or is there real moral. Even though line and then but not the end man look at all vanish. You know listen them it's inspirational CDs whatnot but you'll raise Mosul and Malia turned on the Jones says it won't Roland. And his lay into management on the fun McDougall Kenny G who put both of them. Now they weather the no real life under the that make are excellent pay tonight from Mercedes listening in and anything to us drivers. You know I'm just say a legalized sinister color. I mean that's me. The thing is here's some others list is for average Joes for carving your leg but obviously there is no appeal to the single moms out there. Absolutely. There there is absolutely it is definitely a a minivan you can vigor of the ladies with and and Dresser we near the middle of most of his Mercedes. Vehicles boats periods. Music and that's the mayor David material honey we can put the dogs in the back if you want to. Who who can. Mr. Singh. These guys is they his ridiculous but it would be a telethon you really wouldn't they would analysts in the maker multi polar list you know I really should ask. But I think we're trying to be affordable then there's more average. I is averages don't Ohio but whatever. Any half all right guys we'll tell you what else we we get commercials of an analyst friend bill sorry yes. Stated we have play more on this list of cool cars. The ambient press one of right you're hot doesn't have the power of 106 Surrey to BO RD. Muslim intolerance and every hour is raw peanuts. Was that in and in the we have our top twenty list of callers beverage cars filmmaker stick to your seats letters did you see who pin your lady for into the seat. Sandra forming caller some assuming approach venue disease to do this so we have a a lot of this is your buddy you're you're golfer in the idea Agassi and intimacy to. This Hulu and some of them maybe Glendale church so the hundred dollar bill and as saying Graham and and it was a Ronald was caller you personally tell you that story with. Ended up her from any kind of cower in the world but I think the first car which is kind of ironic was a show we've. You know basic over dark. I guess the first one operative from which is Tyrone as a hundred of those flying out the windows as you take off guru. And her flying out the top rather heard a hundred out of view grand national. Be a grand national here. Herbert put it's always funny story everybody's sort of political or changes. Car changes every time. I guess there along those you know our number eleven spot on this list is the audio or six months. Beautiful car. Who is a good looking Lawrence got to be a lot of video if I'm a big fan they're. But I guess I NE RS six has a four liter V8. Wins twenty or skis. To end her skis to term us for a who's who don't know talking about. Lays out a very impressive 597. Horsemen it is a Brussels and 553. Foot pounds tort. And you know these numbers are just staggering. Off of a Lamborghini LP 610. The American. Coming as a limo numbers but this is the thing is no Lambeau it's it's. Gambling you know homes and is the New York. And he's sort of brand new kind of pricey. There's still lower pricing this loses average Joes doing okay yes this door in the store awful awful law was like 200000 dollars. Bodies are up quick comprise a sea of fame now. We know what they get older ladies start column back up. We need available only torture in the sixties. Pretty experienced core. We know us is so average Joseph Carr money. Lead and. He gets their nowadays average Joes drugs or drive an eighty does not pick up germs. I know are deserted. All I must of averages and but. You know is up and other things for. Me and they upper middle class. Your government local us and give money by of those or use an unnamed. So many rooms and you deal with a mane is bill now. I guess and another number ten another audience that's in the way is the RD NSA plus. This is a good looking car because it's an attractive co. So as soon they Italy in Iranian Anke in one hour was the chickens wants the other to him. But again as towards a 605 horsepower car 554. Pounds of torque. That's pretty impressive man. Sit imprisoned core I just under an outing got I mean if this thing and show hundred dollar bills open receivers and a look even more. Even more prism others want. A subtle force alone with twin Turbo setup. Which means is pro little flop are pretty quantity. Expect chickens analysts were releasing. Although drugs make you funded your may get a really great call or. Bomb to sounds expensive little room like every expensive box or how to build the thing just chip it gab you don't want it. Again your abiding citizen party. You buying uses a few studies say it was great howdy buddy Ali set out. Audi Alley in the loan. Howdy quality I'll never know when I'm is their mineral the issue remotely Audi shopping but above from them the full rinks and and the forest proposals of the Olympics like you smush two of them is single level Olympic or. Excellent sleep apnea. Is something you don't see me live from a single lot trailer is certain how could it let let that. I guess live alone and Overton spot iron eminence I think this is a more obtainable average car for rob it is liking us. The two dozen injuries 2009. Honda S two K. Content 2000. The circle callers a ticket sludge have to say at all facets you're focusing on this 2000. I've you know I've grown up only can only sings just in case this two K I scale that. Tell them these like short for stock. Hit a bird couldn't. A business. These cars are neat but obviously in unknowingly little flag for me important mobile import files and gals a Muslim. So you won't of those over here oh look on the made a mile. Loan. Al bush a real wages really nice me out of the Oxnard circle looking colors buzz. The 2.2 liter four cylinder V tech is of course. Producing 240 horsepower constitution out there and they're not share be callers blow. Me. Daly a little bit to be desired. Do you view that mean John Major is that in the first appears to discuss. And that's yet. About a brave two thousands that among the Mazda speed six okay. Blood. Excuse. I think mr. Pitts is ramming answer it bugs. You know that would be. Ahead. Miller. Age she doesn't so Mazda speed cynics. One more sound so don't think I heard you correctly to thousands of miles it's six. Harrell is there any way could this can be a caller lady to be attracted to much less bitter to see it's little Mazda. M stands for mom. Insulating. I mean it's just a dream was just the mall stuck. He didn't address the Martha. That's improved for the same company ironically makes me out of their ruined. Below 2.3 liter direct injected Turbo charges of 270 horsepower. 285 pounds or sixteen transmission facilities of human drugs the most you direct rebuttal she'd known in this very issue actually. Now but is so the worst thing in the world on any I'm just the way above me got a it's a little lonely old saying that. Like usual out of me out I'll be lucky film or terms Ariel drug problem maybe a bit this there's no excuse for issues like he's bit big he's very good money on this. All right we'll probably move we move forward a little bit too our next car ironically also moans of a little upper class on the morals around. Commit are never satisfied about a modest though all right say. These cars are smarter than they goofy three hooligans and goal than stuff. But check it out loses them very impressive with a demo these cars they're pretty quick callers from one. Now not a Muslim guy I'm not really forced Olmert. But a one point three liter to rotor. They call throwing region yet they come Weickel engines of rotary engine that produces 231. Horsepower. Now so that's that's pretty impressive in the southern Wilson almost rotors to blow form is that injury is a power helps yeah. You can make Mulder gallery engines. And you know zero to sixty miles an hour in six point four seconds it's a lot from. You know a lot of other cars but that's still for what you're buying. For what's under the hood and it can mine a one point three leaders. Engines keep in my removed the style of engine and he gambled three leader is big for rotary engine Tao Levy that. But still won't void for you later rotary engine. Only 201 horsepower is still achieve in his or sixty in six point four seconds that's not bad that's a pretty typical hour. I can Walt zero to sixty and set up up up up up up. So it's going vasser when he walks around in just barely I'm just saying I've got a band the blue book before. I have fun mistress how about we move along to another car thinking Daniel bit more behind. About two dozen fifteen Volvo V sixty T six are designed these are pretty cool Karzai Lama Volvo of there are okay now that's a unique caller and I don't know if you drove all Lieberman an accountant. Yeah especially. Six cylinder Turbo charged on I mean obviously there's now a mature move all those things. Alike these callers a lot actually I'm a big to remove all vote for him. And this is this one is above Google's equality on video guy and a and this phone is not a slouch. In light as that is at the three leaders six owner territories engine 325. Horsepower 353 foot pounds or. You know with a pretty surprising news celebration times or sixteen in random or five seconds. The spring this spring get a special essentially and it's just forty look at scale over suspension I mean it's not bad this from me this would mean probably equivalent to like at three series BMW. Like I believe that that's that's is pretty much equivalent is really good car really stylish torque bomb and you know one. You can definitely press the women could you ever and all the kids and it's a soccer on caller that does work. And relatives of those we do we go these commercials too little work for those guys stay tuned you're listen hot rods and every race here on 1063 WORG. As what my daughter doesn't have ours were. Run what's happened and Jews are their own business pre orders Lester we're talking about the top twenty callers. And June of that average Joseph can afford. There will picking your related to the seat we're told him about color that ladylike. In his performance round that average you're. Beautiful and I think this nice car and not a trust fund baby intent of this nice car hits the nail on the head. Payne given Airbus both courses. Buick regal genius. You know these cars are good looking goers it to be what you get past that. It is. Blue. And you can't just take also from the would you just give us that there are great call now calling about the GS's. They dropped the force on the previous models and the GSK. That it would GM's notorious. Three point six liter V6. That tours is not bad it's a great huge cost of the biggest motor GMs and made that call now and Taurus woman. And say infamous hallucinatory. Notorious is also known for being bag Nash and his. Amid the as a anyway. But at the very acclaimed. Three point six leader the third 600 series is moving bets that engines GM has ever produced. This one is not like go thirty seasons of days gone by the way. Willis that there are 600 to go to the third Drupal six via the rules execute our language yet. But it is not like you're 3600 days go by menacing produces a nice. 300 in ten horsepower which is Vera spoke loses is not a big corps knows not to learn 82 foot pounds sort. Of course is at a nice speed automatic transmission. All those are millions and dealing speed automatic and zero to sixty in five seconds. Point enough to pay nearly 82 NC. Charisma can like howdy power it is it's very comparable to the only for this crew is very comfortable. A limit on who. This one I guess as we step into the last locally list here rural new law of averages spot but you pick up an older model not a bad. Ayotte Tesla model off a model us. Performance yes torque yes. Reliability. As long as the matter is the last won't go low blood did you go in order definitely definitely bigger belated New Orleans. Tesla screams just nice. Tesla to me screams novelty. The tussle in my opinion the tussle. Is like the whoopee cushion of automobiles. Meaning if you sit on for just a joke. As they waited to use euros greedy old you guys are still slow you go to the annual lecture go low or. Got a lot of guys that a dvd player like two years before they got popular rock Baghdad. But relishes move along to our number three spot and I'm glad to see another wagon making this list. A Volkswagen Golf or a state. To either trading who's. Pay bills and a bloated gulf. Leo if you wanna be late for soccer as the win again a two liter four cylinder engine producing over 300 horsepower and 206 foot pounds of torque. Top speed of 155 miles an hour. Zero to sixty in five point one seconds to want to what do Austin is say this thing is very impressive. That's impressive that is imprisoned members of the civil. But you know life again is there is another car like the last station way we're just talking about is very top 23 series wagons and BMW. In I mean it's got everything but is not a be that visible light which makes it even more affordable and within a point there. Arm so I'm not a bad car now this next one and number three spot of course. And this one Alison if you go pick one a brand new is a very average of caller. Very affordable obviously they're popular is just by the name alone and these won't happen that'll open to step. About twice of team Honda Accord V6 months nine your four cylinder model. Bureau bad tomorrow. Bull worrying. Boring car blew the 3.5 liter V6 makes a whopping 270. Horsepower to order for the one foot pounds or if this dream has some bush tool to pull help solve the foundation it's still home to awkward. Our record we know why don't we like how would feel Cold War forgot relevant quote pick one dollar per day you know we'll drying things. Because he's drought and Honda Accord is the bill scoring he's just playing but you know why is the same time the V6 Marleau. I mean people would say that about you know of the guys revenue regular Malibu back in 65. But the Malibu assess which is the equivalent here Honda accords like a sweet city. Yeah like quench your thirst oven and special about it up north that's a thing though and their popular birds and but you know and I'm not a big kind of fan Betty you know I'm saying you know this is skill on a chord with a V6 for Warren. I mean they haven't done that very many years they've had a lot of V6 accords that while a quarter of the illegals visas given outing you've done about in the last ten years and this limits V6 start making their way into court. That was the 2000. Okay fifteen years. Sentencing next which arguing the point here the point is though you know this car is making decent hour this is not a bad thing. In it's in is a pretty average new car I mean it's an infancy when these things going down there is very locally would beg to differ. Alina hero LeRoy name wins than more so we can't beg to differ but what I make an argument boy the argument about. Is this car is shrew to the list this is average Joseph caller. That makes enough power to actually pin someone to the C. I'm not talking about the most impressive thing on the road this fits the bill. You care over the globe rude who is this is available under Gordon bids the wouldn't see them. Amid the good I mean you know what I see did you hit Joan but who Honda Accord sure his list. That. The Lebanese their mum or those cougar UH you're glued into it just doesn't happen that. And assists the fastest thing on the road I'm nuts and it's. Fast that in a sense of what we would consider fast I'm saying this is they can't be caller. It is respectful on the road a little chipping golf courts in promoting. A very deadly dark here until cocoon the speed is born he is reliable. And you know one mile on into Dubai if a mile of almost drove in the perfect. But a quiet and reserved being there were replica objects. The that the pray welcoming and or one spot this slow thing had to be sponsored by Audi a the chum and another number one spot. About 2011 horror as three sports back. Delegates in the nationals leading quite called the station wagon but. Pretty cool complex judgment core. You know it is. The exterior of in this thing looks like it means business especially up front in its candidates this coming into. Whole month to it obviously was notables like in golf today. Everything is looking like ovals what engulfing our roundtable this Audi a dutiful little about nova out as we Miller quarterly audits IS alone today all right. You big medical right quick we gotta admit that old utility vehicle hour. That you would think would be good caller from its list while the car that our pick up for this list is are on the slowest since yesterday absolutely. Galactica. What's the core pick up ladies. Air corps pin into the seat let's see four bit. Personally another heated although EZ form it always goes back to the scene for event. This people are best for you is like to be body for me sing for the same for various solve all the world's problems and go home now okay buddy does it's like who. It's like global warming durable mostly for the good of the country every thing what about place before by a sheet of plywood. If you could have been a lot of pieces radler back of our streak or. Come on man. We're gonna have little Craig's list Charl Schwartzel who is you know one out of fuel for awhile and I think we knew Elaine Nelson's ground rule either that or we knew DC four bit vs the world. Compare how buddy buddy verses the world's. Ever know the world's against the the body block of one man will lose give fight it you can. Our guys love Jihad are FaceBook page you know how about the horrors have their FaceBook page. Let's go what do you think is a cool average Joseph Carr is easily affordable and heck he might be drive and it. How far FaceBook faceless hosting close pitchers the sushi out. The strike goes to what thanks for playing alone could listen hot rods and happy hour right here wanted to 63 WORD.