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Monday, January 8th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk Buicks.


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And welcome resin bears Robb Pitts. And what's happened and do all of them to sit near freeze in mom altered its code Elsa and as colon says nasty history of selling the worst itself was government uses coal as Maxwell Smart out there yeah a man we moved down from Michigan he away from this crap and now here we are him until he won't you take it back up there with well I don't wanna buy nobler twinkle thing nobody wells will be up there now. But it flows amid his or whether mr. prison gearing you to call or router and edit a little cold and really good but you know obviously it's miserable cause is Rosalind that he you know. So I mean that's the thing I mean she's just dreary day in the big holidays and all extremely. Which is injury public. There's times that Al rather be eating. Dinner when the it will with the inmates at daily see them ultimately in other knob that people. You know after he got talked to many element alarm there actually innocent when you weren't if you could not so good to get the opportunity first it but days of losing his foot could hear the this is if you're gonna go to jail little monetary always tells me you would go to jail Friday because they'll do you really see this trend as you know that's good advice of sound of ledger stories about guys were getting out don't fry day but it wanna get out Friday before dinner be goals it was hot day the most recent aimed at adults yeah those are called they know everything Oscar -- the violence losers solution knows the nose dirty water dogs. You know appreciated or you're on. Well I McConnell Sewell wrote a dirty hurdle whistled I mean they are pretty tasty I mean hell that they feel more like fatty Kara though whatever we don't know that and again you can look at across a couple of water like that added to and indeed each fan but you know what this thing dinners drug ins and dives and I'm not god fear you felt like I looked like I do resemble a little bit this sucker doesn't have real. Military what we got some exciting stuff goes next week this really mixed Saturday. We're going to be at the South Carolina international. Autumn. Yeah autos and auto show they have been so that's a little big names were below the you know want to enter that well you should work but. But anyway we're going to be at the international ownership the team convictions that are from twelve to you'd come seeking in hot rod will be they're loud and a location. Lot of lot of cool stuff they get that but all the new tweeting model who will be there in the most angle zoom in their version of the core Rickles will be Dinara called him in there I mean that's really cool and a mile doesn't. So you go live in the oh cordial labeled show callers and then you get all the new Tony Mott twenty team. Models feature films mr. Associates show I've been known for the past several years now play for a long time actually. As always schools it was coming now you know new cars on the market appearance in the market to buy some misplaced may well it's cool book as you can tell Jermaine get there and you know have like a salesman aggravating while I don't know Lotus go and coming in and I think that was moralist fumed trying to keep you from hurting yourself. The caller I know. Yeah they went on him up and doesn't mean that bill's goals locally and it was. From a power. But as a cool show you disease some awesome stuff usually something new and cool or you know prototype remember a few years back there as a G per came there with a dual engine some of them will and they got some calls to look at the drove longs to quote shall surely be there for Nolan good stuff. Yet they only do that either and we do that you merely go one don't they want and they and one peek at the driver's licenses than any other record and they're in the zone and you'll. And in the nail on the not today. Yeah it's really cool except there was little cool and is definitely worth the price of mission chicken out and watched a much you know mr. GB doesn't get in the ring didn't you get to see Robin rough and it will deployment there probably probably be of their own minimal twelve to two things Helio who real thing or a walker and will have clear -- rounds and the real issues gear available through that little run jeweler from Rosen and Gabriella. And miss liberty bell and his liberty bill. Be sure to feature for sure there Lewis. Take a picture we're personal social media send it to you mumble. Down Willy so we said today in a view octopus well in mining and autograph who. I'm of impressionism autograph. Yeah him. The more you know while I got got like this for the Eagles to just playing you know of a school political personal touch you'll slow roll honestly does just chicken scratch. Well and absolutely look at and I am marriage perspective when you're sort of so low but he wants mostly the table. You know this is the thing about drugs and we totally sure it was a forced all the time we talk about all these mean Colin personal stuff and not just. And some Dodgers from TomTom. But you know old told about a make a caller that we don't talk about that at all. AA and there's if you lose your ciller and you know until I sold until the pool pull back. And and did a little deeper into your few things about this manufacturer. And possibly the cool Russ they've made through the years and still listening reckon. So what Carla B would you Dubuque. To be a photos as a fill those sandy made when your sick on the petroleum. No no no and we're not told about the beard he grew among a group we're talking about I mean that champagne killer LeSabre everybody's grandmother drew a champagne. Buick LeSabre and park avenue yet. If you're good to stir up class with a one hour we'll get right right there's no idea. Classy and if you then in Champaign. You just you miss that prompted this won't say because that's their that's the grim luckily when you turn 62 the issue you you're Buick in champagne noir will hook ups and now I just say that when I'm 62. I won't get no morally sent let me know LeSabre middle of sovereign. But we're talking a little cool buicks and cars have garner some really cool little cool you've Butler probably forgot about or do you even know even existed. All right so here's. The cool thing about Buick though because a lot of people don't know this abuse Buick was ram before General Motors was a Buick started in 1904 was until 1908 the General Motors actually started. So the key investor in. General manager of Buick is of the guys who moved over and started General Motors. But Buick has been known for its classic vehicles it was probably like grandma analysts labor. Well you gotta think about it and hear the stories you always hear it here in the self. It is you know of the Cadillac was showing all right the Buick was just a nice caller you're surely there were economy. Yeah these were economy coach so the Buick in the use mobile were like your upper class callers within the Cadillac was. Hollywood says that's exactly right unit you're Chevrolet which was play the working man bought. And then your Buick was you know you're going to church on Sunday car if you will and the Cadillac was just you that money. Did people then people we have an aegis pay good money that's all they've come from money they come from money. But us normal folks a little bit class a ball some new. Most of us Buick I've never on the mile an incredible view buicks they were there were fully Peter it's but I handled if you buicks in the never he really cool view excellent list we're talking about today. Number of duty as a unit count family you know there are the oldest. Operating company in a mired as far as automobile those. You know starting off in 1904. They've been but been around for many you know remain and this is something interesting that I read up on B with about 80% of the units sold a Buick or sold in China. What it just serve and I was that threw me off suit. How would've never ever thought that as you say 80% of all beat vehicles made by Buick are sold in China. Luckily chopsticks badly and yet the rest are left to United States Canada and Mexico as. The general population beyoncé. And you've singer's child that blew my mind. We'll buicks and I guess this is the world look for ignoring. And wages for dribbles the more I'm just saying China's fellow classmate into. We only inaugural class level we're Alia. So i.'s senior Indian militarily or lasso the Buick was the oldest manufacture. Automotive manufacturing has lit vigils for implementing a theory well let me do some clarifications forward four didn't start production until later after that. On the four months of first Ford car was actually bill in 1996. The Ford Motor Co. didn't start until 1903. Mom and those involve Lou another automobile manufacture. Arms such Cadillac which was founded in 1902. Buick has been the longest running one as far as you know in full production. That's well as well and also Studebaker was actually founded in night that are 1852. But he didn't begin producing automobiles until 1902 and of course what do they make before. I know I don't know that that makes Studebaker horseless carriages make Studebaker washing machines. You know they're washing machines and listen to mayor Ross tarnish him would be chemical actually what I actually become through. But no the first two duke automobiles remain in the 1899 and 19100 and that was the view abuse. A lot of them and power company. Bomb so they actually started producing vehicles in 1999. That's cool let's say well we are a lot of cool Fuchs re talking about guys stick around your list and I'll Rosen of the hour right here on 1063 WORD. Islamic morals and Amber's drop its I think what's happened in dude you really do get schooled in the flip the rule of Buick knowledge will aren't. I'm doing this going to. You can teach to you appears to chulk got the joke or a town all right so as Ireland off. So in 1904. Puzzle you know that when you were born. Buick moved over to Flint, Michigan and coming from the man's ball. And yet a year old for a mile long job and better looking man. Looms food and located. Now I can actually make a FaceBook poll I think so actually. Anyhow came into my lesson under X six I know our listeners are dying snowman Buick. We're here is some good stuff Andre is starting here saying yeah I mean just hope I don't get better I promise. Was she says. You know an ideal for the company moved over to Flint, Michigan that's when actually became abuse motor company bomb and this is my guy again that year 37 viewed on mobiles from me. They're not in and out apartment that we ought to think about me a total break it was 1904. Well now check this out you wanna talk about production jumped. In 1905750. View which remains a step to open knowledge in 190614100. In 19074641. And then once again in nineteen LA they doubled it will just about Dublin again. 8800. Were made. Which is always a lot of years is a lot of bricks this is land. He abused are becoming a true competitor who Mosley goes over there wasn't a lot of colors back that I mean you still see horses roam in the streets are absolutely. I mean he's still doing unions and on the lists unless the man stole a different story. But I mean Buick has proven itself to be a major company in you know talked about production numbers on the 2015. Buick actually sold. 1231941. Vehicles which is a record for the brand. That's insane that's a lot of drivel chorus a lot of bricks now keep in mind over 800000 of them went to China. That's insane and now. As as as still blows my line I want to know what they're doing is pleased him buicks in unable sabres in traverse is there aren't there two vs Charlotte oh on cliff. You know uncle conflicts our area ever dumbing here's the thing of what is clear for Erica I don't realize that even remotely this I think you'll get a so. But it Unclei. Bucks while it's like to use a include your skin is so slow from eating tees on clay if but it's so nice launching new handlers uncle I. This thing and I am so Buick got better what would viewing due next. Where you think about some revolutionary thing your quote she had. You're the pony thank you this is your this was the beginning of corporation prior to Holler yanking your buicks. Rodent similar power plants. Well you know when you're gonna start ninety or not in 1930 when the store that sells revolutionary. Your surely had a street six hits and raid and all the way to in 1954. Well I will say and I'm sorry to interrupt you. But do you know the Buick was the first company to do overhead valve engine exactly how in their straight eight yes. Your arms straight it was extremely popular this thing was to pork monster. The course palahniuk shared a similar engine. But is also called the fireball eight you know and all that that they can they run the sister from 1931. To 1953. Million bits and changed two years and displacement such. But they ran straight for that long. Now keep in mind in 1954. They actually switched to the nail it VA which. Is poorly want the most popular hot rod Buick engines around especially urgent traditional crowd now you see these millions out of the woodwork. I don't know some Nestle mama they look cool don't him or her own but as they cooled him and I mean the broker for century ago I know we do not like the looks good. I don't know the only there's enough other forum. They're cool enemy of the displaced or what are in 1953 orphaned before the game total of three or twenty cubic inches which Jimmy is still a decent saws the eight bit. It's a mean to me that's a popular riches coming your caller got really got into that stuff. Alia. You know I've I've seen a couple of a straight eights Colorado announcing a couple of Leon now has not run it we'll see several we got a couple dozens and OJ get your gun in his in his Guerrier can that's pro in the nicest ones around it will I don't mean. Everything is cool about the buicks deserve a little different or who they're totally different from anything like Chevrolet yourself like that. But things called a million motor. Is the hot running things image forming your goal Moodle website run at it look at how our ports for a million view it. Probably don't know upsetting co owner several places for real power there's there's all things Internet regularly silly thing. Announcement and a strays that there's there's somebody in everything. That's scary. I'll vote for her part mammal under the weather here's a monkey coffin on the bum. Now that they'll head to me it's just Allen his. I like it a like links good to me is is nearer like. If I had a Buick and had once and definitely people in and out nonetheless that's your right is not malice doesn't. But the thing the school about a million things that you know in the fifties this was revolutionary. Everywhere they have to compete with the other 265 journalist Pratt. He went small displacement V forwards were just coming now I mean this thing. Now OK okay all agree in Australia it as a time it was a awesome awesome engine. And then you have your little two years have been there realist stuff for sick and I think this'll some of the most beautiful callers ever made. You get your freak injuries and 54 Buick specials these things absolutely. Just had our heavier and the pleasures and only if oh yes the vaccine is like a couch well I mean these claims his account changes course your beautiful though the chrome Harley oral. We'll all over inspiring these things. But the thing we'll so cool this course isn't the reviewers is beautiful is a little jet stream age. Also I'll make a bold statement here and I don't know why guys a lot of year old opera guys caller probably going to like not agree with them this one. But I think you view to your mid fifties Buick in lined up against a Chevrolet or Cadillac even I think you BOX better looking car. How would probably nothing you can relax a little too much Cheryl is known of the beauty is just right god just stood there some about you know mid fifties Buick and they're well they're beautiful and then get two road masters but these are gorgeous colors and I mean. These the corporation callers in general in the fifties opponents to buicks and the use of this war. Absolutely gores never if you low 56 over surely you'll absolutely love buffalo success than. Do you now and terms of you know Ronald in terms of rod and custom. You know a 53 chevys way to go you know on them but in terms just looking to and in Roanoke in class and style. Mutually yeah. Well I mean there are more than just classy around her beautiful even rotted or even an already emerged gorgeous colors yeah I think is a far better looking Cortland Cadillac of the top women and not just not to down the cat like in Maine to always things we like to see you will restore all original you'll see these wires on a million things you just. Eleven arraigned in a moment Rihanna or router and again that was a bad era it's now absolutely. Room for days we'll Donnelly and the cool about them now I think we talked about this one time before on the show. Is the food here than over into the sun Yi get over it for many which really want to go through the cool is actually also model there was we really cool. We get paid for the show so we only yeah. Aluminum out. Your life in order to. Mean you just want to Kent commercial re here I mean we're Helmand and buicks and we're fixing it is some real good view that we're gold we're worked her way into the muscle buicks you know oh yeah and I know list here of muscle buicks. Start off like 62 abuse special deluxe sales a cool car very cool chorus and tell you what state to we're talking about Buick trader and every hour on 163 WORD. Gasoline and a hot rods and happy hour. What's happened injured. Do you have the book a Buick you know I did at the book can be who can book a Buick to book a break. All right so now we're talking about bloke we were don't know. And there are those secure milky mama now you can get into an anomaly Bartolo while Campbell again or so where talk of the Oscars yet. As well be but the special actually turned into while it is it is actually special given what's will give it to three was the first you've especially had they skipped over years and reintroduced and 61. But I want to with a 64 view expressionless when again cool. Yeah because you know low because this story since he started cheering shoe bill blow irks eight well you know I'm a sucker for Seville not necessarily your man your model well I'm a sucker for sure well. Oh and a body fat and muscle. So let's with a 64 or 69 Buick special those were gold callers that course. If you're a GM come sooner. Are these cars were built in a lot of different locations. In Delaware Atlanta Georgia Kansas City, Kansas. In Massachusetts plan Michigan of course. And then Linden New Jersey. So these cars are scattered all over the place course Kansas to Caroline convertibles if anybody wells also their service regular corrales came from pollution rules yet. And I'm sure all the politics similar Willis is the a body platform on these goers Dobson were a shared you know sure bill Malvern. Army of course your co lists and you chronicle monster FA beef for exactly and you mutes Alec but it's Duke's stellar partly. All the shared the same platform now. Let's get this straight on the road for you and from Scotland it's going or else skyworks dorm room gesture who did you say and it's very true you must go York's all the motor -- you Moscow lots of only blue and amp. I know I negative. Sidetracked here for so I'd have a question for speaking. And those probe. Several people probably under the same thing. How can you drive on par poison park on driveways. Weirdness of people with confidence this is. If you answered that when women and have some back to abuse specialist is cool Goran and six legacy in 64 in getting cooler. You know these doors were offered a bunch of different money styles YouTube or our top Q you're two door coupe YouTube or convertible you're four or station mining fortune man. Oh yeah you can do is they way it. Kilmeny you know you won't believe there are some cute callers they were six colors Alia and and they have cooled engine Friday suit. Of course if you want to you know cheap value do you get the 225 V6. You get to 250 inline six the 300 VA or the 340 VA. So plenty of power options suit well that a lot of cool things losing its these things like this and these are different from Reuters share split power plants and this is corporation Dunham. And I'm there were businesses when Buick of their agents on the second period snow today were everything's shares saying the plan across the board Alia. And the only thing different is bagging and trio. Yes yes I mean absolutely right these colors man I'd say one day or gorgeous if if your into the slightly odd ball chorus of here if you're not wanna after Schiavo. In Isa you know often attribute special that same platform. At a fraction of the cost nowadays will these callers are familiar early Buick she convict him for sole McKee the month they are restorers nightmare but goes you know England the drum were on course or not they're from them there's a few things but I'm voters view. Yes I am. They are then there they're looking callers I think they're the start of the muscle car look for you know for Buick. On polling day but that that they platform was the muscle call and oh yes that's the start of the most of 1964 almost Cold War. Yeah and viewed and miss out. No they didn't aim in this is the thing. 64. Really was a groundbreaking year across the board for General Motors the only thing this didn't come now. Brand spanking new Wilson trucks in the core of it other than that everything got changed yet. And these callers I mean you know the and pals get near bucks here. Yeah this intermediate mountains there may call him out which of the mobile assist effort in the Buick scholar. You don't and you had to give this to the party AG GO. These callers I mean this was this was the missiles it now Buick was packing a partial opponent is surely were quite yet. But give him. Well we have but it's even still saying men of them now I gonna punch news for 64 in the Buick lineup was the engine. The capacity of the V6 engine was increased increased 200 from a 190 horsepower. I'm sorry from a 198 cubic inches to 225. Cubic inches. While the aluminum VA was replaced by a new cast iron block 300 cubic inch of BA. Was aluminum cylinder heads and 65 Kessler has replaced problematic somewhere else. Dylan's it was a little early than your balloon that's it was because a lot of people if you ever notice if you ever overheated aluminum has usually had tendency of warping back Monday and then. You are forever screwed him well him. That was a temperamental new problem like that but they'll know Q most let's just don't Luke material let's stop Scott from that okay. Because I don't wanna skip a very important cooler that's a Buick. Brick it's a call we all it's it's in a movie we all of them. Aren't. Dalton. Patrick Swayze yeah. Only. I am road house roadhouse. Q drones around in 1966. Buick Riviera. I absolutely love these colorful the claim she'll how to latest stories on a jumper over to the rim he's now world is saying is I don't wanna get excited until about new muscle as some I think almost give Revere which. Was there ever a bad year for review or other than the goofy looking eighties when. All right can you name another movies and Riviera and it's a dove tail. Or the hotel has two I conduct. Is there another movie that you think of the was in more recent movie not quite as all the liberal finger on it. I don't moment that was Steve Moore moved up into Murphy yes OK there was one and their two game in Ella Lenore thing 2000. And you believe role actor Jason statement. The drawing board and are you also shared the screen with a 96 and call a sense to them there clunker or if that's so important. Stitched. Up hugs. Click you can tell because when they roller over the head singles all sorry. Hear your cool court drink now for twelve gimme gimme gimme and of itself. Was worked out. I know you know it's funny he's an excellent trauma when there. Really crank that's it crichton here which you were only in the into the stuff and his car was as worth watching Lou. And material where we Netflix or somewhat innocent human well buddy as a Riviera that he. Destroys well early release were sexy callers they are well well look at Riviera especially. Like I think a littler Archie witnessing these into their class I mean they're like. Over the top schools say I don't know why I think polar opposite and here's why. You watch countless accounts customs. Those that Revere debut ever until they bill's bad news Sims three was absolutely gorgeous. We actually say that cursing. Phil Noble gore yet that is pretty actually it's a Ryan Evans the man the pain of that core it's his birthday today Kevin Burke Iran haven't built custom in his right where that answer until after Britain earlier than now and honestly Switzerland. But he. That caller is what I think about laughing about Revere I think lower router thirteen inch Dayton's fomenting and you know Hydro as and you know that's what I think here and switches and slept and eight US web but my read on but but lord drove the Buick who reveres as good looking callers and yes they are that you know why him. File that under top five favorite Buick in my. A little well let her body Donny that go well again Donny has a Buick group beautiful Buick Riviera. Clint showed that like caller. That is absolutely. Gorgeous gold. When you explain to you until about straight as the dangers stringing clean as a preachers six. As per point. It's beautiful to me like very rarely warm heart skip a beat over both the political will gore. And Wednesday's debut. Bow to his own that water out there. She complain must labeling to communal slim. Ala carte. And you've got me have you made if you won't and if I'm mistaken it's been featured in magazine attitude there it is there's actually a few you to villas that thing into the things gorgeous yeah he'd sign on to John York and his beautiful. All right so back to special decade or Alaska oh marks. Skyler Terkel co authors and they saw under the will sign books taxing them listen this is the filling the scholar was like your Malibu. GAAP uses Gervais. But they were cooled the stellar is on the same name on a platform. But the style Arctic kinda took on more of that Amish of bill. It did that do now exactly but those thing about the scholar Lou is you won't step into the G s's that was USS. Of the Buick exactly and there are some cool looking one plan and will they had some quarters buicks Alia gorgeous gorgeous the GS course but for the six is due muscle course ever made yeah. Day album and these things just go out there now Majid says willow a bit they share a lot of cool things the Irish journal issue of oil ports or should avail. He is yet esque story Cheryl opponent George stuffed two guys were just really cool course that you know what that's the best description I ever heard of this is if they if they Connie and judge and nation fell. Had a late night bar affair. You would give me being stellar. Yes yes yes always want to we will talk a lot more about the GS coming up next right year old harrah's in happy hour on 163 W a lower. Guess what my daughter out. And happy hour we're told about GS buicks. And broader yes first of all yes what does G stand for transport this dog. So the GS came around 1960 fast. And a few months but do it that's the corporate version of a circus. Give us the Buick commercial on the super sport its grand sport well it wasn't this guy like. Go I mean village and it wasn't a knuckle Fallujah their version did exactly. Please animus and GT Vietnamese just been so what a way crude. But then it was called the Buick is so you go so you get your stellar but if you go to scholar GS. You're timbers and rigorous gallery in the 300 via. That came on this 1965. Workload of the G employable right here the lord's engine available. Was a 380 million. The reduce little rules in your colony GT. Let's. You've got the 400. In your Buick GS. Round and ultimately this horse park in the 327 Isabel absolutely bottom Decker boat anchor well militarily but they've but these were court most newer. QGG engine. And called the don't wait that to your corporation monitors have always been that way there. Kinda Slough just on horsepower but toward Jamaica for a look after more stepped in and made a lot of sort of these lesser. Those those those who guessed it they get real feisty. Desert to actually have a competition every year when they race. Buicks GS buicks verses he meets. Tia spews from the wind and. But no OK so we can't talk about the GM's cars without mention in the Buick wildcat. The view wildcat is a gorgeous car now it followed its predecessor which is abused in victim watched. By the way is probably one of the most beautiful list buicks ever beautiful list view of most beautiful sorry proper English. Sorry mark. And now I'm Morgan means a thug and owns an. But Tom is the big baby you do beautiful lists and if you give list you'd be able beautiful as your daughter's name. Now the Buick and do different or Motorola you know when you leave your current. You go home and you and your wife or. You squeeze. In. That and chancellor. So really what we're talking about the victim will announce orwellian victim this is the predecessor to the to the wildcat the victims is. And just do want those beautiful glow the gorgeous this were to do so you know and just successor. To the wildcat would of course be yours interior. But in 1966. Was a very good year for the for the wildcat it was a one year only grand sport performance group package. Could be ordered this is talks. Of course you know you're. Big engine which in this case in 66 was a 425. Cubic inch 340 ports VA this whole school's single car set up. Bomb in the wind Tillis code used select him ordering this annual checkbox. Is aid dash Y 48. This was you're up ordering option injunction goes yes com and this corkum a lot of cool things you know the GA inspectors force game of the dual exhaust your immunity suspension of positive traction. In you know the updated recorder panel the GS bad and you know over these overbilled just look at this issue will be the twelve older insular and all the heavy duty stuff they were just back in the Buick powerful yet. That's in this school in you know I hate that wouldn't talk about this car went from a lower production number course is this is another one. They only made the 12144. While it GS is and 66 and out of those points 242. Were convertibles will rest for our tops. So room also coral that Israel's yes on. And this is even cooler a mere 22. It is known in the world. Are indeed super while Kidd details. So super wildcats. Which is a fair option obviously has only 22 more even known to exist. So so that's pretty cool I'm in. You know when you talk about GS packages that's probably your rarest of prayers and yes yes well this will. I'll beg to differ there used or given to your stage warriors staged to. Buicks you're saying to those colors of the geology is six buicks right there's some super cool there's a lot of clones but there's dialogue the real deal. You know another cool thing is in 1966. Unit here GS Revere you know boredom of the revered. The GS revered so that's cool and also a rare call our. And also pit the winds are about losing the Revere but in 69 those things get ugly. Similarly 69. The revered just took a turn for the worse thing yet the horrible. Certainly know in terms of opera they're hitting different this year. And then there's different. But today with the put Jim under oath with a 66 and or decreases. With a smallish front end I'll give you that I'm just say I'll give you is not that four finished. All right so while we're talking about you know the buicks of the sixties. There's no way now on this when actually starred in 59. But I want to governments surgeon because that's probably the most notorious. Of more curriculum third generation. While you're 65 through seventy. Buick LeSabre. The sleep book you know its own weather cooler earlier we're joking about your 2002000. Five. Buick LeSabre offered in the beautiful champagne color. Which probably most known car in the world. Every once have one. But the LeSabre Amin is it's this week's class it really does you know jokes aside as a classic car that came loaded down on the options. I mean this is related to year you know you're Bel Air your colleagues breach of Biscayne. You Connie at Catalina you know your view bon bon you know there's on the same platform as a source. So as to what would be called the LB body platform Glor. And this is the thing you're you could order. Eddie GM also are Chevrolet muscle power. Igor shall avail bare bones. He could older reform also called bare bones you can order mope more muscle course bare bones. But this is the thing movies buicks those bills. These caller alluded to the hilt. Wood grain trim power options as an analyst with her they held up our sheer power brakes really things are loaded. Notice is what I've asked them to be cool with the with the sabre platform of that time. Is the engine options. You key your 300 you know you're small standard O four point islander via a you use your 340 which was pretty common you can even get the those mobile 350. Or if you wanted to step up you didn't slam a 455 in this bad boy. That's right now you're talking about tort bolster in this forfeit if has proven performers yes seven point five liters of American muscle. Slammed and I vote but nothing compared to four feet deep boy I sure will Melancon nosedive bull for 55 is a tour most here. Now there's a lot of people would drag races motors to this day one mark you can't have the horsepower twice the torque and yes that at some pretty ecumenical of the waste was that it could. But there's actually a pretty accurate set up. But analyst sabres. And there're there are gorgeous colors you know only they had. There everything there there and I'll applause you know domain. In Palo pool similar you know they weren't there was little looks more luxury version of an involved. It's time. Ultimately decent every. Every option known to man and they're actually very very good looking goers. In their Tom. There or do what course and you know. The thing about the buicks and I think buicks gonna get rolled illness took you Richard dour view colors alone. Whenever you see in me being a muscle corridor. Whatever else you know a nice GS Buick stage issue whatever like that or GO six. Those are some gorgeous colors GSA tortoises that almost put you in mind over like a Joseph lynch a bargaining agent. But they all have that real well there are very very similar to the original bill for 42 news. Well and they both say they're all kind of met that full well I mean in the if you just wanna you and Jerrells with the signature of Hilton head is shaved they all shared the same shape grossly platform bicycle. Yeah and very Allah and just. Looking cars but in in the value these things carried there's one missile Barry Jackson. I can't remember what year but the pretzels 170000. Dollars hasn't thing. But Juba that's currently big money for Buick but you got to think about storm these course. I mean it takes fine arts exactly do you view this decent things a to have them restored for the school knew exactly I mean that the ports others there and liquor that's. They're not very common that's for sure but do what his comments he's commercial breaks are you serious it's time again then well actually stopped there hours we will long break out. A slightly actually go ripped grab a snack from the vending machines are among whole crew rosters Richardson is. Picky sounds getaway are gonna stay tuned we're talking rub Buick right year old hot rods and happy hour on 1063 WORG.