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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, October 15th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk physics, NASCAR aiming to help with team budget spending, and the electric self driving car problem.


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Yeah also color ultimately this row pits. What and in. She will chipper easily Jon Mills thought what happened to you with something deep into huge. Too much caffeine free growth bat. Pretty much Schultz I'm better able to let them know. Did he give you wings and denying him in wings and now resilient group who views. I'm there are making big give me wings within our strong enough my aunt lived in owns them. Which he was a buffalo troops into that country to them they drill little. Well under we got a lot of stuff that we've got. So much schools of the show this week and it calamity we got a really cool interview will the biggest names in the future but first some anyways Murray imagined. Radio manages his pre recorded by the if you're not at ruby Tuesday's sound was different right now. You're missing it time to sank as as forward. You know. If you're hearing this no future Brothers. Ruby Tuesday's China so weird and it's crazy idea you're listening right now in you're hearing mr. right now. We're relieved you heroes here but there were actually stay here or there. As soon as leagues it was magical for the space time continuum the exact them back in the future you know walls and alternate 1980. Were right there we're we are we are the mainland is re still actually weakened every Tuesday's right now. Listening to ourselves. Right now okay do that if an eagle there again and that's on them tell them. I just about breakers you let them and not an excellent color it's mind boggling understand. You got news stories about the was in this way. Yeah the first actually Obama his jokes as we're doing analyst's mind boggling trivia stuff image of one or are so imagine your NA train. You're entering or. It is closed off singer and they're sealed up as turning corn only to listen. And you have a small RC helicopter. Hovering inside dressing turning. And the doors closed the train searched the move. Will helicopter stay in mid air moving with the train. Or smacking gets all the back. I ask you The Who stays over. They say they may come back a little bit but we will stay and intensity that you think is helicopter employees from and it nearly drove back a little bit did not stir crazy right right. I like your answer on pretty that's that was the first glance until it. But I think it through your little conspiracy theory Chris I know Anna a NN and enough. I got took is driving the train wasn't there it was the station lies Thomas the tank engine package. I took I took I took a different route this theory there's there's a third possibility of those not included here. But if you go to YouTube and look this or if you've ever done this yourself sprinkle. So it or listen via many managers for the room area. So you know you take a little look at maintenance and ground. Say take them in a row seats out right in getting helium balloon in Utah registering new hovering displace it in Milan. Well you take off from the man and what you'll notice is the balloon actually leans forward. Egos with. What's happening. Is the man is pushing all the air it's in the mechanism and to the front pushing it forward trying to enhance her. Those two amblin its push forward. I think in the trying. The same thing happened with the RC helicopter. It would actually geared toward the front. Do you think it's only what you shoot well I mean anything because the balloons so it's lighter than analysis once flowed well and kind of listen there's enough thrust on the helicopter to push it to make it lighter than my air under it felt port so I think the air. How about we tolerable into the helicopter. I think we're in on outlandish. I think and on but I am my theory is the filtering north south east west or north it's going north. So north to south north south. South to north actually be on them than it would be the correct or correct. So I I think the RC helicopter will actually true artist to the bone he can I think RC helicopter actually traveled with the attorney. It is funny sort of characterize locals engineer for years. We've Florida Daniel you know he knew every road altering. Great and it and a year producer Anderson northern you know Mike built. What does that have to do with what last hemorrhage on 'cause we're talking about churning no no no we're talking about physics here. Listen this hot rosneft are not physics and physics pocket protectors okay. Listen I mean this is the thing I'm losing cool points about listening to this now you're not you're here I'm I'm asking you reach outside the law actual live. Maybe I'm comfortable in the box I I'll give you another one mind since you won deal with trains. If you got electric train traveling south eighty miles an hour which way is the smug blown. North. Know his electric train their business mode. God I salute you regulators do extra thunderstorm and others have one month knows the little one don't count. The caboose the little toy when no Tampa and what you're talking and you don't know the little the equivalent knowledge into them and this month it was a different process any. Got mine as like amateur hour over here. Quick trivia mr. wizard MBMR odd road hot rod. Rod got another UB gold you're virtually teachers for. Lizard Villa below the Orioles and this is about drugs and happy hours physics and I'd been flown all later so that not only that is whatever dirty circled the anyhow I'm on face smugglers don't you think the helicopter will do. Aside from that let's give them the business that are around taking two or left here can't keep electing people just. And ladies and gentlemen just grab a beer and let's talk about hot right thing both thought NASCAR Shalit NASCAR. Has always intriguing. Music. The minute you wake up when I guess that sort. Oh look another concern while we're there and we'll look at your against the meta man hey he made another look at the river because the old little commitment appointment. All right so NASCAR chairman Brian France. Hinted Sunday. As drastic changes to the sport as it seems. Manage expenses for teams. There is a good thing is that you're making entertaining that would be also you know why that would help a lot operation regular good demolition derby like a battle Rory. Let's take roller derby and NASCAR tiger illness like the whole heartedly. Make Rogen is racist survival as the fittest slim scream you know limit them to like 300 horsepower. Seen unknowns carrying on way too for knowing crashed into each other to animals are prone safest thing moral. You Doreen regularly critics and fixed it opens up spots out of winter drought and a win there today I'm when his tape wanna. Am. Brian Brian France so there's a lot more we can do. And we're going to do it the he told NBC sports at Charlotte motor speedway. That's what the charter opportunity gives us a chance to do. Bomb and whether wanna do basically is managed the money that all race teams are in the spent. Count limit their right to their running on a budget if you will. I am sojourner Big Brother trigger care. Pretty much am I think he's just keep everybody in check you know it's got a filtering injures a little ear hears rumors that he and none of these rules and well the wanna control expenses and a way that has Honda been Nunn motor sports before. Won NASCAR's three main tenants. Is cost. Containment along with safety and competition. France met Lynne and Giroux immersed seeing majority owner of Richard Petty motorsports. And John ten issue as the owner of NFL's New York Giants. Back in July when. Immersed being discussed the notion of spinning camps for teams. So. This ogre who want to suffer the money's not an issue in NASCAR. And had the issue in NASCAR's it's more. I mean. We NASCAR XP you know opening look at the carrier over. Look at you know Henry V it and they definitely sprawls back then there are Thelma of these cars run and lift. Yeah I agree but man out there go and at all rule. Well Denny Hamlin actually raise some issues this week about revenue and redistribution. On in this boring giving teams and their drivers the opportunity to make more money as if they may do. And first were wrong drug there. I mean you know you're making a million dollars on the weekend the Learjet they little by itself that's true you know Clinton insists. Dissidents rough left to live to summarize now live from today's something you know so little Leo that there is these commercials the monitoring millions. It goes state to allow more girls and the inaugural. Race here on 1063 WO Lordi. Goes woman routes that bears drew up. Let's have and then there's some very vigorous Stewart and those who are yes sir I was actually have a that's raising risk is this the script legacies take. I that little a little girl. Eyes pig never left off from. On Friday became racing's Todd to notre argue they well well now I'm good tournament. A day Levy could pick them the gun and bullet then that might help me get to this news story. Really how I. Anyhow sorry. BK racing cigars did not run for practice or qualifying. On Brett Moffett who told NBC news sports. That the reason is seemed and run is because bills wanna pay. And it was you know Gavin bills blowing Yang a money he can't even mills. Car owner Ron divine. Decline coming to NBC sports the team was prepared to practice Saturday. But both sessions were canceled by rain both cars were we're two runs Sundays. Race at Charlotte motor speedway. Can you imagine they'll mister mister Davila lived and where you see the way much chicken chemists. I don't Iraq for six months. Well and RC when he Tron chances are like well over a million dollars or exe were there on that rather quickly bring you your world around them it was get your extra insurers do. You have chickens. The auction imam who. Open at the lingo of right to change you then NASCAR has implement various rule changes with the AL long term goal of saving teams money. To help prevent instances like that on NASCAR announced last month of the cup teams will be required to all used thirteen short. Sure blog engines for two full race weekends next season. To help defray costs teams also can only use one engine for the Daytona speed weeks next year that should be fun. Yeah okay so this is my thing and I mean they're saving hundreds. Millions Condo development of thousands of dollars and our teams spend millions of doubt there let Nichols told of dollars yet. Tear tell me the same was so you have thirty dollar T shirt. In the same place that teams that tracks in Georgia sixty dollars little piece of plastic. Balls to save you money. Well actually once and racing monies were yes you're correct me if this makes no sense to me really don't live in camp so the boy unbelievable and turn the channel. Com so and it's pretty serious things debuted a fine show outfit composite body at Richmond in September. On Iran and over and we'll run later this year Phoenix the composite body. Can be used in 2008 team for all races except super speedway events like Talladega. Series officials plan to make the composite body mandatory between nineteen. Also. NASCAR's experiment with a less on track activity cup teams were. On track only two days including race day at pocono and Watkins Glen in August. And will have the same schedule later in the month for Martinsville Speedway. So basically there on the cut now the time their rent on track to use which in turn will save money. That's understandable. Or you could just make it more interesting that would make more I thought you know what I'm waiting on the day if you just made it way more interesting. You know like toward a couple right turns. Or as I've said before you know one halfway through the race she saloon and you won the first half. Spent most cars background and cinemanow the way polish victory laps yes and the other way. Or I got one better than the about two troopers two persons star have to feel normal way and half the field goal the other throttled fairness I'm what do today's something you wanna make this corner. Terrorist and I've watched that how about NASCAR figure track. That would be like Talladega size figure trek so when they're in that figure they're going like plus sooner you know arming. I think that being are intending. Only to be deadly to refute them. You know having makes good television so you would you not watch all the books movies and until I am and green grid is here. Bill for its uniqueness he knew or did it's I'm just saying only you know as I actually. I'll give me orders from the basics for Fatah movement and friends. This riddle they're related through wall anyway but it's. Now double billboards you know men and it only in the Morrison trucks the ladies' rooms but but but a polio when he found out point six moments when north south prevalent these west crown exactly handle the list with them. If there's to fifty chance or endure me just on an honest though that ultimate authority McConnell and catcher maybe those rooms so yes NASCAR's off NASCAR wants and mine from. And the banners and that's cool NSA solve problems ideally a large corporation. And it's tanking let's not change woods the problem let's just figure a way to cut costs keep the ship driving on into the ground. I think this is Smart idea. So goes through the boats go hole and its daily fix in the hole now is getting bigger but other well delegates and a son and a double cups. A couple of I Simone done in other news coming soon California cars without demons behind the wheel with Doug knows thousand times. But it's in the news again. California took another step this past Wednesday. Torch pro meaning testing of self driving vehicles without human drivers. Continuing a shift away from previous policies. That companies criticized as being overly restrictive. The State's Department of Motor Vehicles on Wednesday released. Revisions of regulations proposed in March to allow such as Thomas caller protesting in public roads. Which could take effect by next June. Says the proposed rules would also allow companies they introduce self driving vehicles that can be used by the general public. Which is I got a scare I guess some of propose how Barger is there callers drug sales you know what I agree scrap this idea it was so there's a million times. Get rid of this idea California split bill Fritz told us you have both Diaz a dumb Manningham also. I think in some of them except for listening California photos never lose you nearly do you actually look to appoint school parents and but whoever's deciding to let these the autonomous vehicles get through it. Your. Design. By of things. And given I don't care. So as the system can't come to limit Brooke I'm here with some. And I'm gonna. Though the developmental and Thomas vehicles technology. And the public policies in the United States have been concentrated in California. Much of the development and worse it is culture in Silicon Valley where companies such as south bay incorporated. Dwayne mode LOC. And crews automation incorporated are testing vehicles on public roads California has permitted so after having artists. Win a human driver ready to take control since September of 2014. State regulators have permitted for two companies to. Tests of driving vehicles in the state. Two. From eleven last June I've actually seen one of these courses around here. Driving number idea either it was manned by a driver is a Prius was sensors all over it and. Yet there was program will but it was animated vehicle. There's so much wrong in which you just on not only said a Prius you first always have Prius. Yeah I'm I'm not. I don't know like this hello I'm telling you this is such a bad idea although there it. It honestly sounds like the making of a honestly thinking. It is there and colors actually go over your but with Prius is Melissa Leo both Prius and Honda is not as one oh lord man. I don't know how it looks like looming but I guess we'll play more to talk about ray Arabs and happy hour 01063. W already. Puzzlement or is that there are that's Robb Pitts. And our role that he's honest studio that would seven due to the today because I got they have historically William. Yeah I'm over here and check him a full run quirky little oil studio commercial break. Carolina were at Colorado agility and I've been very audited. Pity but it is Mel who. So why I like a sell his soul. I've new conversely though relived cave understated audiences are let a black hole. He would use the beard let's other nodes filter the ability. And now. Now as to fill pinning down that thing and her that we're talking about my big mouth duke duke will be shown. I. So GM hello hello balloon. Yeah. There's GM is back in the news sternly proverbial third if you will bomb. And this one it is scares me and makes me feel. All of the same time. So. General home General Motors GM there CEO Mary Berra. Diskette full. All of all the automated callers the self driving cars. She's not for them whatsoever I like this shoot a light this year too until I got the reading as to why. So general mercy. Mary Berra said Tuesday that Chinese officials should consider whether there is a sufficient demand. For this. You know for automate chorus. And then she went to talk again about electrical cars. And discussed. China's plan to ban gasoline and diesel engines. Listen. This will reserving vehicles on this earth. There's going to be the internal combustion engine journal is should heroes or money China makes and let me read from interim solution engines and amino laments belong here. Speaking at a conference in Washington's honoring her for being named number one on fortune magazine's most powerful women's list. Berra said GM is very committed to an all electric future. Reinstating what we talked about last week. Mom but she said drivers still have to be persuaded to want electric vehicles. And low here's one that you're not going to persuade. Alia horror scenario he's even in places where the government is mandating their use. Clearly. We believe that China's market will have the highest logical vehicle. Most quickly because of regulatory. Environment. Regulatory environment. She said I think the point I was trying to make. And is kind of again respond into something a little different. Is that the end of the day you still have to make customers happy and you have to fill their names. Says about is still much tanker that was some premium exactly. She says though we've encouraged Chinese Government to work with a us and work with the industry to make sure. We're creating an excitement. And demand for electric vehicles as opposed to just being mandated. In this facility the words it's electric power co for our power grid. I mean this is such a dumb idea tiger. And me is just a military court I think I do have a future and I'll hold hold we'll believe it. Nothing is certain circumstances but just doing away with the internal combustion engines and it happened. Well. Let me say here. Regulatory is in China and France have moved to enact bans on gas and diesel engines. In a bid to boost the use of electrical vehicles in recent weeks. And California's looking follows suit domestically. So it's happening. Miracle plays a wanna see it. A Mercury news and you're about to see it that's the that's the scary part of this is you're actually about to see it and to base them on your feet tumor exit is but yeah. Oh mayor sits there is I think the lives are politically motivated all that they come at the time Winston. Critics of the truck administration efforts to roll back climate regulations. That were inactive by former prison bronco mom are looking for reasons to cheered. It's looking at where the future's going in warning to have a stronghold there isn't. Every country wants to look at and make sure that they have new technology is going to create jobs and creative very strong economy. A GM Detroit's number one auto makers planning to. Wants to you know electric of the electrical vehicles and eighteen months into warning but when he 23. That was twenty callers bunch when he when he compared to when he 23 and of those little toward zillow twenties as a tongue twister. Twenty callers by the year 20/20 three. Mom as it looks to build up of the success of its share of U bolt. On a symbol Orion assembly commissioner Peebles have you seen you see you I mean jeez a team. You know he's still on the volts a day's other metals listen a lot of what's that golf carts. A lot more of those could use for electric vehicle the golf carts. And a nanny you know. Bear when necessarily think it's part of the solution I think we're going to see cycles of learning and experience. To make is the affordable. I think it's going to be part of the solution both from what customers want. To drive because we look is what the customer really cares about but also from regulatory. Environment. And doing was the right thing for environmentally. Perspective. So. In Iowa under trees and life I guess. For drone electrical power and save future. And it's looking so brave for hot running. But just that skills in the others that store makes you happy yeah the par this year as against armored vehicle with a sorry what was wrong with you. There Israel enough and others of actually having this is bad blowing. We've got a good news though there prep boy you kill them now now are really now I mean. I am more of a loose. But what comes down to is yes there is actually a big push. For both automated vehicles and military vehicles and an actual Alicia Manning the internal combustion engine. This is something that Israel. This is something that is happening right now in our time. Not happy about it whatsoever but it's a there's a obviously excellent mobile pesky anti. You know and now Warner in it's no secret. A lot of politicians pockets are padded by the bidding of big oil companies. I wonder what kind of future does is look now you know. Now as electric companies as circuit board companies are there battery companies are they going to be the one hand buckets over government. Some analysts and they'll layer only going to over about. Fitzgerald's theory. But me but and on the autumn's I am. We are bigger overseas vote 1% on the but this thing and that. In my wildest dreams I would never seen anything that commercials here you know yeah I even don't electric collars for decades and I don't have a problem electric cars either I think alleged callers in on things fail especially in city uses. Is a great thing I think it's you know it's a wonderful thing actually. Omnia. Our legacy one day my main villain Golan tax season San Francisco or lecture. You know I think that a great I mean think about all the polluting vehicles you taking off the road but when it I think that's a great thing bush as far as demanding an internal combustion engine. I'm my guide you in them and now. This is crazy to go. But I mean you see companies like me you know re here in the upstate prepare that are pushing electric city buses are you some in the push for electric cars is there. Who have gone and does the demand is there is your absolutely right little Jim through these that are exactly in played Bad Religion that point. This is crazy. If you about a film of blood pressure raising just talking about this Daytona. In all honesty you're talking by the death of the hot rod. Yeah I mean you know the fast forward this on our kids are image over in about U member that when they had no hot rods. Through use of I guess the gas station via now ages Coppola here cholera benign phone charger yes. And with all proved you push the USB port in honey what worked his and we stand around a parking lines. Talking about hey man I just guess new alkaline batteries for my car running good tonight. It is that conversation and we had just got these new commentators man they may just get a number of little Jews coupled corner for a minute yeah bombing Ekene. This is ridiculous it's deal and a I like it and the future of pirating is now looking to break as of right now. All right so they won't replace all internal combustion engines when there currently are going forward missile was generators run off of whose little car to have an electric generator and the result. Larry did have lectured on more zone ya think about this woman blow your mind with some. And here to say the power grid fails now nobody can go anywhere because all our electric vehicles and plug in in the mill work. We're defeating ourselves here people. So I want you to pitcher I think what I'm actually don't wake as we get amending here and a I don't poignant debt to listen to you about it. It is just had a thought pop in my hands and you're so lucky to hear from this because is actually really really get thought. But we await him because they thought let's look for since they thought. And Google are big and come out as big as they thought. And and the air base pull attention you know once I want to leave them as big tall as well as we thought. Today you'll get as Obama Cuban I'm seriously entry to here's an underdog to the fall involving electric collars and all good stuff. So to Iowa State and we got a little commercial break right here on morals and went in a small commercial break for me thought for a big. Aren't as it was and harrah's champion player 1063 W already. All right guys welcome mega harrah's and have a our I am honor on him olive as the beautiful lovely the spiky haired blue to rub its. A look you describe me Papa Papa. You will see the suspect they're in the ocean blue so criticism. I guess if you're listening earlier. Even if you want I have a big thought a big folks earning electric vehicles in the future of America and the future of pot running. You drew a yes. So what you imagine a world in the not so distant future let's just say twenty years from now. So that would make it would 2037. On the imagine we have shifted we've done away with the internal combustion engine we no longer have the internal combustion engine. Everyone has the commissioner runs we live miserable life of Prius is in Chevy volts. It sucks but this is life we live now we're figuring out a way to add battery still chills Silverado is to go faster. Were figure now way these things like he did exactly equal equal grace in Africa where figured out a way to remove under risk free and should be yours and mine both. Tell us those are the new hot rods on more figured out a waiter shows there batteries down and Ferrari's and make him go fast. And highways are quote it. But here's the problem to look at resort for the western. Media and a win is master. So here's the problem here's the problem here's my big thought. M stretch other little bit away from how are running. Well once you imagine that a terrorist attack. I want you imagine terrorist attack it goes after our power grid. And it kills the entire United States' power grid. What are we going to do. Exactly when no longer have an internal combustion engine when no longer have generators we no longer have anything but a silver medals we no longer have a means of travel. Police think Dutch is about jet ploys little militia to I doubt it and say that's another problem. Wearing around is there. Now obviously I think our great military will have power I assure you saw groups of those artists Oakland Hills just think about NASCAR electric. They took the sound this is mostly muted the NASCAR race. It could be tolerated even more and more important to. A. Zoom imagine a measure only treat brokerage will all the cars are brought to us dollar cash fair statement. But I mean seriously elegy envisioned this you know a year car its average charge payment and we've advanced Wilbon and you know up miles to a charge. But is still a shoeless 500 miles. Of power grids that. What do you do the king an hour he can do nothing in what I do drugs stay in shape. You know how it is a drug local locals liberal with the coup against literally you know island in. Alien mind that anyone pre station line in the month poured gasoline in my basement. And a fire wanna compare can say it's. The. Ronald run here. This is the pro Rainier was your view final fuel injection you have to have. You exactly refined 93 octane gas has sent. No they'll boo thing I can take paint thinner and make it real sag and paste are two of the yet that's looming just. I via Maine and resolutely gas are so here's here's another thought here's another thought. These safe why can't do away with the internal combustion engine there's no way. But what they can do mission and the gas line. Or federal sicker. And war and Exxon Mobil's model that. Two well it if ExxonMobil is investing you know logical luck electrical engineering and then they might they might be there shift to. But let me let me tell us out there we talked to the you know what we didn't but this was conversation when they're talking my along outlawing guns. You know there's no way you don't sure of this nation of our guns. But if you outlaw all the bullets canceled. They're still so renewable something's got real motors that reload bullets you do there's so blaming nine everybody not everybody Israel loader. Not everybody as a reloaded there's a lot of drew little regulators there's a lot of those things oh shoot you pick mobile back and have agreed that. There there's probably a lot of us who could figure out a way to make car run on them all and gasoline to. But that's not everyone's. And I'm Tony. A road you will personal little thing you walk us through you will Jesus is the body venture over the night I don't like this. I don't like what the plans are. I don't want this tall I don't like it I don't what was your solutions I don't like having this conversation but is still aerial already dead dog like his don't hurt me more than ever she did it does it doesn't hurt anymore and think about it and knows her name I listened to it so. Well we're helping to differs from my hopes sizzle Mira living that I won't be on the scene this happened this problem. Let's think about the next six multi Jimmy do this should be great net snapped. Now it has RA less so let's move toward analyst augur well some more. Some better things some letters from new analyst on what we're going up there and near distant future the near not so distant future Mon yeah. Then you're not a citizen yes. All right so. Obviously rate now populist in this here Illumina parallel universe is because we are set that ruby Tuesday's on Woodruff road pitcher and we are having a good time and we'll talk more about this next week. But it. Current next week October 21. Our mail Lawrence high school for Lawrence of of a car show that is within detractors should tractor show liking for him that. Missed the future farmers of America of folks were raising money for them. Mom I should big it's a big festivals whom agreed to on the oil comparable runs there all girls accused of the New Orleans. And I'm man wielding a mean I would love uncle Leo. By some movement on the following week October 31 in November the first. Our November 3 sorry. Mom you just breeze you're going Sima I'm not I am going to Myrtle Beach volley and then saying we hold down before going admirably nominee and I fumbled the big sham on base young little Wesco cycle we Scopes Spoelstra. The US strike has will be in Los Vegas for seamless. And we will be taken wells pictures vs FaceBook page TB goes giving you the close and personal. Yes sir so there is a reason for me and I'm going. I recently started a new career venture in as a ticking implement time. I'm so I have to stay here and hold that down I'm willing on the same an issue but you guys have fun and you guys better take a lot of pitchers is probably watching. But in the meantime I'm going to had done to Myrtle Beach other enemy troops should and I am gonna check that out. You so look for the Eminem wanna know sub Vegas you know somebody in in the fertile myrtle Froogle and it and it is not same learning thing now. Saloon. And there's a lot more water there in this new you do that water he desert area now engagement rules saying adulthood has always been Fiona here that we do medalist Mickey knows who. CSF finest same have a safe trip there is no mail awesome time. You know I wish I could go but do your career things like availability of food that we do assure you know there's some would Gil fully anyway you know Vegas you know we'll we'll definitely do something. Some fun and really listen let's stay tuned FaceBook page and it's their pages with us tons of picks. Giving you just basically means oh yeah I'm insiders some will be in the studio onion a memo calling guess Ross are you calling yes patty in Arab Sam Harlow. Only you know real well jewel give us some friends together and and analog phone that. I guess CA yield you an issue. Live from San mama that. On moving on November. Well November 4 Fuego has gone on VA muscle done now is actually have a Carson and Obama probably gain ever as well thank you know the rule yes sir. Now give more details amendment would come. On November 11 when you guys are back well world take off that next week and we're only on and the commerce Georgia to Atlanta Dragway for the super southern heavy shootouts. And I think you're an Arab government and our announcing thunderstorms and puzzles Exxon wrote the Glenn Greg would always linger with Georgian absolutely now we bring in the wagon now and now on actually remains on the first passes on the Drake strip within the civic and I'm excited I'm excited to them sentencing should do occur to leave exactly. And Zachary did insurer Aetna. I guess after that November rate changes going to be fifteen annual Christmas for kids there injuries complex. In Concord, North Carolina shows put on mother Caroline's GM association. Devin morneau Gaza that doing a wonderful job. This is absolutely big show is a great show you took him four to 600 Kareem Moore callers. In some of the best course in the Carolinas and from other outside places that having the same course here from Canada. This is that's crazy yeah nominee and this show is amazing. It brings out the best of the best and is. Absolutely worth the price of mission one they really think about it was he George Schroeder sporting gentleman that the place gorgeous work just chicken and I would know courses. You got a valid point that place is absolutely. Beautiful. There would this be beautiful if we can actually get paid. I guess they digital news for the top of the hour but coming back another hour comrades in happy hour right here one of 63 Debbie Doherty.