HOT RODS 10 15 17 HOUR 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, October 15th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk NHRA cuts on Pro Stock and interview NHRA Driver Tanner Gray.


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I guess what hot rods that we are as a Robb Pitts. And was an undated. The old days them but were we got a really really really great our chemical or is that they are able Galileo got also calling this one hottest names in major drag racing right nail. It's going to be a lot of in the studio apartments were going in the studio but a huge home to this will be a great time is critical against guys put it what we're told but in nature a new big thing right now in entry just struck a big letter to all its members. And of course National League only Internet and shortly afterwards there was an every drag racing magazine Nolan did you everywhere and now it's here. Exactly guess we'll tell you what is sure a dozen analysts are cutting pro stock breaks. A long injury announced earlier last week that they the pros are core category which will compete at all 4423. Million children resumes of its. Will feature eight caller fields at nine insulated events in sixteen collar fields at the other fifteen of this so most of them as normal sixteen caller filled. The rev eight core fields. So basically they're cutting the race. You know a good media databases. Are none of it's actually supply an engineer and actually cut in pro stock and yeah. Liz and say that's so there they're actually shortening of the field. Basically. Cutting rails but doing that right on. The change in Phil saw as intended to elevate competition is sparked renewed interest in the Proust cork out of we're bringing more exciting qualifying two bits. Historically fewer injuries in the category. The caller feels will be the phone visits Houston to because having English don't Bristol did versatile with Seattle and brainer. So they're want to do again is like only eight cars will pay as men want to qualify. But the making qualifying tougher run both look at the film that rice with a takes sixteen girls don't take any course. In this supply you better bring your a game yeah and as well this is my school you. You manufacturers who ultimately stopping her reasons. And if you're going to be anything for the into the championship or anything like that you've got to be in the races. On. Injuries are working closely pros opting for several years. Two over initiatives to improve for engagement interest. Changes include switching to fuel injection basic course for in the pits in the fifth shootings were literally inches Alberto contest Excedrin exit. I mean this is in the near don't get me girl or injury is probably one of the best fan experiences. Of any motor sports because of me every pass the pit you get to walk in the city if see them working on the court we're like NASCAR or another they generally get that close to emea of this yet. No enemy it closed at NASCAR's of one implies of the game minute it's here. You the president insuring Peter Clifford these things hoping that this what she fills us change will increase excitement and feign interest. On the words ridiculous that they don't miss the more accountable. Ron prince is doing when this current. This jury will continue to work person it is manufactures this year carefully. Of Iowa in key metrics sporting targeted measures by the teams to generate interest. Although the jury is pro stock eliminated is just play significantly greater competition in the first half of the season that it did a year ago. The cliff's been unable to escape the grip of the media and spectators. And drag race community at large group continue to do say his downfall. Yet they've been so many other things that are still in the show from personal. Serena seems to me and they're actually bottle a bit of love Brian France's playbook here and account at chase for the cup kind of thing. A little bit willbros Doug I don't think they should really fool this I mean I mean honestly whatever their top fuel the politically I was doing. Prestook should be followed suit in the other cutting their field. And you know that's another thing you know you go to a drag racer thing you know any jury of man and it's all day event are all weekend event. Why would you want to take away from the us of why some many people are attracted to the sport. Coming in you're seeing more people show to any jury amending our NASCAR of them by a large numbers. Why would you want to take away from the exit they got a great thing going. Just keep rolling when. Well that they do in the adult home. Hedo do in the changes to pro stock and there's been so many people we know what wanna know why post well you know there are several reasons while pro stock. Is really fell on the issues list competitive you get the same callers wrote in the same exact Cuba gets the same as access. I mean the same court went over a review of the world surely Cabrera is they'll look the same. I mean issues. This bill. At best in the courtroom and Arafat's media pro markers are faster these cars yes. So what he wants he's currently they've gotten radio tower club our cars run faster Bruce of course. Yeah partial discount well it's interesting loss on the net well I want to them in minorities in this case today. Wasn't really approval to offer NASCAR of the national association although in their quality ending quest to rubble Mascoll grove. That no this was true gorilla suit poem the world's leading sanctioning body had little competition pro modified. Was around the wasn't very popular at the time and it was actually deny terrain not image or. So that's one thing that really help them in the ninety's they stayed really big. I know that given what was Toma is a radio tower no purple racing nor there was no lady Oreo or Peoria around do anything like that. Now there is just too little way from pro stock yelling about your street race schedule and actually pro stuff we have what goes. There were door slammer callers to score political or Cuba Entergy and dealership rye. I mean it's just. I don't know I mean as we watch it unfold. In the nearly two decades and have followed others perhaps more attractive analysts closely being used approved for Gregory is violent and limitless opportunities that simply. Moral Orel before. Albeit they approach Sox look to rules run all of you know there's untold millions of dollars and distant pro modified regular time racing operations. And if those venues didn't exist you can imagine. That means those individuals who today Iran and radio vs the world prudent actors would even be interested in pro stock. Right I really think about coming it just draws torture craftsman Lou look at these do you know George south Georgia most works for. And things like that I mean magic they had that got to ground for pro stock race. Which basically most of those cars are external sports and pro life and pro stock callers yes that are. I mean like in his advanced the marked the only other stepped out power plants them but the colors are basically the thing. I mean you have to remember even those meetings figure pro stock court might have attempted to qualify for those who want to I'm only half or even live had a legitimate chance of ever making the ship. And for fewer could win the deal altogether. So why did me razors invest considerable sums of money in their program into it but goes pro stock will replace the biggie. There ought to be a part of the big stage regardless of the outcome. We see that very same thought process today of pro modified mixed use and found another class is being used. People simply want to be involved even if they are competitive. And so on so long. There's plan that would be in pro stock racers out there today they just fell Soros suspend their money. Drug more prepared to class more fun drill more crowd it's more TV exposure. Emmy at the unit going crazy on me. You'll see you to jail for pro stock cars now for a modest hiring now and it's extremely insurers are radio talk Sorrell flyer. Yes sir in early two thousands Greg Anderson's team owner Kim black raise the bar and a big way in pro stock but competitively in financial accumulate and in the first chambers of 2003. Black from Los Vegas says that show up. In this in stock car country more global Carolina and hired some of the best talent money Cuba Anderson won twelve races in 200315. In 2004. Eight and 2005 in six. He and his teammate Jason Wong virtually untouchable. And resources they need to close the gap will fall or more of the majority of the forty other course while they're at their disposal. Some of these these address here or load things that people got tired of seeing Greg Anderson we. These guys I mean you won't say you know signals the winner Raton. Rao assure gray hairs that are Jerusalem fan. You know I've Araujo middlemen you don't and I mean. I mean money basically bought them pro stock those users yes so that her pro stock especially in the early 2000. And it really really did and they still have the same problem today is just a few different drivers. You know and I think enables them to. Tune with the Internet craze the real problem here. And the reason why is that it is you know it's count film office because. The popularity like his Ahmanson is on pro mod right now and I think that is the root of the problem. Well let's a lot of plus they're pro life and legacy of sixties and father you coolers and all that that does have very hot in the and sure Diallo's wanna blame oh you know their name would come up we're dogma during raising. But they're the ones to blame for this and I'm messing and and a bad way. I'm not I'm not also on the Madeleine notebook they go home to hold you figure for everybody they have but the guys who fell off mark his approach to August. They've count will still in the has been sanctioned. Yeah and they had there there it will test and an upper middle you know remain and we're wrote to us based on this a lot here's an excellent. Break it down a little bit and show you some more ways what are. Rob inaugural the approach to model we roll into Atlanta. This has really experts in NASCAR and everything you know as well I think with as many experts from freedom pro stock and struggles to there was states and we also governor very special call India's coming up I gadget was not rugs and happy hour right or 1063 W already. Our guys welcome back to hot routes have we are this is our drugs in my left is the beautiful lovely. The one the only the amazing champion Tony rockets aren't the only kid and and you're good to have. I knew somebody from doing good. You've admirably and until. One more go feared those assembled a key Q. Our game and I'm really kind of our film actually funny story my funny story. Who out to dinner the other well I want to since you knew you was. Look just like they got the Brasco flats don't named Tony Jane and if you had a little more Fuller hair you would look like Gordon Ramsay. A little bit and a million spice girl that they no longer a little bit. And can get angry about cooking in me that could be spying programs. Well you know some Morse of the we're told pro stock market and what is demise is your future is cut pro stock back now. We don't want them this big Stoller that was posed a terrible time. Is that about a Amerigroup drag racing at strikers in history stuff and here we talk about some call it guess we have before you I mean. Drag racing you back in the nineties in the eighties and those heyday for prestook crystal was the field to be at the door slimmer Kalus. You know I have I Gregory John wrote yeah I mean in theory goes they really do with the why did you hear of first altogether just listen you can hear it that's level possible and it'll give the person won't give her baseball eyes so. All right we'll know what his watch and yet let's get rid of it. By now not follow me on this theory don't don't jump too far will and here. Are easier pro Saudi horizon Rory thereby loses their mind. Or maybe then Miller under appreciated. And appreciate the values of this won't bring a bag handling comes back after season well I've got a theory you fix in pro stock I'd listeners on my mom serial. Dickson Bristol there was so much help them there's no competition they're the called little room repetitious and say winners on all well. The pro mod doesn't provoke or to kill nitrous course pinky boo with the pro Monaco hours pints all right take no action went Roma. Yeah roads are to vote analyst horrible. Let's put nitrous. Oprah style course and I branch to totally change the field. Berrian Aniston and you know we're starkest of stranger to doctors back in the eighties and nineties you bobbled leadership of Warren Johnson dodge was. You know the notre scandals the race to the six's the races to Ramona and these were things are exciting about it actually a funny story about bottle gluten. His son rusty Clinton actually raised pro stock are also from our craft. They put nitrous on his caller and ran it in the majority of it. And then show in a jury they did and got away with one this is but these are the characters we had by the do you see the pros dugout today doing that and now. But they did that to show. This is a conflict with a hidden directory system and he showed them exactly how they hit in the caller Bob Bob and give bubble the more Burleigh warning and point the only other and it showed in how they did play about play this caller made nine the actual horse priority extra 120 foot pounds told. You know that big difference that's a called it didn't qualify to number seven. That's a big if that's a huge difference also causes Gore's running. So you just nanny horsepower separates the field from seven to pass sixty you think you know and a personal car ninety horsepower a lot of power. In the you know of course you don't go to war troubled night mr. Al in the pit stakes international explode more pro stock Gore's. And it John covered up admit it's like wrestling that wheel mixing up the next week they're shot burned and and a problem for a truce but investigate pages burst of regret and -- and this is all about what we're gonna win against each of the little. The army but this was aggressively there was a story there. They are cheap norm dodging a bullet never cheat you know as an auction date or you don't themselves. I mean it was so much uproar over this I mean this also all of us would pros thought was great amid WJ the professor Warren Johnson. This guy literally is like the bill not a drag race. Let's see note. Drag racing the walling NASCAR in the fact that they both have blue collar roots. And with so much corporate sponsorships is a much corporate dollar step in and you take away from the blue collar roots. And realistically take the fun of the sport it's no longer you know I mean you mustered up every dollar we have. To go on race and try to qualify this weekend now someone's backing us we got millions of dollars and it really well. Early and that's true and electricity you know the big problem with the you know the person knows and robbers are just one part of it. You know pro stock in chief go together like Democrats don't amid just doesn't work. Well and we've had this conversation outside of the radio station before. In is sings a lot of things are pressing toward this direction but drag racing NASCAR. Com a lot of sports I can say the same thing and now. Have became. The actual going down the tracker that going around the track is just a byproduct. Of this marketing monster. And it and it is like the actual going down the track really don't matter anymore. It is I mean don't because I mean it is in the racing this morning at their best. I mean you know granted you know pro stock is not what he used to I mean nowhere even close. But I mean I still argues it is the most proceeds of any of the dorsal and more classes I mean is what any. Door bracket carved out belongs to the. Is really goes on me you know what. Isa. As it robber amen give you free tickets to the military that of in Charlotte this weekend. Or. Give your free pass again and I'm agree Thursday night. I'm really good and agree Thursday night is an almost see better racing deaths I think this is takeovers and you know in you can do is say say the same thing. Robert de mama give you free passes to the critical was 50600. This weekend Charlotte or how many give you free passes to. Bomb Anderson speedway they go watch of their trek race Obama picked their trek race. There's more air time in there there's a better story there's more competition. There's more heart and soul poured into believe I don't want to assure our for what terrorists have a little smuggle into the dirt tracks. I'll to Maine did manage more hardware safety goggles to watch it alone and do it and I don't know to me there is more heart and soul in the small time worrisome because it's back to more of the true grassroots of the situation. The nose you know. People are pouring their actual paychecks and not well some big sponsorship chick. I must say that. But it pro stock racist pursue its like professional wrestling Romania we all know it's funny but we watch it because it's entertaining and they've lost those characters and nothing that's a lot of it to me like you know we got tears are coming you know it generates comes as the race and this guy he's like you know but the fire mobile fortunate Andre. This news. All the way across the more we at a meet all the closure of the manufacturers of pulled out forceful about dodgers' lead to injuries and all the risk our Cheryl new Chevrolet Camaro. Any attend raising good morning and you know Alex lawful against my urology he's got a little specs and it goes way and that's good that is that's good gives people all of that exactly but I mean there's nothing there really that little ripple. This is totally just coal exactly so you know I agree I think there him I think you'd be great inflow. If they allow him to break had a fistfight at the track and messing you up there every week wherever we can but still absolutely no wheels and all of launched. You know it is part of the final to the dirt track race and I always say Lee you know let's get the fighting operation breaks out. You know view if you had some sort of news and don't want people fighting but if you had some of those sort of same drama and air time in the one on of the draw a picture river the NASCAR race. I think it would help online I mean. Got a mighty king say cuts toward a national car race well again buying a quarter million dollars. They have to the next level and it's become so PC's of course while things the world and a symbol or a moment every day others racing and racing is one thing that I don't think I don't think peace in erasing belong together in the same category we'll all that's just my personal and unfortunately in the room. Against the big people of this furniture everything the same day wasn't so we need to stay tuned for next we have one of the hottest names in pro stock right now that's right mr. tattered gray right here he made available to order a beer but you what he can drag each era to the moral Bronson at the hour. Rain here wanna 63 W Doherty. Muslim intolerance and have been got a big expert shot only give them but Q involve big Corvette body. Big shout out from rob little run writer tolerance and every hour what's going on GAAP. All right guys that's really what we promise you agree calling guest and we get you one right here mr. Taylor -- himself this drug is gonna sit in pro stock owned flatter and more knows they need your mental yes I'm talking like this 115 of his last six funnels the water is on this is no joke right now eighteen years old when he won his very first race in Vegas and won them biggest names in NH RA right now it's an annual big time ghost this kid is drought and. Mr. tenant grid I don't there. Were hang in an annual idea resign in you know do this accelerated thing starter. You know. I'm not alive be nice if they'd fix air conditioned studio to another man's great little war. A broad emotional appeals to go through stuff cold July summer day sitting in the studio it's not the same I'm sure. Apparently yeah sure enough plenty of straight top knows for sure. Do what we wrote the museum actually see where anyone particularly on national congratulations. And. Aperture and so wants them back a little bit numb. Does he got pretty cool Reggie we're looking online but how do you start racing. You know I kind I grew up around that term the challenge. Belt out so. Our current kind of on avenue racing but you know eventually track he won individual and stuff like that. Back with them doing that needed to go on you know I've been at all major events were. Sentinel Serena you put me in a car what now is can amber eight index opportunity go racist thoughtful. And. So I mean the big thing is that you go from racing all this round trek kind of stuff here with a sprinkle personally my all all. To going drag race which is the polar opposite of the show. You missing left Turner's and. Yeah yeah I didn't I stopped illustrate car racers now. One on how to track ships immediately editor track recent. Outlook Parker or digits are shown himself. Well the rest of the world. Yep for the most part in it they got me out of it spurs are separate out during the countdown China knew that keep you can get hurt but I would understandable. Simply go row anyway. Yeah for sure that it definitely. Similar to a great cover on hello me keep my exit the search squeeze because there trickle down for the fight raised break. It's yeah no doubt. Like a driver the dirt track I think that's what makes it's so honest. You know what that's like everybody. Can't overlook them a lot. Yeah. I got pieces that you need to prize on its. If you gave kilometer trek guys a chance in the mass coral auto charts yet. Although not. As well yeah I make a lot of them got it would definitely struggle. Oh yeah we've got to free up curry in the that's pretty impressive coming relegate. Yeah I mean doesn't make you feel as young driver may need think. You think a lot of the older guys intelligentsia and get a little worried that you're that tall and kid whatever Kennedy showed up at. Except. Definite hopes so. But you know I mean that's kind of what you have to expect when you when you have support. That term you know can can look what storm parliament. And it does get great car when he you know if I don't have a car would be. Not this year so I Eric can't take everybody is just not that that would not ready now. I'll harsher. There are other via a better gotten people that it gave New York to begin having bill is the new kid on the block you know I mean. Eight in the years just basically like you're. Particularly a little bit you know maybe in the state delays or give dealer Tom stuff. Yes I think main gates bluntly we joked around the Lawton and and have fun but nothing really. Too cute crazy I mean. Are wanting estate sector that was pretty funny as well I mean out flopped on. Where we kind of got into it down or been tracking eastern and Italy says. You have a lot Larry can't just get you on one race doesn't mean that Euro matter and reverend. Outpost decline because you know he's going to iterations. Like the a year you're at fort fort either. It. It's done they're telling me that he's got I think two career web. It's tough to not let us have a there is comedies well you're. The F up. Not a happy that was pretty ironic as they two lead. In you know our opinion has totally get along now. Savage you don't get a Christmas caller from the Laughlin racecar. Now. Yeah we are highly. I think British markets is at record the car so I got. A ticket yeah no doubt. Let's say you have to make drag racing game he got to have. Some people up I don't like so army in the nation for more would show do you ever wake you know prop each other. On the back to common good job and multiplicity of war you know. Oh area. You know it is kind of amazing the people that Richard brawling surrounds himself with turns up big channel like him. Actually yeah I don't know Richard very well I haven't actually. Really well at all. But you know I got hang around Alex for for a little bit and. Yeah. I don't know I don't know I have to meaningless singles. There will of where you there will something's going need to be said understand this but yeah that's the thing this is but. That's what makes drag racing exciting Zogby honestly voted for you came in a bruised. Mean obviously Bruce doubles dined I mean it was it's kind of business it's always been a cause near deer while we were toasting towards the week. And we were to approach it used to be like you want the best classes ever been through a competitive you know you always limitations. He would make all is powered you know enemy of really rude bit. But now wishes go watch tiger but now you got this young Q given their stirred the pot I mean I really think you're drawn a lot of odds to approach the game. Yeah I mean our hopes our Internet savvy. Definite terms that means a lot to me you know if if I could be a part of or help and they're floating has split. Well I mean it's it's gonna take more than just one cute cute little to fix at all I think any trade and open to do something different. I don't have to answer form but certainly gonna have to sound different. Exactly and have stepped up a little all around Richard definitely open an outlawed. Until America's dumbest thing that you need characters in the sport you know I mean that's that the ordeal excellent and other when we talked to Steve about this. I grew up in the eighties and the nineties and drag race. And my dad raced pro mark for your summer a watched. A bit more obvious than you can shake a stick but to me it's like. But in the Warren Johnson days and even his solo anchor just coming you know these guys the players are racers you'll sing and they took your business. So yeah yeah bubbly and it albums. Mean just that's what made it. Yet you know after the you know you have. I mean. 3040 court. 3040 car feels. And you know you had all the different personalities and you know eight meaning that people like Dave Connolly Amanda that a little bit younger so. You know obviously the older guys didn't care for him in the you know he may. Actor turned over gardening Odyssey had respect form but. You know Americans yeah dialed time. In that I think that's rob what Ryan you know. So it definitely makes it and sonics bench saint given the fans some go watch and you know I think. You know and when I needed and much drama is so. You know it into vital to start out. So let me shift gears here a little bit tanner how how old are you right now it's a bit and eighteen so you just rip you just graduated high schooler graduating this year. I waited in May and man awesome. So what is it like going through high school with a all your friends is doing whatever they do and on the weekend you're going 200 plus miles an hour. Mantra has to say you apart a little bit. That means the animal advocate that weighs just. I'm my career path you know just like they have their Kirk that's sort of reminds me alone or play football or baseball or in late. Racing car or sign had never really thought the light that. You know I think. You know. I don't particularly Kennedy they're just normal kids so at our charities and you let. Ali area is speeding ticket and the normal car. Yeah I had achieved via my record doesn't look too infant after him and so what's your daily driver to. Chevy pickup truck. The problem visiting the crazier. Now I don't know my parents brought me into port aren't like. Only smoker and the mills overweight kids OK okay here. And I doubt keep an illiterate kids. So I mean what's it like go into an a plus miles nothing class government and callers about 145. Yeah I mean it. It's really cool on Myanmar or started. Unity that we have to get used to. Howell how hard is that due back in the seat in I can't imagine order popular director public and anymore of those two time Iraq. Well first got the pros start car had to put the past behind I had to shoot yet he used to when he looked clutch South Carolina and into it. In kind of move in with the car and you know that certain you know what let's get used to. In the capital perspective you know how hard it actually he's not Thatcher Chico and so. In other top detractors probably Wear pretty insane. Well imagine there until you have a bulletin can hang on just 12 but it pulls for commercial break. Prompt. Jewelers in rosneft or stay tuned for four interview to Radio One a 63 W Doherty. Muslim intolerance and we are available on our drug is a reduced today Ullah Agassi you everybody does do is on every wiggle wiggle wiggle room there available. Did you get bombarded will be able to but autograph especially try to ensure. I mean depend on on the event some some events are packing you know. Won back to follow up to turn around and summer pretty laid back and and it's not too bad enacting it just depends on elk are well penetrate doesn't advertising that event and in getting out there that we are their parents starts so as to the political. Are we told you we're going cut up a little bit and I got a hard question in my rescue in a more legit answer. Are you get a six career finals in five wins what happened with a patent and. Yeah I. I got diva Erica and and I think we we I think we thank you qualified second. And we just nectar fur the number one spot and then handed. Now is you know he went up there in Orange orange stopped and we struggle to call they that they re which are the first two rounds. And then do it we had a about a mile and he happened to blow up first round we Shaka we just made it now. And then we have Byron technically ownership. They get right there and then. Which certainly has some think most of the setup specs are now while there will likely vote for the sessions are Monday through the teammate than. A little bit there in the final mile out and retreat are pretty pumped up any lane in. I have developed such. That tree pretty that. And obviously it didn't 44 hurt Chordiant. Alec got on like two. To 300 stone herself. Today it sucks well it won't anxiety knowing. I'm irritating them have gone to six follow along viable and so. Oh yeah. Also I would not hit a gun crowd going your your manager are way better than none of who has the right now at it and the video games out of me and that they did or not. But OK so. The generator you just graduate school exit has got to feel in danger today like. As like if you look at the demographic of aliens when you still gullible or they're probably like that was fourteen to 25 year old women category has skyrocketed in pro stock. Now I mean marina because Justin Bieber rock star status going in Proust you know in. Don't policy to slow although we move with a look at it we've been Twitter stalking anybody who's chicks in your lap a slow. That that's my girlfriend and Jack studios like eight or nine months. She's also feels like emergency was fortunate in Iceland that bombing abuse as inevitable oh my goodness. And I got a did a cute cute corporal. You know roll that I don't want to is at least push federal open wheel racing guy like you don't think Joe's only go all the time and all that stuff. So I mean you dregs of big special woman who it is that. Yeah no doubt she's you know they're here support England and put up putting them we're moving in not Bert well shall. And it doesn't take a special person next thing I can go on the road and Angela and William. But up what does the bipolar I guess you know yeah they're right there either on foreground so yeah don't gonna get that they. You know we get a little bit of that ourselves is usually ever week camera stack or shoot somewhere. And it's the same way we're always on were always travel and I got girl through a war on addressed and how we don't have that will have a problem I definitely thought undergarments that job out there and give. I'll figure and it's it's war. It's a rough life customize a live until an actor. So what's your hopes for the future as far as racing news. You know I mean obviously it went Sheikh Egypt this year. There. Actually we got a little letter written that earthquake in plastic and reading. Kind of respectable at first certain points and so we're bigger we're definitely right at Saint Louis to perform. Knew that well. You know right now just brought to Ireland championship you know he can't really. A focus on anything other Latin itself from. And that's overdo it and that's what upon folks to console. It got for us. Is that is out of it doesn't Clinton also revealed your rookie year. To win the championship and be the youngest winning driver in pro stock. Yeah. I miss dozens this insane. But as it did definitely cool lovingly made of that went broke a lot of record this year. And we needed we have Ricky beer. Championship. And then youngest winner ever in an entry history. And on top of that we have the winning a Turkey and when that first our club. From Yuma mistrial the papers so what kind of effect that. Yes I did it definitely. I'm a nice thing that's gonna resonate so I bet that's let children do mental approach. That's awesome answer your bureaus may do to start thinking W three reminders. The only aptly. The only bad part about that is or not there's not mitigated celebration out in Las Vegas when you win they'll what was that about now okay to you when you first race here since it. I mean your laws things will be blazers in the next few weeks. Love that Airbus currently nobody you know would use water original job in the world to you walk go stripping gained Monica's. Yeah it's always the mayor Johnny gage today own. No doubt to never let it happen pretty cool that actual film an out or gravity captured. After you know being there all day in and do that and I'll. Top well battled immediate job you do after it was harder you go to that so it really respect we can look. What's the worst part of the media stuff for you. Talk radio. It's too. It sources. Yeah. Span. I mean north pardon is when you have someone at. Ask stupid questions over and over I mean are. Are there other for the sport. They're there's they're gonna ask questions. Yeah I mean I don't mind talking about when when you error. Each event in London and the same guy in there with the same question it gets old slow and then you start does start giving them not. So pretty. Plus interest back. It's a light. Tanner house a car handling today in a book. Same thing last weekend. And do what you planned to keep it straight investment went straight yeah doesn't go. How do you India. Just go back and look at went to last week and spokesman. I mean that's that's actually that's that's pretty go out there I'm actually I don't know them still probably. Says that's really need to resume. A recent right now you win your first race in Vegas a manner that's memorable ones to select you wanna Caroline nationals who the other week. It's the Macs and l.'s Mittal was warrior most memorable memorable racing moment. Aren't. Following you win here in Charlotte. Much stronger up. Without critical Ria had you know all certain of my family here. And an island and give it up there one event on top four straight for the countdown. So that sets you up good points and everything else loose and corporate special we can't bring us to do that well your family and friends here to make you better you know. Obsolete and you just rhetoric in Denver north Carolina's era. He districts. Still to this reality ran off to good parliament might as well you're surely can't earlier mean. Yeah that is a phenomenal. Facility area just like. I recourse for the new tricks around but a vicious it's not tell they have a set out of the tunnel where Obama gentler minutes originally set up all right. Yeah I mean most of burns tractor around him. Are all for contractual relations ligature. These first close cola yet and there's one thing bird's nest as underestimated. Put together and I tracked hazard short. Yes that's for sure realized that manners how to build a racetrack Jeannie thing here. And are now well. It's an annual tournament award thanks so much real publisher of this week enemy has been a blast out to if you will appear Saint Louis they need to give us call back when he's talking grid congratulate you on that. Yes sir yeah unlike. Other slurs at them you know and make it refilled. There are up or. Yeah her maybe you are out there and it's a well do a little coo of who you're just talk continues. Make you want to they'll give it with a flat bill that everything you name one. You know grabbing. Tortured got a cute little. And this is about the same age thing for drug to reflect real Emmys unplug it away with it yeah it got our pats have crept up all audit I was crazy now. I think you're. I've no balls a little off rather your bliss authorities he's just remember kids drill and don't and partners on the young 127 with a with a I don't know we got noting that we got a little while we have mr. Hendrick but let us think you give billions that was real Rosen happier. And listen congratulations all the bags the of the weekend and we do wish the best to look at Saint Louis yes sir yes all right Brooke thank you for sticking rooms. I guess thank you very much to listen hot rods and happy hour stay tuned right here on 1063 WORD.